The stones have been turned, the game is emerging, and strengths and weaknesses are starting to show.

Let’s see what happens this time…

* * * *

Casting Shadows

(Shot of Chromus as yet another Tribal Council has come and gone)

Chromus: Sometimes, even the calmest of storms can crack. If this is based on seeing some of your survivors go, then so be it…so for now…I think I’ll take my leave…(shouts over his shoulder.) it’s all yours…

????: (female voice) Aw, you big baby!

Chromus: You know, I would retaliate, but the fact is if I did, I think a few people up there would be unhappy…

????: Correct! Oh, you did remember the truck of ice-cream?

Chromus: (sweatdrops) The perks of an anime host…

* * * *

Day 10 – 7am – Tsunami

????: Day 10, and Tsunami’s most recent one was a difficult one for Tsunami, as this morning proves…

(Shot of Shinobu and Ukyo on the sand, not cooking or anything, just talking)

Ukyo: If it wasn’t for Shinchan, I think I would have cracked. I am really starting to think that this isn’t the best idea just to get my business on the map…

Shinobu: Just keep it together Ucchan, we need you here now.

Ukyo: It just feels like being the mother hen of the group is really plucking out my feathers. I’m only 16, yet I think I’ve gone through more mid-life crisis’ in just 10 days.

Shinobu: Don’t worry…

Ukyo: (sighs) I think people are seeing me crack as a chance to vote me off as well. (smiles) Don’t worry Shinchan, I made a promise remember?

Shinobu: (nods her head) Hai! We always keep our promises!

Ukyo: (chuckles) That we do sugar. (stands up) Come on, let’s go try and catch some fish, that should wake up a few sleepyheads.

Shinobu: I think Ucchan and I are getting quite close. She’s let me call her Ucchan because of our quick sister like friendship, and she’s quickly made up a name for me. It feels weird…but it does seem we’re close…

(Meanwhile, as the herd is awaking, one member reflects on Mackey’s dismissal last night)

Keichi: It was a case of pot luck last night I think on who would go, and it was obvious that it wasn’t a decision that anyone wanted to do. I will probably miss Mackey the most, he was my best buddy on the island…I’ve just got to put on my strong face now and not let out to weaknesses.

Keichi: I will miss him, you know.

Ami: We all will Keichi-san, I don’t think it’s hard not to miss anyone from this tribe now. (stretches as she watches the two girls outside, trying to get some food) I think everyone is trying not to show anything, but deep inside, we’re all feeling it.

(Ami looks to see Joey and Ashitaka still sleeping)

Ami: It’s scary, seeing the numbers dwindle, just 6 people now. We must not lose anymore…we must not lose…

Keichi: (smiling) Ami has got a strong will and spirit.

Ami: I just feel that I need to give my best in everything I do. Not just in academics, but in everything.

Keichi: I think that’s the best way. For now, let’s just carry on and be strong.

(The two nod as they escape the boundaries of the camp. Meanwhile, on Locus, they’ve sent a fish bearer over to try and help with the food…)

* * * *

LOCUS – 7.15am

Tamahome: Sakura’s gone to try and get us some fish…they’ve got the equipment, I’m hoping they may help her.

Cody: I don’t think there are too many bad bones inside any of the opposing team, I’m sure it won’t be a problem.

Hikari: Last night…you have to feel sorry for them, it seems as you’re getting closer, no sooner than you start to make friends, you have to break a tie and choose someone to go.

Ruri: We’ve simply got to avoid that happening here.

(Shot of the camp. Felicia and Kyosuke are still asleep, but the 4 awake are all sitting in a meditate stance, not asleep, but trying to calm their…)

(A sound comes from Hikari)

Hikari: (blushes) Sorry…

(…calm their hungers.)

Tamahome: You know, that was so like Miaka, it was scary. (suddenly Tamahome’s stomach rumbles) (sweatdrops) Er…heh…

Hikari: (smiling) You know, that was so like Touji, it was scary…

Cody: Ruri?

Ruri: No…not today. I don’t think they deserve to be told the usual.

Hikari: (mock belief) Ruri not going to call us the ‘I’ word, batten down the hatches!

(All but Ruri laugh, as the young navigator relaxes)

Ruri: My body was genetically modified illegally, and was taught to be a genius, to work on the Nadesico. I never got the chance to play any sports or have any fun. Apart from the idiocy and foolish events on the Nadesico, this is my only real chance to experience the world…and people like Tamahome, Felicia, Hikari and Cody have done that to me really well.


* * * *

TSUNAMI – 7.45am

(Joey has just got up, as Ashitaka is now awake, with 3 fish in the makings caught by Ukyo (2) and Shinobu (1). However, something else distracts them…)

Ashitaka: (smiling) Hey, we’ve got a visitor. (Ashitaka stands up and does a traditional bow to Sakura Kasunago, a bit out of breath, but bows back like the martial artist she is)

Joey: ARRRGHH! The enemy! (Makes a ward with his fingers) Back! Back! (The group chuckles as Sakura laughs)

Sakura: S-s-sorry for the intrusion, but…do you mind…

Ukyo: (chuckles) Of course not sugar! Go ahead!

Shinobu: Actually…would it be O.K if…

Joey: What? Let the enemy use the equipment that we so deservedly won last time? For shame Shinobu…

Ukyo: (evilly) Actually Joey, it seems that you’ve already finished your breakfast…

Joey: Eh?

Ashitaka: (just as evil) …and considering that this young lady would be bored on her own…

Joey: Uh oh…

(The two grab Joey by the scruff of the neck and drag him over to Sakura-chan number 2, who is basically laughing her head off…)

Sakura: For 6 people coming of Tribal Council, they are a riot, especially Joey. You got to admire that…

Ukyo/Ashitaka: So show her how to use it…and please behave!

Joey: (groans) Why me? (Sakura lifts him up to his feet as Joey now has another problem…his red face)

Sakura: Well Joey, it seems that you’re going on a swimming trip with me…

Joey: Oh boy…alright, but can I talk about them against their wishes to you.

Sakura: No problem.

(The two chuckles as Joey begins to ‘assist’ the enemy. The two actually have a good time swimming, and talk a bit, about Tribal Council, about their own tribes, about their lives, especially when it comes to Joey’s sister.)

(Shot of Sakura with two fish cradled)

Sakura: That’s…so…sweet…

Joey: (blushing) Well…it’s just like I have to do it, as her older brother, I can’t just let her be helpless. I need to help her, it’s my duty.

Sakura: It’s still sweet…

(Joey ducks his head in the water to get rid of his blush…then remembers he can’t hold his breath very well…)

Joey: GAAAHHH! (Sakura is too busy laughing her head off)

Sakura: You’re…so…funny…

(In the end, Joey has to laugh as well as Sakura manages to finally get a fish, and with a fond farewell Sakura leaves Tsunami tribes, full of spirits…and hunger…)

Joey: Remind me why I let you guys destroy me…

Ami: Well, it’s either because you are destined to be the king of the island, a future world leader and greatest guy in the world…or it’s because they like picking on you.

Keichi: I don’t think I need a goddess to tell me that it’s…

????: The second one, right Keichi?

(Keichi turns around, and is met with a pleasant surprise)

Keichi: (all smiles) Skuld? That you!

(Shot of the kawaii 12 year old goddess, Skuld, from the show Oh! My Goddess! technic extraordinare, cute voice, and general pain in the butt…especially to me. He’s basically a combo of Sasami and Su in a nutshell. Skuld hugs Keichi as the young goddess finally gets round to business)

Skuld: Yep, I’m the first guest host! I guess keeping Chromus under wraps has it’s priveleges…and sorry Kei-kun, but no helping you out either…

Keichi: Aw nuts…

Skuld: (evil) In fact, maybe I can persuade some of your fellow tribesmates to vote a certain mechanic off in a few nights…

Keichi: Actually, that does sound like the Skuld I know.

(Shot of Skuld with her huge mallet out)

Skuld: Care to repeat that?

Keichi: (sweatdropping) I’d rather not.

Skuld: (all sugary sweet) I didn’t think so. Now, you guys, we’ve got a challenge in an hour.

Ashitaka: That’s a bit early.

Skuld: I know, but there is a reason, the reward challenge is needed to occur at the peak of the sun’s heat, which will be in a hour’s time today according to the true brightest spot on the universe…(sorry Washu)…ME!

Ukyo: (You live with these?)

Joey: (These are goddesses?)

Skuld: No talking! Anyway, I’ll see you in a bit, in the meantime, I recommend you start thinking about this challenge, it will require every bit of stamina you guys have got…as for the prize, I want you guys, to think of two pieces of cooking apparatus you might like…cause that’s your prize!

(Skuld leaves, to go over to Locus as Tsunami contemplate these term of events)

* * * *

(Not long after Skuld left, the team have a problem…they are going to have to rush their breakfast as Sakura has only just returned. And Ruri has to explain what happened to her as an ill-prepared Locus’ only advantage at the moment is the fact that they are not coming off a loss…)

Tamahome: This has come out of the blue…

Hikari: Let’s dig in guys!

(The group have only half an hour to digest their meal, and then head off to the main beach where their reward challenge begins…)

Cody: Don’t rush guys…

Felicia: Owww…too late…

Sakura: I don’t think I’ll eat…just a bit tired…

Kyosuke: But you worked hard to get it, you need to eat it…

Ruri: She can have my share, I’m not feeling too hungry…

Cody: (concerned) Are you O.K Ruri?

Ruri: Y-yeah…

Cody: O.K…

(Concern and anguish are emotions not needed as Locus begin their track to the beach, where the reward challenge comes into play….)

* * * *

Reward Challenge

Challenge: The link of stamina, the group has to balance on a log in the sea holding onto each other. Every so often, the log will shrink. The first team had has less than 3 people on the log loses.

Reward: Two pieces of cooking uses, plus ingredients needed to make their choice of food, chosen by the teams before the challenge.

(Shot of Locus and Tsunami as Skuld floats in mid air. For those not used to paranormal phenomena…in other words, no-one…^_^…it’s a sight…)

Skuld: Welcome honoured teams. I trust you have made a decision on what you want for your reward…

(The two teams nod)

Skuld: Locus, what would you like?

Hikari: We’d like a barbeque grill and basic pots for miso soup and rice.

Skuld: If you win, we’ll throw in some chicken and miso for you. And for Tsunami?

Ukyo: We’d also like the pots and miso, but also an okonomiyaki cart and grill please.

Skuld: No problem, goddess space brings all! Now, the challenge to win these items is as follows.

(The shot of the sea as there are 6 stumps in the sea, 12 in all, 6 on each side for each tribe.)

Skuld: Now, we’re not parting the sea, but today, 6 of each group will have to balance on the stumps. They will be held 2 feet apart from each other…but there is a catch or two.

(Skuld walks on the water and jumps onto the stumps. Out of goddess space, she removes one of her robots and puts on a stump. She reaches out and grabs the robots arm.)

Skuld: First off, you MUST keep in contact with the person or persons you are next to, and the other catch…

(The stump underneath the robot suddenly moves and he falls into the water.)

Skuld: Every 5 minutes, a stump will be removed. The tribe must be able to balance each other on the same stumps which are only 2 feet wide. As you can see, I couldn’t do it (smiles) but then again, I don’t have to.

(Groans, especially from Keichi come the young goddess’ way, as Skuld hops back down.)

Skuld: Two ways to win. The first is simply having the most people on there by the time we get down to just the two stumps. The second is if one team has just 2 people at any point, they lose. Basically, just hold on and pray…but then again, my sisters won’t hear you…

Keichi: Skuld…please…

Skuld: (giggles) Lighten up Kei! The challenge will start as soon as 6 people are on. Locus, eliminate one.

(It’s tough…but the group decides on Ruri, although contemplation on Cody and Sakura was also considered)

Skuld: O.K, I suggest you think who goes where. Who do you want your strongest, in the middle or in between? Make your choice.

(The two tribes waddle in the water. Felicia quickly hops onto the middle stomp, not really liking water. Tamahome goes next to her, either side of them are Sakura and Kyosuke, with Hikari on the far left and Cody on the far right.)



(On Tsunami, similar deal, with their two strongest (Ashitaka and Ukyo) in the centre. To the left of Ashitaka is Joey, to the right of Ukyo is Ami. On the far left is Keichi and on the far right is Shinobu.)


Skuld: O.K, let-sa go!

(The groups both start off with simply holding each other’s hands, not letting go as the stumps remain steady. The only signal they will release that the stumps are going to go is a swift movement, they must be prepared.)

(So far, both teams are holding their own. However, as the first 5 minutes up, two different strategies come into play)

Time: 5 minutes gone, first stump moves.


(As the first stump to the right goes for both tribes, Cody hops over and shares with Kyosuke. It’s a bit cramp, even with Cody’s small size.)


(When the stump goes, Shinobu almost falls, but is held on by Ami. Ami then puts one foot on Ukyo’s stump and one foot on her own. Shinobu holds on as the two tribes put two different strategies in effect.)

Ashitaka: Ami came up with the V strategy, which gave our group much more room on the stumps. As usual, her brains may be beating their brawn.

Kyosuke: We didn’t give it much thought about moving on the stumps, and it was kind of a mess when more stumps began to move…

(With the 10 minutes mark approaching, Kyosuke is having problems holding on, as Ami is being incredibly poised and calm.)

10 minutes

(This time the left stump goes, and the work becomes slightly more hectic…)


(Sakura pulls on as Hikari shares the stump, but they begin to see the problems. Felicia is keeping an eye on Tsunami and they see Joey doing the V stance…although not as much grace as Ami…in fact nearly splits himself but recovers, as Felicia calls out.)

Felicia: Wanna change?

Kyosuke: I think it would be better…maybe we should and when the girls think they have to…

Hikari: Right!

(However, as Tamahome tries to make room, Kyosuke puts a foot wrong and slips. Cody lets go consequently although Tamahome manages to hang on…)

Skuld: Cody-kun is gone!

(Cody steps off the stumps, a bit angry.)

Cody: It was too late to change tactics, and when we did, we screwed up.

(On the plus side for Locus, it means that they have more room with just 5 people. However, when it comes to 2 stumps, it could still be costly.)

(However, Tsunami have another plan…)

Ukyo: If we were going to show Locus that we weren’t down and out after the last council, we were going to prove that we were united. And we wanted to get all 6 on those two stumps, and Ami quickly realised the best way…

(As the third stump approaches, again from the left, the one which Joey and Keichi are part sharing and Hikari and Sakura are full sharing, their tactic won’t work this time…hence the new move.)

(3 stumps gone)


(Felicia using her strength, manages to get both girls onto the stump. However, her large size makes it difficult for three people to stand. Felicia tries to squat, as the three begin a tangle of sorts. The heat isn’t helping much either…Tsunami however…)


(As Ashitaka helps them on quickly, Joey puts his back to Ashitaka, and Keichi goes in between them, they are close together, plus Ashitaka is still having to hold Ukyo’s hand. Ami and Shinobu are still hanging in there, but it looks a lot better than Locus.

(Eventually, after 5 minutes of squashing, Hikari is forced to drop out of the game. The 3 guys on Tsunami are now squatting to easy their problems, as the final stump moves.)

(Ukyo pulls the two girls up and they assume the same position. Tamahome meanwhile does the same, and as it’s just Kyosuke, it’s easier, but still 4 to 6. It isn’t long until 5 minutes run out…)

Skuld: And that is…time! It’s over, you can step down.

(The survivor music plays as Tsunami’s focus was the key as the group, a bit sore, but delighted with the pick-me-up win, which Joey does to Ami, the savior of the team, as Ami blushes as she hugs her teammates, Shinobu, then Ukyo, then Ashitaka and then Keichi.)

Keichi: We’re proud of Ami. Watch out Skuld, she’s could be your human equivilent!

(Meanwhile, Locus have only themselves to blame. Cody and Hikari bows their heads down on a lack of organization, as Ruri simply says the one word we all know is true in this instance.)

Ruri: Idiots.

* * * *

Skuld: Well, in the blistening heat, it wasn’t skill and strength which were the most important thing, it was, of course, brains and tactics. And in this case, Tsunami clearly had the edge in a 6 to 4 victory. Congratulations to Kei-kun and company!

(The group high-five each other as Skuld jokes a moment of disappointment that Kei did win, but immediately carries on.)

Skuld: So, I’ll be with you at midday with your equipment, and after that, I’ll see both tribes tomorrow, for the important immunity challenge. Ja ne!

(Two tribes and a goddess separate, one tribe elated, one tribe deflated…)

* * * *


(A much stronger Tsunami tribe have emerged happy and victorious, knowing that they will be ready for a strong meal when the time comes)

Ami: It’s nice to see that we were the team with the most organisation this time…

Keichi: That’s true Miss Ami, and despite the horror known as Skuld that the author has decided to put upon me, I think at least we’re gonna eat well…

Joey: Heh, so what’s on the menu ladies?

Ukyo: (chuckles) You’ll just have to wait and see sugar…

Skuld: Whilst Tsunami prepare for the delivery, a surprised Locus are wondering what went wrong…


Sakura: It’s simple. They had more organisation, and they probably were stronger…when you think about it, maybe Ruri would have been better for that challenge after all…

(In the hopscotch area, members of the group are trying to ignore the defeated reward challenge, and hope to come good for immunity…)

Ruri: I never got the chance to play games during my schooling, it just seemed so…

Felicia: Inhuman?

Ruri: (sighs) I guess so…people have called me a robot at times…I guess it’s true in some small way…

Felicia: Don’t say that! You’re not inhuman, you are an adorable young girl who just has had the hard life…look at me! Do you think I can go on the streets without people calling me names?

Ruri: That…is a point.

Felicia: The point is, we’re living, we’re breathing…and we’re here. Heck, the fact that you can come in between too points of time proves your special ways. Keep it at way sweetie.

Ruri: (blushing) Um…thank you.

Felicia: That’s O.K…hey, where’s Cody, I thought he was playing?

Ruri: I think he went to go try and get some water from the hole…(starts to move, but catches herself kneeling)

Felicia: Ruri-ruri?

Ruri: It’s…nothing. I’ll be O.K…

Felicia: (to herself) The poor dear’s getting a relapse…

(Meanwhile, the remaining group try to stomach their food. Cody and Hikari’s trip to the water hole is taking longer than expected and the thirst in the heat is a major problem.)

Sakura: I can go…

Tamahome: No way, I need you here to train me, we can’t exhaust our dear Sakura too much can we?

Sakura: Ha ha. What am I, your mother’s keeper?

(The two go into a tongue-bobbing contest complete with eyelid pulling. Kyosuke has to chuckle but he too is feeling the heat)

Kyosuke: Man, I never thought I’d ever be this hot…unless of course…

Tamahome: Er, Kyo-kun, why the goofy snicker…

Kyosuke: Eh..oh nothing…

Sakura: It’s the marks of a pervert Tama…(cracks knuckles)…want to go a second round?

Kyosuke: No thank you! (quickly runs off to the hopscotch area where Tama and Sakura laugh with a high-five)

(Shot of Cody and Hikari returning with the water)

Felicia: I think Hikari-chan sees Cody as sort of a little brother. I heard she has two sisters so she doesn’t have any male siblings. She’s that kind of girl, wanting to try out everything. She’s fantastic.

Hikari: Cody, I do appreciate this, but are you sure…

Cody: (struggling with Hikari to hold onto a big bucket) I think my father would see me as a true son if I helped a true lady with the duties Miss Hikari.

Hikari: (chuckles) You are too sweet. And enough with the Miss thing, Hikari is fine. I’m not in the classroom anymore.

Cody: Sorry…it’s just…well one of my friends is named Hikari as well, it’s kind of a habit…

Hikari: I guess your duties made you this polite.

Cody: Duties as a son to my father, or duties as a digidestined?

Hikari: Both I guess…

Cody: Well, in that case, yep. Both my roles I consider to work to the upmost importance.

Hikari: I think if all the boys in my class had half the class you do Cody, I think the world I live in would have been a much better place.

(Cody is red to his ears as the two head back, as thirst is getting a real problem. On the hopscotch area, Ruri is desperately trying to avoid being noticed with her cold, especially with the telepath Kyosuke around)

Felicia: They’re back!

Kyosuke: Good, I think we’ve still got some fruit left, we can flavour the water. Come on Ruri-chan!

Ruri: Yes…

(They’ve hidden their defeat well, but Tsunami’s victory begins at 12…)

* * * *



(Shot of Skuld coming in without anything, as she arrives in Tsunami territory)

Skuld: Hello everyone!

(Shot as the team are mostly doing whatever, Shinobu is in the sea with Ami, Ukyo is arm wrestling with Ashitaka, and Keichi and Joey are discussing their various hobbies…)


(The 6 immediately stop whatever they are attempting, and pay attention to the kawaii, if attention seeking, goddess.)

Skuld: I’m not sure if I want to do this now…but it’s in a contract, and we all know that goddesses never break contracts, do they Kei?

Keichi: Please Skuld…not now…

Skuld: (chuckles) Anyway, via the power of the goddesses…me…here you go!

(From goddess space, Skuld emerges the power of a replica of Ucchan’s okonomiyaki cart and some soup pots with home made miso from the lovely old ladies from Hinata. Ukyo and Shinobu’s smiles brighten up.)

Skuld: Enjoy your prize!

(The goddess leaves, allowing everyone to soak up the prizes. Joey’s stomach rumbling quickly puts actions speaking louder than words)

Ukyo: Say the word sugar…

(For the misoshiru or miso soup, the pot is full of home made miso (soybean paste, steamed with salt), and also for Shinobu, there are ingredients to add such as soup stock, tofu, dried bonito, and a variety of vegetables. For the okonomiyaki cart, the ingredients for it are flour, eggs, plus 6 bottles of water. Shredded cabbage is by the side, whilst an assortments of meat and sea food, including pork and squid are there, along with Ucchan’s home made sauce and a bit of ginger, bonito flakes and seaweed for flavouring.)

(Shot of Ukyo spinning her hand set of spatulas with a smile)

Ukyo: I’m back in the zone!

(Shinobu isn’t quite as assertive, but she takes the lid of the pot off anyway.)

Shinobu: Dinner will be ready as soon as possible!

(The two girls begin to work their magic, the guys especially amazed by the speed of Ukyo’s hands working the japanese pancake/pizza. The smelt from the hot plate is literally tantalizing. To add emphasis, Ukyo also dabbed the names of each of her tribe with the sauce. Shinobu is very impressed as well, but her own simple style is enough to make the sauce over the fire.)

(Soon, a tandem rumble of stomaches is made)

Ami: Something tells me I don’t need to analyse the food to know that I’m going to enjoy this…

(A bit later)

(Shot of 6 bowls of soup and 6 okonomiyaki’s are made, with a variety of flavourings.)

Joey: Permission to dig in?

Ukyo: Permission granted sugar.

(One bite of the food immediately gets a reaction)

Ashitaka: I think I speak for everyone when I say…wow.

(Joey and Keichi would speak, but they’re mouths are a bit full so a simple nod is fine. The soup is also delicious as Keichi mentions that their food is as good as Belle’s, the two girls blush as they start their own meal.)

Ukyo: It’s nice to get back to what I’m good at, and seeing everyone’s faces light up reminds me back home. I guess at least when it comes to cooking, at least I can beat my rivals back home in that way…especially as I don’t drug my food like two certain people…and it’s edible…unlike one certain person…

Shinobu: At the start of the game, I felt I was going quickly. I’m glad that I’m still here, and everyone is appreciating what I can do now. I just hope it’s enough…

Ami: The reward challenge has really helped us, it has made the group closer than ever. Plus we got some good food out of it…if we’re like this, we should be O.K for the immunity challenge…I hope.

(One group eats their meal, whilst another begins to wonder what they need…)

* * * *

LOCUS TRIBE – 2.00pm

Hikari: I can almost smell their meal from here…

Hikari: We at least had the breakfast earlier and it kept us going at least, but we’ve had to be careful when trying to find food from other sources. We can’t rely on the fruit and Felicia’s amazing skills for ever, and Sakura can’t go everyday over to Tsunami to try and fish…

Tamahome: Don’t worry, we’ll just switch…I’ll go tomorrow and try. I won’t antagonize them, I mean Sakura says they are nice enough people and I believe her.

Hikari: You’re right…I guess I’m just being a worry wart…

Tamahome: I know…(turns around and smiles)…hey, look at this…

(Shot of a tree, where Ruri has fallen asleep. She is sleeping on Cody’s shoulder who isn’t moving at all, but he has his eyes closed, not sure if he’s asleep or not…)

Hikari: They look so cute…

Tamahome: Yeah, almost like family…

Hikari: You missing them?

Tamahome: Yeah, both my real family and my Suzaku family. (he takes the photograph of the Suzaku Seven) I miss them all…

Hikari: Especially Miaka?

(Tamahome nods as Hikari inspects the picture. She’s looks at Nuriko, and makes the common mistake that even their dub voice actresses make…)

Hikari: Wow, she’s a pretty woman as well!

Tamahome: (sweatdrops) Yes, ‘she’ is…if she was a she…

Hikari: Huh?

(5 minutes later)

Hikari: Nuriko’s a guy?

Tamahome: Yes, that’s about the 17th time I’ve tried to explain it to you. Geez…

(Suddenly, Felicia and Kyosuke come up to the two.)

Kyosuke: Hikari? I think we need to tell you something…

Hikari: (trying to get out of her trance) Uh…oh sure…

Felicia: It’s about Ruri…I think her cold is catching up with her again…

Hikari: Oh no…

(Indeed, as Hikari goes to the tree, she can spot Cody feeling her temperature, as the heat of her forehead is indeed making him nervous. Cody, despite being the smallest and youngest, manages to lift Ruri and get her into the camp.)

Cody: Hang on…let’s try and stop this…we can’t let anyone know this…

(Outside, Hikari is beaming with pride)

Hikari: Poor sweetheart…he’s trying to avoid her illness to everyone…

Tamahome: (sighs) Why her? It seems luck never goes with us…

Kyosuke: We won’t tell Cody?

Felicia: No, I don’t want to break the poor dear’s heart.

Hikari (nodding): Where’s Sakura?

Felicia: She’s gone into the forest, trying to find some leaves for tea…I think she’s surprising us, she seems to know more about survival than anyone…even me…

Kyosuke: We heavily underestimate Sakura. She travels on foot regularly for training, and knows a few survival tricks of her own. I’m amazed how much we’ve relied on her for fishing and jungle hunting. Felicia may be our rat-catcher, but Sakura is our working mother hen.

(Shot of Sakura scouring the jungle for leaves…)

Sakura: Man, I know this is paying my dues…but it still sucks!

Sakura: I may be the worker, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have to complain!

* * * *



Skuld: 5 o’clock. Both tribes are well into their stride. Tsunami’s strength after a good dinner had held them off so they won’t need to eat until the night. And it has restored the confidence to two people who were struggling…

(Shot of Joey, Ukyo, Ami and Shinobu in the water, the three girls splashing the duelist)

Joey: Last night, I think Ukyo was really struggling to hold herself together. I explained why I voted for her, and she, god bless her soul, was fine with it. I think the reward today brought back the belief in herself.

Ashitaka: I felt Shinobu was going to get stronger. At the start, she felt she would go, and has always been nervous throughout. However, she’s the strong shy type, like Ami, just she doesn’t know it. Today, she’s been the most confident I’ve seen her.

Keichi: Hey, can anyone have a bash at Joey?

Ukyo: Go right ahead, the water is perfect for it!

Joey: And I thought I was going to get away with a 3 girl massacre as well…hoo-boy…

Ukyo: Well, no more food for Joey Wheeler tonight…

Joey: Miss, it would be honoured if you nailed me with three tonnes of water tonight!

Ukyo: Much better.

(Keichi goes in as Ashitaka simply sits down and watches them. The swordsman relaxes as the seaside is wrecked with the noise of 4 other people trying to pulverize Joey Wheeler…)

Ashitaka: It’s interesting, coming to a 21st century lifestyle and trying to adapt to it. In reality, this is a simple life, a life I’ve become accustomed to. Survival. And that is why I am doing everything I can do to come out to be a survivor.

* * * *


Skuld: Meanwhile, the other person from the ancient lands is also wondering about the adaptive life…

(Shot of Tamahome in the water hole, surrounded by the nature of the jungle around him)

Tamahome: This is an unusual perspective I have learned from this world, where Miaka lives. I don’t think it’s all like this, because the nature of the game is something that I’ve lived to do anyway. Surviving in the wilderness, and of course, cold-hard-cash!

Tamahome: I wonder if I’ll ever see where Miaka lives…

Ruri: You will…

(Tamahome quickly eeps as Ruri comes to the water hole as he goes in it.)

Ruri: Sorry for interrupting, but I came to check on you, you’ve been gone a long time.

Tamahome: Oh, it’s O.K Ruri. I guess I was just daydreaming a bit. So…I will see her home?

Ruri: Yes…but I won’t tell you anymore than that.

Tamahome: It’s still a bit spooky about this past/future thing that Ruri and I have…

Tamahome: Anyway…er…how are you feeling?

Ruri: Er…O.K, I guess…

Tamahome: Do you want to come in here and relax, I’ll go out now. It’s O.K…

Ruri: Mr. Tamahome…

Tamahome: Hey, don’t worry…we’ll be all right…(heads off as Ruri looks at the hot spring like water hole)

Ruri: I’m not fooling anyone am I…(sighs)…what an idiot I am.

Ruri: I’m trying…and trying…but the helplessness is falling over me again. I don’t think I will have too many excuses if we do lose tomorrow’s challenge…

* * * *



Skuld: As the night falls, Locus sit round the fire, psyching themselves up for the challenges that await them tomorrow…

Cody: Are we all going to be ready for tomorrow?

Kyosuke: We’ve still got the edge of people, so we can still win this.

Hikari: We just got to prepare better, they got lucky last time…it won’t happen again!

Sakura: That’s the spirit Hikari! We won’t get down because of a small thing like this…

(Shot of Ruri lying down with Felicia, trying her best to ignore the heat of the flames)

Ruri: Camping outside…it’s something totally new for me…yet it feels like the flames are attacking every nerve in my body…

Felicia: Aw, Ruri…you wanna cat massage?

Ruri: I’ll pass this time…besides, you could probably bend me in half with your strength.

Felicia: Aww…that was mean…

Ruri: It was true though wasn’t it?

Felicia: Yep.

Tamahome: Come on guys, let’s try and get to sleep. A long day tomorrow for us…

(The group gets up, it’s obvious Ruri has some difficulty as Cody helps her. Ruri accepts as they enter…)

Ruri: He’s no Akito, but Cody is still a knight in shining armor…


Ukyo: He eats…

Ashitaka: …and he sleeps.

(Shot of Joey already asleep)

Ami: The enigma that is Joey Wheeler, I don’t think I’ll ever understand it.

Keichi: Something you can’t understand Ami…I don’t think I’ll ever live to see the day of that.

(The group are clearing off another U and S special dinner, added with Ashitaka hunting some fish to the menu, they haven’t needed to eat rice today and for the next couple of days.)


* * * *

(About 3 in the middle of the night…)

(A rustling in the bushes of one tribe…)

???? (female voice): Huh…

(Someone has had to go to the little girls room and has heard the rustling. She becomes defensive)

????: (whispering ) I won’t wake the others unless it’s something I can’t take out…

(Suddenly, whatever makes the rustling…strikes!)

????: (male voice) OWWWW!

????: (female) Aw geez, what the h…huh? Is that….

????: (male) What’s going on…huh…oh…hey.

????: (female) Hey, what are you doing here? And in the middle of the night no less!

????: (male) Er…ummm…I’m not sure…

????: (female) Let me guess…sleepwalking….

????: (male) Must be, I ate a bit too much I guess…(sigh)…I am so screwed when I get back.

????: (female) Oh no, you’re going to me mister, we’re not letting you sleepwalk again…and I’m gonna tie you up with some rope, I think your friends would appreciate it…

????: (male) Ha, ha…(yawns)…make it quick…

????: (female) Actually…forget it…I’m tired too, we’ve just got to somehow wake you up early enough to avoid everyone knowing…

????: (male) How…

????: (female) You walked an hour sleepwalking, but I’d not risk it back. Come on, let’s get down the beach and try and get a comfy spot to sleep…

????: (male) S-s-s-sleep? As in…

????: (female) I’m not letting you out of my sight until morning, hopefully, we can make it to our tribes without suspicion.

????: (male) You’re the boss…thank you.

????: (female) You’re welcome.

Skuld: What just went on there?

* * * *

Day 11 – 8.00am

(Skuld: The questions from last night remain unanswered as both tribes are fully in count when the sun rises, so what happened last night is still unsure to the naked eye. One thing is for sure, by the time the day is over, they will have to do a head count, because one of them will be going…)


(Shot of Shinobu still sleeping as Joey watches over her)

Joey: Let the girl sleep in…

(Joey stumbles up as Ami is preparing the fire)

Ami: Shinobu still asleep?

Joey: Yeah, looks like we’ll have to fend for ourselves with Ukyo on water duty.

Ami: We’d better hold out with the food gifts, because we don’t know how long we’re going to last as a tribe.

Joey: Let’s not talk like that Ami.

(Shot of Keichi and Ashitaka getting up, as Keichi is trying to get the camp back erect, as someone certainly did some damage last night)

Keichi: I think somebody was sleeping with a sumo wrestler night…there, should be back to it’s sturdy self…

Ashitaka: What did happen there?

Keichi: Don’t ask me…

(Shot of Ukyo in the water, part fishing, part getting water.)

Ukyo: All I can say is I’m glad I avoided the curses of Jusyenko…no matter how fun Ranchan’s is…

Skuld: The promise of an immunity challenge is among the hot horizon…but just to annoy the author, I’ve decided to add a little extra problem for this next challenge…

(Skuld clicks her fingers and suddenly…the heavens open)

* * * *


(Neither tribe is appreciating Skuld’s abuse of her goddess powers, especially when it comes to a storm…with fires needing to be protected)

Tamahome: O.K, it’s still working…

(Shot of the meal, 4 rats, and some rice with what appears to be coconut milk)

Felicia: Yuck…I hate the rain…

Kyosuke: You’ve said that 3 times already…

Felicia: I know, I just felt like saying it again…

(For one member, the rain isn’t something she wanted…)

(Shot of Ruri, along with Hikari, Sakura and Cody, in the camp, desperately trying to hide her shiver…and failing bigtime…)

Hikari: Ruri, you O.K?

Ruri: Y-yes…

Sakura: That doesn’t show too much confidence…

Cody: Ruri…

Ruri: No, it’s O.K..

Cody: (shivers) Actually, it is a bit cold…

Hikari: Come on, let’s get close and let the fire go. We’ll relieve them in a minute, but let’s warm us up first.

(The first get close together, as Sakura puts her arms around Hikari and Ruri, Hikari cuddles with Cody closer as they try and get the cold out…)

Felicia: (shaking off the rain like a dog) And there’s a challenge in this…unbelievable!

Hikari: (shouting) Felicia, come in! I’ll take over!

Felicia: Darn toutin!

(The cat-girl scampers into the camp as Hikari braves the rain and joins Tamahome and Kyosuke)

Tamahome: Geez…can’t you put a psychic shield around us or something?

Kyosuke: I’m not that type of psychic man!

Tamahome: Actually…considering who I know does that trick, maybe it’s better you don’t have that ability…

Hikari: How’s breakfast?

Kyosuke: Hanging on by a thread…

(Felicia joins in trying to get warm, but it’s a bit tricky. Tsunami aren’t enjoying Skuld’s humour either…)


(…especially as they didn’t react in time and their fire is out)

Joey: Let’s hope we can hold on…

Ukyo: Our late supper last night may hold us, but I can’t be for sure…

Shinobu: (now awake) Let’s just hang on for now, k?

(All 6 are in the camp, simply trying to keep warm. Occasionally, they all take a drink of water…)

Keichi: I could kill for something sweet…

Ami: Maybe we can go to their island, and try to get a piece of fruit or something. It didn’t say that we couldn’t go to their place either…

Ashitaka: That’s a good point. But I don’t think it would be a good idea whether we win or lose the challenge to do so. We don’t want to invade on any spirits.

(The group hold the space fort…but Skuld doesn’t let the rain drop. It’s a miserable few hours until the tribes are forced to grit their teeth to walk over to the main beach, where a very tricky immunity challenge is about to commence…)

* * * *


Immunity Challenge

6 members of the tribe, no matter how, must climb to the top of a pole and ring the gong. The first tribe to do this wins.

(Shot of Skuld, with an umbrella, revelling in the two tribes misery)

Skuld: Enjoy the weather guys?

Keichi: Why do I get the feeling that the weather was more of an unnatural phenomenon rather than a natural one…

Skuld: Why Kei-kun, don’t we have a suspicious mind? Anyway…the rain has made a tricky challenge even worse now…

(Skuld motions to two totem poles, each with a circular target on them.)

Skuld: This challenge is simple. One by one, each of you will climb the pole and ring the gong. Then climb down. This will be repeated 5 more times so basically it’s 6 on 6. You can climb any way you fancy, have other team members help you is legal, there are foot holds and ropes to make it easier…the first team to do it 6 times with 6 tribesmen or women…wins. Is that clear?

(The group nod, many wanting this challenge to be over as quickly as possible)

Skuld: Again, Locus, please eliminate someone from his challenge.

(The decision is easily made as Ruri at least gets some comfort of sharing Skuld’s umbrella)

Skuld: O.K, climbers to your positions!

(For Locus, Cody starts. For Tsunami, it’s Shinobu. Skuld raises her arms.)

Skuld: Ready?

(The two nod)

Skuld: And go!

(Cody is immediately lifted in the air by Felicia. Shinobu on the other hand, goes for the first leg alone. Shinobu struggles against the air lifted Cody, who is handling the pole quite well. Shinobu however is hanging on and manages to shift up the pole. Cody leads by half a metre as he rings the gong. Cody hops down slowly as Shinobu reaches the gong. Shinobu slides down as best as she can and closes the gap on Cody as Hikari makes the tag. Shinobu tags Keichi.)

(Hikari is very good on the pole, and begins increasing the lead further as Keichi is obviously not as used to this. Ashitaka and Ukyo however give him a slight boost as he finally finds the footholds and uses the ropes to his advantage. Hikari is super quick up and rings the gong, and inches her way down. Keichi is much faster down but the lead is still around half a metre.)

(Hikari tags in Kyosuke, who is much slower, the rain making him unable to get him off to a decent speed. Felicia and Tamahome quickly go either side and give him a boost, but when Keichi tags in Ami, the lead is not so problematic. Ami isn’t too quick up the pole, but is faster than Kyosuke, who is struggling to come to terms with it. He reaches the gong about 10 cm before Ami does. The two go down the pole around the same speed, so Locus maintain the small lead)

(Sakura goes next, and is very quick. However, Ami’s tag to Joey is also good, as Joey is also very quick. The two are almost in unison as they race up to ring the gong and slide down in unsion. Tamahome is next for Locus and Ukyo for Tsunami.)

(Tamahome is very quick, but Ukyo literally jumps up it with amazing speed and rings the gong. She slides down mega quick as Tamahome hits the gong quickly as Ukyo tags Ashitaka. Tamahome 3 seconds later tags Felicia, their best climber.)

(Ukyo’s lead is doing well for Ashitaka who climbs with great speed and strength. Felicia literally does the same thing as Ukyo…but the rain makes it horrid for the cat girl. She slips, and digs her claws in before recovering. She rings the gong and climbs down…)

(…1 second after Ashitaka has dropped to the ground, a fist raised in the air on Tsunami’s victory.)

(Tsunami goes ballistic, as Ukyo, Ami and Shinobu all hug the ancient Japan native warrior. Joey and Keichi high five on a job well done as they get hugs and high fives all round. It’s a site to see 6 wet people celebrate like the 4th of July.)

(Locus are very disappointed…Felicia in particular. Hikari is the first to console the cat girl, as the others including Ruri join in. The disappointment is etched in each of their faces though…)

* * * *

Skuld: Aw man…I was hoping I could see Keichi writhe at Tribal Council as well, but I guess it’s for the best, as Tsunami in this tsunami like weather take the immunity idol…

(The group celebrate, two challenges in two days for the water based tribe)

Skuld: …and for Locus, I’ve got the delightful job of casting one of you to the jungle forever…so I’ll see you tomorrow night.

(The jungle based tribe depart, very upset, disappointed and hard-thinking. They need to be…one of them is going the next night…)

* * * *


Skuld: Tomorrow night, it is a defnite 6 vs. 6 game, and Tsunami are ready to celebrate that fact…

Ukyo: We did it Shinchan!

Shinobu: (crying) I’m amazed…I…I…

Ami: Aww…it’s O.K, we’re safe for another three days…

Ashitaka: Yes, ladies, that’s all well and good…

Keichi: …but can we…


Ukyo/Ami: Oops…

(The 6 members begin to run into the camp…)

Skuld: Oops…(snaps fingers)

(All of a sudden, the clouds begin the open as the sun returns to the land, and Tsunami remember something important…)

Joey: Hun…gry…

Keichi: That’s right, we didn’t have any breakfast right. How did we get through that challenge and win?

Ukyo: Adrenaline sugar. We didn’t want to be down another person and simply tried and worked harder than the other team…

Shinobu: Ano…shall I make a fire then?

Ami: I’ll go get the water…

Ashitaka: Shall I go look for some fish?

Keichi: Yeah, we can save a good meal for tonight or tomorrow when we know that we’re safe.

Ukyo: Gotta make sure the grill is dry enough though…

Joey: Oh yeah…

(The group sweatdrop, but despite this, are in high spirits…unlike Locus…)


Felicia: I blew it.

Tamahome: I blew it.

(The two normally happy-go-lucky characters probably resemble Ryouga Hibiki for the amount of ansgt they are projecting, as Hikari and Kyosuke try to snap them out of it…)

Kyosuke: Come on guys, I know it’s disappointing, but don’t let it get you down. It’s not your fault…

Hikari: …that’s right! They simply did it much better than we did.

Tamahome: Want to try and drown ourselves?

Felicia: Sure!

(Comic moment as Hikari and Kyosuke try and hold back Tamahome and Felicia from rushing to the water hole as Sakura approaches them)

Sakura: Oh dear…we must sort this out shall we…in the ancient art of…

(10 seconds later)

Felicia: Well, how was I know she would throw paper?

Tamahome: At least you could have given me some sort of signal how to play the game…I’m from Ancient China, never heard of this Jankenpon!!!

(Sakura chuckles as serenity has been brought back to the jungle…for now. However, after the challenge, whilst Tama and Felicia may have been the downcast victims, it is Ruri who is feeling the brunt of the loss.)

Ruri: I couldn’t do anything in that challenge…and I’m feeling worse…the rain has made me…

Cody: Hey, don’t give up yet! We got you through this the first time, we’ll do this again…

(Cody puts a hand on Ruri’s shoulder, but the Sasami like girl bows her sadly, and looks genuinely upset…for Nad fans, think after Akito got beat up in Peaceland, that kind of upset face…)

Ruri: It’s just…who would you vote for other than me Cody? There is no-one else you could vote off…everyone else is stronger, healthier and more useful…


(Ruri is a bit surprised at Cody’s strong words. The Digidestined of Knowledge and Reliability calms down)

Cody: Sorry…you are very helpful round here, and you don’t realise it. You are our eyes and ears, you’re our mind, and you’re our relief. Everyone here loves you…and you don’t realise it. If they do vote for you, they will hate it, you know it, I know it, the world knows it!

Ruri: That doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Cody: I know…I’m sorry…

(Ruri’s leans back on the tree and closes her eyes. Cody looks at her face and sighs…)

Cody: There has to be something I can do…

* * * *


Skuld: The pressure off, the group enjoy a bit of miso soup and fish stock cooked by Shinobu as the pressures of the next day are gone for them…at the moment.

Keichi: At least I won’t be embarrassed to see Skuld in the atmosphere in Tribal Council.

(The group chuckle as the warm fire is finally warming them up after the open heavens from this morning)

Joey: This is just like old times for me, round a fire ready to sleep in the duelist kingdom, worrying about my next opponent…

Ami: You never tell us about your adventures here Joey, anything about this island could be really helpful you know?

Joey: What is there to say Ami? It’s a place that requires nerves of steel and a lot of skill (in cocky mode), which I have both in spades!

Ashitaka: (sighs) Ukyo…

(Ukyo draws her mini-spatulas as Joey backs off. The group laugh as Joey returns to the normal state of being, but has to laugh as well…)

Shinobu: What about your sister?

(Joey gets his serious face on and sighs)

Joey: I’ve told you Shinobu, but I think everyone should know that I’m doing this for my sister Serenity. I need to win the money to save her from the chronic blindness she suffers. (boastful) And the first thing she will see is my handsome mug…

Ukyo: Joey…

Joey: Right, I’ll be good…(chuckles, but back to serious), but seriously, that’s my reason to win. (perks up) O.K, I’ve spilled my heart, now what about everyone else? Why do they want to win?

Ashitaka: My reason isn’t too dis-similar with yours Joey. I wish to save two areas of where I live, the forest of the Princess Mononoke, and Iron Town, where they were devastated…

Ami: I’m not really interested with the money, it will probably go into an account if I win. It’s just the experience and the want to do the best that I can possibly be.

Shinobu: Same here…I just want everyone where I live to be proud of me…(Shinobu blushes as the girl gets embarrassed)

Keichi: I agree. I don’t think a million pounds will help my happiness back home. Might give Urd some time to cool off from me…

Ukyo: Well…I run a business, so a bit of cash would always help me. Plus, it would put me at least on par with any auctions with Nabiki…

(The group laugh as Tsunami talk well into the night…)

* * * *



Skuld: The sun is setting, the night is falling, and Locus tribe are getting read to relax, and watch the night go. No mention of Tribal Council was the atmosphere definitely set for the team, the thought however is always there…

Kyosuke: This will be the penultimate sunset for someone…

Hikari: You just wish it wouldn’t happen like this…

(Shot of Sakura, Tamahome and Ruri washing up, with Cody and Felicia clearing up)

Ruri: I’ve never…really done this…

Tamahome: Don’t worry, neither have I…

Sakura: One from the future, one from the past…yet there isn’t much difference…

Tamahome: Very funny….

Cody: Let’s sort this out, one of us won’t be needing it after tomorrow…a complete defeat in the last two days.

Felicia: (sighs) I hate this…I really hate this…

(Hikari and Kyosuke go over to the group)

Hikari: You and me both sister. It’s like we are tearing a part of our lives here when we cast one of our own into the abyss.

Kyosuke: It’s just something we have to get through, whether we like it or not.

Tamahome: I think all of us would agree with the ‘not’ theory…

(The group is in agreement as the night falls…tomorrow, the night will fall for one of this group for the final time…)

* * * *

Day 12 – 8.30am

Skuld: The sun is shining, and over at Tsunami, they aren’t bothering to do anything, they are having a good sleep in…

(Shot of said Tsunami, sprawled around the camp, almost like they were having a few cold beers, no-one is up….so let’s go where the action is…)


Skuld: This group have been up for over an hour, the anticipation and dread of Tribal Council lingering on in each of the minds, and now, they must decide who they want to cast away…

(Shot of Hikari and Cody clearing up the dinner things. Everyone else is currently not in the shot. Cody decides to have a heart to heart talk with the ‘mother’ of the isle…)

Hikari: You O.K?

Cody: Not really…I feel a bit ill…

Hikari: Oh…(feels his head)…you are a bit hot…

Cody: Hikari, can I ask you something?

Hikari: Shoot…

Cody: If I chose to follow in my father’s footsteps, what would your reaction be?

Hikari: (uncertain) I’m not sure I under…

(Cody leans closer and whispers in Hikari’s ear. The young girl’s eyes open wide and she gasps.)

Hikari: Cody…you’re kidding me! Why would…

Cody: I think…this is the best way…for my legacy to be on the island…

Hikari: NO! I won’t…not you Cody, not you. I just won’t…

Cody: (blushing) Hikari, it’s O.K. I think it’s my time…

Hikari: I’ll convince then to vote for someone else, I don’t know how yet but…

Cody: (shakes his head) No…this…(points to his head) is the best thing for all of us. And I would be honoured.

Hikari: Co…dy…

(Hikari kneels down and hugs the young boy. Hikari has tears in her eyes as Cody is trying hard not to cry as well…)

Hikari: You’re…a…brave…young…man…


Kyosuke: I’m glad Tama has gone to help Ruri, but I think this time, you can’t argue with me, can you Felicia?

Felicia: (sighs) I guess I can’t…because if it’s the same strategy as last time, I’d probably be as good as gone wouldn’t I?

Kyosuke: I wouldn’t say that…you’re much cuter than Krillan…

Felicia: Hoooeeeee…

Kyouske: Oh yeah, you’re an actress…

Felicia: Heh. Couldn’t resist.

(Hopscotch area)

Ruri: …I just want to do my best Tamahome. I can’t seem to fit in around here now…maybe it was best…

Tamahome: Now now Ruri-ruri, I’m not going to let my little sister down you know?

Sakura: Aww…aren’t I cute enough to be your little sister?

Tamahome: No, but you’re violent enough to be my girlfriend!

(Cue ass-whooping)

Tamahome: (to Ruri, a bit dissolved) See what I mean?

Sakura: Hmmph…(cheery) Ruri, don’t take anything what anybody says. No matter what happens, we love everybody here on the island, so don’t take it any way.

Ruri: (sighs) I know…it’s just seems in…

(Suddenly Hikari runs in)

Hikari: Guys…

* * * *

Kyosuke: He’s gone beat red?

Hikari: Y-yeah…

Ruri: (sad) It’s my fault…he’s caught…

Cody: H-hey, I’ll be fine…don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine…(lies on the bed, tired)

Tamahome: Felicia?

Felicia: Right here.

(The cat-girl gives Cody a gourd of water as the young boy bows in thanks before taking a few sips)

Cody: I can still move…

Sakura: Take it easy young man. We’re not going to let you pass out on us.

Tamahome: We’d better let him rest, if we’re not careful, we might all become a tribe of sicknotes.

Kyosuke: Yeah…

(The group leave, except Ruri and Hikari)

Cody: (clear) Hey, you promise?

(Hikari nods and wipes a stray tear, before leaving. Ruri remains…)

Ruri: Cody, please don’t do this…

Cody: No…this is fine. I’m honoured to play my role like this…I think my father would be proud of me. Sacrificing myself so another has a second chance. But do me one favour…

Ruri: Of course.

Cody: Make sure either you or Hikari…

(a minute later, Ruri exits, and goes over to Hikari. She talks to her slightly as Hikari nods. They both take a look at the tent before heading out…)

* * * *

12.45pm – TSUNAMI

Skuld: Oh goody, they are up and about! And after a soup breakfast, saving the okonomiyaki for later tonight, the group are busy just being themselves.

(Shot of Ashitaka making a few stabbing motions with his sword, he makes a few quick hops across the water, getting into a rhythm of a kata, as Keichi watches on.)

Keichi: We keep forgetting Ashitaka’s ancestry, his skills as a samurai warrior, it’s interesting to see what he can do, and we realise he is a cornerstone for the tribe for survival.

(Speaking of katas…shot of Ukyo making thrusts using her spatulas. She makes quick high jumps forward and back, adding a few kicks in for measure. Shinobu is visibly impressed.)

Shinobu: Wow! Sugoi!

Ukyo: This is nothing sugar…you should see some of the tricks that the people back home can do…

(in the sea, Ami and Joey are getting in a swimming contest…and Ami is promptly kicking the duelist’s butt into second place…sound familiar?)

Joey: One of these days, I will find something I’M GOOD AT on this island!

Ami: (giggles) Wow, it just shows that those of the gentler sex can be the destructive masters of what becomes of them.

Joey: Eh? Which textbook did you get that from?

Ami: Oh, nothing…just one of the things Mai said before she was voted off…

Joey: (sweatdrops) I should have known…

* * * *



Skuld: Two o’clock, a mere six hours away, and now confusion towards Cody’s behaviour is making some people have second thoughts…

(Shot of Kyosuke, Felicia and Tamahome just sitting in the jungle area.)

Kyosuke: Shame I can’t read minds. This game would have been a walk in the park.

Felicia: Now we’ve got two little kids not in the condition to play the game…

Tamahome: The question is…

(All three sigh)

Kyosuke: Well, Cody has only just started to feel ill, I reckon we let him have a chance. You did that with Ruri before…I think she has run out of chances now. (looks at Tamahome) Sorry, that’s the way I see it…

Tamahome: It’s just…

Kyosuke: Sometimes you have to toughen up with the right decision Tama.

Felicia: I don’t think it’s always the right one Kyo-kun…I like Ruri-ruri and Cody-kun a lot…I’ve always loved being with children, they make me feel right, they aren’t afraid of me, such innocence…I wish life was always like that…

Tamahome: (puts a hand on Felicia’s shoulder) Wow. Didn’t think you were that deep.

Felicia: Tama-chan, you have no idea what I’ve been through…

Tamahome: I guess that makes two of us.

Kyosuke: Can I be part as well?

Felicia: Join the club.

(Decisions, decisions for the group as Cody is out now, washing his face…with a timid little smile on his face…)

Cody: Good luck guys…please come through for me…

(Shot of Ruri, along with Sakura and Hikari at the water hole, having a discussion…)

Sakura: Are you sure?

Hikari: Yeah…I hate it. Absolutely hate it…but…

(The two girls turn to Ruri, who is very quiet even for her standards…)

Ruri: I don’t want him to go like that…

Hikari: If he wants to, he wants to. Ruri…he’s doing it for you…

Ruri: (looks up) For…me?

Sakura: (smiles) I think he’s seen a lot of you in him Ruri-ruri. You’re the only one close to his age, he’s going to look up to you.

Ruri: I guess…but…(slightly blush)

Hikari: I see now. Ruri, do what your heart tells you. But remember, two hearts are stronger than one…

Ruri: I…

(a pause, then Ruri smiles slightly)

Ruri: …understand.

* * * *


Joey: Ah, them’s good eats!

Keichi: Joey, if there was an elephant here, you wouldn’t hesitate to eat it.

Ukyo: Yes, but if he was anywhere else, he wouldn’t hesitate to eat it either.

Joey: Hey, I’ll take that as a compliment as a healthy, handsome young man!

Ukyo: Hmm…and the jury says…

(Shot of Ami and Ukyo finishing a piece of okonomiyaki, and in unison, shaking their heads)

Ukyo: (smiles) It’s amazing what two girls can think of…


(The group laughs as Joey runs after Ukyo, making empty threats of course, as the team at least for now, have the safety of immunity upon them.)

* * * *

LOCUS – 7.00pm

Hikari: For the last time…I don’t want to do this, Cody-kun…

Cody: Please…I don’t need to be here…

Sakura: (sighs) We’ll miss you…

Cody: Don’t worry, I’ll keep the strategy so that it doesn’t get a hitch…you know, just in case.

Ruri: Cody…

(Ruri comes in and takes something from behind her back. The two other girls leaves as Ruri…brandishes a small necklace made of beads)

Ruri: (nervously) Mr. Tamahome helped me make this, it’s a custom for his home for wives. However, I just wanted to make something…so that…you can remember me by…

Cody: (blushes) Thank you.

(Ruri hands the makeshift gift to her…and is very surprised to see Cody revealing something as well...)

Ruri: Huh?

Cody: (blushes) Actually, I had the same idea. Hikari helped me in making this…

(Shot of a carving of Armadillomon, not brilliant, but Cody hands it over to Ruri. Ruri is astounded…)

Ruri: A gift…for me?

Cody: Of course…a parting gift. Just don’t forget the promise…

Ruri: I won’t. I’ll make sure Hikari doesn’t either.

(Cody nods…then leans over and pecks Ruri on the cheek. Ruri blushes majorly, and Cody is red all over as well…)

Cody: S-sorry…

Ruri: No…it’s…it-it’s O.K. (calms down and reaches her hand out) Thank you Cody…at least it’s nice to know that everyone I know isn’t an idiot.

(Cody chuckles, but recieves the handshake)

Cody: I’ll take that as a compliment.

(Ruri smiles…a real smile. Cody is a bit surprised.)

Ruri: It was…thank you Mr Cody Hida.

(The two get ready to leave the camp. The others are ahead, but Ruri and Cody stay behind. Ruri takes Cody’s hand, and the two walk on.)

Ruri: He’s not Mr. Tenkawa…but still…

* * * *


(The tests of the graveyard Tribal Council are a new site for Skuld. However, she takes her role to the test as the 7 members of Locus emerge. They will soon be six.)

Cody – Armadilliomon

Felicia – J. Talbian

Hikari – Touji

Kyosuke – Madoka

Ruri – Akito Tenkawa

Sakura – Ryu

Tamahome – Miaka

(a flash of flame signals the start of Council. The group are mostly calm and sturdy. Skuld watches over them)

Skuld: Well…sadly, this won’t be as much fun as if it was the other tribe…but hey, alls fair in love and survivors. Locus tribe, this is your 2nd council as far as I know, and things have really taken a surprise turn for the worst. Two defeats in recent challenges Sakura, and as the competitive type, that can’t be good for someone like you can it?

Sakura: It’s a dent to my pride, and indeed to all the tribe, but all we can do is pick ourselves up and do better in the next game, and the following one, and every one until the merge. And I’m sure like myself, everyone here will do the same after the merge.

Skuld: That’s true. The merge is only 2 more cast-offs away, and I won’t be hear to see it exactly, but I’ll know. A goddess always knows. Now, speaking of always knowing, Ruri – last time you won in the brain vs. brawn choice. This time, how do you feel?

Ruri: Physically, I feel bad. Mentally, I feel horrid. Here, I am the worst I can be…because I am going to do something I really don’t want to do.

Skuld: Ahhh…I see. Before we get to it, Kyosuke, what are your predictions for the next few days?

Kyosuke: I’m not a psychic, but I am confident that tonight’s choice will be Locus’ last one.

Skuld: Well, for all of your sakes, I hope he’s right. Sadly, for one of you, you won’t see the next day, as one of you will be gone. So, with a heavy heart, Hikari, do you mind kicking us off?

(Hikari nods, as he stands up, and makes her vote. We don’t see it. Next is Felicia, who goes up and smiles. ‘RURI’ is her vote.)

Felicia: I’m sure that Cody isn’t really sick. However, I haven’t told anyone this, because I must say that’s sweet of him. Ruri, forgive me.

(Next is Tamahome, who makes his vote and sighs. Cody is next, and votes ‘KYOSUKE’)

Cody: I’m voting for Kyosuke because I couldn’t think of anyone else. It won’t matter anyway.

(Next is Kyosuke himself. He votes ‘RURI’)

Kyosuke: Sorry kiddo.

(Finally, it’s Sakura. With a sigh, we see her vote. ‘CODY.’)

Sakura: I wish I was as brave as you are…

(Shot as Skuld realises that is the last vote, and takes the dragon capture jar.)

Skuld: Uggh…ugly thing…oh well…shall I make this short and sweet? (No response) O.K, I’ll take that as a ‘get on with it.’ Very well.

(Reveals first vote – ‘CODY’)

Skuld: Cody.

(The child nods.)

Skuld: Second vote (reveals it) – ‘RURI’

(The other child also nods.)

Skuld: Third vote, ‘CODY’. Fourth vote, ‘RURI.’ Fifth vote, ‘KYOSUKE.’

Kyosuke: Huh?

Skuld: Heh, that woke people up. The 6th vote is ‘CODY’.

(Cody sighs and breathes in. Skuld looks at the tribe.)

Skuld: It is 3 to Cody, 2 to Ruri and 1 to Kyosuke. The final vote will decide…and it is for…

(Shot of the final vote, ‘CODY.’)

Skuld: Cody. Mr Hida…can you come up here please?

(Cody stands up with a bright smile on his face, as he seems very fit and able. He shakes hands with Tamahome, Kyosuke and Felicia, who gives him a hug, as does Sakura. Hikari hugs him for a long time and gives him two pecks on the cheek and one on the forehead before holding him for a few seconds more. Finally, Ruri gets up to shake his hand…which Cody turns into a full hug. Ruri is first unsure, but slowly reacts and hugs back.)

Skuld: Awwww…I’m sorry Cody…but…

(Codys nods and bows to the group before going up to Skuld who favours the young kendoist with a sweet smile.)

Skuld: Cody, I’m afraid your card in this game has been played. You’re sent to the graveyard.

(Shot of the fourth gravestone by the side of Mai, Krillan and Mackey to be revealed as ‘CODY HIDA.’)

Skuld: The tribe has spoken…you must leave…but wait up because I’ll come with you. That blowhard of an author will be coming back in a minute…

Chromus: Hey!

Cody: No matter. Good luck guys, epsecially good luck to…

(He gives a couple of nods. No-one reacts, but most look at Ruri. Skuld turns as Cody heads out)

Skuld: Well, I’ve done a lot of things in my time, but this has certainly been one of the most unexpected. I’m not sure what the future holds for you six, but it’s going to be…interesting.

(Skuld leaves with Cody, as another Tribal Council ends, with more questions than answers…)

* * * *

*Cody’s confessional*

I did the right thing. The group is going to be O.K without me. I know my father is proud of me. I would have liked to have remained in the game longer, but I think there are people more deserving it than me. Good luck to Locus, especially to Ruri and Hikari, my older and younger sisters on the island. I wish them the best.

Other votes;

Tamahome: You’re a brave kid Cody, this vote comes from the heart rather than the head…I’m sorry…

Hikari: You are a brave young boy Cody, such a lovely child with the maturity that many of my classmates would be envious. And Mr. Hida, watching down at your son, you should be very proud.

Ruri: Cody…I can’t say anything else. Thank you. And I won’t let the promise be in vain…once again, thank you.

Cody’s stats on the island;

The youngest member of the group was as compitent as anybody else, and was their saviour last Tribal Council in the sword challenge. However, when things went to worse for his fellow tribemate Ruri, Cody made a noble sacrifice to make sure she survived. Cody…what an enigma.

And next time on AAVGS2

The result of Tribal Council brings a real argument…AT LAST! Finally, tensions become hot in Locus as two certain members argue about what happened…

Ruri begins to keep with the promise, and begins to work harder. As she’s finding her humanity, is she finding her spirit?

And not to be left out, Ukyo reveals the dark regime of her past for the first time to Shinchan. The cooking alliance is on steady ground though…but what of the rest of the group?

Reward challenge: Chicken, chicken and more chicken. You’ve got to know your chicken…in a chocobo race!

Immunity challenge: Quest of the Sumo…the strong survive. Who is the strongest…to be immune?

And the 5th member to be kicked off…

* * * *

Vote results;

Cody (4) – Tamahome, Sakura, Hikari, Ruri

Ruri (2) – Kyosuke, Felicia

Kyosuke (1) – Cody