The Final Cut


* * * *

(Shot of Chromus on a solo spot on top of a desert, pausing dramatically as the camera circles around him. He removes a pair of sunglasses and smiles dramatically)

Chromus: This…is your first clue.

(Pause…then gulp)

Chromus: Damn, wrong show! That’s the start of Pokemole 2…oh, never mind.

(Normal service resumed as Chromus explains the next situation)

Chromus: 3 days left before the merge, and time is slowly running out for both tribes. By 3 days gone, one more will have the island, the dream of winning 1 million pounds ended by the treachery of their team-mates.

(Separate shot of Locus and Tsunami tribes)

Chromus: However, for the remaining 8, the merge is a totally different experience, and they better learn fast, because only one will emerge from an island…victorious.

* * * *


Chromus: Last time, Locus went to Council for the second time in a row, and in the end, took of Kyosuke Kasuga. I guess the telepath didn’t see that one coming..

Tamahome: I guess the problems I had with him was noticable, however, in the end, he’s gone, and I’ve still got a shot in winning the money, so I’m happy. But one thing worries me…

Chromus: You see…Tamahome has the very distinct problem of being the only man in an all girls group of Locus…problem considering he’s got a girlfriend of course, but also because he’s worried how close they are getting…

* * * *

Day 16 – 8.30am

(The problem is talked about the next morning as Tama talks to the 4 girls about the future)

Tamahome: …as you can see, it’s quite difficult for me now…

Hikari: Tama, you’re as welcome as you were always was, you know that.

Ruri: That’s right…big brother.

Sakura: You think I’d neglect my sparring partner like that, you’re the proof I need to prove I’m a good trainer!

(The girls chuckles as Tama looks at Felicia whose is afraid to stare Tamahome in the eye)

Tamahome: Felicia?

Felicia: Tamahome…I don’t even know why you’d want to talk to me, I voted for you last night…

(Tamahome puts his hands on the cat-girls shoulders and smiles)

Tamahome: Don’t keep that frown on any longer Felicia. That bubbly smile of yours is what looks best on you…and don’t worry about it. The only thing I’m worried about is losing another challenge…

Felicia: (smiles) No chance of that happening bucko, as long as my blood, sweat and tears are here, this tribe is going in 5 against 5 against that lot…

Hikari: Glad to hear it…

(Sakura and Ruri nod, as Hikari serves out the first portion of rice)

Sakura: Let’s eat though…we need all our strength for today and tomorrow…(shot of the last chicken, pecking away at some of the cooked rice)…let’s save that for the final day, don’t want those greed scavengers at it…

Tamahome: Heh, amen to that.

(The groups atmosphere is residing, and it seems what little tension there was has been subsided for the time being…)

Felicia: I was so scared after seeing that I was the odd one out last time in the voting, and I thought ‘Nuts, I’m doomed’ but Tama-chan is so understanding, and the others, Sakura, Hikari and Ruri…I just hope that we still can survive though…

(Meanwhile, the holiday camp atmosphere has really been enjoyed by the Tsunami camp)

* * * *


Ami: I think we’ve got a bit lazy now…

Shinobu: G-gomen-nesai Ami-san!

Ami: (smiles) Not you Shinobu, everyone else…

(Shot of the camp, whilst fairly clean mainly thanks to Shinobu, isn’t exactly brumming with activity. Joey is sunbathing, Keichi seems to be in a staring contest with Ashitaka, whilst Ukyo is simply swimming in the sea. Breakfast long gone thanks to the bluenettes, and it seems that everyone is simply now content to enjoy themselves.)

Ami: Well, I’ve always said that I’ve wanted to do the best in whatever I do, but this is a team game, and I think the team is certainly getting stronger.

Shinobu: Yes…I guess…

Ami: Well, let’s just follow their example shall we?

Shinobu: H-hai!

Ashitaka: Everyone’s atmosphere is calm, and people are simply content not to worry about anything, after our recent string of victories, we simply don’t worry about anything like challenges, and everyone is content to do their own thing, which is probably the best preparation you can have for any sort of challenge…

(Shot of Ami sitting reading a book, and Shinobu sketching the ocean set, and trying not to daydream. Shot of Ukyo emerging from the sea)

Ukyo: Ahhh…the adrenaline is up…

Keichi: Huh? (blinks) Oh man, Ukyo, you cost me the match!

Ukyo: (chuckles) Trust me sugar, against Ashitaka, you would have lost anyway.

(Ashitaka smiles slightly as Keichi sulks)

Keichi: Oh, you’ve had enough making fun of Joey and you’re starting on me instead…(mock sulks)

Joey: Yes, a day off!

Ukyo: No…it’s just more fun terrorising two people…

Joey: Drag…

* * * *

(An hour before the reward challenge, and the two tribes have very differing outlooks of their situation)

Felicia: It’s a case of whether we need to win this because the important challenge comes tomorrow, but for morale purposes, we need to win this one as well…

Hikari: Don’t worry, we’ll give it our all…

Sakura: I hate to say this Hikari, but at this stage, giving it our all isn’t enough…we need to win.

Hikari: (nods) I know…if my friends went with that attitude, they’d be dead. I guess I better get the same thing going now if I want to survive.

Felicia: Hey, don’t get down now Hikari-chan! You’re a tough girl, show us that leadership skills that brought us to where we are at the start of this game!

Hikari: (smiles) You’re right Felicia. It’s just…maybe the cracks of the game are starting to show up…

(Shot of Tamahome with Ruri, clearing up as Tama does a few warm up stretches…)

Ruri: Mr. Tamahome?

Tamahome: Yes Ruri?

Ruri: What do you think our chances are of winning the challenges ahead? Can we maintain some strength now?

Tamahome: As long as we can believe in ourselves Ruri, we can. Just believe in yourself and believe in us…and we can win.

Ruri: Thank you.

(Ruri walks away as Tamahome scratches the back of his head)

Tamahome: This past future thing is starting to confuse me…


Ami: Ahhh…I love to swim.

Ukyo: You all pumped up sugar?

Ami: (nodding) Just the right thing I needed…I think I’m glad I was on the ocean’s tribe…

Ukyo: (jokingly) Oh, so you mean you pick the company of the sea over the company of me? You evil girl…

Ami: (giggles) No, of course not. You guys have been the family I’ve missed back home, I’ve never been lonely, and I’m glad my company has been enough for you.

Ukyo: That’s true…Shinchan adores you, you know?

Ami: (blushes) I…didn’t know that…

Joey: (coming up) Yep, little sis I think has got quite attached to everyone here now, but you two in particular. I think she admires Ukyo’s confidence and Ami’s knowledge. It’s like she has two role models whilst she’s away from home, and I’m glad everyone here has acknowledged that.

Ukyo: Er…(blushing)

Joey: Well…thank you…

Ukyo: Who would have known that Joey can be so deep with his emotions…

Ashitaka: Shinobu, Ami, Ukyo and Keichi, Joey and myself, Tsunami tribe are awaiting the last few trials together as a tribe, and today is the beginning of the end. I just hope it isn’t the end of us…

Keichi: It won’t, as long as we believe in each other, which we do. (Smiles) Belle taught me that.

Ashitaka: Miss her a lot?

Keichi: (sighs) More than anything in the world…

Ashitaka: (smiles) I know exactly how you feel.

Keichi: With San?

(Ashitaka nods, but as he’s about to say more, an arrow whizzes by, which Ashitaka reacts by split in two…with a piece of wood…^_^)

(The arrow was actually plastic, but it’s did have a message attached)

Ashitaka: I think it’s safe to say that it’s nearly time for the reward challenge…


Tamahome: I’m sure someone out there is out to get me…(shot of the bump from the arrow shot)

Hikari: If we don’t hurry, we’re all targets. Come on guys…


Games or Anime, what is the word?

It’s the choice to make if you’re feeling absurd…

At my invitation you’re here to compete

For something more than a tasty treat…

* * * *

Reward Challenge

Log balancing in three minutes whilst moving about swapping letters to make new words, a la AAVGS1

Reward: Something which is also difficult to balance, but nice for the guys to get in their stomach…

(Shot of the two tribes outside the sea stretch between the edge of Locus and Tsunami. In the middle are two logs. Chromus is there with an arm of T-Shirts.)

Chromus: Welcome to my parlour said the spider to the fly, and thus, the final reward challenge as two separate tribes. From the next one in, you’ll be competing simply for yourselves, which in reality is what you’ll be doing for the million pounds as well. Anyway, this is your last but one chance to prove you are worthy of being ruthlessly backstabbed…

(Chromus hands each member of the tribe a shirt.)

Chromus: For this challenge, we need each member to wear the T-Shirt I’ve given them…and for the ladies, don’t worry, it’s not a wet T-Shirt competition despite the rumours...

(A few question looks emerge on the hapless author…)

Chromus: Er…anyway, I want the two tribes to go to the log, in this position that Locus Tribe are positioned so that the word spelt across is Games, whilst Tsunami’s says Anime, then I will explain the rules. First, as this requires 5 people, Tsunami can you please choose someone to sit out this one?

(In the end, Shinobu is the castaway)

Chromus: O.K tribes, now march!

(The two tribes walk out, although Felicia still shudders about anything to do with water.)

Chromus: O.K everyone, the game is basic in nature but difficult in success. You have to manoeuvre yourselves around the log WITHOUT falling in, and make as many words in the 3 minute time limit from the letters. This time, after complaints from the first series, we’ve given two different words so there will be no copying each other. O.K, any questions?

Felicia: Yes. Can we get on with it, I want to be off this log ASAP!

Chromus: (chuckles) I think we heard the powerful yet extremely adorable cat-girl over there…O.K, everyone ready?


Tsunami – ANIME (A) – Ashitaka, (N) - Ukyo, (I) – Keichi, (M) – Ami, (E) – Joey

Locus – GAMES (G) – Hikari, (A) – Ruri, (M) – Tamahome, (E) – Felicia, (S) – Sakura

Chromus: O.K, the logs are balanced, the tribes are ready, and now to watch and let the balancing begin. Tribes ready?

(The two tribes make gestures of being ready, as Chromus holds his arms up)

Chromus: You’re time…starts…NOW!

(As soon as Chromus’ arms go down, Locus tribe take the easy way out when Sakura drops down and make the word ‘GAME’. They then follow that cheap move with an equally cheap one when Hikari, Ruri and Sakura drop to make ‘ME’. However, Tsunami are just as cheap when they make the words ‘ME’ and ‘AN’ respectivelly.)

Chromus: (slaps his forehead) Hey, you are supposed to move around you know? And no one letter words this time!

Ami: There went…

Ruri: ..our third word.

Chromus: Maybe I should change the rules for this challenge if I do an AAVGS3…

(Back to the challenge, and at last both tribes are starting to move around a bit. Ami and Keichi are slowly moving around each other, as Ukyo prepares to swap places with her.)

Ukyo: Don’t suppose we can have your name as a word?

Ami: Sadly, I think they’ve found a way round that.

(As the group prepare to make the word ‘AM’ and ‘MINE’, Locus are also on the move, with Sakura, Felicia and Tamahome moving about. They are doing it much faster, all three trained martial artists with a good sense of balance and manage to get the word ‘GAS’ out before Locus. However, Locus get the two words thanks to Ami’s quick thinking.)

Hikari: Ruri…

(Shot of Ruri thinking…)

Ruri: O.K, Sakura, swap with Hikari, everyone else stay in the same position.

Sakura: Hai! (Not really in the position to argue…)

(Tsunami meanwhile are trying to swap Joey with Keichi, however, Joeys lack of balance is being a problem and the two are very slowly swapping places, fortunately, Ukyo is managing to keep both boys from falling.)

(Meanwhile, Ruri’s strategy is working despite Hikari needing help swapping. They make the swop as the group now begin plan ‘four words with one move.’ First they make ‘SAG’, then ‘SAGE’, then ‘AGE’ and then ‘GEM’. Keichi spots this…)

Keichi: Guys, they are starting to get good…

(Tsunami get ‘MEN’ as a word, and then ‘AMEN’ as an Ami afterthought as Ashitaka quickly swops with Joey and make the word ‘MAN’ but then Joey falls in.)

Joey: Nuts…

(Joey gets on as quickly as possible as Ami comes up with trying to get the word mane next, as Shinobu cheers them on. Locus then swap Tamahome and Hikari to get the word ‘SAME’ and time runs out before Tsunami can make the word ‘MANE’ up…)

Chromus: And that’s time…and that’s a close one. Now let’s see (gets a book from his pocket, the cover clearly reads ‘BASIC COUNTING 101…’

* * * *

Chromus: Well, after consulting my enhanced memory…and not so enhanced calculating…

Ruri: Idiot.

Chromus: Well, I’ll let you off today Ruri-ruri, because after a close call, it is indeed Locus who win the reward challenge, 8 words to 7!

(Felicia is the first one to jump up in celebration as Tamahome gets into a group hug with all the girls before Felicia tackles them all, but the group are all laughing…except Ruri of course…as Locus win the last group reward challenge)

(On the other side, it isn’t really disappointment as more of a snap of the fingers of the group. Disappointed, but they know the real challenge is tomorrow…)

Chromus: And for the last group reward, we felt a sweet tooth was needed, and as you had a balancing session on the log, we decided to give you something just as difficult to balance…

(A cooler is brought out by Chromus, and in it, Hikari and Sakura squeal, Tamahome looks confused, Felicia licks her lips and Ruri is…Ruri.)

Chromus: Shaved ice and jelly guys, don’t get stomach aches for tomorrow’s immunity challenge, enjoy, and I’ll see you all tomorrow for the vital immunity challenge.

(The tribes leave, one happy, one slightly disappointed, both determined.)

* * * *


Keichi: We aren’t too disappointed with the reward defeat, but we know we’ll have to strengthen our moral for the immunity later tomorrow…

(Shot of Shinobu quickly getting the rice ready, as the group settle for an earlier dinner. They have lost the last couple of reward challenges, and have basically relied on Ashitaka’s fishing skills to survive with a food other than rice.)

Ashitaka: I reckon we need to just relax for the remaining day, otherwise we’re going to get nowhere.

Keichi: That’s it, forget the game, forget the stress, we need to bring everything to the table tomorrow.

(As Ami does that, and sits down to read her book, Joey is meanwhile looking for something…)

Joey: Maybe this is a time to write down some strategies…I’ve been getting behind in my dueling lately, lord knows what Kaiba has in store for us next time…

(Meanwhile, as everyone does their own thing, Ukyo sits alone on a rock)

Ukyo: You know, now I think about it, everyone puts their emotions into what they do and what they worry about back home. Me…all I do back home is cook…occassionally maybe scheme about getting Ranchan, but compared to everyone else…

(the okonomiyaki chef sighs)

Ukyo: …what a sad life I lead. What a jackass I am.

Shinobu: You O.K Ucchan?

(Ukyo smiles at Shinobu whose rice is crisping with flavour)

Ukyo: Sure thing sugar. Sure thing.

* * * *


Chromus: As the desert of the island is passed around after a quick dinner, (the chicken still alive…for now…) the sweet victory is made even sweeter by the desert on offer.

Felicia: Now just don’t eat too much Ruri-ruri!

Ruri: Don’t worry Felicia-san. I saw Mr. Uribitake eat a tray of this and be sick for a week, I’m the more wiser.

Hikari: And don’t we know it!

(However, the group enjoys the food…however, someone is struggling to eat it…)

Felicia: Mmm…oh Tama, what’s wrong?

Tamahome: Er, do I have to kill it?

(Matching sweatdrops as Tamahome inspects the wobbly jelly, like it was a fish)

Sakura: We keep forgetting that Tamahome is from the past, and probably has no idea about half the stuff that we eat from this world, so something that is normal for us is down right perplexing for poor Tama-chan.

Sakura: It’s O.K Tama! That’s how it’s supposed to be made…just use the spoon to take a chuck off and eat it…don’t worry about it’s wobbling, it’s just leaves a funny sensation in your mouth…

Tamahome: It looks like it’s going to leap off the plate and eat me…

Ruri: Tamahome-san, I didn’t want to say it to you but…baka.

Sakura: Look, just do as I do.

(Sakura plucks a bit of Tama’s jelly, and stuffs it in her mouth. After a while, she swallows and smiles. Tama follows, a bit more hesitatingly, as the bit of jelly wobbles on the spoon. He ‘bravely’ puts it in his mouth and feels like it’s alive in it’s mouth…)

Sakura: Don’t worry, now just chew until it becomes all liquid like and swallow. It’s quite nice.

(Tama tries not to think that’s it’s alive…but slowly does chew and swallow the jelly. He licks his lips.)

Tamahome: Is all of this world’s food that interesting?

Sakura: (chuckles) Nope, it’s just the creator’s sense of humor, did you like it?

Tamahome: It’s certainly an interesting taste, very acquired to some from ancient China I guess. But can I ask one question…

Hikari: Shoot.

Tamahome: (greedy bishounen mode) Can you tell me the recipe? Then I can sell it for an absurd amount back home…WA HA HA HA!

(The group burst out laughing, although there is a faint ‘baka’ in the background. Life is good…but for how long will it remain like this…)

* * * *



Joey: You know Shinobu, I’m amazed at how much work you do for us here…

Shinobu: (cute smile) it’s all right…I’m used to this back home…

Keichi: Wow, they make a young girl like you do all this back home? Not surprised you wanted to get away with it, but now we’re making you do this…

Shinobu: No, it’s O.K. I enjoy it, it makes the mind at ease that there is something I can do which no-one else can do without. (blushes) I just wished I would be noticed a bit more…

Ukyo: Well, being all shy isn’t going to be any help sugar…

Shinobu: Kyyyaaaaahhhh! (red faced)

Ami: Guys, leave off her, she’s all embarrassed.

Ashitaka: Yes, besides, she’s already talked to Ami for about half an hour beforehand about this anyway.

(Now we have two bishoujo bluenettes embarrassed as Akito Tenkawa, Tenchi Masaki and Tamahome at a fangirl convention…)

Ukyo: Ahh…to be young and in love…(sighs)…wish it were that easy for me…

Ami: Trust me, after being with half an hour with the Sailor Scouts, you will have heard enough stories to last you a lifetime…

Keichi: Wow Ami, we’ve been slowly influencing you with evil…

Ami: (blushes) Don’t tell them I said that.

Joey: Not a problem…

Ukyo: So Joey, what about you?

Joey: Huh? Me…

Ukyo: Well, we’ve all seem to have had our problems, or in two boys cases, successes, in romance…but you seem to have been rather silent…so, what’s your story?

Joey: Me…well, the only thing I love at the moment is my sister…and trying to win the money for her eyes…

Ashitaka: As always, it strikes me to see you being the noble type.

Joey: Say what?

Ukyo: Actually, compared to Ranchan, you’re a saint in duelist clothing.

Joey: Heh.

Ukyo: That doesn’t let you off the hook though…maybe we shouldn’t have voted off Mai so fast…


Keichi: Oh dear…he’s rattled.

Ashitaka: Obvious…

Joey: NOW HOLD ON A SECOND…(stops)…well, there is…

Ukyo/Ami/Shinobu: Huh?

Joey: (blushes) No…not going to say…

(Joey walks away as the other 5 look in surprise)

Ashitaka: That was…interesting.

Ukyo: Joey have managed to do one thing…kept his place if we go to council…sorry, a sucker for gossip…



Tamahome: 5…6…7…

Sakura: You getting ready for tomorrow…

Tamahome: (shot of him doing push up with Sakura holding his legs) Tonight, I’m training. Tomorrow, I’m focusing. Together, we will win, I promise. As much as I want to see Miaka again, I want to win this.

Sakura: Sure, same here. Oh, I lost count.

(Tamahome facefaults)

(The makeshift hopscotch area is getting in some practice as well…)

Felicia: Tama and Sakura won’t hurt each other too much will they?

Hikari: No…Sakura may hurt Tama though.

(The girls laugh as Ruri comes back with a nice surprise)

Ruri: Here you go.

Hikari: You made it? Is it safe?

Ruri: From your coaching it should be. Besides, I knew where the leaves for this would be for…

Felicia: Yay! A nice cup of ocha (tea) for the masses!

(Ruri serves the three cups of tea, almost like in a cha-no-yu (tea ceremony – author fanboy note – can anyone see Ruri as a formal practitioner in this art? Dunno why, but a scene in the movie made me think of that…oh, I’m rambling again…) as the two girls and one hybrid enjoy life on the island)

Felicia: We are not going to lose…

Hikari: Don’t worry, we will win, no matter what.

Ruri: Yes…

(Hikari clutches Ruri’s hand as Felicia notes)

Felicia: You know, it’s almost like Ruri-ruri is the kanjou’s daughter…

Hikari: (blushes) Fel!

Felicia: Oh sorry about that…

(Anyone who sees the foreshadowing in that sentence, give yourself a round of applause…)

* * * *


Chromus: Night time for the two tribes, and the groups are doing some last minute fire warming for tomorrow morning, as the final immunity approaches…

(Shot of Ruri sleeping on Hikari’s lap)

Hikari: I think all those Nadesico late nighters are finally catching up to her…

Felicia: Aww….

Sakura: So cute…no must resist…(yawns)…then again, maybe hit the sack…

Tamahome: 4 girls in a camp and I sleep outside…

Sakura: (smiles) That’s right…thank you for respecting our privacy…

Tamahome: …and the fact that a certain someone may hurt me back home is another reason…

Hikari: Oh well…I think I can safely say, we’ve got the momentum and the morale we need, let’s kick butt tomorrow…

Tamahome: Yes…let’s.


and similar statements are being said at the water based tribe…

Joey: Just like the old days…

Ashitaka: I feel the same…

Keichi: Camp fires are something unusual for me here…

Ukyo: I think we’ve got used to this nights and watching the fire as well.

Shinobu: It feels like I’m burning up…

Ami: Never stay less than 2.14 feet away from the fire then Shinobu…

(the other sweatdrop)

Ukyo: Oh Ami-chan…

(The group laugh as the atmosphere is fine…for now. But tomorrow, one of these tribes will lose one more member. Will it be Tsunami, who have a 6 to 4 advantage if they do, or will Locus tie things up?)

* * * *

Day 17


Chromus: The day has arrived…and now the tribes prepare for the final showdown as separate tribes, because in two days from now, they will become one. And in one day from now, one final person will leave.


(Shot of Keichi watching Ashitaka with his sword swings, preparing himself for a mental state)

Keichi: This is the worst part you know, the waiting. In a few hours…

Ashitaka: Yes, I mean…(swing)…after coming down to the end, you don’t want to end it right here…no matter what…

Keichi: (sighs) I just hope Belle and the others know that…it feels like I’m betraying them…

Ashitaka: Why?

Keichi: Well, being on an island with 3 very attractive young ladies, I’m surprised Urd hasn’t come and cracked my skull open yet…

Ashitaka: (smiles) Well, if your life revolves around goddess life, then I think they know you better than you know yourself.

Keichi: (smiles) That’s so true. Maybe after Mackey left, I’m starting for the first time being lonely. No matter how well the group has accepted me, it feels…

Ashitaka: Don’t worry. I feel the same way as well, but let’s remove the negativity until after the challenge…

(Keichi nods as Ami hands over the fish she caught as Ukyo prepares for it and Shinobu cooks the rice. Joey has a wonder over)

Joey: Are we taking the rice over to the other tribe when we’ve merged?

Ukyo: To be honest, I’m not sure.

Ashitaka: I guess that we’ll find out sooner than later anyway…

(That’s true. Meanwhile, Locus are preparing for immunity as well…)

9.00am – LOCUS TRIBE

(Shot of Felicia soaking up the early suns rays, along with Tamahome and Sakura, as Hikari and Ruri are preparing breakfast)

Tamahome: Times like this, this is all we can do…

Felicia: I’m not complaining, we need to save some of this energy to the maximum.

Sakura: Fighting fit and fighting able…

(Shot of Hikari and Ruri)

Ruri: Are you sure?

Hikari: (nods) Let them be, Tama’s right, we need to conserve everything we’ve got, and then in the challenge, let it rip. Don’t worry, we’ll join them after the rice is served with the juice flavouring from the trees. That will be enough…

Ruri: Can we win?

(Hikari nods once, which is all Ruri needs, as the two get ready to serve breakfast. It’s just a few hours away before the vital immunity, and the tribes know what is at stake…)



(Shot of Ami reading the notice)

Ami: Guys, the message has just come…

Joey: Man, my butterflies have just tried to leave the nest…

Keichi: Nervous Joey?

Joey: You betcha!


Hikari: I think this is it…be ready in half an hour guys cause we’re heading out…

Tamahome: (shaking)

Sakura: Er, Tama, are you nervous?

Tamahome: Me? No…that’s just the island shaking…

Felicia: I see…

Ruri: Idiot.


It’s time to duel but not in that way

Cause skill and strength will save the day

Live to see the final sun

Or are your days on the island done?

* * * *

Immunity Challenge – 12.00pm

Joust Of Kings Challenge – 7 one on one ‘joust’ matches on two balancing podiums. First team that gets up to 4 wins, wins that final immunity.

* * * *

(Shot of Chromus with the 11 remaining contestants)

Chromus: And thus, the final judgement calls…oh wait, no-one from CCS is in it, and the fact that we’re not planning an AAVGS3, means that line isn’t really appropriate now…


Chromus: Geez…no-one has the appreciation for dramatic tension. O.K, as you may see, we hope you’ve got a head for heights…

(Cue 11 victims looking up where there are two high platforms, ladders by the side. Circling the platforms are large mattress and pillows to soften the fall…oh dear.)

Chromus: Ah, suspicious minds. Indeed, my fighting nature has got the best of me…you should wait until the final 8 over at Pokevivor to see what I’ve got planned for those suckers…

(Chromus holds two pugel sticks by his side)

Chromus: Once again, I rip off old-school Gladiators for this challenge. Altogether there will be 7 matches, or not depending if anyone wins 4 straight away. But that’s the gist of this. True physical challenge, balance, strength and skill. You have to get on that platform and beat the opposite person until one falls. There is no time limit and no ties, we stay up there until there is a winner. Now, this may mean that one or more in Locus case may need to go up again if we go further than 5 rounds. I suggest you make the choice now of who goes when…

(The group are mostly fine, although nervous glances can be seen from Shinobu and Hikari. Ruri is stone faced, and the others seem O.K, some like Joey smug, others like Ashitaka simply calm. Tamahome has a smile on his face as they discuss…)

5 minutes later…

Chromus: I take it there was some good discussion on here, so pick your order.


1st Felicia

2nd Tamahome

3rd Sakura

4th Hikari

5th Ruri

If goes further, Felicia and Tamahome will take 6th and 7th.


1st Ashitaka

2nd Ukyo

3rd Joey

4th Ami

5th Keichi

6th Shinobu

If goes further, Ashitaka will take 7th

* * * *

Chromus: O.K, let the final immunity commence. Felicia and Ashitaka, the cat girl vs. the ancient times warrior…(as an afterthought) from Japan.

(Tamahome nods his approval)

Chromus: O.K, now take the foamed pugel sticks, don’t worry, we’re not going totally 3:16 on you, we’re fairly civil, besides the headgear will protect you…

Ashitaka: Fairly?

Chromus: (sweatdrops) Er…simply beat each other up will ya?

(Felicia takes the stick as does Ashitaka as Chromus waves the signal. Felicia is stronger, but Ashitaka has more speed, and is more experienced with weaponry. Felicia’s blows are close to sending Ashitaka over, but Ashitaka gets a good sweep which catches the strong girl off guard, and catches her in her…developed…chest, sending her onto the cushions below. Ashitaka jumps down and bows to Felicia who nervously blows back. Tsunami cheers the early going.)



Chromus: This should be good…

(Indeed, as soon as the signal goes, the two are going at it. Tamahome’s speed and strength in his blows are exceptional, but Ukyo’s skill with the weapon is a match for that. The match passes the minute mark and neither seem letting up with exceptional stamina. Eventually, Ukyo finally misses a swing, and the opitionist Tamahome strikes a head shot which sends her off and flying. After Tama jumps, Ukyo and Tama high five before leaving back, Ukyo disappointed slightly, Tama overjoyed.)



Sakura: Oh…

Joey: …crap.

Chromus: Ah. Who would have guessed?

(The hands of…er, everyone reading it shows the author’s one weakness. Predictability.)

Chromus: Geez…critics even in the audience!

(Sakura is obviously more skilled with her martial arts training, but Joey is slightly stronger. The blows are well defended by Sakura, as Joey sets up for the roundhouse. However, Sakura ducks and sweeps Joey away, sending him onto the floor.)

Sakura: Yatta!

Joey: And once again, Tea is going to be laughing all the way to the bank…


(After a shake hands from the two, the next two are up, Hikari and Keichi are up. Another even match, however in the end, Keichi’s stronger, and finally nails a strong shoulder shot knocking Hikari off balance to the ground.)


(Now, the blue haired brainettes. However, this is very one sides, as they both try and calculate each others moves. Shame Ami is too strong for Ruri…however, despite the padding on the floor, Tamahome goes onto instinct to catch her…)

Chromus: Oh boy…

Tamahome: Er…sorry, instinct…

Ruri: (sighs) ….

Chromus: Hey, just be thankful that I didn’t go with my first choice, Jeri Katou.

Tamahome: Why’s that?

Chromus: This is based on the dub you know…

Tamahome: (thinks for a second) Oh…

NOTE: Yet another piece of useless trivia. Ruby Marlowe, the voice of Jeri Katou, and Pioneer mainstay, also voices Miaka, Tama’s girlfriend. You can see the problems if I did pick Jeri…^_^…also, she plays Anna and Ling-Pha, from Battle Athletes Victory, most famous in Arp’s Mole 2 stories. And speaking of Arp, he also says Ruby plans the legendary Lain from Series Experimental Lain. Ruby rules…(although Wendy ‘Kiyone, (Tenchi In Tokyo), Yui (Fushigi Yugi) Ichino (Battle Athletes Victory)’ plus how many others’ Lee comes a close second.)

Chromus: That’s 5 games already and the score is 3-2 to Tsunami. Felicia, you’re up again…oh dear.

(Shot of Shinobu very nervous, especially against the opponent.)

Chromus: And Felicia is out for revenge…run Shinobu-chan…

(Sadly, the rules say she can’t and Felicia decides to make it easy for Shinobu and taps her 3 seconds into the match.)

Chromus: 3 each tie…and now the final bout, to decide immunity. Both with one victory today, Ashitaka vs. Tamahome, bishounen city, the fangirl rate has just gone up!

(Every looks at him weirdly)

Chromus: Well why can’t I be greedy once in a while? O.K, to decided immunity, and ignore the tension around here…ready?

(The two nod, armed and ready….)

Chromus: And go!

(Again, Ashitaka’s sword skills are advantageous, but Tamahome is the complete fighter and his dodging and blocking is good. Ashitaka however, starts to get aggressive and Tama takes a head shot and falls back…)

(Split shot of Locus and Tsunami, Tsunami hands raised, Locus gritting teeth..)

(…but Tama, straight out of drunk-fu, pushes his head forward with his stick and delivers a vicious head shot, if it wasn’t for the headgear and the foamed padding, Ashitaka would be out…)

(…and Ashitaka falls…onto the cushion)

(Immediately, Hikari glomps onto Tamahome as he jumps, joined by Felicia and Sakura as the bishounen is crying with delight. As the girls get off, still crying. Ruri approaches…and hugs Tamahome as Locus celebrate.)

(On the other side, the temperature has gone ice age. Ashitaka is showing emotion with a few tears, really feeling he let his side down. Ukyo hugs the warrior, but she’s also crying. Joey, Ami, Keichi and Shinobu immediately join in a consolling group hug.)

(In a nice gesture, Tamahome shakes Ashitaka’s hand, as Felicia, Hikari and Sakura come over and gives consolations. Sakura hugs Joey and Felicia hugs Ukyo, as Tsunami now know any advantage they had, ended the minute Tamahome struck.)

(Tsunami go to tribal council.)

* * * *

Chromus: Well, it had to end, and it ended like that. I won’t say much, just congrats to Locus, commiserations to Tsunami, and I’ll see them tomorrow night…and I suggest you start to think about the merge…

(The teams subside, a hard night ended in elation for one and deflation for another…)


Hikari: We did it…

Felicia: We’d kiss you Tama, but we know the drill…

Tamahome: Yeah…but still…

Tamahome: That felt great. The tribe is safe, and I felt I showed that I’ve proved myself to the ladies of Locus that together, despite everything, I was with them all the time…

Ruri: I’m…stunned.

Sakura: (smiles) Ruri not much for words…

Ruri: I’m amazed…I wasn’t supposed to be here, and now…

Tamahome: We’ve all still got a say in the game Ruri. And we indeed to keep it that way…

Felicia: The adreneline is up, and this cat-girl is going to play, so…

(Felicia jumps around, chasing anything that moves, which includes Hikari, Sakura and Tamahome, as Ruri wisely sits down and watches Felicia waste her energy as the others are laughing their hearts up. But Felicia can waste as much energy as she wants, she’s made the merge.)

(And one think is for sure…)

(Felicia, Tamahome, Hikari Horaki, Sakura Kasunago and Ruri Hoshino will be in the merge)

(Sadly, one of Joey Wheeler, Shinobu Maehara, Keichi Morisato, Ami Mizuno, Prince Ashitaka and Ukyo Kuonji won’t be…)

* * * *

Chromus: Tsunami’s tension and silence can be cut with a knife…

Joey: It had to end like that…

(Ashitaka in particular has taken the defeat hard)

Ukyo: He’s got no humor now…

Keichi: He’s got a lot of pride. I think he feels he let us down…

Ami: Ashitaka felt he let us down when he lost to Cody, and Mackey went. Now he feels even worse…

(Shot of Ashitaka sitting by the ocean, in some form of meditation)

Ashitaka: I need to clear my head. After today, I need to do something, otherwise I don’t know how I can see all their faces, it was me who caused that…and once again, my loss will cause someone’s departure…maybe my own…

Shinobu: Um…Ashitaka-san?

(Shot of Shinobu sitting by the warrior prince. He tries to turn, but Shinobu’s kawaii face and pleading eyes are too strong for any man to resist…even princes from ancient times.)

Ashitaka: Young lady Shinobu…I feel I have no right to talk to you in today’s defeat, I let you down…

Shinobu: Ashitaka-san…

Ashitaka: This isn’t the first time it’s happened, and not the first time I’ve let people I care about down, whether past, present or future. I let my race down when I was cursed, and was forced to leave behind my sister on my warrior’s code (shot of Ashitaka handling the crystal his sister gave to him, which was later given to San, a.k.a. Princess Mononoke)…and then failed the forest protection when they needed it…failed to protect Iron Town…


(The high pitch of Shinobu’s voice catches the warrior prince off guard…)

Shinobu: P-please…don’t do this. It’s not your fault! It’s no-one’s fault…we won as a team, we lost as a team, and I don’t want the team to go out like this…(sobs)…not like this…

(Ashitaka is a loss for words….then slowly smiles and puts a hand on the timid girls shoulder)

Ashitaka: Joey’s right. You are like everyone’s little sister. Thank you, Shinobu.

(Shinobu wipes the tears from her eyes, as Ashitaka stands up with a smile on his face as they walk over to the rest of the team, as Ukyo, Ami, Joey and Keichi look at them)

Joey: I dunno how she does it…it’s just something about her which warms everyone’s heart…

Keichi: There are very few people in this world that can do that, and Belle can’t really count because she’s a goddess. Shinobu fits the bill very well though.

Ami: I just wished it didn’t have to come like this…

Ukyo: It did though sugar. But for now…

(Ashitaka and Shinobu join the group as the group resume their duties, a little calmer and a little wiser thanks to Miss Maehara. The day is at hand, and the groups are now in different frames of mind for the remaining night…)

* * * *


Chromus: There are three priorities in survivor. 1) Survive the island, 2) Survive the voting and 3) survive each other. However, Locus have discovered a fourth…make sure you’ve eaten the last good food before the other tribe may come over and steal it…

Hikari: Isn’t this called mindless butchering?

Tamahome: (thinks for a second) Yeah…what’s your point?

Hikari: Oh no reason…

(Shot of Hikari and Sakura preparing the chicken. Meanwhile, Felicia may have used up a bit too much energy, instead, she’s lifted young Ruri on her shoulders in the jungle to get some edible nuts…)

Ruri: Nuts with the chicken?

Felicia: Hey, anything is good with chicken, especially when you’re starving!

Ruri: I guess…

(Shot of Tamahome, simply relaxing and trying not to drool over the smell of the chicken from the fire…)

Tamahome: And now, the relaxation comes in…(smells the food)…as long as I don’t get into Miaka’s habits…

Hikari: In survivor, I think anyone goes into those habits…

Tamahome: Shame I couldn’t go and get some fish, but…

Sakura: …I don’t think this is the time to go over there.

Hikari: So, what do we do with the merge?

Sakura: I guess we wait until two days from now…(calls) dinners ready!

Felicia: (shouting) Coming Hikari-kanjou!

Chromus: The chicken is served, but the chips aren’t set yet, because Tsunami have the horrid job of deciding who is going to go…



Ashitaka: We got rid of Mai because she was annoying us. That was the only easy decision we made. Mackey was simply bad luck. Now, a tribe which has got so close, must become five before the merge…

Joey: I guess…what do we do? Are we splitting into alliances or what?

Ukyo: Honey…I don’t think I want to do that now…

Ami: Me either.

Ashitaka: Guys, if you w…

Keichi: Don’t even say it, it wasn’t your fault, and none of us are using that as an excuse, got it?

Ashitaka: Sorry.

Shinobu: I-I-I won’t…

Ukyo: (sternly) Shinobu, what did I say at the start of this game?

Shinobu: G-g-gomen nasai!

Ukyo: (thinks) I’ve got an idea…but we’ll do this right. Tonight, round the campfire…

Chromus: What is going on here?

* * * *



Chromus: As the sun goes down, and the moon goes up, the fire’s warmth is all the relief that Locus tribe need…

Ruri: (watching the moon) I’ve always watched the moons from space back in my time. It’s nice to see it from the land.

Tamahome: At least I know one thing hasn’t changed from the difference in times.

(Shot of Felicia, snuggling by the fire, and in fact ‘meows’ as she shrugs off to sleep…)

Sakura: How do you do it?

Felicia: (yawns) Morning yet…(goes back to sleep as Sakura sweatdrops)

Hikari: Cat-girls, the scurge and success…

Sakura: I know my namesake says this better but ‘Hoeeeee…’

Hikari: (smiles) No matter. She can relax as much as she wants for today and tomorrow…

Tamahome: I wonder how this merge is going to work out…

Hikari: Simple. We just don’t let on to how many votes Ruri has had.

Ruri: Thanks a lot.

Chromus: The fire ablaze gives Locus the hope they need. On the other side of the island, the fire blazing however signifies a totally different purpose…

* * * *



Chromus: The tribe are wondering what Ukyo is up to with this ‘meeting’, guess we’ll all find out now…

(Shot of the 6 round the fire, drinking cups of miso soup which Shinobu saved just in case this happened, as Ukyo addresses the group)

Ukyo: O.K, as we know, this is our last night as a tribe of 6 sadly. (they nod) And we have all talked about how each of us wants to win, correct?

(The group nod almost in unison as Ukyo continues)

Ukyo: So, to help each other to decide how, I want us to talk about this. How many of us would actually like to go home right now?

(The group are mostly surprised, although silent.)

Ukyo: I’m going to raise my hand, and say that I wouldn’t mind going home tomorrow. I want anyone else who feels the same way to raise their hand…

(The group are stuttering, and Ukyo stares them down.)

Ukyo: Be honest.

(Ashitaka raises his hand up, followed by Keichi, then Shinobu. Ami puts her hand up slowly before Joey finally puts his hand up as the chef smiles.)

Ukyo: As I thought…now, the reason I’ve decided to do this is to help us. I want us to go round the group, and say why they wouldn’t mind going tomorrow. As we’ve gotten closer, the fact to vote someone off is now getting nearly impossible. So for tomorrow, it’s not a case of malice, or alliances, it’s voting off who WANTS to go home the most.

(The group nod)

Ukyo: So, anyone want to go first, or shall I start?

Ami: I will.

Shinobu: Ami-san?

Ami: It’s O.K. As you know, and it was difficult to tell you, I’m a Sailor Scout. My life is quite hectic, especially when mixing that with my studies of course. I felt this was a case of getting away from it for the moment…however, I think I understand my routine…and how I’ve missed it so much. Plus, I miss my friends back home so much…

Ashitaka: Ami-san, that’s alright. We all miss what is home. Take myself for instance. I’m a welcome native in the Iron Town and forest of Princess Mononoke after my curse was lifted. It was a decision I made to leave San and the forest to help the rebuilding of the town…whether it’s missing Houki’s jokes, or the work ethic of those girls there, or the spiritual life I receive from the forest, and missing San, it’s the worst of both worlds. (sighs) And despite being from two different planes of time, I still think my desires are as close as any of yours.

Keichi: I think no-one would argue with that. People have told me how lucky I am, especially my sister, about having a girl like Belldandy. The fact that she is a goddess makes it even worse for me, because sometimes I feel that she is indeed the spiritual part of me missing, and when we are apart, it is like there is something missing from me. Sometimes, being here, I’ve felt like I’ve wanted to go mad from being away from her. Seeing Skuld only made that worse…

Shinobu: Keichi-san…

Keichi: (wipes the tears) I’m sorry about that guys, the tears finally got to me. Please continue.

Shinobu: Um…well, I was a child of a divorced family, and I think it is hard for any child to make a decision to go with just one parent that they love. The decision my hand was hard for them, and even harder for me…but I couldn’t split them, and thanks to Urashima-sempai, I was able to be confident enough to believe in myself. Being here was another step for me, and-and that all of you pulled for me here, despite me not being strong or skilled or…

Joey: That’s a lie and you know it.

Shinobu: G-gomen…but being here made me realise what a part Hinata Inn has played in my life. Kaola, Kitsune-san, Motoko-san, Naru-sempai, Urashima-sempai…it’s a family I can’t bear to be without…

Joey: Easy there little sis. It’s the same with me, my friends are like my family. Tristan, Tea, Yugi…even Bakura and Mai to an extent, they make a part of me that I don’t want to be apart. But for my sister…my real family, I had to, to save that chance for her. And I miss them all, but I have to be here…

Ukyo: Sugar, it gets harder as long as you stay. Myself, my life you’d think I’d want to get away from it all with all the mayhem in Nerima, however, I think now the routine that I set back at my restaurant is one I can’t bear to be apart. Konatsu is a great help, but I just wish I could be back there. As for the people, yep, it’s fun to beat around Ranchan, but I do miss him, I miss everyone there in one way or another, whether out of love, hate or friendship, it doesn’t matter. I just do.

(A silence is only broken by the flickering sound of the flames, as the group try to get out of the emotional state)

Ashitaka: I think we should go to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Ami: Agreed.

* * * *

Day 18

LOCUS TRIBE – 9.00am

Chromus: The final day as two separate tribes emerges, and for Locus tribe, after an extra hour of sleep despite the intimidating 90 degree heat, are definitely the more relaxed which goes without saying…

(Shot of Hikari dressed in a purpose swimsuit, simply relaxing)

Hikari: Last day, and I said I just want to relax as much as possible, forgetting about the cooking until we’re ready to eat, we’ll have a late lunch, as I think none of us care anymore…

(Shot of Felicia first chasing (and catching) rats, and then climbing some trees for some fruit)

Felicia: It’s hard for me to stand still with the cat blood within me, but I guess you could call this my form of relaxing.

(Shot of Tamahome doing some modified taichi and kata alongside the jungle sands)

Tamahome: My style seems a way of relaxing the mind and the body, and whilst the body sweats, the mind works. The mind tells the body to stop, and mine doesn’t. The adrenaline and relief has made me unstoppable today…

(Shot of Sakura watching him, picking sand from her toes…)

Sakura: It’s like…we’re here, we’re together. Tomorrow, that will and won’t be the case if you know what I mean. Myself and Tama have already met Tsunami and they are nice people, however, tomorrow, we will be our own worst enemy, so we better be prepared for the worst.

(Shot of Ruri staring into space from the water hole spring)

Ruri: Today, it’s a case of forgetting about the game, and your thoughts drift to everything else. Of home, of friends, of family, of life. This is the last chance we can do this, because from tomorrow, everyone is a target, so you always need to be ready on guard.

(Locus take the quick and easy approach, but for Tsunami, after last night’s talk, it is anything but…)

* * * *



Chromus: There is little in the way of talking, as everyone now has their own agenda. The next vote may be the hardest one, but it is also the most crucial.

(Shot of Shinobu and Ami clearing up the food things from a late breakfast)

Shinobu: Does the tribe have to end like this Ami-san?

Ami: I don’t want it to, but it’s our own fault for losing that challenge, and this is the price for failure…as much as I didn’t want it to be like this.

Shinobu: Well…I don’t think I’ll win, so maybe th…

Ami: No Shinobu, please fight to the end…I certainly won’t vote for you so don’t even think like that.

(Shinobu wipes a stray tear of her face as she nods. The two bluenettes finish off before taking a swim in the sea where Ashitaka already is…)

Ashitaka: When I’ve been on my own, I’ve been trying to read everyone’s reactions, trying to see what is going on in your heads, which is hard when everyone seems to have the same expression at the moment.

(Shot of Joey sitting by a tree as Ukyo joins him)

Ukyo: You O.K sugar?

Joey: (nods) Yeah, just thinking to myself the last time I was here, and someone named Kaiba destroyed me in a duel. It was like all the confidence was sapped out of me…that feeling…it’s like what I’m getting now.

Ukyo: For tonight?

(Joey nods.)

Joey: I know I have to stay here, for my sister’s sake…but if I was to go tonight, I’m glad that one of you five still had a chance to make your dreams come true.

(Ukyo smiles at the duelist)

Ukyo: Same here sugar. Same here.

(Shot of Keichi coming up and smiling)

Keichi: Is it some last minute bonding?

Joey: I hope not, but it just might.

(Ukyo nods as Keichi sits down)

Keichi: I don’t think there will be any malice tonight, no matter who goes Joey. You, me, Ukyo…

Ukyo: Hold it sugar…

Keichi: Er…I didn’t mean it like that, I meant..

Ukyo: (smiles) No, not that. I reckon you two should start calling me Ucchan. I think you’ve qualified as my friends now, and if we don’t start now, I could…

(Ukyo sighs and tries to hide her tear stained face…Joey very nervously puts an arm around her as Keichi puts his head to the floor…)

(At the moment, words are no longer needed…)

* * * *


12.00 midday

Chromus: An interesting combination of rats, rice and a fruit sandwich, swallowed down by jelly and shaved ice, with water and jelly juice, the group really don’t intend to waste a scrap of food before Tsunami comes into town tomorrow…

Sakura: Ahhh…that was a good meal for my little tummy!

Tamahome: Little? You make Miaka look conservative…

Sakura: Felicia, smack him.


Felicia: Anything else?

Sakura: Nope! Hikari, don’t tend to him.

Hikari: (smiles) Got it.

Ruri: You people are cruel, heartless and malicious.

Sakura: (cheerful) Yep! Any problems…

Ruri: (slowly creeps into a smile) None at all.

Tamahome: Guys, I am in pain here…

Sakura: Hey Tama, you’re safe for the merge, it’s a girl’s day out, all to the spring?

Felicia: Yep, the only water I like!

Hikari: Sure!

Ruri: Count me in…

Sakura: It’s settled. Tama, no peeking!

Tamahome: Please, I wouldn’t risk life and limb either here or back home…

Ruri: Smart man.

Chromus: As the girls continue their job of being horribly cruel to Tamahome, the cruelty of Tribal Council is just hours away for Tsunami…

* * * *



Chromus: The sun has gone half past the second hour, and all is not well at Tsunami, as some…

(Shot of Ashitaka, meditating in the sun)

Chromus: …are at least maintained their calm, whilst others…

(Shot of Joey being sick)

Chromus: …aren’t. The final Council as separate tribes is coming, and to say that things are at their most tense is an understatement. Together, they refuse to talk about voting, but on their own, we caught what they felt about their chances on camera…

(Ami – I personally wouldn’t be disappointed if I was voted off. I went further than people expected, and I’m sure my friends and fellow scouts are proud of me no matter what)

(Ashitaka – I feel that I’ve let myself and my team-mates in a number of challenges, so if they feel I should go, I will go with honour, and be reunited with San)

(Joey – Do I want to go home? Yes and no. Yes, because I want to see my friends again, but no, because I want my sister to see my friends and myself. It’s a double edged sword and I don’t really want to be cut with it.)

(Keichi – I miss Belle. I miss my life. Yet, I feel if I stayed, I would be doing them proud as much as myself. So whether I stay or go, I feel I’m a victor nonetheless)

(Shinobu – Um…well, I never really intended to win anyway, it was kind of a last minute thing I was here. The fact that I expected to go first and I didn’t was good enough for me, so if I go now, I won’t be upset.)

(Ukyo – Whether I want to stay or go is irrelevant, it’s everyone’s choice. If it’s this girl’s time to go, then so be it.)

(Shot of the girls in the water, the guys on the beach, trying to forget the reality that awaits them)

Shinobu: With the sun like this, it almost feels like a hot spring…

Ukyo: For the moment, let’s just enjoy the moment.

Ami: R-right…

(On the beach)

Joey: At least if I go tonight, I’ll have a tan to impress all the girls with!

Keichi: Joey, you crack me up, even now.

Joey: Well, I gotta get rid of this tension, it’s cracking me up!

Ashitaka: When the sun beats, remain calm. If the wind storms, remain calm. If the rain crashes, remain calm.

Keichi: Er, why were you retching over the far end of the sea then?

Ashitaka: (sweatdrops) There goes my image…

(The guys chuckle as whilst all might be well on the outside, on the inside, it is the opposite…)

* * * *



Ruri: It’s almost time for them, about…two hours before they head out…

Hikari: I was so dreading that it would be us on that final trip to the graveyard…never liked it the first time…

Tamahome: Sadly, we’ll all have to go there for the next few visits…

Felicia: At least, we’re together.

Sakura: Felicia’s right, we’re the calm ones this time.

(All sigh in relief)

Hikari: We’re gonna stick together through and through aren’t we?

Felicia: Of course, as long as this cat is bouncing, we won’t be trounced.

Tamahome: I think we need to get this unity together, because if we have any chance of making far, we need to be together.

Sakura: Agreed.

(Ruri nods)

(The five puts their hands (or paws in Felicia’s case) together and hold tightly. The warmth of unity is put together for the group, as they know they are together.)

(Tsunami also are together…but they have to eliminate one more tonight…)

* * * *


Chromus: Almost time for the hour walk to the graveyard, where one card has been played for too long. And for once, no obvious clues to who is going tonight, so it’s anyone’s call…

(No words are exchanged between the members of Tsunami, simple handshakes and hugs are exchanged, as tears are shown in everyone’s eyes, even Ashitaka’s. Tonight is going to be a council to remember…)

* * * *

Tribal Council – 8.00pm

(The time has come. Chromus awaits in the graveyard for the last time for Tsunami as a single tribe. Shinobu hits the gong as the final group of six enter and sit on their pedesal, the three guys at the back, and the girls at the front.)

Chromus: Well…trust me, I’m as nervous as you guys are, so does anybody want anything to say, because I think I say for myself you just want to get on with it…

Ashitaka: Can I say something please before we start?

Chromus: Of course.

Ashitaka: (stands up) As we all know, one of us won’t see another sunrise on this island. However, I’d just like to say that tonight, there are no hard feelings between any of us, and our vote today is simply based on who we think needs to be back home now. Whether it’s Joey, Ami, Shinobu, Keichi, Ukyo, or myself, it doesn’t matter. All I can say is, as a tribe, we were the best we could be, and I couldn’t be proudier to have any other 5 people as my team-mates…no, as my friends for the last 18 days.

(Ashitaka sits down, as the speech makes more tears fall from Shinobu as Chromus looks a little teary-eyed himself)

Chromus: Damn it…something in my eye (turns around)…Joey, can you start it off please?

(Shot of Joey going up and writing something on his parchment. He turns to the camera with the vote ‘SHINOBU’)

Joey: I love her to death, but I don’t want her to be around when the backstabbing begins, she’s too sweet for that. Whether you go or not, I don’t know, but if you do, say hi to your sempai for me, he’s lucky to have a wonderful girl like you around. If you don’t, I can at least see your sweet self another three days at least.

(Joey returns, then up comes Ashitaka. His vote is for ‘UKYO’)

Ashitaka: Her heart hides deeper meaning that what her exterior says. She wants to go home, and whether this vote makes her have that wish or not, good luck to the future…Ucchan.

(Next is Ukyo herself, her vote is for ‘ASHITAKA’)

Ukyo: Ashitaka, you are a peaceful man, yet a noble warrior. Your heart is torn between two places in your homeland, and I think it’s time to end the suffering. Whether it does is no difference, I wish you luck hon.

(Next is Keichi, whose vote is for ‘AMI’)

Keichi: Ami is a wonderful girl with a wonderful life ahead of her. The reason I’m voting for her is because she is someone who doesn’t want the life given to her like winning a million pounds. She wants it through hard work and dedication. The best medicine for that is for her to go home. Ami…thank you.

(Next is Shinobu, whose vote is for ‘KEICHI’..oh dear, this could get messy…)

Shinobu: He’s in love…an emotion I have as well, but he’s seen as the luckiest man on his place, however, he’s misses her so much, his heart is of good, and he deserves someone like that. Keichi, I hope you see her soon…

(Finally Ami. Her vote…we don’t see. HA! I’M EVIL! Of course, scroll down a few pages, and you’ll find out…but that’s beside the point, I’M STILL EVIL!)

* * * *

(Shot of Chromus taking the pedesal, and six depressed faces on their seats. We see Shinobu, Ami and Ukyo clutching hands, and all the guys with their hands on the girls shoulders, Joey with Shinobu, Keichi with Ami, and Ashitaka with Ukyo)

Chromus: Well guys, this is it. And the final vote begins. (draws the first slip) The first vote is for ‘AMI’.

(Ami nods)

Chromus: The second is ‘SHINOBU’.

(Shinobu also nods)

Chromus: And then ‘UKYO’ One for all the girls so far.

(Ukyo nods as the group get all more nervous)

Chromus: The fourth…’KEICHI’.

(Keichi nods)

Chromus: The fifth…(confused)…’ASHITAKA’. Oh dear…this could get ugly.

(Ashitaka looks around as everyone but Joey has one vote.)

Chromus: If this final vote is for Joey, I don’t know how I’m going to solve this. (draws it) Joey Wheeler’s name…isn’t on the slip.

(Joey breathes a sigh of relief but the others are gripping…)

Chromus: The sixth vote, and sixth person to leave the island is…

(Flips it over)

Chromus: (sadly) Keichi Morisato.

(The young mechanic smiles, has a few tears, as the group basically release their nerve, and relief, to be replaced soon by sadness by Keichi’s departure.)

Chromus: Keichi-san, can you come up here please?

(The young Morisato man goes up to the author who smiles.)

Chromus: Keichi Morisato, you’re card has been played in the game long enough. It was time you were sent to the graveyard…

(A flash of smoke, and the sixth gravestone is read ‘KEICHI MORISATO’)

Chromus: The tribe was close, but they have spoken. You must leave.

(Keichi immediately turns and goes over, to give his final goodbyes. He gives a handshake to the guys and hugs all three girls. He wishes them good luck before riding out to the sunset.)

Chromus: And thus, the merge will begin. Guys and girls, that had to be heartbreaking, but from now on, you’re on your own. Survival is all about yourself, best you know that now. I think it’s been a long night, so I suggest you go back to your camp, and thank the stars that you’re still here.

(Chromus leaves, as Tsunami stand up, but before they do, the five get into a group hug, Shinobu and Ami crying slightly.)

Chromus: It’s been a VERY long night…

* * * *

*Keichi’s confessional*

I wanted to go home. I was ready to go home, and I was glad that I went in a way. I know Belle is proud of me, and I know Urd will be making idle threats to me about not going further, but I guess my love for home was more than the love for wealth. I think that is the goddess’ way…and it’s my way too. I wish all my friends on Tsunami to go far, and hope someone does go all the way.

Ami’s vote

I’ve decided to vote for Keichi, mainly because his dream isn’t to win a million pounds, it is to live a happy life back home with his sweetheart. Dreams like that are simple, but admirable. I wish for those sort of dreams some day, so this vote is for Keichi to continue this path. Keichi-san, I wish you all the love in the world…

Keichi’s stats on the island;

Keichi was not a bother or a nuisance, he worked hard and despite the loss of his first friend of the island Mackey, didn’t let it bother him. As the final immunity drew closer, Tsunami thought they could win. Sadly, it didn’t happen and a choice had to be made. In the end, in a closer than close vote, Ami Mizuno and Shinobu Maehara voted for him to return home, a prize to Keichi which was worth more than a million pounds anyday.


The merge…but what’s the catch? Uh oh…looks like Chromus is up to his old tricks…but at least Skuld makes sure he too must be punished…

The meeting of the two tribes, some have met before, other’s haven’t. How will the unknown react?

Immunity challenge: Trademark standing on a log challenge, for as long as possible of course. Who is immediately under threat that they’d want to stand 20 + hours on a log?

And the first casualty of the merge. With the tribes even, what could happen?

* * * *

Keichi (2) Shinobu, Ami

Ami (1) Keichi

Ashitaka (1) Ukyo

Shinobu (1) Joey

Ukyo (1) Ashitaka