Even a Cherry Blossom Has It’s Thorns…

And time for the series to start it’s run down. The jury is starting to form, 5 more people to warm up that bench and two strikers to wear down the goal.


Ami Mizuno – Sailor Moon

Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke

Hikari Horaki – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Joey Wheeler – Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ruri Hoshino – Martian Successor Nadesico

Sakura Kasunago – Street Fighter Alpha

Shinobu Maehara – Love Hina

Ukyo Kuonji – Ranma ½


Felicia – Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge

Let’s see who is next…is three against five now unthinkable odds, or is just a challenge for them to get out of…

* * * *

(Shot of Chromus, still in Tom’s body, cursing his luck after failing to at least do Jayson some serious harm…)

Chromus: Back here….and all is well, well kind of. As Felicia goes back to HQ to get her cute cat-self spruced up, and return in 3 days for the jury, where she will be watching everything that goes all with cats-eye perception, you now have to wonder what is going on in the tribe? Is it all for one and one for all, or are the tribal loyalties running too deep for Locus to stop them? Is all lost?

Hikari: Another loss for Locus…sadly, we may have to deal with them more often than not if we’re going to survive…

Ukyo: It’s getting harder to vote the opposite numbers off, and I know Ami and Shinobu breathed a sigh of relief that their friends weren’t the choice…doesn’t mean I had to like the decision go against me…but that’s the game…

* * * *

DAY 25


Chromus: The tribe Tsucus, is not all early risers, but I guess without Felicia, they lose the lovely job of getting her up at least, however, thinking early risers are a bit more questionable…

(Shot of a mellow beach, with one person staring out into the sunset…Ruri.)

Ruri: (quietly to herself) Why?

Hikari: (from behind) You O.K there Ruri-ruri?

(Hikari sits by the girl, as the fire is lighting…)

Ruri: Last night…Felicia went…that’s two of our tribe…and my friends gone…first Tamahome and now Felicia…

Hikari: The game is hard Ruri, we knew it was…

Ruri: I just can’t help it thought…that this is my fault…

Hikari: Huh? How is it this your fault?

Ruri: From the start, I’ve felt like a burden…felt like my skills aren’t any use on the island. If it wasn’t for people like yourself and Tamahome, I wouldn’t have lasted this long, Cody certainly deserved it more than I did…

Hikari: Don’t say that!

Ruri: But it’s true…it is my fault we’re going down…after…I got that question wrong…

Hikari: Oh. Ruri, it happens to the best of us…

Ruri: I mean, I was up against Ami, and if she had lost, I guess she’d be feeling what I was, so I guess it’s not fair to feel sorry for myself…but despite everything, tribal loyalties stick together. Both Ami and Shinobu (glances at Hikari, who also looks sad) voted for Felicia.

Hikari: I know…and we can’t do anything about it. Just keep your chin up Ruri…this game isn’t over yet…we made a promise to Cody remember, and we still hope to keep it…and as long as we’re still here, we will…

(Hikari leaves to continue her cooking as Ruri turns…)

Ruri: (to herself) Now…I will make a difference…

* * * *

Shinobu: Are you O.K there Hikari-san?

Ukyo: Yeah sugar, you need some help?

Hikari: (smiles) Thanks for the offer guys, but I think I’m O.K.

Ukyo: Well, just tell us if you need some help, after all, you’ve heard of the three stooges, well, here’s the three chefs up and running, ready for service!

Hikari: (chuckles) You guys are too much…

(Shinobu and Ukyo sit down, just checking on the rice, Shinobu pretty good at watching the grains after many times working at the Hinatasou…)

Shinobu: It’s hard to just talk to Hikari after we voted off a friend and ally of hers, she seems accepting, but I know that just a little bit of her is hurting inside.

Shinobu: Ummm….everyone else O.K?

Hikari: Don’t worry about it. Sakura is up and about somewhere and so’s Ruri.

Ukyo: I thought I saw Joey stumble up somewhere, and Ashitaka is catching fish, I haven’t seen Ami, but I know she’s up…

(Shot of Ashitaka making Chestnut Fist like movements in the water, as a few fish manage to get into the bucket…)

Ashitaka: It’s like it becomes a routine, and with the advantage on our side, it’s getting kind of peaceful. I wonder how long it will last though…

(Back to the three chefs…)

Ukyo: Well, looks like we’re eating today…although where the heck is Ami?

* * * *

Chromus: Ah, believe it or not Ukyo-sama, the answer could be…conspiring. Not losing haste, Ruri decides to have a heart to heart with her fellow blue-haired genius…

Ami: You don’t like what’s happening?

Ruri: (sighs) Why is it that the most deserving are the ones to go? Tamahome was a good contestant, Felicia was a good contestant, yet they are going whilst people like Joey and Shinobu are still there…

Ami: Hey, don’t be like that Ruri…

Ruri: I’m…I’m sorry Ami-san. It just…it feels like a part of me has gone now, and I really don’t want it to continue like this…

Ami: I said I wouldn’t vote for you…

Ruri: …then vote for someone else!

(Ami is stunned by this burst…)

Ruri: There aren’t any laws saying you don’t have to vote for your own tribe, you’re still 5 to 3 up, you’re very smart Ami, do you think Hikari and I are bigger threats than Ashitaka and Ukyo?

Ami: It’s not that simple Ruri. I care for them as much as I care for you and your friends…but tribal blood…it catches with you….

Ruri: …

Ami: Ruri?

Ruri: You’re right. You’re always right, if it was the other way round, I guess I would be the one expecting sympathy. What an idiot I am…

Ami: …but…

Ruri: Huh?

Ami: …you are right…and I have been thinking about it…but I just…don’t…

Joey: What’s going on here?

(The two girls are surprised to see Joey coming along with a small load of wood…and he doesn’t have a pleasant smile on his face…)

Ami: Joey? What are you…

Joey: Ami, of all people…you…

Ami: It-its not what it seems…

Ruri: I don’t see why it’s your business anyway.

Joey: It’s my business, because that is my friend and tribemate you are speaking too, and by the sounds of things, trying to turn her against me possibility…

Ruri: That’s not true…

Joey: Is it?

Ruri: Honestly. (under her breath) I can hardly call you a threat in the same league as Ashitaka or Ukyo can I?

Joey: Hey, you want to say something, say it to my face!

Ami: Back off! Joey, she’s just a kid, what you doing?

Joey: She got you in her mechanical spell Ami? And I thought you were smart, can’t you see that she’s trying to get you onto their side, their on the losing end, and now they want to play catch-up. Kid, it’s too late for that now…

Ruri: It’s never too late if you don’t throw the first punch…

Joey: Don’t tempt me…

Ami: Joey, you’re sounding like a bully! What happened to the person who was protecting Shinobu?

Joey: Aren’t I doing that now?

(Before Ami talks, the shouting has brought out Hikari from the cooking area, and looks at the scene with not too smiley faces…)

Hikari: What the hell is going on here?

Joey: Oh, you going to come on it as well? You’re little friend here was trying to brainwash my friend here…

Ami: Joey, we’re one tribe here, we’re all friends, why can’t we…

Hikari: Hang on a second Ami. He’s trying to say that Ruri is trying to get Ami on her side…

Joey: That’s right.

Hikari: So, does that mean what you and Sakura are doing is any different?

(Suddenly, Joey goes all white…)

Joey: W-what the heck are you t…

Hikari: Oh, nothing much…but I suggest you butt out of anyone’s business before it gets ugly. After all, you can only get away with so much…believe me, as the class representative, I know my duties, and here, my duties are similar, and one thing I can’t stand, is bullies.

(Hikari goes over and puts a hand on Ruri and Ami’s shoulders.)

Hikari: Guys, go get the breakfast ready, I’ll talk to this punk.

Ruri: Hikari-kanjou…

Ami: Arigatou.

(Ruri and Ami leave as Hikari and Joey go into a short staring contest…as afar, the others watch, except Sakura who isn’t in the picture yet…)

Hikari: So, you think you have the advantage now Joey? And to keep that, you feel it’s right to pressurise 11 year old girls into not trying to make the most of being here?

Joey: Ami is my friend, I felt that the girl…

Hikari: She has a name, or are you just too stupid to remember it?

Joey: Jesus, what is with you?

Hikari: What is with me? Ever heard of freedom of speech? Ruri and Ami can talk to each other about anything if they want to. Did it ever occur to you that Ami would not ‘betray’ you?

Joey: But…

Hikari: But nothing…you’ve got every right to maybe feel threatened Joey, but that doesn’t mean you can bully the weak…I thought you of all people would know what that was like...

Joey: That was ancient history! I’m sorry for what I did to Yugi back then, and I’ve made up for it! And how the heck did you find out anyway?

Hikari: None of your business!

Joey: Why you…

(The Tenchi Muyo eyesparks moment appears, as Sakura emerges from the bushes, with a water pail with her…)

Sakura: Hey guys, what…huh?

Ami: Whatever you do, don’t go over there…

Sakura: What’s going on?

Ukyo: Fight between Joey and Hikari, something went on with Joey on Ruri and Ami, and now Hikari is picking up the pieces…

Sakura: Oh geez, if I ever met two more hotheads…(walks over to them)

Ami: (slaps her forehead) She’s only going to make things worse…

Ruri: Idiot.

Shinobu: Ooooohhhhh….

(Back to argument version 1.01.)

Hikari: I thought you were a fun guy Joey, especially with the way the girls were talking, but considering this little thing has got you in a fury, maybe I was wrong…

Joey: I don’t know where I over-reacted, but still aren’t the way you…

Sakura: BREAK IT UP!

(Joey and Hikari are split between the streetfighter. And she has a look which says ‘Don’t mess with me’)

Sakura: Can we please act like people with some sort of responsibility? Hikari, I thought you were a leader, and Joey…please this is the way you won all those duels…

Joey: Erm…

Hikari: Ahem…

Sakura: Now, you two are coming back to the camp, going to say sorry to each other and whatever happened, and you’re going to shake hands and you’re going to like it…capiche?

Joey/Hikari: (solemn) Yes ma’am…

(Sakura does the Misty/Brock ear pull on both of them (and the rest of the tribe look on in amazement) as Sakura’s unusual role as peacemaker at least settles the two for the moment…)

* * * *

Sakura: …so, that’s what happened…

Ruri: Yes. All of it was my fault, so I apologize. (bows)

Sakura: I don’t think you should apologize though…(looks at Joey and Hikari who seem to be in shame)…you ready yet?

Joey: Yes…sorry…

(Puts a hand out, although the two are probably in stubborn Usagi/Chibi-Usa mode when it come to making up, but Hikari shakes his hand, although both are frowning…)

Hikari: Same here…

Ukyo: (sweatdrops) O.K…

Sakura: Now, can we just finish breakfast? I’m starving, and we’ve got a reward challenge coming up as well so…

Ashitaka: She’s right, can’t let this fish go to waste…

Shinobu: I hope it’s O.K…

Hikari: Shinobu, you’d probably make tree bark taste good. Come on, let’s forget this please…

(The group dig in, but it seems that the summer camp atmosphere of yesterday officially ended the moment two blue haired girls went on a walk across a beach…)

* * * *

Chromus: Despite the apology, it appears that forgive and forget is a method not used in this tribe…

Joey: …I’m sure Ruri and Ami have something together, and I’m sure if push comes to shove, she could turn on us…

Ashitaka: Ami-san isn’t like that, even though the two seem close, Ami’s bonds are with us, and she won’t turn that easily.

Joey: Maybe, but I’m going to have a word with her anyway.

(Joey gets up to find Ami…but stops as she finds Ami and Shinobu talking away, and giggling…)

Shinobu: …really? I didn’t think you had friends like that, you just seem so…different…

Ami: Trust me, they maybe very different to me, but they are the best friends I could ever had. Because of them, I stopped a chance to travel to Germany to study to be a doctor, that’s how dedicated I am to them being my friends and fellow you know whats…

Shinobu: Secret’s here Ami-san. (the two smile and chuckle again)

Joey: (shakes his head) How can I disturb that? Maybe…after the challenge…

* * * *


Sakura: You sure you are not going to go Asuka on his A double S?

Hikari: No…but I won’t forget easily. Look, I know how close you two are, so I won’t so anything, but remember who side you on? Shinobu is a lovely girl, Ami is a lovely girl, Ukyo is a lovely girl and Ashitaka is a proud noble young man, but despite all that, they still worked together to vote Felicia off last night.

Sakura: That’s true…

Hikari: And we could be next, so we better get our skates on in every challenge we do…

Sakura: Right.

(Hikari leaves, leaving Sakura with a thoughtful look…)

Sakura: Maybe…

* * * *


Nightsabers Target Practice – Choice of 4 different suits, practice on them on a target based assault course. Best time wins the challenge…

Reward: Full course dinner…for one or two…

(Shot of Chromus, still not used to a certain girl’s snickers behind him in his Tom ‘outfit’)

Chromus: I swear Nene, if it wasn’t for the fact you could blast me into ashes, I’d have some harsh words with you…

Nene: Oh, don’t worry Chrissy-poo, I won’t make fun of you…much…

Chromus: See what I have to put up with?

(Shot of the 8 remaining tribe looking as Chromus not only have Nene with him, but three other beautiful girls and a rugged man with him…)

Ukyo: Something you not telling us Chris-chan?

Chromus: I wish…but nope, this is for a challenge, and the reward challenge needed Enil’s 4 most famous residents…plus Nigel of course.

(Shot of the four, along with a red suited Nene Romanova, we have a purple suited, Priscilla ‘Priss’ Asagiri, a green suited Linna Yamazaki, and a blue silver suited Sylia Stingray, also known as the Night Sabers. Along with the suits builder and modificator, Nigel Kirkland.)

Chromus: This challenge will reflect in your own abilities, and what you are most confident in. As you can see ahead of you, we have a special target course, spread out evenly.

(A target course, most stationery, a few moving are shown ahead. Think the target courses in Super Smash Bros. Melee and you get the idea, except without all the traps.)

Chromus: Now, you have a choice. The game is simple enough, you need to destroy the 10 targets, within one of the four suits that the girls are modelling. Here are the choices…

Blue/silver suit (Sylia) – Light Sword and Stealth Speed Abilities

Green suit (Linna) – Extreme agility and lightening fast laser ribbon attacks

Red suit (Nene) – Target sight and twin lasers

Purple suit (Priss) – All around abilities and bomb blaster punches.

Chromus: You need to be able to work a suit, and basically choose a suit to use. There are 2 of each so it’s kind of first come, first served. Based on your own abilities, you need to choose your suit wisely…although there is a warning. They are heavy, so moving in them will take some brightest, and if you aren’t two strong, you may want to choose a suit which movement won’t be a problem.

(The group nods as Chromus motions to the girls…)

Chromus: Now, the girls and Nigel will help you get into the suits and how to use them, so pay attention to what they do…

* * * *

(Nigel and Sylia basically give the demonstrations on how to fit the suits, and how to use their abilities. The main problem is the suits need compatability, and the suits link with the mind, so it might make it difficult for certain people of the tribe.)

(In the end, the suits go like this)

Blue (Weapon – Sword) – Ashitaka, Ukyo

Purple (Weapon – Fists) – Sakura, Joey

Green (Weapon – Ribbon) – Hikari, Ami

Red (Weapon – Gun) – Shinobu, Ruri

Chromus: Some smart decisions, but which ones can hold onto their strength best. The targets are spread across, 4 on the left of the beach, 5 metres distance between each of them, 4 on the right and 2 in the middle on two poles, moving up and down. The contestants need all their strength to do this challenge…

(First up is Ukyo. She’s in the blue suit, which has the ability to move via stealth, moving faster. However, has Ukyo learned that move?)

Chromus: And go!

(Ukyo, whilst not a swordsman, uses her spatula in a cleaving methods allowing her to use the silver sword fairly well, although not brilliant. She is moving quite well in the suit thought and destroys the first 4 well. On the moving ones, she uses the Nerima High Jump™ to her advantage to take out the moving targets, before moving onto the final 4. She ends well, and finishes up.)

Ukyo’s Time: 1 minute 33 seconds.

Chromus: Not a bad time, but let’s see how Joey can handle it?

(Joey, in the purple suit, will be using his fists to destroy the targets. The purple suit is the second heaviest only to the silver suit.)

Chromus: And go!

(Joey, with a primal yell, uses aggression compared to Ukyo’s skill. He smashes through the first four like a bull, but has to stop for the moving targets and time the punches as the targets reach the lowest point. He then goes on, tiring slightly but getting through the final four targets.)

Joey’s time: 1 minute 40 seconds.

Chromus: Good, but not good enough. Ami, you’re up…

(Ami is in the green suit, lighter than the purple, but heavier than the red. Her weapons will be razor sharp ribbons from the back of the suit)

Chromus: GO!

(Ami does a good strategy and takes out two targets at a time with the long range of the ribbon, but she has to stop to re-adjust them, which is fairly time consuming. The moving targets are no problem for the ribbons, before moving on to the easy last final targets. Ami seems to have no problems mastering the suits.)

Ami’s time: 1 minute, 35 seconds.

Chromus: Ooh…unlucky…let’s see if Ruri can stop that.

(Ruri is in the red suit, the lightest of the suits, and uses the gun as the weapon, which will shoot two small needle like shots.)

Chromus: Go!

(Ruri doesn’t need to move, she can shoot. The target system is difficult, but Ruri seems to handle it very well. She takes out the 8 regular with ease but struggle on the moving ones, as the target system isn’t too good with them. Nonetheless, she gets them.)

Chromus: Excellent shooting, let’s see here…

Ruri’s time: 1 minutes 23 seconds.

Chromus: Whoa, and Ruri goes into the lead! Now, let’s see if Shinobu can fair better…

(Shot of Shinobu in the red suit, very nervous..)

Chromus: Go!

(Shinobu actually fares well in the red suit, in aiming and shooting…hey, hang around Motoko and Su long enough and you learn a few things…but doesn’t synch as well as Ruri, and ends up a few seconds longer.)

Shinobu’s time: 1 minute 35 seconds.

Chromus: Unlucky…now it’s Hikari’s turn…

(Shot of Hikari stetching in the green suit…)

Chromus: GO!

(Hikari bursts out of the block, and does a decent job in using the ribbons whilst trying to move, but she finds it difficult in re-adjusting the ribbons for another shot, and misses one of the moving ones a couple of times. Finishes sadly the slowest so far…)

Hikari’s time: 1 minute 45 seconds.

Chromus: Sorry, no rice ball. Now, Sakura is up…

(Shot of Sakura doing a few martial arts poses…who she think she is, the Great Saiyaman?)

(Sakura immediately runs with her Sho-o-ken technique (running uppercut) and smashes each one in quick succession. The two moving ones, she jumps and spins twice, her leg lashing out smashing the two moving targets. Cue agog looks as Sakura finishes off the final four with her uppercut move.)

Sakura’s time: 1 minute 19 seconds.

Chromus: And Sakura goes into the lead, with just one person left to go. Ashitaka, you ready?

(Ashitaka makes an affirmative nod, the sword appearing ready to disembowel…)

Chromus: And go for it!

(Ashitaka proves his skills with the sword to be impressive to say the least. He speeds through with the skills of an ancient samurai, his jumps on the moving targets on par with Ukyo and Sakura. He blitzes through the last four with great speed, but is it enough…)

Chromus: And the time…

Ashitaka’s time: 1 minute…21 seconds.

Chromus: Just out…and Sakura wins the reward!

Sakura: Whoo-hoo!

(Ashitaka gets out of the heavy suit, sighs with slight disappointment, but goes to congratulate Sakura as do the others.)

Chromus: Well done Sakura-chan number 2, and now, the reward is a goody. Last time, Ami went to a nearby island to enjoy a drink with Jayson…and I heard he was a perfect gentleman. However, Sakura, your reward is a full course meal as soon as you are ready…

Sakura: Wow, I am there!

Chromus: …however, there is an option here, for you to actually take someone to share the meal with…

Sakura: Huh? You mean I can invite someone with me?

Chromus: Yep. So do you want to, and if so, whose it going to be?

(Sakura thinks for a moment and looks at the group, suddenly, a little smile appears on her face…)

Sakura: O.K, I choose…

(Her finger points at…)

Hikari: Huh?

Ruri: Huh?

Almost all of Tsunami: Huh?

Sakura: Yep! You Joey Wheeler!

Joey: (blushes) Ummm…are you sure?

Sakura: Course I am! Come on…

Chromus: Ah, so a candlelit dinner for two it is then…ah well, get yourselves ready and the boat will be prepared in a bit, so you two wait here, whilst the others go back to the camp and ponder what you are letting yourself in for…

(Sakura humphes off the candlelit remark, but smiles and high-fives a smiling Joey, as Hikari looks on, part anger, part confused and part intrigued. The others aren’t so cynical, but still look on with surprise…)

* * * *

Chromus: Well, I’m as surprised as anyone else, so why him Sakura?

(Shot of Chromus driving a speedboat out with Sakura and Joey, trying to enjoy the breeze against them…)

Sakura: Well…I felt that he deserved a break from all those horrible people that taunt and tease him back on the island.

Chromus: Er, don’t you do that as well?

Sakura: Want me to hurt you?

Chromus: No, no! Chris be a good boy!

Joey: Anything, thank you very much for letting me come here anyway…

Sakura: No problem…besides I wanted to talk to you alone anyway about…things…

Joey: (scratching his head) Things?

Chromus: All right kiddies, we’re here!

(Shot of a small nearby island, where a dinner is all ready, prepared by Sylia’s Stingray’s butler and chef, Henderson, all piping hot. The meal is oden stew, layers of fish and steak surrounding the food, along with a salad, plus several bowls of shaved ice…Joey’s stomach signals that it’s a good reward…)

Chromus: I’ll pick you up in an hour, I’ve just received a signal that I may need to sort out something back on Duelist…(goes away in a cloud of smoke…)

(Sakura and Joey high five again, as Henderson prepares to serve…)

Joey: So, what do you want to talk about…eh? (Sakura puts a finger to his lips.)

Sakura: Eat first. Talk later.

(Joey’s stomach rumbles…)

Joey: O.K I hear you. Eat now otherwise there is going to be trouble…

(Sakura giggles as the food is served. Meanwhile, certain others are suspicious of Sakura’s motives…)

* * * *

Ami: To be honest, I’m suspicious of Sakura’s motives.



Ukyo: I know…I find it weird that Joey one minute is angry with Hikari and Ruri, two Locus members, and all of a sudden, it’s all bed and roses with Sakura…

Ami: I don’t know if I’m being paranoid, but what if she’s…the real instigator? Maybe she got the idea after…well…

Ukyo: Sugar, don’t worry about it, but Joey isn’t as smart as you…he could be swayed…

Shinobu: No, no! He’d never do anything like that!

Ashitaka: How do we know that? We are never sure about anyone in this, everyone wants to win and with the number dwindling, they may wish to take risks…if Ruri tried, why not Sakura?

(Whilst they run on ahead, Ruri and Hikari are also discussing the situation…)

Ruri: Well, I’m not sure how Sakura could choose after this morning…

Hikari: Yeah, it’s really…weird.

Ruri: Maybe she’s got some plan that we’re not aware of…

Hikari: A few hours ago, he was shouting at you and me, and now, Sakura takes him as a reward to a dinner? There is something up here…

* * * *

Sakura: I’ll confess…there is something up in my decision to bring you here…

Joey: (sighs…well, after he swallows some egg and beef from the oden) I thought so…look, if you want me to apologise again with Hikari, I’m sorry, but it just got me mad that they might be turning Ami against me.

Sakura: That’s true.

Joey: Good.

Sakura: Which is why I’m asking YOU to turn against them…

(Joey spits out broth from his mouth and nose…quite disgusting and hilarious…)


Sakura: You heard me.

Joey: Look, I just got through all that trouble with Hikari and Ruri to try and stop Ami from trying to double-cross us, and now you want ME to double-cross them? Sakura, I thought you were better than th…

Sakura: Stop there Joey Wheeler and hear me out, because my theory is much better than Ami’s.

Joey: I’m listening…and it better be good.

Sakura: Despite appearances, I am quite observant, and I’ve noticed something you may not have. Ami has a good chance of winning this. Not only she is physically able to win challenges, but she’s popular not only with her own tribe, but with ours as well, Ruri is smitten with her and Hikari likes most of them anyway…you on the other hand…

Joey: Huh? (now begins to listen)

Sakura: They see you as a laughing stock, ready to be cast aside when the time is right. Do you think Ami, Ukyo and Shinobu will keep you on compared to anyone else…

Joey: Shinobu would never do that!

Sakura: Oh…all right then, what about Ashitaka?

Joey: Ermm…

Sakura: Exactly. There is no way you can win even if you manage to stay perhaps as one of the final five with Tsunami…and that means…

(Goes up close and whispers)

Sakura: …you don’t have a chance of winning that money for your sister…

(That hits the mark as Joey, for one of his rare times, has a small think…)

Sakura: If you did get to the final two, can you think you can beat Shinobu, Ami or Ruri in a final two? I doubt it. You need to think about it…and I’m your girl to help you out…

(Sakura drinks a yoghurt drink and stands up…)

Sakura: Well, should be nearly time for us to get ready. You all right?

Joey: Y-yeah. Listen…no-one hears about what we just said.

Sakura: Sure…

* * * *

Ashitaka: I’m not sure what she’s up to, but maybe we should put a stop to it under circumstances available to us…

Ami: Maybe…hey, I think they are coming back…

(1.15pm – TSUCUS TRIBE)

Ukyo: You know, we’ve been thinking about this the whole time, but I’ve just realised something…

Shinobu: What’s that?

Ukyo: (stomach rumbles) Hungry…


Hikari: So, I’ll have a talk with her, don’t worry Ruri.

Ruri: It’s not us that I’m worried about…

(Shot of Joey and Sakura exiting the Chromus staged boat, as they are all smiles, and the tribe try to hide what they’ve been saying whilst they’ve been gone, their suspicions are all to themselves…)

Hikari: I guess we can survive until tea…I hope…I know those two can…

Ashitaka: (bows to Sakura and Joey) Welcome back. Did you enjoy yourselves?

Joey: (V Sign) You bet! The spread was magnificent…

Sakura: As long as you don’t intend to sleep it off…

Joey: Yes ma’am!

(The two laugh, as Hikari wonders…)

Hikari: Hmmm…

* * * *


Hikari: I’m glad I could talk to you like this…

(Shot of Hikari building a fire, Sakura with her, the only other people in screen shot is Shinobu, drawing something on her sketchbook, with Ami occassionally looking at it whilst reading a book. The others are not in the shot, although you can hear people splashing in the ocean…)

Sakura: I can guess what it’s about…why Joey?

Hikari: Look, I’m not going to be mad, especially if it was a way to keep us from tearing our throats out. But I suspect there is something more to this…

Sakura: Yes…a few things…

Hikari: I’ve suspected one thing for a while now…are…you…two…

Sakura: Huh? (notices Hikari’s blush) Oh…you mean…

Hikari: Just…t-tell me…(visibly embarrassed)

Sakura: Oh no…(laughs)…not like that anyway…we’re just really close friends. We’ve got along well ever since the early days when I met them before their first Tribal Council.

Hikari: Ah. (Phew!) O.K, problem one solved…at least I think…but why do I get the feeling this is more than friendship when bringing him over for the reward?

Sakura: Well…yeah…

Hikari: I knew it!

Sakura: …I was planning for him to join Locus.

(Hikari collapses…)

Sakura: What? You thought something else…

Hikari: Erm…not exactly. But are you serious? After what he said and did this morning?

Sakura: I know. He may be defensive on the outside, but on the inside, well, he wants to win this…probably more than anyone. For his sister anyway…

Hikari: Huh?

Sakura: Well, his sister has a chronic eyesight problem. She is slowly deteriorating from sight…he wants to win this to get the chance to help her.

Hikari: Well…

Sakura: Huh?

Hikari: …I never thought he was that noble. It sounds just like why I’m here…

Sakura: (remembers) Oh yes…

Hikari: Could that work to our advantage?

Sakura: It depends…oh, watch the rice!

Hikari: Oh! Sorry…(shifts the bowl from the fire)…so what are you going to do?

Sakura: Nothing much, there isn’t much I can do until immunity tomorrow, then we’ll have a clearer idea. I need to find out who we can target first before I can try and talk to Joey…

Hikari: Very well…I’m still not happy about it after what he tried to do to Ruri but…I’ll willing to go along with it for Locus’ sake.

Sakura: (smiles) Of course. (walks away as Hikari looks at the fire)

Hikari: (to herself) …or for Touji’s sake…

* * * *


Hikari: Thank you very much as always Ashitaka for getting the fish…

Ashitaka: No problems, it reminds me of the lifestyle getting me to my destiny…

Ukyo: Survivor? This is just basic life for you isn’t it?

Ashitaka: I suppose you could say that…

(The group on the outside are speaking normally, although are trying to avoid the obvious talking subject…)

Shinobu: Um…anyone want any more rice?

Joey: I’ll have some please Shinobu…

Shinobu: Er…hai!

Sakura: You had a full course dinner and you need a bit more rice in your body? Geez…you’ve got an appetite to rival Ryu-sempai’s…

Joey: Eh…what…where?

Ami: Geez…you’re hopeless sometimes…

Hikari: Sometimes?

Joey: Huh?

Ukyo: Perhaps slightly more…

(You can feel there is a slightly more tense atmosphere than expected…)

* * * *


Ashitaka: My guess is needing to get rid of her than him…she’s the brains…

Ukyo: Maybe, but…it’s still two days time. We need to see what comes in immunity…if she wins, then maybe…

Ami: I’m not sure if Shinobu will like that…

Ukyo: We’ll have to convince her if worse comes to worse…

(Speaking of Shinobu, she and Hikari are trying to get away from the pressures of the game inside camp…)

Shinobu: That’s Su, and that’s Taichi Akiko, my best friend at school.

Hikari: Wow, they look so lifelike, you’re a really good drawer Shinobu!

Shinobu: Um…um…I’m not that good…

Hikari: Yes, you are, you need to have more assertiveness and confidence in yourself Shinobu. You are a much better person than practically all my class combined, just make sure you see that when you leave here…especially if you leave with a million pounds, that should keep your housemates in your debt…

Shinobu: As long as Kitsune-san doesn’t get her hands on it….(realises the comment) ummm, why did I say that?

Hikari: (laughing) See, your honestly with yourself usually comes with your good side, but there, you saw the drawbacks. Who says nice guys always finish last? (flicks through a few more pictures, and stops…) Huh? What’s this?

(Shot of an infamous Shinobu/Keitaro kissing sketch, which Shinobu immediately blushes and retracts…)

Shinobu: Umm…umm…

Hikari: Aww…don’t be embarrassed. (gives Shinobu a small hug) It’s O.K…I bet Keitaro wouldn’t mind dating a millionairess would he?

(The red metre in Shinobu’s face is officially a 12 in the tomato scale…)

(Meanwhile, washing up…)

Sakura: Well, what do you think?

Joey: I do understand. I mean, I don’t think I can beat Ashitaka or Ukyo in physical challenges…and Ami in mental challenges. And yes, I see them as bigger threats than yourself, Hikari and Ruri.

Sakura: See, that’s called ‘thinking’ Joey Wheeler.

Joey: (dry) Ha ha ha.

Sakura: Seriously, wait till tomorrow, and make your decision. I promise you won’t regret it…

(Sakura gives Joey an affectionate squeeze of the hand, as she leaves, Joey sighs)

Joey: I hope I don’t either.

(Finally, Ami and Ruri have joined Hikari and Shinobu in the camp after another walk…)

Hikari: She been poisoning your mind again Ami?

Ami: Oh no, we were just having a look at the difference of our cultures. It’s hard trying to fit everything inside Ruri’s life into my head because it’s so different…I’m just glad nothing like this is in any tests.

Ruri: Me, I was tutored into my head for most of my life. Almost everything inside your text books have been drilled into me many times over. (sighs) Sometimes being a genius can be the most idiotic thing which could have happened to me…

Shinobu: Maybe you two could tutor Naru-sempai and Urashima-sempai…

(Ruri and Ami think for a second, before remembering what Shinobu told them of their escapades and in unison…)

Ruri/Ami: Nah.

* * * *


Chromus: Bedtime, and Felicia’s leaving has allowed a bit more room in the camp. Hikari, Ruri, Ami and Shinobu already claimed the camp, Ashitaka is also asleep inside, with Ukyo outside behind the camp, and Sakura and Joey out front, on a modified hammock…

(To Ukyo’s awake eyes, she sees the two cuddling close in the hammock together as Ukyo grits her teeth, but doesn’t reveal her awake status…)

Ukyo: (whispering to herself) Traitor.

* * * *

DAY 26


Chromus: A tense morning on the day of an immunity challenge, kiddies, this is a whole different show now…

(Shot of Ami emerging from a morning dip, Ashitaka also there…)

Ami: I just wish all my problems would just wash away…

Ashitaka: No such luck. Another day, another challenge.

Ami: It feels rotten to go against one of our own…

Ashitaka: …but only cause he wanted to go against us.

Ami: Right. Has Ukyo agreed to it?

Ashitaka: Yes. If Sakura doesn’t win immunity, we’ll go for her. If she does, Joey.

Ami: Hikari and Ruri aren’t too happy with Joey, maybe we should go for him and get a definite result…

Ashitaka: Let’s just wait until after half twelve, before we do anything drastic.

(No fish today, just a simple rice meal as Shinobu and Ukyo take the cooking duty, with Ukyo trying to think of a way to tell Shinobu that they may want to vote Joey off…)

Ukyo: Listen Shin-chan, I need to tell you something if things don’t go our way around immunity time…

Shinobu: Yes?

Ukyo: It’s just…erm…(thinking) How can I say, Sorry Shin, we’re voting off your ‘brother’ off the island, no offence, she’s too innocent, damn it you jackass, stop thinking she’s Kasumi…’ (reality)…well, what would you say if…

Hikari: Shinobu! That’s smells great!

Shinobu: Thank you Hikari-san! (serves the rice) Ucchan, something wrong?

(Shot of Ukyo doing a rendition of an ostrich after her facefault…)

Ukyo: (removing herself from the sand) No, nothing whatsoever, I’ll talk to you later…

Shinobu: Right. Hey, where’s Sakura and Joey?

Ukyo: (grumbles under her breath) Probably making out under a tree…

Shinobu: What?

Ukyo: Huh? Oh nothing…guess we better find them…

(Shot of Joey and Sakura emerging with some water together…)

Hikari: No worries, they’re here. Sakura, over here, breakfast!

Sakura: Great! Starving!

(The breakfast is very quiet, and piercing gazes occassionally from Ukyo towards Joey and sometimes Sakura, although mostly unnoticed, Ashitaka notices them, and makes a note to talk to Ukyo later…)

* * * *


Ukyo: Sorry guys, couldn’t tell her.

Ami: That’s O.K, let’s just see if we can get lucky then and Sakura won’t win immunity.

Ashitaka: After the challenge Ukyo, I need to talk to you, is that O.K?

Ukyo: Sure sugar.

(Shot of Hikari with Ruri)

Hikari: You feeling O.K?

Ruri: Yes, I think I’m over everything now. It’s just…I’m preparing for the worst.

Hikari: Just prepare for the worst…by doing your best. That’s all.

(Ruri nods as they get ready…Shinobu jogs up to them…)

Shinobu: O.K everyone?

Hikari: (smiles) Sure sweetheart, just great.

(Finally Joey and Sakura)

Joey: This is the one! I’m going to win this immunity!

Sakura: You and what army buster?

Joey: This one! (bows in front of Sakura) Please let me win…pretty please?

Sakura: (smirks) Pathetic…but affective. Get your butt in gear and let’s win an immunity shall we?

* * * *


Karaoke Klutz – Knockout karaoke contest based on karaoke anime style. Guest star judges make performance on style and voice…

(Shot of Chromus and our eight stars ready for the performance of a lifetime…)

Chromus: Are we ready for an immunity challenge with a difference? No smarts, no power so everyone has got an equal chance of winning…unless you have a lousy voice of course…

Joey: Huh? Voice?

Chromus: Yep, but first lets introduce our guests, presenting…THE GIRLS FROM TENCHI MUYO!

(To a standing ovation, well, from me, we have the space pirate Ryoko, the Jurian princess Ayeka, Galaxy Police First Class Detective Kiyone, Ayeka’s younger sister, Sasami, everyone’s third favourite genius on the island (well, Ruri and Ami are here, gotta be polite) Washu and of course…)

Mihoshi: Kiyone? I can’t find the plug!!!

(Shot of Mihoshi trying to find something, and of course, tripping over her own feet and almost destroying half the cast…)

Chromus: Oh Jesus Christ…(picks up Mihoshi and despite her protests, plops her down to wear the judges are, most of them sweatdropping, except for Kiyone, who is just groaning…)

Chromus: Special Technique…Kuno Knot Twist! (Spins a piece of rope ready to tie Mihoshi up so she can’t be any more trouble…and drops the rope…) Typical, Tom is a butterfingers…

(Fortunately, thanks to Nene and Nigel doing double duty, they manage to get a massive karaoke system onto the island, and using Washu’s special sub-space, they get the power-up equipment to the island necessarily to get it to work…)

Chromus: Thank you, and Washu, I may need to speak to you…

Washu: (tuts her finger) Uh-huh…it’s Washu-chan!

Chromus: Oops…gomen. Washu-chan, can you help me and my…er…acquaintance in a split personality problem?

Washu: Sure…but only after…

Chromus: Uh-oh…don’t say the e word…(hurries up)…talk to you later Washu-chan! Anyway, with the system ready, you can probably guess why we have a karaoke system and a certain troupe of girls renown for their mad karaoke SKEELS…

(Shot of a list of songs appearance on a mega screen…)

Chromus: Today, not a test of wits, strength, speed or sight. It’s a test of song. Today, we have a knockout tournament. All of you will draw a number between 1 and 8, which will represent you, and then go up against your fellow survivors to determine who has the best voices out of you…you will be singing anime songs from your rival shows, in Sakura’s case, game songs will be in there as well…

Sakura: Phew!

Chromus: …and basically, these lovely ladies (gotta say that when you got people like Ayeka and Ryoko in a crowd…) will be judging you on mark out of 10 on how well you sing the songs, both in notes and in words, so put some emotion into it, including you Ruri…

Ruri: Idiot.

Chromus: …anyway, as this is knockout, whoever wins their first rounds, will advance to the semi-finals. Another round, another song, and then the final between the best of the best. The song will be the Japanese songs as well, despite the fact we’re in the dub mode, so we may need an AA device…fortunately, with Washu-chan in da house, we go one better…

(Shot of Washu’s modified dub/sub device, switches from dub to sub in an instant, great fun at conventions, parties and people trying to see what really goes on in Reedin…I mean Tomoeda.)

Chromus: So for this episode anyway, some of you…(has a look)…actually, it will just one person changing their name, but who cares?

(A flash of the device, and the tournament is about to go underway…)

* * * *

Chromus: O.K, so first, you will draw to see who you are up against…

(The top hat has 8 balls in, each survivor draws one at random as they all wander what they got…)

Chromus: And now, screen!

(Shot of a blue screen with the numbers down the side…)









Chromus: Kinda blank isn’t it, well that won’t be a problem. Who is 1 and 2?

(Hands of Ruri and Joey…sorry, Jounouchi getting up. Immediately Jounouchi sweatdrops…)

Jounouchi: Divine revenge coming up…

Ruri: Baka.

Chromus: Ruri vs. Jounouchi first. Next up, 3 and 4?

(Ukyo and Ami are next.)

Chromus: 5 and 6?

(Hikari and Shinobu.)

Chromus: Which leaves?

(Ashitaka and Sakura are last…)

Chromus: So that means the knockout competition is like this…












Chromus: That’s the set up, and now the songs…you will get chances to listen to your chosen songs before you sing them of course. You’ll get 10 minutes each round so this could take a while…but for your first songs, you’ll get…

Ruri: Gundam Wing Endless Waltz – Opening (I Need Your Love – Reflection)

Jounouchi: All Purpose Cat-Girl Nuku Nuku – Racing To The Moon

Ukyo: Cardcaptor Sakura: 1st Movie – Ending (Toui Kono Machi De)

Ami: Pretty Sammy – Baka

Hikari: Devil Hunter Yohko Opening

Shinobu: Ranma ½ - Kagayuku Sora to Kimi no Koe (A Glittering Sky & Your Voice)

Ashitaka: Fushigi Yugi – Never Get Away a.k.a Suboshi Theme Song

Sakura: Kingdom Hearts – Simple And Clean

Chromus: Let’s see, shall we listen to them practice…hmmm…nah!

* * * *


Chromus: O.K, guys and girls, let’s start…

Jounouchi: You honest I want to go through with it/

Chromus: For the judges yeah. For a good laugh, hell yeah!

Jounouchi: Thanks a lot…

Chromus: Judges ready? Er….

Ayeka: I told you, Lord Tenchi is going to be…

Ryoko: …mine you do realise that…

Ayeka: Why you…

Ryoko: Want to make something of it?

(The originators of the eye-spark go at it as Chromus shakes his head…)

Chromus: Where’s someone like Nakago when I need him?

(Eventually, a little order is restored mainly thanks to Washu-chan, as finally, the challenge can proceed…)

Chromus: O.K, set us off Ruri-chan!

(Ruri’s slow yet beautiful and melodic voice really shines in the combination sweet and slow early part of the opening and then the stronger parts during the middle. She manages to keep up speed very well despite the length of the song meaning she only got to listen to it once, she sings the English parts very well as Sasami hums with Ruri, Ruri seems to move with it well to the surprise of the tribe…)

Ukyo: She’s good…

(Ruri finish leaves the judges with marks needing to be made, as Jounouchi makes his death warrant singing the girl part of Racing To The Moon, from the original and best cat-girl in the business, Nuku-Nuku-chan!)

(Sadly, Jounouchi cannot really give the song justice, as his voice is too low to get to the high-pitched notes, despite listening to it nearly 3 times. He realises he’s screwed, but still manages to finish…)

Chromus: I don’t think we need to see the results, but…


Ruri (out of 20)

Jounouchi (out of 20)


Voice (9) Style (7)

Voice (5) Style (5)


Voice (7) Style (9)

Voice (6) Style (4)


Voice (10) Style (10)

Voice (7) Style (5)


Voice (8) Style (7)

Voice (5) Style (6)


Voice (9) Style (6)

Voice (7) Style (6)


Voice (7) Style (8)

Voice (4) Style (7)

Chromus: O.K…not surprisingly, it’s unamious in a 6-0 victory to Ruri there, so our next victims please as Ruri moves onto the semis against either Ukyo or Ami…

(Ukyo goes first, singing the lovely Toui Kono Machi De from the first CCS movie…)

Chromus: Go for it!

(Ukyo does a decent job in trying to match the voice, but two problems occur. Her Osaka dialect doesn’t seem to work for the song and the other problem is she simply isn’t as good as singer as many of the Ranma girls, guess this is one area Shampoo is better than Ucchan…)

Chromus: And now Ami-chan!

(Ami sings the poppy baka song from Pretty Sammy and seems to get into it with her cute voice. It’s a good live performance from Ami, and Sasami (who of course sings the real thing) is really enjoying it, as is Kiyone (although she has to restrain her partner from trying to move about trying to dance…)

Chromus: Maybe it was a bit unfair picking a Sammy song, but still, results ladies and…ladies!


Ukyo (out of 20)

Ami (out of 20)


5 (voice) 7 (style)

8 (voice) 6 (style)


6 (voice) 6 (style)

8 (voice) 8 (style)


4 (voice) 6 (style)

10 (voice) 8 (style)


6 (voice) 5 (style)

7 (voice) 7 (style)


7 (voice) 5 (style)

9 (voice) 7 (style)


5 (voice) 5 (style)

8 (voice) 8 (style)

Chromus: Another unanimous victory this time for team Ami-chan! Now, Hikari-chan and Shinobu-chan, this should be a good one…

(Hikari goes first, singing the lovely opening song from the anime Devil Hunter Yohko. The song compliments Hikari’s voice very well, and despite the fast nature of the song, Hikari keeps up, doing a good job of impressing the author and the judges.)

Chromus: And now Shinobu-chan.

(Shinobu has a difficult song because of the amount of characters singing the song in it. However, Shinobu copes with it extraordinarily well, her sweet voice bumping up a level with the J-pop like tune she is dealing with. This is gonna be a close one…)

Chromus: I don’t want to be the judges now, but go on…if it goes to a draw, points decide…


Hikari (out of 20)

Shinobu (out of 20)


7 (voice) 6 (style)

8 (voice) 8 (style)


7 (voice) 7 (style)

6 (voice) 6 (style)


7 (voice) 6 (style)

8 (voice) 7 (style)


8 (voice) 6 (style)

7 (voice) 7 (style)


9 (voice) 8 (style)

7 (voice) 7 (style)


8 (voice) 6 (style)

9 (voice) 8 (style)

Chromus: Wow. 3 in favour of Hikari and 3 for Shinobu. Anyway, the points decide and the scores are 85 for Hikari…and 88 for Shinobu, so Shinobu advances! Great stuff ladies…

(Hikari and Shinobu shake hands on a good contest, as Ashitaka and Sakura take to the stage…)

(Ashitaka isn’t really a singer, and singing the EVVVIIIILLLL Suboshi song, Never Get Away, isn’t really his style. I think Ashitaka came close to sweatdropping for the first time when he heard what the contest was…especially as he had no idea what it was about…)

(Sakura on the other hand does a good job with the lovely Simple and Clean tune, the theme song from the video game Kingdom Hearts. Ashitaka knows he won’t win this, so simply asks if he can concede and rather not deal with the humiliation. Chromus thinks for a second, deciding whether to be evil or not…)

Chromus: O.K, I’ll let you off, Sakura wins!

* * * *














Chromus: Next round now, hope you got your vocal cords strengthed as we pick the next random set of tunes, so Ami, Ruri, Sakura and Shinobu…

(The next round of selection is made and the girls get the following…)

Ruri: Love Hina Again – Be For You, Be For Me

Ami: Yu-Gi-Oh! – Shuffle

Shinobu: Ranma ½ - Us After This

Sakura: Gunsmith Cats Main Theme Tune

Chromus: O.K, practice yadda yadda yadda…

(10 minutes later)

Chromus: Now let’s see who are the queens of karaoke? First up, Ruri vs. Ami…FIGHT!

(Ruri goes first, singing the end tune to Love Hina Again (Naru version). This is very Ruri in the slow pace melody the tune is, and Ruri’s soft Japanese voice does the business on this tune, making it sound as sweet as the tune is…(it’s very nice the Naru version, the Naru/Keitaro version is high paced and the Kanako version…the less said about that the better…)

(However, Ami is no slouch either, and although the song is the opposite of her character, the high paced rock like tune is well sung by Ami, and manages to get the high notes well, and the English parts with perfection. Ryoko in particular gets into Ami’s song well, as this will be a close decision…)

Chromus: Well done ladies! But the judges will make the final call…





7 (song) 7 (style)

10 (song) 9 (style)


8 (song) 7 (style)

8 (song) 8 (style)


10 (song) 8 (style)

9 (song) 7 (style)


9 (song) 7 (style)

8 (song) 7 (style)


9 (song) 8 (style)

7 (song) 7 (style)


8 (song) 8 (style)

8 (song) 7 (style)

Chromus: Oh, how close is that…Ruri JUST edges it, and that has to be tough, so Ruri advances to the final for immunity…

(Shot of Ami wishing Ruri good luck, as Shinobu and Sakura go up to the stage…)

Chromus: You go girls!

(Again, Shinobu has the tough job of keeping up with the Ranma voices, (Ranma-chan, Akane, Shampoo, Nabiki and Kasumi) but Shinobu seems to handle it quite well. Apart from the obvious difficulty of the chorus (where they sing together), the bouncy tune gets into judges Sasami and Mihoshi well…until Kiyone stops Mihoshi of course…)

(Sakura on the other hand also has to deal with three voices for the Gunsmith Cats tune, and seems to handle it better than Shinobu. However, the song has a few high pitched notes (Curse you Minnie May Hopkins…) which Sakura struggles with, making this round a bit more clear cut…)





7 (song) 8 (style)

6 (song) 7 (style)


8 (song) 7 (style)

6 (song) 6 (style)


9 (song) 9 (style)

7 (song) 7 (style)


8 (song) 7 (style)

7 (song) 5 (style)


8 (song) 8 (style)

6 (song) 6 (style)


9 (song) 9 (style)

6 (song) 7 (style)


Chromus: I think a bit unlucky, but in the end, a clear winner as Shinobu advances to the final against Ruri. Now, the final round, we decided to make the final round a bit more familiar to you girls, to let your song skills truly show…


Chromus: So far, they’ve picked random songs…but what do our judges think about them singing their OWN songs?

Shinobu: Uh oh…erm…

Ruri: No…

Ruri – I Want To Be Your Number One

Shinobu – Osoroi o Silver Ring

Chromus: That’s right, these two lovely young ladies will now sing their own character songs for your listening pleasure…so girls, don’t be too embarrassed…

(The rest of the tribe are looking forward to it, a number of Tsunami in particular have been smiling since Sakura was defeated by Shinobu, although the street fighter hasn’t noticed this…)

Chromus: Judges, no nonsense this time. Marks out of 10 only. Overall score wins. O.K, Ruri first, let the immunity begin…

(Ruri does her song from the beauty contest, pretty much a sweet little love song for those who haven’t had the pleasure of listening to it. Ruri pretty much does the same routine in movements that she did in the contest (except for the dried ice of course that Omokaine produced…) and the judges seem into it (at one point, Ryoko and Ayeka were bawling into each other…until they realised they were enemies…^_^), so after the applause died down, how can Shinobu beat it?

(Quite well actually…Shinobu’s song (Osoroi o Silver Ring) is the opposite of Ruri’s song, that it’s more bouncy j-pop. It’s mellow, but with a happy tone. Shinobu’s sweet voice comes through very well as the music plays, and it’s simply a decision the judges are going to have problems making…I guess Shinobu had more practice during the ‘Flower & Sword’ saga than we thought…)

Chromus: Well, that was wonderful ladies, and trust me, I can’t tell the two of you apart in these stakes, so the judges, you’ve got the unenviable task of deciding who wins…so first, Ryoko?

Ryoko marks: Ruri – 8, Shinobu 9

Ayeka marks: Ruri – 9, Shinobu 8

Chromus: Trust those two to be the opposite…Sasami-chan?

Sasami marks: Ruri – 10, Shinobu 9

Chromus: Ruri pulls into the lead, Washu-chan?

Washu: Ruri – 8, Shinobu 9

Chromus: Shinobu tying up…Kiyone?

Kiyone: Ruri – 8, Shinobu 8

Chromus: The scores are 43 to Ruri and 43 to Shinobu…this to decide the winner of immunity…and if they are tied Mihoshi, the sea will be your worst enemy…

(Mihoshi’s scores…and bawls…)

Mihoshi: Sorry, I love the sappy stuff!

Mihoshi’s score: Ruri 9, Shinobu 8…Ruri 52, Shinobu 51.

Chromus: And in the closest of close, Ruri wins immunity!

(The tribe (and judges and author) applaud the two girls as Ruri and Shinobu shakes hands, Ruri stopping to accept the reward helmet…and breaks into a small smile.)

Ruri: That’s the second time I’ve won with that song…idiots.

* * * *

Chromus: Winning immunity was Ruri Hoshino. That means she’s safe for three days…meaning anyone else could easily be royally and truly screwed…

Ukyo: Hey, where did they go?

(Shot of the group heading back to camp…only without Sakura and Joey…)

Shinobu: Um…do you want me to look for them?

Ashitaka: If it isn’t too much trouble Shinobu…

(Shinobu nods and runs away in the opposite direction, where the former Minori camp was…)

Hikari: Well Ruri, you feel you earned that one?

Ruri: I think so…(smiles)…never expected to win a challenge like that as well…

Ruri: It was odd…unusual…idiotic. Yet, I won an immunity challenge. That’s something I’m proud of and I hope Tenkawa-san and the captain, and the rest of the crew are proud of…

Ami: Well, I guess any victory is one you can appreciate…

(However, Ruri’s victory has come at a price…as Sakura and Joey have to wonder…)

Sakura: Nuts, I think we needed that one more than anyone…

Joey: No worries, we’re still on the same team…

Sakura: (smiles) I’m glad. I just hope you stay with our side, if we are going to survive, and if either of us have a chance of winning, this has to happen…

Joey: Of course. (Looks into Sakura’s eyes and blushes) Urm…Sakura…

Sakura: Yes?

Joey: Well…I never noticed it really, my mind usually blanks out around things like this…but…

(Sakura notices the intensity in his eyes and gulps…)

Joey: Well, I…er…(leans over…and Sakura doesn’t resist…until Sakura’s sixth sense kicks in and sees someone watching them…)

Sakura: Hey, who is there?

(Sakura peers over to await the attacker…of course, when the ‘attacker’ is Shinobu Maehara, you may need to think things over…)

Shinobu: Ayeaaaahhhh…

Joey: (embarrassed) Oh Christ Shinobu…you scared the living daylights out of me…

Shinobu: Umm…I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to barge in you and see you ki-ki-kiss….

Sakura/Joey: Huh? What?

(Shinobu speeds off embarrassed as Joey scratches his head…)

Joey: We’ve got a lot of explaining to do…

* * * *


Hikari: (humming ‘I Want To Be Your Number One’) It’s a catchy tune I must say…did you write it?

Ruri: Um…no, actually Omokaine wrote it for me…and did my special effects as well…

Hikari: Special effects? I’m jealous…but it sounded like a love song more than anything? Didn’t think you would sing something like that…

(Ruri tries to hide her head to avoid blushing…)

Hikari: Ah, I get it. I’ll say nothing more…

Ruri: Thank you.


Shinobu: I couldn’t see properly, but I’m sure they were kiss…

Ukyo: Say no more sugar. (sighs) So, what are we going to do? Has she got him into her spell…damn, I’m sounding she’s like Shampoo now…

Ashitaka: Genuine or plotting, that is the question?

Ami: Elementary my dear Ashitaka.

Ukyo: I don’t care, she feels like she’s on the losing side, and now she wants to try and change things…I don’t like it as much as anyone does, but that’s the way it goes! Ruri is immune, and Hikari isn’t as big a threat on her…(looks at Shinobu)…plus I don’t think Shinchan would be too appreciative of that…

Shinobu: (bows) Thank you.

Ukyo: So in other words…

Joey: …you’re going to try and screw her over before she does to you.

Ukyo: Crap.

(Shot of Joey coming over, Sakura isn’t in sight, however, Joey’s anger from Hikari and Ruri yesterday seems to now be directed in his own tribesmates, particularly one spatula girl…)

Joey: You know, I find it funny that someone who is pining over something herself is actually such a shallow person when it comes to other romantic ventures…

Ukyo: O.K, what you doing to the real Joey Sakura wherever you are…he almost sounds intelligent.

Joey: I took that in humour before, not any more…

Shinobu: Hey-hey, please guys, don’t act like that…

Joey: Sorry lil’ sis, but when the chips are down, you have to defend yourself.

Ukyo: Defending? You going to go against us sugar? Such because of some…some hussy?

Joey: Don’t you dare call her that!

Ukyo: I don’t have time to deal with people like you…especially ones who can bully 11 year olds…

Joey: Huh?

Ukyo: (sneers) Oh, Hikari told us how you were threatening Ruri the other day. What’s the matter, felt you could take someone out your own size now? Just try it buster…

Shinobu: Guys, we’re friends here, don’t fight…

Joey: Considering you look like a man anyway, it won’t hurt my pride too much to shut your mouth…

Ukyo: Oh ha ha. How original…were you born stupid or did you grow up that way?

Shinobu: But guys…

Ashitaka: THAT’S ENOUGH!

(Shot of Ashitaka who has somehow got in between the middle of the feuding tidal waves)

Ashitaka: I’ve dealt with enough conflict to know that this is petty. Whatever happens tomorrow is different to what happens now. I suggest we all reflect on that before making any drastic decisions, today, tomorrow or whenever.

Joey: (calms down) I guess that’s the way…but…just stay out of our way…

(Joey walks off)

Shinobu: Shall I try and talk to him?

Ami: No dearie. It will be pointless. Let’s wait until he’s cooled off. (Ami and Shinobu walk off hand in hand, to talk with Hikari and Ruri, about to start to prepare a fire…)

Ukyo: Geez, what a jackass! I can’t believe he’d betray us…damn, he’s like Ryoga at times…stubborn as a mule and twice as stupid…

Ashitaka: Maybe it’s time he was sent into the sunset…

Ukyo: Ashitaka?

Ashitaka: I’ve had my doubts about him for a long time. I feel now would be the best time to perhaps take a chance. We’d still hold an advantage, and besides, one without the other is pretty much useless, and Joey is in more danger…

Ukyo: You know…you have a point…maybe so…

(But hiding in a tree, a sailor fukued girl grins…and it’s not Ami…)

* * * *

Ruri: What’s that about?

(Ruri looks over at Joey who isn’t the happiest of bunnies as he stands on his own, trying to re-collect himself…)

Hikari: I don’t know, but I guess there might be light at the end of the tunnel right Ruri-ruri?

Ruri: You know, your endless optimism is so much like Minato, it’s scary…

(Meanwhile, Sakura has leapt down from the wilderness, to join her comrades round the fire…)

Hikari: Hey Sak, what’s going on?

Sakura: Huh? (innocently) Why Hikari-dear, what do you mean by that?

Hikari: Oh, the innocent trick works with your namesake, but not with you…

Sakura: Drats.

Hikari: Now, seriously, what is going on between you and Joey…

Sakura: Well…

(Suddenly, Joey goes by them, looking for some firewood. The proverbial light bulb goes in Sakura’s head and she stands up)…

Hikari: Sakura!

Sakura: Talk to ya later…

(Sakura heads over to Joey, and whilst we can’t hear the conversation between the two of them, Hikari (and Ruri) both try and hear as much as they can…)

Hikari: Yes…there is some light…

Ruri: Kinda appropriate considering what your name means…

Hikari: Uh oh, humour Ruri alert…

* * * *


Chromus: As the sun sets, things in the camp have decidedly become more interesting…

Sakura: …we won’t be interrupted tonight…I promise…I just realised something when we went over there…(whispers in Joey’s ears…who literally turns red in a flash…)

Joey: Um…well…I…er…

Sakura: Oh come on…

Joey: Well…

(Meanwhile, with suspicions high, Shinobu is decidedly worrying…)

Shinobu: I thought it was O.K like this, everything seemed fine…I never once considering winning anything, yet winning seems to be on everyone’s obsession…Joey…Ukyo…what has gone on?

Ami: Sadly Shinobu-chan, not everyone is as sensible as you…

(As the fire burns down, is that right?)


Ukyo: (whispering) I knew it…

Ashitaka: You suspected them last night…but now…

Ukyo: Yes, they’ve gone to the other island…(goes red with anger, embarrassment…you decide…)

Ashitaka: Ukyo…

Ukyo: If Hikari saw this, she’d be pissed…gah…(Ukyo tries not to make too much of a noise as she curls up outside as Ashitaka looks on…)

Ashitaka: I guess they take morals more closer than I thought…

(Shot of the former Minori tribe, where one of the private camps (still standing) is being shared by Sakura and Joey…)

* * * *

DAY 27

Chromus: Day 27, nearly a month gone, and yet another Tribal Council. With things now at their most highest, and 8 remaining in the game, just 6 more will join that jury…starting with one tonight, but has the table turned on the all powerful Tsunami…


(Shot of Shinobu making the late breakfast, this time rice with coconut…interesting combo but on survivor, beggars can’t be choosers…)

Shinobu: It was weird, after Sakura and Joey got back from…wait, why were they there anyway?

(Shot of Shinobu looking paniced)

Shinobu: No…they didn’t? They di.di.didn’t????????

(Shinobu goes all red and is about to faint…if Hikari didn’t catch her in time…)

Hikari: Whoa relax there sweetheart, you’re going all red on us here…

(A few minutes later…Shinobu is being fanned by Hikari, Ukyo and Ami…)

Ukyo: I guess the poor dear was a bit overheated…

Shinobu: Ano….

Ami: Hey, she’s coming to…

Hikari: You O.K there sleeping beauty?

Shinobu: What…just…happened?

Ukyo: You just passed out sugar. Don’t worry, you’re fine, Ami said it was just a bit of heat exhausation.

(Shinobu remembers WHY he was heated, and almost passes out again but Ami stop her…)

Ami: Whoa watch it there, don’t want you to have a relapse…

(Meanwhile, Sakura is in the sea, as Joey watching, has a smile on his face, as Sakura splashes about…)

(…however, they too are being watched…by an unlikely suspect…)

Ruri: Ever since Joey tried to attack me about Ami and I, he and Sakura have been getting closer than a lot of the tribe…more than I thought. And last night…I’m sure we all have our suspicions, however, as I’m too young to think about such things, I can’t speculate…

(Shot of Ruri, the only one guaranteed safety tonight, watching Sakura practically drag Joey into the ocean, as Ruri shakes her head in disgust.)

Ruri: Idiots.

(She may be safe, but one isn’t…who is the guinea pig?)

* * * *


Chromus: Joey isn’t exactly being trusted at the moment, and considering the row he had with Ukyo, that is a good reason. So the two Tsunami’s members who enjoyed his company the most, Ami and Shinobu, decide to see if there are two sides of the story…and for Shinobu’s curiosity level as well…

Ami: I hope you know what you’re doing…

Joey: Trust me guys, this is the first thing in a long time I’ve truly thought about, and believe me, it isn’t easy…

Shinobu: But Joey, I thought you were always going to be with us? Why n…

Joey: Things have…changed Shinobu. The game is starting to shape up, and it’s time to be a bit greedy perhaps…besides, all for my sister’s case, and I’ll do anything to make sure she’s saved…

Shinobu: Is it…because…of what happened…(Shinobu blushes, unable to finish the sentence…)

Joey: Huh?

Ami: Somewhere in there, is the same old Joey. However please Joey, you do realise you are digging yourself into a hole here…

Joey: …and by doing this, I am climb out of it. I’m sorry guys…

Shinobu: Joey! Please…

(Joey cups Shinobu’s chin and wipes away a stray tear…)

Joey: Shinobu, you’re never even near my book, so don’t worry your pretty little head…but…sometimes a guy has to do what a guy has to do…

(Joey walks away as two blue haired girls look on…)

Ami: I’m still not sure whether she’s stringing him along…or if it’s genuine but…

Shinobu: Who do you think they are going for?

Ami: It can’t be us, otherwise he wouldn’t have talked to us. Which means Ashitaka and Ukyo are more obvious targets, and considering the way he’s had problems with Ukyo…

Shinobu: We’d better warn her!

* * * *

Sakura: …so that’s why we should do that.

Hikari: Well…I’m still not too happy about it, but I want to win just as much as anyone. If that means going against Shinobu, then very well.

Sakura: Ruri?

(Ruri is quiet for a moment)

Sakura: Ruri-ruri?

Ruri: (nods) Very well.

Hikari: We’re willing to keep Joey with us so we can get the advantage. In that case…

(Shot of Joey coming up…)

Sakura: Hey, you’re late…

Joey: Sorry about that, got caught up with something….

Sakura: Well?

Joey: I think we should…

(A shot of another clearing, and we hear Ukyo sneeze…)

Ukyo: Atchooo!

Ashitaka: You O.K there?

Ukyo: Yep…weird, wonder if someone is talking about me?

* * * *


(The day has passed with quiet, despite Ami and Shinobu deciding to tell Ukyo about what happened in their talk with Joey. Ukyo has refrained from scrambling Joey’s brains with her mini-spatulas, however, throughout the day, Ruri has been….busy….)

(Shot of a small area of the island, where a clearing of sand is made. We can see Ruri making some marks on the sand, but we can’t see what they are…)

(off screen) Hikari: Hey, where’s Ruri? She didn’t come for dinner…

Ami: (calling) Ruri?

Ruri: I’m coming…

Ami: O.K, we just don’t want you to waste away…

Ruri: Of course.

(Ruri steps up and leaves…but not before the camera spots on what Ruri is drawing….)

(Three shapes , the bottom left having the word ‘CASPAR’, the highest one, ‘BALTHASAR’ and the bottom right has ‘MELCIOR’.)

* * * *

Ukyo: So, it comes down to caring for myself huh? Well…I’d still like to take out Sakura, but sensibility comes first…maybe we should go for Joey…

Shinobu: B…but…

Ami: Sadly what Joey said reflects us as well, maybe we need to play it safe, whether we like it or not…

Ashitaka: The blood of betrayal…I’ve felt it before, but never like this.

Ukyo: Well…if we vote for Sakura, it could end up as a tie 4 apiece. That probably why Joey should go, and if he’s gone, we are still 4 up against 3, then take out Sakura. Yosh!

Shinobu: B-b…but…

Ukyo: Sorry Shinchan, but if they are prepared to be ruthless with me, then I can do the same…

(Shinobu obviously isn’t too happy about this as Ashitaka puts a hand on the timid girls shoulder…)

Ashitaka: It’s us or them, and after holding out so long, let’s keep it at us shall we?

(Shinobu nods, although it is obvious she is reluctant…)


Sakura: Are you sure you don’t mind?

Joey: I think I’ve kinda made it me or them now, so if it’s my fault, fine, but there is no turning back…

Ruri: Idiot…

Hikari: O.K, so why Ukyo again?

Joey: Because she insulted me?

(Mass facefaults…)

Joey: Seriously, because she’s getting too bossy for her own boots, plus she is a strong challenge in immunities, and if we win them, that problem is solved…

Sakura: Sounds plausible…

Ruri: …but ultimately idiotic…

Joey: Yes, so then, we should…huh?

Ruri: Sorry, but that plan won’t work…

Hikari: How come?

Ruri: You keep forgetting that the rules changed. Votes from the past don’t count, votes from the merge do. Joey currently has 2 and Ukyo has 0. Which means…

Joey: (panicing) If they all vote for me…GAAAHHHH! I’M SCREWED…

Sakura: Eep…I never thought of that…

Ruri: Calm down Joey. You obviously haven’t thought of the obvious counter-measure…

Joey: Which is…

(Ruri sighs)

Ruri: We’re all idiots…

* * * *


Ami: You’re not going to bow out now are you Shinobu-chan?

Shinobu: (shyly) No…

Ukyo: Don’t worry, we’re fine as long as they vote for me. Sorry Joseph, but after a promise start, you got a bit stupid. Weird, I’ve called you that all this time, but never really meant it…

Ashitaka: It’s the way it has to be.

(Ukyo and Ashitaka go off to one side, as Ami and Shinobu go to another…)

Shinobu: H-Hikari-san said she was sorry for all the trouble she and Ruri caused with Joey…

Ami: I know. But in the end, it’s still tribe vs. tribe, and even if Joey goes tonight, that means we are still 4 in 3 in favour. Then we can think about the future.

Shinobu: H-Hai!


Joey: O.K, that will work now…

Sakura: Yep, see, panic attack over!

Hikari: Geez, Sakura, you are a worry-wart…

Sakura: So? Can’t I have and hope an evil plan™ can work?

Joey: Nah, she’s too sweet…

Sakura: Yeah right! (laughs)

Hikari: (sighs) Normally Ruri says it but…hey, where is she? (shouts) RURI?

(Shot of the spot where Ruri is, studying the ground…)

Ruri: Plan ‘TUI’ starts after this Council…it needs to be done…we’ve become such big idiots…(out loud)…coming…

(The 8 go to council, and as Kero has said many times, ‘Expect the unexpected…’)

* * * *


(The sight of the Shrine of Lugia evicted on Enil becomes more and more a sight for the people coming up to Tribal Council, a sight to behold for the last time for one person…)

(Shot of Chromus, smiling as he waves them all in, interested to see what actually happens…)

Chromus: Well dear sirs and sweetie-pies. Before we continue, I’d like to introduce an old friend, and the first of many jury members, Miss Felicia!

Felicia: Mi-aow everybody!

(Felicia, still as genki as you can get, is dressed in her old outfit, but looks a lot more refreshed. The group nod to her as Felicia waves to everyone…)

Chromus: Well everyone, this has been an eventful few days, culminating in today’s council and an immunity win for Miss Ruri there. Ruri, with old Locus down 5-3, is immunity vital for all Locus members now?

Ruri: (slowly) Not necessarilly…idiot…

Chromus: If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re immune, I’d vote for you myself…anyway, Joey, things have become interesting for you in particular, I’ve noticed you cosying up to Sakura a bit…

Joey: Er…well…

Chromus: Oh, you mean that night you spend in the old camps on the other island, not a rumor then?

Joey: C-can we please skip the subject please?

(Shot of the crew, some not hearing of this like Hikari surprised, whilst Shinobu tries not to faint again, the memory too straining for the Hinatasou resident…)

Chromus: Party-poopers. Oh well, as this is getting real old, real fast, I’ll think that will be it for me. Let’s cut someone off the island…laptops ready? Headphones on? And start-o!

(Shot of each of the group, reaching for their mouse and ready to type in their victim. Shot of Ashitaka.)

Ashitaka: Kind of surprising that I’m being loyal and disloyal at the same time. Still…

VOTE: Joey

Ashitaka: …he has relied on being with Tsunami all this time to stay in the game. The fact he wishes not to do it has made him vulnerable now…sorry.


Sakura: Well, my plan is starting to work, raise a hell, kick a little ass…vote off a worthy adversary…


Hikari: I think we are as surprised that we never thought of this before, and now we have a chance to pull it off, I’m going to take a chance…


Ukyo: As long as everyone pulls through, what they do will be irrelevant. I hope.


Joey: Well, I never thought I’d be voting for one of my own, but I guess Sakura opened my eyes. I just hope this isn’t the biggest mistake I’ve made…and trust me, I’ve made a few…


Shinobu: I’m sorry Joey-san, but I’m doing this for the good of our chances, not because of you…I’m so sorry!

Vote: Joey

Ruri: Whilst this person doesn’t deserve to be voted off unlike some idiots I could mention, it’s the most logical and smart choice…however I have a plan to make up for this…trust me…


Ami: All I can is sorry.

* * * *

Chromus: Ami’s vote is the last one to go through…and the votes are counted, and ready to be sorted…let’s see here…

(The blue screen flashes, to signal the start of the series of the votes…)

Chromus: First vote…

(Shines to show…)

Chromus: Joey.

Joey: They hate me…they really hate me…

Chromus: Picked a bad time for drama…next vote, Joey.

Joey: Oh boy…

Chromus: Third vote…Joey. Oh boy is right Joseph. The fourth vote…Ashitaka.

Ashitaka: Huh?

Chromus: Hmmm…me thinks that wasn’t expected, but the board doesn’t lie. Next vote, Joey. 4 versus 1.

(Joey has his hands in his head, and looks around, considering traitors…Felicia is keeping an eye on everyone in particular…)

Chromus: Next vote…Ashitaka.

Ukyo: Uh oh…

Chromus: 7th vote…Ashitaka. 4-3 to Joey. If the next vote is for anyone other than Ashitaka, Joey is gone. Ashitaka, and we go to a tie….

(The final vote…)

Chromus: Ashitaka. The vote is tied. So now, do the too gentleman, both from former Tsunami tribe, talk to Tsucus tribe and explain their case? Ashitaka…

Ashitaka: I must say…I’m surprised this has happened, so all I can say is either I can change your mind or not…that is all.

Chromus: Joey?

Joey: Whatever…they’ve made up their minds…

Chromus: Inspirational as always…is anyone here ready to change their vote, otherwise it’s pointless me loading up the system a second time…

(Looks on expectedly, as Joey is praying…and Ashitaka doesn’t look too disheartened…but nope. Hikari, Ruri and Sakura all stay put unsurprisingly…and Ashitaka gives out a small sigh.)

Chromus: Very well. In an event of a tie, most votes from the merge onward count. Joey, you have 2, whilst Ashitaka, you have 5. Therefore, you are deemed exiled. So Mr Ashitaka, please come up here to the final frontier…

(Ashitaka nods, and bows politely to the rest of his former tribe, as he swiftly walks up the final steps as Chromus nods.)

Chromus: Ashitaka, your tribe has voted you off, therefore your sending his complete. (A wave of vapour, and ‘The Power of One’ is played.) The tribe has spoken, you must leave.

(Ashitaka goes over and puts a hand on Ukyo, Shinobu and Ami’s shoulders and makes one nod. He turns to leave…but makes one final address…)

Ashitaka: I guess you pulled the wool over our eyes, however, all I can say…especially to one person…cut off a wolf’s head…and it still has the power to bite…a lesson I learned a long time ago…is a lesson that you must learn fast, and this wolf’s eye will be watching you…

(Ashitaka leaves…as Joey breathes out, and Chromus looks on. Felicia smiles slightly on the jury bench…)

Chromus: He’s right…he’ll join Felicia on the jury bench, making 2 people watching over your council moves, and considering what happened today, I think there will be plenty to watch over…so return to your camp Tsucus, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

(Tsucus stand up, another eventual Council…but this time, the game has changed just a little bit…)

* * * *

Ashitaka’s confessional;

To be taken out like that seemed to be the easy way out, and I never thought that would happened to me. But because it did, I can’t have any excuses or regrets. For this time, I’ll be thankful I was on the island this long, being in an environment I’m used to but in a totally different limetime. I hope that someone deserving wins this, whether that happens or not is another matter. For now, I pass on my regards to everyone remaining and wish them all good luck.

Who Ashitaka wants to win: Ami – She’s got a poet’s soul, and someone I can respect. She certainly deserves to win because she is someone who is trying yet not at the same time, she is doing her best, whilst still being totally honest. Shinobu is similar but Ami’s skills probably will help her better.

Who Ashitaka thinks will win: Hikari – Definitely the one of Locus who deserves it the most, her commitment and dedication, plus her reasoning to win is one of noblity. Joey’s reason is similar, but Hikari is going through this with true dedication and work, a real leader. With Joey on their side, she could win this now…

Who Ashitaka wants to go next: Sakura – I would say Joey, but I considered him a friend, and for the longest period of our tribe. Sadly, Sakura changed the game completely and made things, whilst maybe interesting, it was bad for our tribe. Unless things change though, she’ll probably last.


Hikari: Sorry, but it’s the smartest thing to do.

Ruri: I had to explain it to them, but never fear, it’s not over yet, and I know you’re say in the game will continue to push us hard…

Sakura: Sorry dude, but advantage us now, thank you Ruri-ruri!

Joey: Ashitaka, well…sorry man, despite the past thing, I certainly didn’t have a problem with you. But for my sister, anything.

* * * *

Ashitaka’s stats on the island(s);

The strong man of Tsunami, Ashitaka’s very capable survival skills meant that Tsunami had an easy time of it. When the merge came, he was deemed a threat, but was kept safe by Ami’s right answer. However, the many votes he got for his threat were his downfall, when a sudden swerve from Joey made sure of his demise this Council…


Ashitaka (4) – Sakura, Hikari, Joey, Ruri

Joey (4) – Ukyo, Ashitaka, Shinobu, Ami


Ashitaka (5) – Episode 7

Joey (2) – Episode 9

The tide is changing…or is it?

Plan TUI…and why are the names of the three wise men written down? Something to do with Eva…if so, why is Ruri writing it rather than Hikari?

Also…Joey and Sakura…did they or didn’t they?

4-3 now against Ukyo, Ami and Shinobu…is it all over for the spatula-girl?

Reward Challenge – Finders Keepers…look for the missing Digidestined, and looking for a reward at the same time…

Immunity Challenge – Tasuki’s Fan Flame – Can the team stand the heat in this hot immunity challenge?

Tribal Council – And jury member number three?

* * * *