All Women, All The Time…

* * * *

(Shot of Chromus, looking as the humid dark sky emits above him as the shrine of Lugia’s light envelops the area…)

Chromus: No matter how good a duelist you are, going against a gaggle of females may be the last thing Joey Wheeler wanted. However, it did, and despite his final attempts to save his hide, it failed as he was cast aside in the wind. This leaves us with an all female final five, so at least we know a girl will win. It also means we know that 3 more girls will fill the bench, including one in three days. Who is it? Watch on dear audience, watch on.


Ami: Ukyo, are you alright?

Ukyo: Yeah sugar, fine. It’s just…I think at that moment when he stared at me, I suddenly remembered underneath that strategy, he was still one of us.

(Shinobu beside them, rather quiet)

Ukyo: Shinobu-honey? You O.K?

Shinobu: Um…no…

Ami: You miss Joey?

(Shinobu nods, but then…)

Shinobu: Yes, but also…I feel ba…

Ami: Ah.

Hikari: Shinobu-chan? I think we understand, you’ve got such a soft heart sweetheart, and to be honest, around here I admire that.

Shinobu: (upset) I’m so sorry Ruri, I just, I just…(cries)

(Ruri, the only one quiet of the 5 girls, goes up to Shinobu…and puts a hand on her shoulder…)

Ruri: It does not matter Shinobu. I feel no ill will for that vote last night and am glad you at least came to your own conclusions and feelings…

Hikari: …that, and the fact Ruri is still here means she can’t plot lots of evil revenge to you…

(Ruri resists the urge to sweatdrop, but manages to get a ‘baka’ underneath her breath.)

(Peace restored, the 5 talk all the way back to camp, where after that night, another 3 days await them…)

* * * *



Ami Mizuno – Sailor Moon

Hikari Horaki – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Ruri Hoshino – Martian Successor Nadesico

Shinobu Maehara – Love Hina

Ukyo Kuonji – Ranma ½


Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke

Joey Wheeler – Yu-Gi-Oh!

Felicia – Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge

Sakura Kasunago – Street Fighter Alpha

* * * *

DAY 34


Chromus: The camp is now enough for all five girls to enjoy shelter…and any comments about 5 good looking anime girls all caught together in one play all sweaty from the heat will be removed from the record…hey, what do you mean only I’m that perverted? Damn, now I’m acting as bad as Tom…

(Shot of the first sun rays hitting the camp as Shinobu steps out and stretches, noticing she’s the only one up…)

Shinobu: It’s so…quiet…

Shinobu: It like the island is now an all-girls paradise…it kinda of reminds me of Hinatasou in a way, and after Naru-sempai and Urashima-sempai came to see me, plus Kaolla and Taichi in a reward challenge, I feel like I’ve been missing more of home…but I’m going to make them proud of me.

(Shinobu decides to get a fire started, waiting for the lazy bones of the tribe, i.e. everyone else, to get up…)

Shinobu: Better check on the rice…

(Which is why she is very surprised when a wave of water crashes from behind her. In true Shinobu fashion, she backs up, scared and a trademark wail…)


(To her surprise, she wasn’t the only one up, as the wave was in fact Ami, getting up with a two fish for the price of one special, as Shinobu relaxes slightly..)

Ami: Ahh. That felted good. Oh, Shinobu-chan, you’re up as well?

Shinobu: Er…hai. I’m just starting the fire. We need to ration the rice a bit better.

Ami: I think that’s O.K, none of us eat that much anyway now. Joey and Tamahome were the big eaters remember…I think Tamahome picked up on his girlfriend’s habits there…

(Shinobu giggles as Ami steps out to dry herself)

Ami: It’s pretty much set in the game now, however, I do feel a bit guilty about not letting Shinobu in the Magi game. And what if she is the next choice? Ruri would have an excuse last night, who knows what her game is, and I love both of them to death. What do I do?

Ami: Shinobu-chan?

Shinobu: Yes?

Ami: Later, I need to show you something, O.K?

Shinobu: Sure, is it important?

(Ami looks around and nods)

Ami: Yes.

* * * *


Hikari: It’s getting harder to realise this is a game now with the numbers down, I feel like it’s an all-girl slumber party…

Ukyo: Yep, all we need are the marshmallows and the pyjamas.

Ruri: I wouldn’t know what one is, but it’s sounds…fun.

Hikari: Oh, yeah…sorry Ruri.

Ruri: It’s O.K.

Ukyo: Don’t worry Ruri, I spent 10 years plotting revenge and trying to remove my life as a woman, trust me sugar, you’re not the only one missing out…

(Ruri shakes her head, and then smiles slightly…)

Ruri: Baka.

(Ukyo sticks her tongue at Ruri, and the three other girls chuckle at the antics.)

Hikari: Hard to believe you’re the oldest here…

Ukyo: Hey, learn something new everyday…

Ami: Except for Ruri, she knows everything…

(Ruri hides her Tenkawa-like blush, but is spotted by Shinobu…)

Shinobu: (starry-eyed) Kawaii!

(The 5 girls continue to act like a slumber atmosphere, but after dinner, there is a point of business for Ami to conduct…)

* * * *

(Whilst Hikari and Ukyo are cleaning up, and Ruri changing, Ami takes Shinobu for a walkabout…)

Ami: Here we are…

(Shinobu sees the remains of some sand being swept away, but looking closely she notices one word still there…)

Shinobu: C-Caspar?

Ami: Have you ever learnt about the Magi?

(Shinobu shakes her head)

Ami: There are two versions, the first being that they were the priests of Zoroaster, renowned for their astronomical knowledge. The one we should be more familiar with is the Magi of the east, the three sages or wise man following a star, to worship the infant Christ at Bethlehem, of Christianity.

Shinobu: Oh, religion has never been a strong subject for me…

Ami: Don’t worry about it. Anyway, Christian tradition embroidered the New Testament account, giving them the titles of kings and the names of Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar. They carried gifts of extreme significance as well, gold sympolizing kingship, frankincense symbolizing divinity and myrrh, representing death.

Shinobu: Death?

Ami: Not literally. As you can see, one name Caspar has been left. Melchior and Balthazar are gone, in other words…

Shinobu: (guessing) Did they mean…Joey and Sakura?

Ami: (nods) Right in one. In the terms Ruri is using, they represented themselves as someone in work, and someone as a protector. Now, this one means themselves as a human being…and it’s like we’re guessing who Ruri is going to try and cast off…

Shinobu: (now nervous) Ummm…after last night…

Ami: Don’t panic Shinobu. We haven’t said anything yet, so we’ll have to see what Ruri says. In the meantime, don’t breathe a word to this yet, O.K?

(Shinobu nods as Ami leaves, unaware that Ruri was actually watching. She shakes her head)

Ruri: I never thought I’d say it about Ami but…

* * * *


Ukyo: Yosh! Last reward challenge today…

Hikari: It’s a sign that the game is coming to an end, but if it’s a good home meal, I’ll be pretty happy…

Ami: (sighs) I guess with just the five of us, any challenge seems like a nerve-wracking experience now…

Ruri: Ami-san, we’ve got here one way or another, let’s continue the winner’s attitude.

Ami: (smiles) Of course Ruri.

Shinobu: This is the last reward challenge? What then?

Ami: Hikari, Shinji got into the last five didn’t he? Did he ever say what happens next?

Hikari: He got eliminated around here…I hope that isn’t Eva foreshadowing…

Ruri: Uh oh, eternal optimist.

Hikari: …but I think he said something like it will be all immunity challenges after this for three days after the next Tribal Council.

Shinobu: Uhhhh…

Ukyo: Oh dear…

Ami: I think we need to make this one count…

Ruri: Yes, this is our last chance to get an advantage…

Hikari: Right.

(the girls nod before heading out to the reward challenge, their final one…)

* * * *


Spagetti Junction – get through the webs in the fastest time to win the final reward…

(As the five girls emerge, Chromus (still in Tom form) emerges)

Ukyo: I don’t think I’ll get used to that look sugar…

Chromus: Trust me, next episode, me and Tom are going to have words…I’ve got a replacement as we head off to Washu’s…she said something about wanting to have an anime author’s DNA sample for her experiments…

(Ruri goes over and pats him on the shoulder…)

Ruri: I feel sorry for you.

(Chromus sweatdrops)

Chromus: Thanks for the vote of confidence Ruri-ruri. Anyway, as you may or may not know, this is your final reward challenge, and it’s definitely a reward you want. However, as you can see, it’s a sticky situation for you to win it…

(Shot of two trees and in between them is pure Ariados silk webs, very tough to get out of. There are plenty of hole to squeeze through though, as the group quickly understand what the challenge is in aid of…)

Chromus: Yep, it’s another race challenge, anyone’s game this time, as speed and strength are just as important here as intelligence and size. This game needs you to use all those skills to win this. This is a 100 meter course, through the webs you need to go, whatever way you wish.

(The girls nods)

Chromus: We’ll start with immunity winner from last time, Hikari Horaki. You ready?

(The class rep nods as Chromus gets his stop watch ready..)

Chromus: And go!

(Hikari goes through, deciding to try and take the low route, and going underneath the webs. However, one of them hits her forehead and she is forced to take a higher route. It’s hard to break the webs and she realises she has to go through the holes as a better option. Hikari feels the strain and can’t go too fast as she is stuck in the middle of the girls, taller than Shinobu and Ruri, but not as strong as Ami or Ukyo. In the end, she finishes the course in 36 seconds.)

Chromus: 36 for Hikari. Now, let’s try…Ruri.

(Ruri nods as she prepares. As Chromus gives the O.K, Ruri heads off in a different route, her smaller size an asset, but she also realises a good way to use that to her advnatage, her smarts helping in finding a route. Ruri trips one, but carries on well and completes the course in 26 seconds.)

Chromus: Ruri takes the lead, let’s see if Shinobu can fare any better…)

(Shinobu is ready, and Chromus lets her go. Shinobu tries to take the same route as Ruri but doesn’t memorise it to perfection and being slightly taller than Ruri is a bit more of a problem than she expected. Shinobu finishes the course faster than Hikari but not as fast as Ruri in 30 seconds flat.)

Chromus: Ruri holds the lead, Ami, you’re up.

(Ami calculates a new routine, and her superior speed and strength actually help as she spins her way out of one tricky one. Ami manages to get stuck slightly but recovers well. In the end, she beats Ruri’s time by one second. 25 seconds.)

Chromus: Oh, and the geniuses duel again. Ami takes the lead, it’s all up to Ucchan. You ready?

(Ukyo nods and Chromus starts the time. Whilst the others took the ‘find the best route’ approach, Ukyo takes the ‘bust the damn thing up’ approach. Ukyo is strong enough to break through some of the silk, but it’s not as easy as she thought. She is forced to go through some of them which is hard for her height, but her early efforts give her a good time, but not good enough. 28 seconds.)

Chromus: That’s the ball game! Ami wins!

* * * *

Chromus: Close battle, but Ami Mizuno wins the final reward challenge of AAVGS2, so congratulations.

Ami: Thank you.

Chromus: Now, as the final reward challenge, we’ve decided to simply think ‘Let them what they want’ so, here.

(Chromus hands Ami a list, with 3 empty spaces.)

Chromus: Basically, it’s your choice. Choose three things to make your remaining days a bit better Ami. Food, clothes, a television, a car, three hunky bishounen, it’s your decision. The lamp is your key my dear, use it well, you only have a maximum of 6 days to enjoy them, so make them count…

Ami: Oh my…

Chromus: Don’t worry, we’ll give you until 4 to make your mind, and then we’ll get what you want via goddess space. Take your time Ami, and if you are the kind of person I know you are, you’ll make some good decisions.

(Ami nods, and bows in respect as the final reward challenge goes to the Sailor Scout of Mercury.)

* * * *


Chromus: Ami’s reward victory has been the talk of conversation as they return, as Ami ponders what to get. Of course, her friends pitch in with ideas of their own…

Hikari: Food should be the best option Ami, anything to go with rice…

Ruri: Ami probably needs to think a bit more, but why not a couple of books?

Ukyo: I think a video and television with a tape of what her friends are doing…(catches the weird looks), hey, he said anything…

Shinobu: What about her friends she didn’t see in the last challenge?

Ami: Guys…

Ruri: We’re sorry Ami. It’s your decision and yours only…

(the others murmur similar stuff as Ami smiles…)

Ami: It’s nice that they are all helping me like this, and they are asking about what I want. I wondered if my type of character would be OK for this type of game. I guess I was.

* * * *


Chromus: With Ami using that huge IQ of hers to good use, the rest of the tribe are simply trying not to think of tomorrow’s immunity…

Ruri: …well, I learned to swim at the ‘research’ centre. There was a river nearby, and it surprised people how good I was with water. Swimming was one of the few things they let me do, but I suppose it was to let my muscles out, to enhance our ‘perfection.’

Ukyo: I’m sorry to hear that…

Ruri: It’s O.K. I think I’ve learnt the experiences back home and here, that there is more to life than being a genius on a ship of fools…

Hikari: Yeah, and looks like you’re not the only genius taking time off…

(Shot of Ami and Shinobu having a water fight as Hikari smiles…)

Hikari: You know, the two of them look like sisters.

Ukyo: Throw in Ruri and you’ve got triplets…

(Ruri shakes her head but doesn’t say anything. )

Ruri: In this game, every single position and word can make a difference. Although for tomorrow, it might not matter…

* * * *


Ukyo: You’re not going to tell us sugar?

Ami: It’s a surprise!

Hikari: Awww…meanie!

(Hikari’s impression of Asuka sends giggles from Shinobu, as Chromus appears, ready and waiting…)

Chromus: (in a delivery voice) I’ve got to receive a package from a Miss Ami Mizuno please?

Ami: Right here!

(Chromus gets the list and runs through it, and then via goddess space, a clipboard appears…)

Chromus: O.K, you’ve got your Vat, milage, and frequent flyer miles from here to Heaven…

(Ami sweatdrops….)

Chromus: Just kidding, sheesh…you do need to sign it though, contracts in heaven are just as problematic in Heaven as they are here, just ask Keichi.

(Ami signs as Chromus smiles.)

Chromus: Be ready for you in 2 hours…no actually, in Goddess space, that is 1 minute…hang on a second, my dear…

(The contract vanishes for a second…before another 60 pass, and out plops Ami’s items. Chromus smiles.)

Chromus: Enjoy!

(Chromus leaves as the other girls decide to have a gander on what Ami choose. And she’s chosen interestingly…)

Hikari: Hey, what’s that?

(Choice 1: Proper ingredients to make cookies, which includes chocolate chips, sugar, ormanents to make shapes in them)

(Choice 2: A full workable stove, direct from Goddess space to work anywhere in the world without power, courtesy of Skuldtech™, as Ukyo smiles.)

Ukyo: That was a good choice, but what else…(chuckles)..oh Ami…

(Choice 3: No, not a collection of study materials, but of all things, a game of Uno!)

Ami: (blushes) Well, I don’t know how long I’m going to last so there’s no point for me studying here so…

Hikari: Bravo!

Ruri: Certainly not the most idiotic of choices…

(The stove lights up as cooking will no longer be problem, plus with the ingredients, they can improve things over than cookies if they wish. Shinobu nods as Ukyo is going to whip up a small rice dinner, and then what will they do…)


(Yep…5 girls on a deserted island…playing Uno.)

Ami: Blue one!

Shinobu: Blue eight….

Ruri: Blue three…

Hikari: How ironic that the three blue haired girls start off with blue…huh, oh, all right, blue two.

Ukyo: Blue zero…

Ami: Huh? Um…draw 4.

Shinobu: Ami-chan, no fair! I’ve got to draw four cards now…

Ruri: Green five.

Hikari: Sorry Ukyo…skip!

Ukyo: Waah…mean!

Ami: Green one then.

Shinobu: Then I play…wild card yellow…

Ruri: (yawns) Yellow 5

Hikari: Ukyo, Ukyo, skip…skip…la!

Ukyo: Not…not…fair…

Ami: Then Ukyo…reverse.

Ukyo: Ha, my turn Hikari…SKIP!

Hikari: WHAT?

Ukyo: Mess with the fire and you get burned…

Ruri: Yellow 2…

Shinobu: Yellow 8…

Ami: Draw two!

Hikari: Yellow 4…

Ukyo: (smiles) Uno!

All: WHAT?

Hikari: Not fair, play overs…

Ukyo: Sure, sure, want another beating, let’s go!

(O.K, not exactly the atmosphere you may expect, but at least it’s a happy one…)

* * * *


Ami: All done!

(Shot of Ami with a tray, well, a wooden block, with star shaped cookies with sugar topped…the rest of the girls inhale the scent of pure sweetness…)

Hikari: You ever have anything like this Ruri?

Ruri: Not really…Howmei-san never really believed in making sweet things…(blushes)…once though after an incident in Peaceland, Akit…er, Tenkawa-san bought be a bag of Swiss chocoloates for me. I had to hide them but…

Hikari: Awww….

Ruri: (blushes) What an idiot I am…

(Ami hands out the latest night sugar treat, as the girls, desperate for something other than fish and rice, take with the upmost gratitude.)

Ukyo: Thanks Ami!

Ami: Not a problem, I think for getting this far we deserved a little treat…

Shinobu: Thank you very much Ami-san!

(As they chew into the sweetness, on the outside, they seem friendly and cheerful, but on the island, they know tomorrow, the worst thing to happen to a group of girls can happen…)

Ami: In the back of my mind, I’m wondering what’s going to happen at Immunity challenge. Or rather, what Ruri is up to…

Ukyo: I’m not nervous. Tomorrow only means I know I have to go for it. I haven’t really got a choice on who I’m going to pick though…

Shinobu: It’s weird, Ami telling me all this stuff on religion when it actually was a way of saying, we’ve got a way of choosing someone to go…

Hikari: It’s like shooting ducks of a barrel, we have been picking the team apart one by one judging by least deserving to win. It wasn’t the way I expected to be level with Shinji in the survivor stakes but…

Ruri: …All I can say, better wait a couple of days.

* * * *


Chromus: It was late at night, and all through the land, no-one woke up from the rats in the sand. As tomorrow comes, among the sand dune, only one of these five will be safely immune.

* * * *

DAY 35


Shinobu: It was a day we’d been dreading, hence why we tried to sleep in…

(The sun rays catch the girls off guard around 8, but they decided to stay in the camp anyway. Trying to sleep, and catching little bits of chatter around the camp, it seems second nature to see that there is no worry in their heads. However, in their hearts…)

(Finally, Hikari takes the hint and decides to get up. The class rep sets the stove to automatic as the heat is quite difficult on the island as Hikari gives up and takes a swim, to fish, and also to cool off…)

(Shot of Ruri and Ami talking as they get up…)

Ami: …so you’re better now?

Ruri: Yes, despite the unusual temperature I think I’ve got over my base of illness. Something really must have went wrong when I travelled to this present time.

Ami: Shame I didn’t meet you earlier, I could have checked you…

Ruri: Maybe that was a blessing in disguise.

(Ami chuckles and shakes her head)

(Shot of Shinobu and Ukyo, now up, heading to collect some water to boil.)

Ukyo: You nervous sugar?

Shinobu: A bit…the numbers are thinning, and I don’t want them to…

Ukyo: I know that, we all know that but it’s something we can’t stop. (sighs) I know I’ll need to go all out for immunity…

Shinobu: Why?

Ukyo: I’m not stupid…I may hang around Ranchan but I’m not that much of a dunce, I know that I could be in trouble if I don’t win immunity…

(Shinobu nods, and then remembers the Magi. She then have a wonder if…)

Shinobu: Umm, Ucchan?

Ukyo: Yes?

Shinobu: Well…erm…

Hikari: (off screen) Breakfast ready!

Ukyo: Coming! (to Shinobu) We’ll talk later!

(Shot of Shinobu behind Ukyo, looking a bit guilty…)

* * * *


Ami: Another day, another immunity…

Hikari: I really don’t want to do this…

Ukyo: We’d better get used to this, we’ve got nothing but immunities now.

Shinobu: Ooooohhhhh…

Ruri: Don’t worry, no matter what happens, we’ll get out of them together…

Ami: That’s a nice thing to say Ruri.

Ruri: Thank you.

Hikari: Well, we’d better prepare ourselves, can’t disappoint everyone watching us brutally trying to beat each other…

(The girls (bar Ruri) smile at Hikari’s comment, but they know she holds more truth than expected. With so few numbers left, they’ll all be battling hard for immunity…)

* * * *


Target Take The Test – Using a Washu-chan inventory, navigate a course in 0G to find your personal immunity amulet…first person to do so wins.

(Shot of Chromus as the 5 girls await this deadly and vital immunity. With no inkling on who is going, all of them on the surface have their game faces on, although in Ruri’s case it’s slightly harder to tell…)

Chromus: Well, well, my pretties. It’s time to dance the final dance, after tomorrow night, one more will go, and then into immunity waltz. However, for now, this is yet another vital one, and this challenge is the final one I’m hosting as well. An associate will take over for the final three days.

(Shot as Chromus drags a machine with him, as the girls (except Ruri who vaguely notices what the device is) wonder what it is…)

Chromus: As I’ve got to go and check up with Washu-chan to try and get my body right again, she has stated that you girls be the guinea-pigs…I mean test subjects for this device, the gravity disrupter.

Hikari: Why do I get the feeling of impending dread?

Chromus: Oh don’t worry! Washu-chan there is a 95% chance you won’t fly into outer space and burn in the atmosphere…

(The girls apart from Ruri and Shinobu sweatdrop. Ruri remain stoic, whilst Shinobu looks ready to panic)

Chromus: …of course, that means I’d burn up as well…aw nuts. Anyway, this is the challenge.

(Hand each of the girls a map. On each of them is a different letter in a different position of the island, e.g. for Hikari, there is a letter ‘H’ in the north-west part of the island, for Shinobu, an ‘S’ in south-east, etc.)

Chromus: On those maps, are your own personality immunity bracelets. The first person that gets their bracelet and comes back to me wins immunity. However, as you might expect, there may be a catch…

(Next he hands the girls some anti-gravity boots, circa Donatello of Teenage Mutant Hero/Ninja Turtles fame…^_^…hey, I was a kid once as well!)

Chromus: Now girls, these will prove very handy when I show this machine…

(Chromus puts his hand on the device, avoiding the button marked ‘SELF-DESTRUCT’)

Chromus: Once I press this button marked ‘0G’ you will be walking on air…literally. 0G means exactly that, no gravity. You are going to have to learn to adjust your bodies to the best you can, and move around as the islands gravitation is gone, this means I’ll have to hang on as well, so you girls do what you can. Fortunately, those boots I gave you will keep you from spiraling into orbit, and you will maintain some balance on the ground, but think of it like swimming in the air.

(The girls put on the boots, as Chromus puts one hand on a tree and another on a button…)

Chromus: I’ll let you have 5 minutes to get used to it first, before you start moving around. (presses a button and immediately realises the difference, as do the girls. Chromus doesn’t have the boots and just basically hangs onto a tree as the girls hover in front of him, with a weird mixture of reactions…)

(Hikari, is seemingly thrilled. Hmm…maybe she has ambitions to be an astronaut..)

(Ruri isn’t seem to be bothered, being used to 0G of course…although admittingly when she has a seatbelt on…)

(Ukyo is already used to unnatural phenomenon’s of gravity…a.k.a. the Ranma super jump. However, it’s not quite the same as flying…)

(Shinobu is pretty much freaked out from everything..nuff said.)

(Ami on the other hand is calm and relaxed, hey, she’s done enough planetary travel to last several lifetimes…)

* * * *

Chromus: (nervous, still clinging onto the tree) O.K, I guess you better go…and someone please hurry back!

(The girls facefault mostly, but nod as the challenge begins.)

Chromus: The position of the girls bracelets are the following…

North-west: Former Majori – Hikari

North-north-east: Former Majori – Ruri

Due east – Ami

South-east: Former Minori – Shinobu

South-south-west: Former Minori – Ukyo

Chromus: All of them are exactly the same distance between here and their point of origin, and will take roughly 45 minutes on foot. In this gravity, it make take a fair bit longer though, it’s up to them to see who can handle it the best.

* * * *

Hikari: Wow…this is fun!

(No time for fun now Hikari, you need to get that immunity. This may take 2 hours altogether, plus you’ve been given no water. This is the toughest challenge you may have to take to make sure you’re safe. And of course, she could win her third in a row immunity…)

Hikari: Stupid map…oh well, I’ve always been good at getting directions…


Ruri: I think I’m beginning to see why Yurika-san had a few problems…

(Ruri, despite the only person to experience 0G out of the five girls, is having problems. She never actually had to walk into it, and especially with or without some stupid anti-grav boots…)

Ruri: Whoever thought of this challenge were idiots…


Ami: Let’s see…due east…

(Ami seems to have no trouble following the map and moving with the boots on. She almost lazily avoids a few obstacles like a couple of trees as graceful as a ballet dancer. On the other hand…)


Shinobu: Hoooooo…

(Shinobu is busy just trying to drag her way through, not comfortable with the system at all…and is occasionally looking in the air in case she suddenly goes into orbit..)


Ukyo: Maps were never my strong point…maybe because of everything Ryoga put me through that first day…

(Whilst Ukyo isn’t having too many problems handling the boots, she is having problems finding her way. Ukyo speeds up a bit as the challenge enters the 10 minute mark…)

* * * *

(Hikari, Ami and Ukyo are starting to make good time (now that Ukyo has figure out which way SSW is, it’s not like she got taught that in her school…then again, was there any teaching done there?), with Ruri and Shinobu struggling, the times are approaching to 25 minutes. With the use of the boots, they are moving quicker than expected, much to Chromus’ relief…)

Chromus: I need to go to the bathroom.

(Shot of Hikari, continuing in the direction she chose at a leisurely pace…)

(Shot of Ami, comfortably moving at a quick pace…)

(Shot of Ukyo, the fastest of the three, moving in a direction…)

Hikari/Ami/Ukyo: There it is!

(A three piece shot of the three girls reveals that they have found their bracelet in the distance. Another shot shows Shinobu with anime tears, totally unable to move, and Ruri moving better and approaching her bracelet a bit further behind the three other girls…)

(Ukyo is the first to grab her bracelet, but then stops as her boots have been giving her a few problems in moving. Ami gets her next, and turn around and continues moving. Hikari also gets hers a few seconds later and turns to return. Not long after, Ukyo gets up and starts moving…)

Chromus: None of the three know how the others are doing, and have to get back as fast as possible. This could be a battle to the death…

(36 minutes)

Ruri finds her bracelet, and turns to go back. Shinobu doesn’t quit and decides to keep on moving, for pride.

(44 minutes)

Three-shot of Hikari, Ukyo and Ami all fighting to get back. Ruri is a bit too far behind to catch up, but Shinobu is battling to make it…)

(50 minutes)

YAY! Shinobu-chan gets her bracelet…and is exhausted…but again, decides to come back for pride…)

(1 hr, 10 minutes)

…but then…

* * * *

Chromus: I really need to go to the bath…huh, movement?

(Yes, someone is coming in the distance…three distances…)

Chromus: Uh oh, I sense a photo finish…damn it, I left my camera in the workshop…

(It’s Hikari from the left, Ami from the centre and Ukyo to the right. It’s hard to tell who is getting closer and gravity has taken their toll on the girls, as they look tired. However, they battle on…)

Chromus: Come on Hikari! Come on Ami! Come on Ucchan!

(As they edge closer, it seems Hikari is slightly behind the two Tsunami girls. Ukyo and Ami edge a bit closer as they run. Ukyo makes a last gasp leap to get to the end…)

(…and misses. Ami doesn’t. Ami hands the bracelet to Chromus and we have a winner.)

Chromus: The winner!

(Ami breathes out as Chromus turns off the gravity system and hurries to find a portable toilet in Goddess Space. Meanwhile, a bruised and slightly disappointed Ukyo manages to get up and gives Ami a hug. Hikari eventually joins in as well.)

(Further afield, Ruri and Shinobu realise that the challenge is over as they are now walking easily. They gave it their all, but in the end, it doesn’t matter…)

* * * *

Chromus: Ahhh…much better. And we have a winner in Miss Mizuno, who is now a guarantee for the final four. The rest of you, all I can say is start praying…

Ukyo: Thanks for the vote of confidence sugar…

(As Chromus leaves to get transportation to 5 tired, and 4 disappointed girls, remembering to pick up Ruri and Shinobu on the way, maybe now thoughts will turn to tomorrow night…)

* * * *


Chromus: Back at Tsucus camp, the challenge has brought new problems for the camp…

Hikari: And I was going for three in a row, I’m real surprised you didn’t do so well on that Ruri…

Ruri: I may have been in 0G before, but not without a seatbelt…

Hikari: Oh, right. But it does bring into question…

Ruri: Yes…but I’d rather not reveal it until the last minute…

Hikari: Why? (gasps) Is it…me?

(Ruri doesn’t say anything, but smiles slightly and shakes her head…which leaves Hikari to speculate…)

Hikari: Which means it’s either Shinobu or Ukyo…and I made a promise with Shinobu…(looks back at Ruri)…I can’t believe I’m panicking at an 11 year old’s choice…but when that 11 year old is Ruri, I guess I better be nervous…

(Meanwhile, one members is definitely nervous…)

Ukyo: Ami’s smart. She may be the sweetest, kindest and brightest person I’ve met in my life…but she’s smart. She knows that I’m not immune and she also knows I’m the only person her equal in the physical challenges. I’m hoping our old union will help, otherwise I’m in true. Considering her friendships with Ruri and Shinobu, I’m hoping this spatula-girl has a bit of luck…

(Shot of Ukyo, clearing up some logs, as she decides to shadow slice with her mini-spatulas, just to get off a little frustration, a bit too much as she narrowly misses Shinobu heading to the sea…)

Ukyo: Arghh….sorry Shinchan…

Shinobu: It’s…it’s O.K.

Ukyo: Really?

Shinobu: I figured you’d be a bit upset…you think you’re going don’t you?

Ukyo: I dunno sweetheart, I know I think I know everyone here, but inside, we’re all thinking, and someone has to go tomorrow night, it won’t be rose petals at dawn at 8pm tomorrow. And I just feel that Ami will vote for me tomorrow…

Shinobu: Ami-san? But why?

Ukyo: We may be a team sugar, but we know in the end, we all want to win that money, and Ami and Ruri…well, I won’t be able to fool them, they could vote for me because of my threat…

Shinobu: That’s presuming the worst…

Ukyo: …no, it’s smart thinking. If Ami wasn’t immune, I’d think about voting her off myself…

Shinobu: Huh?

Ukyo: She’s a threat, both in smarts and in strength…plus she’ll get plenty of votes from that jury. If I was in her shoes, I’d vote for me as well…it’s just facts, and facts that I don’t like. (sighs) Sorry bout that, it sounded like I’m turning traitor. (smiles) At least you’re with me sugar…

(Shinobu nods, although the ‘Magi’ that was discussed to her is relaying in the back of her head…)

(Meanwhile, Ami decides to simply read for a bit on her medicine book. She’s read it half a dozen times already, but she’s simply relaxing with the fact she is one of the final four…)

Ami: Knowing I’m definitely one step ahead, and one step closer to winning bring a huge relief over me. I know I want to go home, but I also want my fellow scouts to be proud of me. I know I can do this…

(Ami looks over at Ruri and Hikari clearing up the fire ash, and then over at Ukyo and Shinobu talking…)

Ami: …it’s just how.

* * * *


Ukyo: Well, it’s not quite the stuff I can use but…

(Despite the fact that all they have is a stove, flour, eggs and some rice and a bit of fish, Ukyo goes into her cooking zone, as somehow she manages to make an okonomiyaki without a grill using super fact movements with her spatulas, the fish and rice type may not be up to everyone’s alley, but it’s a slight difference from the norm…)

Ukyo: …eat up everyone!

(Which they do, and the guys enjoy the modified okonomiyaki from the master chef. However, avoiding comment on tomorrow’s tribal council is slightly more different that enjoying their meal...)

Shinobu: I didn’t like that challenge…

Ruri: Yes, the physical pull to do wasn’t exactly easy…

Shinobu: I meant what it’s going to make us do tomorrow…

(quiet around apart from eating…)

Hikari: I know.

(There is a series of nods from the girls as the atmosphere can be cut with one of Ukyo’s spatulas. Even though no-one will admit it, there is a hidden tension among these five girls…)

* * * *


Ukyo: Well Shinchan, what will happen if you win?

(Shinobu is a bit surprised of the question, as the five girls decide to take a chance to actually wonder what would happen if they did win…)

Shinobu: Well…

Ami: Hmm?

Shinobu: I’ve…I’ve never thought about winning before…

(A bit of surprise emerges from the girls…particularly Hikari.)

Hikari: You’ve got this far, and yet you’ve never considered you can win this?

Shinobu: Well…I’ve never really done well at anything before, so winning…

Ami: Shinobu, you’ve got a fifth of a chance of winning, and you can do it. You know it. So, come on, if you did win what would you do?

(Shinobu pauses and thinks…then)

Shinobu: Open a restaurant.

(The girls smile and Ukyo chuckles…)

Ukyo: Well, don’t come to Nerima, any competition I need to slaughter…

Shinobu: (Blushes) Ano…well, cooking is the main thing I’m good at…and I think Urashima-sempai would be happy if I did win, I guess those are my reasons…

Hikari: Aww…we’ve embarrassed her. (to Ami) What about you Ami?

Ami: Me? Well…umm…I don’t know. I guess I’d put some of it towards my education, and maybe use it to help into the world of nursing, maybe put towards a branch of my mother’s place…or use it just to help everyone…

Ruri: Ami-san is a charity girl at heart aren’t you?

(Ami blushes as Hikari makes Ukyo her next victim.)

Ukyo: Well…(sighs)…I guess if I won, I’d know my business would never suffer…maybe it can help in getting Ranma impressed…but that’s shallow, besides he’s not the type for that. His father on the other hand…

Ami: Oh yes, you’ve told me about him.

Ukyo: Three things he cares for. Himself, his stomach and his wallet. Anything else, he gets others to do his dirty work. No wonder I hit him so hard when I got the chance…

Ami: …and we know what Hikari is using the money for if she wins.

(Hikari blushes, but nods.)

Hikari: Touji…I can still do this, just wait a bit longer…

Ami: So, what about you Ruri?

(Ruri looks up…then down…and shakes her head)

Ruri: I don’t know.

Ami: Huh?

Ruri: Honestly, I don’t know…I just wanted Tenkawa and the others to be proud of me for doing something other than being on the Nadesico. The money was no matter to me. If I do win, I’d probably be better giving it to the runner-up…

(Shot of Ukyo and Hikari clasping Ruri’s hands…)

Ukyo/Hikari: We’re keeping her on now no matter what…

Ruri: Idiots.

(The group laugh, but sooner than later, these conversations will not be any laughing matter…)

* * * *


Shinobu: So…

Ami: Well, Ruri won’t tell me anything, at least yet…

Shinobu: O.K, I’d rather not know.

Ami: (smiles) That’s our sweet Shinobu for you…

(Ami leaves, wondering what to do…)

Ami: This is such a bad way to end the game, but one we need to do…

(Shot of Hikari cleaning up with Ukyo…)

Hikari: Night is approaching, and with that…comes the dawn of a new day.

Ukyo: The last day for one of us.

(The two look at each other before smiling…)

Hikari: Forget it for tonight?

Ukyo: No problem sugar.

(As they clean up, under the darkening sky, Ruri puts a hand on ‘CASPAR’ the last ‘Magi’.)

Ruri: It’s time…to end this…Cody…Hikari….

(Although we can’t be sure, a faint smile may have come up on Ruri’s face as she stands up to head to the others, to join maybe for a couple more games of Uno before it gets completely dark. For tomorrow, tomorrow comes today.)

* * * *

DAY 36


Chromus: 12 hours pass quickly…or rather, the group have had very little sleep. No wonder, with a devastating council coming up…

(Shot of Ruri rubbing her eyes from lack of sleep, or just from mosquitoes, can’t tell, it is Ruri after all.)

Ruri: (tired) Maybe I’ve been getting used to sleeping in…

Ruri: I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous in my life…

Ruri: …I’d better get back into habit when I go back to the Nadesico.

(Ruri, in a surprising gesture, decides to try and cook using the stove, just using a bit of rice, having a hunch that no-one is going to be too hungry the morn of a Tribal Council day…)

(…as usual, she’s right.)

Hikari: Hey Ruri-ruri, didn’t expect you to be up…and cooking? (smiles) I guess hanging around me all this time must have done you some good.

Ruri: (without a trace of sarcasm) You know, I think you’re right.

Hikari: (blushes) Thank you.

Ruri: Anyway, is anybody else getting up?

Hikari: As long as you don’t burn the rice, they will. I don’t think I got much more than 4 hours sleep last night, and I don’t think they fared any better…

(Shot of a very groggy Ukyo getting up…)

Ukyo: Go…od…morn….ing…every…body….

(Shinobu has to steady Ukyo as she getting up from the camp…)

Ruri: At least I’m not the worst this morning….

Hikari: You got that right…

(Shot of Ami, fine and dandy, hey, it’s normal for her.)

Ami: Good morning…

Ruri: Morning Ami-san…although considering tonight, it might not be so good…

Ami: (sighs) I didn’t want to be reminded about that…

Hikari: Tough, we’d better get used to it…

(It may be what they have to get used to, but we have no inclination on who the discarded will be…yet…)

* * * *

(After a Ruri-fied small meal, which was edible, the group are beginning their chores with a half-hearted effort. However, with all but one knowing the Magi strategy, is the writing on the wall…or in this case the floor…)

Shinobu: What if it’s me? I mean, if it wasn’t for you Ami-san, I wouldn’t even know about this…

Ami: (sigh) I guess I’d better have a talk with Ruri soon, otherwise I’m going to go nuts…I’ve been trying to think who it is, and honestly, I don’t know.

Shinobu: I’m so nervous Ami…

Ami: I think we all are, Shinobu-chan. We all are.


(Shot of Ruri staring at the same spot, her handprint still slightly there where she marked Caspar)

Ruri: So now…after everything…it all comes down to this…

(Ruri takes a look round the island, before shaking her head)

Ruri: Baka.

(Not sure who she is referring to…)

(Shot of Hikari looking on at the girl, whose cut hair is shining in the sun as Hikari smiles)

Hikari: Just like a cute little doll…except this doll knows what to do…

(Hikari continues to swim, anything to get her mind off the situation…which is something Ukyo can’t do…)

Ukyo: (throwing up) ….

(Actually, it would be better if we didn’t show you that…)

* * * *


(…three hours later however, things get more interesting…)

Ami: I guess you’re ready to talk are you Ruri-chan?

Ruri: (nods) And I figure you know why?

Ami: Let’s just get this over with…

(Ruri looks over her shoulder, and smiles slightly…the two are on the spot of Caspar, and it looks like business is about to pick up…)

Ruri: Right, well Ami, I think Caspar is represented by…

(We don’t hear who she says, we just see Ami’s slight look of surprise, before a hint of resignation…)

(…but we do hear several logs dropping to the floor. Ami and Ruri turn around…)

(…to see a shocked Ukyo obviously overhearing the thing…and who they were picking…)

(…O.K, NOW business has picked up.)

Ukyo: Ami….

Ami: (panics) Ukyo…I’m…

Ukyo: (slightly angry) I believed…

Ruri: Ukyo-san, it’s not what it looks…

Ukyo: Oh sure…I just see you two talking about voting me off, and it’s not what it looks…

Ami: Ukyo, ple…

Ukyo: Ami, I know you’re friends with Ruri, but I believed in you. Shinobu said I could trust you…and now…(teary)…DAMMIT!

(Ukyo runs off, crying. Ami has a few tears herself as she turns to Ruri…)

Ami: Why?

(Ruri is silent…before Ami can question her, she walks off, as Ami feels really bad…)

Ami: I made a pact with Ruri that we wouldn’t vote each other, but it never came to my mind to vote someone on my side off. And now this time, it seems like all the IQ in the world can’t save my guilt…

* * * *


Ukyo: Why? Just because what she says Ami is going to go along with it?

(Ukyo, with Shinobu, still a tad angry…Shinobu on the other hand is into shock…)

Shinobu: Ucchan…I’m…

Ukyo: (wipes a few tears) I’m…I’m sorry Shinchan, I never thought I’d be such a crybaby…maybe because I don’t like losing…not like this anyway…

Shinobu: Do you…do you hate them?

(Ukyo shakes her head)

Ukyo: It’s the game…and I expected it. It’s just…well, y’know…getting so close…

Shinobu: And coming now…

(Unknown to the two girls, Ruri is watching from the ocean, and she is shaking her head…)

Ruri: I think what I’m going to do is the best thing I could do…

* * * *


Hikari: So, you wanted to talk to me?

Ruri: Yes, Hikari-kanjou.

(Shot of Hikari and Ruri walking down a path to Minori, away from everything else, and maybe giving Ami and Ukyo some time to talk…)

Hikari: All this time and you’re still calling me captain. (smiles) Old habits die hard right?

Ruri: Right…although it’s appropriate, you’ve been looking after the old tribe, and me in particular since the start, and without you, I’d have never come this far.

Hikari: (bows) Thank you.

Ruri: We’ve been through a lot…ever since Cody was voted off (fingers her little carving Cody gave her), to this day, when the strategy to choose who needed to stay and who needed to go came through...

Hikari: Yes. Sakura and Joey have gone…and you still haven’t told me your choice this time…although from the way I saw Ukyo today, I have a hunch something happened that shouldn’t have…

(Ruri goes all quiet)

Hikari: Ruri-ruri…

Ruri: Yes, I made my choice. Who needs to go…who doesn’t deserve to have a shot at the final four…

Hikari: (nods) Yes?

(Ruri tells Hikari…)

(We don’t hear anything, only Hikari’s eyes bug out in shock. The two seem to have an animated conversation…well, Hikari is animated, Ruri is her usual calm self. Ruri’s words seem to calm Hikari down…but it comes down as Hikari goes on her knees and hugs the girl, tears in her eyes…)

* * * *


Ukyo: …Ami-san, I told you all is forgiven, I had a feeling something like this could happen…

Ami: I can try and change her mi…

Ukyo: (smiles) Don’t bother. There isn’t anyone else you can really vote for without being guilty…I’m just sorry I exploded on you sugar…

Ami: (shaking her head) It just doesn’t seem…

Shinobu: …fair?

Ami: Yes.

Ukyo: I learnt a long time ago sugar that life seldom is fair. All you ca do is pick yourself up from it…

Shinobu: That’s wise words Ucchan…

Ukyo: (smirks) Plus I got further than Akane-chan did last time…

(the two other girls facefault, but have to smile…)

Ami: Sometimes you’re sillier than Usagi…

(The girls all laugh, as at that point, Hikari and Ruri return. Hikari’s eyes are still moist, but she has a small smile on her face…)

Hikari: I think all is well…(turns to Ruri…)

Ruri: I think I need to speak with them as well.

(Hikari nods, and we finally see Hikari’s hand clutching Ruri’s tightly, like mother and daughter. Ruri squeezes back as the two let go, as they approach. The look Ukyo gives Ruri isn’t one of hostility, but of recognition. Ruri nods, knowing armageddon is upon them…)

* * * *


Ami: I don’t know what she’s talking about…but it doesn’t seem like Ukyo wants to kill her…

Hikari: (looks at Ami and then Ruri) I know.

Ami: I feel so rotten though…

Hikari: …not as rotten as I feel.

Ami: I guess…

(The two girls remain quiet)

Ami: I guess I’ll go for a swim, just to get my mind off things. You coming Hikari?

Hikari: (nods) In a sec…

(As Ami leaves, Hikari shakes her head)

Hikari: Forgive her Ami-chan. She didn’t want to hurt you…


Ukyo: …you’re…serious aren’t you?

Ruri: (nods) I feel it is right, after taking so much…

Ukyo: Well…I guess…but now you’re making feel guilty…

Shinobu: Ruri-san, are you sure?

(Ruri nods)

Ukyo: Anything bad I thought about you have quickly been thrown out of the window…

Ruri: Baka…

Ukyo: …except for that one.

(Shinobu chuckles as Ruri remains stoic…)

Ruri: Can I ask one favour?

Ukyo: Sure sugar.

Ruri: I’m going to ask this of Ami-san and Hikari-kanjou as well, but can you…

(Ruri tells Shinobu and Ukyo her plan. Shinobu blushes a bit but Ukyo nods)

Ukyo: I think that’s a nice symbol. Sure sweetie.

Chromus: O.K, I’m lost. What the heck is going on?

* * * *


Chromus: An hour before council, all is surprisingly well. Clean air, sunset boulevard, Ami-chan in a stunning blue velvet dress…huh?

(Shot of Ami in one of her dresses she won in a previous reward challenge…)

Ami: I’d have never thought of this Ruri, but this is a nice idea…

Ruri: I think it fits for the final passing between us five.

(Ruri is dresses in a short black dress which shimmers against the dimming sun, very sophisticated)

Ukyo: (inside the camp) I think I know why I hate dresses, they’re so difficult to put on!

Hikari: (camp) Oh lighten up, a Council may be coming but hey, might as well go out in style…

Ukyo: (camp) Easy for you to say…oh, and the way that dress fits you, you look like Shampoo so my urges to kill continue to rise…

Shinobu: (camp) Guys, not now!

(Ami sweatdrops as Ruri mutters ‘baka baka’ under her breath)

(Finally, Hikari emerges, in…well…a stunning Chinese red and gold dress, which is a bit daring, showing off quite a bit of skin on the legs, actually she looks more like Yohko Mano than Shampoo, and she is a bit embarrassed by this…)

Hikari: Ummm…I don’t think I’m old enough to show this much skin…

Ukyo: (teasing) Why? I thought Touji might appreciate it…

(Hikari blushes as Ukyo emerges in a violet dress and stockings, you can tell she is quite uncomfortable with it, but it still fits her quite well…)

Ukyo: Geez, guess living as a boy for 10 years didn’t help much…

Hikari: (revenge teasing) Why? I thought Ranma might appreciate it…

Ami: Shinobu, come on…

Shinobu: (nervous) Urmm…right!

(Finally, Miss Maehara in all her kawaii glory emerges, in a pink and flowery kimono (with cherry blossoms coming out of nowhere surrounding her). To summarise…

All but Ruri: Kawaii!

(…then again, they did it better than I could.)

(So, how come they are all more comfortable now? Acceptance…or surprise? As the girls leave, Hikari holds Ruri’s hand and Ami holds the other. Shinobu clutches onto Ukyo, looking very nervous. Ukyo remains calm, as Hikari and Ruri look from back to front, knowing this situation was one they wished was best avoided…)

(…but it’s here.)

* * * *


(Shot of Chromus trying not to drool like the pathetic fanboy…if all else fails, he can blaim Tom’s body…)

Chromus: Umm…this wasn’t quite what I was expecting…

Ami: We felt it was a way to symbol our unity even in defeat of one of us.

Chromus: (blushing) Well, I guess…but anyway, welcome ladies of Tsucus Tribe. This is the final Tribal Council I’ll be hosting, because for the next three days, you’ll be hosted by a rival getting her feet wet, and also you’ve have nothing but immunities for two days, and then the final vote, decided by the jury, which now includes Joey Wheeler…

(Chromus indicates the jury, consisting of one cat-girl, one swordsman, one martial artists and one duelist. They give calm smiles to the 5 girls…although Joey has a drooling face one, and is subsequently elbowed by Sakura.)

Chromus: Well, what a few days, and I’m certainly none the wiser. Ami, winning immunity means you’re a guaranteed final four. One step closer to winning, all I ask is…can you do it?

Ami: I know that whatever happens, I’ll be up against three people who can win as much as I can, who deserve to win, and who want to win. I will be giving it my best to win as will all those with me tomorrow night.

Chromus: Yes, you’ll be visiting Tribal Council for three nights consecutive now. Ukyo, you’ve said yourself you are always in trouble if you don’t win immunity. Any problems now?

Ukyo: I feel that either I’m going to stay here or not, and if I’m here, great. If not, I can safely say that the last month has been a wild ride, and I don’t mind getting off my stop here and wish the others good luck from the jury.

Chromus: Very well…finally, Ruri. You’ve been the orchestrator of many of the evictions of this island…will it be the same tonight.

(Ruri looks up and says one word)

Ruri: Yes.

Chromus: Short and honest. Just like Ruri herself. Well, the laptops are down, let’s the vote commence!

(Shot as the girls work the keyboards with their votes…)


It feels so rotten to come down to this, but in the end, this is how it works, we knew it would happen sooner or later…

VOTE: Ukyo

She is the biggest threat now, and that’s the only reason that the vote is for, no matter what Ruri says. Ukyo, I’m sorry, that’s all I can say.


Why? She explained it to me, yet I can’t understand why…we made a promise as well…but…it’s what she wants…


Vote: Ukyo

If all goes well, this won’t matter.


I applaud your sacrifice, and I wished I’d got to know you better…


As I said, I forgive everything, and someone as noble and pure-hearted probably does deserve to be here more than I do…

Vote: Ruri

…thank you for this gift, Ruri-ruri.

* * * *

Chromus: O.K, the votes are tabled, let’s see who is the 5th member of the jury and the final four.

(The blue screen travels down, as Chromus types in the access code and awaits the results…)

Chromus: And the first vote is for…

(Shot of the screen, ‘UKYO’)

Chromus: Ucchan.

(Ukyo nods)

Chromus: Second vote…Ruri.

(Ruri also nods, Ami’s hand a bit tighter…)

Chromus: Third vote, Ucchan.

(Ukyo stares on the ground, not wanting to see anything…)

Chromus: Fourth vote, Ruri-ruri.

(Ruri feels Hikari’s grip tighten, and the tears in the class rep are threatening to spill…)

Chromus: The final vote…and fifth person on the jury…

(It comes up, and Ami gasps…)

Chromus: (sighs) Ruri.

(Ruri’s stoic face comes into a full fledged sweet smile, the one she usually reserves for Akito. Chromus has to smile as well as he continues instruction…)

(…meanwhile, Ami is trying to figure out everything, and being the smart girl, her eyes light up…)

Ami: You mean…

(Ruri turns and nods at Ami, who is a bit stunned to say the least…)

Chromus: Miss Ruri Hoshino, will you please come up here please?

(Ruri nods, and gives a bow to the 4 remaining girls. She comes up, her smile still plastered on her face, which Chromus can’t beat as it’s contagious…)

Chromus: Didn’t think you’d be this happy Ruri-ruri, but the tribe has spoken. (Power of One plays) We’ll see you soon.

(Ruri nods and turns back to the final four)

Ruri: I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who helped me get this far, gone, jury or still here, I couldn’t have done it without you. This past month has been something I’ll never forget. Ami, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t put you through it, I’m sure you know why.

(Ami nods, but crying. She stands up and hugs Ruri for quite a while. Ruri’s smile still in place as she leaves. Ruri then hugs Ukyo and Shinobu briefly, before Hikari almost glomps here with tears…)

Hikari: I’m…so…sorry…

Ruri: Don’t be, I’m not.

(Ruri reluctantly lets go, and goes to leave, giving Felicia a little hug as well on the jury as Ruri Hoshino becomes the 5th member of the jury.)

Chromus: (crying) How touching…well, you won’t have to wait long to see her again, she’ll be watching from the jury tomorrow night, but I won’t be here, as I’ve got an appointment with the world’s greatest scientist…now, to drag Tom from Duelist Kingdom…(chuckles)…but considering Ash is off, he may want to leave…

(Ruri and Chromus leave together, as the final four has been decided…Hikari and Ami finally calming down, as there is now just three days on the island…)

* * * *

Ruri’s confessional;

Yes, I orchestrated my own voting off. Why you may ask? Have I been branded the biggest idiot of them all? No…I just continued with the strategy of voting off the least worthy person…and I felt it was me. I don’t need the money, I’m a Peaceland princess whether I like it or not. But I don’t need the money because I’ve got the Nadesico. My mission was to make them proud of me, and by getting this far, and letting four people who deserve to have their lives changed may have been the best thing I’ve done on the island. Ami-san, I think you know and understand why I lied to you, but in the end, if that is my legacy, then so be it. I’m proud to be on the jury and I can now decide who can win. Everyone, thank you.

Who Ruri wants to win: Hikari…but just. She’s been with me since the start and I hope she continues to the end. If it’s with Ami in the final two, that would be both perfection and disaster for me.

Who Ruri thinks will win: Ami…but just. I think she may have more support from the jury, it could be my vote which decides it eventually. I guess it isn’t the first difficult decision I’ll make.

Who Ruri wants off next: Very difficult to say considering just four people left…I’ll guess I’ll say Ukyo, despite giving her a reprieve.


Shinobu: Thank you, and I’m sorry.

Hikari: I can’t believe you’d do something like this after all we’ve been through, the promise that Cody made, and…and…I’m so proud of you. You’ve come from the ill and scared girl to this noble and pure being. I don’t know if I’ll see you again after it’s all over, but if I ever have a daughter, I know what her name is going to be.

* * * *

Ruri’s stats on the island;

Ruri, at first, seemed ready to go early, the fact she got ill didn’t help the obvious fact she was the weakest on the island. However, her smarts and her charm helped win a fanbase of her tribe which kept her on to the merge. Then, when Ami came along, a good friendship helped solidify her position on the tribe, especially when she cost Tamahome a chance to stay. Since then, Ruri divised the ‘Magi’ strategy, to vote off the members who played the game worst. After Sakura and Joey went, Ruri shocked everyone by saying that she was actually the worst player, and actually told Hikari, Shinobu and Ukyo to vote her off, considering she and Ami made a promise to not vote her off. Although it killed Hikari to do it, the plan went through and Ruri finds herself on the jury.


Ruri (3) Shinobu, Ukyo, Hikari

Ukyo (2) – Ami, Ruri

Next time;

Guest host alert, and a former guest host isn’t too pleased…

Immunity 1: Dropped in four corners of the night as soon as Council is over, they know who is immune before they can even breathe…

Ami and Hikari reflect on Ruri’s sacrifice, what does it mean now for the remaining Locus rep?

Immunity 2: The trademark quiz episode. If Ami is still here, is it already decided?

And then, the final two, as the jury come at them in full force. Who makes it, who doesn’t? Find out next time…

* * * *