Ruri Hoshino – Martian Successor Nadesico

Hikari Horaki – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Tamahome – Fushigi Yugi

Krillan – DBZ

Felicia – Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge

Sakura Kasunago – Street Fighter Alpha

Cody Hida – Digimon 02

Kyosuke Kasuga – Kimagure Orange Road


Joey Wheeler – Yu-Gi-Oh!

Keichi Morisato – Oh My Goddess!

Shinobu Maehara – Love Hina

Ami Mizuno – Sailor Moon

Mackey Stingray – Bubblegum Crisis 2040

Ukyo Kuonji – Ranma ½

Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke


Mai Valentine – Yu-Gi-Oh!


* * * *

Chapter 2

Brains vs. Brawn

(shot of a now empty Tribal Council where Tsunami evicted their first combatant, Mai Valentine. Shot of Chromus.)

Chromus: They say who duels best duels last. Well…they don’t, but if they did, it would be a perfect saying for Mai Valentine. Strong, gifted, talented…yet gone. Done in by fellow deulist Joey of all people as well. Let’s see what happened after the remaining 7 of Tsunami left Tribal Council…

(Day 3…after TC)

(Shot via infra red cameras of the remaining 7 heading back. We can see Ukyo, Ami and Shinobu at the back, Shinobu literally being glomped by the Nerimian, Mackey and Keichi talking, well, whispering, Ashitaka at the back and Joey alone in the middle)

Joey: Did I make the right decision? Maybe…maybe not, but I’ve done it many times before, my heart before my head. Sorry Mai…

Keichi: I guess he did it. Poor soul…

Mackey: I guess we should have expected it. Maybe we fell foul to Mai’s charms to not see what was going on…

Keichi: I just hope I haven’t put my head in a noose for being with her…

Chromus: Is it true? There were a core 4 to take out Mai, does that mean 4 vs. 3 now or is it just everyone’s imagination?

* * * *

(Day 4: 7.25am, TSUNAMI BEACH)

Chromus: Day 4, and all is quiet on the southern front. The ocean is peaceful, the sky is clear and a pretty girl sits there drawing…hey, close up!

(Shot of Shinobu with her Tracey-esque routine of a sketch book and pen, drawing)

Shinobu: I can’t believe I’m still here…but sorry that Mai had to go, but I want this as much as anyone…I hope everyone out there is watching me…

(Shinobu is drawing a sunrise over the ocean, as always it is really good, but a small gust of wind turns over the page…)

Ukyo: Who is that sugar?

(The sketchbook reveals the one and only Keitaro Urashima, ronin, general loser and Shinobu’s crush. And of course…)

Shinobu: (surprised) WAAAAAHHHH!

Ukyo: (steps back) Whoa easy girl! I just came to see where you are, breakfast will be done in a sec…

(Observes the picture a bit more closely)

Ukyo: (slyly) Ahhhh….

(Shot of Shinobu blushing like mad)

Ukyo: So he is your mystery man is he?

Shinobu: (waving her hands cutely as she madly tries to deny it) Ah…no no! This is…

Ukyo: Hey, it doesn’t matter sugar. I presume this is the guy you were on about…well, it’s obvious you’re good at other things rather than cooking…speaking of which, breakfast is ready, do you want to wake up the motley crew?

Shinobu: Well…Ami-san has gone for some water, has Ashitaka-san decided to fish today?

Ukyo: (shakes her head) No. He’s had a relax this morning. Go on girl, get them up, and if you hear elephants in there, don’t worry, it’s just Joey’s snoring.

(The two girls giggle before Shinobu packs her sketch book away and prepares for the worst…)

* * * *

(Time 7.45am, LOCUS TRIBE)

Chromus: Things have been getting interesting in Locus Tribe, especially with Miss Ruri’s own theories of her illness…

(Shot of Ruri just waking up, her trademark Sasami pigtails let down)

Ruri: I was born to have marks of perfection, of advanced intelligence and also immunity to illness. However, because I travelled back in time, does that mean that the experimentation made in 2130 haven’t happened here…am I just a normal girl for the moment?

(Ruri sneezes)

Ruri: Idiot.

(Outside the tent, Hikari and Sakura are making the breakfast)

Sakura: …I guess I’m used to it now I go on the road sometimes. My cooking isn’t brilliant but…

Hikari: …hey, gives an alternative. Besides, I don’t think here anyone is going to be fussy…

(The two girls giggle as Tamahome gets up)

Tamahome: Hey guys…

Hikari: (chuckles) Hey Tama! Still scared of us?

Tamahome: (sweatdrops) No…just scared of what a certain someone may think if she sees this…

Tamahome: No offense to anyone, but I can’t sleep in a tent with these cute girls when a certain Suzaku No Miko may want to hit my head with a steel mullet…

Tamahome: No fish today?

Sakura: (shakes her head) It’s just rice, but with a dash of coconut milk.

Tamahome: Beggars can’t be choosers…

(Behind them, Krillan staggers up as Kyosuke just gets back from water duty)

Krillan: Is it time to fight?

Tamahome: Not yet Krillan, wait till the challenges…

Krillan: Sorry man, force of habit. (smells the rice) Ah the aroma of a young girls cooking…how I miss it…

Kyosuke: That should be enough…that just leaves Ruri, Cody and Felicia….

Hikari: Nah, Cody’s over there…

(Shot of Cody swinging a piece of wood in a kendo stick fashion, forming a sweat)

Sakura: Everyone seems to have some sort of routine, I never thought Cody was an early riser, or a practionier of kendo.

Sakura: (calls) Cody! Breakfast is nearly ready!

Cody: Kay…

(Shot as Ruri exits the camp)

Tamahome: Hey Ruri, you O.K this morning?

Ruri: (rubbing her eyes) Yes Mr Tamahome, I feel a bit better…

Krillan: It’s a shame that Ruri has fallen ill, but it means that it is almost given as soon as we lose an immunity, we’ll have to probably remove the weakest link, which is sadly Ruri.

Tamahome: (pats the space by him) Come on Ruri, sit here, breakfast nearly done…

(Hikari and Sakura turn devil like over his head as Tamahome sweatdrops)

Hikari: So Tama, what’s this about being faithful?

Sakura: On a junior like her, you are awful!

Tamahome: Hey-hey, be reasonable guys, she’s ill…and she reminds me a bit of what my sister may be like when she’s a bit older…

Hikari/Sakura: (together) Oh, that’s alright then! (Tama sweatdrops as all bar Ruri laugh, but Ruri does manage a smile.)

Ruri: Some of these should be on the Nadesico…

Cody: I guess that leaves just…

(They all look back)

Krillian: You wake her up.

Tamahome: No you!

Krillan: Trust me, waking up a cat-girl isn’t the best thing to do as we already found out…

(Shot of Krillan and Tamahome nervous approaching the camp)

Krillan: O.K, on three…

Tamahome: One.

Krillan: Two…

(Suddenly, Felicia jumps in front of them, awake, and as bright and cute as a button.)

Felicia: Morning!

(The two guys collapse as Sakura rolls around laughing, the others smiling or in Ruri’s case shaking her head)

Felicia: Eh…Krillan? Tamahome? How come you’ve fallen down with beads of sweat on your face?

(The comrades in arms for Locus are in full force, as today, they face their first reward challenge…but for now…)

(…it’s rice and coconut for breakfast…whilst on Tsunami…)

* * * *

Ashitaka: Hey, it’s rice. We can gorge on that for hours if we need it…

Keichi: …I think if the food gets low, we won’t have much of a choice…

(Ukyo serves Ami a bowl of rice as she drinks from a gourd)

Ami: Ahhh…that’s was refreshing.

Ami: I love to swim. And I always go out in the morning to watch the sunrise and go to the ocean. Whilst being with the Sailor Scouts may have made me more outgoing, I certainly still like my privacy.

Joey: Eat up Shinobu, you’re going to waste away!

Shinobu: Joey…

Shinobu: From what I heard, it was Joey who saved me in the vote last night…I never got to thank him last night, I will today I promise…

Mackey: This is quite nice for just rice…I guess with two expert chefs on our beach, we don’t need to worry about the quality of the food…

Mackey: I was used to eating with my sister Sylia some of the finest foods in the country. But just eating plain rice can be fine as long as you do it right…and fortunately Shinobu and Ukyo fit that bill well…

Keichi: Shinobu, just to let you know, we are sorry about last night…

Shinobu: Keichi-san…

Ashitaka: (shakes his head) It doesn’t matter now. Mai’s tyranny is over, let bygones be bygones and start again. We’ve got the reward challenge sometime today, and we need to be at our best. This is where the survivor begins now, the last few days don’t count. It’s clean slate time, and we aren’t going to get dirty any time soon.

Keichi: (happy) So, I’m not going to be cut from the pack evilly and nastily?

Ukyo: (smiles) We didn’t say that sugar.

(Keichi mock sulks as for now, Tsunami is now a unit…)

* * * *


Chromus VO: Unlike the first survivor, me and my ego decide to add our own subtle touch to introducing the reward challenges…

(Time 11.30am.)

(Shot of Felicia hanging some of the laundry on a washing line made from Felicia herself via shredded strips of wood)

Felicia: (singing) I’m in trouble….baby, I’m a troubled…

(Then her keen eyes spot something glistening in the water)

Felicia: Hey, what’s that?

(Felicia rushes over and picks out an arrow with a note attaching to it…)

Felicia: Let’s see…

The note reads;

Be like Kuno, you lose this game

Be like Washu, and you’re in the frame

Best put your caps on, time to play

The intelligence game on this sunny day!

Felicia: Must be the reward challenge…(calls out)…guys, we got a message from a lousy poet…

(and on Tsunami)

Mackey: Where do they get this stuff?

Ami: Beats me…

Chromus: Everyone is a critic…

* * * *


Challenge: Weakest Link – anime style

Prize: Brain food, a trolley load of fish, designed to last three days

(Shot of the two teams ready. Chromus is there, as the 15 remaining contestants go among the line)

Chromus: Well, well ladies and gentlemen…despite your ermm…critique of my poetry, you decided to come here and join me for the opportunity to enjoy a bit of food…of course, you’ll need to strain a muscle or tw…well, actually, it’s just one muscle…

(Suddenly, a shine of blue comes and there are 15 small podiums, with each of the contestants name)

Chromus: …and time for one of my favourite British traditions, answering questions and humiliating the weakest person. (Chromus puts his graduation gown from the University of Wolverhampton, cap, gown and shawl, black and gold colours) Welcome to the Weakest Link!

(cue dramatic music)

Chromus: The rules are simple ladies and gentlemen. Within a time limit, you will each answer questions. Don’t worry, no need with than banking crap and that. However, you don’t get the pleasure of voting each other off here. Basically, at the end of each round, whoever has got the worst score in terms of question wrong, and how long they took to answer, will be eliminated. The first team to have at least one member remaining winning the reward. Simple as that.

(Murmurs from the 15)

Chromus: Now, to ensure an even playing field, Locus, please eliminate one of your own.

(Locus go into a conference, and after a little persuasion, Felicia is the one they decide to drop)

Chromus: O.K, Tsunami vs. Locus, let’s play the Weakest Link! (music) Start the clock!

(First round, a few questions include…)

Chromus: Krillan, in Darkstalkers, what is the name of the fire god which almost destroys the Earth?

Krillan: Er…(scratches head)…I think Felicia said it was Pryon…

Chromus: Correct…


Chromus: Ukyo, in Sailor Moon, who is the sailor scout of love?

Ukyo: Minako.

Chromus: Techincally it’s Mina, but as I prefer the sub anyway I’ll give you that.

(The round ends…)

Chromus: You all had 3 questions each, and the results are following.

3 correct – Mackey, Ruri, Ami

2 correct – Ukyo, Sakura, Keichi

1 correct – Shinobu, Hikari, Cody, Krillan, Ashitaka, Tamahome

0 correct – Joey, Kyosuke

Chromus: Kyosuke just dodges the bullet as Joey answered in the slowest time. Joey, you are the weakest link, goodbye!

Joey: Rats…

(Next round)

Chromus: Kyosuke, what is the name of Sakura’s role model…

Kyosuke: I’m sure it was Ryu-sempai…

Chromus: You didn’t need to add the sempai, but I’ll give you that…Ashitaka, in Ranma ½, what is Genma Saotome’s curse?

Ashitaka: I think…er…sorry.

Chromus: Changes into a panda…

(Second round results)

A grade = Ruri

B grade = Ami, Mackey, Kyosuke

C grade = Ukyo, Cody, Keichi, Sakura

D grade = Hikari, Krillan, Shinobu

E grade = Tamahome, Ashitaka


(Next round)


(4th round)


Chromus: 4 guys gone…man, the guys suck.

Ashitaka: Hey, I’m from ancient times!

Tamahome: Same here, and that’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it!

Chromus: (sighs) Let’s carry on…

(5th round)

Chromus: Ruri, in Fushigi Yugi, what is the name of Tamahome’s youngest sister?

Ruri: (calm) Yuiren.

Chromus: That is correct.


A = Ruri, Ami

B = Ukyo

C = Mackey, Keichi, Sakura, Hikari

D = Kyosuke

E = Shinobu, Cody

Chromus: Oh well, sorry Shinobu-chan. You are the weakest link, goodbye.

(6th round)


(7th round)


(8TH round)


(9th round)


(10th round)

Chromus: Geez, we’ve got 4 girls left and just the one guy. Mackey, do something for the guys please…


Chromus: Thank god!

(11th round)


Chromus: O.K, ignore I said that…

(12th round)

Chromus: Sakura, in Evangelion, what is the full name of the designated pilot of Eva Unit 2?

Sakura: Asuka Sohryu.

Chromus: Sorry, I asked for the full name, it’s Asuka Langhley Sohryu.

(At the end…)

Chromus: Sakura, you are the weakest link, goodbye.


Chromus: Well, we managed to get to one each for each team, and in a total not surprise, it’s our two favourite blue head brainettes Ruri Hoshino for Locus and Ami Mizuno for Tsunami. Now, for this round, we simply go turn in turn until one of you get a question wrong and the other gets it right. Simple enough for you two anyway. O.K, let’s go!

Shinobu: Ami-san, you can do it!

Tamahome: Go for it Ruri-chan!

(The ‘crowd’ cheers for their respective kawaii girl as the not quite as intelligent question master begins)

Chromus: Ruri, in Digimon, name the crest holder of Love and Sincerity.

Ruri: Yolei Inoue.

Chromus: Correct. Ami, in Yu-Gi-Oh, here are the four finalists of the Duelist Kingdom. Yugi Moto, Joey Wheeler, Mai Valentine and…who?

Ami: I read this….Bandit Keith I think…

Chromus: Correct. Ruri…

(half an hour later)

Chromus: You know girls, the challenge that lasts 24 hours is the log balancing one, NOT this game. Someone please get one wrong!

(Shot of a scoreboard which shows Ruri: 51 and Ami: 50. Nuff said.)

Chromus: In Princess Mononoke, cut off a wolf’s head, it still has the power to what?

Ami: Bite.

Chromus: I’m running out of questions…O.K, enough of this. The two of you take a piece of paper and I’ll ask you the question. The first one to show it me with the right answer wins the reward.

Ruri: Why didn’t you do that 20 questions ago?

Chromus: Er…

Ruri: Idiot.

Chromus: O.K, enough Brit-bashing. Final question.

(drum roll)

Chromus: O.K, combined, how many animes are used in Anime and Video Game Survivor, the first one…GO!

(Both think and write. Ami is the first to put an answer, 13.)

Ami: 13.

Chromus: Incorrect. If Ruri gets the correct answer, she wins.

(Ruri reveals her answer. 12)

Chromus: Why 12 Ruri?

Ruri: I believe you said the Chun-Li in the first one was based on the anime not the game.

Chromus: (smiles) Correct! Ruri-chan wins the reward!

(Locus rejoice as they have won the reward challenge. Tsunami console with the fact they got down to the wire, although losing the second one in a row is bad)

Note: For those you don’t know, the twelve animes were

Sailor Moon (Serena), Street Fighter 2 V (Chun-Li), Bubblegum Crisis 2040 (Nene), Cardcaptors (Sakura), Ranma ½ (Akane), Evangelion (Shinji), DBZ (Gohan), Tenchi Muyo (Tenchi), Digimon (Davis), Gundam Wing (Duo), Monster Rancher (Genki) and Pokemon (Gary).

The other four were from games or animation, e.g. Darkstalkers (Bulleta), Tekken (Julia Chang), X-Men (Jubilee) and Final Fantasy (Vivi)

(Tamahome immediately goes in and hugs Ruri. Suprisingly, the girl doesn’t call him an idiot and receives it quite warmly. The crowd round Ruri grows as all of Locus are happy with her…but then she sneezes and the crowd disperses, but the group returns quickly, realising the sillyness. For Locus…)

Chromus: And what better way of showing your intelligence by winning a bit of brain food. Here you go, fresh fish recently caught, they will go bad in 3 days, but that should last you for 3 days anyway…

(The group cheer even more as Tsunami now really become more depressed. Ami in particular feels disappointed, as Shinobu hugs her friend in consolation…)

* * * *


Tamahome: Dinner time!

Chromus VO: Locus don’t have to worry about walking into ‘enemy territory’ for a few days if they want a bit of meat, as they rejoice in the bounty they have been blessed with.

Hikari: Grilled, well done, BBQ, you name it…I’ll cook it!

Felicia: Just edible please!

Hikari: (laughs) I guess I can manage that!

(Tamahome gets to work on the fire as Hikari gets 3 of the fish, 20 in total, as Sakura prepares the rice.)

Felicia: It kinda sucked that I didn’t get to help in that game, I eventually volunteered to leave the game, but in the end, I’m still glad we won! Free fish!

Cody: It was good for Ruri to show what she is good for in the team, especially considering that she is always a favourite to go…

Ruri: I’m happy that I showed my team that I have my uses. I just hope it was enough…

(Shot of the group ready to indulge in some fish, rice and potato puree)

Tamahome: Cheers to Miss Ruri and to dinner!

All: Cheers!

(As one group enjoys a good meal, another group contemplates on their recent failure…)

* * * *


Ukyo: Don’t hold it against you Ami. It was just a bit of bad luck, you held the fort for all of us in that challenge, never put yourself down, you were brilliant!

Ami: (Sighs) Thanks guys, but still…

Ashitaka: Sorry guys, I couldn’t match their load…(shot of the one fish he’s caught)

Keichi: Slim pickings…Shinobu, how’s the rice?

Shinobu: Looking crispy, just wish I had some miso soup to go with it right about now…

Mackey: Got a couple of coconuts, but there isn’t much in terms of fruit here, I think they’ve got all that.

Ashitaka: We got the meat, they’ve got the fruit, kinda even out. We got lunch, they got desert…

Joey: I think there is a bit further where there are a few trees with fruit, but it’s a bit of a travel…

Ashitaka: I think that’s something we need to bear with…come on then, let’s cook this up and just hope we can beat them next time.

Mackey: We need to.

Chromus VO: Mackey is right. Two consecutive defeats for Tsunami as Locus are looking more comfortable and united by the second. A third win would send Tsunami down to Tribal Council again, something they don’t want…

* * * *


Chromus VO: It isn’t just fish that’s the only meat available for Locus at the moment. As the group have found out, they have a very proficient rat catcher in their group…

(Shot of Felicia with 6 rats in her cat hand)

Kyosuke: I guess being part cat has it’s uses…

Krillan: Well, we’re not starving at the moment, but she still does it.

Felicia: It’s just my instinct. Besides I have to do something otherwise I’m bored on this island, this just gets me into my natural element…O.K, half-natural.

(Shot of Hikari who is making cups of rice with bits of fish added for flavour)

Hikari: This should keep us going for the rest of the day…

Felicia: Hikari, do you want a bit more meat? (holds up a rat)

Hikari: GAAAAHHH! (calms down) Oh sorry Felicia, not exactly used to this yet…(looks at the rats)…if you don’t mind, to save a good fish meal for the challenges, can I have a couple?

Felicia: Sure, do you want me to save this or shall I just cook them myself? I think most everyone else would prefer the fish to the rats…

Hikari: Heh, but it does add the flavour…sure, why not? You caught them, you eat them…I don’t think diseased rodent is the flavour of the month for a number of us…

(Shot of Cody and Ruri sitting down by the ocean waves)

Ruri: Sometimes I miss being with Omokaine, but I guess being with these people is fine for me. And with Cody at least I have someone I can talk to my own age…

Cody: …I didn’t know that…sorry Ruri…

Ruri: It’s fine. I mean, your father died, I don’t even know who mine are…I don’t think the people of Peaceland count…

Cody: (scratches his head) Peaceland?

Ruri: Oh, of course, I’m not in the future any more. Baka…

Cody: Do you want to tell me…

Ruri: It’s something I’d rather not talk about…

Cody: Oh. (smiles) O.K, that’s fine then.

Ruri: But…if you want to….that’s fine as well…

(Cody smiles as Ruri opens up to the Digimon boy about her experience as a Peaceland Princess)

(Shot of Krillian and Kyosuke watching a sparing match of Sakura and Tamahome)

Sakura: SHO-O-KEN! (shot of her running uppercut as Tamahome expertly blocks it, but the unusual Shotokan style of Sakura is putting the Chinese warrior on the defensive)

Tamahome: I’ve never seen this form of martial arts before…how did you do that…well, ball of fire?

Sakura: You don’t know the skills of Ryu-sempai? Wow…well, you know what ki is right?

Tamahome: (nods) Yeah.

Sakura: Well…

(As Sakura goes into teacher mode, Krillan looks on)

Krillan: It’s interesting to see these two battle, considering that they are simply ordinary humans, and whilst not like that blowhard Hercule, it makes me at least show that I can at least beat these people…

Kyosuke: I take it you come from a tough world…

Krillan: You don’t know the half of it…

Kyosuke: (under his breath) Probably wouldn’t last 5 seconds with Madoka. (takes out his photograph of Madoka and Hikaru)

Kyosuke: I guess I miss everyone despite everything…I came here looking for a better future for everyone, yet I keep going back into the past and missing everyone…some memories of my past I don’t want to remember, especially about poor Hikaru-chan, but…

(Kyosuke walks away just as Hikari and Felicia shout out dinner. Meanwhile, dinner on Tsunami…)

* * * *


Ashitaka: The sun comes out earlier and goes down faster here…going into our camp becomes much earlier…but at least it’s fully finished now…

(Shot of the camp as Joey seems to have put the finishing touches on the camp, as Shinobu is stirring some rice. Joey goes over to the girl…)

Joey: Shinobu…

(Shinobu looks a little startled but smiles at the duelist)

Shinobu: Joey-san, I never got to thank you for last night…

Joey: (blushing) Oh, it was nothing. Shinobu, I want to show you why I went against Mai last night. (sits down by her and reveals his wallet)

(Shot of Joey showing Shinobu his picture of Serenity)

Joey: This is my sister Serenity, she’s about a year older than you are. She suffers from chronic blindness, which basically her eyesight deteriates gradually until she becomes completely blind. (sighs) She sent me a videotape of her running out of time…

Shinobu: (near tears) Joey-san…

Joey: …I’m in it for her. I want to win this for her sake, to pay for her operation. I use this picture so that I never forget her face. However, being here, it means I don’t have that aura of protection and determination that I did at the Duelist Kingdom. However…

(looks at Shinobu)

Joey: …last night, I think I know why I went against Mai. Shinobu, you remind me of the innocence of my sister, and I think the way you could have gone down last night was…well, anyway, I don’t know why, but I felt the need to protect you. I couldn’t go through with Mai’s plan.

(Joey bows his head…as Shinobu puts a hand on his shoulder. Joey looks to see the girl with a sweet smile on her face)

Shinobu: Thank you.

Joey: (smiles) No problem.

(Shot of Mackey, Keichi and Ukyo cutting some wood. Well, Ukyo is cutting, the two guys are carrying…)

Mackey: Hey watch it with those small blocks will ya?

Ukyo: Whoops, sorry sugar…

Keichi: I would say I can’t believe what I’m seeing, a girl with a hand set of spatulas slicing blocks of wood like a chainsaw…but I live with a goddess or three so I guess I can’t really say that can I?

(The three chuckle as the conversation goes on…)

Ukyo: You’re a lucky guy Keichi.

Keichi: (blushes) Belldandy is perfection…(chuckles)…I guess Urd and Skuld are the spare sides of her that had the defects.

Mackey: Please don’t mention the defects…I had enough of that during the Galactia incident.

Keichi: Huh?

Mackey: (sighs) I guess I better tell you now…

(5 seconds later)


Mackey: (sweatdrops) The 5th guy in the back row in Germany didn’t hear you, you know…

Mackey: I came clean, about me not being human…or boomer either. I was created as part of an experiment to create the Sohtai, created from the Stingray genes in the mind of my sister Sylia. I was deemed a failure for being too human though, however I maintained a link with the second clone, Galactia, and I suffered a lot through that…I don’t know why I told them this early, but I felt I needed to get it off my chest…

Ukyo: Sugar…when you live around my area, you’re more human than a lot of the people I know…trust me on that…

Keichi: Oh yeah, people that change into girls, cats and pandas…and I suppose my deals with gods and fairies as well wouldn’t exactly be the most normal…

Mackey: You guys…

(The three continue to talk and work at the same time, finally, Ami and Ashitaka in the water…)

Ashitaka: You can see what a different Mai’s passing has done.

Ami: Yes. Shinobu is much more open and Joey’s conscience is clear. And Keichi and Mackey are not her puppets and are happy to do whatever they please…

Ashitaka: However, all this is worth nothing if we don’t win tomorrow’s challenge…we lose another one…

Ami: Not now. I want to do my best in everything…and that means in this, but it also means that everyone else does as well…we’re going to win tomorrow.

Ashitaka: (smiles) Well said Ami. And I see you got a bite as well…

Ami: (holds up the fish she caught) We’re eating tonight…

Ashitaka: Yep…I got one as well…(holds up fish)…shall we make them suffer without telling them?

Ami: You cruel man! (Ami giggles as Ashitaka and Ami go up to Shinobu to prepare their dinner. As night fast approaches, Tsunami as well as Locus know they have to prepare for tomorrow’s immunity challenge, to be as strong as they can…

* * * *

DAY 5: 7.00am

(Shot of Chromus…half asleep)

Skuld (off screen): HEY WAKE UP!

Chromus: Urgh…what…(looks at watch)…oh crap.

* * * *

DAY 5: 7.01am

(Shot of Chromus in front of the beach side, now fully awake…)

Chromus: The 5th day our favourite stragglers have had to survive everything on the island. However, for one group, they’ll have to survive the dreaded vote of each other…Tsunami has already had that once…and they don’t want to do it again. Locus however don’t want to try it at all, as early morning activity shows…

(Shot of the only Locus member up, Tamahome. He’s got the photograph of all the Suzaku Seven…but he’s looking mainly at Miaka)

Tamahome: Sometimes even I want to be on my own. However, being on my own makes me wish I was back home, my family, my friends…my love.

(Shot as he’s looking at each member of the Suzaku in turn)

Tamahome: Hotohori, your highness…despite our differences, he is just a kind and gentle man, his forgiveness and everything…Nuriko, the peacemaker, not sure whether you can say he’s a big brother or sister, but hey…Chichiri, always there to lend us a hand, always with a smile…Tasuki, oh Tasuki…if you was here, it would really help…I could beat someone up without anyone complaining! Little Chiriko, we don’t know much about you yet, but hey, anyone as smart as you probably knows everything about us anyway…Mitskake, gentle and powerful at the same time, I can’t thank you enough for helping my father…

(Tamahome looks into the ocean)

Tamahome: Shurei, Jyunkei, Gyokuran…little Yuiren…pops…

Hikari: Homesick…

(Shot of Hikari getting up)

Tamahome: Yeah, just a bit.

(Hikari sits by Tama, and looks at the picture)

Hikari: Your friends?

Tamahome: Yeah, and…

(Hikari looks at the picture of the girl, Miaka)

Hikari: That’s Miaka? She’s pretty…I guess you’re a lucky man…

Tamahome: Yeah…although she has her quirks…

Hikari: (giggles) We all do I think!

Hikari: I get along with Tamahome, I guess I picture Touji like this when he’s older. Kind, gentle, compassionate, yet always strong, willing and ready.

(Hikari gets up to prepare some fish from the reward, as Tamahome gets ready for the fire)

(Shot of Ruri getting up, shivering a little)

Tamahome: Ruri-chan, you O.K?

Ruri: (not too convincing) Yes…

Tamahome: Ruri seems like an older Yuiren with the way she has been sick, and for that reason, I felt a need to take care of her…

(Ruri sits by the fire Tamahome is creating)

Ruri: Why does it feel like I’m so useless here…

Tamahome: Don’t say that Ruri. It was just a bit of bad luck…yesterday you were our heroine, they can’t get rid of you…

Ruri: Please Mr. Tamahome, don’t say that…

(Ruri looks down as Tama looks on. Again, he takes off his shirt and gives it to Ruri)

Tamahome: Take care of yourself Ruri, you’re special here, there and anywhere. (Tama goes off to get some fruit from the jungle)

Ruri: Tamahome is like Akito here. He’s the one who sees me as a person, not as a child. I wonder if Akito is a descendant of Tamahome…

(As Tama goes into the jungle, Krillan gets up)

Krillan: Oh man, and I thought being the strongest would have been a real help, but with the way Hikari and Tamahome are working…bleah…

Krillan: I haven’t really been seen to use my strength so far. I think with it I’ve got a good chance of doing well here…

(Soon, one by one, everyone gets up as Felicia, the last one to get up, sniffs the air)

Felicia: A rain…coming into the west…

Hikari: I don’t think we appreciate Felicia’s unique abilities, her skills at catching rats, slashing food and fuel, and telling what the whether is like with her keen sense of smell…

Felicia: More fuel Hikari-chan?

Hikari: Keep it coming! And Felicia, thank you…you’re always a great help!

Felicia: (blushes) Thank you!

(Shot of Tamahome returning with some peaches)

Tamahome: Fancy some fruit for desert?

Sakura: (watching over the fish and rice) With the way we’re eating, we’ll easily win today!

Kyosuke: As long as keep winning, there is no telling how we can impact this game now…

Hikari: Now guys, not too overconfident, we know they will be desperate to win this…

Krillan: …but together, we shall crush them!

(All cheer except Ruri, still shivering by the fire)

Ruri: I’ve said it enough times in the Nadesico, but I’ll say it again. (sighs) They’re all idiots…

* * * *


(Tsunami have been up for a while, as sleep was tricky with nerves in the stomachs for today’s challenge. The breakfast is a combo of Ukyo prepared sushi and Shinobu prepared rice as the group discuss today’s upcoming challenge…)

Ami: We’ve had a mental reward, so a physical immunity?

Mackey: Do you think it’s slightly unfair that their team has not only so much strength, but with Ruri, they’ve got someone for the smart games as well?

Ashitaka: Something tells me there was a reason why these teams were like this…maybe to do with teamwork?

Keichi: That…could be a reason, I mean now we seem to have settled down, maybe that’s what the next challenge will be about…

Ukyo: Teamwork guys, in all games, it takes teamwork.

Shinobu: Is it all right? After all, we need to eat well before the challenge…

Joey: It’s O.K Shinobu, I don’t think we could fill ourselves up anymore. I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve got the butterflies in the stomach…

Joey: The nerves are worse than battling in the duelist kingdom. These challenges threaten to break up the group even more, and none of us have discussed the possibility of another leaving…it’s too much to bear…

Ashitaka: Let’s try not to dwell on it too much. If it’s our choice to win today, then we will. If not…then…

Ukyo: Let’s not think about that until the very end sugar…let’s just get ready for the worst…

(The remaining 7 put their hands together, ready to go for it)

Ukyo: We win…or we bust. Simple as that.

All: Let’s go!


Chromus: Despite the criticism, there is another poem sent to them for an hour and a half time…for the dreaded immunity challenge.

Square nor circle is the game

Triangle is close to be in the frame

For your chance for a million quid

You must survive the human pyramid…


Kyosuke: Pyramid?

Ruri: No idea…

Tamahome: If Ruri is confused, then we’re doomed…


Ami: Human pyramid? Do you think that means us?

Mackey: What sick games is the host up to?

* * * *

(Shot of Chromus in the middle of two squares dug from the sand)

Chromus: The sick game as Mackey so put it, is one they are ready to get high on…they need to, otherwise another one will bite the dust…

* * * *

TIME 12.00AM

Immunity Challenge

The Human Pyramid

Challenge: Form a human pyramid of 7 to reach the immunity idol hanging on a central tree

Chromus: Welcome my critics. Today, I think I’ll be laughing at you because today, you are in for a spiralling immunity challenge.

(Shot of two holes beside them)

Chromus: By the side of the two teams, there are two holes where the 7 of you will fit in a bit. And in the middle of the two holes is a tree with what you’ll be wanting, the immunity idol.

(Shot of the holes)

Chromus: However, from the holes you can’t reach it, so to do so, you need to create a human pyramid…and these rules are going to be very strict, so pay attention. 7 members on each tribe. 4 on the bottom, 2 in the middle, and the final member to reach for the stars…or in this case, the idol. The first team to get a working pyramid and to get the idol…well, you’re here for another three days. Do you understand?

(The 15 tribes men and women nod)

Chromus: First of all, Locus tribe, as you have one extra person, discuss who you would like to get rid of for this challenge…

(The group discuss, and there is a bit of an argument between Krillan, who thinks Ruri because she is the weakest, and Hikari, who thinks that Ruri is the lightest and would be the easiest to lift at the top. Hikari thinks either she or Cody should go. However, majority goes with Ruri, to which the navigator sadly conceeds.)

Chromus: O.K, so will each tribe go into the hole. You will have a minute to discuss who does what, before I give the signal for you to start…

(Shot of each tribe, cuckooing and discussing before…)

Chromus: 3…2….1, Pokeball….GO! (throws a ball in the air which explodes, signalling the start of the challenge)

(Shot of Locus, where we see Krillan at the bottom, with Felicia, Tamahome and Kyosuke at the bottom. Sakura and Hikari are in the middle, where Cody will be the last one in their decision.)

(Shot of Tsunami, where Ukyo, Ashitaka are in the middle, the far left is Joey, the far right is Keichi. The middle is Mackey and Ami, with Shinobu the top for their choice)

(Locus have the strength advantage with Krillan and Felicia, but they have a problem…)

Tamahome: WHOA!

(Hikari falls as caught by Felicia…)

Chromus: Locus have just found out that having all the muscles in the world may be great…but in their group, there is an imbalance of strength which they need to work out. Tsunami on the other hand…)

(Tsunami’s strongest are Ukyo and Ashitaka, who are slightly stronger than Joey and Keichi. They slowly begin to move as Ami clambers on Ukyo and Mackey on Ashitaka. Shinobu has the tough job of climbing up all of them…)

(Locus tries to figure out their imbalance of power…as Krillan holds Sakura as still as possible…fortunately she wearing sweatpants instead of her skirt so Krillan doesn’t get a…erm…distraction…however, he’s trying to carry it on his own, and realises the other need to get in on the action, Felicia holds Hikari as Tamahome holds his back and Kyosuke manages to get steady. Now, Cody looks at the tower of Piza and has to climb…)

(Tsunami are steady, and Shinobu, surprisingly used to high places because of her special spots in the Hinatasou, she moves carefully but quickly as Ami holds steady as she strains a bit. Shinobu carefully kneels on Mackey and Ami, fortunately if she falls, the sand will cushion them…)

(Cody is slower in getting up mainly because of Kyosuke being a bit shakey, however, as he gains more confidence, he’s level with Shinobu. But then…Kyosuke buckles as Felicia, Tamahome and Krillian try to lift the pyramid higher…and…)

Locus: WHOA!

Joey: They’ve fallen! Now’s your chance Shinobu!

(The bottom four carefully stand a little bit as Shinobu glances to the tree. Mackey looks on the verge of collapsing…)

(…but Shinobu doesn’t let the team down and gets the idol to the delight of Tsunami…who then collapse…)

(…but the group are in tears of laughter and joy as Shinobu, Ami and Joey hug each other ecstatically, as Mackey, Keichi, Ukyo and Ashitaka high five each other before going to hug Shinobu, in tears herself…)

(…on Locus, the group entangle themselves, and hear the cheers. The sinking feeling opens as depression sinks in, on their defeat. Ruri on the side, watching the whole things, but her face in her hands.)

* * * *

(Shot of the groups now out of the holes and Chromus watching them)

Chromus: Power and skill wasn’t the issue, teamwork was the winning factor, and congratulations to Tsunami who demonstrated that. You 7 will be safe for three days, whilst Locus, you’re 8 will become 7 tomorrow night…I’ll see you at Tribal Council…

(Tsunami are all smiles, whilst Locus are shaking their heads, Sakura has a tear in her eye as Hikari puts an arm round her shoulder, Ruri is slowly walking at the back, whilst everyone else is just simply upset…)


Kyosuke: Guys…I’m…

Hikari: It’s O.K Kyosuke, it was just bad timing, and sadly, your time went up there…it’s no problem.

Felicia: He’s said it best, we had all the strength, yet we didn’t work well…

Sakura: I guess we have to learn that the hard way…we’ll be stronger for next time…

Tamahome: Except…

(the group sadden)

Krillan: Well, it’s not going to be easy…

Cody: Let’s not talk about that right now….

(Cody turns to Ruri, falling a little behind, silent. Cody drops back)

Cody: (whispers) You O.K?

(Ruri looks up)

Ruri: (very quietly) Yes…thank you.

(The group are mostly silent on their way back to their camp…)

* * * *


(…on the other hand, Tsunami are safe in the knowledge of 3 more days together, their losing streak over and joy is the key word in the camp…)


Ashitaka: I think it’s safe to say that we are happy…

Ukyo: Gee, where did you get that idea from?

(Shot of Shinobu near tears as Ami holds the Hinata girl close by, Ami barely hiding the tears herself)

Mackey: I don’t think anyone expected it…

Keichi: …but it’s happened…

Keichi: I don’t think we expected Locus to trip up like that, yet I guess you may have all the strength, but it takes more than power to win games at times, and this time, we were deservedly the better team…

Ami: Let’s see then, we’ve won immunity, we can either prepare our strategy for the next few days or…

Joey: …forget it! Who’s for the ocean?

(Immediately, Keichi, Ukyo and Joey buck for the sea as Ami shakes her head)

Ami: I’ve have to stop going into old habits. The other scouts have told me I deserve this as a vacation, so I guess I can enjoy myself. Besides, like Serena, I don’t think they will let me have a choice…

(Ami giggles before joining the others in the sea, where Mackey, Shinobu and Ashitaka eventually join them for a day of relaxing…)

* * * *

5.00PM – LOCUS

Chromus: 5 hours have passed since immunity, and Locus have the task of taking out one of their own…and for the first time since they’ve been on the island, plotting and scheming are the main words in their vocabulary…

(Shot of Locus where a few people are discussing what to do…over a bowl of rice)

Kyosuke: This feels sucky…

Tamahome: I know, but it’s a rule…shame it’s a rule that has to suck…

Krillan: It’s like cutting the flesh right from you, you’re losing a piece of yourself…

Hikari: Where the others?

Tamahome: Sakura said she wasn’t hungry so she’s just in the camp, Cody’s gone on water duty, Ruri’s under the tree, I think she’s feeling a bit ill, Felicia…no idea…

Kyosuke: Typical, she’s like my cat, you can never find her when you need her…

Hikari: (saving some rice for Cody) I guess we better start talking about the inevitable…

Tamahome: Tomorrow’s D-day, and I don’t even know who to pick…

Krillan: I hate to say it Tamahome, but you’re missing the obvious choice…

Tamahome: (clueless) Huh?

Kyouske: (sighs) He means Ruri.

Tamahome: Ruri…well, I know she’s been ill but…

Krillan: Exactly. We need all the strength we’ve got for these challenges, and Ruri cannot do anything like that…

Tamahome: But she won us the meal that we’re eating at the moment…

Hikari: Whoa boys, let’s stop before we begin arguing over nothing…

Tamahome: Whose arguing?

Kyosuke: (puts a hand on Tama’s shoulder) Listen, it will be hard, she’s a lovely girl, but I think she’s had her time…

(Tamahome looks round as Hikari is silent. Tamahome stands up and walks away)

Krillan: (sighs) Oh well…as long as I’m safe anyway…

(Hikari’s eyebrows raise and then she stands up and walks away)

Hikari: Cody’s food is there, no-one touches it, k?

(Hikari walks away, as Kyosuke and Krillan look on)

Krillan: Oh well…

(Meanwhile, Ruri is about to get a lesson in something not even she knows about…)

Ruri: I think I’m shaking it off, but it’s time like this which make me wish I was born under a luckier star…

Felicia: Don’t be down Ruri-ruri!

(Shot of Felicia looking above her from the tree. To a normal person, they would have panicked, but we are talking about calm Ruri here so the most we see her surprised is an eyebrow raised…)

Ruri: Felicia, are you O.K?

Felicia: No problem, hey have you got a minute, I want to show you something…

* * * *

(Shot as Ruri and Felicia go to somewhere on the beach where there is a weird shape of 10 squares made)

Ruri: Hopscotch?

Felicia: Yeah, why not? Need something to pass the time, and I don’t think sleeping in all day quite counts, and when you’ve chased one rat you’ve chased them all…besides, it gets me away from this voting everyone off thing…

Ruri: Hopscotch…I’ve never played…

Felicia: (surprised) You’re an 11 year old girl and you haven’t played hopscotch? You haven’t really led a schoolgirl’s life have you?

Ruri: (sighs) Not really…

Felicia: Well, let me help you discover your child hood! Now the basis is….

(a bit later)

Felicia: P-I-N-E…O.K, now you go!

(Ruri is a bit embarrassed)

Felicia: Go on!

(Ruri throws a stone into the sand, and it goes into the number 5)

Felicia: O.K, now one step, then two step, then one…

Ruri: O.K…(sighs)…I’m an idiot.

(Ruri hops onto the first square, then a double step to 2 and 3, but as she jumps to 4, she nearly falls, but Felicia is there to catch her…)

Felicia: Whoa there, are you O.K? Feeling a bit hot again?

Ruri: No…no…not really, I just lost my balance…

Sakura: (coming into the picture) So this is where everyone is?

(Shot as Felicia and Ruri watch the Street Fighter emerge, looking fine)

Sakura: You don’t mind if I play as well, it’s been a while since I felt young…

Felicia: Sure, the more, the merrier!

(Sakura starts to play, actually using one of her headbands like a slingshot to throw the stones. A bit later…)

Felicia: Sakura is in the lead, geez, you thought using your hands as well would have been easier…

Hikari: Is it too late for me to play?

Sakura: Hikari!

Hikari: Tamahome said he was washing up, I think he needed to get his mind off…certain unpleasantness.

Felicia: Oh, tomorrow…

(Hikari nods…and looks in Ruri’s golden eyes. She averts herself, before picking up a stone.)

Hikari: I’m trying to forget all of it for tonight…come on, let’s see if I can catch up…

(Hikari begins playing, and eventually Cody also joins. It’s a nice way to kill the time for the group of 5)

Ruri: I think this was the first time that I was playing with real friends…and having fun. Someone…I felt happy.

(Shot of the group as Hikari, Felicia and Sakura have all collapsed in a heap and laughing it up. And in the corner of the shot, we see Ruri, a smile on her face as she’s shaking her head…)

* * * *



(Dinner has long finished, and whilst their stomaches may be a little empty, their hearts are full with happiness)

Ukyo: Ami come here!

Ami: O.K! (Ami puts her book on medicine away as she joins the group as the light is going down…)

Ukyo: You sure are smart reading all that, I think the people I know would have problems understanding the title!

Shinobu: Ami-san is very smart!

Ami: (blushes) You guys…

Joey: You know when the night has come in when Ami decides to tuck in, or is that one of the 7 signs…

Ami/Shinobu/Ukyo: JOEY! (They bombard the poor duelist with their makeshift pillows as Joey backs away from the onslaught….)

Keichi: O.K, guys this is war!

Mackey: Charge!

(Keichi, Mackey and Joey join in as Ashitaka smiles and is declared neutral in this bout…or referee…)

(A pillow fight is necessary as they have no worries, as Locus tuck in for the night, they have plenty…)


(Most of the tribe is asleep, and as always, Tamahome is sleeping outside.)

Tamahome: Am I being too overprotective? Or are they right….(sighs)…classic case of Chriko vs. Nuriko, brains vs. brawn.

(He settled down trying to sleep)

Tamahome: I’ll talk to some of them tomorrow. I wonder if they’ll agree with me though….

(Tamahome is about to go to sleep when there is a slight movement outside the camp)

Quiet voice: Mr. Tamahome? Are you O.K?

(Shot as Tamahome looks to see Ruri awake)

Tamahome: Ruri? What are you doing up?

Ruri: I couldn’t sleep…believe it or not, I’m used to a lot of late nights working on the Nadesico.

Tamahome: The technology is beyond me, but I’ll take your word on it. (Ruri sits by Tamahome) Are you O.K?

Ruri: Yes…I think I had more fun today than I did in my life. (sighs) It’s a shame it probably won’t last…

Tamahome: Ruri, don’t say th…

Ruri: …but everyone can see that I’m a weak link. I got weaker when I felt ill, and although I feel better now, I think it may already be too late…

Tamahome: Ruri…listen…

(Tamahome puts his shirt around Ruri’s shoulders)

Tamahome: We are from two different worlds. One ancient, one future, each world we would have trouble understanding. Yet, we are here, and we’ve made the best of everything…do you know who else I said this to Ruri?

Ruri: Who?

Tamahome: My girlfriend Miaka. She is from another world, yet she is the world to me. I told her this when we first met as well…that I would be her older brother for her…free of charge of course…

Ruri: Idiot.

Tamahome: (chuckles) …anyway, the point of this is simple Ruri. Whilst you’re on this island, I’ll treat you like my little sister. My family have become dependant on me, and I love them. For you Ruri, as long as I’m here, I’ll make sure that you stay here…you deserve to be here, and I for one, will guarantee you being here.

Ruri: Tamahome…(blushes)…I’ve never been part of a family like that…not since the Nadesico…my family…

Tamahome: (shushes her) It’s O.K…

Ruri: Thank you.

(For the night, Ruri stays by her older brother’s side, as now, Tamahome has a reason to sleep, a reason to be on the island…)

* * * *


(Shot of Chromus on the dreaded Tribal Council)

Chromus: Even in the early hours of the morning, this lingers in the mind of each and every contestant. For 8 of them on the tribe known as Locus, this is what they will be seeing at 8pm tonight. And one of them will be drifting to join Mai Valentine in the graveyard…


Chromus VO: As expected, minds are on Tribal Council, and to say that it is hard to pick is an understatement…

Hikari: I’m not sure if I should go for what’s best for the tribe, or to go with what’s best in my heart…

Sakura: It’s your decision Hikari, but that’s what I think. If what you said and Tama said are true, that is bit too much confidence…

Hikari: You shouldn’t guarantee anything, and besides, we’d still have the advantage anyway…

Sakura: Yeah…I’ll certainly think about it…

(shot of Sakura and Hikari doing the rice and fish, their last but one meal before they go to Tribal Council. With a few fish left, they are trying to finish it off as quickly as possible)

(Shot of Tamahome practicing almost Ranma like with the two punches on a stick as Sakura goes up to him)

Sakura: I admire Tamahome, like Ryu-sempai, he’s got dedication, but he’s also got a pure heart of gold. The fact that he asked me to teach him was a compliment I am not taking for granted…

Tamahome: So like this…

Sakura: Yeah, it’s like the utter reaches of your abdomen, and then release with all the passion in your heart can muster. For your love ones…to destroy your enemies…

Tamahome: Enemies…Nakago…

(Suddenly, a small bit of pink aura comes from Tamahome’s hands)

Sakura: See, you’re a natural!

Tamahome: Thanks Sakura, this is a great way to pass the time…

Sakura: …and to avoid talking about you-know-what.

Tamahome: That as well…

(Shot of Kyosuke getting up)

Kyosuke: Oh no…another day here…one of these days, I will wake up with Madoka by my side and this will be a dream…

Kyosuke: Am I homesick? Well…yes. I do miss my sisters, but I miss Ayukawa the most. I just hope I can win this for her…

(Shot of Kyosuke drinking from his gourd)

Kyosuke: I would kill for a cup of coffee now…

Felicia: Well, sadly, we got to make do…(shot of her eating a fish as the others circle around)

Hikari: Hey guys, morning to you all…and oh, Tama?

Tamahome: (mouth full) Mmmpphh….

Hikari: I hope you didn’t do what I think you did with Ruri last night…


Tamahome: WHAAATTT?

Hikari: (chuckles) Heh, it worked, I loved that reaction! Reminds me of Asuka back home…


Hikari: I couldn’t resist. I was the first one up and saw Ruri sleeping beside Tamahome outside. It was really cute, but I had to make the accusation, just to see their reaction. Ruri of course explained what happened last night to me, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t see Tama’s reaction…

Ruri: Idiot. (the group are laughing their heads off…but Tamahome has his own form of revenge…)

Tamahome: O.K, I’ll just be going to the men’s room…(but as he goes, he quickly swipes all the personal stuff of the tribe, and runs away like a demented robber)

Hikari: TA-MA-HOME…

Tamahome: (goofy grin) Hey, if I can’t win the game, I can make a mint on all these items from different worlds…

(Tamahome laughs goofily as the group chase after him, as they try to forget the horrors that they have to endure in a little while. Tsunami on the other hand, don’t have to worry as for the first time they are truly safe…)

* * * *


Shinobu: We decided just to sleep in and be a bit lazy…even Ami, it was just that kind of feeling of relief that none of us are going today…

(Shot of the group, 4 of them are still asleep…well, close…)

Keichi: (snoring) Urd, leave that bike alone…

Joey: Hey give that back…that’s my pizza…

Shinobu: Urashima-sempai…

Ukyo: Ranchan no baka!

(Shot to the beach as Ami is just stretching, getting up. Mackey is already up and watching the ocean as Ashitaka is taking a swim, maybe fishing a bit as well…)

Ami: Morning…

Mackey: (turns) Oh, hey Ami.

Ami: What you doing?

Mackey: Just watching the sea. It seems such a luxury now, especially considering the life I’ve lived…

Ami: I can imagine. You told us last night about your life, I guess almost anything here is easy compared to what you’ve been through.

Mackey: Oh no, this isn’t easy, but it’s easier to deal with. You at least don’t have to worry about getting killed, being controlled like a puppet, or watching your sister, friends and…well…

Ami: (chuckles) That Nene girl…

Mackey: (blushes) She’s very special to me…

Ami: It nice to have that special someone. Me, I never felt special until I became a scout.

Mackey: (surprised) Huh? But you’re so smart Ami! How come y…

Ami: (interrupting) That’s the point. I just focused on my academics, without them, what am I? It wasn’t much fun, yes, I want to follow in my mother’s footsteps, but following in that path made me felt out of place. ‘Straight A’ Ami I was called, and that was what I was known, other girls felt I was stuck up because of it. However…now, despite my ways, I feel accepted enough to accept who I am, and try to be the best in everything I do.

Mackey: (smiles) That’s the way to go.

(A sound behind them startles them)

Mackey: Earthquake?

Ami: No, Joey’s stomach.

(The two chuckle as Ashitaka emerges from the sea)

Ashitaka: The call of the hungry I heard?

Ami: You can say that…I’ll start the fire…Mackey dear, do you mind?

Mackey: Not at all Miss Ami. (Mackey goes to get some water as Ashitaka gets the fish he caught)

Ami: Do you think we should wake Shinobu or Ukyo?

Ashitaka: We can handle it, but I think the snores and growls may be too much for them…


Ami: (sweatdrops) I see your point…

* * * *



Chromus VO: A little over 6 hours left before one person’s fate is sealed by their fellow tribemates. And now, things are heating up over who to go, and people are wondering if there are indeed, any alliances going on…

Felicia: The main thing is Mr. Tamahome over there! I’m not sure if he and Sakura have an alliance, or if he has an alliance with Ruri…hey, I may be part cat, but I’m also mostly human, so I’m not that stupid!

(Shot of Felicia talking to Cody who is watching everyone else by the sea. Hikari, Sakura and Tamahome are at one side, Kyosuke and Krillan at another, whilst Ruri is literally watching them in the middle of the sand)

Cody: You know that Ruri is a target as well.

Felicia: (nods) Yes, but I don’t really want Ruri to go, that’s the problem. Ruri may be the weakest, but she’s also the smartest, which really balances everything out.

Cody: So what to do?

Felicia: (smiles at Cody) Shall I go after the next weakest?

Cody: (sweatdrops) Please say you are joking…

Felicia: Of course I was Cody! The problem is that there really isn’t anyone I really want to go…(sighs)…I better decided though. Maybe I should talk to everyone else and see what they think…

Cody: That would be best…

Krillian: Felicia, over here!

Felicia: Coming! (to Cody) See ya!

(Cody nods as he walks over and takes a seat by Ruri)

Cody: Hey.

Ruri: Hey.

Cody: Nervous?

Ruri: Yes…I think this is more nerve-wracking than any Jovian battle I’ve witnessed.

Cody: Have you decided who you are going to vote for?

(Shot of Ruri shaking her head)

Ruri: I know people are thinking about voting me off, and I accepted that, it seems feasible that they may want the weakest off. However, that doesn’t mean I want to go…

Cody: Nobody wants to leave this things…well, unless they are completely fed up or used as a sacrifice, you saw Vivi in the last one…

Ruri: Yes, I read the records. But I don’t think anyone wants to be a sacrifice…

Cody: So, what are you going to do?

(Ruri stands up…and in a very surprising moment, offers a hand to Cody)

Ruri: Whether I’m going or not, I want to make the most of this. Miss Felicia offered me fun yesterday, I don’t want to lose out now. Come on, let’s go…

(Cody nods and accepts the hand as the two youngest go into the sea…and we are still unsure about anything…in fact, we may have more questions than we did before…)

* * * *



(In the ocean, it is a day off for Tsunami as the term ‘relax’ is being used for the first time for them…)

Ukyo: I tell you something, if Ranma was here, you would have a field day with him…or I guess if he was in here, it would be a field day with her…

Ashitaka: I guess that’s what you call the comical curse…my curse…well, the forest spirit healed me, but the memory is always within me, the power…the evil…that my hand could do…it was the face of fear, of evil…of hatred…

Shinobu: But…but…that wasn’t you was it Ashitaka-san?

Ashitaka: (smiles) No need to worry Shinobu. I am fine now, there is nothing wrong with me, and nothing will ever be now I hope, for both the forest and Iron Town, and for myself and San as well.

Mackey: That’s the same for me as well…Galactia is destroyed, and my memory is back. My physical and mental wounds have been closed…and I hope it remains that way, for my sake, for my sister’s sake…for everyone’s sake.

Ami: I’m just worried about how many arguments Rei and Serena have had…and probably how many boys Mina and Lita have chased after for that matter…I’m more worried about that than any evil that comes our way…

(The group chuckles at Ami’s rather blunt yet true assessment of her fellow scouts…)

Shinobu: I just hope nothing has happened to Urashima-sempai…or any of the others…

Joey: …I just hope nothing has happened to my sister, I’m doing this for her…she knows that…she’s always with me…

Keichi: I know Belle is watching over me. I can see her smile now…

(A collective sigh is heard over the group as the calm waters surround their bodies, to ease their own calmness about no Council. But for Locus, the time has nearly come…)


Krillan: So…

Kyosuke: Yeah, I think that’s the general consensus.

Krillan: O.K, sorry for her, but it’s survival.


Hikari: He talks the talk, but for someone with that strength, he hasn’t done much, and he screwed up the immunity to begin with…

Sakura: (sighs) I guess…it’s a bit tough though…


Tamahome: I’ve made my bed…and I’m sticking to it.

(even more elsewhere….)

Ruri: I learnt what I can…time to implement my safety game.

Cody: If all goes to well, we should still be fine.

Felicia: It’s tough…but a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.

* * * *


Chromus VO: The trip to the graveyard isn’t a pleasant one, and it’s the first for Locus to experience it. Tonight, another gravestone is engraved.

Ruri: I don’t like this place.

Hikari: I don’t think I’ll get used to this…

Kyouske: Let’s hope we don’t have to…

(Shot as the group go over to their stone seats, their marks are)

Cody – Armadilliomon

Felicia – J. Talbian (wolf like darkstalker)

Hikari – Touji

Krillan – Android 18

Kyosuke – Madoka

Ruri – Akito Tenkawa

Sakura – Ryu

Tamahome – Miaka

(Shot of Chromus watching over the new blood with not so careful eyes)

* * * *

Chromus: Well, welcome to your first Tribal Council Locus Tribe. And I know like Tsunami tribe, you hope it will be your last. Well, you started like a rocket, winning the first immunity and reward challenge, but surprisingly, despite odds seemingly in your favour, you lost the last immunity. Hikari, teamwork is something you pride in, so I ask, what did you feel after you lost?

Hikari: I felt that somewhere down the line, we were going to lose one, I just didn’t expect it to be so early. And it is going to cost one of us tonight.

Chromus: Every member of each tribe is unique. For Locus, we have a varied bunch to say the least. Kyosuke, do you feel out of place compared to back home, or is it more of a normal environment?

Kyosuke: I don’t think you can classify anything around me as normal, but I know at least I have people here with as varied lives as I do. It makes for a unique environment, that’s for sure.

Chromus: I guess you would say that, more individual fools than unique ones, what do you say Ruri?

Ruri: I wouldn’t say that, being someone in a new group and establishing who is who is as much as part of the game. Sadly, tonight is also part of the game and a part than no-one wants to go through or establish.

Chromus: As you said, this is part of the game, and now, the part is in order. So we must start the vote. Will you go to the pedesal, write your vote down and place it in this dragon capture jar. After all votes have been tabled, I will draw them out and announce who you have voted for. The one with the most votes must leave the island. In the event of a tie, like last time, we shall have a re-vote, and in the event of another tie, either past-votes will count or in this case, we shall ask a question on the island, the first to get it right, wins. So, for now, Cody, take us off…

(The Digidestined of Knowledge and Reliability moves off and goes over to the pedesal, making his vote. Felicia is next, and after getting her claws mixed up votes. Hikari goes, and makes her vote, ‘KRILLAN.’)

Hikari: Power isn’t everything, and for someone with your strength, you like to laze about. Don’t guarantee your place is secure just because you’re the strongest. Boastfulness is as bad as bossiness.

(Next vote is Krillan, as he votes ‘RURI’)

Krillan: Sorry kiddo, your time is up.

(Next vote is Kyosuke, as he too goes with ‘RURI’)

Kyosuke: Lovely girl, I know Kurumi and Nanami would love her to bits. Maybe she can see them at the hotel…

(Next is Ruri herself, as she votes ‘KRILLAN’)

Ruri: Nothing against you, but I went on the advice of someone. If I want to survive, I need to keep my eyes and ears open.

(Sakura goes up to vote, and finally Tamahome. We don’t see the vote, but we hear him speak…)

Tamahome: …you gave me the excuse pal, and I reckon we can survive without you. Sorry man.

(Tamahome is the last one to write and he puts in the jar. Chromus goes up to it)

Chromus: Thank you very much Tamahome, I shall count the votes.

(Chromus looks in and draws the first one)

Chromus: The first vote, ‘KRILLAN.’

(Krillian’s eyes bug out, obviously not expecting it)

Chromus: Second vote, ‘KRILLAN’

Krillan: Oh boy…

Chromus: ‘RURI’

(The navigator doesn’t move)

Chromus ‘KRILLAN’

(Krillan is literally unable to listen, he’s in shock)

Chromus: ‘RURI’. That’s 3 votes for Krillan, 2 votes for Ruri. The sixth vote ‘KRILLAN’

(The DBZ fighter is just unable to take it…)

Chromus: The 7th vote…and second member to be eliminated from the island…is monsieur Krillian. The last vote is irrelivent. Mr Krillan, will you please come up here please?

(Krillan looks ready to collapse, and shakes his head. But he complies, just leaves with a smile, he doesn’t shake anyones hand, just is in shock)

Chromus: Krillan, as you know your card has been played in this game long enough. It’s time you were sent to the graveyard.

(A puff of flame and the second name appears on the tombstones ‘KRILLAN’)

Chromus: The tribe has spoken. You must leave…

(Krillan turns to leave, but looks back)

Krillan: Good luck guys.

(With that, he leaves. The group are mostly neutral as Chromus turns to them.)

Chromus: Well, that was a surprise. A DBZ fighter was second in it last time, a DBZ fighter is second last this time. However, congratulations of avoiding his fate this time, and I’ll see you tomorrow for the reward challenge. Head back to your camp, safe for another few days…

(The group stand up, surprise, shock and suspense…that was Tribal Council. They better get used to it…)

* * * *

*Krillan’s confessional*

And I thought DBZ fighters always did well in this…I guess maybe I went a bit ahead of myself, being a bit too confident, especially how well Gohan did last time…but it just proves that sometimes you can’t guarantee everything. I hold no malice, sure I’m upset, but that just means that I’m back to praying I get some money in the fighting tournaments…or maybe I can beg at Gohan’s girlfriend’s feet…anyway, good luck to Locus!

*Other votes*

Sakura: I’m voting for Krillan. Nothing personal, but I’m going along with Hikari that not only are you a possible threat, but the fact is that we’ve got too much strength as it is, and I can’t vote for Tamahome or Felicia, they are much more fun. Sorry sir.

Felicia: This was a toughy, especially as I like you Krillan, but I like Ruri as well, but I’m just going with the majority. Sorry…

Cody: I like Ruri and you’re voting against her. Simple as that…

Tamahome: Taking your safety for granted was a mistake, going after Ruri was another. You gave me the excuse pal, and I reckon we can survive without you. Sorry man.

Krillian’s stats on the island:

Krillan as a DBZ fighter would always have an advantage in terms of strength. However, surprising laziness combined with confidence gave him early problems. This wasn’t helped after going after Ruri, who was developing a bit of a fan club, and in that, he got torn away by a devastating backlash.

Next time on Anime and Video Game Survivor 2;

Are the sides more even or is it a mistake to eliminate Krillan, Locus tribe debates.

Tsunami gets a nasty visitor on the island, where one of the tribemates suffers at the hands of it…

Reward challenge – they got fish last time, now it’s fishing equipment. Blitzball anyone?

Fencing anyone? Out of the ring, out of the game, still in the ring…and you’ve won immunity!

And the third member to go off the island…

* * * *

Vote results;

Krillan (6) Hikari, Tamahome, Ruri, Felicia, Cody, Sakura

Ruri (2) Krillan, Kyosuke