The Gloves Are Off

(Shot of Chromus, still not cured, on the phone with someone…)

Chromus: …look, we’ve got to hold on to our current forms right until the reunion, that way, Washu and Skuld can do their thing right…(under his breath) as long as they aren’t arguing over who is the smarter of the two…(Out loud)…you got that Tom?

(A bit of silence)

Chromus: You’re still upset over Misty getting voted off? GET OVER IT! (switches phone off) If I do a third one, make sure I get Donald himself…or Arp, Globie, Star, FF…heck, anyone other than Tom…

(Shot and overview of the island as Chromus emerges from where Julia was that night…)

Chromus: As the night casts it’s black shadow, just when it was safe to be in Locus, one of their own betrays them. Then again, was she ever on their side? Ruri has made the strategy, the ‘Magi’ strategy, work for her and has eliminated Sakura last night. Now, what else can happen?

(The walk back to camp – the three girls, Ami, Shinobu and Ukyo are pretty much happy, especially Ukyo, at things going back to right. However, the other Minori member isn’t quite as happy…)

Joey: O.K, who was it?

(Both Hikari and Ruri are pretty much unfazed from Joey’s outburst, although Hikari seems a bit shaken…but not from Joey.)

Hikari: It wasn’t me…I know that. Cross my heart.

Joey: Hmmm…considering how religious Hikari is, I believe her. So Ruri? It was you wasn’t it?

(Ruri doesn’t speak and simply walks ahead of Joey, to the point of frustration for the duelist…)

Joey: Hey kid, I’m talking to you!

(Ruri continues to walk on and instead, Ami notices the girl and waves her on. Ruri continues, but just for the record…)

Ruri: Idiot.

* * * *


Ami Mizuno – Sailor Moon

Hikari Horaki – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Joey Wheeler – Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ruri Hoshino – Martian Successor Nadesico

Shinobu Maehara – Love Hina

Ukyo Kuonji – Ranma ½


Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke

Sakura Kasunago – Street Fighter Alpha

Felicia – Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge

* * * *

DAY 31 – 7.45am

Chromus: The morning of Day 31. This morning begins another 3-day cycle as just 6 now remain, and for Hikari, each day is now like a sword of Damascus dangling above their heads…

(Shot of Hikari, the only one up, looking to make the breakfast, but in a subdued way…)

Hikari: The fact that Ruri had to have voted for Sakura was both good and bad. Good because it at least made the shaky coalition the 4 of us had practically destroyed, and bad…for the same reason.

Hikari: I think I understand why…but…

Ruri: …you still are wondering kanjou?

(Hikari is surprised to see Ruri, not making a peep, behind her)

Hikari: Ruri, um…I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you…

Ruri: That’s O.K. That’s why I want to talk with you as well…I think it’s only fair, can you come with me please?

Hikari: Huh? Why?

Ruri: You’ll see…

(Ruri takes Hikari by the hand, the Eva girl blushing slightly before the two walk off. Hikari complains that she won’t be able to do breakfast, Ruri counters with ‘Ukyo just got a reprieve, the least she can do is cook…’)

* * * *


(…fortunately, as she is 95% of the time, Ruri is right, as Ukyo is indeed going into the breakfast with much gutso…)

Ukyo: When that final vote for Sakura came out, I was expecting to say goodbye to my friends here. But instead, I’m still here, on cloud nine and realising the dream is still there. Remind me to thank whoever changed that last vote…

(Ukyo is cooking, and humming her verses to the song ‘Yooi Don!’ a group fiancé song, involving her, Akane, Shampoo and Kodachi…)

(…someone not in as a happy mood, Joey, still reacts to the breakfast sizzling on the makeshift pan, although not as enthusiastic as before…)

Joey: Urgghh…what world am I living in now…

Ukyo: He’s lost himself.

Joey: Oh…food…(collapses as Ukyo sweatdrops…)

Ukyo: I would pity him, really I would…

* * * *


(By now, Shinobu and Ami have got up and smelt the breakfast, although still no sign of Hikari and Shinobu, Ami of course thinks she knows where they went, but keeps it to herself for the moment.)

Ukyo: If they don’t get back soon, Joey’s is going to eat their share…

Joey: No thanks…not hungry for food by traitor girls…

(Underneath her voice, Ukyo mutters ‘pot calling the kettle black’)

Ami: I think he’s gone…

Shinobu: Um Joey, are you alright?

Joey: Er…oh sure kid, fine. (begins to eat some rice, but he’s obviously not in too much condition to do anything…)

Shinobu: After Sakura went, it seems Joey has lot that spirit and will to fight…it’s rather sad…

Ami: (shouting) Ruri! Hikari! Breakfast is ready!

* * * *

Ruri: …that’s why I did it.

Hikari: But how can you be sure what your choices will happen?

Ruri: They well…(sighs)…whether I like it or not, but what the magi say goes, and they say that…

(They then hear Ami, and nod)

Hikari: I’m still not sure about it, but at the moment, I’ll trust you Ruri-ruri.

(The two walk off to rejoin the others…)

* * * *

(At the breakfast table, Joey is slightly more animated, well, if occasional glares at Ruri which the girl barely notices counts…)

Hikari: It’s hard to notice that Sakura is gone. The only way you’d know is by the way Joey is acting…

Ami: I don’t think Joey got much sleep last night, the anxiety of Sakura going must have hit him hard, it was like he didn’t expect it, and his heart has been removed by a snatcher…

Joey: Whether I like it or not, Sakura is gone and I need to get on with…er, what was I doing here by the way? Oh yes…money, win, for sister. I’ll do that…right after I have a quick nap…

Hikari: Joey, that’s where the fire used to be, the ashes are still hot…


Ruri: Idiot.

Joey: Hey, I didn’t need to hear that from you, you traitor…

Ruri: Really? Am I really the traitor?

Joey: Yes, of course you are, and you call me the idiot! You voted against us, your tribe and your chance to wi…

Ruri: Aren’t you a part of Tsunami tribe?

(Silence…as Ami slaps her head in frustration in Joey, Shinobu looks sad and Ukyo has a satisfied smirk…)

Joey: Well, yes, but…

Ruri: And don’t I have a reason going against you? (calm) Like maybe when I was threatened when I was trying to ‘recruit’ Ami?

(Now Joey is looking with an idiotic look, as everyone, even Hikari, are staring at the duelist, to see how he can get out of this one…)

Ruri: Maybe you should consider your own actions Mr Wheeler before you consider others…

(Ruri stands up, bows for the meal and goes off to wash her plate, leaving ‘Mr Wheeler’ a bit stunned, and the others in a mixed range of emotions, of smiles, stares, shock and silence…)

Ami: Ruri hit it on the head, people may blame others but in the end, it’s our own actions that decide our fate.

* * * *


Chromus: With the groups becoming smaller, the conversations also get smaller. It’s hard to distinguish who is with who, but one is obvious…Joseph Wheeler may have to go through this alone now…

(Shot of Joey with his wallet with his sister’s picture in it)

Joey: In the past, if all else failed, I’ve had my friends with me. Yugi, Tristan and Tea. Here, it seemed similar at first…but then it changed when I met Sakura. I never thought I’d go down the Mai route of sneakiness…but like her, it ended in disaster.

(Joey closes his wallet)

Joey: Sorry sis…maybe this is the end for me…

(Shot of Shinobu with Ami as the duelist stands up and heads for whatever…)

Shinobu: It feels bad that it ended like this…

Ami: I know Shinobu, I know, but each to their own decisions…

(Both girls shake their heads, as Ami resumes tutoring Shinobu, filling in for both Keitaro and Naru in this instance…)

Hikari: Ami is pretty smart Ruri, you think if you and her swapped places, the respective worlds would figure out the distance…

Ruri: I just think they might…(points at her Sasami pigtails)…that might be a giveaway…

Hikari: …I guess, plus I guess the fact that you can’t turn into a Scout would kind of be a problem…(smiles)…hey.

Ruri: Huh?

Hikari: After the reward challenge, do you want me to give you a hair cut?

Ruri: (surprised) What?

Hikari: You know, to surprise your shipmates back on the Nadesico, this weeks Ruri-chan!

Ruri: (very close to sweatdropping…) Ummm…

Hikari: Come on, it will be fun! We could design you a whole new look…

Ruri: Hikari-kanjou, I’m sure if I should…

Hikari: Oh don’t worry, I’m pretty good, I did it for my sisters back home, there is no reason why I couldn’t do it for you…or do you want it cut?

(Ruri fingers her pigtails, and thinks…before standing up…)

Ruri: I would be honoured.

Hikari: Huh?

Ruri: (smiles slightly) I could say it was a souvenir from my new friend on the island.

(Hikari blushes slightly, but nods as Ruri and Hikari take a walk together before the challenge…)

(Shot of Ukyo up a tree, trying to cut down some sugar cane and an edible nut or two, but has kept a birds-eye view of everyone there…)

Ukyo: Those guys together, they look so sweet…(sighs)…why isn’t it the same for me?

Ukyo: I’ve never been the angsty type person…but looking at everyone else, it kinda shows that I’m the odd girl out…I think I have been since Felicia went. However, I still want to win this and as long as Shinchan and Ami-chan are still with me, there is always hope. Just for me, not a lot of it…

Ukyo: I never realised how lonely I was…

* * * *


Joey: I’m going on ahead…I just want to get this over with…

Hikari: I think Joey is still a bit tired…

Shinobu: Poor boy…

Ukyo: We’ve still got these challenges now?

Ami: I think any victory will lighten anyone up now, I just hope they’ve got a good reward ready…

Ruri: It won’t matter if we don’t catch up…

Ami: Huh? (realises Joey has gone a bit too ahead…) Aw…wait for us…

* * * *


Boot Camp At Survivor, Battle Athletes style…

(Shot of a poor unfortunate sap still trapped in Tom’s body…in other words, Chromus isn’t an happy camper…)

Chromus: I can’t believe I’ve got to wait until the reunion to be fixed…don’t those two realise I’m busy…

Ukyo: Guess whatever he went for didn’t work…

Chromus: You said it sister…but anyway, I’d better get this going, contractual obligations and all that…anyway, we’ve prepared a little assault course for you guys to sink your teeth in…

(The ‘course’ is roughly a mile along the beach, although it actually starts in the sea. From the start, the six will swim to the beach, then after a small run, there are a series of bikes awaiting everyone, where they will ride for half a mile before running for the end.)

(However, there is always a catch, but no telling yet…)

Chromus: Well, this is a very physical reward challenge, as you will soon see. First, we’ll transport you into the ocean, where you will swim from Point A to Point B, and then go through the course as you can see. It’s mostly running, but you’ll have to catch up on your bike skills.

(Most of the group shake their heads at the challenge, but Chromus smiles.)

Chromus: However, trust me on this, anyone can win this challenge. So, let’s get this show on the road…

(Shot of Chromus transporting the 6 castaways by boat as there are 6 buoys, signalling a starting point. Chromus situates them in alphabetical order from left to right (Ami, Hikari, Joey, Ruri, Shinobu, Ukyo) and begins to prepare to drive to the top half of the island, where the finishing line is.)

Chromus: Oh, and you may start if you wish…

(Before anyone can resist the urge to sweatdrop, Joey starts swimming. That is like a bullet shot for everyone, and they also start. Little do they know that Chromus is timing then at the end of the course, for what reason, only the demented mind of the British author can tell you…)

(The first leg of swimming however shows the determination of the group. Ami takes the lead as swimming is her event, however Joey is holding his own, with Ukyo third. Ruri is surprisingly fourth* with Hikari behind her and Shinobu last, however the distance between all six isn’t that different, whilst Ami is a fair distance ahead of Joey, the rest are quite close together…)

(On the finish line, Chromus with a pair of binoculars, keeps an eye on things…and tries not to stare too long…)

Chromus: Geez…Ucchan in a swimsuit really boggles the mind…then again, Ami is pretty sweet herself, and Ruri in that spotted suit is so kawaii! And as for Shinobu and Hik…(realises the camera is on)…err…ummm…anyway, Ami unsurprisingly is commanding herself in the sea, but they better not burn out too early…especially as this isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

(Ami is the first to leave the water, and take a few breaths. Fortunately, she had increased her lead over Ukyo who moved into second ahead of Joey. She begins running with about an 8 metre lead. Ukyo steps out and walks ahead for a bit as Joey seems exhausted. Ukyo slowly begins jogging to keep Ami in sight. Ruri, not seemingly fazed from her swim jogs ahead, although she can’t keep up with Joey. Hikari on the other hand seems content to speed up as she exit the swimming, with Shinobu still last, but stops and breathes properly before running.)

(Current standings; Ami ahead by 8 metres over Ukyo. Joey ahead of Ruri by a couple of metres with Hikari closing in, Shinobu a fair bit behind.)

(Ami reaches the bikes but Ukyo has caught some ground in the running. Ami rushes off in speed, no time for pacing herself. Ukyo gets on the bike a short time later and rushes off to try and catch up with the Mercury scout.)

(Joey is only just ahead of Hikari as the two reach the bikes. Joey however seems to be more able on the bikes than Hikari and starts to go ahead of her. Ruri then reaches the bikes…)

Ruri: O.K, what part of my memory says how to use a 20th century bicycle?

(Ruri tentavelly puts her feet on the beds and sits down.)

Ruri: There, not too difficult.

(Ruri starts…and falls…)

Ruri: (sighs) Baka.

(Shinobu manages to get on the bike as Chromus wonders where to get some stabilisers from…makes a mental note for Skuld to do that…meanwhile Ruri manages to get the hang of it eventually but Shinobu is slightly ahead of her now. Back at the top, Ami is seen as an excellent bike rider, and is increasing the lead over Ukyo. Ukyo on the other hand is not a bike rider, and is struggling. Joey is starting to catch up, drifting away from Hikari, who at least has a sufficient lead over Shinobu and Ruri.)

(Ami reaches the drop off point, stretches slightly and begins her jog, a routine she does back home as well. Ukyo manages to get second place, but is now 12 metres behind Ami. Joey, only just behind her now, also begins his run, but is obviously tired. Hikari looks tired as well as she turns in, and simply jogs.)

(Ruri and Shinobu literally come in unison as they begin to run. Shinobu has the advantage of a taller frame and goes ahead of the girl, but neither of them seem tired, so it may not be hopeless…)

(Joey realises he can’t catch up with the two girls and seems to almost give up, but he manages to get out of his slump as Hikari is catching up. However, it’s a two horse race between Ami and Ukyo.)

(At the finish line, Chromus’s large watch reads 6 minutes gone, and looks ahead of the horizon…)

Chromus: I think I see them…

(Indeed, Ami is first, and has a smile on her face as she’s huffing and puffing. There is no sign of Ukyo as she comes within the finishing line. Ukyo appears then, but about 5 metres behind Ami as the bluenette crosses first…)

Ami: 6 minutes 12 seconds…

Ukyo: 6 minutes 17 seconds…

(Ami and Ukyo hug after the victory for Ami, however, Chromus is still timing…)

(As the dust clears, pride has obviously been a factor as Joey Wheeler emerges in third place.)

Joey: 6 minutes 42 seconds…

(Hikari follows a bit later…)

Hikari: 7 minutes 7 seconds.

(Finally, in a sweet gesture, Ruri and Shinobu, holding hands, enter together to the applause of the other four and Chromus)

Ruri/Shinobu: 7 minutes 50 seconds.

* * * *

Chromus: Well, a great challenge and well won by Miss Ami Mizuno…

(Everyone congratulates Ami…)

Chromus: …however, it isn’t as simple as that.

(That gets their attention…)

Chromus: You see, it isn’t exactly fair, no offense, that someone like Ruri has a chance against someone like Ami or Ukyo…

Ruri: None taken, you’re just stating facts.

Chromus: So tonight, this race will be done again…but with a difference.

(Chromus reveals a table…)



When They Leave


7 minutes 50 seconds

1st (with Shinobu)


7 minutes 50 seconds

1st (with Ruri)


7 minutes 7 seconds

2nd (43 seconds after S/R)


6 minutes 42 seconds

3rd (25 seconds after H)


6 minutes 17 seconds

4th (25 seconds after J)


6 minutes 12 seconds

5th (5 seconds after U)

Chromus: You can probably see the real challenge, because if it goes the same way as it the first time, it should be a complete tie, which means this time, you may need to go beyond your limits. The challenge will resume at 8pm where the reward challenge will come to an end, and the reward will finally be delivered to one of you. This time, By the time Ruri and Shinobu have left, 1 minute and 38 seconds later, Ami will have made the start, and you’ll be ready for more. I’ll see you later guys…

(Chromus leaves, as the group, mostly exhausted from that experience, are left stunned that they have to do it again, especially Ami, who felt the reward was in her grasp…)

(..but just before he does…)

Hikari: Chris?

Chromus: Huh…yes Hikari?

Hikari: Can I ask you a favour?

* * * *

Ami: I felt that was mine, and now we’ve got to do it again…now I understand what Chris meant by ‘anyone can win this challenge’

Ruri: I had a feeling that there was more to this challenge than it seemed. Indeed, my own limitations are shown when compared to the athletes Ami and Ukyo are. So yes, I feel glad that I can try this again…

(Chromus has dropped off the lot in his motorcycle and carry, as the group need every ounce of rest they can get…)

(…however, the challenge has at least made Joey talk again…)

Joey: Oh man…this is more torture than listening to Tristan…

Ukyo: Nah…listening to Shampoo would give you more of a headache than anything…

Ami: Now that’s mean guys…

Joey/Ukyo: Sorry…

Ami: …after all it’s when Rei and Usagi have an argument, that’s the real pain.

(The two sweatdrop before chuckle.)

Ukyo: Wow Ami, didn’t think you had it in you…

Hikari: Guys, there is nothing worse than Asuka when she’s in one of her moods…I think I’m the only person she hasn’t got mad at yet…

Ruri: Hmmm…the only person I can see even remotely like this is Miss Subaru…

(As the group continue to make fun of their friends and colleagues, every moment counts for the reward challenge…)

* * * *


(…which Joey takes to quite literally, as he is catching on the lost sleep he didn’t get last night…)

Shinobu: Maybe Joey is now accepting what happened last night…

Ruri: I think he is as well. So he isn’t a compete idiot.

(Shinobu, Ruri and Ami are sitting together around a fire, as Ukyo and Hikari begin cooking, the three studying, Shinobu with her middle school problems, getting two tutors like Ami and Ruri helping a lot…with Ruri also helping Ami as well.)

Ukyo: Geez, studying here…I’d have thought you came here just to get away from it Ami…

Ami: I know…but I can’t help it. It feels like I need to study at all times…to follow my own dreams and wishes…

Shinobu: What about you two? Hikari? Ucchan? How are you at school?

Hikari: Me? Well, I’m the class representive and am the top student at least in Japanese, Home Economics and English. Asuka actually graduated in college but she isn’t too good at the Japanese schooling system.

Ukyo: Let’s see…along with Home Economics, my strongest subjects were Literature and Art, but studying kinda comes second place when you own your own restaurant and also a fiancé of Ranma Saotome…

Joey: *snore*

Hikari: …and I’ll think we’ll avoid any hope of anything from Joey’s schooling…

(The girls chuckle. Eventually, it becomes more of a school studying session between the 5 of them, as Hikari makes a few riceballs as the group enjoy their rest whilst they’ve got it…)

Hikari: Hey Ruri, you ready?

Ruri: (nods) Sure.

Ukyo: Huh? Ready for what?

Hikari: (winking) It’s a secret, Ruri-chan, let’s go for a walk.

* * * *


(Hikari is well into her stride…using a clean pair of scissors?)

Ruri: You actually asked him and he said yes?

Hikari: (shrugs) He may be in that Tom body, but he’s got a weakness for cute girls. Besides, I told him that the scissors were to give Ruri a whole new look, and he went into a ‘Ruri-ruri kawaii!’ routine before submitting…

Ruri: Idiot. (but smiles)

(Hikari continues her work, cutting some of Ruri’s bangs in front of her forehead, as Ruri waits patiently…under the ‘Magi’ area. Her hair let down as Hikari is now making it a bit shorter, more Sasami length (note: Ruri hair let down is a fair bit longer than Sasami/Tsunami’s from Tenchi Muyo)…)

* * * *

Hikari: Well, what do you guys think? (sweatdrops) Well…

(Shot of Ami, Ukyo and Shinobu all starry eyed as the short haired Ruri, basically her hair without her ponytails, but shorter, making her look a lot more like the adult she sounds like…)

Ukyo: That is so cool…

Shinobu: Kawaii!

Ruri: I guess it wasn’t the worst idea in the world…

Ami: We would get a male’s opinion but…

(Shot of Joey snoring anyway…as the girls facefault…)

* * * *

(Joey gets up around 5.30 and after finishing off the leftover riceballs, it seems that at least for now, he’s in a better mood…)

Joey: Sure, when Sakura went, I felt like the world has come to an end, however I realised that what happens at any time is all out of our hands…I hate to sound like Yugi, but I better believe in my own heart this time rather than the heart of the cards…

(…and then sees Ruri, and thinks he’s got a new teammate…)

(After Ukyo rightfully sends him into the ocean, Joey decides to talk to the only blue haired girl he can at least trust…)

* * * *

(Shot of Joey talking with Shinobu…)

Joey: I’m glad that you didn’t take everything to heart Shinobu…

Shinobu: I know that Joey, whether you want to win this game or not…I’ve never been in doubt where your heart is…

Joey: (smiles) Thanks ki…I mean Shinobu.

Shinobu: (also smiles) No, thank you.

Joey: Oh, the last time I called Shinobu a kid, she burst into tears…and when that happens, her tears are a worse stab in you than a spatula smack or a Shine Aqua thingamajig…

(Shot of Ukyo with Ami, shaking her head but smiling…)

Ukyo: She’s too soft…but that’s what makes her so adorable…

Ami: I know, a heart of gold.

Ukyo: I tell you though, I’ll hate her guts if she suddenly decides she has a crush on Ranma…

(Ami stiffles as chuckle as the two girls prepare to enjoy a last hour of sun before the long walk to a dreaded re-run of this mornings challenge…)

Ruri: I wonder what this reward is if it’s going to be handed out at night…

Hikari: A good nights sleep on a bed…with pillows…

Ruri: That would be nice. Missing my old bed…and my fish figurine…

Hikari: Figurine? Never thought you’d be the type Ruri…you’re so mature…

Ruri: One of the few childhood memories…and also recent ones of my memory…that I care to cherish…(blushes slightly)

Hikari: Huh? Are you…blushing?

Ruri: N…No Hikari-kanjou, not at all.

Hikari: Ruri-ruri, you are a genius and an adorable girl…but you’re a terrible liar…

Ruri: (sighs) Ruri-ruri no baka…

(Hikari laughs at Ruri’s honesty, as the two decided to stay in the shade and talk a bit more, and wondering what the prize is…)

* * * *



(Now dusk and the skies of black coming down, Chromus has put night vision goggles as the group make it to the beach, and are helped into the sea by Chromus and his boat. This time, the sea has been made into lanes, lighted by the spirits of the forest (Ashitaka’s presence must have helped…) as Chromus smiles in the dark.)

Chromus: Hikari done a good job…that looks so…


Ukyo: Sorry Chrissy, but I had to do it…

Chromus: …no problem, it’s only been a few months since you hit me at AS4…

Ukyo: Glad you understand.

Chromus: (shakes the cobwebs) Once again, the table.




When They Leave


7 minutes 50 seconds

1st (with Shinobu)


7 minutes 50 seconds

1st (with Ruri)


7 minutes 7 seconds

2nd (43 seconds after S/R)


6 minutes 42 seconds

3rd (25 seconds after H)


6 minutes 17 seconds

4th (25 seconds after J)


6 minutes 12 seconds

5th (5 seconds after U)

Chromus: I will start here and shout your name when it’s your turn to go. As soon as the last person (Ami) goes, I will head off to the finish line and await the reward winner. I wish all of you the best of luck…

(They all nod, as Chromus get’s ready…)

Chromus: Now, let’s…

(A huge scream has just occurred…)

Hikari: What was that?

Chromus: (smiles) Ah, Tom has just come back from the hospital…

Joey: Huh?

Chromus: Never mind…Ruri, Shinobu, you two will go as soon as I say ‘go’, got it?

(The two nod)

Chromus: Very well…on your marks, get set…and go!

(Ruri and Shinobu take off down their respective paths, knowing in 43 seconds, Hikari will be after them. Ruri is the better swimmer, and takes a slender lead over Shinobu as they take down the swimming path. As they nearly reached the end, Chromus signals for Hikari to start.)

(With Ruri exiting first, Hikari needs to pick up speed and think about pacing herself later, especially when Joey is given the signal to start, as he does, Shinobu has left the water and begins the first running stretch, a short run to the bikes. Hikari bolts down with confident strokes, whilst Joey is swimming with aggression and adreneline, intelligence…hmm…)

(With Joey catching up to Hikari as the girl comes to the end, Ukyo begins. 5 seconds later, Ami starts and Chromus gets out of there. Meanwhile, Ruri has reached the bikes, still in the lead, and this time is more confident on the bikes (plus we added stabelizers this time, night biking isn’t Chromus’ strong suit…) as Ruri peddles down. However, with the shortest reach, she struggles as Shinobu begins to get there. Joey has now overtaken Hikari down the running and sees Shinobu in sight.)

(Ami is out of the water ahead of Ukyo and makes a run down for the bikes. Ami knows when to jog and when to run as she patiently makes her way, not looking back to see where Ukyo is.)

(Shinobu is aware that Joey and Hikari aren’t far behind, and despite the lights pointing the way, is pretty scared of the area. Eventually, when Joey is closing in on her and Ruri not in sight, Shinobu’s adreneline and fear is too much and she skids to the side, and simply withdraws from the race. Hikari, passing her, seems ready to stop, but carries on.)

(Ruri is nearing the end of the course, but is very tired. She has to rest for a bit before taking on the long run. She can hear some pedals coming in, as Joey seems out of breath, but is ready for a dash. He has a good lead over Hikari, whose hesitation seems to have cut her out of the running…)

(Ami and Ukyo meanwhile are at the bikes and are bombing down. Ami again showing as the better bike rider, and knowing she has to go fast, begins to speed up to catch up with the pack. Ukyo is beginning to drift behind now.)

(Ruri is now exhausted and is now walking and jogging, to catch some of her breath, not used to streneous activity. She hears someone coming and tries to increase her speed, but her legs won’t let her. She hears the person come closer, and sounding exhausted…)

(Joey sees Ruri in sight and goes to pass her despite his exhaustation. Hikari is now far behind, but Joey is now running on adrenaline.)

(Ami, not tired, takes the run and knows that only passing Shinobu means that the others are on the run, picks up the pace. Ukyo follows about 30 seconds later, and as the better runner, begins to try and sprint the last 400 metres.)

(Joey with 200 metres to go, cannot seem to hold himself in, but continues with guts. Hikari has just been passed by Ami, and decides to withdraw from the race. Ukyo passes Hikari, realising that only a few left…)

(Ruri also withdraws after Ami and Ukyo pass her. It’s a three horse race this time.)

(Ami is catching up fast, but she hears Ukyo also running at stretch. Ukyo is quicker, but Ami has a good lead. However, she sees Joey in the distance, Ami tries to speed up, realising Ukyo is going to go all out…)

(…and stops short as Joey passes the finish line about 5 metres ahead of Ami, who finishes just ahead of Ukyo. Joey collapses, but gives a whoop of joy on his victory…and then coughs out the sand he just inhaled…)

* * * *

Chromus: What a contest, and indeed, what an upset, as Joey Wheeler pulls ahead and gets the victory on persistance, spirit and guts! Joey, I commend an excellent performance…

(Joey shrugs it off…humility is not good on him…^_^)

Chromus: …and I think after that, you need a good relax, so come on lad, let’s get you to a top class hotel in the suburb regions of Neo-Tokyo, where a jakuzzi, food, drink and a real bed await you…

(Joey’s smiles will need to surgically removed, as the others are muted, surprised, happy for Joey or just cursing under their breath…)

Chromus: …we’ll take your comrades back first, and then we’ll head out into town…

Joey: Yes sir!

(A victory for the duelist, and one he needed. Especially for an immunity tomorrow…)

* * * *


Ami: I think…sleep is an option I wouldn’t refuse…

Chromus: After getting back together on the island, it’s a girls night in as Joey is away, the girls will play…

(Shot of Shinobu collapsing on the shoulder of Hikari, half-asleep)

Chromus: …or maybe not.

(Ukyo carries Shinobu piggy-back to the camp, as the others all agree that an early night is what they all need…meanwhile…)

(Shot as Chromus arrives as Joey, still looking ready to collapse, finally pays attention for once to what the author is saying…)

Chromus: Well Joseph, you ready?

Joey: Yep!

(For the first time, Chromus is ready to drive off the island setting and straight into the suburbs of Neo-Tokyo. The drive takes 45 minutes, but it’s worth it, as the newly formed ‘Night Sabres 5 Star Hotel’ is a sight for sore eyes…)

Chromus: You see Joey, when the Sabres saved the world, they basically were finally recognised as the heroines they are, despite to the majority of the Japanese population they are unknown, this basically is revolved around their exploits. And so…er, Joey?

(Joey has simply got off the boat and headed off into the hotel, as Chromus tries his best not to facefault…which he fails…)

(Inside the hotel)


Chromus: Reservation under RCW please?

Joey: RCW?

Chromus: Reward Challenge Winner…hey, I’m not that biased, I didn’t know who was going to win…

Boomer Reception Lady: Please sign here please.

(Joey, not exactly used to seeing robots talking like humans, almost leaps out of his skin…)


Chromus: Oh, I forgot about that. Despite the mistrust of boomers after the Sabre’s destruction of Galactia, the fact that Nene and Mackey have gone into business thanks to Sylia Stingray in making their own line, they’ve at least got a decent fanbase. Besides, I thought it would be funny to see your reaction…

(Joey is currently auditioning for Madame Tussad’s, a famous waxworks…)

Chromus: …yeah, that’s the one. Come on Joey, let’s get some food down your gullet…

(The mention of food snaps him out of it as Chromus pays the boomer a tip, hey even robots take them, and the two going into the main dining hall for a 5 star nosh.)

* * * *

(After Chromus leaves, Joey heads for his room, which has a mini-fridge, a king-sized bed, a full digital television and some mints of course. Joey bolts for the TV, having a look what is on, after missing it for so many weeks…)

(After Joey has finally had enough watching Doreamon and Ayeshi No Cares, he collapses on the bed as at least for tonight, he will have a peaceful sleep…)

(Shot of the island)

(…but then again, so do the girls, as they don’t have to deal with Joey’s snoring…)

* * * *

DAY 32

Chromus: Through hell fire and brimstone, the survivors wake up, 5 from a sticky camp and mosquito nets, the other from a comfortable bed in a nearby hotel…

(But whilst that has been happening, Chromus has been busy for the next challenge, and as he packs up to pick up Joey, the 5 girls begin to speculate the next immunity challenge…)


(Shot of the girls having a breakfast together, Ami has managed to catch a fish and at least, they’ve had something half-decent in their tummies…)

Ukyo: I dunno how well rested Joey is going to be, but if he’s going all out, this may present a problem…

Shinobu: Um, I still don’t know why…

Ami: Don’t worry Shinobu-chan, we need to wait until the challenge happens anyway.

Ruri: The work of a chef, a genius and an eternally shy girl. (thinks for a second) For some reason, it works.

Hikari: (smiles) In the end, we’re all completely different, but have the same goals, no matter how different our reasoning may be.

(The 5 nods, as Joey is about to get a rude awakening…)

* * * *


(Told ya.)

Joey: Wha? Wazzit? Is it time to beat Kaiba?

Chromus: For you, that would take a million years. But now, we’ve got an immunity challenge to hustle to, so I suggest you get some breakfast down before you leave this place…honestly…

(As Chromus goes 3:16, the realisation of how important this immunity begins to dawn for Joey…)

* * * *


(Shot of Joey with Chromus sitting down, enjoying some home cooked breakfast, traditional Japanese for Joey, whilst Chromus settles for some cereal and toast.)

Chromus: So Joey, do you think you’ve got a chance?

Joey: If for my sis, I’ll do anything. If I have to go against them, I will. I have to positively, decisively, win immunity today.

Chromus: I see…well good luck, because this one will be a real toughy…

Joey: I don’t like the way you said that…

(With Joey desperate to win immunity, how will it affect the others?)

(Island shot, the girls are doing their activities, as they begin to spread out and talk…)

Ukyo: Shinchan, you O.K?

Shinobu: Yeah…I think. The game has really got to me Ucchan. After all this, I feel I can handle anything like Urashima-sempai always told me…

Ukyo: I think you always could, ever since that first episode…(smiles)…I guess Joey did come through for you, that was the best thing he’s done in this came.

Shinobu: Don’t be mean!

Ukyo: I’m kidding…but after all this, I see what you mean.

(On the side where the marking are printing, Ruri, Ami and Hikari all are discussing the immunity…)

Ami: …with you knowing now Hikari, I guess there is a full stretched plan now.

Hikari: Except Ruri won’t let us on it.

Ruri: I will…as soon as today is over.

(As a speedboat travels back to the island, and 5 girls prepare for the worst, this immunity may be the most tiring, testing and traumatising of the lot…)

* * * *


Look, Listen…but don’t speak…

(At 12 midday, Joey comes to land and waves to the girls who catch up with him. They begin talking for a while, before Chromus comes onto land and coughs to get their attention…)

(…of course, being in Tom form, they ignore him, as Chromus fumes. Eventually, they pay attention, obviously wanting to get along with this challenge…)

Chromus: O.K, now we are all here and ready, I will explain this challenge. Now, remember the log challenge where Ashitaka and Felicia nearly lasted 24 hours on?

(A few gulp, thinking that a replay of that challenge could be well on the cards…)

Chromus: Well, it’s similar, but I have a hunch it won’t last as long. O.K, the rules for this challenge are simple. As soon as I finish speaking, you musn’t a) speak or b) move 50 yards ahead of you. If you do, you’ll be eliminated from the challenge. Understand?

(Some are about to speak…but hold their tongue and nod. Chromus smiles.)

Chromus: So, it isn’t just Ruri and Ami who have brain cells. Very good. Now why might I ask you do this, surely it’s much simplier to do than the log…(snaps his fingers)…not quite.

(Suddenly, the real nature of the challenge become apparent, and most of the group are now probably cursing me in their mind…)

Chromus: Such an easy task now?

(Ahead of them now are friends and family from their various shows, all of them eager to see them, eager to talk…but they can’t talk or move to them otherwise they are eliminated from the challenge.)

Chromus: Ami-chan, if you want to, go talk to Rei Hino and Usagi Tsukino, but that means automatic defeat.

(Shot of Rei and Usagi waving at the girl)

Chromus: Hikari-chan, you’ve got Miss Asuka Langhley Sohryu waiting….oh, and fuzzy little companion as well…

(Hikari smiles as Asuka waves to her friend, probably the only person Asuka has never shouted at in the show…also along with her is Pen-pen, the hot spring penguin. Kawaii!)

Chromus: Joey, a familiar duo to see you…

(Shot of Joey’s best bud Tristan and his other best bud Yugi Moto.)

Chromus: Ruri-chan, I’m sure you know these two…

(Shot of Akito Tenkawa and Minato Haruka from Nadesico, as Ruri’s face seems placid, but her actions seem…moving…)

Chromus: Shinobu-chan…I don’t need to explain…

(Although already been visited by Su and Taichi, in front of her is now Naru Narusegawa and Keitaro Urashima)

Chromus: Finally Ucchan, guess who?

(Indeed, in front of Ukyo is Ranma Saotome, as well as Konatsu, Ukyo’s ‘tenant’ if you will.)

* * * *

Chromus: Now, to win immunity is the last person to not move or speak. It could take 10 minutes or 10 hours, but please let’s not have a re-run of the log challenge. O.K, vow of silence, let’s see how long they can last.

(This is definitely the groups endurance and will power, as everyone wanted to see their friends. Shinobu is literally trying to grip the sand and hold on. Ukyo seems teary-eyed whilst Joey is kicking a tree in frustration. Hikari, Ami and Ruri seem composed, but Ami’s sad head down tells the story, whilst Hikari lies down and tries to looking at Asuka. Ruri remains standing, but her golden eyes wide open is a sign of want…)

8 minutes…

(…it doesn’t take long for the first person to crack.)

Shinobu: Urashima-sempai, Naru-sempai!

(Shinobu runs and bawls into Naru’s arms, and welcomes a hug from Keitaro, Shinobu trying her best not to blush. It’s almost like a family moment, as Chromus smiles.)

Chromus: Right, well, I won’t torture the others by watching them talk, so you can return to camp if you wish and get re-acqauainted, whilst immunity continues.

Shinobu: (bows) Hai!

Naru: Come on Shinobu-chan, let’s see what you’ve been up to here.

Keitaro: You’ve already exceeded our expectations Shinobu-chan, you’ve made us proud.

(Shinobu can’t stop the blush as the three walk away, leaving 5 others to enjoy the torture…)

* * * *

15 minutes gone…

Chromus: After Shinobu’s vast exit, it’s temptation or avoiding immunity for the others.

(The guests are talking to themselves (except Asuka), hearing their voices is making the torture even worse for the 5 remaining contestants.)

(At this point, they hold strong…)

22 minutes gone…

(…but lucky 7 minutes after…)

Ukyo: Sorry…but it’s rare I get this chance…RANCHAN!

(Ranma shakes his head)

Ranma: Geez Ucchan, that showed weakness. If it was me, I would have held out…

(BAAAMMM! Instant spatula. Ranma collapses as Ukyo smiles)

Ukyo: Damn, it’s been way too long since I’ve done that.

Konatsu: (shyly) Ukyo-sama…

Ukyo: Huh? Oh hi Kon-kun, hows the shop?

Konatsu: Going well Ukyo-sama, Nabiki-sama has been helping me with the economic side as I cook…I’m not as good as Ukyo-sama but we’ve been doing well…

Ukyo: Glad to hear it…come on let’s go…(realises Ranma is still dazed on the floor as Ukyo sighs and lifts him up)…honestly Ranchan…

* * * *

30 minutes gone…

Chromus: This is proving much more streneous than the log challenge, as mostly everyone has now turned their back, trying not to move.

(Everyone is now avoiding their friends eyes, except for Ruri who is still watching Akito and Minato.)

Chromus: Geez, after two early exits, I was hoping to get back home for tea time…

45 minutes

Chromus: Still no change as the group continue to hold still. Then…

Chromus: What?

(There’s movement…and it’s…)

Usagi: AMI-CHAN!

(Ami and Usagi hug as the Mercury girl can’t hide the tears as Rei looks at them…)

Rei: That’s right odango-head, she’s the one whose supposed to be crying not you!

Usagi: Ah, so what’s that under your eyes Rei-chan?

(Rei feels her own tears and looks ready to tear Usagi a new one…but Ami’s kind watery eyes stop that…)

Rei: Aw, what the heck…glad to see you again Ami-chan.

(The fire and water collide in a hug, as Usagi smiles.)

Usagi: Come on, let’s get out of here and find the ice-cream stand!

(Mars and Mercury sweatdrop, as Rei makes a mental note to blow some of that sawdust out of Usagi’s head…did I say blow? I mean ‘beat heavily over the head with a mallet’…)

* * * *

Chromus: With just three left, immunity is vital. However, it’s the one that needs it the most which is struggling…

(Joey is crouching down, his head between his legs, shaking. He wants to talk to Tristan and Yugi, but knows he can’t let immunity shake away from him…)

(Joey looks at Hikari and Ruri. Hikari seems content to hold on forever, sitting on a stump, now facing Asuka. Ruri has almost froze in the same position she had since the start of the challenge…)

50 minutes gone.

(In the end, his spirit went over his pride…)

Joey: Screw it…Yugi, Tristan!

(Joey gives up his best chance of remaining on the island, chosing friendship over a chance to win for his sister…all I can say is ‘baka’)

Tristan: Well, you lasted longer than I thought…

Joey: Can it Tristan! I’d like to see you try…

Tristan: Well, maybe I will…

Joey: Huh?

Tristan: I’ll explain later.

Yugi: Hey Joey, you’ve been hanging well here?

Joey: Great, how bout you?

Yugi: Well, I was hired to help on that other survivor, but then I was asked to come here. I’ve been a bit busy, and grandpa keeps telling me to do my chores than go gallavanting…

Joey: Oh boy…

(The guys get re-acquainted as the challenge comes down to the two Locus girls…)

* * * *

Chromus: Over an hour has gone, and Hikari and Ruri have held out till the end. However, only one can win immunity.

(Hikari is looking at Asuka, whose eyes seem to be drilling into her. Hikari is almost like in a staring contest. Ruri, still seemingly emotionless, wipes her eyes away with her arm…)

1 hr 10 minutes…

(Ruri looks at Hikari, then at Akito and Minato. She shakes her head…)

(…and walks to them. Akito and Minato smile.)

Ruri: Tenkawa-san…Minato-san…konnichiwa.

Akito: Hey Ruri-chan….that is you right? You’ve got a cute haircut…

Minato: Come on Ruri-ruri…

(Ruri steps forward slowly, not moving anything on her face. But as she reaches, she blushes a deep red as Minato hugs her, followed by Akito. Slowly, Ruri smiles and returns the hug.)

(On the other side, Chromus signals the challenge to be over, as for the second time in a row, Hikari Horaki has won immunity. Asuka waves a V-sign at Hikari, who is given the go ahead and runs to her friend. The two embrace, and Hikari saves a big hug for Pen-Pen…)

Asuka: The penguin gets more attention than I do?

Hikari: Asuka…

Asuka: I’m joking! Well done for showing all these who is boss…

Chromus: Indeed. Hikari Horaki, you are safe for another three days. Now go and get out of here and get yourself talking…

(Hikari and Asuka, with Hikari carrying Pen-Pen, join Ruri with Akito and Minato, Ruri’s smile still there…)

* * * *

Ruri: Meeting friends of the people here, it’s nice to know what makes them tick. All I can say…how Ami got to where she is with friends like Rei and Usagi is beyond me…


(The group will get the day together before heading back to the hotel at 6, where they will reunite at Tribal Council tomorrow night, where one of them will be leaving with their friends…)

Ranma: So Ucchan, she’s your rival?

Ukyo: Yep. (smiles) Ranchan, meet the person that has ruined my life forever…or not, Shinobu Maehara…

Shinobu: Ummm…hello there…

Ranma: Aw, she’s shy, a bit like you Konatsu…

Konatsu: Ummm…(bows)…nice to meet you.

Naru: No-one has done anything perverted to you have they?

Shinobu: Of course not!

Naru: (sarcastic) Oh that’s right, because a certain prevert wasn’t on the island with you…oh well, as long as all these powerful girls are here with you, you would be fine, isn’t that right Keitaro?

Keitaro: Narusegawa, why do you have to say things like th…

(Of course, Keitaro’s bad luck and gravity come into play as he trips over a shell and grips Ukyo’s padded chest…of course, this doesn’t set well with either Ukyo or Naru…who in unison, punt him into the stratosphere…)

Keitaro: WAAAAHHHH….

Ukyo: (whispers) He’s the guy you admire?

Shinobu: (whispers) Umm…it’s not really what you think…

Naru: Geez, even here…

Ranma: Poor guy.

(On another side, Ruri is busy talking with Akito and Minato, as Hikari and Asuka join them…)

Hikari: Ruri?

Ruri: Huh…oh Hikari-kanjou, hi.

Asuka: Kanjou? You, a spy?

Minato: Wrong kanjou.

Asuka: Oh…I get it. Well, that only makes sense…well Hikari, I can see why though, a natural born leader…second only to me of course…

(Akito sweatdrops, but then Hikari and Asuka both get a good look at him…)

Akito: Uh oh…

Hikari: Wow…he’s cute…this is your friend Ruri? Anything you haven’t been telling me?

Ruri: (blushing) It’s not like that.

Minato: Now now Ruri-ruri, don’t let them fluster you…

Asuka: (inspects Akito) Hmmm…you sound very much like a dorky idiotic fellow pilot of mine…

Akito: This isn’t good…

Asuka: …hmm, so you’re cute. I’ll let you off then.

Akito: The pain…subsides.

Ami: Actually, I was thinking how he sounds like Mackey.

(Shot of Ami…on her own…joining the little entourage.)

Ruri: Ami-san…where are your friends?

Ami: (sweatdrops) Well…(points)

(All of them look ahead and see Usagi and Rei…you guessed it…arguing…)

Rei: Look, I didn’t know he was going to invite me to it first, if I’d had known I wouldn’t have made fun…

Usagi: Oh, and you think you would have got as far as Ami-chan? You’d have gone so quicker than…

Rei: Well, considering how badly you did here…


Rei: Yeah, sure…

(Now, everyone, even Ruri, has a matching sweatdrop)

Ruri: Ami-san?

Ami: Hai?

Ruri: How did you come to be like you are with friends like that?

(Finally, Joey, Tristan and Yugi are discussing how the heck Joey got this far…)

Joey: …well, she was really cute, and seemed like it was the right thing to do at the time…

Tristan: You dog Joey Wheeler!

(The ‘d’ word seems to strike a cord with Joey as he however over Tristan, as the boy sweatdrops)

Joey: I’ve had it with the dog jokes back home, so not here…

Yugi: Anyway Joey, with this Sakura gone, do you think you can survive…

Joey: (sighs) I only have one chance…an old friend…

Tristan: Never mind Joey, are you going to introduce us to anyone?

Joey: Huh?

Tristan: Come on, you are on an island with just girls now, introduce us! I need to break out of my dateless streak…

Joey: (sweatdrops along with Yugi) For the record, Ruri is too young, Hikari is taken, Ami isn’t stupid, Ukyo will beat you up and there is no way I’m lettting you near Shinobu…

Tristan: Well, what about that red-headed girl?

Yugi: Which one?

(Shot of Asuka sending Keitaro into the sky after he landed from the sky hitting her…well, you get the idea. Seeing it, Naru rushed over with a flying shot of water sending poor Keitaro into orbit…)

Tristan: (sweatdropping) Never mind.

* * * *


(After a tea, some items of food provided by the guests, Hikari has a straight talk with Asuka, Pen-pen in her arms…)

Hikari: Asuka?

Asuka: Yep?

Hikari: I know you don’t like him much but…(blushes)…how is Suzuhara doing?

Asuka: The dumb jock? (sighs) Well, he was drifting in and out of a coma after that incident, but seems to be awake. He’s still in support mode, but the fact that his sister came out of hospital recently has made his recovery increase. I’m kinda in a ruff as well…Shinji-baka beat another Angel, can’t believe he’s now their star…it’s almost as bad as having a conversation with Wondergirl…

Hikari: Oh, Ayanami. I see…Asuka?

Asuka: Yeah…

Hikari: Do you think I can win this?

Asuka: What? Is that a stupid question? Of course you can! If Shinji can get this far, then you’ll have no problems waltzing it to the finals!

Hikari: (smiles slightly) Thanks…hows the classes been?

Asuka: (sighs) Trust me, you don’t want to know…

* * * *

Rei: Ami, you can win this, no doubt about it. There is no-one who hates you here, and you’ve got through here using all your abilities. Your smarts, your charm, your strength, your skills…(smirks)…everything odango-head doesn’t have.

Usagi: Rei-chan, you meanie!

Ami: Thanks…but maybe I shouldn’t be here this long, after all…I should be studying…

Usagi: Oh come on Ami-chan, even you need a vacation from everything!

Ami: I guess…and it has been fun especially with Ruri-chan and Shinobu-chan. Maybe being away from the Sailor Scouts is the reason…

Usagi/Rei: WHAT?

Ami: (chuckles) Just kidding!

(Usagi and Rei sweatdrop)

Rei: Ami making a joke? What is the world coming to?

* * * *

Keitaro: Can’t you at least let me explain before you pound me? That other girl keeps trying to destroy me?

Naru: I guess as a fellow red-head, she can sympathise with perverts like you…

Keitaro: Oh boy…anyway Shinobu, it doesn’t matter what they say or what they do, all that matters is how well you do, and you’ve already excelled for us. I hope…no…I know you can go all the way…

Shinobu: Urashima-sempai…thank you!

Naru: Hmmmph…I guess you are useful at times…but he’s right, Shinobu-chan, be the best that Shinobu-chan can be, good luck.

Shinobu: (nods) Hai!

* * * *

Ukyo: So, you think I can win this Ranchan?

Ranma: Feh…why not? If a certain tomboy can make herself known on an island, I don’t see why you can’t Ucchan.

Ukyo: You’re lucky she isn’t here you know.

Ranma: True…

Konatsu: Ukyo-sama? Will you come back to the shop even if you win?

Ukyo: (smiles) Of course I will Kon-kun. Even if I do win, I won’t stop being Ukyo Kuonji, the best damn okonomiyaki chef in all of Japan.

Ranma: Exactly. And if you do win, you don’t mind if I can have a few extra squid pancakes on the house?

Ukyo: (sighs) Same old Ranchan…

Ranma: Ah well…good luck Ucchan. Trust me, I think you can do that, as a friend, you can win. Go for it!

(Ukyo smiles, a bit disappointed at the ‘friend’ remark, but still shakes Ranma’s hand, and then Konatsu’s.)

* * * *

Ruri: So, you think I can win?

Akito: Sure Ruri-chan, why not? I think most people were amazed that you survived the first vote…the fact you are here proves that you can do this, so yeah, you can win..

Minato: Of course Ruri-ruri is going to win! And everyone on the Nadesico think so as well…

Ruri: Everyone?

Akito: Sure! Yurika, Yukina, Jun, Seiya, Howmei, Ryoko, Hikaru, Izumi…everyone is rooting for you Ruri-chan…

Ruri: (a bit stunned) Tell them thank you…

Akito: …we will, after you’ve won.

(Ruri shakes her head…but smiles.)

Ruri: Akito-san, Minato-san, thank you then.

* * * *

Joey: Well, you may think I’m doomed Tristan…but at least Yugi has confidence in me…

Tristan: He’s optimistic, I’m realistic.

(After Joey decks Tristan…hey, there was no rules about hurting the guests…just ask Keitaro…he shakes hands with Yugi)

Yugi: Téa says hi as well, oh and Mai says (coughs) ‘You are so dead if you come back Joey Wheeler, I suggest you win that money and head ASAP out of the country as fast as you can.’

Joey: (sweatdrops) Same old, same old.

* * * *


Chromus: An hour has gone since their guests have left, and whilst they’ll see them again at Tribal Council, one of them will be leaving with them. In that respect, one of them realises he needs to survive…

(Shot of Joey walking over to a washing area, where Shinobu is alone.)

Joey: Speaking to Tristan and Yugi made me realise that the game is still in session, and if I am going to survive, I need to patch up old wounds, and there is only one person I know that can really help me…

Shinobu: Huh? (stops hanging out a bit of laundry, one of Hikari’s dresses Ami gave her) Oh, Joey-san!

Joey: Hey Shinobu. Can I have a word?

Shinobu: Sure!

Joey: I dunno, but since seeing my friends, it seems that things seem kinda hopeless for me…

Shinobu: Don’t say that Joey, nothing is impossible, sempai told me that!

Joey: In your case, that may be true. Cooking skills, looks (Shinobu blushes) and intelligence. Me, all I’ve got is my duelist skills and a heart looking out for my little sis.

Shinobu: Joey…

Joey: Heck, when that other vote happened, the fact that even you voted for me kinda summed up my chances.

(Shinobu looks down disappointed)

Joey: Don’t worry, I guess I shouldn’t really say anything when I helped vote off Ashitaka. However, I still remember the first day when you and Mai were tied for the vote. I helped you then remember…

Shinobu: Erm…yes?

Joey: All I ask Shinobu is a little reprieve. You don’t need to do anything else, I’ll say this now, I’m going to vote for Ruri tomorrow night. Whatever you do, I don’t mind, but please, just remember…

(Joey leaves, as a flustered Shinobu contemplates the recent events…)

* * * *


Ruri: Are you O.K with this Ami-san?

Ami: (sighs) I suppose so. It’s not like I haven’t done it before. But least deserving?

Ruri: (nods) Maybe not in the reason why this person wants to win, but the way they’ve done it.

(Ami nods, as does Hikari as they part ways for now, a night about to come to an end…)

* * * *

Chromus: With the night descending, and the group in mostly high spirits after their friends visits, they know that will fall real fast tomorrow night in Tribal Council. Can they hold onto what they have got?

* * * *

DAY 33


Chromus: Another day, another devastation. That’s what it’s going to be tonight at Council, as we are coming ever so nearer to the end, 6 will become 5, and one step closer to the million pounds. However, who will walk away with it and who becomes the 4th member of the jury is a different matter…

(Shot of Shinobu already up, and seeing Ami getting water, begins work for the fire…)

Shinobu: What Joey said last night had more affect on me than I expected. Overall, he still is a member of our tribe when it’s all said and done, but Ruri? I’ve just become close with her…hoooooeeeee…

(Shot of Ami falling back on the sand, the water from her pail almost overloading the girl, but she recovers well, as she pants a bit)

Ami: I think…(huffs)…I’m getting more tired than normal…

Hikari: (approaching them) It’s the fact that the rice is getting less and less, and the fish aren’t biting any more. Even when people go, the rationing is still a real problem.

Ami: I know…I just didn’t think I’d be getting so weak now, you’d think after being here so long we’d be used to it…

(Shot of Ukyo in a tropical tree, finally managing to get a coconut…)

Ukyo: Geez…why does this remind me scarily of the Principal? (does a Ranma jump and lands perfectly on her feet) Breakfast served!

Joey: Did I hear breakfast?

Ukyo: (sweatdrops) No matter what day it is, anything with food and he’s there with wings…

Joey: Hey, I’ve been good! I’ve rationed as well…

Shinobu: That’s true…we’ve all had to eat a lot less in recent days.

Ukyo: Trust me, if Ranma or that idiot of a father was in a survivor, the rice would be lucky to last 3 days…


(Ruri in her special spot if you will…)

Ruri: I guess this is goodbye to Melchior tonight…(Ruri silently wipes some sand over Melchior, and walks off to breakfast before anyone is suspect of her.)

* * * *


Ukyo: You know…I haven’t discussed it with anyone, it’s like I’m presuming before I’m confirming.

Shinobu: I’m in the same boat, I don’t know if Ami-san, Ruri-san or Hikari-san or even Joey-san have said anything to me about the vote…

Ukyo: Well, I guess I feel a bit of an outsider now, I think everyone seems to have someone they can talk to if anything happens…(sighs)…story of my life really…apart from you of course, it’s just…well, you’re close with Hikari and Ami more than I am, and Ruri is close with them, it feels…

(Shinobu squeezes her ‘mother’s hand)

Shinobu: Daijyobu.

(Ukyo smiles…)

Ukyo: Thanks sweetheart.

(As Ukyo leaves, Shinobu looks down…)

Shinobu: Sempai told me once that little white lies are O.K once in a while…and not knowing what Joey was doing tonight was a lie I had to tell Ukyo…but it still felt bad…


Ami: You think I should tell Ukyo?

Hikari: Sure, I don’t see why not? If it works out, we should be O.K…

Ami: I feel a bit guilty going with you two and not telling Ukyo and Shinobu…

Hikari: I think Shinobu is the forgiving type. And besides, Ukyo will be fine with it anyway…

Ruri: She’s only saying that because she’s immune…

Hikari: (blushing) RURI!

(Ami tries to hold a chuckle and fails, as Hikari shakes her head but is forced to chuckle as well…)

* * * *


(Shot of Ami relaxing, and trying not to be hungry…)

Ami: I’ve never realised how bad the Survivor experience can be…I know Rei-chan has always made fun of Usagi’s eating habits…but I don’t think I realised how hungry a person can be…

(Ami starts jotting notes…)

Ami: Maybe I can make use of this…

(Author’s sweatdrop)

Ukyo: Ah, so this is where you are sugar…

(Shot of Ukyo sitting down by the scout…)

Ami: Hey Ukyo…what’s up?

Ukyo: Nothing much…I guess I’m getting more bored than I thought. Maybe I’m missing home more than I thought…

Ami: I know…I guess seeing our friends after all this time brought things back…

Ukyo: Yeah. Ami-chan?

Ami: Yeah?

Ukyo: I’m glad I came here. I’m glad I met everyone here. It’s a nice change to meeting all new people, new friends…a lot different back from the life back home…

Ami: (nods) I know what you mean. It’s a different life, but a worthwhile one in finding.

Ukyo: Yeah…(smiles)…we’ve never actually got to talk too much recently you know? It’s quite nice…

Ami: That’s true…I’m…urm…I’m sorry if I ever made you feel a bit left out…

Ukyo: (laughing) Sugar, at this point, I can’t get anywhere near angry with you. Don’t worry, as long as we’re there for each other in the end…

Ami: (silent) Ukyo?

Ukyo: Yep?

Ami: Who you voting for tonight?

* * * *


Chromus: The group have held on, but the rumbles of stomaches finally call. It’s a last meal for someone on the island…apart from Hikari…but who?

Ruri: You see, in the future, India became a temple sanctuary after the destruction of the area in 2085. Madurai’s Hindu population for example grew after the rebuilding…

Ami: So what about Europe then?

Ruri: Well, I was educated in Europe if you want to believe that…

Ami: (surprised) Wow, I thought you were all Nadesico.

Ruri: (sighs) My first few years of my life weren’t the best, rather not even in my memory. My life in my school in Norway was basically a way of making myself a test subject. That how I became that way.

Ukyo: If this subjecting makes you this intelligent, maybe I should check Ranma in one of those…

Ruri: (smiles slightly) I wish it was that simple. I didn’t get to participate in any activities a child might consider normal. My upbringing was designed with a purpose, to be ‘sold’ to Nergal to become the Nadesico’s navigator and operator. How ironic that it became the year where my best and only real memories became of me…

Hikari: We all seem to forget about how different our lives are…

Joey: I mean, can you consider any of our lives normal?

(Ruri has a scant look around the 6 people, including herself, and thinks…)

Ruri: What’s normal to one person can be insane to another. One person’s justice is another mans evil. As you said Hikari-kanjou, we’re all different…which is why were are born.

Shinobu: It does mean that we can change though right?

Hikari: Of course…changes happen, although not necessarily for the better…

Joey: …but they can.

Ukyo: Right.

(A philosophical dinner is cut short with the realisation that anything friendly may end tonight…)

* * * *


(Shot of Joey packing his bag, checking his wallet, and smiling)

Joey: I don’t think Ukyo ever really forgave me after that whole Sakura incident, and considering I voted for her the other night, I don’t expect her. I think Ukyo is the only one who will definitely vote for me, I can’t be certain for anyone else…I think Shinobu may not, and maybe Ami. Ruri and Hikari…I don’t know.

(Shot of Ami, collecting her book, with added notes as well from Ruri to boot…)

Ami: I remember I had a few votes so far, and Ukyo and Joey have the most. That means that we are the three in most danger. I know Ruri won’t vote for me, and I’m trusting Ukyo and Shinobu like sisters…or more so, scouts…to make sure I’m still here tomorrow. I want to win…

(Shot of Ruri, washing her hair, admiring the new look Hikari gave her in the sea, before washing her face…)

Ruri: Can I win? I don’t know. I hold the answers but none of the questions. All I can say is that tonight’s result is all that stands between a winner, a loser…and not as many idiots as I thought…

(Shot of Ukyo, drying out one of her chef’s outfits…)

Ukyo: I’ve got this far, and yet I feel I’m always ready for the chop. I know I’m the strongest here and I’ve not got immunity. All I can say is I hope Shinchan and Ami can come through for me, because I have no idea what’s going to happen next…

(Shot of Shinobu, just joining Joey in packing…)

Shinobu: Even at this stage, I’ve never really considering winning…but with Naru-sempai and Urashima-sempai, what they said to me…for the first time, I’m really going to go for it. I’ll prove that I can do this…I can win!

(Finally, immunity winner Hikari Horaki, stares at the descending sunset…)

Hikari: It’s been different. A change from the norm. And I’m still here. Can I go all the way? Maybe. Maybe not. But no matter what, nothing will change around the people I’m with…and I’m glad I’ve shared my experiences for the last month with all these various people.

* * * *


Ukyo: Is this it?

Shinobu: Let’s not say anything…

(Ukyo looks at Ami, who nods. Ukyo looks up and sighs…)

Ukyo: After all that’s happened, it just feels so wrong…

Shinobu: (nods) I know…

(Before Ukyo can question her, Shinobu leaves to head off with Hikari. Ruri and Ami join her as they catch up. Joey is already ahead and begins to talk with the girls, as they try and take their mind off everything…although they can’t.)

* * * *


(The dusk settles, and inside the shrine is Chromus, looking a little guilty…)

Chromus: You know how many problems I got from the Survivor aides because of a pair of scissors Hikari?

Hikari: Geez, is it my fault you’re such an easy con?

Chromus: I would send 5 different types of Instant Hell Murder on you, but considering you’re immune, I can’t. (snaps fingers) Rats. *thinking* Oh crap, am I starting to think like Tom? (out loud) Anyway, welcome guests to another tribal council.

(The group, only 6, sit down…)

Chromus: Before we begin, we’d like to welcome back Sakura Kasunago to the bench, as she joins Ashitaka and Felicia in casting her vote towards one of you to be the winner…

(Sakura, in all her glory, returns with a smile on her face, not really looking at anything or anyone.)

Chromus: Well Hikari, despite what I said, you have won immunity twice in a row…have you surprised yourself with how well you’ve been doing in these challenges?

Hikari: I think the main thing is the game is called survivor, not ‘You need to be the strongest or the smartest’ to win this game. I go with persistance and leadership as my morals in this game, and they’ve helped me get this far and win a challenge here and there. I think I can hold my own now…whether I can win…is another matter.

Chromus: Of course. Joey, after winning the reward challenge, you were probably hoping for another physical challenge after a good feed and watering, yet when your old friends came up, you probably were a bit down yet happy.

Joey: I still think even fully fed I wasn’t always guaranteed to win a physical challenge, but yes that was a blow.

Chromus: Will you survive tonight?

Joey: It’s all in the cards.

Chromus: Very well. Ukyo, as by far now the most athletic of the group, is that going to work against you in any challenges you don’t win?

Ukyo: I guess…just by looking at the jury, you can see that three of the strongest competitors were on there, and one was the first eliminated from the merge in Tamahome. So, yes…every time I go to a council now, and haven’t won immunity, I feel like a sitting duck.

Chromus: Well, one of you will be sitting out for the rest of the game…and to add the insenstive of winning and losing, we’ve brought back your old friends.

(The friends and family that came for the immunity challenge are back and sit with their respective contestant. Pen-Pen hops onto Hikari’s lap as Asuka sits, smirking that Hikari isn’t going. Minato and Akito go to either side of Ruri clutching the girl’s hands. Keitaro is getting a glare from Naru to avoid Keitaro looking at Minato’s chest, as Shinobu just shakes her head in embarrassment. Ranma is his usual cocky self, just looking bored as Konatsu looks a combinaton of worried and happy. Tristan and Yugi stand behind Joey as Tristan pulls faces at the duelist. Finally, Rei and Usagi stand either side of Ami, a hand on each of her shoulders as Ami smiles.)

Chromus: So…let’s get this over with. Laptops on…screen up…get voting.


In the end, I’m stick with Ruri’s ideas. I may be the captain, but she’s the leader. Besides, I definitely agreed with her pick this time.


With Sakura gone, I either vote for Ukyo, who has a few votes, or for Ruri, the only member of Locus left…


No-one I think realises how dangerous you are. Besides, you’re the only person I can think of voting for and have a chance at other people voting for you.

Ukyo: Sour grapes with this vote? Maybe. But remember this..


Never forget, never forgive.


It gets harder and harder, but in the end, it’s a decision and one I’m going to stick with. I want to win as much as anyone, and at the cost of anyone else…I’m sorry.


I feel really bad for this vote…but in the end, Joey is part of our tribe, therefore, there is only one person I can vote for.

Vote: RURI

Shinobu: Gomen…nasai.


This vote is the elimination as the person least deserving because of their ways. Sakura was eliminated because of her ways via her occupation, a martial artist, weren’t conducted. This one is based as an elimination as a role model, like a mother or a father. But still, I’m sorry.

* * * *

Chromus: O.K, that’s all of them! Let’s see who is gone…whoever is eliminated will go with their friends or family for the day before returning in 3 days as a member of the jury.

(They all nod…)

Chromus: Actually, Hikari winning immunity might have been the best thing…any chance of her getting voted off will have been horror for us with Asuka’s wrath…


Chromus: And moving swiftly on…the screen is glowing. First vote…

(The first vote comes up, and Chromus is surprised.)

Chromus: Wow…Ruri.

(Minato immediately clutches Ruri’s hand more as the now shorthaired girl remains calm.)

Chromus: Second vote…Joey.

(Joey humphes as Tristan cross his arms, now serious as Yugi closes his eyes…)

Chromus: Third vote…Ruri.

(Akito now joins Minato but Ruri remains calm.)

Chromus: Fourth vote…Joey.

(Joey sighs as Sakura looks on from the jury…)

Chromus: Fifth vote…Joey.

(Joey realises now he’s in trouble…because…)

Chromus: Sorry, I should have mentioned there was no tie. Sorry…but yep, the final vote is for Joey. Kinda anti-climatic in the end…Mr. Wheeler, can you come up here please?

(Joey nods, as Tristan is debating whether to laugh or comfort his friend as Yugi simply looks wide-eyed. Chromus heads to the pedesal as the familiar tune blows in their ears…)

Chromus: Joey Wheeler, you are the 4th person to the jury. (Power of One) The tribe has spoken, will you please leave?

Joey: Guys wait up…I’ve got some stuff to take care of first…

(Tristan and Yugi wait as Joey says his goodbyes. He shakes Hikari and Ruri’s hands, before a long handshake with Ami turns into a full-fledged hug. When he comes to Ukyo, he feels a bit nervous…)

(…and is surprised when Ukyo hugs him, with a few tears in her eyes. Joey smiles and returns the hug. Finally Shinobu.)

(Joey kneels down and the two hug as Joey lifts his ‘little sis’ in his arms. Naru at first is ready to clean his clock but relaxes when Shinobu hugs back with a tear. They stay there for about 30 seconds…Felicia on the jury crying, before he puts her down and wipes a few tears of his own. Saying his final goodbyes, he, Tristan and Yugi exit…)

Chromus: (sobbing) That was so beautiful…(coughs)…ahem, sorry about that, sucker for a good sob story. Anyway, we now have 5. Your next three days are crucial, as we have one more reward and immunity challenge…and then, in the words of Ranma over there, ‘Anything goes.’

(The other guests and contestants nod, as the contestants leave one way, the guests another. It’s now an all girls last lot as 5 girls remain, the final male gone a few moments ago…)

* * * *


Joey’s confessional;

Well, what can I say? I tried…all for my sister, and yet, in the end I couldn’t do it. I guess I screwed up in the end, but I don’t regret anything. Sometimes in the games, you have to take a chance. Normally it works for me, but not this time. Anyway, I’m glad I was able to make peace with Ukyo in the end…without her, Ami and Shinobu, my life wouldn’t have been as interesting. Hikari, before you ask, no I didn’t…er…well…you know do that with Sakura, Ruri, forgive me for the votes, I think by then I had given up and with Shinobu I thought I could have a small chance…in the end, it doesn’t matter. Oh well, at least I can beat up Tristan who is making fun of me as I speak…GET BACK HERE YOU…

Who Joey wants to win: Shinobu – Easy question, Shinobu was the one I liked the most overall, yep, more than Sakura, and she’s a saint in anyone’s eyes. A pretty little maid, the innocent one, and she’s going to win…unless…

Who Joey thinks will win: Ami – Tough between Shinobu and Ami, but I think those two will get into the final and Ami will win it. Unless Hikari keeps winning immunities of course…

Who Joey wants off next: A week ago, I would have said Ukyo, but I’ll say Hikari now. She never seemed to want me to be part of the group, although it was Ruri who orchestrated Sakura getting voted off…and probably me as well…she’s just too cute…so yeah, Hikari.

* * * *


Ami: Joey, I like you. There, I said it. You’re a dunderhead, but funny. The male incarnation of Usagi…maybe, but you made this tribe what it was. It won’t be the same place without you, so I’m sorry…but this is it. Sayonarra!

Hikari: Truthfully, I’ve had my doubts even when he helped us get a slight advantage. That was ended when Ami and Ruri changed things round. Since then, however, it’s not a mutual agreement. The cards have been stacked my friend.

Ruri: The end result is that as a role model, you haven’t endeared yourself to me, threatening me once and changing the game round to suit your needs. However, for an idiot, you made things different. Joey Wheeler, keep your chin up, you’ll get another chance to win the money for your sister…sooner than you may expect.

* * * *

Joey’s stats on the island;

Joey endeared himself to the tribe early on by protecting Shinobu from Mai in the very first vote. From then, despite his acts of stupidity, it may have helped him stay on the tribe. However, various meetings with Sakura changed that completely. After he turned his back on the tribe, his fate was sealed when Ruri decided to double-cross the double-crossers. In the end, despite trying to convince Shinobu, and possibly votes for Ruri and Ukyo maybe, it didn’t work as Joey Wheeler became the 4th member of the jury.


Joey (4) – Hikari, Ruri, Ami, Ukyo

Ruri (2) – Joey, Shinobu

Next time;

All girls now, but two have been left out of the schemes. Ami tells Shinobu about the Magi scheme…but Ukyo finds out the hard way…

Ruri’s choice is decided. Who is Caspar, yourself a woman, a human being?

Final reward challenge: Spaghetti Junction – Navigate your way through a spider web of despair in the fastest time. Amazing…

Immunity challenge: Target Time – Target practice in space…a simulation of the toughest nature…who can stand it out…

And the 5th member of the jury is…