*   *   *   *


Well, it’s finally here. The final god to honest chapter of Murder Game 2, and now we see who did it, how they did it, and of course, who has won. So, did Izumi, Jing or Sousuke kill the Kunos, Ling-Pha and Kentaro – and has currently kidnapped Sakuya to commit the final stage of the ritual crime?


And who will be able to stop him or her? They’ve all gone for a different suspect so we’ll have a definite winner. Jet, Ohjiro and Yomi – three different people, all on a wavelength – but only one is correct.


No more suspense, it’s time to play!


*   *   *   *


(Last time on the Murder Game 2…)




(The final killer clue gave the teams creeps…but a final lead in discovering the killer – the killer’s father speaking beyond his grave, knowing nothing of his son or indeed daughter, and it went to a real research fest…)


Jet: So Izumi and Taeko are the only ones who actually has a father in her records?


Ohjiro: Intriguing…and yet is the killer doing it in his name?


Yomi: Maybe Yosho was the true ‘father’ for them…


(And when Taeko was the last person to be cleared, it was down to three…and then the last stage was set…)


Sakuya: Hey, what the…


(We hear a muffling sound…before the sound of someone’s body being dragged across the floor….)


Yotsuba: Sakuya-chan has been kidnapped! I have rounded the three suspects at their damn base…we are going to find this out now!


(The team had been studying for over 2 hrs…but now the choice has to be made…)


And to say it was so diverse was an understatement…


Jet: I believe Sousuke Sagara committed the murders. We just learnt about how he has been assigned to protect Kaname and I feel this is something that his head would go into. We know he was at the hotel prior to Kuno’s murder, and I believe he struck Arima on the head with the murder weapon…


Yomi: I think Izumi Himuro commited the murder. She is the only person of the three remaining suspects who has a father that we know about. She has the main access to all the murder weapons and owned the lightning ball. She was also at the hotel, but returning back…


Ohjiro: I think Bandit Jing killed Kuno and company. He seeked revenge for his mentor Yosho, and believed to carry on his wishes. He used his Kir Royale ability to commit murder, knowing that others had sufficient other weaponry to see them as suspicious…


With that, all three were sent to the Plaza Temple, where some old friends and a final clue awaited each of them…


Adam: Are you sure about this?


Jet: I’m sure…


Star: Miss Yomi, this could get dangerous…


Yomi: Trust me, I can be dangerous too…


DotD: Young prince of the layer, I suggest you reconsider…


Ohjiro: I’m going in…










*   *   *   *


(A shot of a hospital room where suddenly, the eyes of Chikage snap open…)


Chikage: Oh no…it’s too late…


(She looks around as a crash is heard outside her door…)


Marie: Chikage-chan!


(Marie goes over and hugs Chikage, which she surprisingly receives with strong warmth…but her eyes and mouth go all serious…)


Chikage: Sorry Marie-chan…we have to get out of here. We need to get to the temple and stop this…


(Chikage steps off the bed like nothing is wrong – Marie looks on as Chikage steps out…)


Chikage: I started all this – and I’ll finish it the right way.


*   *   *   *


(Shot of Yotsuba and Ryo outside the temple in their cars. Inside the cars are also Rinrin, Haruka and Karen.)


Rinrin: Are the other girls going to be here?


Yotsuba: I’m not sure if I wanted to tell everyone…it could be…


(Yotsuba begins to cry. Karen is already way ahead of her in that department…)


??????: DAMN IT!


(We see Mamoru coming by on roller skates…)


Mamoru: Dammit Izumi! If you…if you…


(Mamoru collapses as the girls are really scared for what may happen to Sakuya. But now we will find out what has happened…)


(Each of the three doors, a detectives has gone in where one of the suspects remains…and one of them is the murderer. But who?)


*   *   *   *




Jet: Geez…what a way to meet your possible maker…


(Jet’s path takes him lower into the fortress, as a spiral staircase greets him. The glowing octarine pictures around him aren’t helping.)


Jet: O.K Sousuke…I’m gonna take you out when I find you!


(Jet clutches something green…a bonsai leaf…for good luck, as he continues to head down…)




(Whilst Jet is going down, Yomi is heading up. She doesn’t seem tired or scared, more like determined…)


Yomi: I will be a winner.


(Yomi holds the lucky charm on the day she had on the day she passed her exams – her Chiyo-charm. She needs it more than ever…)


Yomi: Everyone…please guide me to victory….


(She continues the staircase…)




(Ohjiro has a level path. A corridor straight ahead of him, which is still spooky because he feels like he could fall off the bridge ahead which doesn’t look sturdy.)


Ohjiro: O.K…let’s see if lady luck shines on me…


(Ohjiro’s lucky charm needs no introduction. It’s his angel, Wizard. The prince of the layer (or young nobleman if you prefer) stops for a moment to take a couple of deep breaths.)


Ohjiro: O.K…stepbrother, Shuko-san, Misaki-chan…guide me to victory.


(He steps onward…)


*   *   *   *


(…and now we catch up on what’s going on outside…)


Ryo: We can’t let you inside!


Mahoro: Please! We can stop this now!


Ryo: But we still don’t know who did it!


Taeko: Ryo…please…


(We see Mahoro, Urumi and Taeko are all there. Urumi is surprisingly quiet whilst her two friends do all the work…)




(O.K, ignore the quiet line.)


Mamoru: I’m just glad Hinako isn’t here…or Aria…


Rinrin: Things that’s bad? What about poor Kaho-chan?


(Shot of Kaho who is also there now, as Nabeshin let’s her sob into his afro…^_^…obviously not relishing the fact that Jing could be the killer, as much as Rinrin with Sousuke and Mamoru with Izumi…)


Nabeshin: Just don’t expand the fro too much sweetie…


(We’ll go back to them in a minute, but back to the mines we go…)


*   *   *   *




Jet: O.K…have I been in worse situations…


(Jet feels his cyber arm for a moment…)


Jet: I guess I have…I feel the fear of death almost every day…and weird…this isn’t supposed to be real…but I still feel scared.


(Suddenly the lights blind Jet as he instinctively reaches for a firearm, and then remembers that he doesn’t have one…)


Jet: Drat…


(Jet goes down to the final step – where a door over with a sword hangs over it.)




(Jet smashes the door in…)


(…and immediately has to step back as he sees Sousuke Sagara with his patented shot-gun, aimed ready at Mr. Black.)


Jet: (smiles) I guess it’s time to talk.


Sousuke: Very well…


*   *   *   *




(Yomi is heading upstairs still…)


Yomi: This is helping me lose weight…a combined exercise and me being a nervous wreck…


(The lights surround her as well as Yomi keeps her cool and waits for it to die down…)


Yomi: Good…I’m not dead. That’s a good sign.


(Yomi continues up, and she reaches a door with a shield over it.)


Yomi: Well, (cracks knuckles) let’s see if those Tomo strangling habits are useful for another subject…


(Yomi kicks the door down…)


Yomi: Hey Izumi.


(Shot of Izumi Himuro, also armed and dangerous, a baseball bat in one hand and a tennis racquet in another.)


Yomi: Interesting arsenal.


Izumi: Oh, being cocky now you’ve round us up…


Yomi: Maybe…let’s hear what you’ve got to say first…


*   *   *   *




(The one with the straight path also gets the lighting treatment, however he’s more careful being on a narrow bridge…)


Ohjiro: Could they have made it worse for me? I guess I’m glad that I got picked for this game…not sure if Misaki-chan could handle it…


(Ohjiro gingerly steps forward – unlike the previous two, he’s not quite into violent acts so is more nervous…)


Ohjiro: O.K…let’s see what happens.


(Outside this door is a staff – sword, shield and staff, the three key ‘s’ weapons. Ohjiro clutches Wizard once more before bursting in the door…)


Ohjiro: Jing!


(Shot of Jing, his patented Kir Royale weapon attached to his right wrist, his smile etched onto his face.)


Jing: Yo. (indicates Wizard) Interesting weapon you have…


Ohjiro: Not compared to yours – will you use it?


Jing: That depends…


*   *   *   *


Ryo: We should go in!


Yotsuba: No, the killer personally wanted just the detectives – if we go in…


Ryo: Girl, they could be dead by now!


(Yotsuba inflates with rage at that comment and has to be restrained by Haruka (who looks ready to unleash Motoko-style fury on Ryo herself).


???????: Won’t be dead yet.


(Shot of a panting Chikage, accompanied by Marie…and another familiar face, Mirielle.)


Mirielle: Hi.


(Urumi points at her angrily…)


Urumi: YOU! What are you doing here?


Mirielle: Giving these girls a lift here…what else?


Urumi: Why you…


Marie: I don’t think now is the time…Sakuya-chan is in danger as are the three people who went in there…


(Chikage bows in front of everyone, hands and knees on the floor…)


Karen: Chikage-chan?


Chikage: I apologise to everyone here – this is all my fault, and because of this, my sister could be killed because of a whim I never thought they’d take to heart….well…one in particular.


(A gasp…)


Yotsuba: You know who it is Chikage-chan?


(Chikage nods)


Chikage: I blacked out remember…and before I did, the face of the killer and indeed who he would strike…but the pain and the powers I have messed me up. It’s lucky I recovered here…because we need to stop…


(Chikage pauses)


Chikage: …HIM.


Mamoru: Him?! It’s not Izumi-san?


(Chikage shakes her head…)


*   *   *   *


Yomi: So…you’re here to…


(Shot of Izumi crying her heart out…)


Izumi: The night…of the murder…it was true…Sousuke and I were at the hotel. It was a plot…between the four of us…myself, Taeko, Sousuke and Jing to deal with Kuno. However…Taeko bailed on us.


Taeko: …I’m sorry…I just don’t know what I could do if I saw him again…


Izumi: But you’re stronger than us in terms of magic…


Sousuke: It’s because of that why she is afraid. She doesn’t want to get into anything that could scar her mind…


Jing: It’s O.K Taeko-chan. We’ll handle him.


Izumi: So the three of us were planning to get there…the plan was to scare him…Sousuke was to bring the flamethrower and I the lightning ball…but…


(Shot of Izumi looking for the lightning ball…)


Izumi: …I couldn’t find it. So instead, I took different matters…


(We see Izumi in the hotel going out in her coat – a baseball bat hidden beyond it…)


Izumi: …but…


(About half way through to the mansion, Izumi stops…)


Izumi: I’m only threatening him…but…will I do more? Do I want to?


(Izumi cradles herself for a moment…before looking to the left…a payphone. Izumi heads over there and slots in a coin.)


(After a moment, a call comes through…)


????: Moshi-moshi?


Izumi: Yuki!!!


Yuki: Izumi?


Izumi: Please…I can’t go through this…I wanted to do it because of you…that’s why I joined…to get stronger…but to do this.


Yuki: Izumi…I sense what you want to do. And please, something this drastic for me is unwise. I love you for caring about me so much…but…


(Izumi is crying…)


Izumi: Jing…I’m sorry…I can’t do this…


*   *   *   *


Yomi: So Yuki was your alibi? Then why didn’t you tell me?


Izumi: Because I would have had to admit heading out to the Kuno’s mansion…and the day before the murder…


Izumi: Kagome is so killing me…


Sousuke: Never mind that…the fact we had to keep these plans secret from your mother…


Izumi: I know…but…


Sousuke: I’ll deal with him, no worries…


Izumi: With everything…I didn’t want to betray Jing, and Sousuke and I talked before…that’s why we were both at the hotel.


Yomi: We could still have cleared you if Yuki had been available…


Izumi: I know…but I didn’t want her to get involved with this case. It was stupid…and I know that. However…


Yomi: Someone got to him anyway. (sighs) Damn, wrong. (out loud) Izumi Himuro, I apologise to you for thinking you were involved with these murders…


Izumi: Believe me, the way I acted should have given you enough suspicion…maybe I did it on purpose to make sure someone else didn’t get enough attention…


Yomi: You know who it is?


Izumi: (shakes her head) But I have a good feeling….


*   *   *   *


Ryo: Stop!


(Ryo tries to stop Chikage but it’s no use. The gothic bishoujo creates a force field which blasts the City Hunter Detectives across.)


Chikage: HarukaTaekoMahoro…come with me.


Taeko: Huh?


Chikage: Need some aided help – he’s pretty powerful.


Mahoro: Tell us dammit otherwise we won’t help.


(Chikage smiles.)


Chikage: Not here. I don’t want Rinrin or Kaho to hear me…it will upset one of them.


(Haruka, Taeko and Mahoro go over and Chikage whispers…Taeko immediately pales, as Haruka’s eyes widen and Mahoro looks surprised.)


Mahoro: No way…


Haruka: I don’t believe it…


Taeko: W-why…he was so nice…


Chikage: Now you understand. Come on. Let’s stop him…


(Chikage steps forward, and speaks two more words…)


*   *   *   *


Sousuke: Don’t make me do it.


Jet: Then I won’t.


Sousuke: I am unable to commit such a crime without orders.


Jet: You were ordered by Chikage didn’t you? You got the flamethrower – you were at the crime scene weren’t you?


Sousuke: All a coincidence.


Jet: Don’t give me that cr


(Sousuke points his shotgun once more…)


Jet: And what about Kaname?


Sousuke: Miss Chidori? I knew she was going to be a threat towards Kuno – but I didn’t kill him.


Jet: How can we be sure?


Sousuke: Maybe Souchirou Arima could understand that.


Jet: Huh?


Sousuke: The might of the murder – I was out from the hotel. I had arranged with Miss Himuro to help accompany her as we agreed to meet to speak with Tatewaki Kuno. Suddenly, I saw someone in the shadow distance.


(Shot of Sousuke sneaking through some bushes and striking the person on the head – knocking him unconscious)


Sousuke: Souchirou Arima emerged from the bushes – apparently with the same idea that myself, Izumi and Jing had planned, but from different purposes. The leading of Nyostar deemed myself to cause the damage…however…the fact that I had done damage to an innocent never sit well with me.


(Shot of Sousuke waiting by Arima, of course, his shotgun is still with him. However, by the time Arima recovers, a second before he opens his eyes…Sousuke vanishes. Of course, Arima doesn’t exactly notice anything around him at first.)


Jet: Arima said he had been hit by something…


Sousuke: So you know. However, when he left, the time was late. I didn’t go back to the hotel and instead continued on…


(Shot of Sousuke heading towards the Kuno mansion – however he notices the door on the back wide open…and then a panicking Kodachi Kuno.)


Kodachi: When are the police coming? Dammit, my brother is dead!!!


(Sousuke eyes widen, and then realises the gun is still on him. Realising the circumstances of this situation, he scatters before he could be seen as a suspect…)


*   *   *   *


Sousuke: So…he was dead when I got there.


Jet: So…you didn’t do it?


Sousuke: No…but I know who.


Jet: How can I trust you?


Sousuke: Arima was unconscious to 1 in the morning. I believe you asked me for a different time alibi right?


(Jet realises he is right. The murder happened at 11.30pm…)


Jet: But how can I absolutely sure that you’re telling me the truth…


Sousuke: Look around. Do I have Sakuya on me?


(Again, Jet realises he’s right. The 5th and final murder should happen here, and there is no Sakuya around. In fact this room is very bland and empty, as was Izumi’s. But…)


Jet: So…who did it then?


Sousuke: Miss Himuro left minutes after me – however she was not in possession of any firearm material or anything that can be used as firearm material. She returned to the hotel correct at 12.30 onwards – her coat was in prime condition and no blood on her. And most importantly…


(Sousuke takes a deep breath…)


Sousuke: …her records show that she called someone from a payphone at the time of the murder.




Sousuke: Classified information – but true as my superiors at Mithrill can satisfy to.


Jet: So…that means…


*    *    *    *


Chikage: Now you understand. Come on. Let’s stop him…


(Chikage steps forward, and speaks two more words…)


*   *   *   *


Jet/Chikage: BANDIT JING!


(Shot of Ohjiro looking at a smiling young man, armed with a Kir Royale special. His name…)




Jing: Well, what do you think?


Ohjiro: I don’t know…what should I think about?


Jing: Of being successful.


Ohjiro: I’ve come close to success many times before Jing. Is this success?


Jing: It depends. How you judge success. By the amount of money you steal, by the amount of girls you get with, or in my case, by the revenge of evil you purge.


(Jing looks Ohjiro in the eye)


Jing: In your case, it would be the success of getting the killer correct.


(Ohjiro’s smile doesn’t waver, but his nerves seems to be affecting him. Jing sees it and chuckles.)


Ohjiro: Oh don’t worry! I’m not going to butcher you and serve you to Kir…this is just to act as a deterrent in case you try something foolish before the final death.


Ohjiro: Why Jing?


Jing: Hmm?


Ohjiro: Why you do it? I mean…I know why…but to be honest, I’m still surprised. You’re younger than I am, and yet, you killed 4 people…


Jing: Hold it there.


(Jing goes solemn, his weapon still pointing…)


Jing: I did it for Yosho-sempai. You know that…these murders were based on Chikage-san’s ritual yes – but believe me, these murders served another purpose. If it was just for revenge, Kuno would have been the only death. However, looking into this ritual, knowing three people had to go and then one more…


*   *   *   *


Jing: We had discussed threatening Kuno – between me and Sousuke, the Kuno’s can’t beat us. Ironic that bodyguard’s of opposite factions were secretly in cahoots…but anyway. The plan was for Izumi and Sousuke to come – with me being on ‘break’ so I couldn’t have noticed. However, I had to make sure they were there…


(Shot of Izumi on the payphone and then of Sousuke with an unconscious Arima. Jing scowls slightly…)


Jing: Well…


(Jing tosses a familiar item into the air – the lightning ball.)


Jing: …guess I’ll have to do it.


(Jing: I stole the lightning ball from Izumi – she noticed it was missing and was upset, however I managed to make her feel better. It was ideal that our relationship was like that…I don’t really know if I was in love – it’s something of an emotion which I can’t say. I’m not in love, nor in lust like Kir…it was simply something for me which helped me…)


(Shot of Jing with his key as he helps himself in.)


Jing: My plan was to steal the will which I knew Kuno kept down here in the basement. I had already stolen Ling-Pha’s camera from her during one of the illustration share meetings and used that to film my evidence.  I knew he had something to do with Yosho’s death…


(Shot of Jing reading something…his eyes widening…and getting angry.)


Jing: …and that where I found it. The bomb parts – and the plan – to eliminate Yosho. Just behind the will…Kuno was an idiot for doing that. If he hadn’t, he may still be alive…but my rage boiled.


(Shot of a light coming on…as Jing’s eyes widen.)


Jing: Damn…Kir!!!


(Shot of the raven entering the house…and bumping into some cans.)


Kuno: What is going on down there…sister? That you?


Jing: Shit!


(Out of haste, we see Jing almost forcing Kir to transform into his weapon counterpart.)


Kuno: I know someone is here! Come out (draws kendo sword) and face me like a man!) (draws a pistol this time…)


VO Jing: I didn’t know what to do. It was the first time I really panicked…however, I instinctively did and stuff the ball into the mouth of Kir. If his senses are clogged, he can’t remember what he has done…hence the murders…


Kuno: You cower before Tatewaki Kuno, a peasant thief cannot stand to the might of…


(Jing steps out…as Kuno’s eyes widen.)


Kuno: No way…


(Jing points Kir-weapon at him)


Jing: For Yosho.




The last scene we see as Jing exits the room is Kuno’s body collapse to the floor, lifeless and blood coming out rapidly…


Jing: Wait.


(Jing returns to the body and begins taking photos. He then removes the lightning ball and takes another photo. Jing walks away as Kuno breathes his last…)


(…where he turns and fires a single bullet (the one he stole from Mirielle)  from Kuno’s own gun on the sideboard. He leaves, dropping the camera.)


*   *   *   *


Jing: I felt I needed to it for everyone’s sake. I worked as Kuno’s bodyguard because Yosho said so – however, I knew what a misery he was making everyone. Izumi…I felt for her when what happened with Yuki…I guess it wasn’t love, but a deep care. And Taeko? The poor girl has had so much to deal with – and maybe I felt I could do a favour for them and all the other souls that he has terrorized.


Ohjiro: But then…the others?


Jing: The others? Oh…well Kentaro. He was just sick. I certainly didn’t have any real motive against him…until I found the ritual.


(Shot of the ritual reading in Nyostar as Jing nods…)


Jing: If it means removing the guilt and evil of this world, then I needed to do it. Kentaro was the first choice – I knew he had a pornographic circle and he was focusing on the imoutos – the sick bas…


(Shot of Kentaro being killed as Marie sees it…)


Jing: Marie…I couldn’t do it. She was a plain innocent – I would never have harmed her.


(Next, Ling-Pha’s death.)


Jing: She was threatening to destroy the temple – the remains of contact with my sempai. She was rather fitting for the third death as she was just as wicked as Kuno.


(Finally, the death of Kodachi. We  see Jing out of the van and quickly arming himself…)


Jing: After I killed Kodachi, I fired a small Kir Royale at myself at an angle to make the image that debris that scarred my stomach from the crash. A little parlour trick if you say…


*   *   *   *


Jing: And now…


Ohjiro: But I thought you cared about the girls! Marie, Kaho!!!


(Jing stops and nods…)


Jing: I do. Nabeshin brought us together in unity against the Kunos…and I guess that’s why I sent out the killer clues to you.


Ohjiro: Really?


Jing: (nodding) So you could find me before I could commit this final one. No offense Ohjiro, but you’re no match for me…so…


*   *   *   *




Episode 1 – (School) Sister Princess Photograph of 13 girls and big brother – This links with the 13 episode/Jing girl philosophy of King of Bandit Jing. In the game, each girl is shown one. The one that we focus on is Sakuya, who VA’s (Yui Horie) Miriebelle in Jing. Why this is important? Remember the last clue of voicing the 3rd or 4th girl? Which girl is in episode 3 and 4 of Jing? That’s right…Miriebelle.




Episode 2 – (Library) A blood stained book which is a book of share wares philosophies. Inside the book a gun. This gun is actually Kuno’s own weapon which was the whereabouts of the bullet fired…but did it kill him? This links with the shredded paper found in Mirielle’s apartment and that one bullet was missing. Jing simply stole one bullet, and used Kuno’s gun on the board to frame Mirielle. Of course, it didn’t work.




Episode 3 – (Kentaro’s Mansion) – They actually find Kentaro wounded by what appears to be rose thorns. The clue is the rose thorn whip. The clue is based on three things – 1) the person killing uses magic (Nyostar), 2) episode 3 of KOBJ – Jing escapes across some rose thorns (bringing the Miriebelle clue back into play) and 3) the name of the second Jing girl? Yep…Rose.




Episode 4 – (Wharf) – Under the flowers is a gravestone. A monument has been erected, and is a basis for the cult Nyostar. You should have etched this clue into mind – no matter what I said, this clue PROVED it was someone from Nyostar.




Episode 5 – (Fisherman Friend’s Public House) – Behind the flowers is a wallchart demonstrating photos of Kuno’s sordid past. These include a poster of Kuno and one of the sisters Sayuka. Sakuya being here should have been a big hint with the VA link and the fact that she was the ‘1 of the 13’ that Urumi alluded to earlier.




Episode 6 – (Rinrin’s Studios) – This clue is a photo of a circular map, with 3 locations circled. One of them is where Kentaro was killed, outside the hospital, and it has been circled. The others are of Ling-Pha and Tatewaki’s death. They seem to make a shape…




Episode 8 – (French Connection) - Here they find a key clue, the will. It appears that there are various people on the list of shares, including the killer Jing. Jing’s true motive shows here – revenge for his mentor. This clue suggested the final 6 suspects as well so anyone could have been suspected from this point on.




Episode 8 – (Airport) – A wall scroll is found with a video. The scroll is about the summoning of Nyostar, and the four locations are marked more clearly. Also, the ‘THIRD GIRL’ hint again refers to the Sakuya/Third Jing girl clue, but MORE specifically, the third girl refers to Kaho – the third true sister that is introduced in Sister Princess…and Kaho is linked with Jing if you recall.




Episode 9 – (Kuno mansion) – A tape of what appears to be the head of the activist group, the killer’s father. It informs about his unrevealed son/daughter and a following in the footsteps. He asks to complete the ritual before it’s too late. This links with the Sakuya theory as she is to be the last sacrifice on the altar. On the tape, a final voice clue as follows;




Refers to episodes 3 and 4 of Jing – once again. The fact that Jing never had a father that he knew about should have eliminated Izumi immediately. Meaning you would have had to pick between Sousuke and Jing.






(We can see Yomiko has 4 pieces of paper, all pasted with letters from newspaper cuttings. One of them is drenched in blood, they seem to be messages from the killer. The 4 notes read…)







Yomi: Right. We’ve got a psycho here who knows our moves. Lucky us…


Read Edgar Allen Poe? Nevermore…quoth the raven? Who owns a raven?




Kaji: O.K, enter the card and the number you want is 109137…


Kiyone: O.K.


(Kiyone again relies on trust…but Kaji is certainly coming through for her as Kiyone gets into the security room without too much difficulty. Inside is the jackpot for seeing information on Ling-Pha, videotapes – but they are a bit on the messy side. She needs to find the tapes for the 1st June, and the times of 11pm onwards would be the best…)


The number 109137 was a hidden clue for you guys to see if you could work out. Why?


This was the infamous typo clue…


Let’s separate the number a bit for you.




If you did these numbers via where they come in the alphabet, you would get…


10 (J) 9 (I) 13 (M) 7 (G)


This was designed to either confuse or clarify. If you chose the second option, you got…


…our killer.


*   *   *   *



?????????: My 1st shot got Kuno, my 2nd shot got Kentaro, my third got Ling_Pha, and my fourth got Kodachi. Now, who am I?


(The video cuts off as the detectives worry about this voice, especially with the light that Sakuya is missing…)


The Jing anime wasn’t the only place where clues were taken. In the Jing manga, each chapter is separated by what they term ‘shots’. So the 1st Shot is the first chapter, the 2nd Shot is the second chapter, and so on. Using this term could have meant Sousuke, but it was there alluding to Jing.


*   *   *   *


DotD: Ohjiro, check it out before you decide to enter.


(Over the door are two pictures – one of Jounouchi from Yu-Gi-Oh and one from Chacha from Akazukin Chacha.)


And of course, the final clue is a reference to the dub. All three had pictures and I specifically asked that they were clues and one of them linked to the killer. Well, it was tricky, but this one was worked out as followed.


If you take the dub name of Jounouchi (Joey) and then what Chacha’s full name is (Little Red Riding Hood Chacha) what do you get?


Joey – Hood.


And the VA of Jing in the dub?


Case closed.


*   *   *   *


Jing: So that’s how it went.


(Shot of Ohjiro as the bright octarine flames surround Jing’s room. Ohjiro doesn’t seem scared, but with a Kir Royale any second anyway…things aren’t good for our prince.)


Ohjiro: So…you are going to kill Sakuya. Do you think Kaho will figure you?


Jing: Kaho-chan?


(Jing lowers his weapon slightly before smiling – and we see a small tear out of his eyes…)


Jing: I loved them as sisters. But what Kuno said…Sakuya was someone who wasn’t innocent, yet was. Whether you agree with her or not, what she wanted to do was wrong.


(Jing turns as a crevice opens…and emerging from it…on a huge cross of black tiger lilies…is Sakuya.)




Jing: Quiet. It will be over soon. (To Ohjiro) You may watch as the ritual is completed.


(Jing points the Kir Royale weapon towards Sakuya, who’s eyes widen in fear…)


Jing: I will go to hell for this…but the rest be saved by my lord…it is worth it.


(Jing closes his eyes – Ohjiro doesn’t know what to do…)


Jing: KIR RRR…


??????: ZANKANGEN!!!


(Jing’s eyes widen up as a burst of wind blasts through the doors, smashing it and sending Jing into the wall. The thief groans as the smoke clears…)


(…and in front of our eyes is Haruka, copying Motoko Aoyama’s infamous technique – behind her, Chikage, Karen, Izumi, Taeko, Mahoro, Sousuke, Yomi, Jet and Yotsuba…)


Haruka: So it was you…Jing.


Jing: Haruka-chan…


Chikage: I knew it was wrong. I guess now one of my own is in danger, I realise that now. My beliefs, my powers, my own blood…everything was wrong. I never expected you to take it so far Jing.


Jing: You wanted it like this?


Chikage: I never thought it would happen though.


(Jing clutches his Kir weapon – who seems to be silent and in a daze.)


Chikage: Magic to make Kir behave – that was how you stunned Marie.


Jing: As I said, I don’t hurt innocents. And 12 of the 13 are definitely. But one…


(He turns to Sakuya, who is whimpering in fear now…)


Haruka: I’ll stop you!


(Haruka rushes with a Blue Dragon Sword as Jing’s diamond blade forms from his wrist…)


Jing: Forgive me Haruka


(A stunning blade fight between the bandit king and the yamato nadesico, as both use superhuman agility and speed to create sparks between their blades. Jing prepares to fire a Kir Royale…)


Chikage: Beyondias.


(A barrage of vines shoot from the grounds from Chikage’s spell and catch Jing in wraps…)


Taeko: Ekaqukus.


(Taeko casts some sort of spell onto the ground, opening the crevice that held Sakuya, breaking the cross. Sakuya screams as she falls – and Mahoro is quick to rush ahead to catch the 17 year old. Mahoro goes over to Ohjiro.)


Mahoro: Take care of her.


(Mahoro puts Sakuya in Ohjiro’s arms as the fight between Jing and Haruka is getting dangerous as Jing is now on the floor, pinned by Haruka’s sword. Jing’s strength pushes her off.)




(A fireing blast from the Kir Royale sends the way to the detectives, which is caught by Mahoro.)


(Jing suddenly coughs as a blast from Sousuke catches him on the foot, sending him to the edge of the crevice.)


Izumi: No.


(Suddenly, everyone stops with Izumi Himuro stepping forward. Izumi goes over to Jing who is coughing badly…)


Jing: Iz-umi?


Izumi: Jing.


(Izumi reaches into Jing’s pocket…)


Izumi: I believe this is mine.


(Shot of the object in Izumi’s hand – the lightning ball…)


Jing: I planned…to give it back to you…after tonight…


(Jing gets up – Kir now released from his hand – and reverts back to his raven form…an unconscious one…)


Jing: I see…so this is how it ends for the king of bandits…well…his son…


Izumi: Huh?


(Jing groggily gets up. Mahoro and Sousuke are ready in case Jing tries something else…)


Jing: My father…I never knew him….but that’s because he is me. His DNA…and mine are identical…I carried his deeds through as a thief…and as a killer…yet, I vowed never to kill…I didn’t want to be like him…that way…


Izumi: What are you say…


Jing: I guess…I saw Yosho like my father…too late now…I won’t be seeing him now…down there…maybe the Kunos will haunt me in hell…


Haruka: Jing


Jing: Haruka…take care of Kaho…chan…


(Before anyone realises anything, Jing jumps and somersaults back….)


(…into the crevice.)


Izumi: JING!!!


(Izumi rushes over but there is no sound from what Taeko created. Izumi bangs the crevice but Sousuke pulls her back in case she decides to join him…Taeko seems in shock herself as Mahoro puts a hand on her shoulder. Sakuya is sobbing in Ohjiro’s shoulders as Yomi, Jet and Yotsuba move forward.)


Jet: Wow.


(Izumi begins to cry…)




????: I wouldn’t think so…


(A new voice comes as both Izumi and Chikage in particular are in shock. On crutches, helped by Nabeshin, is Miss Yuki Azuma, Chris’ favourite P9 character and the girl who introduced Izumi to Nyostar. She was attacked by Kuno, but seems O.K aside from the crutches.)


Nabeshin: Hey, she got that psychic sense…she knew you were in trouble…


Izumi: You’re…O.K?


Chikage: Yuki-chan?


(Yuki nods)


Yuki: I guess I felt what was going to happen…maybe I even knew Jing was going to do it when you called me that night. But…


Izumi: Dammit space cadet!!!


(Izumi hugs Yuki as the best friends reunite – Izumi needs this after seeing what happened to Jing…)


Yotsuba: (also crying) Ohjiro…thank you…


(Yotsuba leans over and gives Ohjiro a kiss on the cheek…)


Jet: Whoa, you da ladies man Ohjiro!


Ohjiro: Jet-san…


Yomi: Hey, give the devil his due. Whilst we were squabbling he figured out the case…and hey, I can’t complain.


Jet: Yeah…losing to Ohjiro is nothing to be ashamed of.


Ohjiro: Except that I’m half your age?


Jet: Darn it…


(Sakuya is now finally set down as Karen, Rinrin and Yotsuba get in a hug. Outside however, one girl is crying badly.)


Mirielle: Don’t fret sweetheart.


Kaho: Jing-chama


(Mirielle shows a rare maternial side for the 12 year old – watching Jing fall to his death. Marie also is crying in the background as Ryo finally enters the abyss.)


Ryo: Well…I’ll be damned.


(The huge selection of people left as Taeko turns around.)


Taeko: Jing…may you rest in peace.


(With a wave of her hand and a tear in her eye, Taeko casts something else. The crevice closes.)


(There lied Bandit Jing – killer of men and women – thief of money and hearts – and the person who Ohjiro Mihara correctly said as being the murderer of Deathtrap Island.)


(As Taeko said, may he rest in peace.)


*   *   *   *


(The Plaza Temple sinks down into the sea as the amount of people seeing the sight gasp in awe.)


Chikage: I can’t believe all of this because of a ritual – I grew into it and it cost lives. And nearly the life of one of my sisters…


Karen: You saw it through Chikage-chan…


Chikage: Maybe…but I’m going to have this in my heart for a long time…


(Sakuya has now passed out, Haruka carrying her on her back as Mirielle is doing the same to a passed out Kaho. Nabeshin looks on.)


Nabeshin: I couldn’t protect them from Jing…instead, they did it themselves.


Mirielle: You couldn’t be responsible for saving them all Nabeshin. And they did manage to look after themselves in the end.


Nabeshin: That’s true…(looks at Mirielle)…how do you know about caring?


(Mirielle chuckles)


Mirielle: Let’s just say that when I leave this place, I have someone that needs a lot of care.


(Nabeshin is instantly interested…)


Nabeshin: Really? Who?


(Mirielle chuckles again…)


Mirielle: That is a se-cr-et.


Nabeshin: Aww…no fair…


Yuki: Mr Nabeshin?


(Yuki Azuma with Izumi stands next to Nabeshin as the afro dude looks in interest…)


Nabeshin: Miss Yuki?


Yuki: You may wish to know this – but Kumikumi – the moment Chikage’s head returned to life, so did your Kumikumi’s.


(Nabeshin’s jaw locks. He is stunned…)


Nabeshin: She…she…


(Yuki nods as Izumi smiles and gives Nabeshin a thumbs up.)


Izumi: Come on Yuki, let him be. Geez, glad that you’re talking so much now…so how is everyone?


Yuki: They’re fine…Ryo misses you y’know


Izumi: Heh…can’t have my rival worrying about me I guess…


(We now finally go with our three detectives…)


Ohjiro: Well…I guess that was that.


Jet: It’s been a pleasure kid.


(Ohjiro and Jet shakes hand – Ohjiro shaking Jet’s metal right arm carefully.)


Jet: If you can ever make it to 100 years in the future, look up the Bebop. Maybe you keep that money of yours now and invest it…


Ohjiro: So if I do come you can…


Jet: Ah…stupid idea.


(Ohjiro smiles before her turns to Yomi.)


Ohjiro: Miss Yomi?


Yomi: You beat me. I can only say congratulations can’t I?


Ohjiro: Well…


Yomi: Trust me, it’s never felt so good to lose.


(Yomi shakes Ohjiro’s hand before giving him a small hug.)


Yomi: Make sure none of your fangirls learn of your newfound wealth….


Ohjiro: I’ve only got one special someone anyway…


Yomi: Good for you.


(Ohjiro smiles and even rubs a tear out of his eyes. The sun sets over a beautiful island…where just minutes ago…a murder mystery was finally solved.)


*   *   *   *


Next time on the Murder Game 2…


The return of peace to Promised Island as the Promise Festival is in honour of Ohjiro Mihara. This day, Ohjiro will receive 100,000 English Pounds to return home to show off to his stepbrother. Koyomi Mizuhara and Jet Black will also join the festivities as they celebrate the end of a horror.


So how will things turn out? Have things gone back to normal? Yeah right…but you’ll have to wait and see.


And also be on the lookout for;


Ohjiro, Yomi and Jet explain what it was like in the house, how they played the game, who they got along with, and how Ohjiro managed to win despite being the underdog.


And finally;






Jet returns to the Bebop. Has Ein covered in rock salt and grilled yet?

Our deceased detectives – how have they found things? Is Greta a laughing stock? Is Tsuyoshi single? Does Hideki now have a girlfriend? (O.K mission impossible there…)


All this and more for the last stages of MG2!!!


*   *   *   *




It’s all done but the trimmings – we have a winner, a loser and a mo…and er, another loser.


O.K, so this one was a little different than MG1.


First of all, my last killer (Yuri) wasn’t obvious at all. It wasn’t until the end of the game where people choose her (with one exception: Artful) because the clues were so discreet and her motives were only really established near the end (e.g. the Hotaru motive).


This time, I wanted a suspect to be shown early with his or her motives, and see if people are thinking that was too obvious. Indeed, many people picked Jing early, though not everyone stuck by him. And because the final three were so divided in votes, it may have turned out tougher.


I used a few techniques for this;


1)      The Nyostar method – with 4 people in particular, this let things get in worried that these people had a similar motive. Which is why each of the core 4 had another sub-motive (Taeko – the rape, SousukeKaname, Izumi – Yuki, and JingYosho) to make things trickier. The clues were much harder to locate as well and there wasn’t as many of them.

2)      The Taeko-chan trick: My trademark – using a character I like (ref. Anna, Duplica and Chiriko), get them damn far and then…poof! They go – everyone is shocked and they have to rethink. Taeko was my choice this time – no-one thought it was her until she was revealed as the second in command…and then people were still unsure, and when she got far – people were worrying. And then, just like that…she’s cleared. And everyone’s mind is scrambled again. It worked…I’m evil.

3)      The Izumi trick: Like Taeko, except with Izumi – she was intended to be someone you’d suspect early. So many picked Izumi early and stuck with her because she got to the end. Some people rightly did that with Jing as well, but if you get stuck on one person and they do get to the end, you check with your idea and don’t consider the alternatives. The final three of last time DID check the alternatives, hence why they all picked Yuri. This however was much closer and I thank Miss Himuro for confusing all those poor souls out there. J

4)      Girls vs. boys: The final trick. As Arp rightfully said, most of my winners/killers/moles have been female. So it would be right if it was male this time? Exactly…of course, that might what I WANT you to think. With Yomi who I’ve blatantly said as a personal fave character of mine, and Izumi, a character of my FAVOURITE SERIES OF ALL TIME, that turned some heads. In the end, it was simple. Men won this time. However, some people may have thought too much…


And now my choice of killer;


Jing. My goal of making him popular worked. A few converted King of Bandit Jing fans here and there. So why the hell is he a killer?


Well…to be honest…I found it hard to find someone who I could make a killer different to Yuri. Yuri was the nice girl at first who turned into a Wendy-esque bitch by the end of the series. Jing wasn’t like that – he was the good cop all the way through, and yet, he had the motives. Izumi was the bad cop, and Sousuke was the even cop – his reactions were predictable. Jing’s choice as killer was to make him sympathetic. The people he killed all in a way, deserved it in his view (and you may agree with him especially with Kodachi) – so his views were right, he wanted to cleanse the world of evil – and he believed he was doing the right thing. The key issue was going to kill Sakuya – which went against his friends with Kaho and Marie, and how it would affect the other sisters. That was Jing’s one mistake.


But I felt that despite this, he was (mostly) in character. Except for the killing of course…sorry Jing fans. (Myself included)


And winner?


Angelic Layer joins Chuuka Ichiban as a winner on their debut. However, once again, I found it tough to choose a winner. I picked Jing as a killer with only two other people I considered as a killer – Nabeshin and Arima believe it or not. With the winner, I had half the cast. Yomiko was my original choice because of her surviving half a dozen KG’s a la Andrew and winning. However, I then realised that a man should win. This eliminated Kiyone and Yomi from the running as well. Which left it down to Tsuyoshi, Jet and Ohjiro. I found it difficult to see how Tsuyoshi would win it after looking at who was combatable (I planned to eliminate Greta first anyway) so he had to go. Which left Jet and Ohjiro.


Now if you’ve read Roomies 3, you know I’m a big CB fan and Jet is a great character. Which meant that if he won…would that be Respighi-esque bias? (Yes, MG1 reference) I thought it wouldn’t be so bad – but then I thought ‘well, Jet is going to have an alliance with Kiyone anyway. Ohjiro is like a lone wolf – wouldn’t it be nice if a true underdog went all the way, bypassing all the alliances, treachery and whatnot, and just be himself and win this.’ Ohjiro has always come close to winning the big one, but a Suzuhara always ruins it. This time, no Suzuhara’s to stop him.


And thus, the prince does it.


Ohjiro is an odd character in AL – he’s pretty cool, but as even the director said of his relationship with 12 year old Misaki – it’s a bit creepy. (Interestingly, Chris Patton wasn’t as weirded out – hmm, must have been hanging with Monica too long…oh damn, I’m getting her to sign this…MUSN’T SHOW THIS BIT…^_^) There were plenty of Rial/Patton references in the fic – a homage to my fave ADV actors, who seem to like to joke along with each other in every commentary I’ve seen (especially Rial, I must have heard half a dozen Patton jokes now in the Angelic Layer, Najica and Noir commentaries…poor dude…) – and considering also that Rial is playing SAKUYA in Sister Princess, another reason for her to sign this…J


So that’s it. Wait for me, more to come, and soon, the results of the final killer game and the winners of the prizes…don’t go away!