Chapter 3: A Shocking Past



Ruri Hoshino – Martian Successor Nadesico

Hikari Horaki – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Tamahome – Fushigi Yugi

Felicia – Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge

Sakura Kasunago – Street Fighter Alpha

Cody Hida – Digimon 02

Kyosuke Kasuga – Kimagure Orange Road



Joey Wheeler – Yu-Gi-Oh!

Keichi Morisato – Oh My Goddess!

Shinobu Maehara – Love Hina

Ami Mizuno – Sailor Moon

Mackey Stingray – Bubblegum Crisis 2040

Ukyo Kuonji – Ranma ½

Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke


Mai Valentine – Yu-Gi-Oh!

Krillan – Dragon Ball Z

* * * *

(Shot of Chromus standing in a night-cast Tribal Council…just as the rain begins to fall…)

Chromus: (sighs) Did any other reality authors suffer this much…it’s like I brought the British weather along with me…(realises the cameras are on)…oh nuts…

(Puts a pair of sunglasses on and begins to recite)

Chromus: A surprise last night on Tribal Council…where the power that is Krillan was cast off to favour the not quite as strong Ruri. Tactics? Help? Pity? What was the reasons for last nights surprise removal, especially considering Ruri isn’t even 100 percent fit? Let’s find out…

(Shot at the back of the 7 remaining contestants as Kyouske is having a heart to heart talk with Hikari)

Kyosuke: I’m sorry, I just didn’t understand.

Hikari: That’s O.K, don’t worry you’re not in any danger, we did like him, he was a funny goofball, but…

Kyosuke: (smiles) Hey, I have two younger sisters at home as well, O.K, they are pains but I love them. I can’t definitely see your angle.

(Kyosuke and Hikari shake hands as the rest of the group are either having a small conversation or in Ruri’s case, simply relieved. However…)

(Shot of the rain starting to come down)

Tamahome: Eep.

Kyosuke: Hikari told me that there were a number of reasons for Krillan’s removal. First was that he was the strongest, which could mean a problem for the merge. Second, was being too confident in survival and third was, well, the target was a bit too likeable I guess…

(The group rush back to the camp as even Tamahome has to bunk up in the camp with this weather.)

(And thus ends Locus’ first Tribal Council…)

* * * *

DAY 7 – 7.45am

Chromus VO: The weather was a problem last night, as the tide came in, but fortunately, nothing was swept away. However, the rain has continued into the morning, and both tribes are suffering…

Mackey: I never liked the rain, yet Galactia’s rain saved everything. Kinda ironic?

Shinobu: (shivering) But in this weather…we can’t make a fire…

Keichi: …which makes catching breakfast a real problem….if we didn’t have Ashitaka on our tribe.

(Shot of the warrior prince, undeterred by the rain, in fact, it’s bringing in the fish as Ashitaka, like someone purifying under the waterfalls, has his eyes closed as occassionally, his hands in one swift movement snatch or don’t snatch a fish in the makeshift bucket. Also by his side, shivering a bit is Ami, who is making sure the fish don’t escape with the rain coming down…she can’t kill them though…)

Joey: Gotta give credit to Ami as well in this weather.

Ami: Eep! (Ami falls as a fish jumps, trying to escape)

Ukyo: (sweatdrops) Guess she needs a hand.

(Ukyo goes out with one of her hand spatulas…and tells Ami to go inside as she begins to kill the fish…)

Chromus VO: Locus are having even more problems…

* * * *


Felicia: Was it hasty to remove Krillan from the game? I dunno, but in this weather, we could have done with his speed to get some fish! I hate water!

(Shot of 6 in the camp, Tamahome has volunteered to get some fish which is an hour walk to the sea, using the last of the fish in their reward last night)

Kyosuke: This isn’t what I had in mind when survivor was mentioned…

Hikari: It was either this or survival at the hands of Ayukawa…

Kyouske (is about to object): ….very good point.

Cody: Hey, you holding up O.K?

Ruri: Yeah. Don’t worry, I’m fine.

Sakura: Yeah, we gotta make sure you’re strength keeps up Ruri! After all, who else can save our butts at the intelligence challenges?

(The group chuckles as Tamahome finally comes back in, looks frozen, but manages to get two fish into the bucket and heads outta dodge…)

Tamahome: Remind me not to do that again…

Kyosuke: …er guys, how are we going to cook this?

All but Ruri: Errr….

Ruri: I…

All but Ruri: We know Ruri.

* * * *

(Shot of Chromus standing on a pole in the middle of ocean)

Chromus: The rain is finally subsiding, but if they want anything to eat, they’d better do it quick, because they have a long training in the world of the water for the reward challenge coming up soon, and…hey, whoa!

(Chromus falls into the ocean as the hapless author…)

Chromus: I don’t deserve this you know…hey! (Someone or something grabs him as Chromus looked down)

Chromus: Aahhh…so you ready?

????: Yeah, my partner is going over to Tsunami now.

Chromus: Good luck to you guys.

????: Sure ya.

* * * *


Tamahome: Sorry, this was the best I could do.

Sakura: Did the enemy camp spot you?

Tamahome: No, I think they were all huddling in the camp. I was able to get two fish before I needed to get out of there…it was freezing!

Cody: But we do appreciate this Mr Tamahome, so thank you. (Cody bows appropriately to the Chinese Suzaku)

Hikari: The ground is still wet, so making a fire will still be difficult.

????: I think you better save your stomachs for later, you going to be in for one heck of a workout ya?

(Shot as the group are stunned to see a largely built man come out of the water, as his tanned face has a smile, and a ball in his hands. This man is Wakka, from Final Fantasy 10, coach and captain of the Besaid Aurochs, blitzball team.)

Ruri: That’s it. I officially now believe in anything.

(The group laugh at that, as Wakka comes up to them.)

Wakka: There is a challenge coming up for a nice prize, and I’m here to help you out, in the game of blitzball.

Kyosuke: Blitzball?

Wakka: This gonna be a long talk…

* * * *


Ukyo: Well, I think we’ll be saving these for a bit later then…

????: Yep, thank you miss.

(Shot of Tsunami also getting a visitor, this time, it’s Tidus, also from Final Fantasy 10, star player of the Zanarkand Abes, and the main hero of the game.)

Tidus: Now, I don’t think we expect you to just breathe underwater as long as we can in just a few hours, don’t worry, that’s covered. I’m here just to teach you the basics of the game. We’ll throw a few passes, take a few shots, see who reacts best, etc. Then we’ll try a little bit underwater, before deciding on the team.

Shinobu: Umm…this is for the reward challenge?

Tidus: Yep. Hey, beats a poem right?

Keichi: (smiles) I guess you have a point…

* * * *

Chromus: Despite Tidus and Wakka’s lack of appreciation for good poetry, they have until twelve to teach both teams the basics and principals of Blitzball. After that, our special field will be brought into play, and the reward challenge will be under way. So let's see how our two teams are doing…


Tidus: O.K, Ukyo has the best hand-eye co-ordination…

Ukyo: Living round Nerima means you have to be on your guard…

Tidus: Ashitaka has the best direction skills…and Joey is the most aggressive. I guess we need to figure out what to do next…

(Shot of Keichi catching a long pass from Ami)

Tidus: Ami is the best swimmer…we need to get the right players into the right positions, let’s try the skills underwater…


Wakka: Oh dear miss, I didn’t know that.

Felicia: How can I help it? I’m a cat girl!

(Felicia has two problems with this game…water and her claws…Wakka gets a replacement blitzball as Felicia sighs)

Wakka: I guess this make Felicia out of the game by default. (to the others) We got a lotta work to do ya, so let’s make the best of it.

Kyosuke: So now we lose our next strongest…

(Ruri slinks off slightly…)

Tamahome: It’s not all doom and gloom guys!

Hikari: That’s right, come on let’s get those spirits up!

Wakka: That’s the ticket!

* * * *

(The training is difficult for the two teams, especially considering they have to do if for the challenge. That time comes too soon for the two teams…)

TIME 12.00

Reward Challenge

Challenge – Blitzball! Locus vs. Tsunami

Reward – Tsunami wins – Scuba gear. Locus wins – Detailed maps of jungle where all fruit and other foods are

(Shot of Chromus in front of the ocean as Tsunami and Locus are there, with their respective coaches)

Chromus: Welcome my two teams of lucky seven. Now, before the game starts, I would like to thank our two Blitzball coaches Tidus and Wakka for a job well done…well, maybe not but we’ll soon find out.

(The two FFX cameos nod as they sit down to see who was the best coach)

Chromus: Now, I need both teams to nominate who will be sitting this one out.

(Despite Locus’ reluctance, Felicia sits out. It’s more difficult over at Tsunami as in a surprise, Mackey takes the fall.)

Chromus: Interesting choices tribes. Now, I’d like to show you our second cameos to your right…

(A shot of a huge water tank displayed in the ocean…and there waving to their adoring fans are the Waterflower Sisters Daisy, Lily and Violet.)

Mackey: How did they get something that big here?

Chromus: You know…I have no idea. But thanks to these girls, you will have the blitzball match of your lives. Now. The rules.

(Shot of the group being attaches to oxygen masks and tubes. They are all wearing flippers as well)

Chromus: The tanks are designed to last approximately 10 minutes, so 5 minutes each half. At half time, the teams will switches halves. The object is simple, you have to score as many goals as you possibly can. There are 6 players, 1 goalkeeper, 2 for defense, and then a 3 combo of midfield and attacking players. The teams have decided their line-ups…


GK – Ukyo

DF – Keichi

DF – Joey

MF – Shinobu

AT – Ami

AT – Ashitaka


GK – Ruri

DF – Kyosuke

DF – Sakura

MD – Cody

AT – Hikari

AT – Tamahome

Chromus: Oh, this is going to be good. The water is at a decent temperature, unless we count the combined IQ of the Waterflower sisters…

Daisy: Hey, we totally disagree with that!

Violet: Like, that is so lame!

Lily: And where did you get that shirt?

Chromus: (mad) DON’T DISS THE SHIRT! (the girls cower) Sorry, that was my football side (he’s wearing a West Bromwich Albion football shirt…his soccer team back home…)…but you never mess with a man’s football shirt! Got it?

Daisy/Lily/Violet: Yes sir!

Chromus: Now, back to reality. Will the lovely ladies and not so lovely gentlemen please emerge into the tank…

(They do, but not before Tamahome gives Chromus a glare…and Chromus reporting to the AAT, Anime Authors Trusty, this has to be abuse…)

* * * *

(The two teams are in the water, above at the moment. Chromus sits on the pole above water, with the blitzball…)

Chromus: Score the most. Simple as that. As soon as I throw the ball, it’s designed to sink, don’t worry…you dive into the water to the depths and wait until the ball comes. Locus have ‘kick off’ so they take the ball first. After that, it’s war ladies and gents. However, no violence. Only attempts to intercept and steal the ball. Body checks in the water are allowed, but no smashing against the glass.

(The group nod)

Chromus: For the reward challenge…you may begin…NOW! (throws the ball as the 12 dive underwater, their 10 minutes beginning as Felicia and Mackey, along with the coaches and the waterflower sisters watch on.)


Chromus VO: The ball drops silently as Hikari is the first one to experience the touch of a blitzball. The ball is designed to throw underwater so as long as they have those tanks, they are fine. They are all equipped with goggles as well so they can see each other, so all there is to look is play by play now.)

(The first move happens as Hikari throws it to Cody, who fumbles it. Cody recovers, but Ami is on him like a shark. Cody throws it back panicing to Sakura, who manages to catch it as Sakura begins the first move, and swims forward as Ami tries to block. Sakura tries to swim past her, and manages to muscles her way through…)

Chromus: As this could take forever to explain, let’s just see what happens as far as excitement goes…

1 min: Sakura gets trapped by Shinobu and Joey and has to pass back. Cody, not as strong a swimmer as Sakura gets the ball and throws it as hard as he can to the centre. However, it’s an interception from Joey as Tsunami gets the ball.

2 min: Tsunami make their play by swimming upfield with Joey leading the attack. However, a shock tackle from Tamahome leaves a gaping hole in their defence, and Tamahome counter-attacks. All on his own, he gets within distance of Ukyo’s goal, and shoots…but it’s straight at her as Ukyo comfortably saves.

3 min: Keichi goes for the long pass down an angle, as Hikari and Cody miss the interception. This leaves Ashitaka unmarked on his own in the left side corner. Kyosuke is there to block, as Ashitaka attempts a pass to Ami. Sakura grabs it before Ami does and spreads it to Cody. Amazingly, Shinobu intercepts and throws it quickly to a free Ami thanks to Sakura’s movement. Ami takes the shot, and Ruri cannot stop it. TSUNAMI 1 LOCUS 0

Chromus: GOOOOOAAAAAALLLL! (Sorry, couldn’t resist it.)


(Hikari gets the ball again, as Locus try and rally the troops. Hikari herself tries a long range power but is saved easily by Ukyo. Match resumes.)

4 min: Joey’s through pass catches Locus off guard and Ami is through again. Ami takes the shot but Ruri manages to get the direction right and palms it before recovering the ball and passing it to Kyosuke. Kyosuke tries the same and Hikari gets it ahead of Keichi. She dummies and swims over him, Hikari a strong swimmer, gets to the goal, and throws it for a sure goal…but Ukyo does a great reaction save and it spreads to Joey to stop the danger.


(The two teams take a breather…literally as they discuss what to do when they swap halves. Sadly, not shirts…although for Ukyo I’d make an exception…)

(A spatula somehow manages to imprint in my face with the Japanese for ‘Pervert’ written on it…weird…^_^)


Hikari: Come on guys, we’re not out of it!

Kyosuke: I can’t keep up with that girl, she’s too fast!

Sakura: I’ll try and stop her, you keep an eye on the guy, Ashitaka.

Tamahome: We can still win this, hey Cody, don’t fret, we’re still in it.

Cody: I guess I’m just not good at this…

Ruri: None of us are good at everything, this, we’ll have to bear. If the result is our way, then that’s fine.


(Ami and Joey high-five)

Joey: Wow girl, you’ve got the moves! Maybe Tea can learn something off you…

Ami: (blushing) Stop it guys…it’s not over yet…

Ukyo: That’s right…although the way Ami is blitzing through them…pun intended…it almost seems like it is.

Shinobu: We’re all doing O.K aren’t we?

Keichi: We are that. Let’s just keep it like that.

Ashitaka: Let’s win our first reward.

* * * *


Chromus: Owww…

(Forget it)

Tsunami kick off as Ami takes the ball, and passes to Ashitaka. However, Sakura spots Ami swimming ahead and keeps pace with her to avoid the through ball. With their main strength currently blocked, Ashitaka has to pass back to Shinobu as Tsunami regroup.

6 min – Shinobu eventually loses the ball to Cody, as Cody passes to Kyosuke. Sakura hangs back as Kyosuke advances as Shinobu tries to block. Surprisingly, Shinobu keeps pace with the 19 year old, and Kyosuke makes a desperate pass to Tamahome. Tama gets it before Joey does and spin out of the way, leaving him stunned. Tamahome swims up and makes the shot…Ukyo misses it, but Keichi was there on the line to stop it from going in. Tama looks down as nothing seems to be going right for Locus…

7 min - …especially as then Joey gets the ball ahead of Tamahome and swims up. He gets it to Ami, and Sakura holds her own as Ashitaka is blocked by Kyosuke…but they negated Joey continuing to swim and Ami gets the ball to him as he swims down the middle. Before they can catch up with me, Joey makes the shot and it’s spiral catches Ruri off guard and ends in the net. TSUNAMI 2 LOCUS 0.

(Shot of Ami and Joey high fiving in the water)

8 min – Locus kick off for the third time, but things aren’t looking good. Cody goes into defence as Sakura goes into the midfield in a last attempt to get two goals. In fact, most of the movement comes from Sakura as she tries to take on Keichi and makes a pass to Hikari. However, it is intercepted by Shinobu as they negate the danger.

9 min – As the last bubbles of air begin to seep, the ball is in Tsunami’s court. They play ‘keep ball’ as they pass it back and forth between defenders and goalkeeper. Ukyo then nails a long throw surprising everyone towards Ami, and a quick pass to a free Ashitaka nearly spelt disaster…but the shot was poor and Ruri manages a fairly comfortable save.


(The group exits for air…but for Tsunami, it is an exit of victory, as the 6 in there whoop with joy! On the outskirts, Felicia and Mackey…who couldn’t see everything, realise the result as they exit. Mackey is smiling with his fist in the air, whilst Felicia just looks disappointed…)

* * * *

(The group is now on ground, breathing and in some cases, happy.)

Chromus: Well, guess Tidus did the better job, sorry to Wakka and Locus, but the reward challenge goes to Tsunami.

(Tsunami high five, hug, etc.)

Chromus: Now, if Locus had won the tribe, their reward would have been detailed maps throughout the jungle where all the good fruit, berries, food, and things like bark, leaves and even bugs that were edible. However, it was not to be. For Tsunami…

(Chromus reveals the treasure chest, which contains the scuba gear, with flippers, spears, mask, and oxygen tank)

Chromus: The fishies are calling you with this motherload. Enjoy, and for both tribes, I’ll see you tomorrow for immunity.

(Tsunami carry their booty back to their beach, as Locus are near mute…)

* * * *


Chromus VO: It’s a happy day for Tsunami as victory in their first reward challenge couldn’t have come at a better time…

(Tandem stomach rumbling…)

Shinobu: Um…how did we get through that without collapsing?

Ukyo: Adrenaline sugar, that’s all.

Mackey: I’ll have a go with them if you want, everyone else I think is a bit tired, so if you don’t mind…

Ami: Are you sure Mackey?

Mackey: (laughing) Don’t worry, I’m not Nene or Akane. I won’t sink, don’t worry about me…

Mackey: The reason I didn’t go into the reward challenge was that I wasn’t sure what kind of reactions my body would have under there. Plus, I wanted to see Shinobu prove herself, she really wanted to and I let her. Fortunately, none of us let anyone else down.

(Shot of Mackey, the first person to try the scuba equipment out, as the group discuss their victory)

Keichi: They did, didn’t they?

Ami: (looking up from a text book) As far as I can see, they did take out their strongest player last time. I don’t know why though…

Joey: Uh oh, Ami doesn’t know something, alert the media!

(The group laugh, as they continue talking)

Joey: It’s weird…but despite us being totally different people, me and Ami have clicked. She’s a simple girl, just blessed with all the smarts in the world…plus she ruled in that blitzball game.

Ami: Joey is a handful, but he’s just a nice guy, especially that he’s in this not for himself, which is admirable.

Ashitaka: I think we were much better balanced in the areas, without their strongest, they didn’t have one outstanding individual in their team. This could be the start of some winning ways for us…but let’s not take things for granted.

Ukyo: Of course we won’t. But at least we’ll be well fed by then…unless Mackey has found a shark there…

Ami: No, he shouldn’t. The Duelist Kingdom waters specifically have no dangerous animals…

All: Phew!

Ami: …that I know about.


Mackey: (off screen) Got a bite or three!

(Shot of Mackey with three fish in the damp weather to add to the 5 that Ashitaka managed to flush out earlier. They are going to have a feast)

Shinobu: Let’s see if we can start the fire! (Shinobu and Ukyo bound off as Ami passes around the gourds of water. It’s fish and rice, which are good eats…)

(Locus on the other hand don’t have good eats, but thanks to one person, at least they are eating…)

* * * *


(…when I say person, I meant half-person)

Hikari: We came back starving, and Tamahome caught two fish earlier, but that isn’t much for 7 people. However, Felicia decided to use her skills to use, whether we liked it or not…

(Shot of Felicia with 8 rats caught)

Felicia: Looks like a bit extra meat for everyone!

Sakura: Thanks…(examines what she caught)…I think.

Sakura: Rats. In my wild dreams I never thought I’d be eating rats…ah well, guess in my life you take what you get. Here, I have no choice.

(Felicia takes the job of skinning the rats and beheading them. Before long, there are 8 rat kebabs on a wire, being cooked by Hikari, as Tamahome is watching the fire with the fish and rice.)

Tamahome: When you’re ready Hikari…

(Hikari puts the rats, with almost simmering gravy around it, as the meat begins to shine within the rice. Cody looks on.)

Cody: I’ve never wasted food in my life…I’m just hoping this isn’t an exception…

Hikari: O.K everyone, come and get it!

(Shot as the group comes in, and some react differently to the menu…)

Ruri: (shrugs) It’s more meat…it’s more energy.

Cody: At least 8 rats won’t be waking us up every night then…although having to kill an animal for food…

Kyosuke: Not on your high list of priorities Cody?

(Cody shakes his head)

Cody: Having to destroy a Digimon is bad enough…but killing something living in our world, even if it is only a rat…

Felicia: I’m sorry, but it’s kind of like them or us…and we need every bit of energy, especially for tomorrow.

Cody: (nods) Yes, I know. I’m sorry…

Sakura: Hey, that’s O.K. I certainly don’t like it either…

Tamahome: Come on, let’s eat.

(Tamahome serves the bowls of rice, as well as meat from the fish and rats. They haven’t talked about the challenge since getting onto the island, sensing there is nothing to be said…)

* * * *

Chromus VO: Tsunami’s victory meal is giving the group a lot more confidence now in the future challenges. Immunity is the furthest thing on their mind, as the group mingle within.

Ami: See, you’ve done well!

Shinobu: Umm…I’m surprised that I have, it’s just…

Ukyo: Relax girl! The worst is over, you’re still here, you’re part of the family!

(Shot of the three girls deep in the ocean. The reason, erm…)

Joey: The three girls said they were going to have a ‘bath’…in other words, they were going for a skinny dip. And trust me, unlike with Tea, I’m not going to face the wrath of Ukyo’s spatula slashes!

NOTE: What I’m on about was actually cut in the dub, but in the Jap version, Jounouchi and Honda (Joey and Tristan) are trying to get a peak of Anzu (Tea) changing when she goes in Mai’s portable shower…^_^…a fair bit is changed in the dub if you haven’t noticed, things include when Tea is attacked and saved by Yugi (she wasn’t getting mugged as the dub says, she was going to be raped), Mai doesn’t offer a kiss to Ryuzaki (Rex), she offers for him to ‘do what he wants’ (make your own conclusion), when Keith points his finger at Pegasus (they hide his gun, I think when two goons confront Kaiba, they have guns as well and are hidden) and the most obvious one…when Kaiba wants to walk to his doom, oh please, seriously hurt…I actually don’t mind the dub, but please don’t turn into a Sailor Moon with the cutting and changing, especially with the ultra-violent Battle City saga coming up.

(The 4 guys then are simply in camp, under oath from Ashitaka’s sword not to go outside. Keichi and Mackey have no problem of course, as Joey sulks in the corner.)

Joey: Not fair…

Keichi: Poor boy. Hey, shall we make him insanely jealous about our own tales of romance?

Mackey: Sure, to pass the time or to annoy him?

Ashitaka: I suggest…(thinks)…both.

Joey: You guys are so cruel!

(Back to the scene which would be blurred if it were visual…)

Ami: Well, I didn’t think I’d fit in around here, I mean, this has been the longest that I’ve been away from home, and especially without true studying. I know everyone has said I deserved a vacation, it’s just…

Shinobu: Maybe you should give study tips for Urashima-sempai and Naru-sempai…you’re so smart Ami-san, I wish I was like you.

Ami: (blushes) Thank you Shinobu-chan.

Ukyo: Hey guys, brighten up, the sun has come out, we’re full, relaxing and…

(Ukyo suddenly splashes the two girls, causing Ami and Shinobu to fall back)

Ukyo: …I’m ready for a water war!

(The two girls retaliate in full force on the spatula girl, as the three girls laugh it up, especially Shinobu. Meanwhile…)

Joey: What’s that?

Mackey: Sounds like the girls….

Joey: They sound like they are in trouble…(pretends to get up)…I’ll think I’ll check on them…

Ashitaka: Hold him!

Keichi/Mackey: Aye sir!

(the guys ‘restrain’ Joey with threatening of calling him a hound for the remainder of the time he or they are there. Joey shuts up and sulks again as the guys laugh)

Keichi: This atmosphere believe it or not is probably the closest thing to a normal life for me. It can be hard work at one time, and then a riot another, a true mixed bag of life and laughter…

Mackey: It’s hard, you think you’ll be alone without your friends back home, and then you meet all these different, yet wonderful people.

Ashitaka: I’m used to surviving, yet I thought my nature being from the distant past would be a problem. It certainly hasn’t proved that way yet.

Joey: Despite the obvious disappointment I had today, the group have really become tighter. I’m sorry Mai, but I guess my decision may have been the right one after all.

* * * *


Chromus VO: Night time has descending and Locus tribe make a quick vow after today’s disastrous reward challenge…

(Over a fire, Hikari speaks)

Hikari: I think we can safely say that we are going to go all out to win immunity tomorrow…

Kyosuke: I think that goes without question.

Cody: For all our sakes, we don’t want to be returning to Tribal Council as quickly as we left it.

Felicia: We’ll get them tomorrow, don’t worry!

Sakura: That’s the spirit Felicia, we’ll get them tomorrow, and we’ll see each other for another 3 days.

Tamahome: It’s not like we have much of a choice, and I don’t want to suffer that again…never mind anytime soon.

Ruri: We’ll win. We have to.

(The group retire to camp, Tamahome now sleeping outside whilst the others go inside. Hikari brings him a spare blanket as the group are focused on one goal…survival.)

* * * *

DAY 8 – 7.45am.

(Shot of Chromus, really wishing he could get used to these early mornings…)

Chromus: Haven’t people on survivors heard of alarm clocks? Oh…we’re on, gomen! (gets back into character) Today is the tribes third immunity challenge. They know the drill by now, win, they safe. Lose, they go council, one goes, and everyone is either sad or pretends to be sad…however, last night…

(Flashback to about 1.15am, pitch black on Tsunami tribe…a bolt of lightning flashes. Immediately, Mackey gets up and shivers…)

Mackey: Wh…what was that?

(end flashback)

Chromus: Normally, a flash of lightning isn’t really a problem…however, this morning, Tsunami have found a problem…


Keichi: (worried) Is he O.K?

(Shot of Ami, examining him. The teams real doctors, Dr. Tofu (Ranma ½) and Joe Kido (Digimon) are on stand by in case something is wrong. In this case, Mackey is heavily shivering…)

Ami: I think there is some shock in his body…some sort of reaction…

Mackey: The….shock…hit some…reaction…within my Sohtai…body…

(Dr. Tofu comes in and quick administrates a couple of pressure points in Mackey. Mackey subsides…but something else is affecting him.)

Ukyo: It’s like the memory of his past is coming into play.

(Shot of Mackey looking at his arm, the arm that was crushed by Priss to save his life when controlled by Galactia…)

Shinobu: Will he be all right?

Ami: I don’t know…I’m not sure what kind of trauma he’s in…

(Shinobu resumes cooking as Mackey is taken heavy drinks from the gourds. He gasps as Keichi puts a hand on his shoulder.)

Mackey: I’m sorry guys…it’s like a wave of emotion has come into my body, it’s like some sort of reaction in my bio-boomer body.

Joey: That sucks man…

Mackey: I know. (Mackey stands up) I think the pressure point worked physically, but I’m still shivering.

Shinobu: Um…Mackey san…(hands him a bowl of rice and fish pieces)…can you eat?

Mackey: (smiling) Thank you Shinobu, I should be O.K.

Chromus: As you can see, disaster has come for Tsunami on the morning of immunity. Locus meanwhile still have the focus…hey, I’m a poet and I don’t it! It’s a bad rhyme…but it could be verse (snickers as an Izumi like bad pun escapes his lips…)

* * * *


(Shot of Hikari flips some of the rice crackling, whilst humming Cruel Angel’s Thesis. Ruri looks on at the girl.)

Ruri: Hikari is such a determined person that she fills the roles of captain quite perfectly. She’s nice, not too bossy, works hard and organises things well. Shame she had no military background, I think if she did, Yurika may have a problem keeping her captaincy…

Ruri: Hikari-kanjou?

Hikari: Oh hi Ruri-Ruri! You O.K?

Ruri: Yes ma’am. I think my cold isn’t really affecting me anymore, I just want to be part of the team now…

Hikari: No problem. We’ve got immunity in a few hours, and we’re going to win, right?

Right: Aye ma’am. (Ruri smiles slightly as Felicia hops over…)

Felicia: Ruri, want a quick game?

Ruri: I suppose…why not?

(Ruri and Felicia go off to their hopscotch field as Hikari chuckles)

Hikari: Felicia is really acting like a true parent to Ruri, in trying to discover her childhood. It’s really sweet, and I think everyone here is trying to help it go along for her.

(Shot of Tamahome, Sakura and Kyosuke on an area. Sakura is watching Tamahome practice short bursts of ki against Kyosuke, who uses his teleport skills to avoid it. It’s designed to keep Tama’s speed up)

Sakura: I like the fact that I’m like a teacher to Tamahome, it’s like a role I never expected to find myself in, but I like it, and for that, I’m grateful.

Kyosuke: He’s…(vanish)…getting…(vanish)…closer…

Sakura: Alright, that’s enough Tama, let’s stop before…

(a stray shot then hits Kyosuke in the chest and he flies 5 feets before falling with the anime spirals in his eyes)

Sakura: (sweatdrops) …you hurt him.

Tamahome: Oops…

Kyouske: (dazed) You’re lucky I’m not that hurt…

(Off screen, you can hear the faint word of ‘baka’ come from the hopscotch area…)

Cody: (rushing up to them) O.K, I’m ready…(looks at the sight)…I guess everyone else is as well.

Sakura: (chuckles) Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.

Hikari: (shouts) Breakfast of rice and rat ready!

Cody: I’ll get Ruri and Felicia. (runs off as the others get ready for their last meal before immunity…)

* * * *


Felicia: I’m sorry Cody about that…

Cody: It’s just I didn’t expect you to run that fast…(rubs a sore nose where Felicia bounced into him after she heard the call)

Ruri: Idiot.

Cody: Hey, what’s that?

(The old tree-mail is there as Cody takes it)

Cody: Must be the challenge…it’s says…

Out of the ring, out of place

Just don’t fall on ya face…

If you can’t hit the side of a fence,

There’s no immunity in your defence.

Cody: A target challenge?

Felicia: Let’s head back to camp.


Mackey: I’ll be fine for it, don’t worry…my system isn’t that bad now thanks to Tofu-sensei.

Ukyo: Come on, we’re still on a high, let’s show them what we can do…

* * * *


Challenge: Team fencing event

(Shot of Chromus as the 14 remaining contestants stand, in the sand, there is a circular blue ring)

Chromus: Ah, welcome. It’s time once again, for the dreaded immunity challenge. One team stays another 3 days, one team faces another agonising Tribal Council. With both teams already visiting one, another one is the last thing they want, right?

(A lot of nodding from the groups as Chromus continues…)

Chromus: O.K, this challenge is fairly simple. As you can see, we have a blue ring. And we have Miss Charlotte, to come here to demonstrate what you have to do…

(Charlotte, from the game Samurai Showdown, is like a regal 18th century girl, and is armed with a fencing blade)

Chromus: I think you can see the fence part of my wretched poetry now, but anyway, there are two parts to the challenge. The first part is simple, one on one matches. The winner is either determined if you hit three parts of the body, deciphered by the electronic signals on your fencing gear, or if you either leave the ring three times. Also, if you are disarmed, you lose automatically. Got it?

(Blank looks…)

Chromus: Never mind. The second part…I’ll explain after we get there. For now, the equipment supplied by the Battle Athletes University Satellite is the most up to date (year 4999..^_^) stuff ever, so it’s flawless. After you get set up, we will then draw lots to see who faces who. Also, Charlotte will give a few practice moves just so you can get in the swing of things…

(The group complies as some like Cody, are smiling. Others, like Shinobu are mildly worried, whilst Mackey is still shivering a bit.)

* * * *

Chromus: O.K, we’ve drawn the lots and here are the matches.

Match 1: Cody vs. Joey

Match 2: Ami vs. Hikari

Match 3: Keichi vs. Ruri

Match 4: Shinobu vs. Kyosuke

Match 5: Ukyo vs. Sakura

Match 6: Ashitaka vs. Felicia

Chromus: Some interesting matches there. O.K, Cody and Joey, you’re up first, let’s see some action, I want blood, etc. Let’s just get it on!

(The first match is interesting. Joey’s larger frame gives him a power advantage, but Cody practices kendo and is much swifter. It become 2 points to 1 in favour of Cody as Joey makes a desperate swing, but Cody dodges and hits his knee, and Joey collapses, his face medded into the ground…and after a bit of laughter, Cody helps Joey up as the two shake hands. WINNER: CODY)

Joey: Another young kid I lose to…man, this is not good for my reputation.

Chromus: Like you had one anyway…next!

(Fast forward time…)

AMI vs. HIKARI: A good match as Hikari poise is up against Ami’s ability. It’s close, but Ami edges out Hikari 3 points to 2. WINNER - AMI

KEICHI vs. RURI: Neither are skilled with the blade, but Keichi’s simply more physical and manages to push Ruri out of the ring 3 times. WINNER – KEICHI

MACKEY VS. TAMAHOME: Mackey wasn’t physically ready and Tama makes it easy and simply disarms him. WINNER – TAMAHOME

SHINOBU VS. KYOSUKE – Seems a blow out, but Shinobu surprisingly gets the basics right after watches Motoko a million times and upset Kyosuke 3 to 2. WINNER – SHINOBU

UKYO VS. SAKURA – The two martial artists are quick and evenly matched. In the end, Sakura’s smaller size helps as she ducks a couple of strikes to win the match 3 to 2. WINNER – SAKURA

ASHITAKA vs. FELICIA – Felicia almost gets the upset when her superior strength nearly disarms Ashitaka, but three quick stabs get the win for the swordsman. WINNER – ASHITAKA

* * * *

Chromus: O.K, first part over. Now, the hard part. All the winners from both tribes stay by the side, whilst the losers go take a breather.

(They do so as Cody, Tamahome and Sakura (Locus) along with Ami, Keichi, Shinobu and Ashitaka (Tsunami) go up.)

Chromus: Now, we are going to have some fun. For immunity, the winners now have to face either other again…until the teams run out. This means that Tsunami have an advantage with 4 on 3. So let’s say Sakura goes first and Ami goes. If Ami loses, then Sakura stays in and Keichi comes in. If Sakura loses then, Tamahome or Cody come in and so on until at least one member of a tribe remains. Those that survive, win immunity.

(The group nod)

Chromus: Now, I suggest you go into your groups and discuss who is going to go when.

(The groups mingle for a bit, as Chromus waits patiently, as they break up, they give a nod singling they are ready)

Chromus: O.K, first fighters, to your positions.


Charlotte: Fight!

(Sakura is much more skilled with her martial arts background and easily manages to beat Keichi. However, the fencing is taking it’s toll on a tired Sakura. 3-0 Sakura)


(Shinobu takes her second upset of the day as she quickly ducks many strikes and does some lovely counter strikes. 3 –2 to Shinobu.)


(Shinobu doesn’t make it three times as at 1-0 to Tama, he quickly manages to disarm her.)


(Another good even match, but Tamahome forces Ami out of the ring for the decisive 3-2 point.)

(However, Tsunami still have their trump card left…)


(Ashitaka shows his skill with the sword and fends off anything Tama gives him. In the end, Ashy-boy takes it 3 to 1.)

Chromus: For Locus now, it’s all up to the youngest member of their tribe…

(Cody gulps but gets his sword)

Charlotte – FIGHT!

1st strike – Cody is the most rested, and his small size surprises Ashitaka and takes the first strike, a clean hit to the shoulder.

2nd strike – Ashitaka comes back and a stinging strike forces Cody out of the ring.

3rd strike – Ashitaka begins to dominate and hits Cody open in the chest.

4th strike – Ashitaka looks to end it, up his swing takes him open and he goes into the ring. Ashitaka is now quite tired.

(Final strike)

Charlotte: This is for immunity…fight!

(The two respective tribes are cheering on their fighters as Cody and Ashitaka battles back and forth. Ashitaka seemingly powers Cody ready to the ring but as he delivers the final blow, Cody ducks and hits him the chest…)

(An ushered silence…)

Charlotte: Point Cody! Locus tribe win immunity!

(Suddenly Locus are up in arms. A sweaty Cody removes his mask before getting a hug and a kiss on the cheek from Hikari, the poor young boy blushing like mad as the read of the tribe are in awe over Cody, as Tamahome and Felicia hoist him up on their shoulders.)

(Tsunami on the other hand, Ashitaka takes his mask off, looking rather gutted, like he let his team down. Ukyo is the first to hug him, consoling the boy, as the tears flow down her face. The rest of the group follow suit, Shinobu crying and the others just shocked that they have to go to council.)

* * * *

Chromus: Amazing Cody, I think you truly earned Locus their prize today, immunity…another 3 days on the island.

(A big whoop comes from the Locus side)

Chromus: Tsunami, I’m afraid tomorrow night I will be seeing you at Tribal Council, where one more of your number will be going. For now, you guys need to do a bit of thinking…

(The tribes leave, one elated, one deflated…)


Chromus: Again, one of the youngest gives the victory to Locus…

Hikari: Cody came through us so well for us…it just shows that we don’t know what anyone can do until you can see it…

(Shot of Locus with the immunity, shot of Cody, still a bit embarrassed from the attention.)

Cody: I’ve never really been the focus of attention and never been used to it. I think today I was certain red…of course, I didn’t expect Hikari to kiss me of course…but I’m glad that my help won us immunity and 3 days more on the island…

Ruri: Cody deserved today. It was his day, nothing else mattered.

(Shot of the camp as Ruri, Hikari and Tamahome are still singing Cody’s praises)

Ruri: Everyone has to look out for the little guy, it’s just the little guy was the one that won us everything today.

Tamahome: Screw the reward now!

Hikari: Cody, are you alright?

Cody: (blushing) Y…yes, it’s just…I’m not used to all this attention.

Felicia: (hopping to them) Aw…poor Cody is embarrassed!

Sakura: Don’t worry, we won’t embarrass you…much more…

(Cody ducks his head as the girls aside from Ruri of course laugh, as Hikari and Sakura link arms with the poor embarrassed boy, whilst Kyosuke and Tamahome just smile and shake their heads)

Kyosuke/Tamahome: We’re not jealous…oh no, no…no…no…

Ruri: Idiots.


Chromus: Needless to say, Tsunami aren’t quite as jolly, as one member in particular wonders what went wrong…

(Shot of Ashitaka watching the sun)

Ashitaka: That was my game. I should have won it…and I didn’t. And I still don’t understand how.

Ukyo: Don’t beat yourself over it sugar.

(Shot of Ukyo peering over his shoulder)

Ashitaka: I just…I just feel that I let everyone down.

Ukyo: I don’t think anyone expected that kid to beat you…

Ashitaka: Did I underestimate him? Was I too soft? I don’t know…but all I know, is that I had it won…and I lost.

Ukyo: (puts a hand on his shoulder) Ashitaka, if I counted the amount of mistakes in my life, I could write an autobiography on them. But I’ve never dwelt on them. It’s one thing…and don’t worry about it.

Ashitaka: Is it going to cost me?

Ukyo: (smiles) No chance sugar. (sighs) It’s just wondering who it will cost…

(Shot of Shinobu serving a small helping of rice)

Shinobu: It’s no-one’s fault right?

Mackey: No…I felt I didn’t feel right in it though…

Keichi: Don’t hurt yourself over it…

Keichi: Mackey has been my best buddy, but he’s really gone all nervous after that late night incident. His physical wounds seems O.K, but the mental reminders of his past are coming back to haunt him…

(Shot of Joey and Ami watching over everything…)

Joey: I lost to the kid as well…it seems you don’t know what people are capable of until you see them in action.

Ami: I’m so disappointed that I can’t work out this quadric equation…

Joey: (sweatdrops) Ami, if that’s disap…

Ami: Oh wait, I got it!

(Joey collapses)

Chromus VO: Whilst each member of Tsunami have their own version of disappointment, they know that one of them will take their ‘walk of shame’ in one night. The discussion is, who is it going to be?

* * * *



Shinobu: After last time, I don’t think I really want to even talk about it…

Ami: (washing some dishes) I think we should just sleep on it. I haven’t made my mind up, and I don’t think you should yet.

Shinobu: You’re right Ami-san.

Ami: (smiles) Let’s keep our chins up…

(Shot of Ashitaka, what seems to be apologising to Keichi, Joey and Mackey. It seems that they are waving him off…)

Joey: (laughs) I lost to the kid as well, don’t worry man!

Mackey: It’s not a problem don’t worry.

Keichi: Let’s just forget it for the moment, and sleep on everything tonight. I don’t want tomorrow to happen either, but we better get through this the way we can…

(Whilst Ashitaka thanks his lucky stars for such a forgiving group, Locus tribe are enjoying a lovely night together…)


(Shot of the 7 members lying on the sand, soaking up the beautiful sunset. All of them are dresses casually, Tamahome in his usual outfit without his shirt, Hikari has that lovely Chinese dress on (eat your heart out Shampoo!), Ruri is in her normal Nadesico outfit (but still looks too cute and adorable as per usual…^_^), Cody is in his kendo outfit, appropriate after the game, Sakura has her school uniform on (sailor fuku), Kyosuke has a casual shirt and shorts on, and Felicia is…well, just Felicia.)

Ruri: It’s always dark around me normally…this is a sight to truly behond.

Tamahome: Makes the whole trip seem worth it…well, apart from the chance to be filthy rich of course…

Kyosuke: Of course.

Hikari: You see…we came here for these moments…

Ruri: …for this, I remember.

Hikari: (smiles) Thank you Ruri.

Sakura: No worries, no pressures, just pleasure.

Felicia: It’s almost like the sun wants to dim with my eyelids…

Cody: Sorry Miss Felicia, but you could sleep through an earthquake, whilst a thunderstorm was accompanying a sea of locusts.

Felicia: (mock cries) Just because you won us immunity doesn’t mean you can be mean to me!

(The group sharing a chuckle, as they enjoy the beautiful sunset of the Duelist Kingdom Island.)

* * * *


Chromus VO: The clouds are clear…but there is always fear…

(Shot of Mackey Stingray outside the tent, wide awake…)

Mackey: Why does it replay in my memory all the time? The control, Mason…hurting…my power to Nene…why?

Ukyo: (whispering) You O.K sugar?

(Ukyo staggers up as Mackey turns round)

Mackey: It just…why won’t it go away? I felt after Priss and the others got back, and the rains fell, it was gone. So why not…

Ukyo: I don’t know sugar. We’re from two different worlds, so I can’t answer your problems.

(Ukyo sits down by the young mechanic and puts an arm around him)

Ukyo: However, I can help you through it. Come on sugar…don’t cut out from us…let’s the fear out…

(The motherly like tone is almost like music to Mackey as Ukyo rocks the 15 year old gently as Ukyo cuddles him eventually to sleep…before falling back to sleep herself…)

Ukyo: Sometimes’ a girls comfort is all you need. I think Mackey needs it…(sighs)…more than anyone…

* * * *

DAY 9 – 8.00AM


Chromus: Locus seem very comfortable in the morning…

(Shot of the camp. The only people are missing are Felicia and Tamahome. Even Hikari is still sleeping…and very comfortable, if cuddling by Cody is any indication…^_^)

Cody: The first I thought when I woke up was…that’s a nice smell, and the next thing I know, I’m panicing, trying to prizes Hikari from me…and I’ll tell you, she’s got a strong grip!

(Cody’s movement eventually does wake up Hikari, and he has to turn away so he can avoid the blush…)

Hikari: (sleepily) Morning Cody…

Cody: (embarrassed) Morning…

Hikari: You want to help me cook today, I think Tama and Felicia are out scouting food again…

Cody: S-s-sure…

Hikari: I think Cody is getting more comfortable around everyone, he was quite shy initially, and still is, but I think the confidence of the last challenge has helped him…and everyone else.

(Shot of Felicia on rat-duty, whilst Tama has the machette, looking for something edible…)

Tamahome: It’s nice not to think about Tribal Council, I don’t have to worry about voting anyone off, or protecting someone, whether it be Ruri or Sakura. I just hope it keeps like this…

(With the rice on, and Hikari and Cody waiting for anything else, Kyosuke gets up, and in turn, gets Sakura up…but…)

Kyosuke: Oww…why me?

Sakura: (fuming) You know why!

Kyosuke: It was an accident!

Hikari: Huh, what happened?

Kyosuke: It was an accident!

Sakura: Maybe…but still had to do it?

Cody: Had to what?

Ruri: (interrupting) As Miss Fressange isn’t here, I’ll act as her substitute. (explanation mode) As Miss Kasunago was getting up, Kyosuke was also getting up, however, Sakura slipped slightly as Kyosuke tipped his head, and well…Sakura was still wearing her skirt from last night, and as a young girl, I don’t think I need to go into more detail…

Hikari: (sweatdropping) No, that will be quite fine Ruri.

Kyosuke: Why me, that’s all I ask?

(At this point, both Tama and Felicia manage to get back. Slim pickings, with just two rats and what seems to be coconut, but the group don’t mind, as they don’t have to worry tonight.)

(Tsunami on the other hand…)

* * * *


Keichi: (quietly) Look at this…

(Shot as Mackey and Ukyo haven’t moved from the position last night, Mackey looking quite comfortable in Ukyo’s grip.)

Joey: Awwww….

Shinobu: Kawaii!

(Her high-pitched voice stirs both of them up, as Ukyo stretches out…and realises her load is a bit heavier than normal…)

Mackey: Er…morning?

Ukyo: You know, you are so lucky that my main spatula I couldn’t be used as a luxury item…(gets out her pair of mini ones)…guess I’ll have to use these!

(In a scene straight out of BGC2040 where Mackey accidently catches Nene changing, Ukyo chases Mackey with the weapons as the fully awake group have to laugh…)

Joey: I think with council coming up, we needed to get a laugh out of the situation, I think this morning was just perfect…

* * * *

(After breakfast, and everyone has calmed down, the discussion of council with pairs, groups and themselves is on their mind…)

Ukyo: You still with us sugar?

Shinobu: (nods) Of course…I don’t like it but…

Ami: It’s either you or anyone else. And I think we’d prefer it to be anyone else as much as it sounds selfish…

Ashitaka: I know, it just…it feels like anything could happen in council.

Ukyo: Well…

Ami: What is it?

(Shot of Keichi and Mackey)

Keichi: Are you sure you’re O.K?

Mackey: I’m fine, I just don’t want too many more sleepless nights after that…

Keichi: Have you got a pick?

Mackey: Not really…I think it’s a case of hit and hope, we don’t know if they have that alliance that went against Mai or it just wanted to get rid of her.

Keichi: Their minds are warped though.

Mackey: (chuckles) That’s probably why I like this so much…

(on his own, Joey has his wallet out, looking at Serenity’s picture)

Joey: Is it hopeless sis? (looks at each member of the group) Maybe…maybe not…

* * * *



(Shot of the 7 on their hopscotch field, re-done after the heavy storm…)

Tamahome: Hey, I’m just as new to the game as anyone here, I’ve seen Miaka play something like it once…

Sakura: Don’t worry Tama, if you can master ki blasts in a week, this will be a breeze…

(5 minutes later)

Tamahome: (sitting down after tripping) You were saying?

Sakura: Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

(Shot as the game progresses, and Ruri balancing on one leg as Cody goes next…but unfortunately, gravity fails him…)

Kyosuke: Wow Cody, you’re a ladies man!

(Yep, Cody has fallen, and Ruri has tripped over him. Cody pretends he’s an ostrich and hides his head in the ground as Ruri calmly gets up)

Sakura: Ladies man?

Kyosuke: (slyly) Well, I did see him cosy up with Hikari not just at the immunity, but this morning…

(Now Cody really does wish he’s an ostrich as Hikari blushes)

Hikari: Hey, n-now…we were asleep, and besides, he’s too young…hey wait, a second…you were awake?

Kyosuke: Yep.

Hikari: So that means you may have seen Sakura’s unmentionables on purpose?

Kyosuke: (realises the trap) Uh oh…

Sakura: (cracks her knuckles) Better warm up those teleporting skills of yours…

(The following scene was considered too violent for younger viewers. And for the record, Tamahome and Hikari covered Ruri and Cody’s eyes…and Felicia covered both their eyes…^_^)

* * * *


Chromus VO: The time of judgement is upon them, and they need to cast a victim. But who is it going to be? Whilst last time it was one out of two choices, this time, it isn’t as easy…

(Shot of Ukyo alone, in tears…)

Ami: She decided it.

Ashitaka: I feel that I should be going after letting the team down…

Ami: You didn’t. And I think you need to be here, you have a better reason than most. You deserve to.

Ashitaka: Thank you Ami.

(Shinobu sits by Ukyo)

Shinobu: Are you O.K Ucchan?

Ukyo: (smiles) Glad you’re starting to say that sweetheart. (wipes a few tears) I really…really…hate this…

Shinobu: (grabs her hand, like Ukyo did in TC last time to Shinobu) Don’t lose heart now please, you were there for me, so I’m going to be there for you…please…I can’t do this without you…

Ukyo: It’s just…so…unfair…

Joey: Is she O.K?

(Shot of Joey looking over the two girls)

Ukyo: Yeah, we’re fine sugar. Just peachy…

Joey: (sits down) Council huh?

Ukyo: Yeah…

Joey: Hey…just…

Ukyo: It isn’t…and that’s why I’m crying like mad…

Joey: Huh…

Ukyo: I only had one choice…and I didn’t want it to end like this, especially…but…

(Joey walks away, as Keichi and Mackey see the scene)

Keichi: She’s more distraught than anyone…

Mackey: It’s not too fair…

Keichi: We better get ready though, Shinobu has got the last bit of fish caught from this morning so we can eat before council.

Joey: (interrupting) I think I’m going to be sick anyway on the way…

Ashitaka: (also joining) It’s a very cruel game…one that I’d rather not see. But…(sighs)…it’s the way it goes.

(The four guys shake hands, in case of the worst. Before dinner, they invite the three girls into their group hug, as at least, for one final night…the Suzaku Seven of Tsunami are united…)

* * * *


Joey: I tell you, this place gives me the creeps every time I come here…

Keichi: I think that’s more fear of what upcoming rather than the actual place…

Chromus: Let’s just hope you don’t see it too much more Joey Wheeler.

(The group of 7 sit on their pedesals. In case you forgot, this is what they have on them;)

Ami – Mercury Pen

Ashitaka – Yakul (his red elk)

Joey – Serenity

Keichi – Belldandy

Mackey – Nene

Shinobu – Keitaro

Ukyo – Ranma

Chromus: The fire is set, the gravestone turned, and the group assembles. Welcome Tsunami tribe, to your second tribal council, and I’m sure, like Ulah last time, you wish your second council to be your last. We have a variety of strengths, yet altogether, you’re here. The brains, Ami…you’ve certainly managed to hold your own and yet retain your own nature. Do you feel you’ve changed here?

Ami: I think I have. I’ve been given the opportunity to participate in something completely unknown to me, to experience new life, new cultures, to meet new people and new friends, and to live like a true outdoors person. I’m think what the scouts would say if they saw me here.

Chromus: If you make it far enough, you may have that opportunity…but I can’t say much more than that, otherwise it’s breach of contract. Ashitaka, I noticed that you felt a bit disappointed after the immunity challenge. Did you set for higher standards considering that swordsmanship is your speciality?

Ashitaka: Do you have a bow and arrow challenge?

Chromus: We have an aiming one…

Ashitaka: Ask me then if I survive that long. (the group chuckles) No, seriously, I did feel I let my team down, and myself down. It may cost me tonight, I don’t know.

Chromus: I’m sure you’re hoping this wonderful group of people don’t see it that way. Mackey, you had a bit of a shock forgive the pun the other night. Are you O.K now?

Mackey: Physically I’m fine, but it’s like all my past worries have rolled into one and attacked my brain, and it’s not a pleasant feeling. However, everyone was so comforting to me and it was such a pleasure to be around an environment so welcoming.

Chromus: Well, that welcoming environment is about to cut one of it’s little family. And unlike Mai, this may be a bit more difficult. We’ll see….Ashitaka, take us off…

(The swordsman goes up to make his vote. We see it clearly, ‘MACKEY’.)

Ashitaka: I think he wants to go home, he has awakened bad nightmares…he needs to be away, back with his girlfriend. Good luck to him.

(Next is Ami. After her vote is Mackey, who votes ‘ASHITAKA’)

Mackey: I’m sorry, the only reason is that you’re strong and dangerous. Plus, you gave me an excuse to vote for you in immunity…I’m sorry.

(Shinobu goes up, turns and votes. Next is Keichi, who votes ‘UKYO’)

Keichi: My vote is for Ukyo, she’s like the mother, but she’s showing signs of crackling. I think for her sake she needs to go.

(Joey goes up but we don’t see his vote. Finally, Ukyo, who wipes her eyes before voting.)

Chromus: Thank you Ucchan. The votes in this Dragon Capture Jar have been totalled, I’ll count the votes.

(A bit of ruffling as Chromus checks everything, before Chromus reveals the first vote.)

Chromus: UKYO

(The martial artist is surprised, but just smiles, her head down.)

Chromus: MACKEY

(Mackey also smiles)

Chromus: MACKEY

(Mackey has a grin on his face now)


(The swordsman stares ahead)

Chromus: UKYO. We have two votes for Ukyo, two for Mackey and one for Ashitaka. The next vote is for ‘MACKEY.’

(The mechanic holds his hands, still a small smile on his face.)

Chromus: If the final vote is for Ukyo, we have a tie. If it’s for anyone else, Mackey goes tonight. The final vote…(a sigh)…’MACKEY.’

(Mackey smiles his biggest smile on the island as he stands up)

Chromus: Mackey Stingray, can you come up here please?

(Mackey stands up, get handshakes from Keichi, Joey and Ashitaka. He gets warm hugs from Shinobu and Ami before he gets to Ukyo. They exchange a long hug, Ukyo crying again as Mackey shushes her. Ukyo gives Mackey a quick kiss on the forehead before Mackey walks up to Chromus as even the author has a few tears.)

Chromus: Mackey, I’m sorry man, but the tribe has spoken, and your card has been played long enough. It’s time you were sent to the graveyard.

(A puff of flame, and the third tombstone has it’s name, ‘MACKEY STINGRAY’)

Chromus: The tribe has spoken. You must leave.

Mackey: Thank you everyone, for being so nice to me, for being my family for a fantasic week…but most of all, thank you for sending me home. I’m not angry, I think was extremely happy when I heard that final vote…I think I needed to go home, so thank you.

Keichi: We’ll miss you man.

(Mackey waves goodbye to the group as Ukyo is still crying. Chromus waits until she calms down…)

Chromus: Man, that was a tear-jerker. (sniffs) I’m just as upset as you guys are, so to stop any further embarrassment, I think we’d better go our separate ways, and hopefully, we’ll be all better tomorrow morning, O.K?

(The group nods as they depart, as Shinobu has to clutch Ukyo’s hand for her to snap out of it. As they leave, Chromus sits down, sad.)

Chromus: Why is it this hard?

* * * *

*Mackey’s confessional*

I’m glad that I went, I didn’t want to see anyone go, and I felt that my nightmares were going to be a real problem for us if we didn’t get me off soon. I’m glad they made my wish come true. Keichi, thanks for being a bud. Ukyo, thanks for being a wonderful person. Everyone else, I love you all, and I’ll thank you. And I hope I’ll see you all soon at the reunion.

(One more vote to show, Ukyo’s.)

Ukyo: Mackey-hun…last night, it was like you were my brother. I felt like I needed to help you…and I felt the best way to do that, is to send you home. I’m so sorry…(can’t say anymore…)

Mackey’s profile on the island and why he went off;

Mackey was a good all-round performer for Tsunami, and wasn’t too weak or too strong, and certainly made no enemies. His two mistakes were his early alliance with Mai, and the second was sadly, when a crack of lightning brought his old fears back to life. Feeling weaker every day mentally, he was given his release reluctantly by the anti-Mai alliance.

Next time;

A secret rendez-vous is heard but not seen. What’s going on in those bushes?

How far will you protect someone to not leave? A member of one tribe takes the ultimate risk so that someone will survive…

The first guest host! Kawaii!

Reward challenge: Cooking equipment of your choice, it’s speed, strength, skill and stamina for this tough challenge.

Immunity: Grease on a pole…each member of the group has to climb and ring the gong, on their own, with the aid of others…which way they prefer, it’s all for the same game, survival!

And the fourth unfortunate member who Chromus can’t bear to eliminate…

* * * *

Excuse me for a moment whilst I get rid of something in my eye…

Vote results;

Mackey (4) – Ukyo, Shinobu, Ami, Ashitaka

Ukyo (2) – Keichi, Joey

Ashitaka (1) – Mackey