An Alliance Within An Alliance

* * * *

(Shot of the deserted Tribal Council as devastation has run amok…O.K, not really, but Chromus is back at least…)

Chromus: You wonder what goes through the minds of the departed. For most, it’s disappointment of not crossing a particular hurdle. For Cody Hida, it was pride to do something noble for someone else. The Hida family may be proud, but to us, it’s just yet another victim of the votes. Now 12 remain, and one will become the ultimate survivor. But who?

(Chromus relaxes)

Chromus: Ahh…I love cue cards.

* * * *


(Chromus: Tribal Council was interesting. What happened after was even more intriguing…2 discussed Cody’s sacrifice, 2 argued, and 2 stayed way out of it…)

(Shot of the front of the leaving 6, Ruri and Hikari)

Ruri: I think I’m starting to hate this game.

Hikari: Ruri…Cody saved you.

Ruri: I know…and that’s why I hate it.

Hikari: Huh?

Ruri: Why did he have to go? He deserved to be here much more than I did…it just feels that I’m useless here, and yet he took my bullet. I guess I really am an idiot…why I came for this I don’t know…

Hikari: Ruri, snap out of it!

(The abruptness of Hikari’s shout makes the navigator turn to see her)

Hikari: Ruri-chan, what did Cody say to us before he left?

(Ruri pauses…)

Hikari: Well…

Ruri: He said…no matter what, don’t give up…and make me proud. Win this.

Hikari: Word for word, correct. And I don’t intend to make his last wish a futile effort. So from now on, you’re gonna stay on this island whether you like it or not…even if it means I’ve got to drag you from the camp every morning…

(Ruri looks stunned, but looks Hikari straight in the eyes)

Ruri: I’ve never really tried for anything in my life…but I guess…there is a first for everything.

Hikari: (smiles) Good. Oh…and I meant that…I’ll be keeping my eye on you.

(Ruri smiles slightly as she shakes an outstretched Hikari’s head. Meanwhile however, things aren’t so rosy between the remaining two male competitors…)

Kyosuke: Look, I don’t care how much you care for the kid, you really want to weaken the team like this?

Tamahome: Excuse me, it’s a free game, I can vote for whoever I want, as can you. I didn’t have a problem with you voting for Ruri, so why are you getting in my face now?

Kyosuke: It’s just stupid that’s why…

(The ogre symbol on Tamahome’s head glows as Kyosuke glows white…)

Felica/Sakura: Alright, break it up!

(The two return to mildly normal states as the conflict of Tribal Council ends quickly enough…)

(…but there are still three days for it to erupt again…)

* * * *

DAY 13

Chromus: A night off Tribal Council, and for Locus, it has been a sleepless night. However not so sleepless for two people as we found out…


(Night vision picks up two figures meeting on the beach, however as Chris is so cheap, we can only see the silhouettes rather than the people so we don’t know who they are…)

????: (male voice) So how did it go?

????: (female voice) Not so hot…

????: (male voice) Hey, be thankful…

????: (female voice) They’ll kill me if they find out what I’ve been doing.

????: (male voice) I’m amazed I could get up this early…

????: (female voice) Heh. Oh well…cheers…

(cut feedback)

(Chromus: Hmmm…we have a couple of little meet-ups…one wonders what is going on here…oh well! Back to the normal!)


(The restless night of Tribal Council hadn’t brought too much fruition to the group, and as the group wake up and prepare for breakfast, the tension among some of the tribespeople could be cut with a knife…)


Hikari: I know what happened between me and Ruri last night, but I didn’t realise what had been going on behind our backs…

(Shot of Tamahome, not his usual self, as Sakura hands him a cup of rice. Even Felicia is up, and the quiet nature is uncomfortable to everyone, even Ruri.)

Ruri: (to herself) This is all my fault…

(Shot of Felicia who hears that, goes over to the girl and has a quick talk with her, which we don’t hear. Cut to Kyosuke, who has come back from water duty, and goes to talk with Hikari. Sakura notices that the tension between Tama and Kyo is still there…)

Sakura: Geez…and with one night, the morale here has quickly been turned into devastation.

(Shot of Tamahome standing up)

Tamahome: I’m going to try get some fish.

(Tamahome takes a jog over to Tsunami side as Sakura sighs)

Kyosuke: …I dunno what, but did you get taken in by what was essentially an act by Cody, you’re a smart girl Hikari-chan, so why?

Hikari: It’s my decision and I stick by it.

Kyosuke: (sighs) Sadly, at this rate, we’ll be losing every challenge.

Felicia (going over to them): Guys, I’m sorry if offended anyone by voting for Ruri, I’ve just had a talk with her, and she’s a bit upset about she feels it her fault that everyone is arguing, so guys, can we at least keep the peace around her for her sake?

Kyosuke: Felicia…damn it…

(Kyosuke goes off in a huff…meanwhile…)

Ruri: I decided then and there I had enough of being the baggage. I’m not going to mope around and be the kid of the island, I’m going back to being the navigator, in control of the Nadesico, I’m going to play my part…

(Shot of Sakura and Ruri taking some water from the hole. Ruri is physically struggling, but grits her teeth and bares it)

Sakura: That’s the way!

Ruri: I’ve…heard sweating…off a cold is the best way…so…I feel…

Sakura: Don’t exhaust yourself though…we need every bit of strength we can get for the challenges…

Ruri: I’ll prove I deserve being here Sakura…I promised someone…

Sakura: (smiles) Good for you.

(Chromus: Meanwhile, Tsunami tribe, unaware of Tamahome’s visit, are being to refresh after a night of…well, nothing I guess…)

* * * *



Ukyo: See you later!

Keichi: Alligator!

(Shot of Ukyo heading the other way…into Locus territory! Oh dear…)

Keichi: We felt that we need a bit of sugar, especially the fact that we all seem to have a hidden sweet tooth…so Ukyo volunteered to try and sneak into Locus to get some fruit…be interesting to see what happens…

(Shot of Shinobu happily hanging some washing on their makeshift washing line made from tree ‘rope’ they made…think the movie Castaway and you’ve got the idea.)

Ami: Never saw you as the housekeeping type Shinobu.

Shinobu: (giggles happy) No, it just reminds me of being back home, it’s like a family environment…

Joey: Except without the beat up sempais, eh Shinobu?

(Shot of the poor girls flushed cheeks as Ami pushes Joey away)

Ami: See what you’ve done? You’ve made the poor girl embarrased?

(Shot of Ashitaka with the fish just caught and rice)

Ashitaka: It’s best that we hold onto the remaining ingredients we’ve got from the reward challenge for another day. Besides, for now, we’ve got the momentum.

Keichi: Yeah, for now. Let’s hope we can keep it for the next two immunity challenges.

Ashitaka: The merge has been discussed and at least I know the rules of it. We need that advantage if any of us have a chance to survive…I’m sure the other tribe are just as close…

(Oh ye of little knowledge…but the scent of the fish has brought one of them into hungerland…)

Joey: Huh? (hears the rustling) Who’s there?

(Shot of Tamahome, almost in Miaka like mode drooling at the fish…)

Tamahome: Food…

Joey: Er…little help?

(Shot of Tamahome as Shinobu screams scared, as Ashitaka arms himself and Ami hits the defence position…before seeing Tamahome collapse)

Tamahome: Don’t…hurt me…

Joey: (relaxes) Oh, it’s one of Locus. Hey man, you alright?

Tamahome: Need to get away from other tribe…and violent punting girl…

Ashitaka: Huh?

Tamahome: (on his feet) I was just running towards here, and I collided with a girl on the way, and I accidently had my head in her…*ahem*…make sure Miaka didn’t hear that…and punted me into oblivion!

Ami: (sigh) What’s she done now?

* * * *

Chromus: The ‘she’ in question is actually unsure how to enter Locus…

9.30am – LOCUS TRIBE

Ukyo: Now let’s see here…man, that weird man…(shakes her head), nah, you just overreacted girl…note to apologize, make sure he isn’t an insensitive jerk like…

(Before her train of thoughts ends, she bumps into a fruit tree)

Ukyo: Yatta!

(And then…into Sakura Kasunago…)

Ukyo: Oh boy…

Sakura: Well, well…a spy in the camp…

Ukyo: Now now, I was just coming to get some fruit, you know how boring it is without sugar, I mean…

Sakura: (chuckles) Come on now Ukyo, did you think I’d hang you in a noose…(shouts) Felicia, you’ve got a new warm up partner!

Ukyo: Huh?

(With a feral happy growl…if there is such thing…Felicia jumps from the trees…)


Ukyo: (smiling) Well, if you want me to fight for your fruit, I’m happy to oblige! (draws her mini-spatulas) Ookini!*

NOTE: Oo-kini is what most people in anime would refer to as ‘arigatou’ or thank you. However, people with the Kansai dialect (Osaka) say ‘Ookini!’ for thank-you. Ukyo uses it in Ranma ½, and also used by Kero (CCS) and Itchan (Battle Athletes V) that I’ve seen.

* * * *

Joey: So, things are starting to get to you…

(shot of Tamahome eating a bit of fish from the hospitable Shinobu, who apologised for her initial reaction)

Tamahome: Yeah…I think when Cody went, things changed. I think he left his mark, but not the way he wanted. (sighs) At this rate, I’ll be kicked off next…

Ami: Things are not always going to be bad Tamahome-san.

Ashitaka: She’s right. The feeling of losing someone is never good…or when their plans go wrong. You just need to keep one step ahead…

Tamahome: I wish it was that easy…oh nuts, I better head back otherwise they will be wondering if you’ve tied me to a tree and stuffed an apple in my mouth…

Keichi: Nope…we wouldn’t torture you like that…eat you maybe…

Tamahome: Don’t give my girlfriend any ideas…

(the group chuckle as Tamahome waves goodbye to the ‘enemy’ as Tsunami thank themselves lucky…)

* * * *

(Shot of a hot, sweaty, panting…HEY, NOT THAT WAY!…two girls as Felicia and Ukyo back away, tired. Ukyo has won the prize though of 4 ripe apples and half of a watermelon.)

Sakura: All I can say is…wow…

Ukyo: (pants) Remind me to hire you as security for my restaurant…

Felicia: (pants) Remind me to use you as a stagehand for my performances…

Kyosuke: (entering) Hey girls…have you s…

(Kyosuke sees Sakura watching over an exhausted Ukyo and Felicia…and Felicia’s blue swimsuit costume has been torn from Ukyo’s slashes and her own ordeals…cat girl = fanservice remember? And Kyosuke’s mind makes note and…)

Kyosuke: (holding his nose) Felicia? W-with the enemy of all people? I never th…


(Felicia shows she still has enough puff as Kyosuke runs for his life, momentarilly forgetting in the moment of fear he can teleport, as Sakura and Ukyo laugh.)

Ukyo: Well sugar, I best be off, see ya!

(Sakura waves goodbye as Felicia tears up the forest…and nearly Kyosuke as well…)

* * * *

(Half way there…)

Ukyo: Erm…

Tamahome: Heh, er, sorry?

(A shot of the two smiling and high fiving before heading back to their respective camps with a little bit extra food…)

* * * *

TSUNAMI: 10.00pm

Shinobu: So the two of you made up?

Ukyo: Yeah…considering the perverts that live in my town, what he did was probably more normal than I thought…(sees Shinobu’s scared face)…not in that way of course Shinchan.

Keichi: You know, we’ll be against each other when we get into the merge…

Ashitaka: As long as we all make it there…

Joey: Not a problem with this crew!

Ami: The eternal opitimist…better than being the pessimist I guess…

Ashitaka: Let’s just finish up here and be prepared for the worst…

All: Let’s eat!

* * * *

LOCUS TRIBE – 10.10am

Tamahome: What went on here? World War 3?

Sakura: Not quite. We had a visitor, Felicia needed a little exercise and Kyosuke put two and two together to make five…

Kyosuke: You do realise beating us up isn’t the best way to prepare for the reward challenge…

Hikari: That’s enough guys. Kyo does have a point, we’d better get ready for the reward challenge…

Ruri: …this time, we’ll prove our unity.

Felicia: That’s right!

(rumbles in Felicia’s stomach)

Tamahome: Oh yeah, nearly forgot the fish…

(The others collapse…)

* * * *

Reward Challenge

Challenge: Ride em Choco-boy! Chocobo Race!

Reward: Chicken, chicken and more chicken!

(Shot of the two tribes, both with 6 people each, ready for this rather unique reward challenge…)

Chromus: Welcome to my parlour, said the spider to the fly. Now, ladies, gentlemen and Felicia…

Felicia: Hey!

Chromus: …we have quite a treat in for you! We have a track specially made for 8 people, 4 from each tribe, to get in the races. We have 8 proud Golden Chocobos here, brought from a highly recommended ranch from the Final Fantasy 7 crew…which are perfectly easy to ride even for beginners.

(The 8 beautiful birds are paraded in front of the 12 tribal mates. Most are in awe of them as Chromus continues his explanation.)

Chromus: The challenge is very simple. It is a race against the beach and each other. 8 of you will go down the stretch of the beach and back. You will do this 4 times. After the final time, your position will be clocked. You will get points for where you place, the score as follows…

1st = 10 points

2nd = 8 points

3rd = 6 points

4th = 5 points

5th = 4 points

6th = 3 points

7th = 2 points

8th = 1 points

Chromus: The challenge is for your tribe to get as many points as possible, so basically, the higher you’re scores are, the better chance you get to win the tasty little reward that is on your way. Got it?

(The group nods)

Chromus: Now, with us to help us with the chocobos and to give a brief introduction to racing them is Miss Yuffie Kisaragi. (FF7 and Kingdom Hearts)

Yuffie: O.K guys…

Chromus: And no stealing…

Yuffie: Dang…

* * * *

(Yuffie gives a brief explanation about how to move the chocobos and keeping speed and endurance balanced. She explains about how important the rider’s weight is and how it needs to be shifted. After 5 minutes, Yuffie leaves as Chromus continues)

Chromus: O.K now, choose the 4 riders for your tribe.

(Both tribes go into a heated discussion, as some are arguing for their cases, some for pride and some just for the hell of it…)

Chromus: O.K, times up! Make your final choices!

(Locus choose Hikari, Sakura, Ruri and Tamahome…being used to riding horses. Tsunami choose Shinobu, Ami, Ashitaka (via his skills with Yakul) and Keichi (vias his motorcycle skills))

Chromus: Interesting choices, so Kyosuke, Felicia, Ukyo and Joey sit this one out. O.K, mount your steeds and we’ll get ready…

(The group are assembled into positions. Locus have numbers 1, 3, 5 and 7 whilst Tsunami have 2, 4, 6 and 8)

Lane 1 = Hikari

Lane 2 = Shinobu

Lane 3 = Sakura

Lane 4 = Ami

Lane 5 = Ruri

Lane 6 = Ashitaka

Lane 7 = Tamahome

Lane 8 = Keichi

(The tribes are set as Chromus waves the starting flag)

Chromus: On your marks…ah the heck with it…GO!

(Shot as the 8 chocobos head off. They are of equal speed, it is the way the riders handle them to make their speed go up or down…)

(Ashitaka immediately heads off into the lead with Tamahome nearest to him. Ruri moves into third place just ahead of Keichi. The others lag slightly behind, Shinobu not controlling her bird well in last with Hikari, Sakura and Ami bunched together.)

(The lap back shows no real change as Ashitaka and Tamahome are now 3 lengths ahead of Ruri in third. Keichi is nipping at her heels whilst Hikari now pulls ahead into fifth. Ami cuts in to sixth, Sakura seventh and Shinobu last.)

(The second and third laps show no real change, until Keichi starts to go ahead of Ruri. As the final lap descends, Keichi closes in on Ashitaka and Tamahome, Ruri in 4th, with Hikari, Sakura and Ami bunched together, Shinobu now a distant last.)

Chromus: We are into the home stretch!

(The last half a lap and Keichi is still a bit away from Tamahome and Ashitaka. It is a two horse…er…chocobo race as Tamahome and Ashitaka battle out in front. Ruri is still 5 lengths ahead of 5th place Hikari, who has pulled slightly away from Ami and Sakura.)

Chromus: It’s neck a neck!

(Tamahome pushes the last distance, but Ashitaka pulls ahead at the last second for him to get the 10 points. Tama comes in second with Keichi third.)

(As Ruri pulls in to 4th place, Hikari gets in 5th…and Sakura edges out Ami for 6th. Ami is 7th, whilst Shinobu at least finishes the race…)

(Now let’s see what that means…)

* * * *

Chromus: Well, an exciting race, thanks to Tamahome and Ashitaka, which Ashitaka edged in the end. However, it’s not individuals which make survivor, it’s team. And so, the points went.

Locus – Tamahome (2nd – 8), Ruri (4th – 5), Hikari (5th – 4) and Sakura (6th – 3)

Tsunami – Ashitaka (1st – 10), Keichi (3rd – 6), Ami (7th – 2) and Shinobu (8th – 1)

Chromus: SO the scores are…Locus with 20 and Tsunami with…19! Despite Ashitaka’s victory, the team victory goes to Locus and the reward is theirs!

(Locus upon hearing victory, are stunned and celebrating. Tamahome pumps his fist in the air as Sakura and Hikari hugs as Ruri simply smiles slightly. Felicia and Tamahome on the side begin to whoop with joy…)

(…whereas Tsunami are bitterly disappointed. Ashitaka sighs, whilst Shinobu simply looked sad. Ami sits down, upset as Keichi just shakes his head. Ukyo and Joey just sigh.)

Chromus: And what better way to celebrate a chocobo race than these little beauties?

(Locus get shown their reward…three deluxe chickens, as Tamahome practically drools…)

Tamahome: Food!

Chromus: Yep, real food, enjoy them whilst it lasts guys, and I’ll see you tomorrow for immunity. Enjoy!

(Two tribes depart, differing emotions indeed between the two tribes…)

* * * *

LOCUS TRIBE – after challenge

Chromus: As a celebratory Locus tribe return with their prize, the more consistent efforts paid off this time, as the group ponder when to enjoy their food…

Hikari: You been picking habits from your girlfriend with this hunger lock?

Tamahome: Heh…er, sorry about that.

Hikari: No matter, heck, you deserved it…

Felicia: Hey, everyone did well on that, and we got what we deserved!

Sakura: It was a case of getting the lightest people and the ones, well one, in riding experience, and we managed to get better control.

Felicia: (accusingly) You calling me fat?

(The group share a laugh…well, most of them…before they head back to the beach. Any hint of dissension has passed on…for now…)

* * * *


Chromus: Meanwhile, on Tsunami tribe, the team aren’t really pondering what went wrong, they are just disappointed…

Shinobu: I’m so sorry everyone…

Ami: Me too…I mean, we just…

Keichi: (hushing them) Hey, we can’t do anything about it, so we’ll just forget about it. Besides, we’ve still got enough for one more good meal anyway, so what they won means nothing to us…

Ashitaka: That’s right. We don’t want to bother with what went wrong, we just need to focus our energies into the next game…

Ukyo: That’s right, come on girls, let’s not get down because of this…

(Ukyo puts an arm around the two girls as Ami and Shinobu smile slightly, although obviously still slightly disappointed. Joey looks on…)

Joey: Beneath it, they are disappointed. Any loss means a loss of morale for them, they are just so shy and good-hearted…we better win the next one, I don’t want to see those sad faces…

* * * *


Chromus: Locus have been patient…but they can’t hang on anymore! And I thought this was Survivor not Temptation Island…oh, I guess it’s the wrong sort of temptation…

(Shot of Tamahome with one of the three chickens, stroking it as the bird calms down. Away from the screen, he reaches for the neck, which obviously, he twists, breaking the neck.)

(Meanwhile, Ruri is learning something new…)

Hikari: Yep, just move those like that, and you should have fire…

(Ruri flicks the two flints together a couple of times onto the roughage on the sand. Eventually, sparks fly as Hikari rubs a stick in the middle of it. Smoke starts to fill the air…)

Hikari: Yep, we did it!

Ruri: No, you did it. Hard to believe, but the old saying is true. You do learn something new everyday…

Hikari: That’s the way Ruri-Ruri! Now we can do it, let’s just wait for Tama-chan to come back with the meal…

Hikari: None of us wanted to see the meal get killed and Tama-chan respected our wishes.

(However, whilst Tamahome isn’t there…)

Kyosuke: I’m wondering why Tamahome is doing all this…maybe he realises that we think of him as a threat after the merge…like with Krillan.

Felicia: But where does that leave me?

Kyosuke: Actually, you’ve done well to keep under the radar Felicia. Besides, why would they vote off such a cute cat-girl anyway?

Felicia: Oh yeah…remind me I still haven’t hurt you enough for…


Sakura: (butting in) As was the other times with me?

Kyosuke/Felicia: Eep.

Sakura: Why the eeping? Evil conspiracy theories in the camp?

Felicia: Maybe…

Kyosuke: Felicia…

Sakura: Fortunately, I didn’t hear a thing, I was just going to see if I can find anything sweet to snack on whilst Tama is doing the chicken.

Kyosuke: (under his breath) Phew…

(Sakura heads off and snickers…)

Sakura: Shame I’m a convincing liar as well…

Tamahome: Chicken on the spit!

Sakura: (shouting) Coming!

(a bit later…)

Tamahome: Chicken and rice…a feast fit for 6 deplete tribespeople…

Hikari: Messing with metaphors Tama. Bad thing.

Tamahome: Meta-what?

Hikari: (sighs) Never mind. Let’s just eat…

(The taste of anything but fish and rice in their mouths is in heaven, hey, beggars can’t be choosers…)

Ruri: Hikari-kanjou, do you mind when I go I can take you with me back to the Nadeisco? I think Howmei would love you onboard…

Hikari: (blushing) Ruri…

Tamahome: I quite like how Ruri is getting along with Hikari. If I’m her big brother of the island, she’s got a big sister for her as well…

Sakura: This will keep up going, especially for tomorrow’ challenge.

Felicia: Right, I don’t wanna go back home now! Nasty horrid place compared to here…

Kyosuke: Nastier than this? Starving on an island with no escape?

Felicia: Kyo-kun, if you visited my world you’d know what I’m on about.

Sakura: I don’t think we really understand how deep a person Felicia really is. She strong, cute and surprisingly adapt, and she’s been a really big help on the island. However, she does seem to live a trouble life…

Felicia: …it’s probably because you guys have accepted me why I like it here so much. Humans that accept me back home are the only reason I live…it’s a shame that is such a small minority.

(Tamahome puts an arm around the now crying cat-girl, as she tries to put a smiling face on her cute features. She wipes her eyes as she calms down…)

Felicia: Sorry guys, just some bad memories…

Ruri: We all have them, in one way or another. It’s brave of you for them to come out like this…

Sakura: That’s right. It’s make a person think when you hear someone’s life being so different from your own. I mean, I grew up in a normal household, but I chose my life. Hearing your own and someone like Tamahome’s as well, it shows that everything isn’t always black and white.

Kyosuke: Life in shades of grey…yep, I think that kind of sums everyone up.

(Shot of Hikari being a bit quiet)

Tamahome: Hey, Hikari, you O.K?

Hikari: Yeah…it’s just…think about my own home, that my life was normal…yet almost everyone I care about, their lives are far from normal…that’s why I’m here in the game. To save the life of one person I care about…

(A bit of silence as Hikari also sheds a tear)

Ruri: Hey, it’s O.K. As long as we’re letting our feelings out rather than holding them inside…

(The remaining dinner is eaten in silence, but most of them are happy for things to be out in the open…)

* * * *



(Meanwhile, another person is also reflecting on her own life…)

*NOTE – This section is horribly spoilish for those who (for some reason) don’t know the ending of Ranma ½. Also note, I am going more by the manga than the anime for this interpretation…and also incorporate my reasoning for Ukyo’s somewhat un-Ukyo like behaviour.*

Chromus: The sunset comes like a beacon for the survivor men and women on the tribes. For Tsunami, one is enjoying the sunset whilst the others busy themselves for the night ahead…

(Shot of Keichi washing up as Ashitaka practices his swings under the sun, waking up a sweat. The group are mostly subdued yet working after the reward defeat. They’ve eating some rice and fish, saving the last of the reward for breakfast tomorrow. Ami is reading a book in camp, whilst Joey is fixing up some of the camp. Shinobu has just finished helping Keichi and is about to head to camp when she sees Ukyo sitting by herself watching the sunset.)

Shinobu: Ukyo?

(Ukyo turns and smiles to the kawaii girl)

Ukyo: Hey sugar, and remember, it’s Ucchan to friends.

Shinobu: S-s-sorry….

Ukyo: Hey, don’t fret yourself. Just call me what you want…not too horrible though, otherwise you don’t know what I can do…although being that cute is a bit of a tough act…

(Shinobu smiles and sits by the ‘spatula-girl’ as they watch the sunset)

Shinobu: I don’t think you could be like that anyway…

Ukyo: (surprised) Really hun?

Shinobu: (shakes her head) No, you seem to be the most pleasant person I know. I’ve really enjoyed being with you Uk…Ucchan.

Ukyo: Really sugar?

(Ukyo puts an arm around Shinobu and sighs)

Ukyo: I haven’t always been like this. Actually…I wonder how people could stand me at times after some of the things I’ve done…

Shinobu: Huh?

Ukyo: I’m not the nicest person in the world Shinchan. When I first entered the world of Nerima, I wanted revenge on Ranchan, my fiance. I thought he didn’t care about me, after leaving me behind 10 years ago. I found out later it was his father’s fault…but still…

Shinobu: Ucchan…

Ukyo: Anyway, after fighting with Ranma, basically I found out he didn’t even know I was a girl…

Shinobu: (panicking) Hooooooooo….

Ukyo: (smiles) Surprised sugar? I was able to pretend to be a boy for 10 years.

Shinobu: But…but…you’re certainly not a boy…you look…pr-pr…

Ukyo: (blushes) I get embarrassed easily sugar. But thanks…it was something like that which changed me. Ranma-honey called me cute, and basically embarrassed me. When I saw his relationship with his other fiance, Akane, I thought I could win back his heart…

Shinobu: Oh…(blushes, as Shinobu has her own problems with love triangles of course)

Ukyo: Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything to hurt Akane-chan…actually, I quite like her at times. She’s pretty pleasant…unlike Ranchan does something to insult her…it’s just her being my rival…it was like there was always an aura that could make us hurt each other at times…I guess that’s why I…

Shinobu: You what?

Ukyo: (sighs) I did something stupid. I try to stop the wedding between Ranma and Akane. I wasn’t going to, but…I did the worst thing that I could do. I stooped down to a level I didn’t want to.

Shinobu: A level?

Ukyo: There’s a girl named Shampoo who is after Ranchan as well, via some stupid Amazon law which I can’t be bothered to repeat to you. Basically, I can’t stand her. Yes, she’s a rival for Ranma, but she’s always annoying, airheaded, and tries to separate Ranma and Akane through…less than pleasant ways. The fact she’s cute doesn’t help much either.

(She pauses…not really wanting to continue…)

Ukyo: Anyway…at the wedding…I teamed up with her…to try and wreck the wedding. Heck, I could have killed Ranma…or Akane…

Shinobu: (freaks out) Nooo….

Ukyo: (shushes her) Don’t worry, nothing happened, just a lot of hubbub and idiocy. However, after that, I felt that I didn’t deserve to be anywhere near Ranchan. I shut myself from the world, and only opened it when Ranma and Akane themselves came to my shop and wanted to talk to me.

Shinobu: What happened?

Ukyo: I was in tears. I apologised many times and wouldn’t have been surprised if they never wanted to speak to me. I was surprised when Akane put a hand on my shoulder and said it was fine. I don’t think I ever felt so humble. (sighs) That invitation came so late...I think just to get a reaction from me. I wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t for Shampoo…

Shinobu: But it’s over now right?

Ukyo: Yes…I don’t think I can ever wrong what I did…and I still can’t help but feel for Ranchan, but I promised myself I’d never stoop that low again. Starting here…I’m going to try and win for my sake, not anyone elses. If I do, great. If not, it’s meant to be and I’ll be happy. And I still tend to get you through as much as I do.

Shinobu: (smiles) Thank you…(notices)…you O.K?

(Ukyo wipes away a few tears from her face)

Ukyo: Yeah…y’know, you are the first person I’ve really told anyone that. Maybe it’s just the feeling that once I’m home…I really am all alone.

Shinobu: You’re not alone Ucchan…

(Shinobu and Ukyo sit by the side as the sun drops down. The next day will be a testing time for everyone, as the latest immunity challenge is upon them…)

* * * *

Day 14 – 7.30am


Chromus: Filled by the chicken dinner, a simple breakfast is enough to get the group fired up. Simple as in rice…and rat…

Kyosuke: (cooking) Felicia, I’m not sure whether to appreciate the rat contribution…

Felicia: Hey, what’s the matter? Never heard of rat-at-tooie?

Kyosuke: Oh boy…

Sakura: At least we haven’t had rat au van.

Felicia: Rat au van?

Sakura: It’s rat…that’s been run over by a van! (laughs hysterically, as the others look blank)

Ruri: Sakura…street fighting is your thing, comedy isn’t.

(Sakura ‘fumes’ over the tough audience as Tamahome and Hikari emerge from the jungle, water intact.)

Hikari: I see Kyo-kun hasn’t brought the island to flames, so we’re safe for eating…

Tamahome: Yeah, I guess beggars really can’t be choosers…

(A sly look catches between the two men, a look that is mostly ignored, except by Sakura.)

Hikari: Well now guys, are we gonna win or are we gonna win?

Ruri: Tough choice.

Felicia: We’re gonna win of course Hikari-chan! This time, no water will bring us down!

Sakura: As long as we’re together, we can do anything…right?

(Shot of Shoaran and Touya…I mean Kyosuke and Tamahome in a staring contest as Hikari, Sakura and Felicia hold a tandem sweatdrop…)

Ruri: Oh boy…

* * * *



Chromus: Tsunami however decided to really go for it, as the last big meal they can get out the reward they got 4 nights ago is being put to use…

Ukyo: Okonomiyaki, hot off the grill!

Shinobu: The miso soup is ready!

Joey: Starving!

Keichi: Geez, there is a surprise.

Shinobu: O.K Joey, all done!

Joey: O.K sis.

(Shinobu chuckles and blushes at Joey’s little pet name for her as Ami gets up from her daily swim as the single guys…er guy (Joey) try not to stare at her swimsuit routine…)

Ukyo: I think she just enjoys torturing you Joey…on the other hand, she too nice to do that…

Ami: (blushes) Er…well…

Ashitaka: Trust me, if it wasn’t for the fact I have a princess in my world, I think everyone would admire how beautiful you are, Miss Ami.

(Now Ami is really embarrassed…and sits down with a flushing face)

Ami: You guys are embarrassing me…

Keichi: She’s smart…

Joey: …cute…

Ashitaka: …and athletic.

Keichi: That’s our Ami-chan!

(Ami just puts her head down, as the guys chuckle as Ukyo smiles as Ami lifts her head up, realising the guys weren’t joking, and just smiles and blushes..)

Ami: Thank you…

Ami: I better be careful about breaking into hives, but it’s nice to be complimented by the guys here…I’m sure Mina and Rei will be probing into my life if they see this, but it’s…kinda fun!

Joey: (about to put his foot in his mouth…if it wasn’t stuffed with food) Nice to have two cute girls like Ami and Shinobu here…

Ukyo: (sweetly) Oh really? And what about me?

Joey: (sweatdrops) Er…ermm…heh…

Ukyo: I know Akane is the master of this routine, but what the heck! DIE JOEY!

(As everyone ignores Ukyo killing Joey and eat their food, we ponder over to the immunity challenge, as yet another contestant will be eliminated tomorrow night…)

* * * *

Immunity Chalenge

Quest Of The Sumo: Test of strength involving using three anime characters trapped in a barrel…

(Shot of the same stretch of beach where the chocobo challenge was, now replaced by three barrels, all with weird noises coming from them…)

(Shot of Chromus sitting there, as the 12 contestants await their fate…)

Chromus: The best is yet to go my friends….now this challenge is based on an old Sumo tradition of training endurance and balance…as you can see here, we have three barrels…and in them are three poor trapped souls…

(Shot of the first barrel…SIGN – Tanya Natdhipytadd (Battle Athletes) – Weight – 84 pounds)

(Shot of the second barrel…SIGN – Hideaki Asaba (Kare Kano) – Weight – 175 pounds)

(Shot of the third and largest barrel…SIGN – Genma Saotome- Panda (Ranma ½) – Weight – Er…new scales?)

(All three are struggling. Tanya doesn’t mind, Asaba is going nuts, and Genma is trying to get a sign out saying ‘HOW DID IT COME TO THIS’ coming. Fortunately, Chromus ignores it.)

Chromus: Now, it’s time for a little strength test. This test would have had 3 people doing it…however, as we are 6 each, we’ll have everyone do this challenge, making it more difficult. Now, strength isn’t everything, a bit of speed and movement is required as well, so let’s see what you guys can do.

(Chromus points to Tanya’s barrel…)

Chromus: Two people will push each barrel in a relay like environment. For example, one will push Tanya’s barrel to the end, and then another will push it back. As Tanya’s is the lightest, I suggest your two weakest push this one.

(Next, he points to Asaba)

Chromus: After the second leg, a new person goes onto Asaba for the 3rd push, and then another for the 4th. Asaba is the middle weight.

(Finally, Genma panda)

Chromus: You need your strongest here to push it here and back, simple as that.

(Chromus turns to the 12)

Chromus: Now, this event will be timed, your combined time will be worked across here, and basically the fastest combined time wins immunity. I suggest you choose your choices wisely, and then I’ll flip a coin to see who goes first.

(The two tribes confer, although for both tribes, it isn’t too difficult the choices, although Tsunami are discussing between Ami and Keichi for the lightest and middle…)

* * * *

(In the end, the two tribes assemble as Chromus asks Shinobu to call in the air. She calls heads…it’s tails.)

Chromus: Locus can choose whether to go first or second.

(They quickly decide to go second.)

Chromus: Very well, Shinobu, you guys got to go first, so get ready.

(Shot of the Tanya barrel, as on one side, Keichi is waiting to collect from Shinobu. The others are ready to cheers them on. On the middle barrel, Ami is on one side and Joey on the other, and on the Genma barrel, and the panda very scared to see Ukyo on one side…whilst Ashitaka is on the other.)

Chromus: Ready Shinobu?

(The Love Hina resident nods)

Chromus: And GO!

(Shinobu starts as the other cheer, she struggles slightly but is helped by Tanya’s own rolling as Shinobu slowly gets into the mood of things. She get it down the 100m mark at 27 seconds as she makes the tag to Keichi)

(Keichi moves much faster and Tanya seems to get into the rhythm as well as Keichi bundles down with speed. He finishes in 20 seconds and makes the tag to Ami, who Asaba can’t invite to his ‘Maryland’ as he’s a little squashed at the moment.)

(Ami is surprisingly strong, although not as physically gifted as Lita, or maybe Rei and Mina, is still a fit girl and pushes the Asaba barrel with some difficulty, but certainly not slow. In fact, she begins to work out the best position to push and finishes the leg in 38 seconds.)

(Joey has the thought process of a barbarian, but down the leg he almost as strong as one. People never realise that Joey is in fact very strong, and he bundles down to the leg ignoring the complaints from Asaba…he finishes in 30 seconds and tags to Ukyo)

Ukyo: Heh heh…payback…

(Genma panda hasn’t a prayer against the rolling ground as Ukyo’s strength is enough to push the panda barrel with fair ease. She finishes in 36 seconds and tags in Ashitaka.)

(Ashitaka is physically gifted with true power and pushes with his might and his fast foot work helps brilliantly. He realises the best pattern and finishes in 33 seconds.)

OVERALL TIME: 184 seconds (3 minutes, 4 seconds)

* * * *

Chromus: O.K Locus, you see the time and what you have to do, so get ready…

(Ruri will take the first leg, with Hikari the next on Tanya. The second leg is Sakura followed by Kyosuke, and finally Tamahome and Felicia)

Chromus: All set Ruri?

(The girl nods)

Chromus: And go!

(Ruri is the lightest of all the original 16 contestants, and struggles even with Tanya. However, she finishes the leg with grit and determination in 33 seconds before tagging off to Hikari)

(Hikari does the leg much faster, but still struggles in stages. She finishes the leg in 25 seconds before handing over to Sakura for Asaba…)

(Sakura like Ami, is more physically fit than you would expect, not only a street fighter, but a league volleyball player as well. It seems she’s trained like this before as she does very well, timing in at 32 seconds and hands over to Kyosuke)

(Kyosuke holds the barrel well, but struggles to start with with. As he gets the rhythm, he slowly increases speed and enough to finish the leg in 35 seconds. The final tag for the Genma lag as Tamahome takes the fall)

(The bishounen is very strong and very fit, and is used to dealing with tigers and bears, never mind pandas. He manages to get a good grip before managing to get a good push and finishing in 35 seconds. He tags to Felicia, the strongest contestant remaining on the island.)

(Felicia uses an unorthodox style of pushing and rolling with her Buckler technique, to shift Genma quicker. The technique is weird, but seems effective, although Felicia has problems adopting to two feet initally rather than her 4 foot strategy. She finishes in 30 seconds.)

OVERALL TIME: 190 seconds (3 minutes, 10 seconds)

* * * *

(As soon as Locus hear their time, Tsunami gasp in celebration and surprise. They celebrate together as the group hug ecstatically. Locus are agahst…they can’t believe it…)

Chromus: Well…well…a bit of an upset, but hey, Tsunami win!

(Ukyo, Ami and Shinobu hug each other and then hug the boys, all three, even Ashitaka embarrassed, but happy.)

(Locus seem very disappointed. Their second immunity defeat in a row…and that means…)

Chromus: Well, Tsunami can rest for another 3 days…however, for Locus, Tribal Council has come way too soon my friends. Get rested up, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

(Locus need to ask themselves simply this. What went wrong?)

* * * *


Chromus: …which is exactly what they are discussing.

Felicia: I think it was the first leg that really decided everything, they picked up the speed in that...

Hikari: (sigh) Maybe it was my fault…

Ruri: No, it was my fault…

Felicia: (smiles) Ladies, don’t worry! I’m not bothered about it…it’s just a case that they were better than us…(the smile vanishes)…it’s just we’ve got to go there again…and I’m afraid…

Hikari: Huh?

Felicia: I feel this could be my time…

Ruri: (surprised) Why would you think that?

Felicia: I dunno…maybe it’s a case of cutting the strong before they make it to the merge. I mean, we did that with Krillan and Cody wanted to go…it’s just…

Hikari: Don’t worry Felicia, I think you’re safe. (turns) Because at the moment, two guys are certainly sticking out here…

(Shot of Sakura trying to stop an arguing Tamahome and Kyosuke…heck, Kyosuke sounds a little bit like Tasuki so hey…)

Tamahome: It was no-one’s fault! They were simply much better than we were!

Kyosuke: If we had Cody or Krillan on the team, this would not have happened, if your own protective side hadn’t got in the way…

Tamahome: And who knew that type of game was going to happen? I didn’t see you beating Sakura any time sooner…

Sakura: Guys, don’t bring me into this…

(Kyosuke and Tama stop, but the tension is there, not something they really want coming up to Tribal Council)

* * * *


Chromus: Tsunami’s second immunity in a row give the 6 confidence of making it together for the merge, which would be a huge advantage…

Joey: The basis of our victory was that we were more well-rounded than the other team which helped when Shinobu and Keichi did much faster than the two girls on Locus tribe…

Ukyo: Joey surprised me, he’s got more strength in that body than I thought. I think the goofball we met to start with which saved Shinobu’s life in the first Council is now bringing the strong and sensitive person wanting to win this for his sister…

Ashitaka: I think now, Tsunami is the better team. Nothing more than that.

* * * *

(Tsunami celebrate by having a pool…er sea party.)

Ashitaka: It almost like all the battles of a 1000 warriors are being washed away with the relief of victory.

Ukyo: You said it sugar…

Joey: Oh man, where’s the bath supplies and the rubber ducky…

Ami: Maybe that’s the next reward challenge…

Keichi: I would say this feels like heaven, but I think Urd would blast me back home…

Shinobu: Almost as nice as a morning hot spring…

Chromus: To say Tsunami are relaxed are an understatement…unlike Locus…

* * * *



Chromus: Dinner time for Locus, and you can cut the atmosphere with a knife…

(Shot of Ruri following Hikari example, as she tries to learn to cook on the open fire. However, the other 4 have split into two parts, Tamahome and Sakura training and making a sweat, and Felicia and Kyosuke in the camp talking…)

Ruri: This is not good.

Hikari: Ruri, for a genius, you state the obvious a bit much.

Ruri: Sometimes the most obvious things are the most important.

Chromus: Indeed, what is said is true, because no-one seems to be safe for the next Tribal Council, and the team being three separate entities are going…but who would be the favourite?

Ruri has had two narrow squeaks with Council, is it third time unlucky for the navigator? However, Tamahome and Kyosuke’s differing opinions on her uses have put them into the unfortunate limelight as well. For Locus, time is of the essence, because it’s slowly vanishing…

* * * *


(The time has dwindled and Locus are now split down the middle, not helped by Hikari and Felicia, who are certainly undecided on their own decisions. Felicia may have been siding with Kyosuke, but she is fond of Tamahome as well. Hikari hasn’t specified favouritism for either as well, but considering that Sakura and Ruri are both fond of Tamahome, Kyosuke may need more help unless he targets Ruri, the person with the most votes of Locus.)

Kyosuke: If we target Ruri, that means anyone is safe. If we target Tamahome, there is a chance that one of us could be targetted as a backlash.

Felicia: Why does it have to be like this though? I don’t want to end the next council under the darkness of an argument? Believe me, I’ve had enough darkness in my own life…

Kyosuke: (sighs) I guess it’s because it’s the name of the game…survivor.

Felicia: Hang on a sec…(calls)…Hikari-chan!

Kyosuke: Huh? Hey, what you d…

Felicia: Hikari is like a swing-vote, if we can get her on our side, we may have a chance.

Kyosuke: I dunno…

(a bit later)

Hikari: Guys, I’ll think about it, but I just want to get ready for camp and sleep this off…

(Hikari goes into the camp where Sakura and Ruri are already sleeping. Felicia yawns)

Felicia: So, Tama or Ruri?

Kyosuke: Personally, Tamahome. Professionally, Ruri. But for that, we need Hikari or Sakura on our side…

(They go into the camp…and sigh. Hikari is busy tucking in Ruri into the sheet.)

Kyosuke: (to himself) Bang goes Plan A…

* * * *

Day 15


Chromus: All the attention is on Locus tribe, with an immunity coming up. Knowing that one of them is leaving, a number of the group decided to take in the beautiful sunrise over the Duelist Island.

(Shot of Kyosuke by a tree)

Kyosuke: In my mind, I want to go home. I want to see Ayukawa again. In my heart though, I know I’ve got what it takes to win. If I lose, then it’s my own fault and I won’t blame anyone…although at times, it seems tempting…

(Shot of Ruri sitting up and rubbing her eyes)

Ruri: To be honest, being in a survivor is a bit of rest and relaxation for me. I’ve enjoyed my time because I’ve discovered sides of myself I didn’t know existed. However, seeing Cody go last time either made me just want to quit, or fulfil his promise to win this thing. For the sake of being an idiot, I’ll go with the latter than the former.

(Shot of Tamahome doing some early morning kata)

Tamahome: Working like this means you want it more. I know that I’ve work hard just to survive back home, never mind surviving here. I hope to continue much further, for my family, my friends, my love…

TIME – 8.00am

(As the sun surfaces, the mind removes all thought of a council and Locus tribe settle down to the last breakfast anyone of these will have…they will have the second chicken today before Tribal Council…the question is who will go?)

Hikari: Another day…and I didn’t want to say this, another council.

Sakura: It’s time we lived with it, because if we don’t buck up for the final immunity, we will be toast for the merge…

Tamahome: Don’t worry, we’ll be going beyond our limits to survive by the time the merge comes along…

Kyosuke: Well, as long as we’re still here…

Felicia: Now’s not the time to be a bit pess…er, Ruri?

Ruri: Pessimistic. I think at times like this, we just need to believe that we can survive, and believe in ourselves and our abilities, and how we’ve got here…

Kyosuke: (sarcastic) Like in the way that someone sacrificed themselves?

Sakura: Kyo!

Ruri: He’s right…which is why I’m staying here. I’m not going to be protected anymore…if anyone wants to vote me off tonight whether you like me or not, I don’t mind.

(Ruri calmly sets her things ready for breakfast as Kyosuke is a bit puzzled…)

Kyosuke: Er, sorry…

Ruri: Don’t worry, the grudge part comes at council.

(The group chuckle as Kyosuke gets a bit embarrassed…but how prophetic are Ruri’s words?)

* * * *



Chromus: Then again, Tsunami could care less…

(Shot of Tsunami tribe in a circle, playing what could be most accurately a variation of a game of marbles…)

Keichi: So, this is what survivor comes down to? Playing marbles with a 100 stones collected on the beach…

Joey: Beats waiting for starvation to kick in…

Shinobu: Umm…did I just win yours?

Joey: (grumbles) Then again…

Ashitaka: There were ancient forms of this game back in my village, where the children like my younger sister would play for hours. (sighs) I do wish that I could see her again, but the laws of the honourbound are what I am…

Ukyo: Jeez, it sounds like another law back home…of course, you live slightly out of our way both in time and space so I’ll let you off.

Ashitaka: No problem.

Joey: Sure, can I ask a question now?

Ukyo: Sure thing sugar.

Joey: O.K, the question is…how come Ami has so many marbles now?

(Shot of the stones, and shows Ami has about 70 of them, with the others having very few…)

Ami: (embarrassed) Ummm…

Joey: A genius in everything…man Ami, are you sure you don’t want to swop minds?

Ukyo: No, don’t do that Ami! Don’t fall for it!

(The group chuckles, as Ami breaks out in a bright smile…(sound in the distance of a 200 pound author fawning…before fainting into the water…^_^))

* * * *



Chromus: Ahh…nothing like a good swim…honest…Locus have the equivalent of a hot spring where some are discussing who to pick…

Hikari: Ahh…this is a nice feeling…Asuka told me about a hot spring after they went into battle in a lava pit of all things…although after her trick on Ikari-kun…no, that’s just normal Asuka…

Sakura: I’m starting to think you may be the normal one back home…

Hikari: (sigh) I wonder that as well…

Felicia: Well, I don’t know what you would consider ‘normal’ back home, but I guess as a personality, I’m as normal as you can get…don’t look at me like that! It’s the truth…

Sakura: (smiles) Actually, after being here 15 days, I’d agree. If you weren’t here, things would have been a lot more difficult. Thanks for everything.

Felicia: Thanks…er just one question?

Hikari: Shoot away.

Felicia: Why did you invite the girls here anyway?

Ruri: (not in the water hole) Because she didn’t want to avoid getting into an argument about Tamahome and Kyosuke with them around.

Hikari: (sweatdropping) Yeah, what the cute girl genius said.

Sakura: Yeah…it’s just after Cody went, the two seem to try and hate each others guts…(notices Ruri’s look)…oh sorry Ruri.

Ruri: (sighs) It’s O.K.

Felicia: Well, I like everyone here, so when I vote someone off, it’s near impossible for me to write anything down, but I gotta.

Sakura: You could always vote for yourself…

Felicia: Watch it kiddo.

Ruri: But we’d better head back. Otherwise the two may have made the camp a bombshell…

Sakura: Er yeah…why did Tama have to learn the ki mastery today?

Hikari: Don’t worry, Kyosuke won’t be too beaten up…he can teleport right?

Ruri: Somehow that doesn’t fill me with confidence.

(The three other girls hold a tandem sweatdrop as the girls day at the water hole ends up in confusion. Are the guys in real trouble…already 2 of the 4 have gone, and are the girls going to gang up on them?)

* * * *



Chromus: Tsunami keep their spirits up high after a good meal by Shinobu, by making items, whether for themselves…or their loved ones…

(Shot of Shinobu drawing what appears to be her new friends, as they are all making something. Ashitaka is carving out something from wood)

Ashitaka: San would like a momento of my journey to the 21st century…

(Shot of Joey trying to make what appears to be a necklace from stones…)

Joey: I hope my sis will be able to see this…

(Shot of Ukyo carving a figurine, the shape is weird, as we can’t see what exactly it is)

Ukyo: You know…I find it hard to really give this to anyone, but I guess everyone is making something, when in Rome…(sighs)

(Shot of Keichi also making a necklace)

Keichi: I guess if I don’t win the money, it’s a peace offering for Belle…she’s the forgiving type after all…

(Finally, Ami, is making what appears to be medals of sort from wood, and is trying to carve names on them…)

Ami: I hope the scouts will appreciate this, it isn’t much, but it proves that I’ve been thinking about them…and always will.

Ukyo: If you win the money sugar, I don’t think they’ll care.

Ami: (blushes) That’s a good point.

Shinobu: Ummm…don’t move so much please everyone, I’m nearly done…

Keichi: Aye!

(A few minutes later and Shinobu is all done, as everyone admires the group sketch she has made)

Ami: Wow, you are really good!

Ukyo: Shinchan is something isn’t she?

Shinobu: (blushing) Ummm…I’m not that good…

Keichi: You are Shinobu, and don’t let anyone tell you anywise.

(As they are admiring, the wind changes…and the sketch book flaps a few pages…to a sketch of Keitaro and Shinobu kissing…well, one of Shinobu’s drawings that she does…)


(Too late…they’ve seen it)

Joey: Oh, is this…

(Before they can investigate her any further, Shinobu grabs the sketchbook, and does the cute flapping thing she does, before going out to the beach…the others a bit down…)

Ami: I think we embarrassed her.

Joey: We kept forgetting Shinobu’s shy side at times, I guess we saw something she didn’t really want to see…

Keichi: Shinobu!

Ukyo: Shinchan!

(The group go over to here, as Shinobu is near tears…)

Ami: Don’t worry Shinobu, you’re among friends here, we won’t embarrass you…

Joey: It’s O.K lil’ sis, heck, we didn’t see nothing if you want that.

(Shinobu listens to the words as they all over their apology of sorts…)

Shinobu: I forget that I’m not in the Hinatasou, someone like Mistune or Su won’t find me here sketching. These people are so understanding…

(In the end, Shinobu gets into a group hug from the other 5 as peace has been restored. However, it is about to be shattered in the opposite tribe…)

* * * *



Chromus: The final hours on the island are approaching one of half a dozen people of the tribe known as Locus. So, who has dug themselves into a hole that they can’t get out?

Kyosuke: I am so unsure how the votes are going…I know who I’m voting for, but it is a bit of a risk I know that.

Felicia: Another one bites the dust tonight, and to the moment I enter the graveyard site, I won’t know who I’ve chosen.

Tamahome: My choice is simple. Enough said…

Ruri: I’ve got a hard decision tonight. To go with someone I like who is the strongest, or someone who has seen me as a problem…

Sakura: I am very undecided…well, actually I’m not.

Hikari: I am very undecided…and I genuinelly am. I’ve got a tough decision to make, but two of us have to fulfil a promise…and I keep my promises.

Tamahome: Well…another night…

Ruri: Yeah…

Tamahome: Hey, if one of goes tonight, it’s been great kid.

Ruri: (slight smile) Thank you Mr Tamahome.

(Shot over as Sakura goes over to Tamahome after talking with Hikari, Felicia and Kyosuke)

Hikari: Another soul sent to the graveyard…

Felicia: It will continue to get worse I’m afraid.

Kyosuke: Even worse for those discarded…

* * * *


Enough with the card metaphors…it’s time to duel, er vote…(dammit)

(Shot of the 6 soon to be 5 remaining members of Locus Tribe. Chromus stands there attentive for once, as the group emerge and sit down on their pedestals.)

Chromus: Well, this is a surprise…Locus tribe twice at Council, and after winning a reward challenge as well? All I can say is Tamahome, what happened?

Tamahome: Overconfidence in ourselves and underestimating the spirit in Tsunami. We thought we could win a power challenge…and we didn’t. We just need to get the spirit up to their level…sadly, one person won’t be able to make it…

Chromus: Sadly maybe. Ruri, twice, you’ve come up against it and managed to escape. Third time the bad charm?

Ruri: I know my role here, but I intend to try and get out of it. I am going to work hard for my place in survivor, if the family I’ve met here decide that I’m going to go tonight, so be it.

Chromus: Finally, before you know what, Hikari…last time, you were very emotional on Cody’s elimination, yet voted for him. Now that he’s gone, and you’re here, what is the plans for the future?

Hikari: The plans are that we’ll make it to the merge, five against five. That’s all I’ve got to say.

Chromus: Right…very well, let’s do the vote. Er…we’ll start with Ruri-ruri over there, come up to the pedesal dearie..

Ruri: Idiot.

(Ruri goes up and makes her vote. She goes for ‘KYOSUKE’)

Ruri: I wouldn’t say it’s revenge…it’s just I can’t think of anyone else to vote for. I guess revenge may be part of it if you want to call it like that.

(Next is Hikari. We don’t see her vote. Following her is Felicia, who makes her vote, ‘TAMAHOME’)

Felicia: Sorry Tama, but I’m not going to vote for Kyo or Ruri, so you were next in line. Gomen.

(Next is Kyosuke. His vote, ‘TAMAHOME’)

Kyosuke: It’s him or me. And I’d prefer if it was him.

(Sakura makes her vote and finally, Tamahome comes up, and votes ‘KYOSUKE’)

Tamahome: Sorry man, but I think you’ve been taking the votes a bit too personally. It’s a game, and there are always losers. Are you one of them tonight?

(As Tamahome dumps the final vote into the dragon capture jar, Chromus goes up to the altar.)

Chromus: I’ll count the votes.

(A bit of shuffling is made and Chromus takes the first vote out. ‘KYOSUKE.’)

Chromus: Kyosuke.

(The psychic nods…shame he can’t read minds.)

Chromus: Next vote is Tamahome.

(Tamahome also nods)

Chromus: Kyosuke.

(Kyosuke puts his head down.)

Chromus: Tamahome. That’s 2 each for the two boys…what’s with the guys going, do they smell or something?

Ruri: Idiot.

Chromus: O.K, just get on with it. 5th vote…(reveals)…Kyosuke.

(Kyosuke looks at Tama who quickly averts his gaze)

Chromus: And the final vote…do we have our second tie?

(dramatic pause)

Chromus: Sorry…

(Reveals vote, KYOSUKE. The psychic is a bit surprised, but sighs and shakes his head)

Chromus: Mr Kasuga, can you bring yourself up here please?

(Kyosuke does, without much of a word, disappointed. Chromus puts his hand on the Kimagure Orange Road rep.)

Chromus: Kyosuke, your card has been played long enough. It’s time you were sent to the graveyard.

(The 5th tombstone is immortalized…alongside Mai, Krillan, Mackey and Cody now sits 'KYOSUKE KASUGA.’)

Chromus: The tribe has spoken, you must leave.

(Kyosuke turns over and shakes the hands of everyone but Tamahome. He gets a hug from Felicia before leaving, and a smile makes it onto his face…)

Kyosuke: Oh well, at least I can win my other reward…

(Chromus sweatdrops as he leaves…)

Chromus: O.K, I don’t think we will delve into what he meant about that. Instead, I congratulate this famous 5 for making it this far, and I’ll see you in the morning for the next reward challenge.

(The group leave, another Council down, just one more before the merge. Will they be sitting in the seats for the third night in a row?)

* * * *

*Kyosuke’s confessional*

I tried…and screwed up. Maybe if I’d had convinced Sakura maybe to go against Ruri I would have had a better chance, but instead, I went for pride against Tamahome…and lost. Oh well…good luck to them, no hard feelings, and Ayukawa, I’ll be seeing you sooner than I thought…

Kyosuke’s stats

Kyosuke was Mr. Average on the island, didn’t bother anyone, fairly strong, smart, and wasn’t a deadweight. However, after two successive votes against Ruri, her ‘brother’ Tamahome and him got on a bit of a rivalry. In the next Council, Kyosuke failed in convincing Hikari to vote for him and thus, was executed.

Other votes;

Sakura: Sorry, but can’t let you get away with hurting my training partner’s chances at winning the money. Sorry.

Hikari: Nothing against you, but I couldn’t vote for Tamahome with the promise I’ve got. Keep your chin up and enjoy your life, Kyo-kun.

Next time on AAVGS2;

The party has started for Tsunami, they’re celebrating togetherness…but does it come to an abrupt halt?

Tamahome has a talk with the girls, they need to be together now, is it a problem now for Felicia?

Reward challenge: Word challenge again a la AAVGS1, hey gets them practising for the log challenge…

The vital immunity: Can Tsunami win a third straight or will Locus prove to be the party poopers? It’s literally a battle to the finish in the Joust of Kings immunity challenge.

The final person to be cast away for the merge…

* * * *

Vote results;

Kyosuke (4) – Tamahome, Ruri, Sakura, Hikari

Tamahome (2) – Felicia, Kyosuke