* * * *

Chromus: I’m not being unreasonable, it’s just I don’t know how many people get annoyed with Tom and I don’t want my body to be put at risk for his idiocy…

Skuld: Nope, sorry, got to live with it, poor Chrissy, sucks to be you, yadda yadda. Well, gotta go, lots of bugs to squash in hyper dimensional space (her uber-mallet comes out) so see ya! (Skuld vanishes…)

Chromus: Traitor! Let’s see if I renew your season ticket for I Scream For Ice Cream…(goes out on a huff, before a light bulb emerges…)…hmmm, well if the goddesses won’t shine their light on me, I’ll guess I’ll have to make some of my own…

(Takes out his mobile phone and dials a number)

Chromus: Hello…yes, it’s me. No, don’t worry, I don’t want Mr. Globie this time…I heard you need a bit of a vacation from her…

* * * *

DAY 22 – 8.00am

(The combinations of the immunity challenge and the vote have been very tiring, especially for Sakura and Ruri, as reflections of last nights exile begin to rear the ugly heads.)

Ashitaka: In the end, the signs chose between me or him. And in the end, I’m here and he isn’t. He was a good man, and I hope his life isn’t dictated by these kind of choices again…

Ami: I don’t think it’s sunk in yet after last night that Tamahome has gone for us. However, looking around Locus Tribe and you can see it’s effected them, Ruri hasn’t said a word and Sakura has been really downcast…

(Shot of the awake members of the group, Hikari, Ami, Sakura and Shinobu as the open fire as Hikari and Shinobu get ready for breakfast, however, it is obvious the atmosphere in the morning could be cut with a knife…)

Hikari: Right now, Tamahome would have been trying to catch some fish…(shot of Sakura in the ocean, half-hearted in her catching as both Tsunami members look with a bit of shame, which Hikari notices)…oh sorry guys…

Ami: Why should you apologise? We’re the ones that voted him off…

Shinobu: W-w-we are so sorry Hikari…

Hikari: (smiles) And why are you apologising? We did exactly the same with you, we were going to vote Ashitaka off. If the situation was reversed, I guessed the feelings would be different, but that’s how the game goes. I’ll miss him, but I’m going to get on with my life, those are the breaks…

(Whilst Hikari may smile, Sakura is really finding it hard to break into her usual cheerful character)

(In the sea, Sakura has a piece of wood with the carving of a mark. The mark of the ogre, which Tamahome gave to her a few nights ago.)

Sakura: The two of us had a bond that went from teacher/student to friends to soulmates. There was nothing romantic between us at all, it was like a kinship that we had, I wouldn’t say brother/sister like, but certainly on that wavelength. And now…it’s hard to face anyone with my face like this…

Hikari: Sakura? Have you managed to catch anything?

Sakura: (to herself) Gotta be strong…gotta be strong…(Sakura turns and plasters a smile on her face) Nothing I’m afraid…

Hikari: That’s O.K, I don’t think we’re going to starve…(shot of Ukyo, Felicia, Ashitaka and Joey getting up, as the atmosphere seems very tense…), guess the brigade is up…

Ami: Not everyone…

Hikari: Yeah…(Hikari then whispers something to Ami…)

(Ami goes off back to camp, and sure enough, Ruri is still in there, not asleep, but sitting down, just staring into space)

Ami: Ruri-chan?

(Ruri looks blanked out, and doesn’t seem to have slept much. In fact, it almost seems like she has been crying…)

Ami: Ruri…please…don’t be like this…

Ruri: Brother…

Ami: Huh?

Ruri: Those first few days…he said I could be his little sister, at first I thought ‘What an idiot.’ But then I realised, he genuinely wanted to care for me. Almost like Mr. Tenkawa back on the Nadesico. He protected me, kept me on this island almost single handed, even when I was sick. And for all that, what do I do? I cost him…

Ami: I’m sorry…

Ruri: (looking at Ami for the first time) You have no need to apologize. Last night, I was the idiot. You simply knew what was what where I didn’t. There is still so much I don’t know about life…and it cost Tamahome the faith that he put in me, especially after I put so much into him.

(Ami comes up to the girl who puts her head down. Ami puts her hands on her shoulders)

Ami: It’s hard when one of your own leaves you. I have cried many, many times when seeing my friends all get hurt in front of my eyes…we have faced death many times…but we’ve stuck together. And Ruri, where one may have gone, you cannot lose face. Because there are many people here still with you…

(Ami then clutches Ruri’s hand, as the navigator/cutie-pie looks up)

Ami: Myself included. (Ami smiles at Ruri, and the navigators looks up…and smiles herself)

Ruri: Thank you.

Ami: Anytime.

(Ruri and Ami leave the camp hand in hand. In the distance, Hikari sees them and smiles and whispers an ‘arigatou’ to Ami. The scout blushes but for now, all resumes.)

Ami: Hikari asked me to go in and talk to Ruri. I felt she would have had a better chance but she felt it was better if one of Tsunami talked to her, and she said I had the best chance. It now seems like the best decision I’ve made…

Ruri: Ami saved me from myself today. I could have been my worst enemy, but I will follow her words. Thank you Mr. Tamahome for being with me. I won’t let you down now.

* * * *

Joey: Ah, the gang is here, save one…oops…

Hikari: Ukyo, smack him.

Ukyo: Sure sugar. (Joey cowers but recieves no blow) Nah, if any permanent damage happens, I’ll be kicked off.

Hikari: Nuts…my plan ruined.

Ukyo: Hey!

Shinobu: Is everyone O.K?

Sakura: Fine Shinobu…just fine…

Ami: I think last night…I don’t want to go through that again…

Ashitaka: Ami, I’m sorry I put you through that, and I’m equally sorry to young Ruri as well after what happened…

Ruri: No Mr. Ashitaka, it’s O.K. I learned the hard way that things don’t go your way when you want them to the most.

Felicia: Aww…sadly, she’s right. Even I feel that way at times back home…

Ukyo: Sugar, I think we all do.

(A nearly group sigh is heard as the first Council of the new Enil tribe known as Tsucus obviously has brought a dampener on things more than people may have expected. However, they can’t remain depressed for too long, because a reward challenge is coming up…)

* * * *


Sakura: Joey?

Joey: Hmmm…

Sakura: After the reward challenge, can I have a talk with you please in private? We’ll meet in the other beach O.K?

Joey: Er sure, but wh…

(Joey doesn’t get the chance to finish his statement however as Sakura has run off, as Joey adopts the Ash/Goku pose of scratching the back of his head…)

Joey: O.K…I’m confused…

(Meanwhile, despite everything, a few others decide to apologise as well…)

Ukyo: …so as you can see, I’m as sorry as anyone else after last night, but I reckon you can see why, and same with you guys as well…

Felicia: (waves it off) Oh Ukyo, it’s O.K…I loved Tama to bits as well, but it’s the way of the game. It’s cruel, but we’ll got to handle it…

Ukyo: I guess…I just feel so rotten…

Shinobu: We all do Ucchan…

Hikari: It’s O.K Shinobu, no-one blames you…we all know it was the evil Ukyo that told you to do it.

Ukyo: Sugar, you caught me in a good mood…(smiles)..otherwise what I could do is worse than whatever angel could do…

(Good-natured bantering done with, the reward challenge is coming up, will last night effect anyone’s performance?)

* * * *


Portugese Man Of War – Underwater challenge – First leg is who holds their breath the longest, second leg is an underwater tug of war.

Reward: Complete wardrobe change and drinks at a home-made bar

(The 9 remaining survivors arrive at the beach spot, but are surprised not to see Chromus…)

Ruri: Probably under DNA reconstruction…

????: Sorry I’m late!

Ukyo: Jesus Chris, what you done to yourself?

Ami: I think that’s worse than the other look…

????: I’M NOT CHRIS!

(The revealing host is indeed not Chromus, or Tom. It is in fact, Jayson Gold, one half of the new AS regime, and currently murder suspect in the CCC…although that isn’t canon so we’ll ignore that…)

Jayson: Geez, I’m here 5 seconds as your guest host and all I get is insults! You’d think I’d be better off back at AS…but to get away from Kelly…

Joey: Who is Kelly?

Jayson: The person who threw me off the helic…er…never mind that! What’s important is that we’re here for a reward challenge, and I’m your guest host Jayson Gold! Now, I’ve been given instructions by a ‘Miss Skuld’ and they are for the two challenges and council coming up, so let’s not beat around the bush.

(Whilst the gang wonder why they keep getting more weirdoes, Jayson finally gets into his groove and begins to explain the reward challenge.)

Jayson: Now, this is a two part challenge, the second part will come into play after the first part is over. Now, this will be a challenge where only 2 will eventually compete for the reward, so we need to make 9 become two. So can you follow me please?

(The blindfolded leads the blindfolded to a part of the sea, and a bit out is a smaller log than the one used in the immunity challenge the other day)

Jayson: Don’t worry, it isn’t another endurance epic, although it is a theme, as this time, you’ll be holding your breath for this challenge. The first part is the 9 of you to hook onto his log, and then glide yourself down to sit in the water, holding onto the log. Then, stay there until you can’t stay there any longer.

(Immediately, Felicia cringes.)

Jayson: That’s the first part. The second part…we’ll get to. For now, the 9 of you, get ready.

(8 of them do…but Felicia stays on ground…)

Felicia: I don’t think there is any point to me being on this because I’ll barely last 10 seconds, so if you don’t mind, I’ll forfeit my chance at this reward challenge.

Jayson: (shrugs) Suit yourself. O.K, the 8 of you get ready…

(Shot of the 8 on the log. From left to right, we have Ami, Ruri, Hikari, Shinobu, Ukyo, Joey, Sakura and Ashitaka)

Jayson: …and dive!

(The 8 clutch onto the log and slowly sink down. This challenge is all about strength, endurance and hope.)

(30 seconds go and no-one has risen yet, as Jayson applauds…)

(42 seconds and Ruri is the first to rise. 5 seconds later and Hikari joins her. 53 seconds and Sakura rises and Joey a couple of seconds later)

(Past the minute mark, and Ami, Ukyo, Ashitaka and Shinobu are still down there. Finally, Shinobu rises at 1 minute 30 seconds, to the applause of the troops.)

(At 2 minutes, the other three still down there. Some think they may have drowned, but nope, as the 3 are holding their breath as hard as they can. Finally, at 2 minutes 10, Ukyo rises.)

Jayson: O.K, get them up here before they drown!

(Ami and Ashitaka rises and takes deep breaths before getting applauded by their fellow tribe)

Jayson: Ami and Ashitaka, you two are the winners of the first leg, so now onto the final leg.

(The two are told to swim to a new spot, where all they see is a rope. Jayson explains.)

Jayson: On the end of each rope, there is a chest. That chest contains the reward. Whoever manages to drag the chest here first and open it wins. But there is a catch.

Ashitaka: Of course.

Jayson: You must be underwater to pull it. If you raise for breath, then you must stop and only resume when you go underwater. As you two lasted the longest, you should be able to hold on for a while. So, let’s see how you do.

(Ami and Ashitaka shake hands before they get a hold of their rope…)

Jayson: Survivors ready?

(The two nod as the others watch on the side…)

Jayson: And…BEGIN!

(The two dive, and begin pulling. Ashitaka has the strength advantage, but Ami has the natural advantage of being used to the water. Indeed, it’s neck a neck in the pulling departent as the two go at it, the groups cheers being unheard in the water.)

Jayson: Ashitaka, he’s the stronger of the two, but Ami, who can match Michiru…er Michelle…damn, is it dub or sub? No matter…she can match Sailor Neptune in the swimming department, no easy task, so this could go either way.

(Suddenly, as the pulling gets past the half way mark, the water advantage comes into play, as Ashitaka, at under 2 minutes, has to raise for breath.)

Ruri: In the early aspect of the challenge, Ashitaka and Ami didn’t have to do anything but concerntrate. However, now, they are doing something streneous and it’s hard concerntrating on breathing and working at the same time, unless you are naturally part of one thing…which Ami is.

(Indeed, Ami seems to not be slowing down even after Ashitaka gets back into the race. As the end comes, she’s a few metres away from victory, when we can see her eyes close. She looks like she is going to burst…)

(…she pushes the adrenaline and pulls…but has to breathe…)

Ami: Gaaah! Better…(puff)…rest…

Jayson: Yep, you should, after all Ami…you are our winner…

(Ami opens her eyes…and sees the chest out of the water. She opens it, and the kanji for ‘WINNER’ is in it. Ami smiles and the team applauds as Ashitaka gets the chest up as well, but realises it’s too late.)

Jayson: Well, Miss Mizuno…er…Anderson…er, never mind! (Damn Chromus.) You are our winner of the reward challenge, and gets two things. The first is a new change of wardrobe which will be delivered to you in a couple of hours time, and the second is tonight, you are going off to a nearby island where you gets a nice relaxing night out at a soda bar…of course, I’ll be accompanying you so that no men get their mitts on you but hey, perks of the job.

Ami: Thank you very much.

(Ami is congratulated by Ashitaka, and then the rest of the tribe, as at least the reward challenge brought out the more competitive side of the game…)

* * * *

Felicia: Ami I think may have bit more than she could, I mean, not only is she a mental destructive force, but she’s also fairly physical as that challenge proved. Still…no matter. Immunity is the one we need to go for…

Hikari: Aw man…I wished I could have won that challenge…oh well, I just stew and be insanely jealous for a while then…

(Ami is fairly happy as the group return to camp, the challenge was still an exhausting one though, as she and Ashitaka conclude)

Ashitaka: Congratulations Miss Ami.

Ami: No, I think the congratulation need to be held off for the moment. After all, it is obvious that the next challenge is the important one.

Ashitaka: True…and I know I’m a target.

Ami: Well, we do have the numerical advantage now…

Ashitaka: I get the feeling it’s not that simple though. Especially considering that Locus and Tsunami have no problem with each other…

(Ashitaka may be more right than he seems, because indeed, like promised, Joey decides to follow Sakura to the former Minori camp…for a word…)

* * * *

(Former Minori camp)

Joey: O.K, Sakura, what’s this all ab…huh?

(Is very surprised to see tears in Sakura’s eyes, as the street fighter struggles to keep composure)

Sakura: Why won’t it stop hurting?

Joey: Huh?

Sakura: It’s the game…I know it…damn well, I know it! However, why does it have to be played like this? Why Tamahome Joey?

Joey: Because…(a bit speechless)…

Sakura: (crying) I’m…I’m sorry, it’s just all the frustrations of losing the one person I truly trusted seems too much…he reminded me a lot of Ryu-sensei, except a lot more fun…I respect that, a fighter who knows how to make a girl smile…that Miaka is a lucky girl…

Joey: Sakura…

Sakura: …and now, it feels I can’t talk to anyone, not even from my own tribe. Sure, they all liked Tamahome, heck, Ruri was just as upset, but none of the others I was especially close to…not even Hikari…it just feels so…empty….

(Joey puts his hands on Sakura’s shoulders and helps her sit down on one of the logs)

Joey: Sakura, you know why I’m here, right?

Sakura: (nodding) To win the money for your sister’s operation. Hikari is like that as well, she’s aiming to win the money for her boyfriend’s operation.

Joey: Hmmm…didn’t know that. Maybe I should have a talk with her. Anyway, Sakura…why are you in the competition?

Sakura: (taken by surprise) Huh?

Joey: I’m serious. How come you are taking part?

Sakura: Well…I guess to better myself, to become stronger…after all, life is training, that is what Ryu told me. Yet…I guess I also wanted a change in a life, and I enjoy meeting new people…

Joey: True, but what if you win?

(Sakura looks up, surprised)

Joey: I bet you haven’t considered what to do if you win the money…however, I guess it doesn’t matter. What’s important is this. Keep your chin up, and make Tamahome proud. Heck, you can give half the money to him and his family if you can’t think of another reason to win…or half to me of course. (smiles)

Sakura: (smiles) Nice try…but thanks.

(The tears come again, but Sakura latches onto Joey sobbing, as Joey has to play big brother again to the streetfighter, as he gently rocks her. One wonders…what is going on in this predicament?)

* * * *


????: Miss Ami?

(Shot of 12 women in black invading the island, as on instinct, Ashitaka grabs a piece of wood, Ukyo arms herself with her mini spatulas, Sakura gets into a fighting stance and Felicia get’s ready for a little cat-scratch fever…but in the middle of it is a cutey pie of a girl…)

Ruri: Idiots.

(It’s little Madison Taylor, from Cardcaptors, and resident master of anything to do with fashion…or gaudy costumes…I fear for Ami’s reputation…^_^)

Madison: Miss Ami, I was told you won a competition and the prize was winning a wardrobe full of new clothes…

(Ami nods, although starting to feel a bit nervous…of the bodyguards or of Madison’s presence is a different question…)

Madison: Well, in here are a lot of exquisite delights that will be a snug fit for you Miss. So, enjoy!

(Madison bows, and the guards leave, as everyone relaxes…except for Ami…)

Ami: Um…

Ukyo: Something tells me Ami may have got more than she bargained for…

(The wardrobe needs to be unlocked first, there is a key hanging on the side as Hikari, Shinobu, Ruri and Ukyo watch over Ami, fumbling with the key…)

Ami: Alright, here goes…

(She opens it…)

Shinobu: Wow! Beautiful!

Hikari: You lucky girl…

Ukyo: Hmmm…well, it’s been a while since I can actually say I’ve worn a dress…

Ruri: ….

(Surprisingly the wardrobe is full of…normal clothes. ^_^ Actually, some very nice clothes, including prize kimonos and yukatas, beautiful dresses, some swimsuits and also matching shoes and hats available.)

Joey: And there are all hers to keep?

Sakura: Yep…

Ami: Wow…

Ashitaka: I think those will look very good on you Ami.

Joey: Oh yeah, definitely!

(Sakura casts a slight look at Joey before relaxing seeing how embarrassed Ami is…but the sailor scout smiles.)

Ami: Hey, the rules didn’t say I couldn’t share did they?

Ruri: Er…no?

Ami: Well ladies, how about we all enjoy a night in this luxury?

Felicia: Er…can I fit in those?

(Sweatdrops and facefaults aplenty…)

Ami: Er…sorry…

Felicia: Hey no matter, I’d probably only look normal in a nun’s outfit.

Ukyo: Sweetheart, are you sure about this?

(Ami nods and almost drags Ukyo, a flustering Shinobu, an unemotional Ruri…although she has a tad blush on her…a smiling Hikari and an embarrassed Sakura, as the girls are going to raise the 16-21 viewership up a bit…)

* * * *

Joey: This is gonna be good…

Felicia: Oh, Joey of the perverted mind?

Joey: What? No, no way, absolutely not!

Felicia: (smiles) No matter…I can just ask Ruri-ruri later if you are…

Joey: (sweatdrops) Thanks a lot…

Felicia: Are you ready yet girls?

(There is a muffled sound accompanied by ‘I-I don’t want to go out like this…’ and ‘This feels so different…’ and ‘Idiots.’ Amongst other things.)

Felicia: I’ll take that as an indifferent yes. Very well, introducting…the girls of Tsucus Tribe!

(First out comes Hikari, who Joey’s jaw drops to the floor. Hikari is in a very beautiful red and gold Chinese dress, which fits her petite form quite well. Her cute face is blushing slightly, and even Ashitaka admires this look…)

Felicia: Kanjou…you’re a knockout! Your boyfriend back home won’t know what hit him if you go like that!

(Hikari blushes even more deeply, but let’s see what contestant number two is like…)

Felicia: Can anyone top that?

(Maybe…Ukyo is next, and she’s in a Sailor Scout style sailor fuku, looking like a cross between Lita and Raye in her facial features, the white shirt and black skirt combo fits her well as Joey turns…as does the author…^_^…and tries not to have a nosebleed…)

Ukyo: I tried this once to see if Ranchan would notice me…(notices the ‘audience’ reaction)…I guess at least someone did notice…

Hikari: That look does suit you very well…

Ukyo: (blushes) Oh please…Hikari-chan…it’s not…

(Ukyo has to smile and poses)

Ukyo: I’m Sailor Spatula! In the name of my restaurant…I’ll punish you…if you don’t pay up your tab!

(Felicia, Hikari and Ukyo burst out laughing, Ashitaka smiles and Joey is looking for some Kleenex…)

Felicia: O.K…number three!

(Sakura, normally the master of the sailor fuku look, is wearing an elegant strapless black dress. Now Joey really needs some Kleenex…)

Sakura: Erm…er…

Hikari: Wow.

Ukyo: You’re a knockout sugar.

Sakura: Are you sure this is me? I mean…I-I’ve never wore anything like this before…

Felicia: Trust me, you won’t need to win any matches in the tournaments, they all’s just bow down to you.

(Sakura blushes badly as Joey manages to control himself a bit…)

Felicia: You next Ruri-ruri?

(Ever been at a fanboy convention during episode 19 of Nadesico? Cue the encore. Ruri is dressed in a pretty pleated blue dress with strapping stockings. Her hair has also been let down to it’s natural state, making her look much older than she really is.)

(Needless to say it has the desired effect…)

Hikari/Ukyo/Felicia/Sakura: Kawaii!

Ruri: (blushing) Why is this such a feeling of déjà vu?

(Wait till next episode’s immunity…^_^)

Joey: Wow…this is like a guy’s dream come true…

Ashitaka: Be careful otherwise it may become a nightmare…

Joey: (sighs) How true…

Ukyo: Shinchan, you ready?

(O.K, now we are delving into the realms of absolutely cuteness here…Shinobu is very nervous and embarrassed…her hair has been cropped and tied, in a flowery yellow kimono.)

Shinobu: this O.K?

(The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ as the girls, even Felicia flock over to fuss over Shinobu, as Joey and Ashitaka looks on…)

Joey: I suppose it’s good you’ve got a girlfriend…

Ashitaka: Yes…the threat of San’s blade across my throat is a good enough reason to avoid temptation…although Hikari is quite pretty in that…and Ruri looks so sophisticated, and Shinobu…

Joey: (sweatdrops) I get it.

(Last, and certainly not least, the winner, Ami comes out. He is in a traditional miko (shrine maiden) garb, a la Rei Hino, a long sleeved top (chihaya) and a long red skirt (hibakama) over the leg. It kinda shows Ami as the true girl she is…although she is still very embarrassed…)

Ukyo: And here’s our genius girl.

Sakura: The look somehow suits her doesn’t it?

Ruri: Miss Ami certainly looks the priestess part.

(Ami blushes as the compliments come in. It’s been a fun dress up, despite Joey suffering from a loss of blood, but could be worse. Could be Keitaro…)

* * * *


Hikari: We can keep these?

Ami: Of course…I wouldn’t use all these clothes anyway so you can take those. No problem.

Hikari: Thank you Ami!

Ruri: (bowing) Yes, thank you Miss Ami.

Ukyo: You have such a good heart it’s unbelievable. You’d stand out back home…

Sakura: Definitely back at my place as well…

(Ami’s gift to the girls of the tribe is a nice offering, however, they know that the next day they’ll be competiting for immunity, so the girls of Tsunami decide to clear the air, as Felicia joins them.)

Hikari: Guys, we’ve told you. It was all part of the game, you’ve got nothing to be sorry for…

Ami: It just feels…

Ruri: Ami, you know how disappointed I was last night. However, I couldn’t hold a grudge when you beat me…I just couldn’t.

Ami: (smiles) Ruri…

Ukyo: Ashitaka was just as upset as anyone, I liked Tama-chan as well, but…

Felicia: (nods) I think we understand, and we understand too, hence why we’ll be going for immunity tomorrow like our lives depended on it.

Ukyo: Good on ya sugar, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

(For now, peace has returned…)

* * * *



Jayson: The food isn’t top class, but it’s there, thanks to a rejuvinated tribe, not surprisingly, Sakura didn't fish in her new clothes, but she and Joey at least managed to get a couple of fish to go with their rice and rats…eww…

Felicia: Bon appetit!

Joey: How does she catch those?

Hikari: We’ve been trying to work that out since the start of this trip.

(Shot of Shinobu, not exactly fond of cutting the rats, fortunately, Ukyo takes over before Shinobu can panic.)

Ashitaka: I guess after all that dressing up, you’ve built up an appetite.

Ami: (blushing) Sorry, I guess I didn’t realise how hungry I was…

Ruri: You had a hard challenge today as well…

Ami: We all did though…

Hikari: Hey, let’s live a little, eat, drink and be merry!

Ukyo: I’ll say yes to that anyday!

(The bantering is high as the group enjoy the day round the fire…but what’s this? A kidnapping?)

* * * *


(As the group seem are just content to relax, another figure comes up to the island via boat. Fortunately, it’s just Jayson, and not a swiss knife wielding maniac trying to kill an author just because he caught him an…oh sorry, an out of fic experience there…)

Jayson: Ami? You ready for the second part of your reward?

Ami: (cleaning up with Ruri and Shinobu) Huh?

Jayson: Don’t tell me the super genius (spots Ruri)…er, well one of them…forgot about the second part of the reward? (sighs) Get dressed in 10 minutes and then you’re going to a bar on a nearby island…

Ami: (blushes) Oh yes…gomen!

(Ami runs off and picks out an outfit from the wardrobe still in, a blue shimmering dress which seems to suit her well. Hikari and Sakura notice this and begin to help her, with Felicia guarding her from any perverts…well Joey really…)

Ruri: (sighs) I won’t say it about Ami…besides, I forgot too…

* * * *

(Shot of Ami waving back at the tribe who wish her a good night out, as Ami does look embarrassed as Mako Tsunami, the resident boat driver, pulls Jayson and Ami in front of what seems to be a hastily built bar setting. As Ami is underage though, it’s just soda for the scout.)

Jayson: Well, shall we?

Ami: Of course.

(Ami and Jayson enter the bar, where there is a lot of people inside. Ami feels a bit embarrassed, especially when a few of the kids come up to her and cheer her on, and ask for autographs. There are however some genuine anime characters though there as well…)

(At the bar, Madoka Ayukawa, from Kimagure Orange Road, serving drinks alongside the cook, Anna Reispegi, from Battle Athletes Victory. The waitress is Konatsu, from Ranma ½ (manga), and for reasons best unexplained, I won’t spoil his secret…actually, he’s the same as the bouncer, Nuriko (Fushigi Yugi)…a.k.a. both VERY convincing cross dressers…)

Konatsu: Welcome! Welcome! How may I serve you? (notices Ami) Oh, you’re the one working with Ukyo-sama on the island!

Ami: (blushing) Er…yes…that’s right?

Konatsu: Well, a friend of hers is one of mine! So what will it be?

Ami: I’ll have an orange juice and lemonade please.

Jayson: Pineapple juice on the ice kid.

Konatsu: Sure…

Jayson: Well, what do you think?

Ami: It’s certainly…different.

Jayson: Nothing for the best…so, how do you think you’re doing? Can you do as well as Mina did?

Ami: (scratching her head) Huh?

(Jayson sweatdrops forgetting that although he is here, the two canons are moderately separate…and also this Ami is based more on the Japanese version of Sailor Moon…no worries, as Madoka whips up the drinks quickly as Ami smiles along with Jayson)

Jayson: No matter…here’s to Survivor!

Ami: Sure! (clink)

* * * *


Ukyo: Ami’s probably enjoying herself…good for her, I think being here has made her more confident…

Ruri: Ami has a delicate soul and a poet’s mind. She has everything to look forward to…(sighs)…I’m a little jealous.

Felicia: Why’s that Ruri?

Ruri: Maybe because Ami has her life ahead of her, despite her intelligence, she is still a school girl with a future to look forward to and enjoy. It something I never got to experience…until I came here.

Hikari: (smiles) It’s O.K Ruri…

Ashitaka: I guess we all change in different ways, whether for the better or worse…

Joey: I hope it’s for the better in our cases…

Sakura: Yeah…

(The group is quite as the night air cascades around them….)

* * * *


(Night time. Most of the group are asleep, as Ashitaka is outside, still awake. Suddenly, a sound snaps his eyes open…)

(…fortunately, it’s just Ami coming back from the bar. She smiles…)

Ashitaka: Ami, you O.K?

Ami: I’m fine. No-one tried to get me drunk and I’m not pregnant. Sorry, it’s like a reflex action whenever I go out to do anything fun…my mother fears the worst sometimes…

Ashitaka: (smiling) Very well. Ready for some sleep?

Ami: (yawns) I guess so.

(The night is a cosy one for young Ami…will that be the same reaction tomorrow with immunity?)

* * * *

Day 23


Jayson: The tribe begins morning preparations, as Ashitaka’s fishing skills are as good as Tamahome’s were. The atmosphere is fairly quiet, just the stir of Shinobu cooking the sizzling rice, and of Ukyo does a modified kata with her spatulas as the slashes whizz by.

Hikari: (chuckles) You’re not hung over are you?

Ami (yawns) No….just tired…

Joey: Yes, that gives me half a chance then!

Sakura: Ignoring the fact that everyone else is still in this as well…

Joey: Oh yeah…

Ruri: Oh boy…

Ashitaka: O.K…here you go…

(3 fish on a pike are enough to fit in with the rice, as the tribe begin to enjoy a nice breakfast courtesy of Miss Maehara. As they fill up, can they put up for immunity, or shut up…)

* * * *

Hikari: You ready?

Shinobu: Yes…but…

Hikari: (smiles) Don’t feel bad about what happens sweetie. In the end, that’s the name of the game, so don’t feel guilty or embarrassed for whatever plan you’ve got in your mind.

Shinobu: Of course…


Felicia: I won it last time…can I do it again?

Ashitaka: Whether the spirits guide you or not, it’s up to you.

Ukyo: He’s right sugar. What goes, goes. It’s something we have to live with…

Joey: It’s a duelist situation. Win or bust.

Sakura: Well, let’s just go all out.

(The 5 nod as Ruri and Ami come up to the group…)

Ami: I feel I’m under threat after the reward challenge. I dunno, but it just…

Ruri: Don’t worry Ami-san.

Ami: Huh?

Ruri: Just…don’t worry.

(The final words as the 9 of them, 7 jury members and 2 finalists prepare to go to immunity. And after tonight and tomorrow, we’ll find out who one of them is…)

* * * *

Immunity Challenge

Fist Of The White Swan – dexerity challenge. Blindfolded, need to block as many nerf balls you can. Most wins.

(Shot of Jayson with the 9 contestants on a long stretch of beach. With him is a man with white robes.)

Jayson: Welcome one and welcome all! This challenge is a difficult one, so pay attention if you want immunity. To help us, we have the White Swan himself Mousse!

(Ukyo raises an eyebrow, but that’s it. Mousse lifts his glasses up…and immediately tries to glomp Hikari…)

Mousse: Sham…

(He doesn’t get that far before Sakura has socked an elbow to his skull…)

Ukyo: It was a bad idea to wear the chinese dress…

Hikari: Huh?

Ukyo: I’ll explain later.

Jayson: (sighs) I guess there is no rule about hurting the guests…(gulps)…but as he recovers, here is the challenge.

(Shot of a stump about 50 metres from where Mousse and Jayson are)

Jayson: You will stand on this stump blindfolded…wearing this 2040 Quasar equipment. There will be arm pads, knee pads, and chest and back armour. This is important as you shall see.

(Jayson picks up a nerf guns, loaded in the latest of…er rubber soft balls…)

Jayson: From a distance, Mousse and I will fire at you. You guys will be there and you’ll be trying to deflect our shots. We’ll be aiming for your chest and back, me here and Mousse on the far side. Oh…and you’ll be blindfolded.

Joey: Always a catch…

Jayson: Exactly. The winner of immunity is a combination of a) how many shots you deflected with your arms and legs and b) take away the amount of hits to your back and front. It’s a case of hearing the attacks and blocking…or just sheer dumb luck. Either way, whoever gets the most calculated points wins immunity.

(The group nod, although a lot of them are nervous…)

* * * *

Jayson: There will be 20 shots, 10 from me attacking the front and 10 from Mousse attacking from the back. Whoever gets the most blocks after deductions will win immunity. The key is to protect your back and your front at all times.

(First up Ami)

(Shot of Jayson and Mousse firing first seperately, and then as the game goes on, closer together, to make the blocks so much more difficult…)

(Ami’s sixth sense to danger is helping in this challenge and gets more than her fair share of blocking, plus she figures out the pattern to their shots and gets in good positions to block. Ami comes off the challenge pretty well.)

Blocked 13 out of 20.

Hits to chest and back – 4 = 9 points.

(Second is Ashitaka)

(Ashitaka is doing even better, with very quick dodging movements, and casual yet swift blocks with his arms and elbows. Ashitaka takes the lead.)

Blocked 15 out of 20.

Hits to chest and back – 2 = 13 points.

(Felicia goes next and her larger size makes it an easier target for Jayson and Mousse…Felicia has a good sense of danger, and makes good blocks with her larger arms, however gets caught in the front and back one time too often.

Blocked 10 out of 20.

Hits to chest and back – 5 = 5 points.

(Hikari next and see isn’t very comfortable on the stump. She doesn’t block well and gets hits a few times. She defends a bit better at the end, but is nowhere near anyone’s score.)

Blocked 8 out of 20.

Hits to chest and back – 7 = 1 point.

(Joey is next and is surprisingly good, with strong blocks with his arms…however, he lets the defence go a couple of times and gets hit enough times for Ashitaka to keep his lead.)

Blocked 14 out of 20.

Hits to chest and back – 5 = 9 points.

(Ruri is next, and like Ami, does well in deciphering where the balls are coming from. Her smaller size also makes her a harder target. She is close…but Ashitaka holds the lead.)

Blocked 14 out of 20.

Hits to chest and back – 2 = 12 points.

(Sakura is next, her martial art skills very good in this change and manages to do well with the early blocks. However, she falters in the second part when more balls come closer together, so doesn’t do as well as she hoped.)

Blocked 12 out of 20.

Hits to chest and back – 6 = 6 points.

(Shinobu is the penultimate player, but sadly tries to avoid a lot of the shots rather than block them. This isn’t the rules so Shinobu does very poorly.)

Blocked 4 out of 20.

Hits to chest and beck – 12 = -8 points.

* * * *

Shinobu: Ooowww…

Jayson: Sorry Shinobu. So, Ashitaka is still leading so we have just Ukyo left. So Miss Ucchan, take it away!

(Ukyo on the stump, she has to beat 13 points overall set by Ashitaka)

Jayson: Mousse?

(The blind boy nods as Jayson takes his position)

Jayson: And go!

(Ukyo, another sixth sense style, spins blocking many shots and also shielding her body from the stray shots. It’s going to be close…)

Jayson: O.K, what does the computer say?

(The results show up…)

Blocked 15 out of 20.

Jayson: Same as Ashitaka…this is close…

Hits to chest and back – 1 = 14 points.

Jayson: That’s the ball game! Ukyo wins immunity!

(Ukyo takes her blindfold and ‘yattas’ with joy. Shinobu goes up and hugs Ukyo as the rest gradually congratulate Ukyo, who has 3 more days at least to stay on the island…)

(…but who doesn’t?)

* * * *


Jayson: The night is young…O.K, it isn’t here yet…but at least now one less decision has to make. So, what’s going to happen? Are old tribal loyalties still running deep? Or are new friendships the key to survival?

Felicia: Well Ucchan, I guess we can’t try and discriminate all our votes against you…(snaps her fingers, er claws)

Ukyo: I know, it’s great!

Hikari: I think we are severly understimating members of Locus. We knew Ashitaka was the big threat, but considering Ami and Ukyo won the challenges these past few days, everyone has to be considering not to go for the obvious pick maybe…

Shinobu: Shall I go start making dinner?

Hikari: If you don’t mind Shinobu..

Shinobu: Of-of course not!

(Shinobu scampers off to prepare some rice. Joey joins her soon after…)

Joey: Hey, sis.

(Shinobu smiles as Joey, who can cook, helps Shinobu out with the preparations)

Joey: You handling things here?

Shinobu: Yes. The people have been really nice here, I’m surprised how well I was able to adjust to here, Hikari-san has helped me quite a lot in particular…it was a shame I didn’t get to see much of Tamahome-san, he was really nice…

Joey: I think everyone has got at least one member of the other side they liked, it’s just…well, I don’t know how dangerous it is becoming too friendly.

Shinobu: Huh?

Joey: Well, it’s just…we planned to vote as a tribe, and they’ve done it as well. I dunno…it just seems so…false…

Shinobu: Ummm…

Joey: I mean, sure they are great people, but we all want to win. And that’s the thing. Can we be friends and also win at the same time?

(Shinobu looks deep in thought as Joey bids her farewell.)

Joey: (to himself) What the heck did I just say there?

* * * *


(Lunch has since passed on, and people are desperately trying not to think or talk about the vote, especially tribe vs. tribe…not easy when you think about it…)

Ukyo: It’s been years since I did this…

Felicia: You’re never too old to have fun, are you Ruri-ruri?

Ruri: I guess…

Ami: Um…you don’t mind?

Felicia: (laughing) Of course not! You are all friends here, so come on!

(Hopscotch area: Part deux – Ukyo, Ami, Ruri, Felicia, Shinobu and Sakura are there for a bit of getting your mind off horrible voting bit tomorrow…)

Shinobu: If Su was here, she would have found ways to enjoy this more…

(The girls enjoy of their remaining youth…except for Hikari, who is busy taking a relax by the sea…)

Hikari: (to herself) Sometimes, I wonder why I’m here. Is it to win? Is it to find myself? Is it to have fun?

(Hikari scoops up some water)

Hikari: I’ve always been proud of the way I present myself back home. Here, it’s different. I present myself to different people, and if I do it the wrong way, it ends up costing me.

(Looking up, to see Ashitaka sleeping/meditating in the camp. Joey is nowhere to be seen…)

Hikari: Touji…you fool…I’m doing this for you, and you can’t even hear me.

(Hikari silently cries to herself, the strong leader having some doubts…)

* * * *


(Dinner time is served, and Shinobu noticed a slightly subdued Hikari. The others have questioned her, but she said it was fine.)

Shinobu: Hikari-san…

Hikari: Um…yes Shinobu-dear?

Shinobu: Um…you’ve hardly eaten anything. Is it bad?

Hikari: Of course not Shinobu…I’m just not hungry. It’s just…

Shinobu: (remembering Joey’s words…and ignores them) Hikari, please talk to me, I’m your friend now, not your enemy.

Hikari: Shinobu, I know that, but…

(Looks at Shinobu, who seems to understand her better than expected. Hikari nods and takes her plate as Shinobu ‘wash’ up.)

Hikari : …that’s why I’m here.

Shinobu: It’s almost like why I’m here?

Hikari: Huh? You mean to help someone crippled with the money?

Shinobu: Huh? No…not like that. I meant the part of trying to be noticed. U-U-Urashima-sempai…I mean…

(Hikari see’s Shinobu’s blush and smiles)

Hikari: You are too sweet and honest for your own good…not a combination I’d thought would work in a game like this. But it’s working…

(Hikari puts a blushing Shinobu into a hug)

Hikari: Don’t worry Shinobu, I hope your dreams become a reality.

(Shinobu remains quiet but hugs Hikari bag, it’s rather sweet)

Hikari: I’ve been in an alliance with Ruri mostly, but I refuse to vote for Shinobu even if she’s the last Locus member on the island.

Shinobu: I don’t care what Joey said, Hikari-san is too nice and too worthy a winner to be voted against. I won’t do it!

(Which means a bit of talking from the two girls to certain other members of the tribe…)

* * * *


Ruri: So you saying…

Hikari: Ruri, we may not be here as long as a tribe, but I’m going to give everything I’ve got into doing it. The best way is to try and go along with Tsunami guys. Which isn’t as hard as I thought because…I do like them, especially little Shinobu…

Ruri: The cute, blue haired girl?

Hikari: Well yes, the c…(realises she’s been tricked)…was that humor Ruri? (chuckles) Wow…you have opened up.

Ruri: Well, basically, you don’t really want to vote for Shinobu because you like her, despite the fact that her tribe are one over favour than us…

Hikari: Er…yes?

Ruri: Do you know what I say to that?

Hikari: Let me guess…Id…

Ruri: I’d say that’s what I’d like to do as well…

Hikari: …iot…huh?

Ruri: Expect that? (sighs) I’ve found someone here who cares for me like I was her sister. I mean, Felicia, Tamahome and yourself have done that to me as well, but…Ami…well…(Ruri slightly blushes)

Hikari: (smiles) Don’t worry. I’m still not going to go against you, I promised Cody remember?

Ruri: Yes…(clutches an Armadilliomon figurine behind her)…I still hold to that.


Ukyo: That is sweet of you sugar. And brave as well.

Shinobu: It’s just…well…

Ami: I feel the same way don’t worry…and so does Joey I think, with Sakura.

Ukyo: Fel and I are great together…but…it does mean we will still have to vote someone off…

Ami: Ashitaka has felt a bit apart from us since Tamahome left…we’d better talk to him and show everything is O.K…

Ukyo: It still means one of us is going to be upset…

Ami: We’ll talk about it when the time comes closer…

(The girls look for the guys, not the easiest thing to do in an island, but as the sun sets in, the group pay her minds to tomorrow night’s Tribal Council, where another contestant becomes a castaway…although they will at least have a final say in the game.)

* * * *


(The night is hot tonight, and it’s tough to sleep, and the camp isn’t the best place in the heat…)

(Shot of Felicia, Ashitaka and Joey trying to sleep outside)

Felicia: Mmmmm…

Ashitaka: It comes a tragic day when Felicia can’t get to sleep.

Felicia: (yawn) Stupid weather…

Joey: You said this…the duelist climate was much easier to deal with…

Ashitaka: It is a tropical island after all.

(Felicia pops her head in the camp, where it seems most are asleep, although there is a fair share of tossing and turning. Hikari, Ruri, Ami and Shinobu are sleeping at one side together, with Sakura turning and Ukyo on her self seemingly passed out…)

Joey: How can they handle it?

(Shot of Felicia, passed out)

Joey: (sweatdrops) Never mind…Ashitaka, how do you see tomorrow night going?

Ashitaka: I think one of us 9 will go tomorrow night.

Joey: Oh boy…

Ashitaka: Seriously, I sense that we still have the advantage, it’s just maintaining it. Whether we like it or not…

Joey: Yes, I think Shinobu is getting real attached to Hikari…granted, I get along well with Sakura but it’s just…

Ashitaka: Yes…(sighs)…but still…

(The night is quiet as sleep threatens to affect them. The group have a restless night before 9 become 8 this time tomorrow night…)

* * * *

Day 24


Jayson: It’s a nerve wracking night for the group, over 90 degree weather and lack of sleep has made this morning a literal nightmare for Tsucus Tribe…

Shinobu: (half-asleep) Kaolla, you’re so noisy in the morning…

Ukyo: Poor darling…(yawns)…O.K Konatsu, ready to open up…

Joey: Look who is talking…

(Shot of Hikari, fairly awake by the looks of things, the fire up thanks to Felicia, and the smell of the crispy rice is at least raising people up a bit more…)

Felicia: No fish today?

Hikari: To be honest, I don’t feel like cooking much today, I dunno if Ukyo or Shinobu can as well, but I’m really not up to doing anything today…

Ashitaka: I’ll be happy to assist you Miss Horaki.

(Shot of Ashitaka, bowing to the Tokyo-3 native. Hikari blushes slightly seeing the noble prince, but nods)

Hikari: Thank you sir.

(Ashitaka nods and begins to go and catch a few fish.)

Hikari: Well, can’t say we have at least one gentleman around here…(looks at Joey in the distance, who’s impression of a worm in the dirt is raising laughs from Sakura and Ukyo…)

Ruri: Well, what can I say?

Hikari: (smiles) We’re all idiots.

Ruri: We certainly are.

* * * *

12.00 midday

Jayson: As the hours dwindle by, finally, discussion on who to vote for is being considering. This is difficult considering neither tribe usually stays together in one duration. However, it’s even more difficult for Locus because of the numerical disadvantage. However, can they manage to tangle others into their web?

Ruri: Ami is too smart to fall for that.

Felicia: I thought you said ‘this is an island with a genius and several idiots…’

Ruri: That was back when we’re on Locus. It’s different now Ami is here.

Felicia: (sweatdrops) Right…

Ruri: Anyway, do you think that any of the others are stupid enough to go against their advantage if we are going to survive?

Hikari: Well…Shinobu certainly isn’t dumb…just shy. Besides, she’s committed to her tribe, I mean, considering how close her, Ami and Ukyo are, it’s going to be hard to tear them apart.

Felicia: I don’t think Ukyo is a girl to break any promises either. Neither is Shinobu for that matter..

Ruri: That leaves the two guys…Ashitaka is someone who is probably devoted to their cause. Which leave the idiot of all idiots…

Hikari: Joey is a good choice, especially if Sakura and him are as close as I think they are…

Felicia: Huh?

Hikari: Just something I picked on for a while, but I’m still not sure…

Ruri: Nonetheless, Joey may not be smart, but he’s not going to go on a whims just because of Sakura. He has a close bond with Shinobu from what I’ve seen, and that makes it difficult…

Hikari: (smiles) Shinobu…you’ve caught everyone in your pretty little web haven’t you?

(Felicia and Hikari chuckle as Sakura bounds up…)

Sakura: Sorry guys, I couldn’t get anything out of him. I guess one of us is screwed.

(Both Ruri and Hikari try not to look at the floor in embarrassment and avoid Felicia and Sakura’s look…)

* * * *


Joey: We have to choose someone though! Look, I managed to hold Sakura off trying to dig into any plans, but…

Ami: I am not voting for Ruri!

Joey: But she’s an easy choice. She’s not the strongest, but she can change the game so quickly, I mean, she must have done something right if she’s lasted this long…

Ami: (adopts Rei Hino stubborn pose 2 – legs together, arms crossed, stern look) I’m still not going for her.

Ukyo: Besides, can’t the same principle be said to you as well?

Joey: Huh?

Ami: She’s right. You don’t want to vote off Sakura. Shinobu has already confided that she doesn’t want to vote off Hikari…

(Shot of Shinobu washing up with Hikari and Ruri, the three seemingly chatting)

Ukyo: …and personally, Felicia is like a riot in my life I’ve never had, so…

(The three turn simultaneously to the one remaining voice)

All: Ashitaka!

Ashitaka: Well…we have a dilemma here. It’s a choice of a) voting off the leader, b) voting off the strongest, c) voting off the smartest or d) voting for the all rounder.

Joey: Ah…anyone want to flip a coin?

Ami: Oh dear…

Ashitaka: Do you want me to suggest the best plan?

Ukyo: Shoot.

Ashitaka: Then go for…

(We don’t hear what he says, but we see one of the girls drop their heads…)

* * * *


(The tribe take a last look of the sunset. All the girls are wearing the outfits won by Ami in the reward challenge.)

Ami: Thank you everyone…

Hikari: It’s the least we could do, at least together we have a memory…

Ashitaka: In the end, memories are all we have. It’s what holds us together, and they are something we can’t trade.

Ruri: I think from someone from the past to say that…is quite exactly the same things I’ve applied to the future. I totally agree.

Joey: It’s like the world is coming down on you when the sun comes. Weird, nothing really has changed even nearly 40 years down the line…

Ukyo: We keep forgetting that we’ve moved a few years in the future, in some peoples case, more, less or in Ruri’s case, back to the past.

Sakura: No matter, as long as we’re enjoying ourselves…and we’d better make the most of it.

Shinobu: As long as we can stay friends?

(There is a nodding almost in unison from the 9 people. As the sun sets, the heat condensed and the group enjoy a slight breeze. The group then make a group hug just before they prepare for Tribal Council at the Shrine of Lugia.)

* * * *


Ashitaka: Is everyone ready for this?

Ukyo: I guess…

Ami: It came down to the basics after all.

Joey: Or maybe Ashitaka has a grudge from the last challenge?

Ashitaka: Trust me, if I kept grudges, Ami would have been on my hit list.

Ami: (embarrassed) Umm…

Ashitaka: (smiles) Don’t worry about it.

Shinobu: I r-really hate this…

Ukyo: I know sugar. (puts an arm around her) Trust me…so do I. And I think so do all I us…

(They cast a glance at former Locus…)

Ukyo: Sorry…

(Locus do a last minute check)

Sakura: This could be it for us four unless some miracle happens…

Hikari: They’ve happened before Sakura. Maybe one will…

Ruri: I just hope it isn’t goodbye…and I don’t want to let anyone down again…

Felicia: Don’t worry Ruri-ruri, we’ll be O.K. Besides, everyone from this point on has a chance to change the game to their way.

Hikari: She’s right, at least we can decide who wins.

Felicia: If one of us gets to the final two, we vote for them right?

Ruri: What if it’s two of us?

Felicia: Er…

Sakura: (laughs) Come on guys, let’s get it over with! Oh, and whose everyone voting for?

(All sweatdrop)

* * * *


Jayson: The shrine of Lugia is a splendour to us newcomers, but to these guys, it’s a sight they dread. It means the beginning of Tribal Council. With the exception of Ukyo, whose immune, this is a test of nerves and steel as one more will be sent away via the music. But who?

(Shot of the group, lead by Ami, into the atmosphere where Jayson is waiting.)

Jayson: Welcome all, and please let it go slow so I don’t have to hurry back to Kelly and co…although some of you may want to go home. The problem is, now we have the jury.

(Shot of an empty bench…)

Jayson: Now the number is 9, we’ve got to make a jury of 7, and tonight, one person will be making themselves comfortable on that bench. So who is it going to be? Well, it isn’t Ukyo…who is the luckiest cross-dresser in the business…

Ukyo: Watch it buster…

Jayson: And I’ve just remembered that you’re on a list of names for our survivor if you don’t win this one so I’d best be nice to you. So Ukyo, do you think immunity is now more important than ever?

Ukyo: I think you can’t underestimate the importance it holds. Now, we don’t know what everything holds for us so everyone needs to win to be safe, no matter what numerical advantage seems to be here…

Jayson: True, as a stuffed animal from Osaka once said, expect the unexpected. So Shinobu, have you expected anything yet?

Shinobu: Um…well, I’ve just been enjoying the time I’ve got here. Whether it’s tonight I go or next week, I’m taking every step I can to just enjoy it.

Jayson: Well…now Ruri, who do you think is the biggest threat to win this game?

(The people are surprised at the question, Ruri doesn’t raise any expression…)

Ruri: Excuse me?

Jayson: Well, we heard how blunt you are so…

Ruri: I don’t feel I need to answer that question…(under her breath – Idiot)…but I think everyone here has their own strengths and weaknesses, myself included, to constitute themselves as a threat. My vote tonight reflects this as will everyone elses I’m sure.

Jayson: Eh…em…O.K, I guess that’s my questioning over…geez, I hope my lot are more fun…so can we start with the voting please?

(Jayson is a bit surprised by the computer system despite his briefing, but gets into it as everyone gets into position. This vote should be interesting…)


It’s been a lovely time here, it’s a shame it has to end to someone. I don’t think it’s me but I can’t be sure…no wonder I’m so nervous! It’s worse than an exam!


In the end, it came down to me for the decision. I guess I felt the blunt of when Tamahome went and I’m not as close to any of Locus or even Tsunami as much now…but I’m still with them all the way.


Vote: Ami

Sorry sweetheart, but you are a much bigger threat than I think even you realise. Cat’s honour though, this is certainly not a threat to you…good luck!


Vote: Joey

I won’t vote for Shinobu, and Ruri doesn’t want me to vote for Ami. Ukyo is immune and Ashitaka already has 5 votes against him, which leads down to Joey. This is strategy…it’s worked before.


It’s safe to say that as long as the two tribes remain, we have the advantage. I hope we can keep that advantage for the remainder of the game. For any chance I have to win for my sister…


Vote: Joey

The biggest idiot needs to be the next to go. Sadly, I doubt that will happen. I guess we are all idiots.


Vote: Ami

She’s on my level in fitness, yet is a lost smarter…so I’m voting her off because I’m extremely jealous. Oh, that and she’s a threat. Mind you, it’s a bit of a sad vote because she gave me the clothes…sorry Ami!


I’m really…really sorry!


Not as sorry as I am…why me?

* * * *

(The group finish their voting as Jayson finally manages to work out what button does what…)

Jayson: O.K, and now for the votes! After this, the person voted off must come down for a confessional, and also a choice of a) who they think WILL win, b) who they WANT to win and c) who they want to be next off…O.K, let’s end the torment!

(The group sit on edge…)

Jayson: Screen, please reveal the first vote!

(It comes up, ‘FELICIA’)

Jayson: The cat-girl. Sorry, your name is a bit tricky…

Felicia: Weenie!

Jayson: Thus ended my symapthy. Next vote ‘AMI’.

(Ami looks a little shaken but Shinobu’s smile calms her down)

Jayson: Next vote ‘JOEY’.

Joey: What? Grr…thou shalt feel my wrath!

Jayson: Hey, I’m not the one who voted against you.

Joey: I know, but you’re an easier target.

Jayson: Thanks a lot…next vote, Felicia.

(Felicia groans and sighs. Ruri looks on, Hikari shakes her head and Sakura feels relieved.)

Jayson: Next is Felicia. Next is Joey. Next is Felicia. 4 votes for Felicia, 2 for Joey and 1 for Ami. The next vote, if it is anyone other than Joey, Felicia is the next eliminated.

(Next vote comes up and a sad sigh comes from the tribe)

Jayson: The concluding vote. Felicia. Will the cat-girl please come up to the altar please?

(Felicia seems bummed, but smiles and leaps up cat like. Felicia high paws Sakura, hugs Hikari and Ruri. She pawshakes Shinobu, Joey, Ami and Ashitaka before hugging Ukyo. Felicia then hurries to the altar.)

Jayson: Miss Felicia, I’m afraid the tribe has eliminated you from the island. Your sending is complete. (The Power of One is played) Will you please leave?

Felicia: Guys, I’ll be back, and I’ll have a cat’s eye view of you, so be good cause I’ll be watching you!

(The group smile, some chuckle, some sigh…Felicia leaves as Jayson looks to them)

Jayson: I think that blockhead will be back next time, so I guess this is for me. Well, gives me a warm-up for the real thing…


(Shot of the author, still trapped in Tom’s body…but then again, doesn’t matter what body you are in if you are armed with a Ratchet and Clank RYNO (Rip Ya a New One)…^_^)

Jayson: Er…ermm…


Jayson: Mommy!

(Jayson runs away to follow Felicia as Chromus realises the damn weight of the thing…enough time for Jayson to escape. The 8 remaining contestants stand up, another council down, a jury member up. 6 more to go.)

* * * *


Felicia’s confessional;

It was a blast! I met new friends, enjoy life, heck, anything is better than being blasted by darkstalkers back home. I guess I’m lucky I got on the jury cause I can avoid home for another couple of weeks, and avoid the horrible backstabbing of my own members…come on, it’s going to happen! Even I can see that…but seriously, I wish every member of that tribe the best of luck, and I wish I could use my 9 lives on you all…

Who Felicia wants to win: Ruri – She has got through so much hardship to get this far and I think can she push that extra mile? Whether yes or no, I don’t know, but this cat-girl will be cheering little Ruri-ruri all the way!

Who Felicia thinks will win: Ukyo – I’m being realistic here…someone from Tsunami will probably win with their advantage, and Ukyo is the person I’d vote for. Good skills and personality, and no-one as far as I knew hated her…then again, Shinobu and Ami could fit in that category as well. Ah well, Ukyo is my pick anyway just cause I like her!

Who Felicia wants to go next: Ashitaka – He’s boring!


Ashitaka: It comes down to one simple thing, your strength. You are a major threat to immunities, and we’ll take the change that you aren’t on one now. Nothing personal, just playing the game.

Ami: Sorry, but this is the way we decided. We are sorry…

Joey: She more kitten than vixen, but Mai had that fixed anyway. She was a nice…er…thingy…but she is a real threat. Sorry.

Shinobu: I hate doing this, but it has to be done. Forgive me Felicia-san!

Ukyo: Felicia, I knew I’d like you the minute I saw you in that first immunity challenge way back on Day 3. However, you are a threat. Trust me, I didn’t want to do this, but majority rules. Felicia, if you want to live in Nerima any time in the future, just give Ucchan a call. I love ya sugar.

* * * *

Felicia’s stats on the island(s);

Felicia was the cat-girl, and therefore was very cute despite her hybrid nature. Throw in a pleasant personality and great strength, she was in no real danger…before the merge. When it came, even Felicia’s mind realised she had to win immunities to survive. She did the first time, but not so fortunate the second. Felicia was deemed the biggest threat by the numerical superior Tsunami and was voted off.


Felicia (5) – Ami, Ashitaka, Joey, Shinobu, Ukyo

Ami (2) – Felicia, Sakura

Joey (2) – Hikari, Ruri

And yet another Locus goes. But…next episode…

Ruri finally takes things into her own hand to try and avoid Locus going like the cleaners. How does Ami fit in this?

And she’s not the only one…Sakura decides to up the tempo with her relationship with Joey…will it work for next Council?

Reward Challenge – Nightsabers Target Practice – We’re in 2040 and we’re gonna do some gun slinging…

Immunity Challenge – Karaoke Klutz – I guess you can guess who the cameo is for this challenge, but the challenge itself is one for the judges to decide…

Tribal Council – And who is the second jury member?

* * * *