Brain Control


Day 19

(Shot of Chromus looking out as the sunrises at 6.20am on the Duelist Island.)

Chromus: The day has come people…no more protecting cute girls like Ruri or Shinobu. No more tears over who is going to go from your tribes Hikari or Ukyo. No more feeling sorry for yourself when you’ve disappointed Joey and Ashitaka. This time, the game is played for one reason only. Yourself.

(The wind picked up slightly…)

Chromus: Last night, Keichi Morisato was voted off in the narrowest of climaxes but it at least got him back to his home…where a lot of the people on the island are now terribly missing…but no matter. They are about to find a new home after this episode…(off screen)…Skuld, everything ready?

Skuld: (chirpy and oh so kawaii) Hai!

Chromus: Everything they’ve done so far is about to be forgotten. Because now…the game really begins…


* * * *


(Tsunami Tribe)

Chromus: Tsunami get up for the final time, in two hours, they will become one tribe, ready to go against each other and their former opposite numbers in Locus. The final Council wasn’t something they relished, but in the end, it happened.

Ami: I felt bad last night, it was…

Shinobu: I know Ami-san, I know.

(Shot of Ashitaka talking with Ukyo and Joey)

Ashitaka: They feel really bad. It was their votes that cost Keichi the chance to remain in the game. I guess they didn’t really expect it…

Ukyo: (shakes her head) Poor dears…

Joey: He probably did want to leave the most though…it doesn’t mean we have to like it though…

Chromus: Tsunami’s loss last night means the tribes go in 5 against 5. This makes for an interesting merge when it happens…and their opposite numbers are feeling the same thing…


Tamahome: Well, like it or not we’re still here!

Sakura: You looking forward to it? The tension, the competiveness, the work rate as one tribe works with and against another as they battle it out for single dominance?

Tamahome: Er…no? I just want to see what kind of stuff they’ve got!

(Everyone sweatdrops apart from Ruri who just says a complimentary ‘idiot’ just to be Ruri-like…)

Hikari: I don’t think I can eat…it’s so…nerve-wracking.

Felicia: Gonna be fun when they come over!

Ruri: True. I wonder who got voted off last night?

Sakura: Well…(thinks)…if it was someone strong then maybe that stops the job of us trying to vote them off…

Tamahome: Hey, that’s right!

Hikari: Well, we’ll find out soon…let’s try and digest something before they come over...

* * * *


Both tribes are summoned to the graveyard. They both have the same message which reads;



No other explanation is added, as the group wonder what is going to happen…oh well, at least it wasn’t another poem…

(By the hour going by, the group are more confused, especially as they go into Council, and Locus are trying to see who of Tsunami was voted off. In a joke, Ukyo has hidden below Joey as they come in, as Locus seem happy that they won’t have to vote one of the strongest off. So, it’s disappointing when she reveals herself, but in the end, they have to worry about why they are here more than anything else…)

* * * *


(Shot of Chromus standing, as the 10 members of the about to be merge tribe await in absolute cluelessness.)

Chromus: Welcome one and welcome all. Congratulations, you 10 have made it this far to the merge, so well done. Now, let’s cut the you know what, and get straight to the point. In the note, you were told to bring your stuff but nothing else. Now, about the same time, my associate in the year 2040 is doing the same thing, but he’s as clueless as everyone else. Only I know what is going to happen.

(The group remain stone-faced, still confused.)

Chromus: It’s simple. From this moment on, you are one tribe. And also from this moment on, your life is going to be a bit different. The camps you made on your tribes will no longer be needed, because…you’ll be moving home. (smiles)

Tamahome: Huh?

Chromus: Skuld, fire her up!

(Shot of the goddess Skuld powering up some sort of device. Chromus raises his arms as his wish from Belldandy activates with a time magic of sort…)


(Before anybody can react, the 10 are sucked into a big blue portal…as 10 others are about to bounce out of a dimensional gate from the other end. However…)

Skuld: Good luck Chrissy-nichan! (chuckles) But let’s see how you do with the split personality impliment…

* * * *


(The island where Pokevivor originally started is now dumped, rather painfully, on the ground, with Chromus stuck on the bottom…and finding that he doesn’t have the strength to try and get up…)

Chromus: (higher pitched voice) Weird…hey, get off!

(10 survivors emerge from their crash landing, as Chromus stands up.)

Chromus: Hey, that wasn’t so bad was it?

(The survivors stare at the author…and begin laughing…mostly of course, there is the blue headed expection but…)

Chromus: What? What?

????: Chrissy-poo, you there?

Chromus: Miss Nene, I see all things worked.

(Shot of Nene Romanova, whizzkid of BGC2040, and the technological helper of Pokevivor. However, she stops in her tracks…)

Nene: Huh? Tom, why you still here?

Chromus: Tom still here? Aw crap…what’s happened here?

Nene: Er…aren’t you Tom?

Chromus: Huh?

Nene: Tom…that is you…right?

(Chromus goes into the beaches edge, and looks in the water. And all he sees is a 5 feet 6, light of build, blue eyes, 23 years old, eccentric, Pokenut staring him back.)

Chromus: Oh god…

Nene: Huh?

Chromus: Nene, something has happened screwy…I’m not Tom, it’s me Chromus I Tom’s body, and I have no idea what has happened…(begins to think)…sorry, scratch that, I think I do. Skuld…

Nene: Oh…right. (cheery) Oh well, I’ll leave you to the horrors of being a mind in another person’s body, ja!

(Nene runs as Chromus/Tom sweatdrops)

Chromus: Traitor! (sighs) Aw crap…now I’ve got to explain this to the other guys. (turns to them…and realises that most of them are still laughing) HEY, KNOCK IT OFF!

Chris brain: ‘O.K…to be O.K with being in Tom, I have to think like Tom…Hey, I’m an eccentric Pokemon idiot who is secretly in love with Ash…’

(Chromus shakes his head. Thinks like Tom WASN’T the right way to go about things…)

* * * *

(Finally, the group have settled down and Chromus explains the situation)

Chromus: …basically, I’ve been trapped inside this twerp’s body, and I hate it. Skuld is going to pay…I don’t know how, but she will…but for the matter, I’m here, it’s still me, and I’m still your host, until the get hosts come in, probably starting from next episode, whilst I call my agent…

Ruri: Idiot.

Chromus: …anyway, as I was saying, I’ve still got a job to do. And as you’ve noticed, you are now on a new island. This is Enil, the island where 10 people until a few minutes ago were on, and is your new home. Now…everything have been left as it was so you can decide on your own camp, whether it be Majori’s on the west side of the beach or Minori’s on the east. You may want to knock down some equipment of course, this is slightly more even that it was on Duelist, so you may or may not find it easier.

(The group nod)

Chromus: You also have a new destination for Tribal Council, no more spooky graveyards. However, you will now be competiting for rewards and immunities for yourself rather than a tribe. I understand old tribal loyalties will still run deep, however, this is still a game to win a million pounds for, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

(The group nod again)

Chromus: Now, I’m sure you guys want to mingle and get to know one another before you all go against each other in two days time. However, there are a couple of matters. What rice supplies the Pokemon crew had on the island are still there, of course, you’ve got to find them, but you better hope they haven’t eaten too much. Secondly, there is no reward challenge today, when you decided which beach to stay at, we’ll bring a welcoming present of our own. Thirdly, after you’ve decided on a beach, I would like you all to choose a name for your own tribe. No more Tsunami or Locus this time, it’s all together, so make it a good one.

(A final nod as Chromus stands up)

Chromus: O.K, there are two rowing boats there to check out the two beaches, come back here in 2 hours and make your decisions. Now, I need to find a way to get Skuld back…and also to make sure Tom doesn’t piss off Misty too much…if he’s in my body, I don’t want it to have a few more dents in my skull…

(Chromus leaves at last, as the tribe can finally mingle…)

Ukyo: (high fives…er paws Felicia) Nice to see you again sugar…

Felicia: Yep, but no rematch yet, we better get there as fast as we can, and I hate water…

Ukyo: Trust me, you aren’t the only person I know who hates water…

Sakura: Yay! You’re still here!

Joey: Of course, you expected anything else…

Sakura: Well sure, I thought you may have been voted off, carved up into little bits, sent into the ocean to be fed by hungry sharks…

Joey: (sweatdrops) Forget I asked…

Tamahome: And all’s well that ends well…

Hikari: Well Tama, aren’t you going to introduce us? Ruri-ruri and I never actually met them!

Tamahome: Oh sorry…er, what were your names again?

(All sweatdrop as Ruri smiles slightly.)

Ruri: Figures that the idiocy is catching…

Ami: (chuckles) Sorry about that, Ami Mizuno, nice to meet you. (bows)

Ruri: (blushes) Ruri Hoshino, nice to meet you too. (Ruri and Ami shakes hands as Tamahome chuckles)

Tamahome: She may be more shy than I thought…

Ashitaka: Well, let the three girls talk, I’m sure they’d appreciate people their own age and such…besides, Tama, gives us a chance to talk as well.

Tamahome: Sure…but who told you to call me Tama?

Shinobu: Er…er…erm…er…

Ami: Don’t be shy Shinobu, it’s O.K…

Shinobu: S-s-sorry! Shinobu Maehara, 14 years old, pleased to meet you! (bows)

Ami: Sorry about this, I guess we’re just shy…

Ruri: It’s O.K…it’s interesting to see new people and seeing what they are like…(in her mind)…well, nervous…but not complete idiots, that’s for sure…

(The group mingle as they realise they have a job to do, so the former Tsunami and Locus tribes head in the boats heading for the former Majori part of the island…)

* * * *

Tamahome: Hmm…the camp isn’t too shabby…but I think my guys can say it better…erm…

Sakura: Oh Tama, we know that sleeping in a camp with so many beautiful girls is a danger to your health…

(Ukyo: (whispering) What’s that mean?)

(Hikari: (whispering) Violent girlfriend…)

(Ukyo: (whispering) Oh…heh, note to introduce her to Akane one of the days…)

Ruri: The set-up is similar to ours…

Ashitaka: Same here…

Joey: I guess they had a Shinobu here, they wanted to keep everything clean…I guess the problem of rats isn’t escaped even in this time…

(Shot of Shinobu blushing…)

Ami: Well, health is always important, it’s the first lessons I’ve learnt being here in addition to studying to be a doctor…

Felicia: This is boring…anyone ready to check the other one out?

Tamahome: She has the energy of 10 cats and yet sleeps like a log? (thinks for a bit) Figures…O.K, let’s check the other camp…


Shinobu: Um…it’s…

Ukyo: Unusual.

(Shot of the single camps which Minori put up)

Tamahome: I guess I would be O.K with this set up, but…

Ashitaka: Actually, so would I?

Ukyo: Huh?

Ashitaka: Well, you think I haven’t had problems sleeping in the same area with three beautiful girls as well?

(Ukyo sweatdrops, whilst Ami and Shinobu blush…)

Ami: Now…he tells us…I don’t want to ask Joey anything?

(Joey is also beet red as Locus have to chuckle…)

Felicia: I think we have a life ahead of us as a tribe at least…

Hikari: Yes, but where?

* * * *


Chromus: (repeating himself) I must not fear…fear is the mind killer…fear is the little death that brings total oblivion…

Ruri: He’s cracked.

Chromus: (snaps out of ‘Why am I in Tom’s body syndrome’) Ah, my bad boys and femme fatales, have you made a decision?

Ami: Yes sir.

Chromus: And that would be?

Hikari: We would like to be in the camp formerly known as Majori.

Chromus: And why?

Tamahome: Both tribes feel that Majori’s camp effort is more suited to their own.

Chromus: In other words, less work?

Joey: Bin-go!

Chromus: Feh…your decision. And have you decided on a name?

Ruri: Yes. We’ve decided to go with Tsucus tribe.

Chromus: Ah, the trademark mix of two names. Very well…Tsucus tribe, your first day as this one tribe has begun. And as of this moment, a nice surprise is awaiting Tsucus beach, so I suggest you get your rowing arms ready…but enjoy this welcoming gift whilst it lasts, as tomorrow, the first immunity challenge awaits, and then the alliances and backstabbing begin once again. Ja ne!

(As the formerly built author leaves, the group take the boats, and at least for today, won’t go hungry…)

* * * *

TSUCUS TRIBE First arrival at Tsucus beach – 12.35pm (past midday)

Chromus: The day has officially started for Tsucus, and at least, they can get some good food…

Ami: Seafood!

(The monster of sea catches, fish, crabs, lobster, prawns, shrimp, a barbeque to prepare them, plus a bottle of milk for everyone to enjoy)

Tamahome: Cheers!

All: To Tsucus Tribe!

(A shot of the group serving food, shot of Ami serving Ruri some salmon, to which the Sasami pig-tailed girl smiles at, Tamahome nearly choking on a shrimp, not knowing it’s taste, Ashitaka talking with Felicia, Ukyo making sushi for anyone who wants it, Joey and Sakura talking, Shinobu smiling whilst BBQing the mackerel, and Hikari politely watching with her and occasionally the two are talking. All is well…for now…)

* * * *


(The environment of Tsucus beach is a lot different from both tribes past. It is a mixture of jungle AND sea, so the weaknesses that both tribes had to suffer in the past no longer count…)

(The tribe, full up, decide to do their own thing. Most are mixing in with their old tribesmates, however some are enjoying the company of their former enemies…)

(Shot of Ruri and Ami watching by the sea)

Ruri: Ami…I’m drawn to her. She’s someone who I could certainly develop a respect for, if not friendship. She has an afficienty for water, and plus can hardly be called an idiot…

Ami: Ruri is a sweetie-pie. I’ve seen her before being a bit anti-social…but then again, the same can be said about me. I can see why we clicked, it’s seems unusual, yet not at the same time.

Ruri: I had the affection for water back in my youth, it was the only thing that brought me out of the world I lived. The jump of the salmon is always a memory that I’m fond of…I’m glad Mr. Tenkawa showed it to me one more time.

Ami: It’s weird seeing the two of us being similar, yet here we are, watching the ocean without a care in the world.

Ruri: (smiles slightly) Yes…that’s true.

(In the ocean, a dolphin splashes out of the water in a rainbow sparkle of water eruption. Ami gasps)

Ami: Sugoi!

(Ruri stands up, and her smile grows…)

(And these aren’t the only two ‘enemies’ bonding…er, actually, all of them are in a way…)

(Shot of Sakura and Joey in the jungle)

Joey: Wish I had the power of my Flame Swordsman now…

Sakura: HADOKEN!

(Sakura’s chi technique eliminates half the brush to clear the way as they’ve been nominated for wood duty…and to scour the premises…having Joey as a navigator may not be the best idea Sakura-chan…)

Joey: Er…

Sakura: Shall we go?

Joey: Er…sure.

(Sakura grabs Joey’s hand and they head off. O.K, so 2 duos are bonding, but that doesn’t mean…)

(Shot of Hikari and Shinobu by the fire washing up…)

Hikari: Funny, I would have never guessed you’re the same age as me, you look so young…

Shinobu: Um…I’m sorry Hikari-san…

Hikari: (chuckles) You can’t change your age sweetheart. It’s just you look so cute, I thought you’d be nearer Ruri’s age…

(Shinobu blushes as Hikari sweetly puts her arm around her shoulders…)

Hikari: Here we are, whilst everyone else does their thing, we girls wash up.

Shinobu: Oh…but I don’t mind!

Hikari: And neither do I, but it’s the principle of the matter…(goes in a mock huff as Shinobu brings out a bright smile…and Hikari practically melts…)

Hikari: So…so…so…

(Hugs Shinobu)

Hikari: SO CUTE!

(NOTE: Anyone whose name isn’t Adam Pulver…^_^…that can guess what scene and anime I stole that from gets a booby prize…)

(O.K, 6 out of the 10 are mingling with former enemies, but not everyone can…huh?)

(Shot of Ashitaka and Tamahome sparing)

Tamahome: So, you are from ancient times huh? Ancient Japan rather than Ancient China?

Ashitaka: It doesn’t matter where or when we are from, we’re all equals here.

Tamahome: (ducks the wooden sword strike) That’s true…plus we’re both lucky back home…

Ashitaka: I wouldn’t say I was lucky…but I guess if you count that I’m alive, then yes…

Tamahome: Huh, alive?

Ashitaka: (smiles) I think we should take a break. I have much to tell you Tamahome…

(And finally…)

Ukyo: Got some?

Felicia: Yep, this should get something for our water…

(Felicia cuts down the orange that was on the tree which Ukyo catches. Sadly, Felicia miss-times the jump…and more sadly, Ukyo can’t quite catch the large cat girl…)

Ukyo: Ouch…

Felicia: You can say that again…

Ukyo: Ouch…

(Seems I’m gaining some of Tom’s lousy predictions…screw you guys, I’m going home!)

* * * *


Chromus: It isn’t until late afternoon/early evening when Tsucus have something to eat, makeshift orange juice and a helping of rice. The group are quickly adjusting to their routine…as long as they don’t forget what they will have to do sooner or later…

(Shot of all 10 eating, mingled with general chatter)

Ashitaka: We know it’s a game, but we are enjoying the time we’re having together as a tribe.

Hikari: We’ve become so enjoyable with the opposite company, that none of us have even asked about who to vote for…

Felicia: So, how was the company for your tribe?

Ukyo: O.K mostly. Apart from Mai at the beginning, there wasn’t any problems. Mackey was voted off because he was freaking out, and Keichi was simply the luck of the draw I guess…

Joey: What about you guys?

Hikari: Same as you guys. All our votes were based on strategy and also on who annoyed us the most. Plus the fact that most of the people were picked on poor Ruri here…

Ashitaka: Why does that sound so familiar?

Ukyo: Going after the cute blue headed girl…hmmm…Shinobu?

Shinobu: Ummm…(blushes remembering the protection that Joey gave her when Mai went off)

Ukyo: We would include Ami as well…but no one has gone after her yet.

Hikari: Cody on the other hand…

Ruri: I’m still sorry about that…

Ami: Don’t worry, we felt like that Shinobu and I when Keichi went, because it was our votes that sent him there.

Tamahome: Don’t worry, not going to happen, we’re here and we’re 10 strong…even though 5 of them are our bitter enemies…

Joey: What? Avast you knave!

Tamahome: (smiles) That’s right, only our tribe can be this evil!

Felicia: Yeah! Besides only we can pick on Tamahome!

Ukyo: (smiles) As long as only we can pick on Joey…

Hikari: Done.

Tamahome/Joey: Aw nuts…

(The banter is there, and the enjoyment is for all to see, but it won’t last…)

* * * *


Hikari: O.K…whose sleeping where?

(Shot of the camp, extended for 10 people thanks to hard work from Tamahome, Ukyo, Ashitaka, and Felicia, with the others pitching in when they could. Tamahome has made a hammock and with a mosquito net, plans to sleep there. The other two guys, Ashitaka and Joey, are also a bit nervous…)

Ukyo: Oh, what are we to do with you guys?

Joey: Hey, we’ve been sleeping with you guys all this time…nobody from Locus take that literally…

(Shot of Hikari who was about to go 3:16, but closed her mouth in time…)

Ashitaka: That’s O.K…I’ve slept outside before…

Joey: Same here…

Shinobu: B-but we’re not on duelist island anymore, we don’t know the threats outside…

Sakura: (sweatdrops) Tell that to them…

(Shot of inside the camp, as Felicia is snug asleep. Also, curled up in her lap is Ruri…I guess one too many late night shift in the Nadesico…)

Tamahome: Just let em sleep…trust him…

Joey: Aw thanks pa…

Tamahome: I was talking about Ashitaka…

Joey: Damn.

(The group laugh before finally coming up with a plan. The two guys are sleeping outside, but in a makeshift sleeping bags made from leaves and a fishing net from a challenge in Pokevivor. Also, they sleep near the tent…but not too near of course. And Joey better not peep…)

(The first night may or may not be comfortable, but it’s paradise compared to the horrors awaiting them…and it’s more than hearing Chromus’s brain talking out of the as…I mean, mouth of Mr. Greenville…)

* * * *

DAY 20

Tsucus Tribe – 8.00am

Chromus: It’s been 20 days since 16 people from various anime and games entered this domain. 6 have gone, 10 remain…and today begins their first immunity as a tribe…and it’s a trademark ones which will separate the men from the boys so to speak…

(The wake up call of Locus sees Hikari smiling over a sleeping Shinobu and Ruri curled up near Felicia)

Hikari: This goes against all my school principals as a tough class representative, but that is so cute it defies belief…

(Shot of Hikari going to make rice for 10, fortunately, the combined amount of Majori and Minori has been put together. In the water, Tamahome is up and trying to catch some fish, and Ashitaka is also there helping. Finally, the fire is being prepared and watched by Ukyo, as all the others are still in the camp…or in Joey’s case, sleeping on a log…)

Hikari: How does he do it?

Ukyo: Joey? We’re all riddled with mystery and envy I think of the wonder that is Joey Wheeler, who has the magical ability to sleep on and through anything…

Hikari: (chuckles) Oh well, at least I know why he’s the whipping boy of the group?

Ukyo: Heh, you don’t know the half of it sugar. (Ukyo makes a whip cracking sound and Hikari bawls over in laughter, as Joey seems to wake up from the noise)

Joey: Er…what…what was that sound? It sounded like 5 evil hens cackling about me…

Hikari: Geez Joey, of course not, what an ego!

Joey: Oh, I’m sorry…

Ukyo: It’s just us two evil hens.

Joey: (sweatdrops) Oh boy…

(The two crack up again as Joey goes to wash his face. Meanwhile, movement in the camp is imminent as Shinobu immediately panics…)

Shinobu: G-gomen nasai! I-I want…

Ukyo: Nah sugar, we let you sleep, you needed it.

(Shinobu looks embarrassed, but calms down, this isn’t a re-run of episode 1 y’know…)

Tamahome: Success!

(Shot of Tamahome with a fish in his hands wriggling away)

Tamahome: Oh no you don’t little man, Hikari, the fire ready?

Hikari: Sure!

Ashitaka: Basic technique with the quick grab, but with his reflexes, an excellent way of catching fish.

(Shot of the camp, as Ami gets up, a bit surprised to see most of the camp up. Ami shakes her head…)

Ami: I’ve let myself go these last few weeks…

Ruri: Don’t worry about it Ami-san.

(Shot of Ruri getting up)

Ruri: I feel the same way. It seems that back in my world I seem to be always at the helm, being as busy as I can be…however, here, it seems I’ve been catching up on my youth, and I guess the idiot I am, sleeping in has been a nasty habit that I seem to have caught of Miss Minato back home…

Ami: Well Ruri, it’s just I’m used to getting up so early. I get up, do a couple of hours studying, have breakfast, say goodbye to my mom who has to work, tidy up, wash up, get myself ready for school, then go then…

Ruri: Er…aren’t you forgetting something?

Ami: I don’t think so…

(Ruri whispers into Ami’s ear as Ami’s eyes light up as she stammers)

Ami: H-How did y-you…

Ruri: I’m from the future remember? I checked up on the cast before I came here? Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter, I won’t say a word.

Ami: If you know that, then…(whispers)…do you know the result?

(Ruri shakes her head)

Ruri: I refused to look at the sheets with the results. I got into so much trouble last time I did something like that…

(Ruri and Ami get up and continue their slightly more advanced talk, as Tamahome and Ukyo sweatdrop..)

Tamahome/Ukyo: Ami/Ruri is a genius…

(Finally, Sakura has the rather difficult job of dragging Felicia out of the camp…)

Sakura: I’m not dragging you out here!

Felicia: (half-asleep) But nekomom, I don’t want to go to school today…

Joey: And they say I’m bad…

Hikari: (shouts) Oh well, a dash of cold water should work, Ashitaka, if you don’t mind…

Ashitaka: On it.

Felicia: (wide awake) I’M UP! I’M UP!

Hikari: Oh, goody! Now, we’re all ready…

Felicia: (moans…cutely of course) Hikari-chan…

Hikari: Oh, please, don’t give me those kitty-girl eyes…everyone, don’t let her catch you in her gaze otherwise you’ll regret it!

Felicia: Aww…meanie!

(The group are laughing now, but in a few hours time, they may not be…)

* * * *


Sakura: So, the first immunity is at 12? Wonder what we’ll have to do?

Tamahome: I dunno…but in the back of my mind, you know you could always go, so I’m going to go all out to win…

Sakura: Yeah. We’re all friendly and nice, but in the end, it’s the game and the game demands we cast someone off, and no matter how friendly we are, waters run deep…

(Shot of Tamahome and Sakura sparring in a warm up…)

Tamahome: Sakura mentioned to me that I could be a prime target for being voted off because of my strength. I never thought about it before with the goofing off we’ve had with old Tsunami, but it’s a point, cause beneath it all, it’s still tribe vs. tribe.

(Shot of Ashitaka, in deep meditation)

Ashitaka: I like to relax the mind before a challenge, and whilst some of Locus may see it weird, it’s for a purpose. I don’t want to go.

(Shot of Ukyo juggling with her hand spatulas, as Shinobu trails her.)

Shinobu: Um, Ucchan, are you worried about…

Ukyo: Immunity? Yep. I know I could be a target, so I’m going to do my best…(looks at Shinobu’s nervous face and smiles) Don’t worry, no-one could vote off someone as cute as you…

(Shinobu blushes as Ukyo chuckles and puts an arm around Shinobu as they walk off together down the beach)

Ukyo: Despite everything, I know I’m in trouble, being a Nerimian is always a disadvantage, no matter how good or strong you are, the vote is the most dangerous thing this island can come against you.

(Shot of Felicia with Ruri, making a new hopscotch area…hey, what did you expect? Akari’s House Number 4? – Battle Athletes gag…)

Ruri: It’s been a while if you think about it…38 years…

Felicia: (smiles) Look like your sense of humor hasn’t dried up Ruri-chan.

Ruri: I guess…Felicia?

Felicia: Yes?

Ruri: Are you worried about the immunity? With your strength, you are a prime target…

Felicia: Hmm…I never thought about it like that.

Ruri: (sighs) I won’t say it…but Felicia, I think you need to be careful. We are all friends on the outside, but everyone, including myself, is thinking about will happen after today’s immunity…

Felicia: Well, I’ll just give it my best, and hope it’s enough!

Ruri: I guess that’s the best we can hope for…

Felicia: I never realised being strong made you such a target, but it makes sense of course. Now, I think I’ve started to realise the game’s ugly side…I never actually considered getting voted off…

(Shot of Ami reading a book, as Hikari does a bit of jogging to get warmed up. Everyone has their own preparations, but they best be prepared for what is about to await them...

* * * *


Stand until you can’t stands no more…

(Shot of the spread of sea in the centre of the island where a huge stretch of log is out. A number of people realise what is in order, whilst some look completely blank.)

(Shot of Chromus, looking a bit in pain)

Chromus: I guess acupuncture doesn’t work…oh well, guess I’m stuck in this stupid form, now I know how Captain Ginyu feels…oh, oh yes, there is an immunity challenge about to commence. Hey guys…

Ruri: Sorry Chris, but you just look so idiotic…

Chromus: (sweatdrops) And my hope for you to win this just went down a few notches…anyway, the challenge is very simple.

(Shot of the log as Chromus explains)

Chromus: That is a log. There are 10 people. 10 people must swim out to the log, and 10 people must stay on the log. The last person to remain on the log wins immunity. It could be 10 minutes, 10 hours, whatever…but basically who stays on the longest wins. That’s it…although as the challenge progresses, there will be complications to say the least…

(An ‘uh oh’ look goes through into the team, as Chromus smiles…which doesn’t look right, an evil smile on Tom’s face…)

Chromus: O.K, I better get ready myself, now, will you all please swim over to the log please?

(The group do so as Chromus waits by a tree. All of them, to Chris’ surprise, can swim, including Ruri, who he figured wouldn’t be able to, and Felicia, who obviously doesn’t like the water, but is still half-human, and that half is making her able to go through this. All the others are fine, as after they all reach the log, Chromus shouts out in a megaphone)

Chromus: O.K, now as soon as you get on the log, stand up. As soon as all 10 are up, the challenge begins. All I can say is I hope you have a good breakfast…so go!

(The group climb on the log, some are immediately standing comfortably, notibaly Ashitaka and Felicia, who shakes the water off her as well to the annoyance of her teammates. Tamahome is next, then Ukyo, then Ami, then Hikari, then Joey, then Sakura, then Shinobu and finally Ruri. The challenge begins now…)

(The shot of the group is pretty steady, all 10 manage to stand up still. The balancing act of Ashitaka and Tamahome is pretty good, as is Felicia, with Ami and surprisingly Ruri seemingly quite comfortable. Felicia is trying hard not to go into hands and feet mode, whilst Shinobu is very nervous more than anything. Ukyo, surprisingly, isn’t handling it as well as expected, whilst Sakura has a good poise but there’s the twist of the People’s eyebrow which shows her nerves. Joey is wobbling, but still has a goofy grin, on the other hand, Hikari is busy trying not to make an embarrassment of herself…)

Hikari: I…hate…this…

(Hikari is obviously having the most problems after just 2 minutes, she simply gives up.)


Hikari: Balancing is not my thing…

(The rest of the group, from left to right, are Tamahome, Sakura, Ashitaka, Ukyo, Felicia, Ruri, Ami, Shinobu and Joey. There are a few wobbles on the log, but it’s not as bad as poor Hikari…)

(Shot of the beach)

Chromus: Nuts…and I had money on Shinobu to go first…(sees Hikari comes back to the beach)…ahoy there!

Hikari: I…will never live myself down back at class…

Chromus: Don’t worry, here’s a consolation prize. (hands Hikari a soda can which Hikari smiles and drinks with appreciation) Now, who needs to win this?

Hikari: (thinks) On my side, Tamahome and Felicia. On theirs, that Ashitaka I think. Oh well…cheers to them!

(Shot of the log, spying on Hikari…)

Tamahome: hoo boy…

1 hour gone…

(Hikari has stayed with Chromus as he tries to push the first ‘temptation’ out. However, he realises he is in Tom’s 125 pound body rather than his own 200 pound one, and has a few problems pushing it…)

Chromus: Skuld…you will pay…

(After what seems to be an eternity, the first raft with an item appears tented down onto it, and the group groan as Hikari stiffles a chuckle)

Joey: I am officially being tortured…

(A circular dish is out, it is a full fledged okonomiyaki, and the group are drooling. Ukyo has to close her eyes…)

Chromus: I thought it might suffer a few people. Ucchan may be the best, but Kasumi is excellent and here we have home made cooking thanks to the Tendo girl, it isn’t the only thing on the menu as well…

(Ukyo is very tempted by the bait…but calms down and hangs on. All the others are drooling just as much, except for Shinobu, very calm, Ruri, whose emotions you can’t really read, and Ashitaka. Everyone else seems ready to jump…)

(…but no-one does.)

Chromus: (snaps his fingers) Nuts…more willed than I thought, blast, go to Plan B…


(Since that hour, the others have been talking about food, as a way to pass the time…and also to psyche the others out…)

Tamahome: Pure Chinese cuisine for me though…

Chromus: Oh, you mean these?

(Shot of the next line up, a hot bowl of steaming meat dumplings, and Tamahome is pretty much drooling. His mind says ‘no’ but his stomach says ‘yes’)

Tamahome: No…no….not this way, I can’t…no, I musn’t..

Joey: Aw, screw this!

(Joey Wheeler jumps in, his stomach more important that immunity. Hey, it’s Joey!)


Ruri: Idiot.

Ukyo: Glad you said it before me…

(On the beach, Hikari is laughing)

Hikari: Heh…now I know why he’s Tsunami’s whipping boy…

(Shot of Joey on the raft, eating the dumplings, much to the Tscusus disastifaction…)

Tamahome: Can’t you do that away from here?

Joey: No, they might fall in the sea! (chomps away as Tama looks forlorn…)

Ashitaka: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…

Ukyo: Why hasn’t it worked for me then?

Sakura: Hmm…maybe my noodle recipe will work for Ryu-sempai…

Shinobu: D-doesn’t always work…

* * * *


The toll is starting to take…

(Some people are obviously want to get off, with Shinobu and Sakura looking in most trouble…)

Sakura: Balancing isn’t my strong point, and I haven’t got great leg strength. My endurance is fine with my fighting and volleyball skills, but it’s not that which is the problem…

Sakura: My back is screaming…

(Sakura finally blanks out, and is quickly followed by Shinobu as the remaining 6 congratulate the two as they swim out to the raft. Chromus picks them up, getting a bit of exercise in this body, as they are treated to a soda and a candy bar each. Hikari and Joey are still there, as Joey hugs his little sis.)

Joey: Once again, you make me look bad.

Shinobu: Um…sorry?

Joey: (chuckling) I’m only joking sis, don’t worry bout it!

Sakura: So Hikari, how come Joey’s still alive? Didn’t you follow the plan?

Hikari: Sakura, you evil!

Joey: What? What? What are you plotting against poor me now?

(The girls, including Shinobu, have a good chuckle at the duelist expense. However, what is happening is no laughing matter…)

* * * *

6 hours 20 minutes gone

(The sun isn’t down yet, but the group know that sunset is upon them. Since then, all three girls have returned to camp, with only Joey left on there, with Chromus. The author/host tries one more temptation before the day is out…)

(Shot of Tamahome still hanging on, Ashitaka has his eyes closed, drowning out everything. Ukyo now seems comfortable on there and looks like she’s waiting for a bus, Felicia is just hoping she doesn’t fall in, Ruri is surprisingly composed and doesn’t seem in pain…then again, it’s hard to read this girl…and finally Ami, wipes a bit of sweat off, as the temperature is still in the high 80 degrees, another problem for them…)

(…and then, a huge plate of sushi comes floating by…not helped by Ukyo and Tamahome’s stomachs growling in unison…)

(…but when no-one budges, Chromus sighs)

Chromus: Better bring out the camping equipment, this is going to be an all-nighter…

* * * *


(The camp is a nice holiday atmosphere, with the three girls, Hikari, Sakura and Shinobu enjoying the fire, and a small helping of rice and fish pieces. Shinobu at first was extremely shy in talking to the two former Locus girls, but Hikari and Sakura have quickly accepted here, and the three are talking, although embarrassing Shinobu a couple of occasions about Keitaro, Hikari is also flushed around Touji talk that Sakura brings up, which makes Hikari talk about Sakura’s fanism over Ryu. The two ‘argue’ and Shinobu has to laugh. Mission accomplished…)

Shinobu: No-one can come back?

Sakura: They might still be waiting with Joey back at the camp if anyone else has given up…although I think a lot of them are taking the way to immunity to heart.

Hikari: (nodding) I think a few of those realise they need it more than we do, no offence to them, but…

Shinobu: They’re threats?

(Sakura and Hikari nod as they sigh. Shinobu immediately worries in her mind about her friends as the trial in the night continues…)

* * * *

8 hours 30 minutes – Half past eight and all’s…crap…

(Shot of the remaining six, still there, but slowly fading as the group’s endurance is beginning to slip. Finally, someone breaks…)

Ami: I think I’ve given all that I’ve got…

Ashitaka: Ami, you O.K?

Ami: I’m fine Ashitaka. I’m proud of last this long, I think I need to test the waters again.

(The group clap, lead by Ruri and Ukyo as Ami dives gracefully into the waters.)


(Shot of a tent where Joey and Chromus are making a small fire…and spot Ami making it to there…)

Chromus: Ami! Well, I think you’re a bit famished…

Ami: I’m a little hungry…

Chromus: Well, here’s some snacks for you, some sweet, some savoury…now, do the two of you want to return to camp? I’ll be here waiting for anyone else though so don’t worry.

(Joey and Ami nod, as Chromus calls for Tron Bonne (game character) to give them a lift in her machine as she takes them back to Tsucus beach…on the log, the battle isn’t over by a long shot…)

* * * *


(The camp is quiet. Shinobu has already drifted to sleep, but Hikari and Sakura are still up, as Joey and Ami come up towards them…)

Sakura: Two more…(a bit surprised that Ami is with Joey…) wow…

Hikari: Wow…huh, what?

Sakura: That means Ruri is still out there…

(Hikari is also genuinelly surprised, but in the end, relaxes and lets Joey and Ami joins them. Ami smiles and enjoys a bit of rice, but the two are obviously tired. The 4, even Joey, enter the camp later, and hope they can get up if anyone else comes…)

(…scratch that, they are all out like lights…although Joey is on his own whilst the four girls are on the opposite end…)

* * * *

Chromus: (whispering) It’s quarter-past twelve in the night, the group have now been there for 12 hours plus, and none of them want to move from that spot, the threat of immunity is upon them, but stand on a log, with no food, water, or sleep is going to bring them down eventually…but will it be sooner or later?


(Tamahome, Ashitaka, Ukyo, Felicia and Ruri are now feeling the effects of the night, and 12 hours of no food. Some are trying not to show their discomfort like Ashitaka and Ruri, but it’s becoming obvious that this is no pleasure trip. However, considering how Akane and Gohan did last time, no-one wants to give up…)

(Fast forward…)


(Finally, one does give up…)

Ukyo: Guys…this is my limit, and as much as I hate the fact that Akane is going to best me, I’d take hunger over pride any day…

Felicia: Well done Ukyo-san…

(The others follow comments as Ukyo wishes them good luck before jumping into the water and swimming back…)


Ukyo: I felt so stiff when I come off that log, and feeling the water in the black night felt like I was the most peaceful girl in the world...

(Shot of Ukyo heading to the beach. Chromus, still awake surprisingly, smiles at the spatula girl as she’s comes up)

Chromus: Are you O.K?

Ukyo: Yeah…tired and hurting, but fine.

Chromus: Right, do you want something to eat or drink, or do you just want to go to bed?

Ukyo: Bed sounds good…

(Chromus shows the camp where there are two sleeping bags there. Ukyo smiles before taking one of them and slowly drifts off to sleep, as Chromus begins to watch the remainder of the challenge, and tries not to go to sleep himself…)

* * * *

The next victim happens here….


Ruri: I think that’s my limit.

Tamahome: Ruri, how you stayed on there for so long…

Ruri: Believe it or not, I’m used to working in the same position for long periods of time back at the Nadesico. However, I think you three need this more than I do. So, I just stayed to prove myself. I leave it to you guys now, thank you and good luck.

Felicia: Well done Ruri-ruri!

(The three, including Ashitaka, applaud Miss Hoshino’s surprising effort, as she slowly enters the water. Chromus, seeing it on the beach, immediately manages to use what little strength he’s got and heads out a raft to pick up the girl. Ruri manages to swim to it as he gets to her, as Chromus helps her up and takes her back to land.)


Chromus: You O.K there?

Ruri: Yes, I’m fine Mr. Homer…or is it Mr. Greenville?

Chromus: Don’t worry about it. Let’s just get you to sleep.

(Ruri doesn’t complain as they head to shore, and she gets into the small test and goes in the second sleeping bag by Ukyo. Chromus yawns…)

Chromus: (whispering) It’s quarter to four in the morning. The challenge has lasted nearly 15 hours so far, still 8 hours short of the 23 hour mark set by Akane and Gohan in AAVGS1…and on that note, I’m going to try and get a couple of hours sleep…

* * * *

Day 21 – 6.00am

(The day has officially started…and tribal council is tonight. However, tribal council is the least amount of the problems…because immunity hasn’t finished yet…^_^)

(Shot of the log where Tamahome, Ashitaka and Felicia are still on there, looking cold and miserable, but hiding it to the best of their ability.)


(At 7, Chromus brings two more survivors back to a slowly awaking camp…)

(Shot of Shinobu slowly rising as Hikari is already outside. Sakura is still asleep, as is Joey. Ami is nowhere to be seen.)

Shinobu: H-Hikari san?

Hikari: Hey there sweetheart. I’ve been up for a bit now, still waiting for anyone to come back…

Chromus: Two good things coming right at you…

(Chromus arrives at Tsucus Beach with a tired Ruri and Ukyo emerging from the growth. Hikari and Shinobu both smile as the two try hard not to collapse…)

Chromus: Sorry about that, but rules say I had to transfer you two back to camp…

Ruri: The survivor committee are idiots…

Chromus: (sighs) Agreed. Anyway, the other three are still on there, and I’ll be waiting for them. Anyone who wishes to join me are welcome…

(As Chromus leaves, Ukyo and Ruri head straight for the camp, even ignore Hikari and Shinobu, the dream team cooks, the aroma of crispy rice tantalising…)

Hikari: I guess a long night…

Shinobu: Er…yes…

(Shot of Ami out from a morning jog, plus with two gourds of water…)

Ami: Hey guys, anything happened?

Hikari: Yeah, Ruri and Ukyo are back. That means Ashitaka, Felicia and Tamahome are still out there…

Ami: Oh my…

* * * *


Chromus: It’s still anyone’s game, and discussions of holding back Tribal Council 24 hours have begun, as we have no idea how long Tamahome, Felicia and Ashitaka are going to last…

Ashitaka: My feet hurt…

Tamahome: How could you last so long on that log with those legs Felicia?

Felicia: Part cat which is good at digging in and balancing…and part cat which doesn’t want to go into the water…

Tamahome: Considering your sleeping habits, I’m amazed you didn’t fall asleep on the log…

Felicia: If I was capable of moving now, I’d smack you…

(Tamahome chuckles as Ashitaka smiles. Felicia is tempted to stretch out, but with the fear of falling into the sea always there, remains stationary…)



Hikari: Well, I’m going to watch the end of this battle, you coming Shinobu?

Shinobu: Er…hai!

Ami: I’ll come as well, let the others rest, besides, I’m sure they can hold the fort…

(Shot of Sakura, now up, busying eating a late breakfast as a shot of Joey starting to emerge from the camp. Ruri and Ukyo are still asleep.)

Hikari: Yeah, you’re right. Sakura can beat up Joey if he gets too out of line…


(The girls giggle as Joey ‘huffs’ in a corner. The three head out to the still ongoing immunity challenge…)

* * * *


(The girls arrive to join Chromus who is still trying to work out the kinks in the Tom body…)

Chromus: Must…not…fall…asleep…

Hikari: Hey, you awake?

(Suddenly, Chris’ brain enters into right mode, a.k.a. the Chris which goes all gooey at the sight of three cute girls suddenly entering the fray to watch the end of a survivor challenge…^_^)

Chromus: Yep! And it seems they are all trying to hold on to the end…

(The three girls take a seat inside the makeshift camp, where there is food and drink ready for the survivors remaining…that is, if they don’t want to pass out from lack of sleep first…)

(…however, at last, someone decides to give up…)


Tamahome: That’s it…I can’t feel my toes, that’s a bad sign…I think this is the end of the line for me…

Felicia: Tama…

Tamahome: No, that’s it, my limit is done and I have to go, sorry guys…

Ashitaka: You are most worthy Tamahome.

(Tamahome nods as the two clap as Tamahome slowly steps off the log, feels the pain in his legs, before the water kicks in. Chromus is about to go and get him, but Tamahome doesn’t need the help and manages to swim out to the beach. There, Hikari, Shinobu and Ami are giving him a standing welcome…)

Hikari: (hugging Tamahome) That was incredible…

Tamahome: (sighs) But not enough sadly…(casts a weary eye on Ami and Shinobu, but ignores it for the time being as Chromus hands him a drink)

Chromus: I feel you need it, you going to sleep?

Tamahome: Nah…I feel I need to be awake and watch the end of this, besides I can’t be asleep when a Council is upon us?

Shinobu: (stunned) There’s a council tonight?

Chromus: Unless these two stay on much longer, then yes.

(Tamahome gets comfortable in the camp, and gets a bite to eat from the goodies in there as well, trying not to fall asleep. The battle is down to two…)

* * * *


Joey: It’s kinda quiet around here…

Sakura: Yeah, with everyone else out in the challenge and two in the camp sleeping, it’s nice to talk.

Joey: Yeah, we haven’t done it since…er…well..

Sakura: (punches him lightly in the shoulder) Hey, you were the one wondering around sugar drunk at night…

Joey: Hey, I never said you could help me…

Sakura: (humphs) And then I was worried about you…

Joey: (crouch of the tiger technique…Ranma ½ fans will get the joke, everyone else…basically bowing and scrapping…used primarily by Genma Saotome, Soun Tendo…and when he steals a carrot from a horse, Tauski from Fushigi Yugi…^_^) I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!

Sakura: (smiles) Pathetic…O.K, you’re forgiven..

(Huh? Wait a second? The two that were out in the night those times were…)

(In the camp however, the tent has a slight muffled sound….)

* * * *


(Shot of Ami who has brought her book with her, Shinobu and Hikari seem content to watch the result, whilst Tamahome is busy snoring…)

Hikari: (sweatdropping) Do you want me to warn you when the result happens Ami?

Ami: Hmmm…oh sorry, habit of mine, if that’s O.K…(goes back to her book)

(Shinobu lightly laughs as Hikari shakes her head with a smile on her face. Meanwhile on the log…)

Ashitaka: I’m not sure…

Felicia: …how much longer…

Ashitaka/Felicia: I can hold on for…

Ashitaka: I would suggest jumping together, but I have a feeling they’ve found a way to get round that…

Felicia: Ya! (groans) My legs are hurting…

Ashitaka: (sighs) How badly do you want immunity Felicia?

Felicia: Eh?

Ashitaka: Do you need it as much as I do? That’s all I want to know…

Felicia: Well…I don’t know. I know that I’m strong, so it means I’m a threat, but I’m not sure…it feels like as a girl, you’d be seen to dismiss me, but it is obvious that is not the case…

Ashitaka: (nods) You as well as Ukyo are strong, and every girl here has got a hidden strength inside them which make them special…things I think Joey would like to learn.

Felicia: (chuckles) Thank you.

Ashitaka: Back home, the majority of the armed forces and workers in Iron Town were women. All hard workers, brave and headstrong. The leader was Lady Oboshi, a woman who believed in her own ideals, no matter how wrong or right they were. And as for San…

Felicia: San?

Ashitaka: San…also known as Princess Mononoke. She lived, raised in the forest back home by wolves. She was so strong, so majestic, it took my heart away. At one time, she could have killed me…but she didn’t, and saved my life as well…it was a life that I wanted to be part of. Hers.

(Felicia is stunned)

Ashitaka: And that’s why…I realise something.

Felicia: What?

Ashitaka: How much I miss her.

(With that, to the stunned Felicia, Ashitaka dives into the sea, eliminating himself.)


Felicia: What? Why?

Ashitaka: (smiles) If there’s a chance, I can be reunited with her soon, I’ll take it. It’s all in the spirits choice. If they want me to stay, that will be decided tonight. If they want me to go, that will also be decided. Felicia, thank you…

Felicia: (crying) You dummy…dummy…dummy…(cries and smiles)

(On the beach, the girls having no idea of the conversation, only see Ashitaka dive into the water, and signifying Felicia’s victory.)

Ami: Wow…

Hikari: Felicia won? Incredible?

Shinobu: Incredible…

(Shot of Chromus heading out to collect both Ashitaka and Felicia, who has to be helped into the boat.)

Chromus: Well, that was mind blowing guys, how did you do it?

Felicia: Belief, instinct, all the factors which are both human and darkstalker to me.

Chromus: I think you need to get some sleep you two, and I’ll talk to you about it later at Council, but Felicia?

(Chromus hands the immunity trophy, a tiara made by Nigel from BGC2040 in the style of a Night Sabres Helmet)

Chromus: You are the first winner of the singles immunity, meaning you cannot be voted for tonight at Tribal Council. I suggest you two get a bit of sleep and something to eat at the camp…you’ve got company waiting…

(Shot of the three girls, and an awake Tamahome waving at the two. Ashitaka smiles as Felicia waves…a gruelling first immunity finally over…)

* * * *


(By this time, the camp is about to be full, some tired, some hungry, some both…and one safe…)

Felicia: I worked for this, and at least if worst comes to worst, I know that I’ve got a cats-eye view from the jury…

(Shot of Ami, Hikari, Shinobu, Felicia, Tamahome and Ashitaka returning to camp. We can see that Ukyo and Ruri are now awake, and the 4 other contestants are awaiting them…)

Ruri: They’re back.

Sakura: This should be good…

(At first, they are unsure what has happened…they see everyone comes back, and Sakura’s keen eyes first spot…)

Sakura: Fel-chan! You won!

Felicia: Yeah! Yeah! Ya—(yawns)…oh, me go sleep now…

Sakura: (smiles) Same old, same old.

Ukyo: Let her rest sugar…(piggy backs Felicia)…I think she needs it. How long did you stay on there Ashitaka?

Ashitaka: 22 hours…Tamahome lasted 20.

Joey: Amazing man, how you can do that is beyond me…

Tamahome: (sadly) Because you know you are in trouble…

(Fortunately, this comment goes away as the others watch Felicia gets into camp. Ashitaka sighs, but decides to join her for some sleep…)

* * * *

12.00 midday

Chromus: The talk of Council has been barely talked upon after that immunity challenge…mainly because most of them have been asleep…however, the challenge brought out more opportunities for talk than maybe wanted…

(Shot of Ami talking with Shinobu…)

Ami: It’s still a game…and we still have to win Shinobu, as much as disgusts me at times…

Shinobu: I know…but…

Ami: It’s the thinking girls choice, besides, despite everything you know that…

(As the girls continue talking, Hikari and Sakura are chatting by the fire)

Hikari: It’s hard to do this, especially after we’ve become friendly and after that effort on the log…

Sakura: Yeah, but that effort is exactly the sort of danger that could stop us from winning.

Hikari: (sighs) In the end, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Winning…

Sakura: In the end, everyone here is simply shallow just by voting for someone to lose that chance to win.

Hikari: (nods) We better talk with the others. Where’s Ruri?

Sakura: I dunno…

(Shot of Ruri, sitting by herself, reading Ami’s medical book…)

Ruri: These ideas of the 20th century…they seem to be too basic for my understand, compared to the advances of my time…still…


Ruri: Gets me off my own problems.

Ruri: It’s been hard for me. A girl, who has simply been a tool to injest knowledge, born from test tube fertilisation, the tests to make me smarter, vaccinated from all disease, have been at a cost with my emotions. Here, like the Nadesico, I’ve slowly been finding them again.

(Ruri sighs again)

Ruri: What an idiot I am.

Tamahome: Don’t beat yourself up about it…

(Shot of Tamahome coming up to Ruri…)

Ruri: Tamahome-san? I didn’t see…

Tamahome: No matter, it just that after everything today, you wonder what the point is? We’ve got to go against someone, and it makes more sense to go against someone from Tsunami…

Ruri: (nods) It’s just…

Tamahome: You don’t want it to happen like that. I’m sure they don’t either, but bonds run deep in both former tribes…and it’s a case of them or us. And I’d rather it was them than us…

(Ruri silently thinks as Tamahome looks at her. He smiles before getting up.)

Tamahome: Later little sister.

(Tamahome goes away as Ruri remembers the time Tamahome saved her in the early going of the votes…)

Ruri: Them…or us?

* * * *


Chromus: 4pm, and everyone is now awake after a few hours sleep. On the outside, everyone is getting along fine, but in the inside, the Tribal Council lingers in their mind, and is it true? Is it tribe before trust?

Ashitaka: I never realised how much this life drains out of you…

Ukyo: It’s not called survivor for nothing y’know?

Shinobu: Um…anyone want any more rice?

Felicia: (tummy rumbles) Sure sweetie…

Tamahome: I’m amazed you actually had energy left to catch some rats there Felicia…

(Shot of the food, rat in water and rice, a simple meal…although Shinobu was a bit freaked at cooking the rats initially…)

Hikari: (cutting up a satsuna) This could keep us going…

Ruri: As long as it isn’t a Megumi made stamina drink…(catches the blank stares)…long story…

Ami: Don’t worry, we’ll be able to talk as much as we want…(realising what is happening)…oh sorry…

Joey: Don’t worry, I think we all forgot about it tonight…damn, why couldn’t they cancel it?

Tamahome: Sadly, the war of the worlds doesn’t portray to our needs…

Sakura: Well, best finish this up, we’ve got another long night ahead of us…

(The group finishes the meal in silence, as they all now realise what is put upon them…)

* * * *


Chromus: As the sun turns into moon, friends become enemies…

Hikari: As much as it hurts, we have to vote as a tribe. Sure, people on that side are great, but…

Sakura: It makes a logical sense.

Tamahome: Yes, I have a feeling they’ll be targeting me as well, since Felicia has immunity.

(Ruri simply nods)

Felicia: So…er…who we targetting?

(A facefault emerges as they realised that they didn’t choose anyone…)

Ruri: Sorry but…idiots.

(The former Mino…er, Tsunami, also have discussions…)

Ashitaka: After tonight, and what I said to Felicia, I think they’ll go for me. If that’s what happens, I’m fine.

Ukyo: It’s not over till the fat lady sings…although considering who Ami said, I’m surprised you haven’t had second thoughts…

Ashitaka: (shakes his head) We both understand it’s a game…and whilst it was great talking with him on the log, I think he’ll understand as much as I do.

Ami: So…

Shinobu: Do we have to?

Joey: It’s simple thinking lil’ sis. We have to take the strongest out…otherwise we could be doomed in future challenges.

(Shinobu looks solemnly on the floor, but a shy little nod confirms that she is with, not against, her tribe)

Ukyo: Settled?

(A group nod ends everything as they split up…)

* * * *


(Tsucus tribe are preparing to leave, however, some are having a few words before the inevitable…)

Ami: We’re sorry if…

Ruri: It’s O.K. I understand.

(Ruri and Ami shakes hands as they both go to pack their things ready…)

(Shot of Hikari giving Shinobu and Ukyo as hug as Felicia comes and joins in. Joey and Sakura look at each other before closing their eyes and getting ready.)

Ashitaka: Tonight…

Tamahome: Yeah…

(The two simply nod before heading to their equipment, as a long work to the new Tribal Council awaits them…)

* * * *


(The new council is a bit different that the old one, and compared to the atmosphere of the graveyard, it’s an extraordinary sight, the bright lights of the Lugia temple shrine area. The pedesals are raised to 10 as the new look Chromus ‘Tom Greenville’ type person enters)

Chromus: Well, I’m just as surprised….mental note, give a memo to how damn good that Romanova girl is…

(Chromus indicates the pedesals which the 10 sit in, astounded, but obviously nervous…)

Chromus: Well, Tsucus Tribe, this is a new beginning for all of you, but for one it is a new ending. And for that, we have a new situation for you.

(The 10 pedesals reveal an opening as a laptop comes up)

Chromus: Now for those of you from this world or the future, this should be easy enough. For Tamahome and Ashitaka, and possibly Joey…

Joey: Ha ha…

Chromus: …these are laptop computers. On them, you will type, rather than write your vote. All the letters are on there, so you won’t get lost guys…and then the results of the vote will be transferred to the super computer, and the results will be projected on the screen above me.

(The group nod, although Tamahome is a bit confused)

Chromus: If the vote is a tie, then we go into a question about…something. Of course, if it isn’t, whoever gains the most votes loses and is eliminated. HOWEVER…we’ve added a new twist to this game…

(The others are now more attentive…)

Chromus: Once the loser has been evicted, they will have a chance to do a confessional like everyone. However, you must also choose who a) you want to win b) who you think WILL win and c) who you want to lose, and why. This will be interesting just to see why…

(Now they return to nervousness…)

Chromus: O.K, now, let’s begin this. Anyone that needs help, just put your hand up…

(Sarcasm gone, as the group begin voting.)

Ami: It feels weird being in a new technological year, and yet the irony is my vote is for a man of the past.


Ami: I have to do this. He is too strong.

Ashitaka: It’s tough being here when everything you care about is many miles…and indeed years, away from me. From one ancient warrior to another, I’m sorry.


Hikari: This is a loving tribe, 10 different personalities, but all nice in their own way. It hurts me but…


Hikari: Strategy before anything else, and he’s their strongest.

Tamahome: What Felicia told me was that he wanted to go so..


Tamahome: He’s been the one I’ve been closest with from Tsunami, so…sorry…



(The rest of the voting concludes, as Tamahome does get through it last, but manages it. The voting closed…)

* * * *

Chromus: Well Tsucus tribe, how was your first 3 days together? Hikari, you were the unoffical leader of old Locus tribe, how has it been different with 5 new mouths to feed?

Hikari: Well, there are two more cooks now. (chuckles) Seriously, it’s been much more adaptable than I thought it would be, and old Tsunami have welcomed us as much as we’ve welcomed them. Being here alone is just heartbreaking…

Chromus: Yeah…it’s a shame we couldn’t delay Council, as special mentions to Tamahome, Ashitaka and our immunity champion, Felicia, performed feats of endurance not seen since AAVGS1. Felicia, how did it get to the point when you had to stay on?

Felicia: Fear of the water, what else? (laughs) Really, it’s the chance you know you are going to go, and because of it, I didn’t want to risk, and I guess at least I know I will have a say in the game, whether as winner, loser or voter.

Chromus: That’s true…sadly, the person voted tonight will not be on the jury. On that point, Ashitaka, you seemed to give up at the end, which was a shame. Anything reason?

Ashitaka: Just some mixed thoughts and I felt Felicia deserved it in the end.

Chromus: Right…Tamahome, could you have held on longer?

Tamahome: I don’t think so. I know my limits, I know I’m not invincible, and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I thought it would be enough…sadly, it wasn’t.

Chromus: Sadly is right, and we shall reveal the votes and the first member of Tsucus to be voted off…

(Shot of the screen coming down…)

Chromus: And the first vote is for…TAMAHOME.

(Tamahome nods)

Chromus: Second is for…ASHITAKA.

(Ashitaka remains solemn)

Chromus: Third is Ashitaka…and fourth is Ashitaka. Fifth is Tamahome, and 6th is Tamahome. 3 votes each for Ashitaka and Tamahome.

(Both guys nod)

Chromus: 7th vote…Ashitaka…8th vote…Tamahome…I sense the pattern. 9th vote is Tamahome…

(Tamahome closes his eyes…Hikari puts a hand on his shoulder)

Chromus: Final vote…we got a tie, Ashitaka. 5 vs. 5…I reckon we know who voted for, and I’m not going to bother with a tie thingy because I don’t think we’ve got a Mai/Shinobu situation here…so this comes down to this. Tamahome, Ashitaka, can you stay on your pedesals whilst everyone else stands up?

(Tamahome and Ashitaka nod)

Chromus: Now…the plan was that you two were going to answer a question on something around here. However, we’ve added a slight twist. The question will be asked…by one of your colleagues to answer…you choosing which one.

(The 8 gasp)

Chromus: It can be anyone, Tribal loyalties or not, but they, not you, will decide the fate of you. So Ashitaka, who will you choose to answer your question on?

Ashitaka: (thinks) Ami…I lay it in your hands.

(The Mizuno girl nods)

Chromus: Tamahome?

Tamahome: Sorry…Ruri, bail me out please.

(The Nadesico girl also nods)

Chromus: Right, no surprise there. The two girls can you go to the pedesals and prepare to type in an answer to the question. Last time you two went at it, Ruri won. Will that happen here?

(The two girls, trying not to show nervousness, are ready)

Chromus: The question, to determine who stays and who goes is this…what is the name of the island you are currently on?

(Both Ami and Ruri look perplexed, but write down an answer after about 20 seconds thinking.)

Chromus: I have only mentioned the name once, so memory is vital. So, Ruri and Ami, what are your answers?

(They turn the laptops round.)

Ami – ENIL


Chromus: One of you is right…one is wrong. Sadly…

(They close their eyes)

Chromus: …Ami is right. Enil Island is the right name. Ashitaka survives. Tamahome, can you come up to the pedesal please?

(As soon as the result is heard, Ruri goes into shock. Tamahome looks down, sad…and yet smiling. Tamahome comes up to Chromus, as the judgment is passed)

Chromus: Tamahome, you are the first of Tsucus Tribe to be eliminated off Enil Island. Therefore, your sending is complete. (The Power of One plays) Say your goodbyes, and can you follow me please?

(Tamahome nods, before turning to his former tribe. He immediately embraces a stunned Ruri, who feels she is responsible…)

Ruri: I’m…so…sorry…

Tamahome: If it’s O.K, I didn’t know either…

Ruri: (threatening to cry…holds it, but smiles) I’m such an idiot…

(Shot of Shinobu and Ami crying slightly, Sakura practically overflowing. Tamahome shakes Ami’s hand, and then shakes Ukyo, Shinobu and Joey’s. He gives a long hand shake and a pat on the back to Ashitaka, before giving Hikari a brief hug, and Felicia a strong bare hug, the cat-girls’ eye enflamed…)

(Finally, Sakura, his training partner…)

Sakura: I’ll miss you…tell Miaka she’s a lucky girl…

Tamahome: I’m just worried what my family sees when they realise I came back penniless…

(Off screen, Chromus sweatdrops…)

(Sakura and Tamahome hug, Tama’s eyes shedding a tear. Tamahome mock punches Sakura’s chin)

Tamahome: (whispering) Go get ‘em…

(Sakura nods, as Tamahome gets his things, and goes with Chromus to get his confessional done, Chromus turning slightly…)

Chromus: Well, I’ll be gone for 3 days as well, I gotta find out how this outer body experience so to speak, so someone will fill in for me in 3 days. For now, Tsucus tribe, you survived the first night together, as one by one, you won’t. Remember that…come on Tamahome.

(The two leave, as Tsucus end the night on a sour note. Ruri and Sakura are still near paralysed as the first Council ended in tears and heartbreak…)

* * * *


It was time for me to go, not Ashitaka’s. It was a shame that Ruri was the one that decided my fate, rather than myself, which was quite cruel. In the end, I played the game my way, but it wasn’t enough. Tsunami…you guys recognised my strength, and saw that as a threat. No problem, that is how I would have played things as well. Good luck to Locus though, although Ashitaka, man, well done to you. Sakura, thanks for making me stronger. And I guess it’s time to return to Miaka….

TAMAHOME’S PICK HE WANTS TO WIN: Sakura – She was my partner in crime for most of the game. Energetic, sweet, but strong, she helped me get stronger, and stayed with me to the end. She certainly can make it all the way, go girl.

TAMAHOME’S PICK WHO HE THINK WILL WIN: Ruri – It was close for the first one, but whilst Sakura is who I’d like to win, Ruri is a close second…and who I think will win. She can go under the radar throughout the game now, and she is much tougher than you’d think…I reckon my little sis, free of charge still, will win it.

TAMAHOME’S PICK TO NOT WIN: Joey – Nothing against him, but I reckon he doesn’t really have the capability to realise the situation he’s in. He may seem safe, but I think he assumes it, and for some…maybe Ami or maybe Ashitaka…to realise when to cut him off when he thinks he’s safest, could spring surprises. But no matter.

* * * *

Tamahome’s stats;

Tamahome was their strongman after Krillan, and was a good all round perfomer, helping the weaker (Ruri), maintaining friendship (Sakura), being a good help in fishing, and also comic relief to the girls. When the merge came, however, he was singled out for his strength as Felicia had immunity, and in a tie vote, Ruri’s wrong answer cost him his chance to even be on the jury.


TAMAHOME (5) : Ami, Ashitaka, Joey, Shinobu, Ukyo

Ashitaka (5) : Felicia, Hikari, Ruri, Sakura, Tamahome

Went to a question: Ashitaka’s representive (Ami) won, Tamahome was voted off.

* * * *

And the Suzaku warrior is the first to be ruthlessly cut. For next time, expect worse…

New guest host, and he needs a vacation in the worst way…

Sakura, unable to turn to any of her teammates after Tamahome’s eviction, seeks comfort with Joey. However, does anyone know of their late night ‘affair’ or is it simply friends at a crisis?

First reward challenge; Tug of war…underwater? You’ll see as this tricky undersea challenge requires strength, stamina and skill.

With advantage Tsunami, are Locus doomed? Or will friendships with Tsunami be the key to survival…or betrayal?

Immunity challenge: Fist of the White Swan! A test of balance and skill is required to win this immunity…

And Tribal Council, who is the sacrifice this time?

* * * *