A promise isn’t worth anything if you’re dead…


*   *   *   *


Welcome honoured guests. By clicking on to read this you have entered an abyss whether fact and fiction could be one and the same, as 18 people could deceive you at any time, one of them committing a crime of murder. However, 12 others are intending to find out who did this and to foil them before anything else happens.


Can you solve the case?


And with that, we have an opening ready for the sequel to the Murder Game, where last season, we saw young upstart Kano Miyazawa (Kare Kano) defeat the fancied Anna Respighi (Battle Athletes Victory) and Seta Noriyasu (Love Hina) in finding out that it was Yuri Sakizaki who killed Mimi Tachikawa. (Whilst in the readers quiz, Joe Klemm ousted Little Serenity and Artful to win some BAV DVDs with Serenity being runner up got the Kare Kano ones. Artful? Well…he got a character of his choice for this one (Mahoro)…J)


Once again, a prize will be on offer (slightly different this time but still worth it) so can anyone knock off these three to win it this year? Or will it be another two/three horse race?


So now, who will you root for, detective wise or suspect wise? Let’s find out…


*   *   *   *


(A mystery female voice narrates the following)


???????: Welcome to Promised Island, the location where 12 girls met their brother for the first time. However, nearby, we have resource Island, which is going under a new name soon…Deathtrap Island.


A dark shadow has been cast upon Resource Island


As the first rays of sun shine over the overcast sky, hovering over the Kuno mansion is the stench of death.


A huge scream emerges from the first person to find the body, Kodachi Kuno as the police have to make an early morning call…


…but they aren’t the only ones…


*   *   *   *




(We cut to a scene where a coach is heading towards a mansion in Promised Island, where inside, we see 12 people talking to each other…these 12 have been on a week only of police training, and are now ready to see if they can take these skills to the upmost use.)


(Let’s introduce them shall we!)


(First pair we see at the back are a raven dark purple/black-ish hair in a bloue blouse and purple pants talking rabidly to a dark Naru-esque red haired girl with glasses, wearing a summer outfit of white shirt and brown trousers.)


Det 1: Kiyone Mabiki (TENCHI MUYO)


Kiyone: I’m Kiyone Mabiki! I’m glad to be here, I’m doing my job with 11 different people but they must be less labour than working with Mihoshi 24/7 surely? Anyway, I’ll be at the upmost to win this, but hopefully have a good time as well.


Det 2: Koyomi Mizuhara (AZUMANGA DAIOH) – Note, as no-one calls her Koyomi, she will always be known as Yomi.


Yomi: I’m Koyomi Mizuhara, but call me Yomi. This is a new challenge for me, and it’s interesting to see how I get along with everyone, but I think a change of pace is good for me, and if I’m good enough, I may stay away from Tomo for a fortnight at the most…


(Needless to say, Kiyone and Yomi are getting along like a house on fire thanks to being removed from their ‘baggage’ so to speak…it seems they hooked up during their training and haven’t stopped since…)


Kiyone: We’re on the island now right?


Yomi: Yeah?


???: (gruff) You ladies thirsty?


Kiyone: Oh yeah sure, if you don’t mind Jet!


(Shot of the next pair, a man who is literally heads and shoulders above everyone else, with a bionic arm being his most noticeable feature, as well as a black beard, but his smile certainly is more comforting. This is…)


Det 3: Jet Black (COWBOY BEBOP)


Jet: Hi, I’m Jet Black, bounty hunter and former officer of the ISSP. This is a return to form for me with me chasing someone to win some money, using my old detective skills. And like the present, I will be working with many different people…wonder if they can drive me insane like Spike, Faye and Ed do…


Jet: It’s interesting, seeing that me and you Kiyone have the police experience yet had to go on training, took me back a long time.


Kiyone: (shudders) Believe me, that training was a piece of cake compared to…(notices ahead of him)…hey, is he asleep?


Jet: (smiles) I think the jet lag really had an effect on the kid…(nudges his seat mate)…hey wake up Tsuyoshi…


(The kid next to him rubs his eyes, before putting his glasses back on to see the world. He’s normal looking, with a white shirt, crew cut and jeans.)


Det 4: Tsuyoshi Ohki (KODOMO NO OMOCHA: CHILD’S TOY)


Tsuyoshi: Hi! I’m Tsuyoshi Ohki, I’m 11 years old, I have a little sister, and I don’t know why I entered this! Maybe as a new challenge, and see if I can challenge the boundaries that this game can place on the youngsters! I hope my friends cheer me on…


Tsuyoshi: We nearly there yet…


Yomi: Yeah, just wake up, we’re probably going to be a bit busy in a while…


?????: No stamina huh?


???????: That’s not fair Greta, you only woke up an hour ago!


Greta: Shizuka-channnnnnn! That’s not fair! Right, you’re not getting any of my sweets now…


Shizuka: I’m sorry!


(A few laugh at the two right in the front row behind the driver, a teenage dark blonde girl in casual T-Shirt and jeans, and a small girl, who looks out of place with the others, in a violet and white dress, make the next two detectives. They are…)


Det 5: Shizuka Katsuya (YU-GI-OH!)


Shizuka: Hi, I’m Shizuka! For such a long time, I’ve relied on others, specifically my big brother to help me get through life. This time, I want to prove that I can do things by myself, and show my strength in something totally unexpected! I feel this chance is certainly going to prove that.




Greta: Hey there, I’m Greta! Hope you show this first…I have to be the star after all! Well…O.K…maybe I’ve calmed down a little but I still want to show Saga up so when I win this, I can brag about it all the time and even she can pay attention to me then! Oh ho ho ho!


(On the right side of the coach, we have our remaining 6 detectives. On the top of it, we see a girl reading and getting talked to (and replied) by a tall man, looks a bit younger than Jet but that’s most likely because he’s clean shaven. He wears glasses in business wear, whilst the girl has long black/grey stringy hair, in a yellow jacket and a long brown skirt.)


????????: So you are looking forward to it?


??????: Hmmm! It will be very different, yet eerily, probably very familiar…


????????: (pleasant) I see.


??????: Anyway Fujitaka-san, this will be very different for you won’t it?


Fujitaka: I know. I hope Touya-san and Sakura-san can handle themselves. What about you Yomiko-san?


Yomiko: Oh…well…it’s a bit difficult at the moment life at home.


Fujitaka: Oh, sorry.


Yomiko: (Brightly) It’s O.K! New horizons, new horizons…


Det 7: Fujitaka Kinomoto (CARD CAPTOR SAKURA)


Fujitaka: Hello, I’m Fujitaka Kinomoto, single parent of a son and daughter, Touya and Sakura. It’s very unlike me to participate in something like this, but I feel that it is time for me to try something different in my life and see if I can be successful within it. It is the summer and I want to see if I can see if I can take advantage of this summer break.


Det 8: Yomiko Readman (READ OR DIE)


Yomiko: Hello, I’m Yomiko…Yomiko Readman…oh wait, should I have said my real name? Oops…um…I’m a teacher part-time but can also…no better not say…um, I’m rather fond of books and reading, but I hope that I can be of use in this type of environment…


(Just in front of them, two young men, about the same age, seem worlds apart)


??????: Look, I told you, there is nothing to be worried about…


??????: I’m just nervous. The people around here, what’s going on at home…I really hope Chi doesn’t go nuts when I’m gone…and me, I’m not exactly that bright…


??????: It’s O.K, it’s O.K! Just hold off the sweating and calm down. You’ll be fine, you got the training fine, so what’s the problem? I’m in the same boat.


??????: Yeah, but you’re smart!


??????: (sweatdrops) Oh boy…


(The first man is a short haired man in a white T-Shirt whilst the other seems to be his opposite decked in a black suit. They are…)


Det 9: Hideki Motsumuya (CHOBITS)


Hideki: I’m Hideki Motsumuya, a college student who lives where personicoms are as much as human kind. It’s kind of weird and un-nerving especially for an inept person on computers like me, but this seems to be a bit interesting to say the least. I’ll try my hard and hey, miracles can happen!


Det 10: Mamoru Chiba (SAILOR MOON)


Mamoru: I’m Mamoru Chiba – I’m known as a few other names as well but I will keep them hidden for the time being. At the moment, I’m a college student who is looking to travel overs…erm…better not let Usako hear that one…anyway, this is something that I could certainly sink my teeth into, and hopefully I’ll get on with it and get along with everyone.


(At the front, we have two much more quiet individuals. One is a blond bombshell, long hair, white shirt and a sailor fuku skirt on, with the other, about the same age, is a short haired blue uniformed young man, both look around college age.)


???: So, nearly there?


???????: Yes, to try out the tests of something that I never thought I would.


???: Me too. I just hope Miaka can live without me for a while…*pouts*…well of course, she’s got Taka to make out with…


???????: (smiles) Well, my stepbrother gets to avoid me making fun of him for a while anyway…


Det 11: Yui Hongo (FUSHIGI YUUGI)


Yui: Hi, I’m Yui Hongo, a college student just on my final year. I’ve had an…interesting life throughout the last few years which I tend not to dwell on too much, as the majority gave me bad memories of myself and my life. Now, I hope to show that I can put my strengths into work, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do so.


Det 12: Oujirou Mihara (ANGELIC LAYER)


Oujirou: I’m Oujirou Mihara, sometimes known as ‘The Prince of the Layer’ or Ou-chan to Shoko-san. I’ll miss my friends back home, especially Misaki-chan, but I’m ready to show that my skills are not just limited to the layer, and that I can be calm on the field of being a detective as well.


*   *   *   *


(The detectives arrive at the big mansion prepared for them at Promised Island. It is in fact the actual mansion where Wataru and his sisters lived *NOTE – If you don’t know, the setting of this is based from the anime ‘Sister Princess – keep this in mind* - and it’s big. Luxurious for many of the cast…)


Tsuyoshi: SUGOIIII!!!!


Kiyone: Amazing…


Yomi: It makes Chiyo-chan’s summer home look small…


Greta: It’s not that big…my parent’s have 3 homes the size of this…


(A few look at Greta in shock…)


Oujirou: (putting some suitcases down, not necessarily all his) Are we going to get some rooms?


Jet: Well, who feels comfortable with who?


(A bit of silence…before Kiyone grabs Yomi by the arm…)


Kiyone: Come on, before I forget that I AM away from Mihoshi…


(Kiyone and Yomi head upstairs, as the teams realise they are going to get a room before anyone else. Everyone immediately follows…except Yomiko, still engrossed in her book)


Yomiko: (looks up) Hey, where’d everyone go?


(A bit later)


Yomiko: That was mean!


Hideki: Should have paid better attention then…


(The rooms are as follows, the biggest room (BLUE) went to Kiyone and Yomi. Nxet came Jet and Fujitaka (RED). Shizuka and Greta (YELLOW), Hideki and Mamoru (GREEN), Oujirou and Tsuyoshi (WHITE) leaving Yui and Yomiko with the final room (PURPLE).


Yui: Now we’ve got the smallest room…


Yomiko: Gomen!!!


(A few sigh)


Jet: Anyway, we’ve unpacked as best as we can, so why not we explore the place?


Fujitaka: Is anyone hungry?


(A few nod their head, but Oujirou looks at the time.)


Oujirou: I think we should hold out a bit, because I don’t think we’ll be here too long.


(A few looks disappointed, but realise he could be right)


Tsuyoshi: Oujirou is very mysterious in a way, but he’s cool and calm as well. I think with him, Fujitaka and Jet around, I don’t think age or size will matter in this group…at least I hope not…


(They start to look through the huge mansion. Kiyone discovers the working area, where they will be having the meetings. It’s decked with computers, TV screens, DVD players, writing screens, desks, chairs, almost everything needed for inquiries.)


(Yomiko not too surprisingly has found the library and is flabbergasted by it’s size. She’s actually a bit too in awe as Hideki passes by…)


Hideki: Yomiko seems to be in a world of her own when it comes to books. Maybe a bit too much…


Shizuka: Let her be Hideki, it’s her thing, let her enjoy herself! We won’t know how long we’re going to be here…


Hideki: (blushing) Er…yeah…


Hideki: …but Shizuka on the other hand, she’s a down-to-earth girl with model looks and a sweet smile. I don’t think she’s here to win, but she’s here to live. Kinda ironic considering the title of the game…


Yui: (calling) Yomiko, mind if I join in?


(Yomiko looking up to see Yui head up and join with her with a book)


Yomiko: Gomen Yui, I just felt the need to relax a bit before the game really starts…


Yui: Heh, books are your pastime, relaxation, hobby and job all in one…


Yomiko: (blushes) I guess so…


*   *   *   *


Greta: It seems I’m a little out of the depth in age and class compared to the majority of people here but I guess it doesn’t matter to me, as long as people like me!!!


Mamoru: So there are 3 bathrooms, 2 with showers and 1 with a Jacuzzi…


Greta: Tsuyoshi-kun, what did you find?


Tsuyoshi: Well, the big room has a lot of games…I guess its kind of all things, pool, darts, consoles, DDR, arcade…oh, and there was the music room next to it as well…


Greta: Music? Saga would have loved this…*pauses*…NOT THAT I CARE ABOUT HER!!! (realises she isn’t the classroom or under interrogation) Oh sorry, had an out of rivalry experience…


Tsuyoshi: (giggles) You’re funny Greta-san.


(Greta does her Yukino sparkle eyes when she gets praised)


Greta: Th-an-k y-ou!


Tsuyoshi: (sweatdrops) You’re welcome…but seriously, wonder how we have to prepare for the case…


Jet: Well, I guess we learn when the time comes…do you mind if I head outside for a smoke? Chances are I won’t get the chance to do so too much…


Fujitaka: As long as it isn’t with the kids, it’s fine.


Jet: (smiles) Yes, dad.


(Fujitaka smiles as Oujirou heads up…)


Oujirou: I think it’s fine spending what leisure time we can get…but we need to be on our guard at all times.


(They nod as it isn’t long before they get their answer…)




  • Living room
  • Recreation room (pool table, dartboard, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, DDR Machine, 3 televisions, mini-bar and mini-arcade)
  • Library
  • Dining room and kitchen
  • 6 bedrooms (2 to a room)
  • 3 bathrooms (all with baths, 2 with showers and 1 with a jakuzzi, all with toilets)
  • Main work room where the deals for the day will come under way…


*   *   *   *




(A phone call dead on 11 gets the team awaken. Most of them are in the room anyway. Oujirou who was closest makes the call…)


Oujirou: Moshi moshi?


???????: Ah, just checki that you’re here. This is the investigators I take it?


Oujirou: That’s right.


???????: Well, get your butts down to a crime scene. You need to head over to the Kuno mansion on the second island – Resource Island. You need to take a boat over there a few miles off the mansion. This is your first case so I suggest you prepare. I want you to be there around midday so hurry up! Jan e!


(The phone hangs up as Oujirou quickly explains the scenario. The teams get their equipment, some clean suits in case they need to inspect the area. This is one of the things they need to get used to, travelling between the two islands.)


(As they head to the vans to take them to the local port/wharf, some are looking forward to their inquiry (Tsuyoshi, Kiyone) whilst others don’t seem as enthuastic (Hideki, Greta)…)


*   *   *   *


(The ferry ride is a short trip where some vans are ready for them to go. In fact, there are escorted by Ryo Saeba, police chief of the islands.)


Ryo: Thank god you’re here! We have a crisis and me and my men can’t deal with the situation!


Kiyone: That’s fine and good sir…but would you please not stare at us?!!!


(Ryo realises he has been all eyes on Kiyone, Yomi, Yui, Shizuka and Yomiko only and Jet looks like to show some REAL police force if Ryo can’t drag his tongue back into his mouth…fortunately he does recover and soon, the group are getting a police escort to the Kuno mansion, where last night…a grisly end was met by one of the residents…)


*   *   *   *




(The team have made it to the scene of the crime where the team are already in their suits (some had to be reminded like Hideki) as they head to the front door…where they are surprised there is a 14 year old girl waiting for them…)


???????: Ah, I’ve been expecting you!


Jet: And you are young lady?


(The girl laughs)


???????: Oh sorry, I didn’t get to tell you on the phone, my apologies! The names Yotsuba, and I’m your chief investigator!


(Cue the drop jaws…)


Jet: She’s barely…what 13…*thinks*…hmm, then again, kids can do amazing things…


(Kiyone, Yomi, Oujirou, Hideki and Mamoru nod their heads in unison.)


Yotsuba: Never mind that, I think we’ve got a job to do!


(The team finally reel in their shock as Yotsuba and Ryo wait outside whilst the detectives go inside to do their thing…)


???????: You’re finally here!


(They meet up with Kodachi Kuno, though they don’t realise it yet. Jet and Kiyone quickly take charge being with the most experience in the police officer, whilst Yomiko, being used to searching, leads the charge inside the mansion…)


Kiyone: So, you are the victims sister…his name was Tatewaki Kuno. And you are…


Kodachi: Kodachi Kuno, the black rose and star of the Promise Islands Gymnastic Team…


Ryo: (under his breath) Until you lost to Haruka…


Kodachi: (pissed) Shut up! (to K/J) Sorry, I’m just so in shock about my dear brother’s death…


Jet: Really…


Kiyone: Both Jet and I picked up quickly that Kodachi didn’t seem too distraught when we saw her. I didn’t notice any tears in her eyes, that’s for sure…


(Jet quickly decides to split the team up, with Yomiko already leading a search, he selects Fujitaki and Yomi to secure the area, whilst the others help search. It isn’t long before the first clue is noticed…)


Oujirou: Got something…anyone got a camera…


(Yomi quickly tosses the camera/phone to Oujirou who takes a picture of what appears to be a trail of blood which leads to where the body was (now in forensics) where there is a hulking mass of the stuff.)


Oujirou: Nasty…


(Greta looks ready to be sick…)


Mamoru: Get used to it guys…


(At this point, Yotsuba has made her way inside and informs the detectives of what she already knows…)


Yotsuba: From the early mortician reports, we can classify that Tatewaki Kuno was killed when his heart literally exploded. However, because of the blood trail we can see it could have been a delayed reaction before it really did the damage.


(The team takes it in whilst they still search…)


Shizuka: Poisoning perhaps?


Hideki: Possibly…


(Yotsuba shoots their egos by shaking their heads)


Yotsuba: No sorry…forgot to say this, something DEFINITELY entered his heart because the marks on his chest were like being shot…his skin had practically been torn off or even melted even prior to the explosion, so something was shot at him…


Ryo: But what manner of weapon could do THAT damage?


Jet: An explosive shell? From a shotgun?


Yomi: It’s obvious that Jet and Kiyone’s experience is going to come in real handy at the early stages in this game, people are going to look up to them…or see them as a threat.


Fujitaka: Would you think so?


 Jet: Sorry…it’s not from my time…stupid idea…


Yotsuba: Actually Jet-san, it may not be, considering the people that live on the islands come from times past, present and future, as far as the year 5000 to be exact.


All: What?!!!


Tsuyoshi: When Yotsuba said that, it seemed like anyone could have done this with anything…which already makes this case complicated…


Greta: Trust me, it didn’t take me long for my head to start hurting…


(As the team continues searching, another person enters. One of the family bodyguards, Bandit Jing. He looks at what’s gone on and shakes his head…)


Jing: Talk about lapses…


(Mamoru goes over to talk/interview him…)


Mamoru: So…you are one of the bodyguards for Kuno right? So…what happened last night


Jing: Typicallity, that’s what happened. I’m out on a half an hour break…and the next thing I know is that he was dead…


Mamoru: But didn’t Kodachi find the body this morning?


Jing: I don’t watch INSIDE the house, I watch OUTSIDE…whoever did it was in pretty quick and fast…there didn’t seem to be a sign of a break in, trust me, I would have noticed.


(Speaking of which, Yui has found another vital point. Outside the house and to the side area, two ways of entering the basement area, Yui finds something…)


Yui: It seems he’s right Mamoru, this entrance wasn’t picked in…I’ll see if I can get any fingerprints off it…


(As Yui does so, Yomiko finds a rather appropriate clue…)


Yomiko: What’s this


Hideki: Trust you to find a book…


Yomiko: No…look at this…


(Around the area, there are about a dozen books fallen off the shelf, but only one, the one in Yomiko’s hands, is covered in blood.)


Hideki: So?


Yomiko: Wouldn’t blood have got everywhere around here? I wonder…


(Yomiko opens the book…)


Oujirou: One thing you can’t say about Yomiko, she has a good instinct.


(Inside the bloodied book, it is pretty much blank…except for the centre pages, where Yomiko reads from it…)


Yomiko: Ling-Pha Wong, Kagome Higurashi, Urumi Kanzaki, Amelia Seiryun, Kodachi Kuno…


Kodachi: What was that?


Yomiko: Taeko Kanuzuki, Izumi Himuro, Mirielle Bouquet, Mahoro, Nabeshin, Souchiro Arima, Shel de Montigny, Ryo Saeba, Kentaro Sakata, Sousuke Sagara, Bandit Jing…


Jing: Eh?


Yomiko: …Ryoji Kaji and Heero Yuy. I am one of a dozen and six. Find me…if you can…or dare…or die…


(Yotsuba hands Yomiko a plastic bag which she promptly bags…)


Yotsuba: Good work…we’ve found the names of the suspects linked with the crime.




Jing: I think you answered your own question…




Jing: (shrugs) Doesn’t bother me.


(Yomiko flicks over the next page, and sees that someone has taken pictures of Kuno…before and after his death.)


Yomiko: Not good…


Tsuyoshi: I agree…but I suggest that searching for a camera might be smart.


Yui: Tsuyoshi is smart. His age doesn’t matter…he’s a tough cookie. He will be real useful for us.


Yui: I think he’s right…anyone else have any luck?


Hideki: Not yet…


(Ryo enters as he gives Yotsuba the report…)


Ryo: That’s all the details you need about Kuno’s death. You best head off to the…


(Suddenly the phone rings…)


Kiyone: Yomi, get to the phone quick!


(Yomi heads off but Kodachi is already there, too quick for the detective. Kodachi answers…but Yomi casually leans in to listen.)


Kodachi: What? Does it matter…damn it Taeko! I’ve had it with the shares crap but…


Yomi: Taeko…that was a name on…shares crap?


Kodachi: Listen, you tell that robo-bitch and that genius that it doesn’t matter! Just drop the charges now, Kuno got the message…you know why? BECAUSE HE’S DEAD!!!


(Kodachi slams the phone down…)


Kodachi: Dammit…


(And bumps straight into Yomi)


Yomi: So…care to tell us what that conversation was about?


Kodachi: Nope…like you can do anything to me…


Kiyone: But I can!


(Kiyone has trapped Kodachi by the side…)


Kiyone: So unless you want me to call Jet, tell us what Yomi heard


(Kodachi sighs…but amazingly relents…)


Kodachi: Basically, a while ago, Taeko used to work here. Then, she got this crazy idea that my brother tried to sexually assault her. And apparently that other maid, that robot girl Mahoro had proof that he tried to…so basically keep quiet about a theft that they did or they report. Apparently, my brother broke his end of the bargain, thinking the girls were a soft touch…apparently not…


Ryo: (coming) Taeko was basically reporting leave of her job of sexual harassment and attempting rape, with witness Mahoro to provide a report.


Kiyone: O.K, thank you.


(It seems the teams are a bit confused. Some are searching, others not sure what to look for, whilst the detectives are not sure what to do whilst two suspects could be looking over their shoulders.)


(It’s time for Yotsuba to checki in!)


Yotsuba: O.K! O.K! I think we are starting to get confused. A big group like this can’t work at the same time so I think we need to separate and do different things, learn more things about the victim and the case. But first…we need to appoint a leader.


(The team looks at her)


Yotsuba: I want the 12 of you to make a quick thought about who you think would make a good lead investigator or ‘lifeguard’ for today’s enquiry. The person who gets the most votes will be the first lifeguard.


(For those unfamiliar to the first MG, the lead investigator or ‘lifeguard’ is immune from the dreaded group vote which takes place every episode to decide who plays the killer’s game. The lead investigator also has the unenviable job of picking the second person to play it…where one won’t come back.)


(Here, it’s the first time the group as a whole decide the LI. After a minute, Yotsuba asks who they think is the best choice. They reply as follows as Yotsuba marks them down…)


Jet: Kiyone.


Kiyone: Yomi.


Shizuka: Hideki.


Hideki: Shizuka.


Greta: Fujitaka.


Yomi: Kiyone.


Yui: Yomiko.


Tsuyoshi: Fujitaka.


Fujitaka: Jet.


Yomiko: Yui.


Oujirou: Fujitaka.


Mamoru: Jet.


(After marking them down…)


Yotsuba: Yosh! That means Fujitaka Kinomoto will be our first lifeguard! Lead them well sir!


(The father of Sakura and Touya nods)


Jet: I think it was a good choice to have Fujitaka as the first lifeguard. He’s calm, intelligent and not prone to making rash decisions. He’ll get this side straightened out.


Yotsuba: Now, your first job as lifeguard Mr Kinomoto is to pick 3 teams, 2 teams of 4 and one team of 3. Each of them will have a job to do on my choosing so make your teams count.


Fujitaka: First off, I think we need a team with experience in this sort of thing, so Kiyone and Jet to partner and help out Tsuyoshi and Greta.


(Fujitaka chooses the police worthy Kiyone and Jet to lead the youngsters Tsuyoshi and Greta.)


Yotsuba: O.K, you will be Team 1. You will be heading towards what we just have found out. To learn about this Taeko girl, and learn if what she said was true on the phone, and get her side of the story. If true, we have a serious motive for murder. Also, check for an alibi since she now knows that Kuno is dead.


(The team nods.)


Yotsuba: Next checki!


Fujitaka: I think we’ll need a team who has brains…and in my opinion, the three smartest here are Yui, Yomiko…and Yomi.


Mamoru: Hey, way to shoot down our feelings…


Fujitaka: (smiles) Sorry.


Mamoru: (smiles back) It’s O.K.


(It will be Triple Y as they become Team 2.)


Yotsuba: Yosh…so you are Team 2. Your line of inquiry is to get a police escort with Ryo back to the station and learn what you can about the suspects in the book via their reports. There may be some hidden information which could be vital.


(The girls nods. Ryo seems ready to dance seeing three cute girls to be with him on the way…until a double glare from Yomi and Yui shuts him up.)


Yotsuba: Finally, Team 3, which will be Oujirou, Shizuka, Hideki and Mamoru. Your job is simple. Keep looking around here for more clues. We need to see if we can find a camera amongst other things. Take what you need, blood samples, fingerprints, DNA samples, anything that the killer may have left. Don’t leave no stone unturned.


(The final team, Team 3, nod.)


Yotsuba: I’ll be heading off with Team 2 for the moment, where you can call me if necessary. Fujitaka, you’ll be heading back to the mansion and keep an ear out for phone calls. They could be important.


Fujitaka: Very well.


(The teams prepare for their inquiries;)

TEAM 1 – JET/KIYONE/TSUYOSHI/GRETA – Go to Taeko Minazuki’s place and interview her, learning about whereabouts and motive.


Tsuyoshi: Whilst being with Jet and Kiyone is a calming influence, it feels a bit bad that we are still seen as kids rather than as equals, even with someone like Fujitaka…


Jet: I think being with the two young ‘uns will be benefitial to both the experienced and the youth…I do think they will spring a surprise…


TEAM 2 – YOMI/YOMIKO/YUI – At the police station, learn what you can about the suspects involved in the case according to the bloodied book.


Yomiko: I like the feeling that Fujitaka can see how useful I can be, because I feel out of place with some people already maybe feeling I’m a bit too weird for this…


Yomi: Yui is very smart, she can easily take control of this game and I’m lucky to see what she can do at this stage, and see whether I can gain off it, the experience of a genius is always helpful…I should know…


TEAM 3 – OUJIROU/MAMORU/HIDEKI/SHIZUKA – Remain at the mansion to have a detailed look for clues.


Mamoru: I was half-joking about that crack about my smarts. I know I’m not stupid but I wonder if Fujitaka had a plan with this. Maybe he saw how me and Hideki have got along…


Oujirou: I wouldn’t have minded going in any of the groups to be honest. In the end, it’s a game, and with the game, the element of playing comes, something which I’m good at.


*   *   *   *




(The team have got their information from Ryo to the location where Taeko is living. However, the apartment they are living in is apparently owned by Mahoro, the ‘witness’ that Ryo explained during the inquiry about an attempted sexual assault. Fortunately, they don’t have to travel back to Promised Island like Fujitaka. As they head over there, conversation quick drifts to the one thing bothering both Tsuyoshi and Greta since arriving…their age difference.)


Kiyone: Hey, like I care about age difference guys! You’re equals here, heck, the little girl that lives with us seems to be the only one with any brain cells…well…other than myself of course…


Jet: And how many of them were destroyed thanks to working with your partner?


Kiyone: (sighs) 147 last count…


(Greta does her Tomoyo-esque chuckle with Tsuyoshi sweatdropping and smiling at the same time)


Tsuyoshi: Is life like that all the time Kiyone-san? It seems like I’m not the only person that insanity comes around…


Jet: Trust me, you’ve never met our kid…Ed. She’ll bring things to a new world and make it larger than life, that’s for sure.


Greta: Well…I don’t think anything is quite that bad back home…of course aside from making sure Saga notices I’m around…and believe me…that can take a lot of doing…


Kiyone: (smiles) Oh come off it. You care for this person who you say is your rival…


Greta: (blushes slightly) DO NOT!!!


(The group laugh before Greta, embarrassed, joins in)


Greta: I must admit, I was apprehensive about being in this game, after all, I don’t need the money. But my parents said it was a chance to ‘brighten my horizons.’ And at least at the moment, I’m definitely enjoying this new change of pace.


Tsuyoshi: I used to be Tsuyoshi Ohki, but that was after the divorce. My father…wasn’t exactly the nicest person in the world, and even now, trusting adult men is something I have some difficulty in…especially like Mr. Sengoku. However, people like Jet and Fujitaka show there is decency in the world…despite their different personalities.


(They arrive at Mahoro’s apartment, where Taeko is residing. Their line of inquiry is to learn about the relationship with Kuno and Taeko, and about the charges she sent, plus to learn about her whereabouts of the murder. This time, there are no passes or fails, thus no hidden tests…of course, these guys don’t know that yet…)


*   *   *   *


Kiyone: (knocking the door) Hello? Minazuki-san? Mahoro-san?


(A bit of shuffling and undoing of locks is heard before we see Taeko Minazuki. She is a bespectacled bishoujo, wearing a white apron over her brown clothes, her large glasses not diminishing her pretty face and figure (with over the top large breasts to boot). However, when she opens the door, she is surprised to see what could almost be a family, with the ‘dad’ (Jet) and the ‘mom’ (Kiyone) at the back whilst their son and daughter (Tsuyoshi and Greta) are in front of them.)


Taeko: Oh my…visitors!


Kiyone: Not exactly Minazuki-san. We are from the detective agency, we’re here to discuss a few things…


??????: Detecives?


Taeko: It’s O.K Mahoro-san, they don’t look that bad!


(Out comes a very cute bluenette girl, who looks between 14 and 19 years of age. She is wearing a similar apron to Taeko, decked in white and blue, with her long blue hair in long pigtails making her very distinguished. This is Mahoro.)


Mahoro: Well…you’re right…but it’s still disgruntling after everything that has just happened, if Kodachi is right…


Jet: You just got off the phone to them didn’t you. So I take it you…


(Taeko nods her head)


Taeko: (sighs) Yes. Can’t say I’m that upset at it either…


Tsuyoshi: Umm…miss…do you mind if we come in and talk to you a bit better?


(Taeko looks at Tsuyoshi and smiles)


Taeko: Why not? Come on…


(Mahoro looks ready to object, but in the end, relents. The detectives have made it inside the home…can they get the information?)




*   *   *   *




(Fortunately, the Police Station is also on the newly dubbed ‘Deathtrap Island’. If he tried flirting, it seems Ryo have given up (something about having Yomiko with a book ready not exactly something Ryo would want to risk his life for…). At the station, the girls are ready to do work, but first…)




Yui: What was that?


Yomi: That was the sound of a paper fan colliding with someone’s skull.


Yui: Er…you can tell?


Yomi: When you have a friend like Tomo, it’s always handy to have something like that…and if all else fails, just chop them on the neck.


Yui: (sweatdrops) That’s a friend?


Yomiko: I’d hate to see your enemies…then again, compared to the ones I’ve had to face…


(Before Yomiko can trap herself into revealing that she is ‘The Paper’, they reveal the source of said paper fan hitting said head. A bluenette, long hair draping from her shoulder and reaching the sailor fuku skirt she is wearing, has connecting with the skull of one Sergeant Sousuke Sagara, officer of Mithrill and suspect, though the team don’t know it yet. Also with him is his superior, Melissa Mao…)


Kaname: Can’t you just admit you are keeping the security in check, and not go overboard in your Mithrill reports?


Sousuke: I have to make sure you are within 3 metres of my range otherwise I cannot determine whether a terrorist can get within close proximity of you Miss Chidori.


(After a second bout with the fan (and losing), the girls and Ryo move forward)


Ryo: Excuse me Miss Mao, but we’ve got some urgent business to attend to.


Melissa: Of course, we know the situation. Besides, we can’t keep Sousuke here too long, otherwise the police force might get a tad suspicious…or annoyed…


(Just off-screen, Yomiko is blushing like mad…)


Yomiko: She sounds so-so familiar…


Yomi: It’s the same as Shizuka.


Yomiko: (confused) Really?


Yomi: Yes…sounds like a deeper Shizuka.


Yomiko: Really? I thought it was more like…


Yui: (interrupting) Anyway…Sousuke, he’s one of the guys in the book right, as is Saeba in the first place. We have to be careful, but let’s introduce ourselves.


(The girls do so…with Yomiko trying not to blush too much with Miss D…I mean Miss Mao involved. Meanwhile…)


*   *   *   *




(Back at the mansion, the team have gathered blood evidence along with other objects around the blood trail to check for fingerprints. We can see Oujirou searching outside, Hideki and Shizuka inside the mansion with Mamoru talking to Jing.)


Mamoru: …so that is your alibi?


Jing: Yes, as I said I was on my half an hour rest break, and I was busy on the top of that hill…(points behind him)…just resting and enjoying a bunch of grapes I’d brought with me. It’s a simple pleasure in life I get.


Mamoru: Couldn’t you have seen anyone enter the mansion in the dark?


Jing: Maybe…but I had my eyes closed for the majority of that time. It’s just a good place to rest and that’s what I like to do. I had no idea it could have cost me my employer…


Mamoru: Right.


Mamoru: Jing and Kodachi are polar opposites in this. Kodachi expresses her emotions too well whilst Jing is way too calm and collective. It’s hard to judge who is more suspect out of the two


(As Mamoru and Jing are talking, they get another visitor. This time it’s the second bodyguard and suspect of the Kuno mansion, Heero Yuy.)


Jing: Yo Heero!


(Heero looks once, shakes his head and is about to walk away, when he notices Mamoru…and gets that funny suspicious look on his face.)


Heero: Who are they? (points outside to where Oujirou is and inside where Hideki and Shizuka are)


Jing: Don’t be alarmed. They are just here about what happened to Master Tatewaki…


(Heero nods, and then Mamoru goes over to interview him.)


Mamoru: I don’t want any trouble here…and considering you are reminding me of Ail so much, that’s understandable, so who are you?


Heero: I don’t like saying my name…


Jing: (sighs) Do we have to go through this everytime? His name is Heero Yuy, and he’s the other main bodyguard of the mansion. He’s a military force man with the use of a giant robot to compete against the Wong’s bodyguard.


Heero: Yes…the Wongs. They had problems with my master…


Mamoru: Really, what about…


*   *   *   *




(The team have been ‘talking’ to Sousuke, not an easy job for someone whose social skills are seriously lacking, but they have already noticed the shotgun on Sousuke’s back, as they keep in mind the possible murder weapon possibilities for Tatewaki Kuno’s death…)


Yui: It was quite obvious when talking to Sousuke to see his military background. Probably why that blue haired girl is with him…wish we had a translator. I can speak Chinese, Latin and Thai, but not military! And why is it I keep thinking I’m speaking to a military fox face guy all of a sudden?!  But when researching him on the computers, I have to suspect him…as I found out he is a bodyguard for the Wong family…and then we found out…


(Shot of Yui getting print outs, getting the basic information from each of the suspects, with Ryo getting annoyed that he is being implemented in this crime other than trying to solve it. However, Yomi and Yomiko seem to have found out a possible motive to link Sousuke and other people as they talk to him…)


Yomiko: So…the people you were protecting are actually a major shareholder company of the islands?


Sousuke: That is right madam. I have been designated to protect the Wong family from all outside interference, and violators will be punished.


Yomiko: (sweatdrops) This could be difficult when we talk to them…


Melissa: Don’t worry, we’ll make sure this goofball doesn’t get to you.


Yomiko: Thanks, very reassuring.


Yomi: So what does the Wong family deal in?


Sousuke: I am not liable to answer that.




Kaname: They are going to find out anyway! Geez…look, basically, there are two main companies in competition, the Wongs and the Kunos. A lot of people work on both sides, because the resources of the islands is that it’s gold. They are goldmines…literally.


Yomi: Really?




Kodachi: What? Does it matter…damn it Taeko! I’ve had it with the shares crap but…


Yomi: Taeko…that was a name on…shares crap?


*end flashback*


Yomi: Kodachi did mention something about shares over the phone, and with two main companies…we need to learn more, especially…(looks at suspect list and points at one)…tell me, does the name Ling-Pha Wong mean anything to you?


Melissa: Yes, that would be the young lady and granddaughter of the master Xu Wong.


Yomi: O.K, thank you.


Kaname: Yeah, we follow her a lot, she’s got her own goons protecting her but we’re here for the big problems…namely the Kunos own robot guard. Gah…besides, this idiot just follows whatever they tell him…


Yomiko: Really…


Yomi: O.K, Yui…can I borrow the phone? I’m going to call one of the guys at the mansion…


Yui: But we don’t have their number!


Yomi: *realises she’s right…* Damn. O.K, I’ll call base and tell Fujitaka to call Shizuka and the others.


Yui: Sure.


*   *   *   *




(It seems Team 3 managed to find some breaking information from Heero of all people…)


Mamoru: So this company used to belong to someone who you can’t say to us…but the gist of it is that he is dead, Kuno took charge and the will that the old man left is still missing.


Heero: (nods) Yes.


Kodachi: (freezes) Hey, you weren’t supposed to say…


Oujirou: (joining them) Too late…


(Mamoru sees the young man heading over, and notices in his bag, Oujirou has struck pay dirt. He has found a rather futuristic looking camera which most likely took the photos in the book.)


Oujirou: I’d think it would be in the best interests that you told us about the original owner of the company…


(Heero is silent for a few minutes…but the team are patent. Finally, the Gundam pilot relents.)


Heero: Yosho Misaki. He left the will supposedly to Tatewaki…but was never found.


(Kodachi looks ready to erupt, but it gets worse for the younger Kuno, when inside the house, we hear a phone ring. But this time, it’s the cell phone which Shizuka has…)


(After a few moments…Hideki comes out straight to Kodachi.)


Hideki: We just got a phone call…learning about the fact that two companies own the rights to some shares surrounding gold of all things on these islands. Care to explain?


(Kodachi isn’t intimidated easily, but with everyone against her…she has no choice but to relent.)


Kodachi: Dammit…my brother is a fool. He had the control with the remaining 2% of the shares…the two companies had 49% each…


Oujirou: That means…whoever owned the 2% that Kuno had…


Oujirou: A prime motive in cases like this is greed. Now we’ve found the reasoning behind it and the fact that Kuno had the percentage, anyone on either side could have killed him to have that final two percent to take control of the islands stock.


Mamoru: With Jing, Kodachi and Heero all easily accessing the place, they have to be suspect. Would they get a cut of the share? I don’t know about Heero or Jing, but Kodachi almost certainly would have.


(Back inside, a scream from Shizuka gets the boys attention.)


Hideki: Shizuka-chan, what’s wrong?


Shizuka: Look at this…


(On the side, hidden between some books and the board, is another clue. They find a single bullet in the board.)


Kodachi: That thing caused that much blood…


Jing: It might have been Kuno’s gun, he might have tried to retaliate.


Kodachi: Yes…he holds an automatic weapon for protection purposes. I forgot what make it was…he hardly used it, he thought with this kendo sword he was invincible…


Mamoru: Actually, considering the amount of blood and what Yotsuba already said, I doubt a single bullet like this would have done that much damage…


Oujirou: Maybe the exploding heart could have been caused by a delayed reaction or something inside the bullet though…where’s a good alchemist when you need one…


Shizuka: Do you think we’re done here?


Mamoru: I think so. We’ve been here long enough and I think we’ve found everything we need to…we thank you for your time.


Jing: Oh, no problem. (smiles)


(Kodachi seems ready to reply, but doesn’t. Heero just remains silent as the team head back to the van)


Hideki: Cheery bunch aren’t they?


Mamoru: Never mind them. Oujirou found the camera and we got the bullet as well, so we’ve got some evidence which is enough to keep us going for a while. Plus we’ve found a motive.


Oujirou: Right.


Shizuka: I think if this isn’t a good start I don’t know what is…


(The team nods…meanwhile…)


*   *   *   *




(Back at the apartment, Taeko seems sullen talking to the detectives about Kuno, considering their past, but answers their questions as good as she can…)


Taeko: The issues surrounding us and Kuno aren’t pleasant. He hired me as a live-in housekeeper…*sneers slightly*…I guess that was a mistake, he obviously…*looks ready to cry*


Jet: It’s O.K miss. We understand. Take as much time as you can…


(Taeko sniffles a bit before wiping a few tears)


Taeko: Thank you.


Jet: What can I say? Young women I’ve always had a soft spot for…not like that before you ask…of course, there are exceptions…but Taeko certainly has a reason for killing him especially with everything that has happened to the poor girl…


Taeko: I worked there for 3 months before Kuno claimed, amongst other things, that I would be released because of my clumsiness. Yes, I admit…I’m a bit of a klutz…but I think it was just an opportunity for him to…*sniffs*…fortunately, Mahoro here saved me.


Kiyone: How long were you working for the Kunos?


Mahoro: Well…I was there about a month after Taeko to assist her. I found it weird him needing two maids, but I think now I know why. I am a hired maid from the Vesper Maid Services, and me and Taeko got along well…even after the attempted sexual assault.


(Kiyone leans over to Tsuyoshi and Greta…)


Kiyone: I know this is a game, and that we are all detectives here, but sometimes I get worried when the two kids hear things like this.


(Indeed, Tsuyoshi seems fine, but Greta is shivering a bit. Jet takes control.)


Jet: Greta, you O.K?


Greta: I’m…fine…


(Jet thinks, then whispers something in Greta’s ear. Greta smiles slightly before saying…)


Greta: Excuse me, I don’t feel too good. Can I go to the toilet?


(Mahoro is hesistant, but Taeko smiles and lets her go. As Greta leaves, they continue the interview.)


Mahoro: Basically…this is something I feel I need to reveal to you as you are detectives. I am a former combat android.


Tsuyoshi: What?


Mahoro: (smiles) Actually, you look a bit like Suguru, my other master. Basically, I was a former weapon of Vesper and have various abilities that I used to protect the former Kuno when problems could occur. I guess I was his personal bodyguard…*shudders*


Kiyone: Interesting…


Kiyone: Learning about Mahoro as a weapon was interesting and gives a possible weapon to Kuno’s death…herself.


(Meanwhile upstairs, Greta has actually had a quick look around upstairs. She hasn’t found much…bar one thing. She’s already taken a picture of it…a dartboard with Kuno’s photo, a knife in the middle of it….)


(Back downstairs, Tsuyoshi has asked about their alibis…)


Mahoro: We were both here last night. Taeko was asleep whilst I was just finishing preparing some meals for the two of us for tomorrow morning. We were planning to go out after we were making a case to the police. That’s why we called Kodachi.


Taeko: We didn’t know until we called that he was actually dead…


Jet: Can either of you prove it?


(Mahoro and Taeko are quiet, before…)


Mahoro: I guess I can’t. My model isn’t designed for keeping records after all.


Taeko: I’m sorry…


Jet: (smiles) That’s O.K. (sees Greta) Ah Greta, you O.K?


Greta: (nods) Yes, I’m fine.


Tsuyoshi: Shall we go?


Jet: Yes, I think we’ve bothered these two young ladies enough. Thank you for your time.


(The team excuse themselves as they head outside, where Greta reports what she has seen…)


Kiyone: It feels weird you saying that Greta.


Jet: I’m impressed though.


Greta: (sparkly) Thank you!


Kiyone: Still, a 10 year old girl seeing a dagger and a photo…it isn’t good karma really.


Tsuyoshi: Kiyone, here she isn’t a 10 year old girl and I’m not a 10 year old boy, we’re detectives.


Kiyone: (a bit embarrassed) Sorry.


Kiyone: I guess I didn’t make too favourable an impression during the first inquiry to Tsuyoshi and Greta. I guess after dealing with Mihoshi for so long I’m used to having explain things. Actually, Tsuyoshi at least seems a lot more reliable…


Tsuyoshi: It does feel like Greta and I are getting pulled down because of our age. If we are going to do well here we need to prove that we can mix it up with the adults of this world…or at least this game…


*   *   *   *


(For the teams, it’s a long trek back to Promised Island, and the mansion. It’s been a long day, thrown in at the deep end. However, they have learnt the following already.)


  • The cause of Kuno’s death is mysterious. His heart pretty much exploded yet a firearm definitely caused the damage. Yet single bullets wouldn’t do that much damage. What does this mean?
  • The lock of the mansion wasn’t picked. Was it an inside job, or did someone really know what they were doing?
  • A book with the 18 suspects have been found, as has a camera (where pictures of the victim in the book might have been taken from).
  • Motive – Learn about Taeko’s past with Kuno and an attempted assault on her from the deceased.
  • Motive – Learn about the shareholders trust and of Kuno being a bigshot involved in this. A lot of people could be involved but the one they need to see most is Ling-Pha Wong after talking with fellow suspect Sousuke Sagara.
  • A single bullet is found in the mansion, wondering if this was Kuno’s weapon or someone elses…


*   *   *   *




(Team 1 are the final team to arrive at the mansion, where the welcoming committee consists of Yotsuba alone.)


Jet: What a return…


Yotsuba: Sorry bout this, but we needed everyone here! It’s kind of an emergency…


(Yotsuba runs in, and whilst Kiyone and Jet wonder what qualifications she had to become the chief for this season, they head inside where Yomi and Yui are quickly there to welcome them.)


Yomi: Hey guys, you do good?


Jet: We hope so. So what’s the problem?


Yui: Well, as we were leaving the police station…


*FLASHBACK – Get used to these, you’ll be seeing a lot of them…*


(Team 2 are just on their way out when they hear a shout from behind them…)


Ryo: Hey, guys!


(The girls turn to see Ryo running towards them, armed with two large envelopes, a black and a red one)


Yomiko: What is it?


Ryo: Sorry, but I forgot that these were sent here this morning…on both of them it says ‘FOR THE INVESTIGATORS’ and I don’t know what for. I didn’t want to open them in case it was a bo…I mean if it was crucial evidence…


Yui: You’re a cop aren’t you?


(Ryo sweatdrops)


Ryo: Just take them please…




Yui: …and that’s what we have here.


Yotsuba: Now that everyone is here, let’s go to the conference room where I’ll explain the situation.


(Everyone (yes, even Yomiko) pries themselves away from what they are doing and heads for the conference room, where the killer’s game will now be explained…)


*   *   *   *




(Yotsuba is in front of the TV screens whilst the 12 detectives sit in 3 columns of 4 chairs. The front row of 3 consists of Greta, Tsuyoshi and Shizuka. The next row is Yui, Yomiko and Oujirou. The third row is Hideki, Yomi and Kiyone, and the back row is Jet, Fujitaka and Mamoru.)


Yotsuba: O.K, we’re all here. Now, these mysterious envelopes as you may well have gathered, have been given to you with a purpose. You see…they were sent by the killer.


(A small gasp emerges)


Yotsuba: When Ryo was sent these, he also got a tape which was sent to me. Which I will now play…


(Yotsuba slaps in the tape and presses play. The team watch on as a dark screen comes by. The next thing we see is some shimmering leaves, in a woodland area. Someone lifts the two envelopes in view of the camera, and a distorted voice speaks.)




(The killer lifts the black envelope.)




(The killer then lifts the red envelope.)




(The killer removes the envelopes off screen but continues to speak)




(Fade to complete blackness as the video message ends…)


Yotsuba: What does that tell you?


Jet: That the killer is basically challenging us to a game where two people will leave and only one will come back.


Yotsuba: Checki! Absolutely right!


(The group sweatdrop but Yotsuba becomes serious)


Yotsuba: O.K, a bit more in depth. Every night, two people will play the killers game. This time around, there are no passes or fails, so everyone will be up in the booth to vote for anybody other than the Lead Investigator, in this case, Fujitaka.


(The team nods. No passes or fails this teams means no one is immune from being voted upon, which makes things a bit more nerve wracking. No more people like Anna last time can pass inquiry after inquiry without fear of elimination…unless it’s from the LI’s vote which counts as normal.)


Yotsuba: The person with the most votes will be the first person to play. The second person will be chosen by the LI. So Fujitaka, you have to choose a person to play the killer’s game.


(Fujitaka nods, though he is quite uncomfortable by that thought…)


Yotsuba: Before that vote though, we will open the black envelope. This will contain a question that will revolve around the case in one way or another. I hope you got all your info in the notebooks or you’ve got a good memory, because getting this right will help immensely, as the killer will clear a suspect, helping you in your inquiry.


(Yotsuba points to the red envelope, blood red of course.)


Yotsuba: This envelope will contain two smaller envelopes, each containing a map and a location. The two people playing the KG will pick one of these and go to that place thanks to the drivers provided. At each location…


(We see a shot now of various places, each of them with one thing in common, they have a cross of black lilies in each of them…)


Yotsuba:  you will see a cross out of flowers. One of these crosses hides a clue. The other hides the killer and whoever meets this person will be eliminated from the game.


(The prospect of that is not a favourable one from most of the detectives to say the least…)


Yotsuba: I suspect a few of you are nervous from this, so I think we’ll call that the end for now. You need to prepare and get those brains working, so go have a bite to eat, have a rest and be prepared for anything. I’ll see you tomorrow…


(Yotsuba leaves as the detectives reflect on what they know…)


Greta: I need to hold face to keep my reputation, but this prospect of playing the killers game scares me. I just hope I’ve done enough to warrant staying…


Hideki: The killers game gives you an opportunity to take out people you don’t like, people who could be too strong or just people you have grudges against. Unfortunately, everyone else follows the same mind set and you could easily be the next victim. It’s a little nervewracking.


Fujitaka: In a way, it feels good to be safe for the first episode, but it also means I’ve got to pick someone to play. And it’s a lose-lose situation. If the person I pick comes back, then you are in trouble. And if the person you pick doesn’t come back, you feel guilty for eliminating them…it’s not as good a situation being the lead investigator.


*   *   *   *




(A lot of the team are starving now so they are having an early lunch. The Iron Chefs for this year seem to be Jet and Fujitaka as they head to the kitchen.)


Kiyone: (joking) Looks like you two will be here for a long time as you are the Chefs.


Jet: (smiles) Yes, I’ve researched these game. It seems those who can cook always do well…


(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Don’t believe me? See the following: AS3 – (Sakura, Lita), AS5 (Ukyo, Ah-Tsing), AAVGS2 (Shinobu), MG (Seta, Anna) J)


(At the table, the team are pretty much trying to enjoy themselves with talking to each other. We can see Greta trying to take her mind off the killer’s game with an animated conversation with Shizuka)


(But it’s not all fun and games over the table…and not just with the case…)


Hideki: So we were at the table, and we’re pretty much getting to know each other more than in the training centre. Now, there I quite liked Yomiko…but she seems more interested in engrossing herself in a book than talking to us, which could present a problem…


(Indeed, whilst she does speak occasionally when someone raises a point, Yomiko’s head goes back down engrossed, which looks like to annoy a few people…)


(Back in the kitchen, a pleasant shock is awaiting Jet Black…)


Jet: *laughs* Hey, bell peppers and beef…and look here! With real beef!!!


(Jet brings it in as Tsuyoshi laughs)


Tsuyoshi: You mean…


Jet: Things aren’t that easy on the Bebop…I wouldn’t be surprised if Spike and Faye have eaten poor Ein by now…


Kiyone: I’m almost scared to wonder what Mihoshi is up to without me…


Jet: Oh yes, bet you have a few stories. I KNOW I have…


Yomi: Oh, you want annoyance stories? Throw me in a hand as well…I may not be a police officer, but my Interpol attempting friend gives me a headache or 17…


Kiyone: (anime waterfall tears) Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship?


Yomi: (more dignified but smiles) I guess…though I do wonder…


(We won’t cut to Mihoshi searching for Kiyone in Gautemala or Tomo trying to make a Yomi replacement out of Osaka, but Osaka’s drifting eyes don’t work on her fellow bonkura…)


*   *   *   *




(It seems one person has picked up on the noticings of poor Yomiko but isn’t going to go to kill her because of it. In fact, she is going to help…)


(Shot of Yomiko with Yui in the library)


Yui: …I know you’ve been chipping me, but they aren’t noticing it. You need to stop being you and work with the system otherwise they are going to overthrow you. I won’t, but certain others will.


Yomiko: I’m sorry…it’s just me, my nature…I can’t help it!


Yui: Well, you have to help it. If you want to survive here…


(Yomiko pouts…but nods.)


Yomiko: I didn’t mean it…


Yui: Of course not, but we need to adapt here and fast otherwise we’ll be out of here like Tomo at an all-girls club…


Yomiko: Huh?


Yui: (chuckles) Bad joke.


Yomi: *out of sight* No, that sounded quite good.


(Shot as Yomi heads in to join the girls and indeed her teammates for today)


Yomi: Someone on your side?


Yui: Yes…something of a bad nature for me which I don’t want to get into.


Yomi: (nods) Understandable. And Yomiko, you’ve been as vital to this team as anyone else, we did well together today.


Yui: Exactly.


Yomiko: Thank you…


Yomi: Besides, with a bishoujo genius on our side, you won’t go wrong anyway. Wonders if Chiyo-chan will grow up to be like you….


Yui: (blushes) Yomi!!!


(As the girls share a quiet chuckle…)


*   *   *   *




(…it seems some of the guys don’t share Yui’s philosophy.)


(Shot of Mamoru and Hideki playing a spot of pool, on the outside Tsuyoshi is teaching Greta how to play Puyo Pop Fever)


Hideki: She’s just not co-operating…


Mamoru: I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the way she needs to be, after all we’re only just starting in this type of jig…Jet and Kiyone not counting of course…


Hideki: But you must admit, she isn’t really working for us rather than sticking her head in a book.


Mamoru: That I will admit.


(From their two player game (which Greta is winning, hey, she’s a fast learner!) Tsuyoshi has to speak up)


Tsuyoshi: I don’t think it’s right to discuss people we’ve only seen on the first day…it’s just her way of relaxing and knowing who she is. Give her time please…


Hideki: …time isn’t exactly something we have much of Tsuyoshi, you need to consider that…


Tsuyoshi: (temper rising) …then so should you…*realises Greta just won*…WAAAHHHH!


Greta: (Tomoyo evil laugh) Looks like you were no match for the great Greta! *back to cutesy kid* Kiyone?!


(Kiyone comes in as Tsuyoshi has the blue ghosts surrounding him as Greta grabs Kiyone by the hand…)


Greta: Now that I’ve eliminated the masses…can I show you my clothes please? Pretty please?


(Kiyone seems a bit embarrassed, but smiles.)


Kiyone: Sure. As long as you don’t get lost in them like Mihoshi.


Greta: It’s O.K, I only brought 3 suitcases worth.


Kiyone: ONLY THREE?!


(As Greta leaves…)


Mamoru: Hey, Tsuyoshi…we’re sorry about discussing…


Tsuyoshi: No, it’s O.K. You were only voicing your opinions. (stands up) I’m going to get something to drink.


(Tsuyoshi leaves as the two men look a bit ashamed.)


Hideki: I shouldn’t really underestimate him. Kids are amazing…you should see Minoru…


Mamoru: I know what you mean, with Chibi-Usa back home…


Hideki: Speaking of home, I hope Chi is alright with Minoru…*blushes*…it scary though, Yomi reminds me of her in some way that I can’t tell…


(Tsuyoshi is still a bit angry that he doesn’t really who he’s bumps into until he falls over. Jet was heading over with a beer in his hand (luckily he didn’t spill it, he is at least 3 times Tsuyoshi’s size after all) and sees the kid just as he’s getting up.)


Jet: Hey, you O.K?


Tsuyoshi: Fine. Excuse me…


Jet: Hold it….you’re not fine…


(Tsuyoshi pauses and then begins to talk to Jet…)


Tsuyoshi: ….it just seems that I feel I’m going to be outcast because I’m a kid. Do you feel the same way Jet-san?


Jet: Nope Tsuyoshi. I believe that in a game like this, it’s bodies of all equals. Besides, the real reason they say that is that they are more afraid of you than you are of them.


(Tsuyoshi sighs)


Tsuyoshi: THAT’S what I’m afraid of…


*   *   *   *


(Inside Greta’s room, Kiyone is a bit surprised about Greta’s wealth. And because of this, she asks the inevitable question.)


Kiyone: If you are this wealthy, why are you playing this game?


(Greta pauses…)


Greta: I guess my family just wanted for me to try something different…*confident*…and for me to prove that I am the best of course!


(Kiyone smiles slightly before saying…)


Kiyone: I’m not buying that.


Greta: Huh?


Kiyone: Now, what’s the REAL reason you are playing?


(Greta’s face now becomes serious, almost forlorn.)


Greta: Well…I guess it was a way to get away from my embarrassment. You see…I have a friend…her name is Saga. I’ve seen her as a rival since day one I met her, because she is so organised and strong in anything she does. I did what I could to get her attention…but she’s not really like that. Then, the day that the piano disappeared from the store, her panicked and sad face…it really got to me…


(Greta seems to have a tear in her eye)


Greta: I…bought it for her…I guess I cared for her more than I expected…maybe that’s what I came…to see if that sort of care could come again…


(Kiyone wraps her arms around Greta as she breaks character and cries…)


Kiyone: No matter what Tsuyoshi or Jet said, in her heart, she is still a little girl. I saw that side of her…the side that isn’t confident. It was a welcome surprise.


(Back in the kitchen, a tale of dismembered families has been underway for quite some time…)


Oujirou: So basically, I’m the stepbrother now of the creator of Angelic Layer.


Shizuka: At least you have a family now…my family have been divorced for over 10 years. If it wasn’t for Jounouchi oniichan…


Fujitaka: (nods) Family is all.


Oujirou: I thought you would have been the worst Fujitaka-san.


Fujitaka: It’s been so many years now Oujirou-san, and I know she’s watching me and my children all the time. I was lucky the time that angel fell from the sky…


(Somewhere in Tomoeda, Sonomi Daidouji gnashes her teeth in frustration…)


Shizuka: You have a lovely family Fujitaka.


(Fujitaka nods. He brings out a photograph of Touya and Sakura.)


Shizuka: (about Touya) He’s handsome. Those eyes are a bit scary, but he seems to radiate kindness.


Oujirou: Your daughter looks adorable Fujitaka-san. Actually, that worried look reminds me very much of Misaki-chan…


Fujitaka: Thank you.


*   *   *   *




(It’s now past midnight, and now disturbances have greeted our teams so far. However, inside the rooms, there is still plenty of action…NO NOT THAT KIND FOR THE PERVERTED ONES AMONG YOU…)


Jet and Fujitaka


(These two seem most into the case)


Jet: With early suspicions out of the way, if Mahoro is a weapon, then she could easily cause the damage done to Kuno. However, I’m only going on what is a simple basis so far.


Fujitaka: Understandable, it’s only day one of the case.


Jet: And you’ve got a free pass to the next episode, lucky you. Shall I commence trying to suck up to you?


Fujitaka: (chuckles) No, I think that will be O.K Jet-san.


Jet: But it also means…


Fujitaka: Yes.


Jet: The pains of popularity huh?


Fujitaka: Yes, I get through but I also have to pick someone to play this game.


Jet: It must be hard to pick someone this early.


Fujitaka: Yes, the hardest job.


Yomi and Kiyone


(These two on the other hand have a bond which goes far beyond the case…)


Kiyone: …and then she used her real blaster at the festival, and still missed, meaning with the spectators…gahh…sometimes I wash my hands off her. Why oh why was I assigned a partner like that?


Yomi: At least you haven’t known her all your life. Tomo clings to me like a piece of cello tape.


Kiyone: Actually, I’m getting exhausted with all this…what about the case?


Yomi: Oh yes, that little thing.


Kiyone: (sweatdrops) Yes, that little thing. You know, despite our common bond, I do see that you’re smart Yomi. I don’t suppose it would be too farfetched if I could ask maybe we should team up?

Yomi: Team up? (thinks…for a second.) Sure, why not. Strengthen our chances and use our minds and skills to get to the end of the game.


Kiyone: That quick?


Kiyone: Being part of a team is a strategy which works perfectly for all involved. We watch each others back and get to the end. If we’re the final two, that means one of us wins it anyway, so all being well, that will be me or Yomi.


Yomi: Sure.


Kiyone: Thank you! But…do you think it would be O.K with us two alone?


Yomi: Others perhaps?


Kiyone: (nods) But who else?


Yomi: I think an obvious one would be Jet. You two work well together and you have the most experience.


Kiyone: That makes sense…but…


Yomi: But?


Kiyone: I dunno…I just don’t see Jet as an alliance type person for some reason.


Jet: Ah, the lone wolf…or mad dog in this case. Once he bites, he never lets go, that’s what he called himself in his police days right?


Kiyone: (nods) If not Jet…who else?


(Yomi thinks for a while, before without a trace of sarcasm, suggests…)


Yomi: Yomiko.


(If it was possible to hear silence, it would be now.)


Yomi: Thank you. Your silence suggests the element of surprise.


Kiyone: J-Just a bit. But why her?


Yomi: Simple. She’s smart, good at grasping things and has good reactions to danger. Unfortunately, people have picked on her weaknesses, especially her addiction to books. She talks, just not as much to everyone, and I think that’s a bit silly. She is a bit misunderstood…


Kiyone: Hmmm…still not sure…


(Whilst Kiyone has a thought to live with through the night…)


*   *   *   *




Tsuyoshi: Oujirou seems to be the most quiet member of the group really, but saying that, he’s is easily talkable to and always willing to listen and understand.


Oujirou: I can read your emotions Tsuyoshi, something is obviously bothering you. Is it the game?


Tsuyoshi: No…well, not exactly.


Oujirou: And what do you mean by that?


Tsuyoshi: Well…I get the feeling I’m being outcast by…some of the older members of the group…*yawns*


Oujirou: You’re tired as well…


Tsuyoshi: Not used to being up this late…


Oujirou: You’ll probably have to get used to it. As to your thoughts Tsuyoshi, I can’t do anything about the age gap between you and almost everyone else…but there is plenty  that you can do to show what you as a person are made of.


(Tsuyoshi nods)


Tsuyoshi: That’s true. Thank you.


Oujirou: No problem.


*   *   *   *




(Both girls are reading under a light, but talking as well…specifically, on the amount of danger Yomiko thinks she is now in…)


Yomiko: I’m worried…that’s for sure…why can’t I just take a page of this book and find the killer and slice him up?


Yui: (sweatdrops) I don’t think that is how things work here…


Yomiko: I know…*sighs*…but seriously, I never thought I’d be in danger this early…


Yui: I think, as it has been demonstrated in the past, not just in this game, but others, that skills don’t matter and personalities are the main focus.


Yomiko: *shocked* I’m not Asuka Langhley, I haven’t done anything…


Yui: No! Not like that! I know you’re a real nice girl, but they’ve looked at your weaknesses and also, the fact that you’re a threat – a double whammy against you. They see you as a threat, but using your book reading as an excuse to try and avoid their consciences of eliminating someone early.


(Yomiko is silent for a while)


Yomiko: I’m worried.


(Yui sighs)




(One Tuxedo Kamen and one owner of the most adorable Personocom in existence as they talk about a detective…but this time it isn’t Yomiko…)


Mamoru: Do you think we were too hard on Tsuyoshi?


Hideki: I don’t know, but this game is already screwing with my mind…and nothing really has happened yet!


Mamoru: Aside from the dead body, the blood, the bullet…


Hideki: I get it.


(Hideki lies on the bed)


Hideki: Now I just hope being around those girls don’t give me…um…well…


Mamoru: No perverted dreams please…


Hideki: Dammit! They did this to torture me, Kiyone, Yomi, Yui, Shizuka, even Yomiko…this was done on purpose!!!


Mamoru: Most likely…but back on topic, we should apologise to Tsuyoshi.


Hideki: Sure…for some reason I don’t want to leave early.


Mamoru: (sweatdrops) I get the feeling you can name a few more reasons, and a number of them begin with the letter ‘Y’.


(Hideki sweatdrops)




(Not much conversation here, mainly because Greta is sound asleep and Shizuka is simply watching her and stroking her silky dark hair)


Shizuka: Sometimes I wonder what my youth would have been like if I hadn’t been affectived by chronic blindness. I know my life won’t have been like Greta’s, but watching her sleep, it made me think of ‘what might have been.’ Maybe this game is a way to try and rectify that.


(Shizuka watches Greta sleep soundly (apart from the odd ‘Saga, I got this in the mail!’ or something similar that before heading to sleep herself.)


(Day 1 ends on a quiet note.)


*   *   *   *