It starts…


*   *   *   *


With summer fast approaching, I deliver a summer activity loved by all…figuring out who committed a brutal crime of course!


First of all it’s the prologue. This is where you learn the suspects, the victim and the crime itself.


A brief point for fans of MG1 – There will be no Inside HQ this time, instead the single chapters will most likely be longer with the HQ elements of making friends, alliances and whatnot, and see who betrays who…also the style of this will be based more on the American Version this time (Murder In Small Town X) rather than the UK version.


But enough about that, let’s see what we can see in this alone…and see which suspects you initially..ersuspect…


Let’s commit a crime!


*   *   *   *


On the south Pacific, there is an area where two islands reside, one is known as PROMISED ISLAND, the other is known as RESOURCE ISLAND. Rather fitting in a small way considering the literal wealth that the islands have. Ironically, it is Promised Island that has the majority of this wealth.


It is here where veteran owner Yosho Masaki, major shareholder of the Promised Island/Resource Island Gold Ltd. Company. Whilst working from Resource Island, he has become a major stake holder of the main resource.


However, it is obvious that other shareholders in the company may wish to share more of the pie so to speak. None more so than Tatewaki Kuno and his sister Kodachi Kuno. On this side also are other people interested, especially their two bodyguards, Heero Yuy and Bandit Jing. The announcement of the deals excites them but…


…there is a mole. Ryoji Kaji. He is working on the other major share holders of the Promised Island, lead by veteran Yang Wong, grandfather of company spokeswoman Ling-Pha Wong, one of two major shareholders for Promised Island, the other being Kentaro Sakata. Other major shareholders include Amelia and child genius Urumi Kanzaki.


But those aren’t the only suspects in the vicinity…oh no…


*   *   *   *




(A shot of a newspaper greets the viewers. It reads ‘RESOURCE ISLAND SHAREHOLDER KILLED IN PLANE CRASH.’ The report indicates foul play by a bomb being planted inside the main engine room of this private plane. Foul play is suspected.)


(Because of the situation, Tatewaki Kuno is now made president. Needless to say, this doesn’t make too many people happy…)


*   *   *   *




(National Auditorium)


(We can see Tatewaki Kuno in his kendo gear holding a large trophy, accompanied by various bodyguards, including his sister Kodachi Kuno. Just outside, we can see Souchiro Arima, gasping for breath…)


Arima: Kuno…you…bastard…you…cheated…


Kuno: What, I, the noble Kuno, the Blue Thunder of the Promised Island, to cheat to defeat one as petty as you, I’m afraid that is preposterious!


Arima: (breathing heavily) So…what…was…this…


(We see what appears to be a small syringe in his hand.)


Arima: This…hit me…and then…my body slowed down…it was like…powder in my blood…


Kodachi: (laughs) Like you can prove anything!


(Arima’s eyes gleam with red anger at the Kuno siblings but they take off, with Arima unable to move much further. He is later taken to a hospital…)


*   *   *   *




(A meeting seems to be in full swing, where we see Kaji, Kentaro and Ling-Pha involved. There is another woman there as well, though we don’t know her yet…)


Kaji: …with Kuno in power, he intends to destroy our chance to be legitimate owners of shares for the gold resource. Therefore, your businesses are pretty much ruined.


Ling-Pha: (gasps) Grandfather will kill me if that happens!


Kentaro: We must not let that happen!


Kaji: It’s O.K. They don’t know yet I’m working on your side. As long as I can keep getting information, it won’t be a worry.


Kentaro: But they’ve got those two bodyguards…


Kaji: (smiles) It’s not like I can’t handle myself. Besides, I believe we have someone well suited for the job on our side as well…


(Outside we see Sergeant Sousuke Sagara outside…well, actually we don’t see him because he’s in his Arm Slave and in invisible mode…)


Ling-Pha: So, what about you Keiko?


(The other woman is now identified as Keiko Himuro, another famous figure in the shareholding business. She owns the local school here and has a famous daughter whose skill in tennis and baseball are well thrown throughout Japan, never mind the two islands…)


Keiko: Well, I don’t intend for them to destroy my business, school, sport or gold.


(Outside the mansion, we can see in the limousine, a beautiful blue haired girl is listening to something…this is Izumi Himuro)


Keiko: *crackling* I…want to make sure…that the Kunos don’t harm my daughter…


(Izumi cracks her teeth, it seems she is listening on their conversation (via a bug?) …)


(Suddenly, the doors open and an unusual looking man with a big afro enters with some hoopla…)


Keiko: Ah, Nabeshin-san.


(The man is the one and only Nabeshin, who is also Keiko’s partner in her work within the shareholders.)


Nabeshin: Sorry I’m late! But geez Keiko, it’s like a meeting of the minds here!


Kentaro: Weird that we invited you then…


Nabeshin: Very funny.


Keiko: Now now boys…we need to discuss how to deal with the Kuno situation.


Kaji: Well, the one major issue that is bothering them is the fact that they never received Yosho’s will…


All: Huh?


(Outside the mansion, it seems Sousuke is also listening…and his eyebrows rise…as we hear a crash inside the Himuro’s limo…)


Kaji: You see…Kuno doesn’t yet own all the shares, only 2%, with 49% of the shares owned by  Mr. Wong and the deceased Mr. Masaki, meaning if we can locate his will, we can learn about who gets the majority of the shares, and see if Kuno does.


Kentaro: Which means that whoever can own Kunos 2% pretty much wins the ballgame so to speak.


Nabeshin: Pretty much.


(As people inside and outside the mansion begin thinking about the will, lets fast forward a week….)




(Core of Promised Island)


Tatewaki: So this is where the majority of the gold is supposed to be located.


(We see both Kunos, and Bandit Jing there.)


Jing: Whether you can find it or not is another matter!


Tatewaki: Silence knave! Aren’t you supposed to be the greatest bandit of the modern century? Well, finding gold should be a piece of cake!


(Jing just shrugs…)


Tatewaki: Besides, knowing about the minions plotting against me, I know that the power I own is now vital to whoever owns this gold. Which is why I am now staking my claim towards it.


Kodachi: Brother dear, it seems like power is getting to your head.


Tatewaki: Nonsense sister dear, it is just…


?????: KUNO!


(Both Kunos turn and see two ladies rushing up to them. One we’ve already seen in Izumo Himuro, but the other is a new face, the beautiful archery girl Kagome Higurashi.)


Tatewaki: And what has brought two fair maidens out here? Ah, but to greet my face of course…


Izumi: Don’t spew all that crap Kuno! We’re here to understand why a) you are trying to destroy my mother…


Kagome: …and b), why that sister of yours is trying to rig the tournaments that we’re participating in next month!


Kodachi: I have no idea what you mean! *laughs*


Izumi: You mean like what you did with Arima?


Tatewaki: (pauses) There is no proof maidens, now if you won’t throw yourselves at me then maybe I should…


(Kuno is soon looking at the wrong end of an arrow. Kodachi draws her ribbon but is cut off by a baseball bat points at her chin.)


Kagome: I’m just warning you…don’t mess with us…


(The two girls leave as Jing, calmly on the sides, eating an apple.)


Tatewaki: Why didn’t you help us?


Jing: It was just fun. Besides, I thought you said I was a bandit for the day, not a bodyguard…


Tatewaki: (angry) Jing….


*   *   *   *




Kuno: Dammit! Jing being a wise-ass and Heero not being bothered to be on duty…WHERE’S MY TEA?


(A bespectacled bishoujo with large breasts and a maid’s uniform enters, wobbling a tray with tea on. This is Taeko Minazuki, maid to the Kunos.)


Taeko: C-Coming sir…


(Suddenly, she trips and falls, the tea splashing everywhere, some on Kuno in his room, and a couple of plates smash.)


Kuno: Woman! That is the 4th time this month!


Taeko: I’m sorry sir! Let me clean it up for you!


Kuno: No…I’ve had enough! You are fired!


(Taeko seems ready to cry…but Kuno stops and looks at her.)


Kuno: No wait…


(Taeko looks up)


Kuno: You are doing this for your mother right…


(Taeko nods)


Kuno: Very well. I’ll let you stay…if…


Taeko: If what?


(Suddenly Kuno walks over to her and without any warning, pushes her down to the ground. Taeko’s eyes widen but a hand is clasped over her mouth)


Kuno: You shouldn’t resist…you shouldn’t struggle…if you don’t do what I want, then you are gone…your mother will not survive for much longer…


(Taeko is crying, as Kuno seems intent to have his way with Taeko. He partially rips off part of Taeko’s maid uniform…)


Taeko: Stop…mupph


Kuno: No...(Kuno goes for her skirt…)


(…but then a sharp pain causes a scream to come…from Kuno! Taeko scrambles back from the pervert…)


(…and into the arms of her maid in shining armour, Mahoro.)


Kuno: Mahoro…why you…


Mahoro: Ecchi is not appropriate…but this…this…disgusts me! You utter…


(Mahoro says a few words that someone her age shouldn’t really say which I’m not going to put down here in case it ruins the image of a pure Mahoro-chan…)


Mahoro: Why shouldn’t we report this to the police?


Kuno: How many would believe a maid robot and a klutz?


Mahoro: I should just KILL YOU THEN!


(Mahoro is beyond angry, and looks ready to fire a laser at him…but stops.)


Mahoro: No, instead…


(Mahoro rushes to Kuno and punches him once on the side of the neck, knocking him unconscious.)


Mahoro: We’ll get the funds from the safety box. Besides, Urumi will take care of us…


Taeko: (crying) R…right…


(Outside, indeed, Urumi Kanzaki is waiting. She seems forlorn as she sees the two maids exit and they explain the situation. Urumi looks up…with an evil eye.)


Urumi: I’ll shut him up.


(Later, we see Kuno waking up with a note. ‘We have liberated your fund box. If you report this, we’ll report you…and here’s a hint. We have Urumi Kanazaki on our side…)


(Kuno’s eyes widen)


Kuno: (frightened) Not her…


*   *   *   *




(We are in a main commercial area of the Resource Island, where amongst various shops, stalls and market, there are various restaurants. And among them…)


Shel: This is sacrilege!


(…is Shel De Montigny’s restaurant, The French Connection. However, he seems ticked off with Kuno’s presence.)


Kuno: What is the problem?


Shel: I’ll tell you what the problem is! You first, tried to drive my French Restauarant out of business with of all things, a beef bowl restaurant! Well, mission failed but now…


(We see now a Chinese restaurant is being built upon next door…)


Shel: …you’re opening a Chinese restaurant next door and worse, you are hiring one of my old friend Lee Lei-On as head chef! Preposterous!


Kuno: Business is business, and money counts I’m afraid. It’s all coincidence.


??????: That’s my line.


(We see Sousuke Sagara coming into the area, along with friend/romance interest/human rage machine/paper fan smashers extraordinare Kaname Chidori with him)


Kaname: Sousuke, please nothing unusual this time…


Sousuke: He appears to be armed with just one kendo stick, and the neighbouring guards all have automatic pistols. It would be unwise to attack at this junction.


Kaname: Now look…


Kuno: Attack? By a peasant guardian of the Wongs? Like you can do anything to the great Tatewaki Kuno!


(Sousuke is silent but gives a nod to Shel before he and Kaname take off…)


Kuno: Now as I was saying…


Shel: Shut your hole Kuno! You are so dead!


(We see Jing watching with concern from the limo…)


*   *   *   *


(Over the Kuno mansion, we see someone flying…yes flying…overhead, where Heero Yuy spots immediately in his Gundam.)


??????: Oh no!


(The target is Amelia Seiryun, as Heero looks up…Amelia contemplates attacking, but doesn’t.)


Amelia: Looks like Sousuke kept in touch….shame we hadn’t counted on that security…I will leave for now…


(The justice loving princess leaves as Heero contemplates chasing her, but doesn’t.)


Heero: Not worth it for that idiot.


*   *   *   *


(Meanwhile, in a small apartment not too far from Shel’s restaurant…)


(We hear the buzzing of a computer coming…though we don’t see what’s on it…)


(The steps of a woman in a black mini-skirt drink coffee enters and rips off a print-out of what was on it and reads with interest.)


???????: I wonder if I should take this job…


(The woman…revealed as Mirielle Bouquet, clicks on something…)


*   *   *   *




???: So…that is what happened?


(We can see Urumi Kanzaki talking with head of police Ryo Saeba. Ryo is pretty much surprised at what Urumi is telling him, but doesn’t doubt her.)


Ryo: I thank you for all this information. I’m amazed you can keep your face in public though…considering who you are.


Urumi: I’ll do it for those girls sake anyway…they were my first true friends in a LONG time.


Ryo: But still…


(Suddenly, Kagome enters…)


Kagome: Have you found her yet?


Ryo: (shakes his head) No…are you sure she’s missing?


Kagome: Yes…she hasn’t been at her home for 3 days now…it’s weird, not sure whether I hate her or am worried for her…damn you Izumi!


(Meanwhile…at the Wong mansion)


Ling-Pha: So tonight then…


Kaji: Sure…all the bases are covered, they won’t suspect a thing…


Ling-Pha: But can you trust her…


Kaji: I’m sure we can…


*   *   *   *


(A more secret meeting…)


?????: Kagome is so killing me…


???????: Never mind that…the fact we had to keep these plans secret from your mother…


?????: I know…but…


???????: I’ll deal with him, no worries…


*   *   *   *




Kodachi: Brother, you better be joking!


Tatewaki: I believe the shares are under MY name, not yours, sister dearest. This means once I locate the will, the 51% will be under my duristication.


Kodachi: You con artist!


(Kuno mocks Kodachi’s laugh as he leave. Kodachi fumes.)


*   *   *   *


(We see a shot of each of the 18 suspects flash by the screen, Ling-Pha, Kagome, Urumi, Amelia, Kodachi, Taeko, Izumi, Mirielle, Mahoro, Nabeshin, Arima, Shel, Ryo, Jing, Kentaro, Sousuke, Kaji and Heero. Then…)


*   *   *   *


(We see a green lighted camera searching what appears to be a basement…it’s dark and ghost like. Cans of paint are knocked down as the committion seems to set something up…)


Kuno: What is going on down there…sister? That you?


(The figure with the camera seems to hide in the corner as we see Kuno comes in…)


Kuno: I know someone is here! Come out (draws kendo sword) and face me like a man!) (draws a pistol this time…)


(The figure cloaked in darkness doesn’t move. Kuno turns around away from him.)


Kuno: You cower before Tatewaki Kuno, a peasant thief cannot stand to the might of…


(Kuno then sees the person, standing a foot away…)


Kuno: No way…




The last scene we see as the killer exits the room is Kuno’s body collapse to the floor, lifeless and blood coming out rapidly…


*   *   *   *






Ling-Pha Wong – Battle Athletes Victory

Kagome Higurashi - Inuyasha

Urumi KanzakiGreat Teacher Onizuka

Amelia Seiryun - Slayers

Kodachi KunoRanma 1/2

Taeko KanuzukiAi Yori Aoshi

Izumi HimuroPrincess Nine

Mirielle Bouquet - Noir

Mahoro - Mahoromatic




NabeshinExcel Saga

Souchiro ArimaKare Kano

Shel de MontignyChuuka Ichiban

Ryo SaebaCity Hunter

Bandit JingKing of Bandit Jing

Kentaro Sakata – Love Hina

Sousuke SaguraFull Metal Panic!

Ryoji KajiNeon Genesis Evangelion

Heero YuyGundam Wing



Victim – Tatewaki Kuno


*   *   *   *


Next chapter, we meet the detectives fresh out of training school and ready to take on the challenges of real detectivehood. This time we’re going straight to the action.


I hope that wets your appetite for the first chapter (and the upcoming first quiz). I will be hopefully seeing many of you real soon for the next chapter and until then, suspect eve…


No wait, we’ve got a new catchphrase this time.


Check once, you fail. Check twice, you pass. Check three times, you checkii!!!