Blue Moon Finale


* * * *

????: Ew! I’ve got to be in that area, it’s terrible! You’d think the future would have better laws on their islands!

(Shot of Kelly Silversmith, the other half of ‘Tom and Jerry’ as I call them, preparing herself to go via Washu’s portal…as Chromus (still in Tom form) waits as he’s hoping to get changed soon…)

(…still, waiting for Kelly seemed to be taking their toll on them…)

Chromus: Geez Kel, you’re going to an island not the royal Albert Hall. You don’t need to pretty yourself, the final four are all girls y’know?

Kelly: So what’s your point?

Chromus: (sweatdrops) Never mind, let’s just get going…

????: WHAT?

(Chromus, Washu and Kelly turn to notice the voice, running at them at a land speed record in the form Jayson Gold, looking seriously annoyed…)

Jayson: What the heck? Chris, you give me one rinky dink spot, and you give…H…H…HER? YOU GIVE HER THE FINAL THREE DAYS?!

Chromus: Hey, it was a promise I made to Globie, read the contract if you want, sorry man…



Jayson: DITZ!

Kelly: ECCHI!

Chromus: Washu-chan?

(Washu gets her electromagnet cattle prod (Version 706) and with a quick blast sends Jayson down to the floor into spasms…Chromus facefaults.)

Chromus: Washu-chan, could you have at least set it to stun?

Washu: It was.

(Chromus and Kelly facefault…)

* * * *


Ami Mizuno – Sailor Moon

Hikari Horaki – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shinobu Maehara – Love Hina

Ukyo Kuonji – Ranma ½


Felicia – Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers Revenge

Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke

Sakura Kasunago – Street Fighter Alpha

Joey Wheeler – Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ruri Hoshino – Martian Successor Nadesico

* * * *


(Ruri’s vote has brought a lot of surprise from them, but most of all tears from Ami…)

Ami: She was my best friend on the island. She was like the little sister I wanted but never hand. I can’t believe she’d vote herself off in that way though…she lied to me so it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

(Shot of Shinobu watching Ami…)

Shinobu: This game is coming to an end…and it’s getting worse and worse. Ami-san really isn’t coping well after tonight, I guess it’s good that the game is ending soon…ooohhhhh…

(Shot of Hikari with her arm around a sobbing Ami, Hikari trying to avoid crying herself…)

Hikari: I kept myself in this game for Ruri’s sake and then she asks me to vote for her. It was so sudden, so out of the blue…all of a sudden, I feel the game is down to me on my own against former Tsunami…apart from Shinobu.

(Shot of Ukyo at the far back, not saying a word…)

Ukyo: I got a reprieve, that’s all I can say. Ruri gave me that after what I thought was my downfall, but now I need to take advantage of it. This is depressing for all of us, and the sad thing is, there is still a game going on to try and win.

* * * *

9.45pm (Still Day 36)

(A campfire has been built around and the four girls are thinking about the most recent development, and the other ones in the past…)

Ami: I’m…I’m sorry guys for acting like this…I just can’t help it…

Ukyo: Don’t worry sugar. I think we’re all sad to see anyone go, especially a girl as cute as that…

Ami: I’m surprised that you are talking to me Ukyo, I voted for you!

Ukyo: I said don’t worry about that, I’m expecting anything in these votes now and nothing will shock or surprise me, so don’t fret none.

Hikari: It’s…it’s hard. The game has to carry on, and we have to remember every vote and council which has gone. Not just Ruri for me, seeing people like Felicia and Cody go was tough, and someone like Tamahome as well. It’s…it’s cruel.

Shinobu: The game is cruel…but…

(The girls nod as no other words need to be said. They head to bed…)

* * * *

(4.00am – DAY 37)

(…where they get a rude awakening…)


(The girls groggily wonder what this foghorn is…sadly for Kelly, Shinobu is the first to get up…)


Ukyo: A…what?

Shinobu: Over there…something loud and scary came up…

(As Shinobu clings onto Ami, and Kelly wondering what the heck is going on (forgetting that it is 4 in the morning, Ukyo takes matters into her own heads…)

Ukyo: Let’s see how ghosts deal with THESE! (throws mini-spatulas at Kelly)

Kelly: I’M NOT A…(sees the weapons)…uh oh.


(Shot of Kelly, pinned to a tree…and not amused…)

Hikari: (yawns) What’s the racket?

Shinobu: Sc-sc-scary!!!

Ukyo: Well, well, it looks like we haven’t got a ghost after all…

Kelly: Geez, can you tell the different between a ghost and a guest?

Ami: Considering everything that has happened, no.

Kelly: Oh well…Miss Kuonji is it? GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!

Ukyo: Note to self. Make sure Akane-chan learns who she is, I think they’d get along…

* * * *

(After Ukyo not so gently helps Kelly off the tree, the AS Inc representative emerges, also not too happy about being here at 4 in the morning…nearly been turned into kebab doesn’t help either…)

Kelly: So, half-asleep eh? Well, makes 5 of us…guys, I’m the girl who will be hosting you through this day, and this immunity challenge…

Shinobu: Challenge?

Hikari: Now?

Kelly: (nods) At this time, your compratatiots at Duelist Kingdom are performing this same challenge. It’s called ‘The Four Corners Of The Earth’ …but first…

(Shot as four girls get blindfolded. Kelly instructs them by handing them a map, flashlight and some water (plus caffeine tablets if need be). Then, thanks to Night Sabre Priss (on a motorcycle), each member of the foursome is transported to north, south, east and west of the island. The entire island)

Kelly: Time to play the game.

* * * *


The Four Corners Of The Earth – AAVGS style

Kelly: Welcome…all (yawns)…who’d be reading this or watching at 5.00am? Anyway, this challenge is a bit different to the version the poke-twerps are suffering from at this time. Whilst the Duelist Kingdom has been turned into a complete maze, this island is simple as they have to search for 3 items, 12 in all. Each item represents a member of the fallen, the 12 contestants who haven’t got a chance winning the money. Not just the jury, all from Mai to Tamahome. This may be a bit of a problem for those who never met them…because they have to recognise the item with the character as well…

(Kelly chuckles evilly…)

Kelly: …but because of the wimp that is producing this, he’s made it a little fairer, so here are the items the four have to find…

North – Ami : Genbu

Harpy Lady Card – Mai Valentine

Sign Of An Ogre – Tamahome

Goddess Mark – Keichi Morisato

East – Hikari: Seiryu

Destructo Disc – Krillan

Teleport Card – Kyosuke

Kendo Stick – Cody

West – Shinobu: Byakko

Flame Swordsman Card – Joey

Sailor Fuku – Sakura (not Ami!)

Computer ‘Kanji for Omokaine’ – Ruri

South – Ukyo: Suzaku

Red Elk – Ashitaka

Nun Outfit – Felicia

Night Sabres Photograph – Mackey

Kelly: They will also have to get a fourth picture from where they are, the picture of their respective area with their respective animal, so they will have to find these.

Ami: Black Serpent/Turtle

Hikari: Blue Dragon

Shinobu: White Tiger

Ukyo: Red Phoenix

Kelly: This test to see who wants it the most, who’s got the stamina, endurance…and patience. Because we’ve added one more problem to this test…

(Four-way shot of all 4 girls in totally different positions, still black, the sun not coming for two hours.)

Kelly: They can only start when a flare rains above the sky. And we haven’t told them when the flare will be shot, so they better not fall asleep…

* * * *


(They don’t have to wait long. A shot of each of the girls seems to make out that Ami is the most ‘awake’ of the girls, with Shinobu and Ukyo seemingly O.K, whilst Hikari seems dead to the world. None of them will know their fate either…)

Kelly: The object of this challenge is to find the 3 tribe pictures and arrange them in alphabetical order, and then the beast picture, on to the mark where we’ve put the marks of the beasts…

(Shot of said marks, all circular with a fancy coloured picture of the beast gods)

Kelly: When they put the pictures in the four slots, they call them out one by one, like Ami, Hikari, Shinobu…and then the beast, JAYSON!

(Mass sweatdropping…)

Kelly: Well, he might as well be…anyway, the flare is coming up, and the maps they’ve been given will help located the 4 cards. Of course, it is still pitch black so those flashlights may need to be used, and if all else fails, those tablets should give everyone a buzz…

(Shot of Kelly getting a sleeping bag out…)

Kelly: …but I’m not them, so I’m going to have some sleep…ta ta!

(More mass sweatdropping…)

* * * *

(The flare goes off, (Hikari already taking one tablet) as the four begin to search the ground using their searchlights. Ami makes a mental note of where her spot is to go back, and is running on intelligence and her map-reading skills.)

(Ukyo decides to use her speed skills…)

(Hikari uses her tracking skills…)

(…and Shinobu uses her skills in absolute terror…)

Shinobu: Oooooo…I hate the dark, must find, must find, must find…

(Fear, adreneline, it’s the same thing…)

Ami: Let’s see, a few steps north-east and I should be…

(Ami flashes her flashlight in the direct sand…and…nothing…)

Ami: That’s funny…

(Suddenly realises that the sand is a little more deep…)

Ami: Ah, I’ve got to dig. (yawns) Not now girl, work now, sleep later…

(Hikari however is taking the sleep now, work later approach…)

Hikari: …zzzzz…huh…what? (yawns and stretches) Hanging around Asuka has really made me lazy I think…

(Hikari however, her reputation as a class rep on the line, is ready, waiting, strong…)

Hikari: Damn!

(…none of those characteristics help in the flimsy Chinese dress she is still wearing from when Ruri was eliminated.)

Hikari: Oww…(for the record)

(Shot of Ukyo, who is using two of her mini-spatulas almost like a shovel as she is in location of her first part of the legacy…)

Ukyo: I was born to be an okonomiyaki-chef, not a hell digger…

(And Shinobu…)

Shinobu: Where is it? Where is it?

(An owl hoots…)

Shinobu: KYAH!

* * * *

Ami: O.K, this is one of those duel monster cards…the picture probably means it’s Mai’s, I don’t see Joey using one of these…

(Ami pockets her first card, and heads into a new direction…Ami and Ukyo have a card each, with Shinobu and Hikari seemingly unsure of what to do…)

Shinobu: Please, please…

(Correction, maybe the strategy of fear may work…)

* * * *

20 minutes later

Ami: Got it!

(Ami has the fourth piece of the puzzle, the god Genbu. Now she has to head back to the shrine circle and win the challenge…)

Ukyo: Got it!

(Ukyo has the fourth piece of the puzzle, the god Suzaku. Now she has to head back to the shrine circle and win the challenge…)


(Both girls look up to the sky, seeing the second flare. This time signalling…)

Ami/Ukyo: The challenge has been won?

(Shot of the winner, standing on a white circle…)

Shinobu: (panting) Is it over? I did it please? Can I get out of here?

Kelly: Hold on there hunny…


Kelly: (sighs) Not the ghost thing here, it’s me Kelly, you’ve just won immunity sweetheart.

Shinobu: (confused) Hoe? I just won immunity?

Kelly: Yep, you’re the first to shine your circle, and the fireworks went off, meaning you won…

Shinobu: All I wanted was to finish this quickly as possible…

Kelly: And by doing that, you are safe for the final three tomorrow. Enjoy your victory sweetie.

(Shinobu stands in the circle, full of light, clutching the talisman she won…)

(Shot of Ami surprised.)

(Shot of Ukyo disappointed…)

(Shot of Hikari…snoring.)

* * * *


Ami: Sorry about this Ukyo…

Ukyo: Geez, I thought survivors were designed for losing weight…

(Shot of the four girls returning back to camp as the sun shines, Hikari being carried on Ukyo’s back. Ami smiling and Shinobu looking at the immunity talisman…)

Shinobu: I did it…I won it.

Ukyo: (smiles) Good for you sugar, you are a step in to winning this thing now.

Hikari: (mumbling) Where’s that card?

Ami: (sweatdrops) I think the game officially became too much when sleep was involved…

Ukyo: Telling me. (to Shinobu) How the heck did you get the energy to win that challenge anyway?

Shinobu: Ummm…

Ami: (smiles) Never mind, it doesn’t matter. She’s safe, we’re not, that’s all that matters.

Ukyo: True…and all in favour of joining Hikari in slumberhand go ‘kampai.’

Ami/Ukyo/Shinobu: Kampai!

* * * *

12.00 midday

Kelly: It isn’t until lunchtime before everyone decides they need to get up. Hikari is informed of Shinobu’s victory, and is pleased…and disappointed.

(Shot of Hikari, deciding to do more work here than in the challenge)

Hikari: Yes, Shinobu won, but I’m disappointed. This was the challenge I had to win, after all it is 3 against 1 for Tsunami vs. Locus, and although Shinobu and I promised not to vote for each other, I still needed to win…and I fell asleep! What are my classmates going to think of me now?

Hikari: This isn’t just another day, it’s straight into another council. Geez, I’m still trying to forget the last one…

Shinobu: Hai…Hikari-san?

(Shinobu, in her blue swimsuit, smiles at the forlorn ‘kanjou’)

Hikari: Shinobu-chan, you O.K? Want something?

Shinobu: After dinner, do you want to go to the spring?

Hikari: Huh?

Shinobu: I just think you need some cheering up…

(Hikari looks at Shinobu’s face, and smiles, putting a hand over hers…)

Hikari: Sure.

(Shot of Ukyo trying to wash off leftover sleep, at the same time thinking…)

Ukyo: Close call last time…and I don’t fancy myself being so lucky tonight. However, I don’t care about this point. As far as I know, I’m still Ranma ½ ‘s furthest representative in this shows, which is an accomplishment I can be happy with…and gloat towards Shampoo as much as I want!

Ukyo: Ami?

(Shot of the Mercury girl, washing her hair under a makeshift shower she constructed herself)

Ami: Yes?

Ukyo: I’m just letting you know, tonight, screw alliances, screw problems and tactics. Just vote you want to vote for whatever reason, even if it is me…

Ami: Are you upset when I vo…

Ukyo: Of course not! Ami, you and Ruri were something else, there was no way I could have broke you two up…

Ami: (blushing) You’re making it sound like…

Ukyo: (blushing herself) Oops…sorry bout that. The point is, I don’t blame you, and tonight I won’t blame you. Just go with what you think is right in the vote…

Ami: Well, what about you? Are you going to tell me who you’re voting for?

Ukyo: That…(winks) is a secret.

(Ami facefaults)

Ukyo: Just because I don’t mind doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you who I’m cutting to shreds like okonomiyaki cabbage?

Ami: Why you…

(In the end, she laughs as Ukyo does as well. The two high five before heading back where a simple meal of rice is sufficient enough for these fine young ladies…)

* * * *


Shinobu: I kept the promise, and I will tonight as well…

Hikari: Shinobu, you’ve got me outnumbered three to one, yet…

Shinobu: I learned a while ago that keeping promises can be the best reason to be alive. And I will follow that example Hikari-san.

Hikari: Shinobu…

(Hikari hugs Shinobu in the water)


Ami: Hikari, Shinobu isn’t a hot spring penguin?

Ukyo: We interrupting anything?

(Two girls eeping…)

Hikari/Shinobu: EEEPPPP!

(told ya)

Ukyo: You don’t mind if we join ya right?

Shinobu: Sure Ucchan…

Hikari: …but how come?

Ami: We felt that considering each day that ends there will be one less of us…

Ukyo: …so we might as well spend the little time we’ve got enjoying it right?

Hikari: True enough…but Ukyo?

Ukyo: Yes?

(Hikari splashes Ukyo, drenching the spatula girl…)


Hikari: That’s for insuniating anything between me and cute widdle Shinobu here…

Ukyo: Why…you…

(Ukyo shoots a mini tidal-wave…and misses…)

Shinobu: *splutter* Ucchan!

Ukyo: (embarrassed) Oops…sorry sugar…

(Shinobu obviously isn’t impressed with the apology and fights back…)

(…but Ami gets the blunt of yet another lousy shot…)

Ami: Grrrrrr….

(Suddenly, it’s a full front pillow fight…substituting pillows for water of course as at least for now, it’s just girls, and they wanna have fun…)

* * * *


Ukyo: …we promised that, so you guys in?

(Hikari and Shinobu nod)

Ami: Good, no backstabbing, no treachery, just four girls voting for whatever reason. We’re all friends right?

All: Right.

(The four do a four musketeers routine in the camp, and get ready for a game of Uno, anything to avoid thinking about Council…)

* * * *


Shinobu: Stoves nices and hot…

(The four girls serve a good bowl of rice, leaving not much left in the rations…)

Ami: I think at this point we didn’t care about the little rice in there, with just two days left, we’ve went a bit crazy…hopefully, the fish are biting tomorrow…

All: Cheers!

(Rice and water may not be a glamourous meal, but the girls are acting like it’s the party season…)

Hikari: (in between mouthfuls) Hey guys, if we’re gonna go…

Ukyo: …we’re gonna go full.

Ami: I think I had a bit too much spring water…

Shinobu: Oh…sorry about that shot Ami…

Ami: It’s O.K, but it wouldn’t have happened if Ukyo had aimed her shot right first…

Ukyo: I couldn’t help it! Hikari blinded me!

(Ukyo and Hikari bob their tongues out as the two saner (only by just) blue haired girls laugh at the silly antics of their friends…)

Hikari: Oh yes, well you had to reserve at Uno!

Ukyo: I couldn’t do any other moves, you try playing against Ami and living…

Ami: (blushing) Umm…

Shinobu: (smiles) This reminds me a bit like home…

Ukyo: Home…

Hikari: Home…

Ami: I can’t believe how much I’ve missed it…

Shinobu: Sempai…

Hikari: My sisters, my life…Suzuhara…

Ukyo: Ranchan…

(Four girls sigh in unison as rice goes into their mouth…)

Ukyo: I can’t believe how much I’ve missed the antics of Nerima…suddenly, I can’t wait to get back home…

Hikari: Ruri sacrificed herself to go home…now I really wish it had been the other way round…

Shinobu: I miss everyone, Su, Motoko, Mitsune, Narusegawa-sempai, Urashima-sempai…my friends…no…my FAMILY…

Ami: Minako, Makoto, Rei, Usagi…everyone…please wait, I’ll be back…

* * * *


Ami: Sorry about that…I got a little teary-eyed…

Ukyo: We all did, missing our home and now…

Hikari: …each other…

Shinobu: (nervous) So…

Ami: (smiles) Shinobu will have to wait a bit longer I guess…

(Shinobu blushes as the other girls laugh at her embarrassment…)

Ukyo: Well guys, see you on the outside maybe?

Hikari: Yeah.

(The girls exchange handshakes and hugs, as the first of three vital councils comes…)

* * * *


(Shot of Kelly looking over the Lugia motif of Enil Island…)

Kelly: Geez, how tacky…ah victims!

(Shot of four girls entering, with smiles on their faces, Kelly looking confused…)

Kelly: What’s this? I was led to believe that at this stage everyone would be up in arms trying to kill each other, what went wrong?

Hikari: Simple.

All: Asuka/Usagi/Ranma/Naru-sempai isn’t here!

Kelly: (facefaults) Remind me to book you guys to a shopping mall…

(The four sit down as Kelly looks on…)

Kelly: Well, well, this is my first time here, but we’ve got a full house. The artists currently known as the victims, also known as ‘the jury’, come on down!

(The jury comes down, first Felicia, waving, then Ashitaka, serious as always. Sakura skipping along next, then Joey with a smile to Kelly. Finally, Ruri…)

Kelly: Wow…

(…who is still wearing the dress that Ami gave to her, however it was a different one as Ami obviously managed to stitch some initals, A.M into the dress on the side. On the front, Ruri has painted the word Rasa – Evla on front.)

Kelly: Cute…and mysterious. Not like that idiot Jayson I work with…

Ruri: Ah, so you’re familiar with working with idiots.

Kelly: Yes, but we’ll talk later.

Ruri: Maybe not.

Kelly: (not hearing that) Well, with just four people left, is it worthwhile to talk to anyone? I better though…kill some time…Ami, you are the smartest in the game, can you survive?

Ami: Maybe, maybe not. Smarts maybe my greatest strength…but also my greatest threat and weakness.

Kelly: I prefer the other scouts, less cryptic, sorry hun. Hikari, you are the most tactical left in the game, can you survive?

Hikari: My tactics went out the door when Ruri went. Now, it’s just me being here or me not. Simple as that.

Kelly: Geez, I think I know why we’re not scouting from your show this term. Shinobu, you are the weakest left in the game, can you survive?

Shinobu: You say I’m weak, but being here has made me strong. I’ve been taught to be strong from my family, and I think I’ve continued to do so here.

Kelly: We are recruiting from yours…mmm…interesting. Now Miss Uk…huh? (reads a script) Hmmm…this could be a problem. Guys, can you vote for Ukyo please?

Ukyo: Huh…why?

Kelly: Well, first you threw some spatulas at me, and second…

Ukyo: Yeah?

Kelly: …it’s a secret.

(All facefault)

Ukyo: Great, throw my own words at me…

Kelly: Well, anyway, yes, we have computers, but as I need to get used to this system, can you do it the old fashioned way? Four slips, a pen and someone you want to send out of here, do it please? Shinobu, you won didn’t you? You go first?

(Shinobu nods, as she steps up and writes down her choice, ‘AMI’)

Shinobu: Sorry Ami, but I promised Hikari I wouldn’t vote for her and Ukyo and I have stayed together since the start. Yes, you did as well, but you’ve received less votes. Gomen nasai.

(Ukyo is next, and votes ‘HIKARI’)

Ukyo: Well, it was kind of a ‘well duh’ choice. Sadly, it was a case of you are a lovely girl sugar, but it’s 3 of us against one of you. Although Ami and Shinobu may not think that way…ah well, sorry bout this.

(Hikari is next, and votes ‘UKYO’)

Hikari: What can I say? You have your own way of sorting out problems…(chuckles) a bit different to mine, but hey, whatever works. Ukyo, great game, and as you said, see you on the outside, one way or another.

(Finally, Ami votes. She stops, looks back, flashes a smile, and votes. Kelly takes it as Ami sits down.)

Kelly: Final vote there, let’s see what we got here?

(Out of the Deliberd’s sack, Kelly draws the first vote.)

Kelly: Ukyo.

Ukyo: Bleah…

Kelly: Next vote…Ami.

Ami: Bleah.

Kelly: Guys…

(Joey and Felicia chuckle on the jury.)

Kelly: Third vote…Hikari.

Hikari: Bleah! (and does the eyelid to boot…)

(Now the jury is in stitches as Kelly snorts…)

Kelly: Humph, so unprofessional. Oh well, at least I know someone is going, and the 4th vote…and 6th member of the jury…

(She turns it, all the girls sigh, one a bit more than others…)

Kelly: Ukyo.

Ukyo: Just for the record…bleah.

Kelly: I guess they listened to me…or not, but either way, Miss Coo…er, nuts, how do you prenounce it…

Ukyo: Just call me Ucchan.

Kelly: Thanks. Miss Ucchan…

(mass sweatdropping)

Kelly: …can you come up here please?

(Ukyo smiles and gives a hug to all three girls, saving a big one for Shinobu. Ukyo goes to Kelly who explains…)

Kelly: Er, the tribe has spoken or something like that. (Power of One) Er…bye?

Ukyo: Guys, it’s been a hoot. Just don’t do anything bad y’hear? Cause old Ucchan will be watching now…

(Ukyo leaves as Kelly chases after her)

Kelly: Wait Miss Ucchan, there was a reason I needed you off, my boss was discussing about getting you into his new AS season…

Ami: She’s forgotten us.

Ruri: Shall we go?

Jury/Survivors: Sure.

(Down to three…and soon two.)

* * * *

Ukyo’s confessional;

As I said, a blast. I came here just to avoid my world for a bit (and praying Ranchan wouldn’t forget about me) and now I can’t wait to go back…and in between that, I made some true friends. Shinobu, sweetheart, your sweet self, never change. I wish I was like you, so carefree and innocent. Fel-chan, drop by for a free okonomiyaki anytime. Ami-chan, if you don’t win this, don’t worry, you’ll get the money any way you want, even if was, as I suspect, you who gave me that second vote. So, for now this is Ucchan watching you from a distance. Ookini!

Who Ukyo wants to win – You can’t ask me that now…geez…Kel, what’s this about another chance?


Ami – This is tough because Shinobu, you and I have stuck together, but it’s now or never. You are the strongest threat in challenges by far to me, and…and…I’m sorry. But I promise that I’ll prove that I deserve this for you, Ukyo…Ucchan, thanks for the good times, please don’t let this vote be a bad one for you…

* * * *

Ukyo’s stats on the island;

Ukyo, the cute and friendly girl next door. A born role in this game with her natural friendly atmosphere, above average strength and cooking abilities, a quick friendship with Shinobu also helped her and ‘Shinchan’s survival, as she waltzed into the merge. Her threat wasn’t noted until later when Joey ‘betrayed’ Tsunami tribe and Ukyo became more vocal in her attitude, almost costing her a couple of times. However, she survived to the near end, where, in the end, her friend Ami, thinking ahead for victory, realised she was the biggest threat, and finally ended the spatula-girls chances of winning. Oh well, there is AS5…


Ukyo (2) – Hikari, Ami

Ami (1) – Shinobu

Hikari (1) – Ukyo

* * * *

DAY 38

Kelly: One down, two to go…oh, and Jayson is going to do by putting that whoopee cushion on the seat back at the cabin…how the heck did he get here anyway?


(Shot of three girls watching the penultimate sunrise as Tsucus Tribe is down to three…)

Ami: The memory of the past…

Shinobu: Pretty…

Hikari: It coming down to this…

Ami: We decided not to get down now. We’re are so near the end and it’s so close, that depression, there is no point to it…

Shinobu: I’ll miss Ucchan, but I’ve missed almost everyone in one way or another. It’s like the times are changing, and for the first time, I’m thinking that I can win…

Hikari: No matter how hard I could work, I would have never come close to getting the money needed for Touji’s operation, and I don’t trust those jerks at Nerv. The fact that I went through so much red tape just to see him for 5 minutes…don’t worry, if I win, that will change.

Hikari: I guess this is what peace feels like…

Shinobu: Yes…

Ami: Appreciation for the simple things…

(The three goals rise as the hours of the last but one day emerge upon them…)

* * * *


Hikari: Thank the kamis for Ami’s fishing skills…

Ami: Come and get it!

(The rice binge of last night has come back to haunt them, but Ami’s skills come in useful one more time…)

All: Ikadatemasu!

(Three girls eating fish with bits of water, flavouring. It isn’t much but at this stage, they don’t care…)

Hikari: It’s like trying to kill time for the inevitable.

Ami: The suspense is terrible…

Shinobu: (nods) As long as it doesn’t last.

Hikari: Come on, let’s clean up…

(The girls in unity stand up, together for the final showdown…)

* * * *


Hikari: Well, it’s going to be a difficult decision to vote tonight…

Ami: That’s right, hence why immunity is both a gift and a curse. You get it, you are in the final two…

Shinobu: …but at the same time, cast the final vote to who loses.

(Shot of the three girls sitting under a palm tree (imitation) as the shade of another tropical day comes to Enil, the last but one for these girls…)

Ami: I’ve studied on these things, and the last immunity is usually a quiz. I know I can win this one now…

Shinobu: Both Ami and Hikari have been so good to me so that if I win immunity tonight, I have to end one of their chances of winning at the final hurdle…I just don’t want to think about it!

Hikari: Tonight, it will be very interesting. I’m going for immunity…I want to win…I know I can win…I’ve got to win.

* * * *


Ami: (swimming) I don’t think I’ve swum so much in my life…

Hikari: You’re a real creature of the sea Miss Ami.

Ami: Well, I love to swim!

(Hikari and Ami in the sea, with Shinobu making one final lunch for the awesome threesome…)

Hikari: That and you want to keep your mind of all distractions…

Ami: In this game, everything is a distraction. We just don’t know it.

Hikari: (looking up to the sky) I guess…

Shinobu: Fire’s up!

Ami: We using that last bit of rice?

Shinobu: Hai. Tomorrow whoever is left I don’t think will matter about food…

Hikari: True, if I’m here tomorrow, I probably won’t be able to keep anything in.

Ami: TMI Hikari.

(The girls giggle as this signifies the last meal…)

* * * *


Ami: What you going to miss?

Shinobu: Huh?

Ami: After this is all over, what are you going to miss?

Shinobu: Umm…

Hikari: …well, I’m not going to miss slugging for challenges in the 100 degree heat, I’m not going to miss scrounging the last grains of rice, or throwing up after a bad belly of water…

Ami: (smiles) True.

Hikari: I’ll tell you what I miss. I’ll miss the girls here, I’ll miss you guys. I’ll miss the atmosphere. Heck, I’ll miss the backstabbing at times, made life interesting when Joey came on board…

Ami: Of course, Ruri changed that…

Shinobu: …I’ll miss everyone here…

(All the girls sigh)

Shinobu: …still, I can’t wait to get back.

Ami: You said it.

Hikari: Ditto.

* * * *


Hikari: Onwards and upwards…

(For a last but one time, the three girls get their belongings, and head off to the shrine of Lugia. This day as the sun comes in as the girls watch, has been gut-wrenching to bear though…)

Shinobu: We’ll stay friends right?

Ami: Of course! No matter what, we’ll find a way right?

All: Right.

(The three end up in a group hug, as the penultimate council, where the final member of the jury will be decided, and the final two the following day, questioned, for the right of one million pounds…)

* * * *


(Shot of Kelly, looking at a list, and 6 members of the jury ready for this one…)

Joey: It’s a quiz right, that means Ami has this in the bag.

Felicia: Not so fast, Hikari is good at reading people, it’s not that one sided!

Sakura: Yep, I say Ami as well.

Ruri: Hikari or Ami.

Ukyo: Guys, don’t underestimate Shinobu, she’s on a roll with her last win.

Ashitaka: I agree, never underestimate the little ones.

Kelly: Will you guys knock it off? Here they come!

(Shot of Ami, Hikari and Shinobu entering. They wave to the jury as Kelly looks over the list one more time…)

Kelly: Please sit down ladies.

(They do as Kelly stands up and instructs.)

Kelly: Well, the final three. And as per survivor, there is always a quiz. Well, not always, but work with me people. This quiz will determine over the past month and a week what you have learned about all 16 survivors.

Hikari/Ami/Shinobu: What?

Kelly: (smiles) Gotta love that reaction. That means all the way from Mai to Shinobu, you’ll be asked questions about every person that has scaled two islands. Of course, some will obviously be more difficult than others, but you better get the questions about yourselves right…

(Kelly hands out three clipboards, pens and scrap paper.)

Kelly: This will be a good clean fight, and I wanna see blood! On the other hand, no, blood is hard to get out. Let’s just start…

(The girls get ready)

Q1: Mai Valentine’s is famed for using which Duel Monsters card as her favourite?

(Ami quickly get this one on the board, but Shinobu and Hikari are a bit confused. Both eventually write something down…)

Kelly: Let’s have a look.

Ami: Harpy Lady. Hikari: ? Shinobu: Harpy Sisters

Kelly: Correct answer is Harpy Lady, Ami is correct, but we’ve got a judge decision for Shinobu…

Joey: Let her have it, she’s practically right…

Kelly: Quiet blondie! But all right, I’ll let the kid have the point. 1 each for Ami and Shinobu, 0 for Hikari.

Q2: Krillian’s main attack is known as the Destructo What?

(This time, Hikari is quick on the board, whilst the two other girls haven’t got a clue…)

(Answers: Ami: Dice. Hikari: Disc. Shinobu: Destructor.)

Kelly: And Hikari is back in this thing!

Q3: Mackey’s girlfriend is named who?

(All three write something down at the same time…)

Kelly: Answers please.

(Ami gets it right, Nene Romanova. To the surprise of Kelly, Hikari also gets it’s right. Shinobu however gets it wrong, Linna Yamzaki.)

Kelly: How did you know that one Hikari?

Hikari: Well…Asuka told me about Shinji meeting a girl named Nene on the first survivor, it sounded familiar…

Kelly: Talk about luck…

Q4: The Kasuga bloodline which Kyosuke comes from deals with what kind of supernatural power…

(Again, Hikari is quick and the two bluenettes slow…)

Ami: Mind control. Hikari: ESP Shinobu: Ki attacks.

Kelly: ESP is the right answer. Hikari has 3, Ami 2 and Shinobu 1. Next question…

Q5: Cody is the digidestined of Knowledge and…what?

(Again, Hikari is fast. Ami has to have a long thing about it as Shinobu is pretty much clueless…)

Ami: Faith Hikari: Reliability Shinobu: ?

Kelly: Hikari right again!

Ami: Never trust what Usagi says…

Q6: What is the name of Keichi’s girlfriend?

(This time, Ami and Shinobu are very confident. Hikari this time, is clueless…)

Ami: Belldandy. Hikari: Skuld Shinobu: Belle

Kelly: Belle and Belldandy both acceptable.

Hikari: (sighs) Wrong goddess, she’s the one that pops all the time…

Q7: Tamahome’s sign on the head is the sign of the what…

(All three have met Tamahome, but they have to have a good think…)

Ami: Cancer Hikari: Demon Shinobu: Crab

Kelly: Wow…all wrong, the answer was the ogre.

(All girls shake their heads)

Kelly: Now, we’ve got the jury and yourselves to explore. Hikari has 4, Ami has 3 and Shinobu has 2 so far. Next question.

Q8: Felicia’s technique she uses is known as the Rolling…what?

(Tricky one, as all three write some down…)

Ami: Stone Hikari: Buckler Shinobu: Thunder

Kelly: Buckler is correct Hikari! 5 to 3 to 2.

Q9: Ashitaka’s girlfriend is named…

(All three write something down, although Hikari is a lot slower than the two bluenettes…)

Ami: San Hikari: Sora Shinobu: San

Kelly: This is turning good. San is correct, 5, 4, 3 now.

Q10: Sakura’s sempai is named…

(All three are quick on the money with this one…and all get it right. Ryu.)

Q11: Joey’s sister is named…

(Another easy one as they get is right, Serenity.)

Kelly: My, we are a bunch of cleverclogs.

Q12: Ruri was created in a test tube fertilisation clinic in which country…

(Now, problems. Ami is quick but Hikari and Shinobu are in wonderland. They eventually both write something…)

Ami: Norway Hikari: Japan Shinobu: England

Kelly: Ami is right, 7 each with Hikari with Shinobu 5. 4 questions yet, still anyone’s game.

Q13: What is Ukyo’s restaurant named?

(Shinobu is quickest as Ami and Hikari look in confusion. They both right something down…)

Ami: Ukyo’s diner Hikari: Ukyo’s Palace Shinobu: Ucchan’s.

Kelly: Shinobu is right! 7-7-6, with three questions left…about yourselves. That should mean one guaranteed point for each of you…so first. All these questions are multi pointers, Ami has 4, Hikari has 3 and Shinobu has a whopping 5 points.

Q14: Name Ami’s four best friends.

(Ami quickly answers, with Shinobu and Hikari not far behind.)

Ami: Usagi, Rei, Minako, Makoto

Hikari: Usagi, Rei, Minako

Shinobu: Usagi, Rei, Makoto

Kelly: It’s Ami with 11, Hikari with 10 and Shinobu with 9, two questions left. Now, Hikari…

Q15: What are the name of the three Evangelion pilots Hikari has as classmates…you get a point for each.

(Hikari gets it, but Ami and Shinobu are struggling…as the answers are shown, the three names Asuka, Shinji and Rei are there, Ami has Asuka and Shinji and Shinobu has just Asuka.)

Kelly: Hikari and Ami have 13, Shinobu has 10, this is to the wire, as a question on Shinobu will decide it…and it is also a multi-pointer of 5 so Shinobu can still win, and she’s guarantee five points.

Q16: Shinobu’s shares a dorminatory with many girls. Name all the girls she lives with under 25.

(Shinobu at first stares, but then writes. Hikari and Ami quickly follow…)

Kelly: Shinobu-dear, what are their names?

Shinobu: Su, Mitsune, Naru, Motoko, Sara

Kelly: Thank you, now Ami and Hikari turn them over.

Hikari: Su, Naru, Motoko and Mitsune.

Ami: Su, Naru, Motoko and…Taichi.

Kelly: Hikari gets 4 points, Ami 3 and Shinobu 5. Final score. Shinobu 15, Ami 16 and Hikari with 17…making her immunity winner!

(A round of applause from the jury. Hikari hugging Ami and Shinobu on a well fought victory…but she knows now…)

Kelly: With that, comes the hard part. Hikari, just whisper to me your vote, I’ll type it in and we’ll see who the final person on the jury is.

(Hikari nods, and gives one more group hug to the girls before getting up. Hikari whispers it quickly, and Kelly nods. Kelly types in the last persons name as the blue screen comes up.)

Kelly: The final member of the jury is…

(Shinobu and Ami close their eyes…as the screen flashes. They open them, both of them smile…for different reasons.)

Kelly: …Ami.

(Ami nods and gives a handshake to Hikari and Shinobu before one final hug. She goes to Kelly.)

Kelly: I guess Sayonarra for our favourite scout…(Power of One), time to go.

Ami: Be back soon guys…

(Ami leaves, Kelly breathes out, Shinobu stares at Hikari, Hikari bows her head down.)

(The jury looks on. Ruri stoic, Ukyo smiling, Joey shocked, Sakura chuckling, Ashitaka solemn and Felicia with a feral smile.)

(Your final two.)

* * * *

Ami’s confessional;

She couldn’t vote off Shinobu, it was like a dream for her to win immunity and she couldn’t vote her off, and I knew it. I got this far, enough for the scouts to be proud of me and I couldn’t be happier. Shinobu, Hikari, you are making this final vote hard for me on the jury, but like always, I will give it my best shot.

* * * *

DAY 39


Hikari: The night when it was just us two…we were simply laughing and hugging all the way to the bank…or beach as it were…

Shinobu: Last night was…just us. I was here. I never expected or even considered to get to the end…seeing Ami wave us goodbye, I think it clicked. And I’ve never been so nervous…

(The final sunrise as Hikari Horaki and Shinobu Maehara watch it together, the camp pretty much dead, and the quiet of the morning only punctured by the morning crickets.)

Hikari: I couldn’t think of a better final. I had planned going all the way with Ruri, but with Shinobu…it’s like it’s a deserving finale. One that needed to happen.

Shinobu: It’s weird, it seems like enemies have collided yet I couldn’t be happier being with Hikari. It just needs to sink in I think…

Hikari: Well Shinobu, this is it. Goodbye camp, goodbye mosquito nets, goodbye rice and fish for dinner…

Shinobu: I can’t believe it’s over…

Hikari: It will be tonight, and no matter what happens, I’ll be there to congratulate you no matter what happens.

Shinobu: I will as well…

Hikari: (smiles) Hey, do you mind if we promise something?

Shinobu: Sure.

(Hikari and Shinobu have an animated conversation which we don’t pick up, but it’s quite long, and Hikari doing most of the talking until they both nod and shake hands. Shinobu eventually relaxes along Hikari’s shoulder as they watch the sun brighten the sky.)

* * * *


Hikari: It’s like they knew what was going to happen. I’m not a bit hungry.

Shinobu: I guess we can hold out one day…

Hikari: As long as we get them to feed us after tonight…

Shinobu: (giggles) Right.

(Shot of Hikari and Shinobu taking the camp down. Despite the 90 degree heat, the two seemingly have no problems taking it down.)

Shinobu: I was a choice victim when Mai tried to take over the first time. Ukyo and I made friends then and kept till she went two days ago. If it wasn’t for her, Joey, Ami and Ashitaka, I may have been gone in the first episode rather than the last one.

(Hikari struggling to remove a pole from the lower half of the tent…)

Hikari: Krillan was a loveable goofball, but he took things a bit too hard. I think it was more like ‘we’d rather keep the weakest girl than deal with the misgivings of the strongest guy’. I guess Ruri-ruri touched us all too early for us to relinquish it.

(Shinobu collapses under the strain, and almost cries, but stops. Hikari helps her up as they begin gathering their things…)

Shinobu: I never got to know Mackey well, but his grief and pain was felt by anyone. The fact that this is where he comes from, his spirit still in the game is felt.

(Hikari gets her backpack, which is about 3 times the size of her as Shinobu sweatrops…)

Hikari: Cody was a real sweetheart…I think I did love him…not in that way, he was the little brother I never had. I’m the youngest of three sisters, having to look after people younger than me were something I wanted. With Cody, Ruri, Shinobu…it was like a destiny for me. And Cody…his sacrifice may have brought me to the final more than they may think.

Shinobu: Maybe you need some help with that?

Hikari: Hey, I had to come prepared…well, overprepared…

(Shinobu laughs as Hikari pouts, but joins in)

Hikari: Kyosuke…I think his problems with Tamahome and his own mind cost him any chance in the game. He cost himself, but he wasn’t a bad guy. I hope his girlfriend is happy with him…

Shinobu: Hikari-san, why are you blushing?

Hikari: Um…no reason!

Shinobu: The final vote, when Keichi went, was kind of difficult to go through, as we felt we bonded too well and it went like that. Into the jury we went with our hearts of stone to be moulded…

* * * *


(Shot of Hikari and Shinobu drinking some water, looking hot…)

Hikari: We may not be hungry, but dying of thirst isn’t an option I really wanted.

Shinobu: Cheers!

(The two klink gourds as the middle of the day shines it’s hottest…)

Hikari: Tamahome was our best worker. He and Sakura really got along. If the vote had gone the other way with Ashitaka going, who knows what would have happened? However, in the end, Tama-chan went and it made the way for new things to happen in the game…

(Shot of Shinobu just cooling off in the sea as Hikari, a bit further out swims to shore…)

Hikari: Felicia…ah, the loveable cat-girl. A bit scatterbrained at times, but fun nonetheless. Very good worker if we needed a fast meal…whether we liked it or not. However, it was her own strength which cost in the end as it has so many others here.

(Shinobu feels the rain water from their homemade shower as she shivers in the coldness…)

Shinobu: Ashitaka was someone who always believed in me, always felt I was strong. It was like a deep feeling of respect that circled around him for the things he has always done.

Hikari: Well, so long to this dump!

Shinobu: Well, it’s been a long time…and a pleasure…

Hikari: Yep…it’s just time to kill now.

Hikari: Sakura changed after Tamahome left, she was a lovely girl, however, her fight to victory and also for revenge led her onto a path that I was unsure of. In the end, it cost her when after her backstab, someone from that backstab led to her backstab…am I confusing you? Good, it’s not just me who’s confused then!

(Shinobu and Hikari are simply content to lie in the sun in their swimsuits. Occasionally the two will talk but it’s like just to soak in the atmosphere one more time…)

Shinobu: Joey was my knight and my brother at the same time. I only voted for him once because of safety for my other friends, it wasn’t like I wanted to. I couldn’t vote for him that second time, but everyone else did. Joey, I said sorry then, and I’ll say it again now.

* * * *


Hikari: Almost time to go.

Shinobu: Yeah, home is coming…

Hikari: Home…

Hikari: Ruri was that girl everyone wanted to protect. She got this far on that innocence and her smarts. She left only because she wanted to, because she felt others deserved the prize more. When she felt she didn’t deserve to get any further, she left. A noble thing to do Ruri-ruri. Never forget me.

Shinobu: I think I’m looking forward to going back to the hot spring for the first time, a proper spring with my friends…

Hikari: I’m looking forward to cooking and eating a home cooked meal. Hopefully…(Blushes)

Shinobu: Oh, right…(also blushes, both for different reasons…well, different guys…)

Shinobu: Ukyo…she stayed with me till the end. Friend, sister, whatever. She was there. She got me through that first ordeal and we stayed together. Trust me, I’ll miss her.

(Shinobu takes a last look at the sand where the infamous ‘Magi’ movement began…)

Shinobu: Ami…so beautiful, strong and smart. Everything I want to be, I loved her, I envied her, I’m glad to know her…and sad I had to see her go. Ami, you are the success story I want to be and know you will be…continue to be your way Ami.

* * * *


Hikari: Shall we go?

Shinobu: Yup.

Hikari: It’s been a dream getting here. I was picked on a whim and a prayer, and got there with my own skills, different to everyone else. When thinks looked tough, I perserved. I stayed with Shinobu as an alliance, and we didn’t let each other down in those final votes, despite eliminating people we liked. Everyone from Cody to Ruri has helped me get here, and I thank them.

(Shot of Shinobu researching a speech in her head, nervous as always)

Shinobu: When I first came here, I was wondering why I was here. I’m not strong, I’m not fast, I’m not smart…and then I remembered everything Urashima-sempai ever told me. Coming here, I made friends, I proved that I had what was needed, and surprised myself by coming this far. And now, after doing this, I want to take the final step.

(Shot of two girls shaking hands, as shots of various spots of the camp and Enil are shown…)

(…the final.)

* * * *






* * * *

(Shot of Kelly Silversmith with 7 people sat behind her. Felicia, Ashitaka, Sakura, Joey, Ruri, Ukyo and finally Ami watching the two girls enter. Both gives a bow to the jury who reply in respect. If nothing else, none of the jury ever doubted these two deserved to get this far.)

(Kelly nods as a sacred fire behind her, customary for rituals and traditions of Lugia, blazes around the girl from AS Inc. Kelly takes a look at the two before motioning for them to sit down.)

Kelly: Well guys, I’ve been here 3 days. You’ve been here 39 days. That time has taken you through 14 other people to be crowned ultimate survivor. This proves that not the strongest or even the smartest are crowned as survivors. It’s those who make it, what way they can.

(Kelly stands up to watch the two)

Kelly: Now, the ritual for tonight will commence as follows. First, the two of you will make an opening speech to the jury, saying why you should win or whatever. Next, the jury members will either comment on you or ask a question. Finally, you will make a closing speech. Then…

(Kelly motions to the jury)

Kelly: …the jury will make their vote on who they want to win, by writing their vote…and putting it in the fire. That way…NO-ONE will know the results apart from the cameraman.

Shinobu: Oh dear…

Kelly: Don’t worry, it’s 2040, isn’t that right?

(The boomer/cameramen nods as the jury sweatdrops)

Kelly: I won’t know. Chris won’t know. The jury won’t know and you two won’t know until you guys are reunited at the Stingray Mansion tomorrow night, where via satellite, we will link you somehow with Duelist Kingdom 2003 and there will be questions from the others side of the islands, and see any quick comparisons.

(All of them nod, although a few are a bit confused…)

Kelly: With that, let’s start. Hikari?

(The class rep nods, stands up and with a polite smile, addresses the jury)

Hikari: What I say is from the bottom of my heart. Many of, if not all of you, know why I came here. Not for myself, but for a friend. I came here to win, I’m not denying that, but everyone did in one way or another. I came here to help a friend to have a second chance in life. To do that, I played the game my way. I played it to the bitter end, and got here. Whether it was from me being me, or me not being me, it didn’t matter. I’m here and now I’ve got to ask you, the jury, to see if I’m deserving. I’m sure many of you have decided on your votes already, and if that is so, what I’m saying may not matter. All I can say is through the 39 days I’ve been here, I’ve learned about myself, about other people, about life…more than I ever could rather as a head of a classroom. I met all sorts of wonderful people here, which changed my life and my way of thinking about life as a whole. This is not sucking up, it’s the truth. It’s going to be hard to vote for me especially when Shinobu is my opponent, as she is the type of person that radiates warmth and victory to anyone. However, if you feel that you want to give this young girl a chance, then please do so. That’s all I can say.

(Hikari bows and Shinobu stands up. Shinobu is a far more nervous than Hikari to say the least…)

Shinobu: Um…ano…um…

Hikari: Just say it from the heart…

(Shinobu looks at Hikari, then Kelly, then Ami and Ukyo who nod. Then Joey who gives her a thumbs up. Shinobu breathes deep and begins…)

Shinobu: Everyone…I don’t know what to say. I never expected to get this far…I never even thought I could play this game. I was never confident…and when I was in a tribe with strong people like Ashitaka and Ukyo, and smarter people like Ami, and more determined like Joey, I thought ‘Shinobu, what are you doing here?’ However, I learnt early on not to give up before it truly begun. Many of you didn’t give up on me, and I didn’t give up on myself. Now, it’s the time to hope that the people out there haven’t given up on me again. I won’t tell you to vote for me, because if you will, you will, and if you won’t, you won’t. I’m just happy that I’ve had the chance to prove that I can do this, and to meet everyone here. I survived the survival trip only because of everyone here. Thank you.

(Shinobu bows and leaves.)

Kelly: Short and sweet…a bit like Shinobu herself. O.K, now it’s the jury’s turn to grill ‘em. We’ll go in jury order, so first, Felicia, who that idiot Jayson couldn’t even pronounce right…

(The cat-girl steps up and looks at the two girls)

Felicia: Well, I’m not really the questioning type, so all I can say is two adorable girls got to the final the right way. Believe it or not, I haven’t chosen yet so my mind is in overdrive. Good luck.

(Felicia leaves as Kelly facefaults…)

Kelly: That was boring! Ashitaka, you’re up…

(The noble prince makes his formal steps to the two girls)

Ashitaka: I came here from a distant land and time to be here. I am glad that I was able to watch you two mature and grow as the game came along. I do have a question though to the both of you. You had to meet people from many worlds, and times. All can I ask is, did you see everyone as equals?

Hikari: I have never judged anyone on anything. I only judge in the classroom when the guys get too perverted…(small chuckles)…but other than that, all I considered when the merge came was 10 people, 5 from each tribe, all trying to win and me, trying to overcome them.

Shinobu: I learnt that you can never judge from appearances, Ashitaka, you among others helped me through the early times of the tribe. I can’t doubt anybody for that, people like Felicia, Ruri, Ami…all different people, times and eras. For me, it was nothing, I looked it as a family.

(Ashitaka nods, and goes back to his place. Sakura-chan number two now makes her entry…)

Sakura: I changed my way of playing the game to the cost of my own chances. My question is, did either of you change the way you were playing to help you survive?

Hikari: I didn’t change much of my strategy at all. I stayed with an alliance indeed, and remained faithful as we were going as you know Sakura, even when I didn’t agree, I wanted to persevere as much as you did. Even to when you went, I still remained true. When my votes changed, it wasn’t me changing or my strategy, I stayed with what I did, my mind and my heart as one.

Shinobu: I don’t think I even had a strategy. When I was saved on the first day, it was like others made an alliance for me, not the other way round, and I simply stayed. The merge, I continued to stay with that until the very end, although I did make one small change to stay with Hikari…

Sakura: Ah. Thanks.

(Sakura leaves as the people’s champion, Joey Wheeler, enters the lion’s den…)

Joey: I’m used to dealing with games and players. You two simply played better than me. I’m not used to asking questions though, so all I can say is you got here, and one you will win instead of me. Nuts…

(The girls laugh as Joey smiles and returns to base. Ruri takes his place.)

Ruri: You two both knew my strategy in the stages of the game. At the end of the game, you two are here and I’m not by my own admission. I am asking, if the other wasn’t around, who would you have liked to be by your side…

(A toughie, and the two girls have to think…)

Hikari: Without winning favours, I would say you Ruri, because we stuck together after Cody went. I would pick him as well for the reasons you well know.

Shinobu: I would say Ami because she is someone I looked up to so much, although I would also like Ucchan with me if Hikari wasn’t.

(Ruri nods and leaves. Ukyo replaces the girl and looks them over.)

Ukyo: I had a speech prepared somewhere…

(Ukyo empties her pockets…and thousands of pieces of shredded paper come out. The jury (mostly) go into hysterics and Hikari and Shinobu as well…)

Ukyo: …ah rats. Oh well, all I can say is good luck then!

(Ukyo returns, as Ami is the final member of the jury and the final one to speak.)

Ami: I have had the last chance to speak with you yesterday, and the least time to prepare anything. The jury here, are your best friends and worst enemies today, including myself. You look at us as your executioners or your well-wishers. Whether we are friends, it doesn’t matter because only one of you will win this. Rather than a question or a good luck, all I can quote is a line from ‘Wild Swans’ by Jung Chang.

‘In my own workshop there was another candidate, a friend of mine…both of us were popular, but our workmates could only vote for one of us.’

Ami: I will vote for only one of you, as everyone else will. But you are friends, never forget that, this journey has been a remarkable one, and make sure you fear the jury…but don’t fear your friends.

(Ami bows after her speech, leaving the two girls surprised. Kelly nods, and stands up.)

Kelly: I think that wraps it up. Now, Hikari and Shinobu, I want you to wrap up a final speech, and then we get down to the nitty-gritty, the vote. Hikari?

(Hikari stands up)

Hikari: Listening to all of you, a mixture of words and whys. Maybe our words won’t make a difference, however your votes will to either of our lives. Your choice is final and all I can say is thank you for listening, and I hope your decision is the right one.

(Hikari sits down as Shinobu is prompted up. She’s still nervous, but tries to hide it.)

Shinobu: This is really the end isn’t it. The end of 39 days of hard life, away from family and friends. In a way though, it has been worth it. Now, after the vote, one of us will really seem like it has been worth it. So to my friend and rival, Hikari Horaki, I wish good luck.

(Hikari and Shinobu shake hands and hug as the jury applauds. Kelly shushes them as she makes her final words…)

Kelly: Well, it’s time. One by one, the jury will vote, say who they have voted for, and record it on the camera before burning it in the sacred fire. Girls, you’ll have to wait 24 hours more before learning who has won the one million pounds. So for now, I’ll leave it to the jury to have the last word.

(Kelly turns to the jury and she nods.)

Kelly: Guys…make your vote.

(One by one, from Felicia to Ami, they make their vote. We don’t see their votes, or hear their words, but we are about to catch bits of each of them…)

Felicia: …I knew her…

Ashitaka: …seemed to be weak…

Sakura: …indeed, you stayed…

Joey: …surprised that I am…

Ruri: …knew this was coming…

Ukyo: …one vote for you…

Ami: …looked up to…

(For now, that’s all we can say. Soon however, we’ll all know…)

(Shot of Hikari and Shinobu on a speedboat heading for mainland, where they will be staying the night in a hotel before heading for Sylia’s mansion. They share a piece of chicken together on the boat, as the game is over on the island, but not over in the heart….)

* * * *

Next time;

Link up as Chromus returns from Washu’s Laboratory. Let’s hope he doesn’t have any side effects…

The 16 reunite. Harsh words? Warm feelings? Rivals at heart? What they going to say?

Link up with Duelist Kingdom. Anything they want to ask company? Actually, Ruri decides to have a talk with the Kingdomers…

Finally, who has won? Any surprise votes? Hell yeah!

With that said and done, wait for next week and the end, ja ne!