Holy moley – we are finally at the last but one chapter before we find out who did it, what weapon and which…oh sorry, wrong show.


But we are nearing the solution. Three detectives and four suspects remain – will be the former officer, the deadpan glasses girl, or the prince of the layer?


And which suspect? A thief, a tennis/baseball player, a sergeant or a housemaid? Diverse bunch with diverse personalities – but the fact that they have something in common with the Nyostar connection – any of them could have done it.


O.K, no more stalling. On we go.


*   *   *   *




Haruka: EMASES!


(Suddenly, a real shock comes through as from the depths of the ocean, a new sight beholds the Angelic Layer and Sailor Moon representatives…)


(…a giant fortress, almost like an underground base, rises. It looks like a castle with a circlular moat around it, 8 doors surrounding across. The castle spirals as it gets thinner as it gets bigger. Mamoru and Ohjiro are stunned.)


Mamoru: What is this?


Haruka: This…is the base of Nyostar.


Haruka showed what was the base of Nyostar – a magicial fortress within the centre of the last killer clue…and more revelations were found when the group cleared Mirielle




Yomi: One bullet off.


Mamoru: So? Does that mean anything? She could have just lost it…


Jet: I doubt it. She’s a professional at her trade. Pros wouldn’t make mistakes like that – they would always tally the amount of bullets they have used and what remain. Basically…


Yomi: …one bullet was missing from her total. Like say…a bullet used in the scene of a crime?


Jet: Fired from say a Smith & Wesson?


Yomi: Say from a gun belonging to a Kuno?


(Suddenly, Ohjiro and Mamoru know what they are on about. They remember that a bullet which was supposed to have been from one of Mirielle’s guns was found lodged at the initial crime scene. However, we were never sure how that came to be…especially now Mirielle has been cleared. Therefore…)


Ohjiro: The bullet found at the Kuno mansion…


Mamoru: …was taken from Mirielle somehow…


Jet: …and fired, making her look suspicious…


But not as much as the shock with the head…




(Chikage closes her eyes as this seems to be big. The final victim and killer announced?)


(Yeah…like it’s going to be that easy…)


(We see Chikage suddenly roll her eyes back, her beautiful face looking pale…)




(Chikage then shouts an ear-piercing scream, one that I don’t think even she believed she was capable of. Haruka rushes forward, but the magic that seems to surround her forces her back (Mamoru catches her before she smashes onto the floor). Chikage’s scream continues for a few more seconds before she stops…)


(Her eyes roll forward…and keep doing until she blacks out. The energy dissipates as Haruka rushes again, this time she catches the unconscious Chikage.)


Haruka: (shaking her) Chikage-chan! Chikage-chan!!!


(No response. Haruka puts her ear to her heart…fearing the worst…)


Haruka: She’s alive…but…


Ohjiro: She’s just passed out.


Mamoru: We’d better get her to a hospital…


Haruka: Yes…(crying)…damn it all!


Things are getting heated…none more so when the sisters confront the four Nyostar members…




Mamoru: I’m…I’m not…I just…


Izumi: Dammit!


(Suddenly, Izumi grabs a rather drained looking Kir. To the stunned audiences of the sisters and indeed of the investigators, the raven forms itself around Izumi’s arm in an exact same motion as when Kir does it with Jing!)


Mamoru: Izumi!


Shirayuki: Please no…


(Haruka immediately steps in front of them with her hiragana blade)


Haruka: Don’t you dare…


Izumi: Then don’t make me!


And with Nabeshin cleared, it is one of those four…something that Mamoru wouldn’t find out…


(Mamoru heads towards the flowers…when three other bridges light up…sounds flash by all of them…)








3 detectives – 4 suspects. Who will solve the mystery?




*   *   *   *




Jet Black – Cowboy Bebop

Koyomi MizuharaAzumanga Daioh

Mamoru Chiba – Sailor Moon - ELIMINATED

Yomiko ReadmanRead or Die - ELIMINATED

Hideaki MotsumuyaChobits - ELIMINATED

Yui HongoFushigi Yuugi - ELIMINATED

Greta – Tiny Snow Sugar Fairy - ELIMINATED

Kiyone MabikiTenchi Muyo! - ELIMINATED

Fujitaka KinomotoCard Captor Sakura - ELIMINATED

Ohjiro MiharaAngelic Layer

Tsuyoshi Ohki – Kodomo No Omocha - ELIMINATED

Shizuka KatsuyaYu-Gi-Oh! - ELIMINATED






Ling-Pha Wong – Battle Athletes Victory - ELIMINATED

Kagome HigurashiInuyasha – CLEARED

Urumi KanzakiGreat Teacher Onizuka - CLEARED

Amelia Seiryun – Slayers - CLEARED

Kodachi KunoRanma ½ - ELIMINATED

Taeko KanuzukiAi Yori Aoshi

Izumi HimuroPrincess Nine

Mirielle Bouquet – Noir - CLEARED

Mahoro Ando – Mahoromatic - CLEARED




NabeshinExcel Saga - CLEARED

Souchiro ArimaKare Kano -  CLEARED

Shel de MontignyChuuka Ichiban - CLEARED

Ryo SaebaCity Hunter - CLEARED

Bandit JingKing of Bandit Jing

Kentaro Sakata – Love Hina - ELIMINATED

Sousuke SaguraFull Metal Panic!

Ryoji KajiNeon Genesis Evangelion - CLEARED

Heero YuyGundam Wing – CLEARED


*   *   *   *


6am – DAY 19


(We start our day – the final day of inquiries – of the Plaza temple where Mamoru was eliminated last night.)


(A long range shot overlooking the port shows Bandit Jing watching the temple, the wind blowing his trademark yellow jacket around. Kir isn’t around as Jing takes in the cool crisp air.)


*   *   *   *


(We now cut to the Himuro place where Keiko knocks on the door to her daughter’s room.)


Keiko: Izumi?


(No response. We cut to Izumi outside, out of view from the mansion, in her tennis outfit. Her beautiful face has a look of scorn on it as she walks to who knows where…)


*   *   *   *


(Outside what appears to be an old apartment, we see Sousuke outside it, wide awake, his shotgun in his arms. It seems that there is a woman in the room (Kaname?) and he has been guarding her all night…)


*   *   *   *


(Outside of Mahoro’s apartment, Taeko Minazuki is sweeping leaves from the porch – the wind blowing them to make more mess for the housemaid.)






*   *   *   *




(We now cut to our three detectives, who seemed to have a little celebration last night to celebrate getting to the final three.)


(There is a cute shot of Yomi lying on the side of Ohjiro – almost cuddling in a way. Sleeping on a single chair, with what appears to be an empty 4 cans of beer is Jet Black. Looks like he got the booze out whilst the younger members just enjoyed a sugar rush. But they never made it to their beds – so they probably didn’t get much sleep.)


(A quick note – Jet has survived to the final three without playing a killer’s game. Last year, one KANO MIYAZAWA won the game without playing a killer’s game as well.)


(Is that a good omen for Mr Black? Will lightning strike twice?)


*   *   *   *




(8am and the team are up – and making breakfast together.)


Yomi: I thought you said your cooking was terrible Jet?


Jet: Well, hunger is the best spice after all.


Ohjiro: I don’t think we’ve complained.


Yomi: Or will for that matter.


(We see the shitake breakfast stir fry on the go – unusual for a breakfast but hey, it’s something Jet is quite familiar with in the cooking department.)


Ohjiro: I guess doing this keeps thoughts off last night?


Jet: Yeah…shouldn’t really have a headache for the start of this climatic day…


Ohjiro: True…but I meant about Mamoru being eliminated last night. Of course, glad I came back, but he left at the last hurdle – must be a rotten feeling.


Yomi: I think he made early mistakes and tried to make up for them.


Jet: He tried his best to fit in but struggled and survived basically on the mess that was our alliance.


Yomi: You at least kept that to the end…even if I didn’t.


Ohjiro: It’s O.K Yomi.


Yomi: (sighs) Wonder if Kiyone would agree…


Jet: I think she wouldn’t mind…honest…


*NOTE – There will be some omake after the final chapter so we can see if Kiyone DID mind, as well as if Ein has been salted and buttered, how Tsuyoshi explains his ‘relationship’ with an older woman, and if Chris decides to go with TV or OVA Yomiko situation when she gets back…*


Yomi: …I do want to see her again…apologise…and to Yomiko as well…


Ohjiro: You were playing the game…you have nothing to apologise for.


(Jet looks a little sad…)


Yomi: What’s wrong Jet?


Jet: Nothing…just realising you guys can at least talk to or e-mail each other because you are from the present time. I never realised it until now how much I’ve enjoyed being in the game…and when it’s over, because I’m from the future…


Ohjiro: Oh…sorry.


Yomi: (teasing tone) Maybe he just has a thing for younger police woman and wants to see her again…


Ohjiro: Ahhhh




Ohjiro: Oh, he’s embarrassed…




(As the two high schoolers and the high schooler at heart bicker, they have to prepare after breakfast, as in an hours time, their final day truly begins…)


*   *   *   *




(On the button, the three are ready for the final day. Yotsuba comes in, no ‘checkii’ or other genki phrases, she’s all business (understandably) today. The redhead addresses the team as per usual.)


Yotsuba: Mornin’.


All: Morning.


Yotsuba: Well, I will start by saying congratulations. You made it this far, you are the final three. So well done.


(The team nod.)


Yotsuba: However, the job still isn’t done. We have gradually got this far, and we are down to 4 people.


(She points on the wall to the pictures of the suspects – most have crosses through now, but four pictures remain. Bandit Jing, Izumi Hmuro, Sousuke Sagara and Taeko Minazuki.)


Yotsuba: Understandably, we are close, but not close enough. And considering the four we are dealing with are involved with Nyostar – I am worried that there is still one person that they are after…


(Yotsuba shudders a little…)


Yotsuba: The ‘innocent and not innocent’ and that killer clue that Ohjiro got last night didn’t help matter. It seems the killer’s father is involved and the killer maybe trying to finish the work started by whoever this killer’s father is. We need to find information about that.


(Yotsuba pauses and looks over the group)


Yotsuba: I’m worried it could be one of my sisters who could be taken…myself included…so be understanding that I am kind of nervous. So for today…


(Yotsuba goes over to them and hands them four items – all the same.)


Yotsuba: …you guys do what you can. Search and find the four suspects. I took the liberty of helping you out last night when the girls were confronting the suspects…




(As the girls leave, Yotsuba and Ryo go past the four Nyostar members, Ryo talking whilst Yotsuba planting something on their necks or arms. They all turn and ask what she was doing, but she says ‘I’m on to you.’)


Yotsuba: I planted an invisible microchip on each of the four remaining suspects that will help you guys trace them via the GPS’ that I have just given you – one for each suspect.


(The team nod again)


Yotsuba: I am going to assume you guys have a good idea in your head who the killer is. I suggest you use this time to make sure your assumption is true. Go out there and do your own thing…and be careful.


(The nervousness in Yotsuba’s words show that she is obviously upset at any possible situations to say the least…and the team don’t want that nervousness projected in their direction. They head out of there…to confirm what they suspect.)


*   *   *   *


Jet: Agreed?


Ohjiro: Yes.


Yomi: We are not going to discuss who we think is our killer until the moment we have to say who the killer is.


Ohjiro: That’s fine.


Jet: I have my idea and my choice…but I won’t tell you.


Yomi: Same here.


Ohjiro: Ditto.


Jet: Let’s just wish each other luck for now and hope for the best.


Yomi/Ohjiro: Sure.


(The three shakes hands as they head to decide what to do first in this free inquiry…so begin!!!)


*   *   *   *


Yomi: O.K, so where do we go?


Jet: Looking at the GPS, we need to make sure that we keep in check with them as much as possible in case they are moving. At the moment, Taeko, Sousuke and Izumi are all here whilst Jing is on the other island, so we should stick here for the moment.


Ohjiro: So who is the closest?


Jet: Let me look…that would be Sousuke.


Yomi: One unsociable bodyguard/sergeant coming up…


(The team are ready to speak (if they can) to Sousuke Sagara – a suspect with an interesting past in this case. With Kuno interested in Kaname and Ling-Pha refusing his resignation (ON THE DAY OF KUNO’S MURDER) because of his meddling with Izumi and of Nyostar, Sousuke has the training to commit murder…but did he do it?)


*   *   *   *




(The block of flats where Sousuke lives is a haul to climb up. Last time they saw him, he was at the shooting range along with Taeko. His skills with a firearm are second to none and it wouldn’t have been difficult for him to do damage to a person with any sort of weapon. He is a pro after all.)


(The team head up to his apartment floor, and gingerly knock the door. With the case so close to the end, they are a bit unsure how to treat these remaining suspects. There is a 1 in 4 chance after all that they could be the killer.)


Jet: Sousuke? Can we come in?


(No response. Jet tries again and yet again no response…though they are sure they hear something…a muffled sound…)


Jet: I know someone is in there…


(Jet tries the door, and to his surprise finds it open…)


Jet: I’m coming in now!


(Jet opens the door…and a clicking sound catches him (and Yomi/Ohjiro) off guard. Sousuke is pointing his shotgun at them.)


Sousuke: You have entered unauthorised territory. I must ask you to leave.


Jet: What is the meaning of this Sousuke? We came here…


Souske: I have nothing to say to you. Whether you find me guilty or not is not appropriate. After all, what I am must be a bother to you.


Ohjiro: Sagara-san, we are simply trying to establish something before it gets possibly more devastating in the near future…


Sousuke: It is too late for that.


(Suddenly, Sousuke runs and jumps out of the window! Jet runs forward…)


(…and sees Sousuke repelling down the side of the apartment! The sergeant goes down with incredible speed (more so considering he has been up all night apparently) and rushes out.)


(The trio are about to run off…but then…)


Kaname: (crying) No…don’t…


(The three turn as a pyjama clad Kaname Chidori is in tears. Ohjiro and Jet turn away as Yomi does a double take on what to do.)


Yomi: Guys, try and catch Sousuke. I’ll see what is wrong here.


(The two nod and try to somehow catch Sousuke, following the GPS and their own speed. Not a good sign, but let’s go back to the two ladies.)


Yomi: I’m sorry about that.


Kaname: (shaking her head) No, no…I should be sorry. For myself and for Sousuke – after all, I am scared that he is involved with this mess…that idiot.


Yomi: The ‘idiot’ in question – is there anything you can tell me?


Kaname: Sure…well…I know that no matter what he says, the reason he joined Nyostar…was like an extra insurance policy.


Yomi: Insurance policy?


Kaname: To protect me.


Yomi: Oh.


(The use of magic to protect? Well…Kaname continues.)


Kaname: You see…I have a secret that various military circles know about – and I thought going here would get me away from that. However, it seems people like Kuno and Ling-Pha have friends in high places so to speak…you see…




Kaname: …I’m what is known as a Whispered.


Yomi: A ‘Whispered?’


(Shot of Yomi writing notes down whilst Kaname continues talking.)


Kaname: I’m not 100% sure myself, but it’s like a psychic type energy in me which allows me to know things in dire straits in Arm Slave battle. It seems to come only when in dire needs, involving that idiot that just repelled down the window.


Yomi: O.K…


Kaname: In Kuno’s case, his advances were a bit more…(she shudders)…well, you get the idea…


(We have a look outside, where Sousuke is simply too fast for the guys. He eventually get to a van where he enters as Jet and Ohjiro stop, knowing they can’t catch him – as Sousuke drives off. Jet checks the GPS)


Jet: We can still track him if we need too. Let’s go back and wait for Yomi – she may have found something out whilst we were marathon running.


*   *   *   *


(Shot of Yomi with the two guys outside…)


Ohjiro: So what did you find?


Yomi: (evil smile) Nothing.


Jet: Yomi


Yomi: O.K, just kidding. I need to see if you would have fallen for it first?


(Yomi quickly explains the fact that Kaname was known as a ‘Whispered’ and that Ling-Pha and Tatewaki were quite ‘interested’ in her for certain purposes. Jet seems interested in what a ‘Whispered’ is capable of – and how it can link in with Sousuke as a suspect.)


Jet: Well, he ran like a thief in the night – but we can still track him down if necessary.


Ohjiro: So what now?


Yomi: Let’s go see Izumi. I think she warrants more look at than Taeko.


Ohjiro: Appearances can be deceiving you know?


Yomi: True…but just humour me guys. And I’ll tell you what else I saw in there…


Ohjiro/Jet: Huh?


Yomi: (smiles) Oh, I nearly forgot this.




(Shot of Yomi just leaving Kaname. Before she does, she turns and takes a sly look on the top of the wardrobe. A large firearm with a circular hatch (similar to the width of the lightning ball) is on the top of this wardrobe. Yomi exits with a small smile on her face.)


Yomi: Yep, that must have been the SDF.


Jet: Damn. The one he owns or the one Chikage has?


Ohjiro: I’d assume the one he owns.


Jet: So he gets more and more suspect.


Yomi: You think it’s him?


Jet: I didn’t say that…it’s just getting more and more suspect.


Yomi: Let’s see if Izumi will fall into that category as well…


(The three head off – next stop according to the GPS – the tennis club…)


*   *   *   *




(When they first met Izumi, she was at the tennis club…playing an intense rally with imouto Mamoru.)


(We hear the sound of tennis playing…)


(This time around, they see Izumi…at the tennis club…playing an intense rally with Mamoru…but this time, their exchanges are certainly not as friendly verbally as they were when the team first met them…)


Izumi: Just fall dammit!


Mamoru: Not until you surrender!


(As the team exit the van looking over the tennis club, it is obviously this rally is more heated, angry and violent. And they are unsure whether to break up what could be a fight as this rally continues…)


Izumi: Why should I (returns forehand) when I have done nothing wrong?


Mamoru: (hitting a backhand) Oh please! You’ve lied so many times that you are hiding something!!! What happened to the (returns shot) Izumi-sempai that I knew and respected?


Izumi: She got lost when this damn case and those (volleys a lob which Mamoru somehow returns)…damn detectives came here!


Mamoru: So you ARE upset with them? Is it because you…


(Izumi next shot isn’t with the tennis ball. In a moment which MG1 favourite Anna perfected, she throws her tennis racquet straight towards the head of Mamoru. The sports imouto’s eyes widen as she dives out of the way in time. The racquet clips her on the side of her head/ear as she screams and crashes to the ground.)


Izumi: (breathing heavily) Dam-mit


(Izumi turns around and notices the detectives – she points at them and screams…)




(The tennis/baseball star runs off – a fence blocking the detectives to get too close…)


Ohjiro: I’ll check on Mamoru – see if you can get to Izumi.


Jet: Damn, I’m getting too old for this…


(As Yomi and Jet try to see if they can catch up with Izumi, Ohjiro goes over to check up on Mamoru. The girl is struggling to get up, so Ohjiro helps her up. Even Mamoru, a known tomboy, has to blush a little towards the princess of the layer, but the blood coming from the side of her head isn’t a joke.)


Mamoru: Please…leave me alone…


Ohjiro: Mamoru-chan, we are only trying to help….




(Mamoru ‘punches’ Ohjiro on the chest, before crying and collapsing into his arms. Ohjiro lets Mamoru sob for a while…and whilst a tender moment occurs, we cut to Izumi and Jet.)


*   *   *   *


(To Jet’s surprise, Yomi is quite fast and has managed to catch up with Izumi. Izumi is cornered as Jet catches up.)


Yomi: Miss Himuro, I believe you have some explaining to do.


(Izumi looks cornered, but suddenly she smiles.)


Yomi: Huh?


(She raises her hand where we clearly see an emerald like jewel on her middle finger.)


Izumi: Sofla


(Suddenly, bright light emits from the ring, expands as Yomi and Jet are forced to cover their eyes in this light spell which Izumi is creating. They can hear her running, but can’t move because of the incredibly bright light….)


(…it take about a minute before the light begins to die down and the two can now open their eyes. When they do, Izumi is long gone.)


Jet: Dammit…what did she do?


Yomi: One of those Nyostar tricks? Whatever it was…it stopped us cold.


Jet: I’ll check the GPS…


Yomi: No, let’s get back to Ohjiro. I don’t want him staying around younger girls for as long as I can.


Jet: Why you say that?


Yomi: No reason.


*   *   *   *


Ohjiro: Lost her?


Jet: She vanished quicker than emergency rations on the Bebop.


Ohjiro: I’ll take your word on that.


Yomi: We caught her, but she used some sort of magic crap on us which blinded Jet and I.


(Shot of Mamoru with a cold compress on the side of her head who now stands up and walks up to the detectives.)


Mamoru: I wish to apologise to you.


Jet: What for?


Ohjiro: She was upset that the fact Izumi changed when we got there. I think she thought it was our fault – which I guess would be understandable…


Mamoru: …but I know it isn’t. I fear that she is involved with something…and I don’t really want to think it is…you know…




(Shot of Mamoru heading to the tennis club, where she notices Izumi playing some intense solo tennis – hitting serves like a pro, and probably scaring even male players away from the court. Plucky Mamoru goes over there…)


Mamoru: …we had a verbal argument about everything, which led to the situation you saw today.


(Mamoru flinches as the cut she got still is bothering her.)


Yomi: Maybe we should have you checked out at the hospital.


Mamoru: No…please…


Jet: Huh? Why not?


Ohjiro: She said that if she went to the hospital, she would have to see Chikage, and she doesn’t want to see her in a coma state. It would be like visiting the dead in her words.


Mamoru: Whether Chikage-chan is involved in this, I don’t want to know. And I don’t know what I would do if I saw her…this Nyostar thingy that we went to last night…and with what Izumi did…


(Mamoru sighs)


Mamoru: …I outright accused her. I shouldn’t have said that, I know…but I do care for Izumi…and I just don’t want to believe it’s true.


(Mamoru looks up in the direction where Izumi ran off…)


Mamoru: But now…


*   *   *   *


(Heading over to Mahoro’s apartment, where Taeko is according to the GPS on her, they decide on something keeping an eye on the other GPS…)


Jet: We go to Izumi’s place after this before we cross the ferry.


Ohjiro: We might as well kill two birds with one stone.


Yomi: We need to see what Taeko is up to first…


(The trio go in their mystery machine heading down the road to Mahoro’s apartment, where a very familiar face is awaiting them…)


Jet: That’s Urumi isn’t it?


(Indeed, the blonde middle student who DOESN’T have the reputation that other blondes have to say the least is awaiting outside where Taeko was sweeping earlier. It seems she was expecting them.)


Urumi: Greetings.


Yomi: I wish it would be good greetings Miss Kanzaki, but we are kind of in a hurry.


Urumi: If you wish to see Taeko, I’m afraid she isn’t here. I believe she has headed out to Haruka’s temple…


(Lie. They KNOW Taeko is here because of the GPS connection. They confront Urumi.)


Jet: At the sound of being less than tactful, knock off the BS Urumi. We know Taeko is here…and we have proof.


(Taking a risk, the big man shows Urumi the GPS system. Urumi’s smile vanishes with a Guu like scowl (of course, NO-ONE can pull off the Guu scowl, but Urumi does a damn good close job) – she obviously didn’t take this into account.)


Urumi: How the hell you tagged her I dunno…but I guess I got no choice. But I warn you guys…emphasis on the guys…to behave yourself.


Ohjiro: (puzzled) Why?


Urumi: (sighs) You’ll see.


Jet: You do realise that we have pretty much a free warrant anyway?


Urumi: Just don’t make yourselves too comfortable…


(Urumi checks inside carefully, before letting Yomi in – and blocks the guys…)


Jet: Hey, what gives?


Urumi: I can’t let you see…


Jet: Let us pass!


(They force their way past Urumi…and immediately wish they hadn’t…)


(Sitting cross legged on their sofa, almost naked bar her bra and panties, is Taeko in some sort of meditative stance. Yomi had her hand to her forehead whilst Mahoro looks ready to explode…)


Mahoro: Ecchi is…


Jet: We’re going…


(Ohjiro and Jet turn around as Urumi sighs.)


Urumi: Now can you see why I wanted you to wait?


*   *   *   *


Yomi: So Taeko is doing this to build up her energy rate?


Mahoro: It seems she expands energy quite frequently when she is building her magikra or whatever they call it – I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t saw it myself


Yomi: Her magic?


Urumi: Both Mahoro and I thought all things could be explained either logically or technologically…Taeko proved us otherwise…for better or worse…


Yomi: Really?


Urumi: She can’t hear us like this…her senses are dulled down until we really need her…but basically, ever since the kidnapping of Kagome and her ‘confession’ that I sure as hell don’t believe – police have been keeping an eye on her…more so if they are a perverted cop…


(Ryo Saeba sneezes before returning to try to calm down a distraught Yotsuba…)


Mahoro: Gah…this Nyostar stuff that she has been through…it’s changed her…and not for the better.


Urumi: I’d say whilst her skills and natural movement have increased…her old ways had a…how shall I put it…they had a distinct charm about them. That’s changed…sadly.


Mahoro: To put it bluntly, it’s corrupted what was a sweet, innocent and slightly clumsy young maiden.


Urumi: And it’s all what that bastard Kuno tried to do to her…it took her over the edge.


(Urumi slams her fist into the wall…)


Urumi: Dammit


(…which breaks Taeko out of her trance…^_^)


Taeko: Huh, what’s going on?


Yomi: Hey Taeko.


Taeko: Oh Miss Yomi, what are you doing h…


(Taeko suddenly notices the 17 and 36 year old men outside the door, their heads firmly away from Taeko’s look. However…)






Urumi/Yomi: Yare yare


*   *   *   *




Yomi: We are searching your room, so don’t stop us.




(We can see Jet seemingly fine, though Ohjiro looks a bit embarrassed to say the least…)


YomI: We promise not to do anything…er…what was it you said?


Mahoro: (pouting) Ecchi.


(The trio do manage to get inside and look around the rooms, specifically Taeko’s room, for any clues. Actually, the biggest clue in Taeko’s room is the fact that there is…)


Yomi: Nothing. Nothing in here.


(The dartboard, tiger lilies and knife…everything. The room looks and feels empty – well, Taeko is a housekeeper…or was she getting rid of any scraps of evidence? Well, there aren’t any SD Flamethrowers or any other forms of weaponry…or is that a big enough clue as it is?)


Yomi: Maybe she is the innocent…yet not innocent…


(Yomi makes a good point…)


*   *   *   *




12.37 pm


(Already this time as the team decide to pay a visit to the Himuro place. They know that Izumi isn’t in via the GPS…but that’s the point. They want to search it whilst she isn’t in…)


Yomi: I think we can find something in there…especially if she is our killer. She’s never let us inside really – so there might be something she’s hiding.


Jet: Well, let’s see…


(They knock on the door, expecting Keiko Himuro to answer the door…which is exactly what they get. The mother of Izumi greets the detectives with a single nod.)


Keiko: Hello there.


Ohjiro: Hello there Miss Himuro – do you mind if we have a word with you?


Keiko: With me? I thought…


Jet: No ma’am – it’s definitely you. It is alright if we come in?


(Keiko pauses for a moment before another nod signals the detectives successful entry…)


Keiko: Sure.


*   *   *   *


(We see the team drinking tea whilst Keiko seems to be discussing something with the detectives.)


Keiko: …basically with what you are looking for, I am very concerned about what is going on with my daughter and indeed my daughter’s safety.


(Keiko seems oblivious to the fact that her daughter could have been committing these crimes…)


Jet: We are too – which is why we came to speak to you.


Keiko: I just don’t know anymore Mr. Black – I’m afraid that she might have got involved with something that he hadn’t. Whether her best friend was an influence I don’t know…


(During this talk, a buzz on Taeko’s GPS goes. Ohjiro checks it and see that Taeko is on the move, heading (quite fast: Mahoro?) to the ferry. Looks like she’s heading across the islands.)


(Back to the suspect in hand, they decide to ask about something that could be referenced to the killer clue…)


Jet: Tell me Miss Himuro – what can you tell me about Izumi’s father?


(Keiko pauses…)


Keiko: Izumi’s father?


Jet: It might help us trying to unravel this mystery…


(Another pause from Keiko before she speaks with quite a bit of intensity…)


Keiko: My husband…was someone that I loved…but Izumi thought otherwise. Maybe with understanding.


Jet: What do you mean?


Keiko: Izumi…had a complex…about her father. Or rather about someone else so to speak.


(Keiko removes what appears to be an amulet around her neck – she opens the pendant as a picture of a young man in his 20s with a baseball uniform is on)


Keiko: This is Hideaki Hayakawa – a memory of my youth – a man I loved…but Izumi always said that I cared more for her rivals father than her own…


Yomi: Her rivals?


Keiko: This is the father of Ryo Hayakawa – Izumi’s big rival back home. I believe she felt that I thought compared to this man, that her father and my husband were nothing special.


Jet: Interesting…


*   *   *   *


(The team have been granted access to search the house. Inside Izumi’s room (and after making sure it’s fine so that the two men don’t get any chance for a nosebleed (not that they would to be honest)) Looking through it, the only thing of interest in relation to the case is…)


Yomi: Her diary?


Ohjiro: Even in a case, it seems a bit…


Jet: Worry about moralities later – case first, guilt later.


(The team definitely take a look at the diary, starting with the days prior to Tatewaki’s Kuno’s death. They also have a picture of her father on the desk as well – a normal looking man with brown hair (where did Izumi get that blue hair from?) glasses and a formal look with a kind smile.)


(Checking through the diary…they find nothing incriminating on her…except…)


Yomi: That’s odd.


Ohjiro: What is?


Yomi: Well…on the day that Kuno died…there isn’t any notes at all.


Jet: Is that odd?


Yomi: Maybe…but look at this.


(Yomi goes through a few more pages – and we notice there is a note in every day of the diary up to yesterday…except on three dates. The dates when Kentaro, Ling-Pha and Kodachi got killed.)


Jet: Interesting…


Yomi: And look at this…


(She turns back to the day BEFORE Tatewaki was killed, and has an interesting entry…)


31st May


I guess it’s finally sinking in. Yosho’s death. I mean I was frightened stiff when Yuki was attacked, but now it’s sinking in…my memory. I won’t forget it…he acted like a real father to me after everything is happening…Sousuke I believes that as well as Jing…especially considering how my father wasn’t seem to be well known…despite how he wished to be…


Anyway, I’m meeting Sousuke tomorrow…see if I can sort this mess out…my own way if necessary…and make sure that his daughter WILL be after this night.


Yomi: Heavy.


Jet: Killer clue link? Is she…


Ohjiro: Keep that etched into our minds. We’ve got to travel – we need to see Jing, and apparently Taeko has been on the move as well. Come on sir and madam.


(The two nod as they excuse themselves from Keiko’s hospitality. It’s a long day and they are nowhere near to be finished…)


*   *   *   *


(..because next, they are heading back to where it all started.)


Ohjiro: Figures we’d end up back here.


(Indeed, the GPS is leading them to where Jing is…at the Kuno mansion. Without employers, Jing has kind of drifted there and there abouts, as free as the wind – like his bird companion (and possible murder weapon) Kir…)




(…none of this explains why they are currently arguing…)


Jing: Just because.


Kir: Come on, what you’ve been making me do recently is an outrage!


(Hello? The detectives here that and are instantly interested as they head out of the van. Also of interest looking at Jing are a number of boxes…possibly boxes of things moving out of the Kuno mansion – if so, why now?)


Jing: I don’t see why you should be complaining…


(Jing suddenly turns to where three rather interested spectators are waiting…)


Jing: Nuts.


(Without warning, the bandit grabs Kir and does a Ranma-esque super jump on top of the mansion – he glances behind to the detectives before bouncing off like a jumping bean into the distance.)


Jet: No point following him – we won’t catch him on foot.


Ohjiro: Shall we use the GPS and follow him by van?


Yomi: Wait…look at this.


(Jing left the boxes behind…and beyond them there is a bordered up crack in the annex area of the mansion.)


Jet: You guys look through the boxes…I’ll make an entrance.


(Jet goes over to the door whilst Yomi and Ohjiro search the boxes. Mostly, it seems to be of clothes and things like food and old girlfriends phone numbers…^_^…however, they can see a single black rose (tiger lily?) shining in a crystal glass case…)


Yomi: Odd.


Ohjiro: Indeed.


(A creaking sound gets their attention – Jet has successfully ‘made an entrance.’ As they head in, they make a note of movements from Izumi and Sousuke. As they do so, they go in – where it looks like Jing didn’t clean everything out…or did he intend this to be a secret?)


Yomi: Why would Jing not take these?


Ohjiro: Makes him look suspicious.


(We see a few photos of the deceased Yosho Misaki – and also another imposing looking figure in a photos (looking a lot like King Muscle without the ridiculous costume). They assume that this…)


Jet: …could be Jing’s father?


Yomi: Maybe this is what was meant by following in footsteps?


Ohjiro: We really need to get back and find out about these father figures…


Jet: Not yet. With others on the move, we need to make sure we aren’t lost in the dust. We need to find out everything first…


Ohjiro: Jing could be following in the footsteps…as a thief…or…


Yomi: Let’s not think about this.


(In reality, they ARE thinking about this. Even when they leave, they know things will be affected from every scrap they can find from now until tonight…)


*   *   *   *


Next stop…NABE’S HOLE….(insert a dramatic voice for that line if you wish…it just sounds cooler…)


Jet: So Taeko is over there?


Yomi: I guess she’s a quick mover when she needs to be…


Ohjiro: We need to see if we can see what she is up to – after all, we’ve already talked to her today…and to say she might not like our trust…


Jet: (embarrassed) Er…yeah…


(Yomi seems to want to do a fair impression of Kaname Chidori (with magical harisen ready – not like Pixy Misa’s, I guess ‘harisen space’ wouldn’t cut it…)


(Changing the subject…)


Jet: So Izumi and Taeko are the only ones who actually has a father in her records?


Ohjiro: Intriguing…and yet is the killer doing it in his name?


Yomi: Maybe Yosho was the true ‘father’ for them…


Jet: Wouldn’t be surprising…this town has more psychological problems than every person I met back home…


(A quick note: The GPS signals that Jing is now on/in Deathtrap Island version of Haruka’s temple. Meanwhile, the team notice that Taeko is with Nabeshin – the buxom maid is now in a martial arts like gi under a waterfall with Nabeshin in a new meditative stance…they decide not to disturb them and just hear what they say.)


(They don’t need to wait long…)


Nabeshin: You’ve handled that well young grasshopper.


Taeko: Thank you Nabeshin-san, maybe washing away all the poison inside me is what has kept me going…


Nabeshin: With everything going on, I’m surprised you didn’t crack.


Taeko: Oh, I have cracked…but not in that way.


Nabeshin: Huh?


(Taeko’s voice quietens down before she says…)


Taeko: I didn’t do it.


Nabeshin: You mean…well I was pretty sure it wasn’t you…but…well…


Taeko: I know it is right to protect others – you are the epitome of that Nabeshin-san, with your will to protect the girls…and that’s why I got involved with this. It was natural to me after all.


(Taeko sighs in the waterfall…)


Taeko: Maybe that’s why I did those actions, kidnapping Kagome, screaming blue murder, making the signs inside my room – to make myself look suspect so I can protect the others…after all…I…do…feel…


Nabeshin: You don’t need to say it.


Taeko: I know…(wipes a few tears)…the night of the murder…I was praying here…alone…and…I guess I was praying for Kuno to get what he deserves. I never expected it to actually happen….maybe THAT is why I felt guilty.


(Jet makes a motion to exit as Taeko escapes the waterfall, obviously shivering but stronger than expected in it. The trio head down out of there…)


Jet: Well?


Yomi: Well?


Jet: Is she cleared?


Yomi: We don’t know. She could be lying to Nabeshin for all we know, or she knew we were here and made up that story to throw us off track…


Ohjiro: It didn’t seem like she was lying though…


Jet: True, but I guess we wait and see.


*   *   *   *


(After a brief discussion, they decide to head out to the temple before heading back to Promised Island. Izumi and Sousuke are still at the shooting range, and whilst the team are worried that they might not catch them together, they need to see what Jing is doing…after all…)




(…but there is a problem.)


Yomi: Hello?


(It seems it is locked and there is unusual music being played inside the temple – loud enough so that anyone inside can’t hear anything from the outside world…)


Jet: Now what?


Ohjiro: Let’s go round and see if we can look inside. Jing is here, we know. We just need to see what he is doing. He’ll obviously run away if he sees us.


(The other two nod as they have a look around the temple. No obvious way, but there are a series of crates outside which when climbing can lead to looking inside the window…unfortunately, it’s a bit high.)


Ohjiro: If either one of us climbs on Jet’s shoulders, we should be able to see.


Jet: Better make it you Ohjiro


Ohjiro: Why?


Jet: Because anything that even constitutes as remotely perverted will earn me a laugh back home…


Yomi: …and a beating right here.


Jet: What she said…(to himself)…I can see why Spike doesn’t like tomboys now…


YomI: (sweetly…ish) What was that Jet?


Jet: (quickly) Nothing!


(Yomi steadies the crates as Jet climbs up. He then helps the prince of the layer onto his shoulders as the young man looks in. And he reports…)


Ohjiro: Jing is in there…kneeling down in priest like wear…and praying…


(A quick survey inside shows that Jing is indeed as Ohjiro is. They can’t hear anything that Jing could be saying – he’s just praying inside the temple. Interestingly, no sign of Haruka…)


Ohjiro: Nothing doing here…and we’d best head over and see what Izumi and Sousuke are up to…


Yomi: It’s getting close to 4 anyway, we’d better think about heading back to the mansion as well. You know what’s going to happen soon…


Jet: Yep.


(The trio leave…unsure what this means for Jing…ritual…forgiveness…why is he praying?)


*   *   *   *


(Indeed, it does take the trio a while to get back to Promised Island, and head over to the shooting range, where Izumi and Sousuke seem to have held a meeting. However, when they get there, the two are still there when they get there, and they hear…)


Izumi: So now what?


Sousuke: What else is there to do?


Izumi: I don’t know…maybe we’ll wait until tonight…


Sousuke: Right.


(The two separate and begin to head off, as the three wonder what that rushing was about…)


Jet: Did we make a mistake?


Ohjiro: Not necessarily, there may be something happening tonight because remember, we are supposed to try and find out this killer…


Yomi: Let’s hope everything we’ve done is good enough…


(The three wait for a while as the two leave, then leave themselves. Coming up to 5pm, they head back to the mansion…)


*   *   *   *




(We see the trio head back, not giving anything away to each other with their own ideas and combining it with today’s discoveries. As they enter the mansion, everything is in order…except…)


Jet: Looks like we have a message.


Ohjiro: Indeed.


(On the main computer, the screen has been separated by red and black – signalling that the killer has decide to give his/her last message via e-mail. Yomi goes over and clicks on the mouse and a message shows.)




(The three look at it…)


Jet: This has to be a clue.


Ohjiro: To what?


(The screen now vanishes and two envelope shortcuts appear – one on the red half of the screen and one on the black half. The trio nod as they decide first to call Yotsuba and explain the situation…after receiving the call she confirms that she’s going to get there ASAP…)




(…which she does. It’s an emergency conference as the three detectives are sitting in the front row as the young girl is no longer the genki girl of the 1st episode that sprouted ‘checkii’ every 5 seconds. The serious nature of this case has caught up to her…)


Yotsuba: O.K, with the killer now in contact with us, we need to sort this out NOW! So I guess we should do like we always do…and open the black envelope.


(Yotsuba goes over to the computer as the detectives follow her. She double clicks the black envelope as the screen goes completely to black. And a message in red appears with an e-mail box to fill in the answer. The question is ‘WHAT DID I USE TO KILL MY VICTIMS?’)


Jet: That’s…well…


Ohjiro: We don’t know if it was the flamethrower or Kir do we?


Yomi: Guesswork?


Jet: I don’t want to tempt fate…


Ohjiro: They had to throw something like this for the end didn’t th


Yomi: Wait.


Jet: Huh?


Yomi: Sure, one of those was used…but it was the LIGHTNING BALL which killed them right? It was fired from one of those devices…the killer is asking us what he or she used…and the ball was used to kill the victim, fired from something.


(The two men realise she’s right…)


Ohjiro: Just goes to show you need a cool head.


Jet: She’s right. Shall we put that in?


Ohjiro: I’m sure.


(Yomi nods as Jet nods his approval. Yotsuba also nods as she types in ‘lightning ball’ in the e-mail box.)


(She sends it…a moment passes and…)




(A huge cheer from the three celebrate they were 100% in their killer questions. And the final suspect cleared…)




Jet: Thought so.


Yomi: All that aggravation and she wasn’t guilty at all…


Ohjiro: She felt like she was though.


Yotsuba: O.K guys, well done for getting this far. But now, we have three detectives and three suspects…and we need to focus on these. I am now going to round up these three and whilst I do that, use this time to research. Everything is here that you can look up on the three suspects, video files, notes, clues, killer clues, evidence…use anything and everything to confirm who you think the killer is – and when you’ve made your decision, we can send you to interrogate your choice. If any of you pick the same person, the choice for who picks who will be decided by the last person eliminated – Mamoru.


(An interesting scenario – if they pick someone that someone else has picked, Mamoru gets to decide who gets first choice so to speak….)


*   *   *   *


(Shot of Yomi looking through a video file of Izumi…)


Yomi: Izumi is the only one of the three that we confirm had a father – I feel that is a link within the final killer clue – Sousuke never mentioned his father, and Jing’s ‘father’ is like a mythical figure…I feel this is a link I need to see.


(Next is Jet, going through the video of Izumi and Sousuke at the hotel…)


Jet: Izumi returned to the hotel to try and give her an alibi…which could be seen more suspicious than Sousuke not returning in a case like this…one of them could have killed Kuno after leaving the hotel…and it is her lightning ball after all, seeing she could use either murder firearm…


(Next is Ohjiro, reading some notes…)


Ohjiro: Izumi has the most hatred of the three remaining suspects. Her motives are based on her friends and family, and what she believed in. It all delves back to what happened to Yuki…


(Yomi looks through the killer clues – specifically the handgun from episode 2…)


Yomi: Sousuke is trained in firearms, he would be the most equipped to commit a crime like this flawlessly. A bullet was missing from Mirielle’s – there is a link here which I may have missed considering that she would also practice at the shooting range…


(Jet is looking through on the computer, some pictures of the two murder firearms suspected using against the suspects…)


Jet: When Arima confirmed that he was planning to confront Kuno, he said he was hit on the back of the head with the hilt of a gun. I get the feeling that is important, as Sousuke would most likely be the one with the strength to do that and then commit the murder – making sure no-one saw him. He’s an expert in stealth after all…


(Ohjiro is now watching a movie file of Sousuke in action…)


Ohjiro: Sousuke is the only one of the three who I believe has killed before. His past is all a mystery and the recent revelation of what Kaname would have been towards Kuno gives him a prime motive at the end of this case other than his business with Nyostar…plus he’s the only one that doesn’t know anything about his father…


(Yomi sees Jing in action with his patented Kir Royale…)


Yomi: Jing is someone who I think has a deep secret – the ‘nice guy’ of the three, he’s probably hiding something and managing to do it well. His skill with Kir would make it easy to kill and looking at his connections with Izumi, it wouldn’t be farfetched for him to be able to frame her with the lightning ball.


(Jet looking at the rose clue from episode 3…)


Jet: Jing is probably the one who would be most linked to fantasy and magic before joining Nyostar. He would have been an expert – and considering his link with Yosho seemed more fatherly, it brings back that damned last clue which is messing with everyone’s head…


(Finally, Ohjiro looking at the shredded receipt…)


Ohjiro: Jing is a thief. Many of the problems we have tried to work out – like the missing bullet, how the flowers get there, etc – could be simple. He stole the items or seeing his unnatural agility, he could have planted various things for us. There is a hidden meaning to his kindness which makes him perhaps the most suspicious…


*   *   *   *




We see the familiar shot of a green light tracking someone in a room…we can’t see who it is…


??????: (singing) …it’s my only destiny…


(That voice…it’s Sakuya. Suddenly, the light advances…)




(The next sound we hear is a thud…and an unconscious (but not dead…yet…) Sakuya. We see someone grabbing her arms and dragging her out of the room…)


*   *   *   *




(The detectives are still researching when an ear-piercing scream catching their attention…belonging to Yotsuba.)


Yotsuba: Guys…S-Sakuya-chan…


(Yotsuba collapses in Jet’s arm crying…)


Jet: Wh-what’s going on?


Yotsuba: S-Sakuya…she’s missing! A message from police say she is missing…and all that there is…is a wreath of tiger lilies!


(Crap. The killer has got her…)


Yomi: Is she…


(Yotsuba cries some more…)


Yotsuba: She is not there! I don’t know if she dead or alive…we need to find this guy or girl now!!!


(Yotsuba cries a bit more before the detectives turn to the computer…and the still unopened red e-mail.)


(They nod as Yomi does the honours. They double click it…)


(…and it says…)




(The computer abruptly crashes as the message completes.)


Yotsuba: I’ve already made sure that the three suspects will be at the Plaza temple! They been hurded there, almost fled there automatically like they knew they were going to be there…and now await your visit…we have to find this person NOW!


(Yotsuba calms down slightly…)


Yotsuba: M-Make your decision guys…now. No time to lose.


*   *   *   *


(With Yotsuba’s older sister in danger, she is quick and to the point.)


Yotsuba: Jet, who do you think committed the crimes?


(Jet stands up and picks…)


Jet: Sousuke Sagara.


Yotsuba: And why?


(Jet pauses before explaining…)


Jet: I believe Sousuke Sagara committed the murders. We just learnt about how he has been assigned to protect Kaname and I feel this is something that his head would go into. We know he was at the hotel prior to Kuno’s murder, and I believe he struck Arima on the head with the murder weapon…making sure no witnesses could have seen him. He is also proven to be skilled in firearms, linking with his ownership of the SD Flamethrower himself which he could have used to kill the four people. With his ties with Izumi, maybe at the hotel, he could have easily claimed the lightning ball for himself…it seems less obvious than if Jing could have done it. He didn’t return to try and remain inconspicuous – after all, he does this for a living. He killed Ling-Pha because of his relationship with Nyostar which she tried to block by stopping his resignation – Kentaro he killed because he most likely had a link with this Kaname plot which was revealed. He killed Kodachi for the same reason for Tatewaki – meddling. The rose thorns clue also suggest because Amelia said that he travelled and was an expert in botany and flora/fauna. It is because of this reasons that I believe Sousuke killed Kuno and the others.


Yotsuba: Very well. Now, Yomi, who do you think killed Kuno and company?


(Yomi stands up and says…)


Yomi: Izumi Himuro.


Yotsuba: A different opinion. And why?


(Again, a pause before Yomi explains…)


Yomi: I think Izumi Himuro commited the murder. She is the only person of the three remaining suspects who has a father that we know about. She has the main access to all the murder weapons and owned the lightning ball. She was also at the hotel, but returning back suggested she was more able to try and create an alibi. She was seen wearing heavy clothing when she left, meaning she could have hidden the flamethrower which she could have got from Nyostar base. As for her motives, originally it seemed because of Kuno’s affairs in sport and problems with Kagome, however, deeper waters flowed because of what happened with her best friend Yuki and indeed the relationship with Nyostar. Izumi could have also used Kir to frame Jing as well as another reasoning for how she could have done this. Izumi I believe was not in a right state of mind and the most emotional of the three remaining suspects, which could have caused all this. You saw her reaction when Ling-Pha was in the club explaining her metropolis, that is why she is dead in my opinion. And anyone who tried to kill Aria was in for trouble as well – as for Kentaro, considering that Izumi was a high-class girl with a sports reputation, this could have been led to the pornography scandal – and she killed him because of that. Finally, it is well said that Kir has a fondness for the opposite sex – and with Izumi, he would have probably been able to kill for her without any magic meddling. She wishes to be her own flesh and blood, and not be a canary trapped in a cage – which is why I think she did it.


Yotsuba: O.K, so one says Sousuke and one says Izumi. Ohjiro, what do you say?


(Ohjiro stands up and then…)


Ohjiro: Bandit Jing killed them.


(Yomi, Jet and Yotsuba seem stunned and amazed. Indeed, they have all picked a different suspect. All different theories as well?)


Yotsuba: That’s interesting. So why?


(Final pause…)


Ohjiro: I think Bandit Jing killed Kuno and company. He seeked revenge for his mentor Yosho, and believed to carry on his wishes. He used his Kir Royale ability to commit murder, knowing that others had sufficient other weaponry to see them as suspicious…he was easily in the vicinity of the original murder spot – being a bodyguard of the Kunos, and had an inside job with his key as well. His motives otherwise suggest that his protection for the sisters, but he has a high moral upbringing as well – maybe hence Sakuya has been taken…


(Yotsuba flinches…)


Ohjiro: …however, the main thing that links for me is that Jing’s unnatural abilities of agility and thievery make a lot of the feats in the clues possible. The stealing of just one bullet from Mirielle, the lightning ball he got because of his closeness to Izumi – it all ties in to what he can do. Sousuke is the person who is capable of killing, Izumi is the most aggressive, but Jing is the most skilled. He had a similar motive to Izumi for killing Ling-Pha, and I feel that the imoutos were linked to Kentaro. Kodachi he killed, faking an injury on the road when he drove Kodachi – and was able to kill her quickly because of that. He has Yosho and his true father, so he is a man being a thief and a man of magic to honour them both.


(Yotsuba takes a deep sigh of relief…)


Yotsuba: Wow. So one of you is right, but who?


(She eyes the three detectives before speaking again…)


Yotsuba: You have each chosen a different suspect. Sousuke for Jet. Izumi for Yomi. Jing for Ohjiro. You will be led to the Plaza Temple with the help from Kintaro, Shirase and Ryo. I will talk to others to see if we can help you if it gets…problematic in there…we are going now…Sakuya needs us.


(Yotsuba leaves with a tear in her eye as the three detectives all breathe a sigh of relief…)


Jet: Wow. We all had different thoughts.


Yomi: Hey, at least one of us is right.


Ohjiro: True. So…can we wish each other luck?


Jet: Sure, why not? One of us will win and the other two will look like bakas…but hey, nothing wrong with that right?


Yomi: (smiles) Only two bonkuras this time.


Ohjiro: Good luck.


(The three put a fist in the centre and raise them – knowing after tonight, one of them will be £100,000 richer…)


(…but who?)


*   *   *   *




(Shot of the three detectives all in a separate car. Jet with Shirase, Yomi with Ryo and Ohjiro with Kintaro. Yomi and Kintaro all look nervous, whilst Jet is more calm. After all, Jet deals with this all the time, the other two…well…they are obviously worried what could happen in there.)


(Shot of them outside a rainy night – Plaza Temple central. No Yotsuba…looks like she is rounding up some troops. The temple is up already and three paths are led into the temple, surrounded by torches.)


(Shirase motions to Jet to take the left path. Yomi gets the right one via Ryo. Ohjiro is directed to the central path thanks to Kintaro.)


Jet: What an aura.


Yomi: Time to go…


Ohjiro: May this be a journey I won’t be scarred for life from…


Yomi: In a way, kinda glad I got the nod ahead from Chiyo-chan…


Ohjiro Same here…if Misaki


Jet: Not for me. If Spike or Faye had gone in…well…I’d fear for the killer to be honest…


(A small chuckle, but seriousness returns. They head off…)


(…just as Yotsuba arrives…)


Yotsuba: Guys…


(Inside the car a few other familiar faces, Rinrin, Haruka and Karen…but at the entrance to destiny, three other familiar faces greet the detectives…)


*   *   *   *


Jet: You are?


Adam: Adam Pulver – rival of this experience and Wisconscin native. Here to help you…


(Yep – Adam is here, author of the Animazing Race 1 and 2, and the mastermind behind Animation Survivor, the original Mole fics and the acclaimed Odiaba Memorial Day, Worlds and Grim Reality.)


(Over the door he is guarding are two pictures. Readers, take note…THIS IS A HIDDEN CLUE. WORK IT OUT AND THE KILLER IS YOURS.)




Adam: Are you sure about this?


Jet: I’m sure.


Adam: Then go on.


(Jet nods…)


*   *   *   *


Yomi: So you my guide?


Star: Well, not really. I’m just here to mess with everyone’s heads before everything is revealed…


Yomi: Figures.


(Next is Star Otaku, the originator of the reality series genre with the original Anime Survivor and like Adam, a close friend of the author. Unlike Adam, she’s not my heated rival…^_^…)


(Over Izumi’s door is two pictures HIROYUKI FROM TO HEART AND HYATT FROM EXCEL SAGA)


Star: Miss Yomi, this could get dangerous…


Yomi: Trust me, I can be dangerous too…


Star: Then good luck.


(Yomi nods – nervous, but ready…)


*   *   *   *


Ohjiro: So are you the face of the Grim Reaper?


Dragon: NOT FUNNY!


(Finally, to round up the trio, we have Descendant of the Dragon, author of the subsequent Anime Survivor fanfictions originated by Star. Another good friend, though really wish he would stop the ramen attacks so often…)




DotD: Young prince of the layer, I suggest you reconsider…


Ohjiro: I’m going in…


(DotD lets him get through…as our final three await their destiny…)


*   *   *   *


(In a hospital room, a heart monitor races higher…)


(…and a pair of eyes snap open…)


Chikage: Oh no…


*   *   *   *




*   *   *   *


And now I await tomatoes on the cliffhanger


Yep, this is the chance to see if you agree with our detectives theories before making the final decision on who killed Kuno and company, and why? After all, I’m not giving prizes away…you need to show you know your stuff, and I hope this chapter will have helped you.


Plus those three people with the pictures are genuine clues – one of them will lead you to the killer – but which one, can you work it out? There are other clues in this chapter and in the entire fic which will help in the points scoring to see who did it.


And with that, I await next week, where all will be revealed. Happy brain wracking!