The Finale: Light vs. Hope

It’s been a gruelling battle to get here, but we’re here finally. The final: the class representative vs. the Hinatosou resident. The trials and tribulations are over, but when it's all said and done, who will walk out there with all the gold? (or green notes) Let’s find out…

* * * *

DAY 40

Sylia’s Stingray’s Mansion

(Continuing in the year 2040, Sylia, a blue haired curved beauty, wears an elegant dress awaiting company.)

Sylia: I’m still disappointed that Mackey didn’t get as far as he did…

Chromus: I think the ordeal that you went affected him back on the island Miss Stingray. Oh, and tell Henderson the tea cakes were wonderful…

Sylia: Thank you.

(Shot of Chromus back in his 200 pound form, looking out at his watch (Mickey’s hand nearly at the hour…)

Chromus: By the way, did they finally remove the disruptor?

Sylia: (shakes her head) No…they say it would be to dangerous to remove it from my brain. My only comfort is with Galactia destroyed, it’s effect is no longer working. I’ll just have to live with the nightmares…

Chromus: You’re telling me. Some of the things Washu-chan did to me will give me nightmares…

Sylia: Really?

Chromus: You don’t want to know…(changing the subject)…is the satellite hooked up?

Sylia: Yes, using Miss Washuu’s technology we’ve managed to hook up one of the old Genom Satellites to transfer to the 2003 Duelist Kingdom area, how she does it is unthinkable, and she’s from the present?

Chromus: Yes…but she’s a bit special…(and very different)….O.K, is the camera’s ready?

(An O.K goes from the tech crew, as Chromus smiles)

Chromus: It’s going to be Tom’s return and I wonder what he’s going to think seeing the final two…on second thought, better get security on there a bit tighter…

* * * *


Chromus: 40 Days ago, 16 people entered the realm known as the duelist kingdom to start a perilious journey to win 1 million pounds.

(Shot of the first six people voted off one at a time, Mai, Krillan, Mackey, Cody, Kyosuke and Keichi)

Chromus: 18 days later, 10 people became one tribe, merging the former Tsunami and Locus tribes into the one Tsucus Tribe.

(Shot of Tamahome being voted off…)

Chromus: With one more exit, the jury was set in motion, as one by one, friendships, alliances and heck, even a bit of intelligence and backstabbing were played to ensure they would only be 2 left.

(Shot of Felicia, Ashitaka, Sakura, Joey, Ruri, Ukyo and finally Ami voted off…)

Chromus: Now, only two remain. Hikari Horaki, representing Neon Genesis Evangelion. Shinobu Maehara, representing Love Hina. One of these two will leave here with nothing but the proud fact that they got to the final. One however, will leave a millionaire.

(Shot of Hikari and Shinobu as the flame of the final passing of Lugia signal the judgement has made)

Chromus: Who will triumph?

* * * *

Chromus: Come on Kel, you’ve got to be ready in 15 minutes!

Kelly: No, not whilst he’s there as well!

Chromus: (slaps his forehead) Geez, you guys work together on your boss’ show, why can’t you do it here?

Kelly: First of all it’s not by choice and second of all…

(Kelly picks up what appears to be a whoopee cushion…)

Chromus: Ah.

Kelly: These stupid childish games of his are just so annoying! Like, when we get to the Moon Kingdom I’m going to give him a piece of my mind!

Chromus: (under his breath) That shouldn’t hurt him much…

Kelly: Eh, what was that?

Chromus: Nothing, just get on!

(Kelly nods and just begins to wash her hair as Chromus leaves…unaware of the horror that is able to come for her…)

* * * *

Chromus: Being shown across 4 decades, to every home of the contestants, and to everyone in Kanto, Johto and the Orange Island, and all reality fans around the world, it started in the Duelist Kingdom, but ended here in Enil Island. The first 6 people didn’t have to deal with this, 1 did but he didn’t last…but let’s welcome them anyway!

(Chromus puts a meter down, despite no audience, the transmission of around the world and times will indicate the popularity of the characters…)

Chromus: First up, and indeed off, Miss Mai Valentine!

Mai: Thanks for that comment…

(Mai gets mostly boos, but a few cat-calls and whistles from the fanboy/ecchi/nosebleed sections of the homes and houses round the world kinda speaks for itself.)

Chromus: Second of all, Dragonball Z’s Mr. Krillan!

(Krillian comes out, a bit embarrassed, and the large DBZ fanbase gives him a warm welcome, despite the fact he kinda flopped. Krillan takes a set next to Mai on the front row)

Chromus: Now, the home boy, Mackey Stingray!

(Mackey doesn’t get too high a reaction, but he gets the home supports of Sylia and the Nightsabres so he isn’t too disappointed.)

Chromus: Now it’s time for the youngest contestant, young Cody Hida!

(Cody on the other hand gets the best reaction so far, not just from the Digimon fanbase, but his way of playing the game was admired as well. Cody blushes under all the attention, but takes his seat behind Mai)

Chromus: Now Kyosuke Kasuga’s turn!

(A puzzled murmur from the sounds show that his role in the show wasn’t the best, and seemed the odd man out. Kyosuke turns the amp up a bit by vanishing and reappearing in the seat next to Cody, that impresses the mass audience a little bit)

Chromus: Geez…and now, quote ‘the luckiest man alive’ end quote; Keichi Morisato!

(Keichi gets a decent amount of cheers (mind you, with a girlfriend like Belldandy, if they didn’t cheer for him she’d smite them or something…nah, she wouldn’t, Belle’s too nice)

Chromus: Finally, he made the merge, but got booted out first! But hey, you gotta love him, here’s Tamahome!

(Tamahome’s cheers are on par with Cody’s, just from the fangirls who found the bishounen incredibly gorgeous. (Somewhere preparing for a Moon trip, Miaka’s had to be restrained by Nuriko…)

(A final round of applause for the first six as Chromus takes his seat, two empty seats next to him, and a bench awaiting the jury with two more seats on the opposite side of the bench.)

Chromus: Well guys, long time no see. Now, you guys didn’t get to the jury stage, and only Tamahome experienced Enil for the briefest periods, so guys, what do you think to be here?

Mai: It’s a nice place of luxury I’ve got to say, if this is what life is like in 40 years or so, I may not mind growing old.

Chromus: Actually, they’ve only got round to fixing everything that happened here. But anyway, guys?

Kyosuke: It’s a bit more of a bland area than the Duelist Kingdom was, aside from all the robots…

Chromus: (correcting) Boomers.

Kyosuke: …around. I’m just wondering how to survive.

Chromus: Heh, maybe we should have held this survivor in the streets rather than the island. Mackey, of course you know the area well, if you got to the jury, could you have used that knowledge to your advantage?

Mackey: Not really, I was just as much in the dark as all the other 15 contestants, as I’d never actually seen the island. So…

Chromus: Ah, we might as well start talking about the game then. Mai, first off, why?

Mai: (sighs) I can’t change who I am. That was my way of things and if people can’t expect it, so be it. I may not be as bad as I used to be, but I know some people still would see this as being on the wrong foot. Although as soon as Joseph gets through that door, he’s gonna pay!

(A rumble of laughter shows, as Chromus smiles)

Chromus: O.K, Mai was voted off for being obnoxious…and Joey having a soft heart…but what about Krillan? First off for Locus, I had you going into the jury rather easily…

Krillan: So did I. I’ve seen and heard about how well Trunks and Gohan have done in these things, and I thought ‘If they can do it, so can I.’ How wrong I was.

Chromus: Indeed, as you brought on your own destruction.

Krillan: Being too strong usually get you voted off after the merge, not second episode in!

Chromus: Sorry man, but hey, you’ll get your money anyway.

Krillan: Huh?

Chromus: Never mind. Mackey, I guess, forgive the pun, it was a shocking experience for you when you went.

Mackey: I know, and I kinda felt that I was going to go as soon as the fears clouded my mind. In a way, I was grateful to them voting me off then, because if I wasn’t, I would have been useless to the tribe…

Mai: You weren’t much use when you were there either kid.

Mackey: Hey, I backed you up when you wanted to vote off Shinobu!

Mai: Yes, and look what happens.

Chromus: Guys, as much as I’d like for it to turn into an after-survivor show with a battle royale, we don’t have much time, so next victim. Ah, this should be good, Cody…what were you thinking?

Cody: Well…(blushes)

(A number of ahhs appears on the meter.)

Cody: I didn’t really have any reason to win, only to make my family and friends proud of me. I think by sacrificing myself to get two people further, they are, my father especially.

Chromus: Just for the record Cody, you got the most votes to win the game from the most departed, second was Tamahome…although I have a hunch that half of those votes came from Miaka…

Tamahome: (sweatdrops) Oh boy…

Chromus: You’ll get your turn. Kyosuke, like Krillan, you made a failing strategy, indeed, going against Ruri was one thing, but against Tamahome? What the heck were you thinking?

Kyosuke: The title says survivor. I thought being the strongest here was supposed to work, when Krillan went off, I knew I was wrong. When Cody went off, I thought that something was fishy and confronted Tamahome about what he was thinking, and it just escalated from that.

Chromus: And into your dismissal.

Kyosuke: Yes. With only Felicia backing me up…

Chromus: …and that was only because she didn’t hate anyone…

Kyosuke: …I was doomed.

Tamahome: See, ancient bishounen beats modern bishounen any day!

Chromus: Actually, Kimagure Orange Road was made way before Fushigi Yuugi…

(Tamahome sweatdrops as Kyosuke smiles, a little measure of revenge…)

Chromus: Keichi, I always wondered why you would leave for a competition like this, but hey, that’s me of course. And considering the amount of headaches I’ve had whenever I’ve asked that to Skuld, I’m not going to ask again…

(Shot of Skuld with a sneaky little smirk on one side…)

Chromus: …but your elimination was a kind of luck of the draw thing, and you drew the short straw. Did you feel disappointed about the way you went?

Keichi: I felt disappointed, but not upset. The fact was it was indeed nothing as much voting someone off for hate or weakness, it was kind of ‘oh dear, we’re in a situation here’ and in the end, it was a tough one, but considering how well everyone else did, it was a fair one.

Chromus: Well, Kei, you and 5 others went home early. Tamahome got to stay for a bit of afters, but was the first one off the merge gone, thanks to a tied vote and a lost question. Tama, you made a point of protecting Ruri throughout the days, and then when you needed her, she failed you. Did you feel even the slightest bit mad?

Tamahome: You know me, I’d never get mad for something that petty. I was a bit upset that I wouldn’t get to win the money of course…

Chromus: (sweatdrops) Of course, that’s the type of character you are.

Tamahome: …but I enjoyed playing the game, and the fact that the other tribe saw me as the most dangerous was actually a mild honour. It was a shame I couldn’t enjoy it much further, but that’s the way it goes.

Chromus: Thank you Tamahome. We’ll take a short break, but up next, two old friends come up beside me and talk about their own experiences on Enil Island, as well as the 7 people who will decide the winner’s fate…

* * * *

It’s the second coming.

It’s a new name, but the same game.

Chromus Productions presents the largest quantity of hunters to date…16 men and women, 15 contestants, 1 mole.


Coming soon…very soon…

* * * *

Chromus: And we’re back!

Cody: Hey, is that th…

Chromus: No need to spoil the audiences Cody, now I’m going to introduce to you two certain people that helped me along with this, first from AS Inc, please welcome AS5 Host Jayson Gold!

(The host comes up to a mixed reaction from the meters, but Jayson pays no heed, especially considering how large a smile he has…)

Chromus: And along with him…


Chromus: Oh dear, that kind of scream can’t be good for your health…

????: That little punk! I’m not going out there like this now…

Chromus: Reinforcements if you will please Sylia-sama.

Sylia: Right. (snaps her fingers)

(Hearing of a struggle in the background, mufflled with ‘I look like a freak!’ and other comments of that nature. Jayson is barely holding his laughter as Night Saber ruffian Priss drags a resisting Kelly Silversmith…)

(…and Jayson bawls out loud at Kelly’s now purple hair…)

Kelly: You little (censored)! You (censored) this didn’t you, you live to humiliate me you little (censored!)

(Kelly lunges for the throat as the 7 sitting on the bench are trying not to snicker themselves)


Chromus: Priss, you’d better stay here, this could get ugly. (to Kelly and Jayson) You guys are professionals, so remain that way please, after the show you can kill each other as much as you want!

Kelly: And look like a freak on television? You are kidding…

Chromus: Really?

(Suddenly, Chromus shows up with a bill for Kelly AND Jayson. It consists of living expenses when they were on the island. Jayson’s is small, but Kelly’s is massive.)

Chromus: I was going to pay for these out of my own pocket, but the fact is you refusing to work is a breach of contract, and I’ll guess I’ll have the bill to AS Inc. Of course, Globie won’t be too happy and you guys are stated to do AS5 right? I wonder what will hap…

Kelly: (strained) Iwilldoit.

Jayson: Pardon?

Kelly: I…will…do…it.

Chromus: Stupendous! Well, now that the viewers have got enough of your handbags at ten paces match, let’s go back to the main section of the show, but before we do that, let’s check in via satellite back to 2003, where mister Tom Greenville is currently watching over proceedings at the Duelist Kingdom. Tom, how is it going?

(Shot of a flickering as a background of a large circle comes up, some people in the background are dressed in cloaks, some are recognisable, such as Ash Ketchum, but Tom in the centre is the obvious figure)

Tom: Well…aside from being in my own body…lousy. I suppose having a Rocket who didn’t really backstab anyone and an Ash clone wasn’t the worst result I could have had…but it still sucks.

(In the background, someone speaks as Tom gulps)

Chromus: Ah, my enforcer is putting the stops on your hatred…

Tom: (under his breath) Mommy…(out loud)…well, I’m not really going to be cheering, I’m just waiting to see who the captain is going to vote for…

Chromus: Right, well hold the line, because one of our contestants has specified a personal request to question many of the cast.

Tom: Really, well that should be interesting.

Chromus: More interesting than your Ash fandom that’s for sure. For now, so long. (back to audience and present game) And with that, let’s introduce our next 7 victims, also known as the jury. First up, she’s a cat-girl but she held on long enough for the jury, please welcome Felicia!

(The darkstalkers girl gets a decent reaction, the fanboys of various shows in particularly whistling their appreciation. Felicia waves and hops on the far end of the bench)

Chromus: Next, the lone warrior from the past, protector of the natural and the handcrafted, welcome Prince Ashitaka!

(Ashitaka’s reaction is a bit muted, however the Studio Ghilbi fans give him the applause he deserves anyway. Ashitaka bows and sits down)

Chromus: And now, everyone’s favourite little trouble maker, please make some noise for Sakura Kasunago!

(Sakura gets the best reaction so far, very little boos as the fanboys are in full force for the schoolgirl/street fighter, Sakura blushes a bit in the adulation of the sounds before plopping herself by Ashitaka)

Chromus: And maybe he wishes he was back at Duelist Kingdom, give it up for Joey Wheeler!

(Joey gets the most applause so far and somewhere a ‘Joey’ chant starts. The duelist looks embarrassed before sitting by Sakura, and now goes even more red.)

Chromus: Oh boy. Anyway, next entrant, everyone’s favourite innocent plotter, Ruri Hoshino!

(The roof explodes.)

(Well, not literally, but Ruri’s entrance is even higher than Joey’s, and the young girl tries to act not bothered, but a creep of a smile appears on her face. She sits by Joey as the cheers die down)

Chromus: I hear this girl has a second chance, so she ain’t disappointed. Go for it Ukyo Kuonji! (under his breath) Damn…guess not all of Tom went out of me…

(Ukyo’s cheers are on par with Sakura’s and Joeys, but not Ruri’s. Still, the reaction makes her a bit embarrassed, but she doesn’t whack anyone with her spatula, and sits down by Ruri)

Chromus: And finally, well…

(A chant of ‘Ami’ is starting even before Chromus calls her name…Jayson and Kelly take this opportunity to go into a staring contest…which ends in 3 seconds after Jayson bursts in laughter…)

Chromus: ah, what the heck. Ami Mizuno!

(The chant and the cheers are probably just higher than Ruri’s as the noise is deafening. Ami is bright red from the attention and nervously sits down by Ukyo, as the cheering eventually dies down by the popular Sailor Scout)

Chromus: O.K, I’ve done my job at least until the final two come, so I’ll leave it down to you two.

Jayson/Kelly: WHAT?

Chromus: Don’t worry, a list of questions is on my seat so you don’t need to worry about that.

Jayson: That’s not the problem! I have to work…

Kelly: …with that? This is worse than being back home!

Chromus: Contracts + bills = go out there and do a job! (smiles) Ja ne!

Kelly/Jayson: Aw nuts…

* * * *

(off screen)

Sylia: You think they are going to last this time without killing each other?

Chromus: Feh. If they fight, brings in ratings. Besides, Felicia and Ukyo are on stand by to break it up…or break their skulls, whichever comes first.

Sylia: (sweatdrops) Thank you Mr. Bloodlust.

Chromus: You’re welcome.

(back to the show)

Jayson: O.K, I better get on with this. Now, despite the complete injustice of this and the fact that she did the final three and I just did the first jury member…

Kelly: We were both on for 3 days, live with it!

Jayson: (ignoring her…for now) …I can at least still look at some questions. As she went as I was on, Fel…Felicia?

Felicia: That’s right.

Jayson: Fel-icia, did you actually think you had a hope of winning with your obvious strength?

Felicia: To be honest, I felt I would have gone before the jury or even the merge. The fact that these people were smart I thought they would have gone for strength like they did with Krillan. However, it turns out personality and charm played a big part…

Jayson: Indeed.

Sakura: So how did Joey stay on then?

Joey: Very funny…

Kelly: I’ll think we’ll get to that now in a sec. Ashitaka, (reads through her notes) I guess like Felicia, your skills keep you going but as the merge went by, you were picked on for your strength and were the first…

Jayson: …and only…

Kelly: …victim of this Joey and Sakura alliance. Did you see it going?

Ashitaka: I knew perfectly well of the fact that I’d be voted off sooner than later, but it came much sooner. Joey’s turn from Tsunami to Locus when we were 5 to 3 up in personal didn’t surprise me as much as others, but it made for interesting situations later.

Jayson: Indeed, the Sakura/Joey coupling. It was weird, it was wacky…

Ruri: …it was totally pointless.

(Mass facefaulting)

Kelly: Well, maybe not totally, but a budding little romance backed up with the motive of him doing anything for his sister may have helped out…

Jayson: Plus they did THAT…

Sakura/Joey: WE DID NOT!

Mai: Really Joey? I wonder about that…

Joey: Why does no-one believe me?

Kelly: Well, anyway. Sakura, I take it was a plan partly from genuine feelings, but also from your own survival point of view.

Sakura: At that point, unless we got someone on their side, we were doomed. I then heard about Ruri trying to get Ami in their side, and if that happened, great. However, I also heard Joey get angry with that, and felt that despite what he said, I felt I could turn him. After all, we had got close…

Krillan: …plus who could resist a face as cute as that?

(Somewhere, an android is ready to welcome her husband with a punch to the face…)

Kelly: However, they only had one victim, and after Sakura went, Joey knew either to suck up to Tsunami again or hope to win immunity. Part one was only part successful and part two was a failure, and despite many people not wanting to do it, you were a victim of course to another strategy.

Joey: Yes, I didn’t know it of course, but it looked like the wheels had been turning for a while. I was completely bamboozled by it, and after Sakura went, I felt like a hamster in a cage with nowhere to go.

Jayson: That strategy of course, was the infamous Magi strategy, implemented by young Ruri here. However, surprisingly, she also took herself out of the game using that strategy. Ruri, what were you thinking?

Ruri: I was thinking right now that you are an idiot Mr. Gold…

(laughter, especially from Kelly, as Jayson gives her an evil look which she blatantly ignores…)

Ruri: …but in that, it was time for the final four which needed and deserved to win. I felt my choices were appropriate, maybe my strategy could have got me into the finals myself, but I didn’t feel it had or should be that way. I have no regrets.

Kelly: Well Mr Idiot, how do you feel about that?

(Jayson sulks lightly as Kelly smiles her first genuine smile of the day)

Kelly: Ukyo, in the end, a fellow friend done you in, after getting that far, did you feel disappointed?

Ukyo: Of course not sugar. It’s not the strongest that always win, it’s usually the smartest. Ami did what she did and I did what I did. In the end, this was a game we all wanted to win and I didn’t.

Kelly: Right. Ami, whilst you defeated Ukyo, in the end, you lost in the final immunity in your strongest area, quizzes. What happened?

Ami: I guess Hikari was simply better at watching people than I was. That is what it came down to do. She made her decision, and it for her, it was the right one. Today, when the vote comes, they’ll both get by congratulations, winner or loser.

Kelly: Well said Ami. Any comments Jayson?

Jayson: Id…iot…

Kelly: Well said. Now when we come back, we’ll have more to come, as our two finalists will make their appearance, and as we talk to them, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the vote. Who is going to walk out a million pounds richer?

(Shot of Hikari and Shinobu in a muted booth, talking, Shinobu looks increasingly nervous as Hikari pats her friend on the shoulder. Fade to black.)

* * * *

The Duelist Kingdom may be under new management…but now, the new game is about to begin…

(Shot of Yugi and Kaiba on a dueling platform)

Kaiba: There is no way you can defeat my Blue Eyes now Yugi!

Yugi: Then maybe my newest card can change your mind? Go…Sakura Kinomoto!

(Shot of the CCS girl in hologram form, A2500, D1200)

Yugi: And the trap card, ‘Circle of Clow!’

Kaiba: What?

(BEWD goes down 700 points but Sakura goes up 700 points)

Witness the new range of cards, the new Anime Selection! First four series, Card Captor Sakura, Digimon, Pokemon and Ranma ½ out now!

(Sakura blasts the BEWD to pieces)

Sakura: Hoe?

* * * *

Chromus: And welcome back! As you can see, I’ve rejoined these two so they can avoid getting killed, now, as you can see, we are missing one jury member at the moment because Ruri is currently in conference with our Duelist Kingdom Counterpart…

(Shot of Ruri talking to Tom, and what appears to be everyone from Pokevivor)

Chromus: …however, we are still able to continue with the show, because it’s now time to introduce both the winner and runner-up of Anime and Video Game Survivor 2. Please welcome…Hikari Horaki and Shinobu Maehara!

(The two enter the arena, Hikari raising Shinobu’s hands in the area. The crowds around the world erupt for the two, (the Hinatsou quickly disposing of a Keitaro slip before continuing to cheer for Shinobu) as the jury and the first 7 clap for the two which will ‘fight’ for the right to be a millionairess.)

(The two girls sit down by the host, opposite the 7 early victims with the jury to the side and in between them. Shinobu looks very nervous, Hikari is fairly calm.)

Chromus: Well now, two young girls, both of you 14 years of age, and both love to cook. That pretty summed up your strategy in winning, especially Shinobu, who admitted on more than one occasion that she didn’t actually come to win, but her natural personality made her get this far without realising it.

Shinobu: (embarrassed) Um…

(An ‘awwwww…’ chant breaks out in the world, as Shinobu blushes a deep crimson)

Chromus: Hikari’s mother like personality, experienced from being a class representative and being a somewhat mother back at her home helped her as well, although the journey was tougher for her because her tribe began to get smaller, but she had a purpose to win, more so than almost anyone.

Hikari: (blushes) Thank you.

Chromus: I’m not too surprised that it’s you two in the final, but I’m going to ask, did you expect it to be you two?

Hikari: For the longest time, no. After Tama and Felicia went, I thought, ‘That’s it, pick us one by one’ , and no matter how close Ami was with Ruri, or I was with Shinobu, we weren’t breaking them. Somehow, we did after Joey came aboard, but then of course, the whole Magi strategy.

Chromus: Yes, an intriguing way of elimination, however, it did left you on your own against 3 Tsunami girls. However, you had two things going for you. The first was a promise with Shinobu not to vote for you…which she kept, and second was Ami’s mind working a mile a minute.

Hikari: (nods) I think I do have to thank Ami for that when she voted off Ukyo. However, it still meant that I needed to win immunity, and up against Ami in a quiz, I felt I had no chance.

Chromus: However, you preserved and took your rightful place in the final two along with your friend Shinobu. One thing that never broke was your promise to Hikari, however that meant you would be forced to go against your fellow tribemates sooner than later. You voted for Joey once, and then Ami in that final four. I will ask you, if you won immunity, who would you have voted off?

(All eyes are on the quiet girl, who is struggling to answer…)

Shinobu: Umm…I would have voted…for Ami…

Chromus: Ah.

Shinobu: I don’t like to break promises…it’s something I learned back home. However, it was a part of the game that I didn’t like, and every time after council before I went to sleep, I prayed for the people I voted for or the people voted off to forgive me…

Ami: (smiles) Shinobu-chan, I don’t think anyone could not forgive you.

Shinobu: Ami-san! (near tears, as another awww… goes into the crowd)

Jayson: This is getting way too soppy…

Kelly: Oh shut up, it’s real sweet!

Jayson: But between two girls…

Chromus: Quiet before I tell Globie on you…(smiles)…now, we have a full jury left, so it’s nearly time to see who voted for who, and who is the winner of one million pounds. Hikari, Shinobu…what strategies, friendships and other ways you used to get here are about to be tested by the 7 men and women known as the jury. They have voted for you on whatever means they chose, and now it’s time to decide once and for all, who is the ultimate survivor?

(Drum roll, as a blue screen comes up with the names of the jury and who they voted for (currently empty). Another screen switches on, the boomer camerman’s tape where the results are shown)

Chromus: These are going to be shown for the first time. I don’t know, Hikari and Shinobu don’t know, only the jury knows the person that they voted for. Tonight, the results will be shown in their entirety. So let’s get to it!

(The screen on the left flashes, as the jury, the losers, Hikari, Shinobu, Chromus, Jayson and Kelly, along with the world, watch the ensuing results)

* * * *


(The cat-girl gets up, and after fumbling with a pen manages to write down the choice for her vote.)

Felicia: Since day one you’ve been a mother to us. Despite our differences in votes, you never once got upset or mad at me, and saw me not as a freak, but another person on the island. Shinobu, you are sweet, and you deserve to win this as much, but…


Felicia: …Hikari, captain, sister, friend. My vote goes to you.

(Back to studio)

Chromus: First vote to Hikari, not a real surprise considering the loyalty of Felicia to Locus Tribe. Was your mind ever in doubt Felicia?

Felicia: No, I don’t think I was going to vote for anyone in Tsunami if a member of Locus was in the final two. Maybe Ukyo but that dilemma was solved when she was voted off.

Chromus: Fair enough. The first vote to Hikari. Next vote is now for Ashitaka.


Ashitaka: This vote is a combination of loyalty and honour. Strength doesn’t mean victory, it is heart.


Ashitaka: And this girl has all the heart in the world.


Chromus: Again, maybe not surprising with the tribal loyalty factor coming into play, Ashitaka, again, any doubts?

Ashitaka: Not at all, unless Ami and Shinobu was the final, and I probably would have voted for Shinobu then as well. Not a difficult decision.

Ami: (sweatdrops) Thanks a lot.

Ashitaka: (smiles) Not a problem.

(Ami blushes slightly, as somewhere in the forest, San is preparing a dagger…just in case.)

Chromus: Hate to interrupt, but with it being 1 apiece now, this is still any girl, any game. Now, Sakura is up next, this should be interesting.


Sakura: Hmmm…well, in the end, I was taken off earlier than I hoped, and seeing two others in my place. So instead, I have to vote for a winner. Well, only one of those two voted me off, and the other one was actually in the tribe and befriended me from the start despite her problems with Joey and I…


Sakura: …I guess it wasn’t that surprising, né?

Chromus: Actually, no.

Sakura: Ah well, it was tribal loyalty and all that. Plus, I genuinely did like Hikari and felt she pulled her weight more than Shinobu did.

(Shinobu ducks her head as a few glares go Sakura’s way. Chromus shakes his head)

Chromus: Nice work…O.K, now for Joey’s turn…Hikari 2-1 up,


(Joey is much more slower in his delivery and sighs…)

Joey: This is so hard for me to do. Shinobu, you’ve been a wonderful girl. You’re sweet, kind, cute and a good cook. You stuck up for me when I went off, so what I’m going to do is a surprise, but…

VOTE – HIKARI (and a few shocked breaths around the world)

Joey: Please forgive me, but…Hikari…her reason…is too similar to mine. She needs to save her boyfriend like I need to save my sister. In the end, the person I think deserves to win overruled the person I think I wanted to win.

Chromus: Wow. A shocker.

Joey: I know…but I had to do it. Merit the strengths and needs of the two contestants and who needs it the most. And I’m sorry Shinobu, but in the end, that was my decision.

Chromus: Sakura talked you into it didn’t she?

Joey: Huh? Erm…well…

(Jayson makes a whipping sound, as Joey shakes his head. Shinobu is a bit sad, but Hikari’s shock has turned into a bright smile. And next…)

Chromus: With this vote, what happens next might end the game. It’s Ruri’s turn.

(All eyes are on the pig-tailed girl as her picture is shown…)


Ruri: This wasn’t a difficult decision. I got myself off when 4 people who needed it more needed to win. And now, the person that deserved it the most is still there.


Ruri: Thank you Hikari.

* * * *

(It’s all over. 4-1 for Hikari, and Hikari’s eyes water. Shinobu is also crying, a mixture of sadness and of joy. Hikari hugs the girl as the cheers around the world are heard and applause from the jury and losers (and Chromus and Jayson, although Kelly is still tugging at her hair)

(The jury leave the bench as Hikari envelops Ruri in a hug, Ami and Ukyo hug Shinobu in consolation.)

Ukyo: Don’t cry sugar, you still did everyone proud.

Shinobu: I know…I’m just happy for her…

Ami: Thinking about others again, hey, both Ukyo and I voted for you.

Shinobu: Thank you…


Hikari: Thank you so much…

Ruri: It was inevitable in the end Hikari-kanjou. You deserved it.

(Hikari turns to Sakura and Joey)

Hikari: Um…thank you.

Sakura: (smiling) Oh come on, you knew that I was going to do it!

Hikari: You maybe, but…

Joey: (embarrassed) I guess congratulations are in order.

Hikari: (hugging Joey) I thank you so much…but…

Joey: But…

Hikari: …I think there is another young lady you need to talk to.

Joey: (nods) Right, thanks. (Joey goes off, as Felicia joins Hikari)

Felicia: Well done to ya! You earned it!

Hikari: Thank you Felicia…I can’t believe it! Asuka is going to be so jealous…and Touji…(Hikari blushes)

Felicia: (smiles) You definitely earned it.

(Back with Shinobu…)

Ashitaka: I’m surprised you didn’t win it, young lady of the Hinatasou, but in the end, I guess not even the spirits could guide you to victory.

Shinobu: It’s O.K…I’m a bit sad that I couldn’t get to the end, but the money is no matter, I’m just glad to get this far, my family and friends are so pr…

(Shinobu stops as Joey steps in front of her.)

Joey: Shinobu…

(Suddenly, Joey kneels down and bows several times)

Joey: I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!

(Ukyo laughs)

Ami: What’s that?

Ukyo: That’s the ‘Crouch Of The Wild Tiger’, one of Ranchan’s *ahem* more useful moves…

Ami: It’s just begging for mercy…

Ukyo: Exactly.

(Ami looks at it, and then chuckles, and Shinobu eventually smiles and giggles…)

Shinobu: Joey-san, I’m not disappointed, actually, I’m quite happy you did that.

Joey: Huh?

Shinobu: I never wanted to win, I didn’t want the attention of being a millionaire, and I didn’t have a worthwhile reason to win like you or Hikari, so thank you.

Joey: You are so wise beyond your young years Shinobu-chan.

(The two hug as eventually Chromus has to restore some order…)

* * * *

Chromus: Before we get onto the ceremony, we might as well see the final two votes…

Ukyo – You knew this vote was coming sugar. (SHINOBU) Good luck!

Ami – I’ve stuck with you as much as I could, and I’m glad you made it this far when I couldn’t. (SHINOBU) May your young days be worthwhile ones, this vote is for you.

Chromus: So, it was 4-3 to Hikari in the end, and now we need to present the winner with her prize.

(Guest host and winner of AAVGS1 Julia Chang, enters and opens a briefcase, with the cash prize. Hikari smiles and wipes a tear away. Hikari puts an arm around Shinobu and almost drags her up.)

Hikari: I think it’s fair that Shinobu gets a bit of the prize as well…

Shinobu: But…but…I don’t want it! I don’t need it, you do!

Hikari: (smiles) Call it an investment for your future sweetheart. Shinobu-chan Chain of Restauarants? That’s your dream you told me wasn’t it?

(Shinobu blushes)

Hikari: I won’t miss £50,000 pounds. The rest should be enough to cover everything for Touji’s operations, so go on.

(Shinobu smiles and hugs Hikari one more time. And another range of applause, as Chromus wipes a tear at the shoujo ending…)

Chromus: Well, that’s it for another year! We’ll be seeing you in a few months for Animole! Which reminds me, Cody?

Cody: Yes?

Chromus: Stay behind for a bit, I need to talk to you! Until then, for the year 2040, it’s goodnight!

* * * *


Life seemed to go to normal for our contestants as they returned to their normal lives and times.

Shinobu near victory had helped the popularity of the Hinatasou, and indeed in their restaurant opening. Shinobu may be young, but thanks to her cooking skills and Haruka and Mitsune’s business sense (or lack of in Mitsune’s case), Shinobu is well on her way to a career.

As for Hikari…

(Shot of a Nerv Medical facility…)

It had taken all of her power to get into there. Last time, she was only allowed 5 minutes, and if it wasn’t for Asuka, she probably wouldn’t have got the chance to do this. Nerv’s technology may be state of the art, but if it created people like Shinji, there was something going on.

And it proved with the amount of security she had to bypass, Again, if it wasn’t for Asuka, all her hard work would have been for nothing.

But in the end…

The girl turned, in her black suit and tie, looking like a professional businesswoman more than anything.

Her classmate, Kensuke Aida was by her side, watching the doors as much as she was, his best friend was finally coming out.

"How much did you pay for it again?" Kensuke said.

"£910,000. A lot in yen." Hikari said. It wasn’t just the limbs which had cost an arm and a leg (literally). She had medical fees, day to day time Touji spent in Nerv, plus she had also helped with his sister’s medical problems.

It was just the kind soul Hikari really was.

Suddenly, the doors slid open.

Kensuke’s jaw gaped.

Hikari’s smile widened.

"Damn…it’s good to feel fresh air…" a third voice said.

Typical, Hikari thought. He ruined the moment.

Touji Suzuhara looked a little weird, with his right arm now a metal cyborg implant. His arm had been trashed in the whole incident in the Eva…but now…

"Kensuke? Class rep?"

Touji interrupted their thoughts as Kensuke and Hikari looked on. Kensuke was near tears…

"Its…good to see you again…" Kensuke said, as Touji smiled and gave him a metallic thumbs up.

"Same here bud. Same here." Touji slowly walked to the two and despite everything, gave Kensuke a manly hug, careful not to crush him with his metal arm, he hadn’t got used to the limbs yet.

And then…

"Class rep?"

Hikari, blushing at the sight of Suzuhara coming towards her.

"Suzuhara, please…call me Hikari."

Touji smiled. "Well then…Hikari…I hear that you were the one that did this for me. And for my sister as well."

Hikari blushed. "Well…I would have done it for any classmate in my class, it would have been on my conscience,’s not like I don’t care about you, it’s just I don’t like to see…

And then, she felt it.

It was nothing much, but it made her heart jump when Touji gave Hikari a sweet little kiss on the cheek.

"After all I’ve said about you in the past, you saved me. You did this for me…I cannot thank you enough cl…Hikari." Touji said.

Hikari damn well nearly collapsed. Kensuke was snickering.

"Umm…thank you…we should help you get back ho…hey, wait a sec? After all I’ve said about you in the past?"

Kensuke slapped his forehead. "5 minutes out and he already screwed up.)





Despite the nature of it, the two were laughing when they were doing it. It was inevitable that the two became boyfriend and girlfriend within the week.

A few months later, Touji and Kensuke were both given a chance to repay her, even though she didn’t want it back. Touji’s honour however give him a chance to fully use his limbs, and to pay back his girlfriend.

All they had to do was wait for a girl named ‘Skuld…’

* * * *


HIKARI (4) – Felicia, Sakura, Joey, Ruri

SHINOBU (3) – Ashitaka, Ukyo, Ami

And that is that! All done!

Hikari, the winner? A relative minor in Eva?

Hell yeah.

Unlike last time, the winner had been determined at the very beginning. Hikari was always going to win it, Shinobu was always going to be the runner up. And yes, Joey’s vote for Hikari also was planned.

Hikari has always been under-rated in Eva, mainly because compared to Asuka and Rei, she isn’t seen as important. However, she obviously has the skills in survivor, she is a proven leader, can be bossy a bit, but also a kind soul. She is also an excellent cook (the main way she tries to get Touji to notice her) and one of the most brutal and yet sweetest scenes of Eva is when Shinji is ‘fighting’ Touji in the Angel controlled Evangelion, (really, Shinji is letting Touji kill him, Shinji can’t bear to kill another human being…in the manga, Shinji KNOWS that it’s Touji he’s fighting, in the anime he doesn’t). Gendo switches control to the dummy system, which basically kicks the crap out of Touji, culminating in a scene where Shinji’s Eva grabs the pod where Touji is in…and crushes it.

And cut to the girlfriend.

Hikari: Now what shall I cook?

That is just so cute, and yet so brutal, Touji is practically crushed, maybe dead, and Hikari like many of the other residents, is no wiser. That is also the incident which led to Touji needing new limbs, hence Hikari’s involvement in survivor.

O.K, this was the ‘sweet’ survivor compared to the ‘evil’ one that is Pokevivor. I know it may not be up to normal survivor stories, but that was the plan. One nice, one nasty.