A shot of a lone figure with his sunglasses on, looking out to the sea. Behind him, we see 16 people ready to board a ferry. After a night of stocking up with food, the man stops his 16 survivors to take the ferry…for the moment.)

VO: Hello, I am Chris Homer, also known as Chromus. I am currently working on two survivors, but I will be hosting this one, whilst an associate is quickly locating 16 victims…er I mean volunteers to another island far away from here. For me however, thanks to the takeover of the formerly defunct Duelist Kingdom Inc, this base of operations is about to start.

(A shot as the 16 survivors are sat down, their faces one by one sitting down.)

CH: These survivors don’t know what tribe they will be in yet, and they are in for a surprise inspection before they begin. If they get the O.K, they’ll be on board for the second installment of trying to win one million pounds.

(We see the host along with 4 other people with him, not seen yet, as he turns to the sixteen survivors)

CH: And the sixteen people participating are…

(Shot of a dark blue haired girl with a timid smile on her face, wearing a school uniform)

VO: Ami Mizuno, Sailor Scout of Mercury: Show (duh) – Sailor Moon

(A brown haired young man with a serious look on his face)

VO: Prince Ashitaka, protector of Iron Town – Princess Mononoke

(A small boy with as serious as a look as Ashitaka, a competitive look in his young eyes)

VO: Cody Hida, kendoist and digidestined – Digimon 02

(A blue haired girl who seriously looks like a cat is beaming as she sits down)

VO: Felicia, darkstalker and enertainer – Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge

(A pig-tailed brown haired freckled girl sits down, a look of authority in her eyes as well as a cute smile)

VO: Hikari Horaki, class representive – Neon Genesis Evangelion

(A blond teenager with a goofy grin on his face does a victory sign to the cameras)

VO: Joey Wheeler, duelist – Yu-Gi-Oh!

(A black haired boy obviously intrigued by his surroundings takes his seat next to Joey)

VO: Keichi Morisato, mechanic, motorcyclist and goddess suitor – Oh! My Goddess!

(A bald headed man, nervous around the people, manages to smile)

VO: Krillan, Z warrior – Dragonball Z

(A teenager, looks a bit like Ranma Saotome, dark haired, again with a look of seriousness on his face, looks ready to take anything)

VO: Kyosuke Kasuga, student and telepath – Kimagure Orange Road

(A teenager of black hair smiles in his white T-shirt and jeans)

VO: Mackey Stingray, mechanic and computer analyist to the Night Sabers – Bubblegum Crisis 2040

(A female blonde, a bit disgusted at the antics of Joey, shakes her head)

VO: Mai Valentine, deulist - Yu-Gi-Oh’s second representative because of the island

(A small blue headed pig-tailed girl is also shaking her head at the antics of some of the crew)

VO: Ruri Hoshino, navigator and computer whizz kid – Martian Succesor Nadesico

(A cheerful teenager with a sailor fuku on is full of energy as she gets ready)

VO: Sakura Kasunago, student and street fighter – Street Fighter Alpha

(A timid young girl, obviously nervous about this ordeal, looks around at people)

VO: Shinobu Maehara, Hinata Inn’s resident Kasumi Tendo – Love Hina)

(A cheerful young man this time, a smile on his bishounen face)

VO: Tamahome, member of the Suzaku Seven and money grabber – Fushigi Yuugi

(And finally, a long haired girl with a smile on her face finishes the crew at the end)

VO: And last but not least, Ukyo Kounji, okonomiyaki chef and martial artist – Ranma ½)

* * * *

(Shot of the group ready to depart, as Chromus watches over them)

Chromus: Well well my victims. Today you depart for a treacherous journey, towards the island where many hazards await.

(Shot and overview of the island as Chromus narrates)

VO: The island is large. Split into two halves, one tribe will take the west side, known as Tsunami where the sea is easy to get too but the water needed to boil. Food is much easier to get though from the fish available. However, you need to walk a while from the desert you will reside. The jungle side is where the Locus tribe will reside. Their, getting to the sea is very difficult, but you will have a water hole. Food can be got by fruit, nuts, sugar cane, and also certain animals as well, although the best option is to make a decent walk to the ocean. The ocean also is the only time where both tribes can actually meet.

Chromus: Yep, in this one, members of the other tribe could meet with their enemy if they travel at the same time to the ocean. For Tsunami it will take about 10 minutes walk but for Locus it would be an hour, so keep that in mind.

(A bit of murmuring as they are wondering which tribe they would prefer to be on)

VO: You will work in a 3 day cycle. The first day is a reward challenge, where the tribe can win something that will make their stay a little easier. The second day will have an immunity challenge, which you need to win if you want to see this cycle again. The final day, for one tribe, is a day that you don’t want to see too much, the day of Tribal Council. For Tsunami and Locus, this is located at the centre of the island, where a graveyard site will be seen and one of your tombstones will be filled. Let’s hope your name isn’t there…

(Back to the group as they digest the information)

Chromus: As you can see, this is a trip that can certain have it’s problems. The ferry which you will soon embark has a number of items which can make your life a tad better. From the machette to vitamin tablets, a lantern, spices, plus enough rice for around 30 days. You will have to cook and catch your own food, whether it be fish or chargrilled rat, it’s up to you.

(Some nod, others look repulsed)

Chromus: With that, we have decided…to add a bit more intrigue here. First of all, we have 4 other potential survivors here.

(We turn and see the four people. Akari Kanzaki, from Battle Athletes. Jeri Katou, from Digimon Tamers. Julian Star, from Cardcaptors. And finally, Gourry Gabriev, from Slayers)

Chromus: Now, here are 4 other victims who may or may not be in this game…but that depends on you. Last time, the crew was…how shall we put this…pretty good at concealing some items which helped. I’m amazed how Julia managed to sneak in all that spice…but anyway, we are going to search you in 5 minutes. If we find anything on you, you will be evicted and one of these 4 will replace you. SO, in those 5 minutes, if you have anything other than your luxury item, please, throw it away. Your time starts….NOW!

(There is some movement, but let’s see how it goes)

Ami – Sits there, smiling. Nothing to hide.

Ashitaka – Also there, calm as a lamb.

Cody – Sighs and removes a retractable kendo stick, saying that he was only bringing it to practice. Chromus counters with ‘Why not use a stick of wood?’

Felicia – Remove a song programme which she was hoping to practice. Chromus says no expections…despite Felicia decent puppy dog attempt, which isn’t bad, considering she’s a cat hybrid…^_^

Hikari – Smiles and looks as honest as the sun.

Joey – Joey has the motherload on him. Small bits of food, a compass, magnifying glass, a lighter, spices, a text book and of course, his deck. Chromus waves a tutting finger at him before collapsing under the weight.

Keichi – Has nothing on him and is fine.

Kyosuke – Shrugs, but reveals nothing.

Krillian – Also nothing.

Mackey – Zip.

Mai – Removes a bit of food and her deck from her possessions. Chromus for smart reasons decides not to frisk her…

Ruri – Has nothing on her.

Sakura – Removes her Ryu memobrillia she had under her blouse, cursing slightly. Chromus rightfully sweatdrops…

Shinobu – Sits there, nervous, but does nothing.

Tamahome – Removes his ‘How to make money in a survivor without actually winning the damn thing’ Author – Ruri Hoshino? He turns to the girl who wisely avoids his look…

Ukyo – Removes her cooking kit, (how did she get it there, cooking space?) and a few recipes for making okonomiyaki.

* * * *

(5 minutes are up…)

Chromus: O.K, now it’s up to the slaves…guards to check on you.

(Pegasus’ former goons, carefully persuaded in the prologue, are careful to search, although Chromus keeps an eye out when they search the girls, his baton looking a little menacing….)

(Sadly for the 4 hopefuls, they all are clean.)

Chromus: O.K, sorry guys…GODDESS TIME PORTAL!

(Four spheres glows and the four return to their respective places and times, just like that…)

Chromus: O.K, now it’s the time for the ferry. Boys and girls, this is it. Puke over the side and no talking! O.K, hop on!

VO: As they embark the ferry, they are told not to talk until they reach within a few miles of the island. From there, they will be told what to do and which tribe they are on. They have their backpacks with now only a few changes of clothes and their luxury item. They must take what they can, as soon as they pick as much, they will jump over the side and a canoe will be put on where they will paddle to shore. Tsunami will drop over the west side where a blue flag will be where they will start, whilst on Locus, they will drop over the east side, where a green flag will be shown for them.

(So, for the next few hours they have to wait. We see differing looks on the group. Some are loving the sea air, Ami and Mai are over the edge looking around the ocean, Ashitaka is meditating by the side, whilst Felicia is trying hard to be still. Some are not as sea energetic like Mackey, whilst others are scared stiff like Shinobu. However, eventually….)

* * * *

Chromus: O.K, GO!

(Prior to the command, Chromus had told the group which tribe they will belong. Now, they can talk to each other for the first time. The tribes are…)

TSUNAMI TRIBE (Ocean based)

Ami Mizuno – Sailor Moon – LI – Book on medicine

Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke – LI – Pendant

Joey Wheeler – Yu-Gi-Oh – LI – Wallet

Keichi Morisato – Oh! My Goddess – LI – Picture

Mackey Stingray – Bubblegum Crisis 2040 – LI –Picture

Mai Valentine – Yu-Gi-Oh – LI – Mirror

Shinobu Maehara – Love Hina – LI – Sketch Book and Pen

Ukyo Kounji – Ranma ½ - LI – Hand set of spatulas

LOCUS TRIBE (Jungle based)

Cody Hida – Digimon 02 – LI – Textbook

Felicia – Darkstalkers – LI – Nail file

Hikari Horaki – Neon Genesis Evangelion – LI – Recipe book

Krillan – DBZ – LI – Game of Twister

Kyosuke Kasuga – KOR – LI - Photograph

Ruri Hoshino – Nadesico – LI – Book

Sakura Kasunago – Streetfighter Alpha – LI – Set of headbands

Tamahome – Fushigi Yuugi – LI – Photograph

(The group immediately begins to pick up a few things. Fortunately, one member of each group immediately picks up a machete, Tamahome for Locus, Ukyo for Tsunami so now everyone picks up what they can. Fortunately, none of them are deadweight in the water as they splash down with what they can, being careful not to throw anything into the water which doesn’t float, before tossing themselves overboard.)

(As the last person Ruri jumps over, the groups begin to maneover in their canoes. For Locus, Hikari is in the front, Felicia just behind her, then Tamahome, Krillian, Sakura, Kyosuke, Cody and Ruri bringing up the rear. For Tsunami, Mai takes the lead, with Joey behind her, then Ukyo, Ashitaka, Keichi, Ami, Mackey and Shinobu bringing up the rear. They start to work.)


Mai: Come on guys, let’s just get there for now…

Joey: Island first…worry later…

Ukyo: You guys should know where it is anyway…that’s good news….

Mai: Don’t ask Joey though, he gets lost in his underpants…

Joey: Hey!


Hikari: One!

Sakura: Two!

Felicia: Three!

All (except Ruri): GO!

Ruri: Idiots. (but pulls as best she can)

* * * *

VO: The problem is that it’s already coming up till night so if they want to get there and build a shelter, they better do it fast. The rain is coming in…

Time: 7.20pm – TSUNAMI

(Tsunami are struggling. No-one seems wanting to come out and lead, and despite the power that both Ukyo and Ashitaka have, it is nothing compared to the powerhouses of Krillan, Tamahome and Felicia on Locus tribe, and are looking tired.)

Ashitaka: This isn’t getting us any faster…(over the rain)

Ami: We have to keep going though…

Shinobu: Aggh!

(Shinobu nearly falls overboard but Mackey manages to hold her. The group continue to battle on against the storm. Elsewhere, Locus are having better luck.)

Time: 7.25pm – LOCUS

(Despite her nervousness, Hikari decides to use her classroom experience to try and lead the group onwards. Helped by Krillan, Felicia and Tamahome, their strength combined is much more useful as they keep in time with Hikari’s chants. And they finally see…)

Sakura: LAND AHOY!

(Indeed, there is an island in view, and for some of the group, in particular Ruri, it can’t come too soon.)

Felicia: Hey, I see the flag, Hikari-chan, just to the left!

(Yes, Felicia’s keen cat eyes have seen the flag as they begin to put as much muscle into it. Krillian flares up his power rating to speed them up, even when Ruri and Cody are slowing down. In 10 minutes, they are there…)

Tamahome: Oh yeah!

(Immediately, Tamahome grabs the flag in victory, before realising the amount of rain which is coming, with this in mind, they get off and go into the jungle, sheltering under some leaves. Cody has to physically drag Ruri out of there as she is shivering badly. However, the Locus tribe makes it first.)

Hikari: Well, we did it!

Krillan: A true team effort, as long as we keep it this way…

Cody: Of course, the rain isn’t going to help matter for tonight…

Felicia: …but for the moment, let’s hope it goes away and learn about each other shall we?

Sakura: Good idea! Not any good being a tribe without knowing your tribemates.

(The group begins to mingle, almost like kids at summer camp. Ruri takes a short look before also going to the group, interested on what they have to say.)

* * * *


(The rain starts to thin out a bit, and as it does…)

Ami: Hey, is that….

(Yes, they’ve made it! The island with the blue flag down the middle is a welcome sight to the group as they begin peddling as bad as they can. One problem though…)

Joey: Er Mai…

Mai: Yeah?

Joey: I think most of us are exhausted…

(Shot as Ami, Shinobu, Mackey seem collapsed. Keichi is obviously struggling and both Joey and Mai themselves look bushed. Only Ukyo and Ashitaka seem capable of making any strong movement.)

Mai: Oh dear…

Ukyo: Mai, let me go up front! Ashitaka, you coming?

Mai: Now wait a sec…

Ukyo: Look, just swap with Ashitaka and me, we seem to be the only ones capable of moving well, if we take most of the wait, we can still get there in about half an hour!

Ashitaka: She’s right you know, half our group is dead to the world after that storm…

Mai: (sighs) Alright, let’s go Joseph.

Joey: Don’t call me that!

Ukyo: You sound like you two are married…


(Ukyo and Ashitaka hop into the water as do Joey and Mai. The two deulists swim over where Keichi gives them a hand to get in. Ashitaka goes in front and helps Ukyo in the seat behind. The two return to rowing, as Keichi, Joey and Mai try as best as they can to keep up. Behind them, Ami, Mackey and Shinobu can’t put much more effort in as they are close to collapsing.)

(Although it’s takes every last inch of strength, after 35 minutes of rowing, at 8.40, they make it…and collapse)

Mai: Ugghh…if it wasn’t for this rain, I’d probably pass out now.

Ashitaka: We’d better find shelter.

Joey: Er…aren’t we on the open area.

Keichi: Yeah…oh dear.

Ukyo: (sweatdrops) Well, the rain is starting to slow down, let’s just get everyone here and try to get some shelter.

(Ami, Mackey and Shinobu manage to drag themselves out, as a very tired, exhausted Tsunami tribe make their first steps to their new home.)

* * * *

(As the rain stops, the talk doesn’t, as the Locus tribe are enjoying a decent get to know each other period)

Ruri: So basically we have one streetfighter stroke fangirl, one cat-girl darkstalker entertainer, one class representive, one psychic, one saviour to a digital world, one superhero, one warrior from the past and one navigator from the future.

Kyosuke: By the sounds of things, that’s right.

Ruri: This is going to be a long trip…

(The group laughs at Ruri’s nature and already the navigator is forced to smile herself.)

Ruri: We’re all idiots.

Sakura: Can anyone tell what the time is?

Hikari: By the hour of the sun and night falling, way into the acht hours.

Cody: Acht?

Hikari: German for eight, sorry, a habit I got from a friend of mine.

Felicia: She speaks German?

Hikari: Technically yes, I would rather say she insults and curses in German.

(Felicia allows herself to sweatdrop)

Krillian: O.K, are we going to try and get a shelter going then?

Kyosuke: If what the Horaki girl is saying, it may be too late to do anything now. Best live on danger.

Krillan: Bud, I’ve lived with enough danger to last me a long time…

Kyosuke: Ever been knocking forward in time?

Krillan: Er…no, but I’ve been killed a couple of times, turned to stone, got beaten up countless times..

Kyosuke: O.K…I’ll think I’ll shut up now. (Sweatdrops)

(The group decided to take shifts in building a shelter into the night. Again, Hikari is at the centre of things as she takes charge, being careful not to be too bossy. Fortunately, most of the group are warming to her as Felicia and Krillian take the first shift, as the others try to rest. Tamahome offers his shirt to the shivering Ruri, who glances at it before accepting it.)

Ruri: Thank you.

Ruri(VO): Early impressions in a game like this are always important. 4 people have quicked asserted themselves. Tamahome, Krillan and Felicia are the strong people and Hikari is the ‘captain’ I guess. She’s not as idiotic than my other captain so that’s fine. This may leave myself and Cody a bit behind with Sakura and Kyosuke in the middle. This is going to be interesting.

(Whilst Locus tribe are quickly organized, Tsunami aren’t quite so…)


Mai: It’s a good job the game starts tomorrow…although this isn’t exactly how the first night would be planned…

Joey: Well, well, Mai Valentine, sleeping in the dirt, never thought I’d live to see the day!

Mai: Can it Joseph!

(Behind them Ukyo giggles)

Ukyo: Joey and Mai remind me so much of Ranma and Akane it’s scary. I just hope that I don’t try and screw anything up here than I did there…

(Shot of Mackey asleep across a tree. Ami and Shinobu are surprisingly still awake, but they, particularly Shinobu, are struggling)

Ashitaka: It’s dangerous to sleep in the open.

Joey: I know, but don’t worry, we’ve done it before, this isn’t like any of the other Survivor Islands, it’s nowhere as near dangerous.

Ashitaka: Are you sure?

Joey: Look, we can sleep in the open tonight. If we’re dead by the morning, you can vote me off.

Ashitaka: Er, but wouldn’t we be dead?

Joey: Exactly! Can’t lose either way!

(Ashitaka smiles)

Ashitaka: Joey is going to be a handful, but whilst the other tribe have the strong guys, we’ve got the people who know where they’re going…I hope.

Shinobu: Ano…is it O.K then?

Ukyo: Sure thing sugar, just try and get some rest ‘k?

(Shinobu nods as the two try and get comfortable, as Keichi has joined Mackey into snoozeland. Mai and Joey look around)

Joey: I guess we’d better crash too.

Mai: I’ll go over here…no-one comes near me at night, got it?

Joey: (sweatdrops) Got it…

(Joey and Mai lay quite a way away from each other as Ashitaka looks on and shakes his head)

Ashitaka: I think I’m missing my home already?

Ukyo: You got a love sugar?

(Surprised, forgetting Ukyo was there, Ashitaka nods)

Ashitaka: Yeah, it hasn’t been an easy life for me and San, but I hope nothing will come between us now.

Ukyo: This sounds so sweet, I think we’re going to have a good conversation in the morning. (looks around and sees everyone has fallen asleep, Ukyo smiles as does Ashitaka)

Ashitaka: The youngest there reminds me of my sister back home.

Ukyo: Cute as a button. I guess we’d better crash as well…unless you want me to stay up in case what Joey said isn’t true…

Ashitaka: I don’t think that’ll be necessary. I’ll wake up at the sound of anything…

Joey: (in his sleep) That’s my rice ball…

(Ukyo sweatdrops)

Ukyo: …that means we’re both going to be in for a long night then…

* * * *



(Asleep with leaves as shelter are Ruri, Cody and Sakura. Hikari is now working with Tamahome as Krillian and Felicia’s uses have already been shown with Krillan’s ‘destructo disc’ technique immediately helping in cutting pieces of trees and bark they can use…fortunately Chromus has allowed it now that the island is technically his property…the A-Frame is looking good thanks to Felicia’s manoevarability, whilst Kyosuke has also been a help with his telepathic abilities and holding things in place long enough for the stronger members to hold it. Tamahome is managing to tie it down with Hikari’s help.)

Tamahome: Are you O.K there Hikari?

Hikari: Sure…I may not be that strong, but I’ve got a determined will, just ask anyone who knows me back home…

Tamahome: I believe you…

Hikari: So Tamahome, you got a love you said? (smiles)

Tamahome: (blushes) Er…well…yeah. I was hoping to er…marry her soon…

Hikari: Awww…

Tamahome: …it’s just, well, there have been a few…problems of late and I can’t. Not yet.

Hikari: Sorry.

Tamahome: It’s O.K, you wouldn’t understand.

Hikari: Maybe, maybe not.

Tamahome: Huh?

Hikari: I have a crush back home as well…but it’s so hard to get him to notice me…and now he’s been put into a near fatal accident. I was so glad I got to see him before coming here…but…

Tamahome: Hey, hey…don’t cry, you’ve already proved to us you’re a strong girl, don’t ruin it now!

Kyosuke: (entering the screen) Hey, you O.K?

Tamahome: Oh hey Kyo, don’t worry, just romance troubles…

Kyosuke: (coughs) If you want tales about that, you’ve come to the right person.

Hikari: (wiping her eyes) You too…

Kyosuke: Just promise not to vote me off first and I’ll tell you all about it.

Hikari (giggles) Gotcha...hey, it’s up!

(With one last tug, Tamahome holds it up as Krillan and Felicia move and push to make sure it doesn’t fall. Kyosuke holds it steady with his powers, as they let go, it’s sturdy.)

Hikari: That was tiring…

Tamahome: Yeah, god knows how the other tribe are doing…

Kyosuke: What do you mean?

Tamahome: I think we’ve got the better strength ratio here, if we’re exhausted with avaiable materials, how are they going to do?

Krillan: I suppose….there must be a reason why we’ve got most of the strength…

Hikari: Hey, I’m not complaining…now Kyosuke, do you want to tell us now or shall we all just collapse in our shelter…

Felicia: I vote for a long cat-nap!

Tamahome: (laughs) Now that’s a vote I certainly would like to do!



(They all laugh as Tamahome, Krillian and Felicia go over and carry Cody, Sakura and Ruri respectively. Hikari waits till there are all in and goes inside. Sakura stirs slightly.)

Sakura: Uggh..what…

Krillian: It’s O.K, the shelters done for tonight. Just go back to sleep.

Sakura: Sure…thanks…

Hikari: Goodnight all…

(From that, there is now silence as the first night for Locus is surprisingly peaceful…)

* * * *




Ukyo: And that’s the fire!

(Shot of the group as Ukyo is demonstrating how to make a fire with just a couple of piece of woods and some rocks. Keichi has helped blow on the fire as it’s starting to burn. Mackey is also also up as Ashitaka holds up one fish from the nearby ocean…)

Ashitaka: And that’s the breakfast!

(Ukyo holds one of her spatulas up she bought as a luxury item and spins it round. With a loud ‘HYAH!’ she slices them up like a knife through butter with amazing speed and accuracy.)

Ukyo: If this doesn’t wake everyone up, nothing will!

(Suddenly, Ashitaka eyes span open from the ocean and grabs another fish with his bare hands)

Keichi: Darn it man, you’re good!

Mackey: (to Ukyo) You’re good as well!

(Ukyo helps cook a bit of the rice as Ashitaka brings the second fish.)

Ukyo: Sushi? Or would you like a barbeque?

Ashitaka: Surprise us.

(Ukyo does the same as she did to the first fish as Joey like a bloodhound, sniffs something and instantly wakes up…)

Joey: Hey…that’s barbeque…

Keichi: Breakfast is ready Joey! Join us!

Joey: Don’t mind if I do. (notices Mai getting up) Well, morning honey, did you enjoy your sleep on the dirt?

Mai: Don’t even joke this early…

(Meanwhile, someone else has been working..)

Ami: Water’s here!

Ashitaka: Thank you Ami, didn’t realise you were an early riser as well.

Ami: I’m used to it with all my studying. (hands it to Ukyo) Will that be O.K?

Ukyo: As long as we boil it good! (notices something) Hey, where’s Shinobu?

(speak of the devil, Shinobu nervously steps out)

Shinobu: S…sorry everyone, I was just washing up and I…

Ukyo: (smiles) No worries sugar, come and join us!

(Shinobu looks at the food, and again, becomes a bit nervous)

Shinobu: Kounji-san? Did you cook this?

Ukyo: Yep. And don’t worry with the san thing, Ukyo is fine hun.

(Shinobu looks a bit downcast)

Joey: (in between mouthfuls) This is good…..

Keichi: At least we’re eating well the first morning…but we got to start on the shelter.

Mai: I don’t think any of us really know what we’re getting into. I think we need to start with looking and learning who we have here…

Ami: I think that learning about ourselves will really help in us becoming a successful tribe.

Mackey: Yeah.

Ashitaka: Sure, after breakfast, we’ll start on the shelter, and lets get to know everyone better O.K?

(General agreement as they enjoy breakfast, people already forming opinions though)

Mai: I’ve always dealt with strategy in duels, and this is no exception. Already opinions are being made, the strong, the weak, and the followers. I feel that it is best to cast the weakest first so that the strongest survive...and already, I've located my target.

* * * *

LOCUS TRIBE: 8.00am.

VO: Because of their shelter, and a lot of the group putting in a bit of hard work, the group have slept in quite comfortable. At the moment, half the group are still asleep. Closer inspection reveals that Hikari, Cody, Tamahome and Sakura are gone.

(Shot of the outside of the jungle, where we see Hikari humming ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ as she is setting up a fire. Cody is using a piece of wood like a kendo stick and practising as Sakura is working on her own kata. However, there is no sign of Tamahome…)

Hikari: I don’t think any of us would like to take an hour walk to the ocean so I hope Tama has found something…

????: WHOO-HOO!

(A yell of crazed happiness as Tamahome comes out with three bananas and also in one hand, a piece of bark…)

Cody: (looking up) Food?

Tamahome: Yep! The bananas are easy enough, but the bark…

(Tamahome karate chops part of it to reveal…)

Sakura: Wow! What is that?

Tamahome: I think it’s some form of tropical fruit, it’s almost like…

Hikari: It’s like coconut, more of a tofu like thickness. Anyone want to be a guinea pig?

(All look nervouslessly. With a sigh, Sakura decides to and picks a bit. It’s hard and she sucks her fingers. She smiles…)

Tamahome: Well?

Sakura: It’s like potato chips…quite nice!

Hikari: Could you cook it?

Sakura: I don’t know…but I guess it could be like boiled potatoes, we’ll try some…on this island, beggars can’t be choosers…

(Hikari smiles as she begins to prepare. Felicia emerges from the camp now, yawning)

Felicia: Morning!

(Tama smiles as her as the cat-human on all fours sniffs the air)

Tamahome: Just like a cat to sleep in…

(Felicia bobs her tongue at him as Tamahome retaliates, as they laugh as Sakura joins in. Cody smiles before wiping off the sweat to watch the food)

Cody: I know that physically I’m at a disadvantage compared to some of the people here, so my best chance is to study everyone as best as I can. The first time that we will go to Tribal Council will be crucial, and I’ll be looking at everything until that moment to ensure my survival.

(Next, Krillan and Kyosuke get up together, just leaving Ruri in the camp)

Krillan: My, my, is that a breakfast I see before me?

Hikari: Don’t quit your day job there Krillan…

Krillan: What, as a Z-fighter superhero?

Hikari: Yeah, that…

Kyosuke: Remind me to book you to defend me next time Madoka threatens me…

Hikari: Is that a bully?

Kyosuke: Nope, that’s my girlfriend.

(The group has to laugh as the fire beings to burn)

Kyosuke: Aside from Krillian, and maybe Felicia, I seem to be the oldest here. But practically everyone has gone through some crazy stuff to say the least. So I think for the first time, I feel mostly in a ‘normal’ environment.

(As they begin splitting the bananas for desert, as the food boils, Ruri finally gets up)

Cody: Hey Ruri, you O.K?

Ruri: (looks a bit pale…well, paler than normal) Yes…thank you. And thank you Tamahome…

(Gives her back the shirt, Tama now wondering why he was bare chested…and why Hikari and Sakura were giving him looks all morning…)

Tamahome: I have a girlfriend…I have a girlfriend…

Tamahome: It’s going to be difficult for me here because I know how much I’ll miss my family, my friends…yeah even Tasuki…and yeah, I’ll miss Miaka a hell of a lot too. However, I need to do…BECAUSE IT’S FOR MONEY!

Hikari’s: Food’s done!

(As they haven’t got utensils, they are picking off the grill, using makeshift chopsticks from split pieces of wood courtesy of Tamahome and Felicia)

Sakura: (mouth full) Hey…not bad…

Felicia: Good for me!

Tamahome: More please!

Ruri: You’re a good cook Hikari-kanjou.

Hikari: (blushing) T-thank you…kanjou?

Sakura: Well, why not? You lead…

Tamahome: …you cook…

Ruri: …and you’ve got experience.

Cody: So why not?

(Hikari blushes as most of the group generally agrees…)

Hikari: I have to be careful as it seems that I’ve been assigned the leader role. I know it can be an advantage if worked right, as Julia showed last season. However, it can also be a disaster if you are deemed too bossy…so whilst I seem to be accepted, I still need to watch my feet…

(Meanwhile, Tsunami have just come across a problem….)

* * * *

(Breakfast has come and gone, and now it’s time to build a shelter. However, they realise there is a slight problem…)

Joey: There isn’t anything here right?

Mai: Bingo.

(Being in the desert area means no materials. ^_^)

Mackey: Considering we didn’t die last night means it’s probably safe to sleep in the open.

Keichi: Maybe, but when the rain comes like before last night, you want a shelter over your head wouldn’t you.

Ami: I’m not sure if we can walk too far into the desert to search for material. Joey, Mai, do you know where we can get shelter…

Joey: Well, from the ocean there is an open area but I’m not sure if there are any material to help…plus we’d have to get it and come back to desert…

Ami: How long would that take…

Joey: Let’s see…30 minutes…no wait, 40 minus the…divide…subtract…er…

Mai: About 1 hour and 10 minutes to get there and collect the materials, and then back…and that’s presuming we don’t take a round trip.

Shinobu: So…what do we do then?

Ashitaka: We’ve got an immunity challenge coming…and we can’t exhaust ourselves too much. How about if Joey, Mai, myself and Ukyo go to the clearing and get as much as we can…

Mai: Why us?

Ashitaka: You two know where we’re going, and no offense guys, but I think Ukyo and I are the strongest here so we can handle the most stuff.

Shinobu/Ami: None taken. (smiles)

Keichi/Mackey: Hey wait a sec…

Ukyo: Hey, if you wanna come, then that fine, but I don’t think we need to exhaust everyone, because we need to survive, if that’s O.K? Plus gives you guys a chance to get to know each other a bit better…

Ashitaka: We’ll be back as soon as possible O.K?

Shinobu: O.K!

(Mai leads the way as Joey, Ukyo and Ashitaka head out.)

Joey: My head is thinking, will Mai be able to hold her own here on the island? So far, she is doing well…I just hope she keeps this side of her personality in check otherwise people may cotton on to her…

Mackey: O.K, so what Ashitaka said was true, but it still burns a bit. I don’t think he meant it in a mean way but…

Keichi: …at least it gives me time to understand some of the group. Mackey and I have similar work so that should help us. Ami and Shinobu have been quite friendly since the start…I think Shinobu is really nervous about this…maybe she would be the first to go at this rate…

Ukyo: I’ve got my eyes on people. There are a few people I don’t already trust…but I’m keeping that to myself.

* * * *

Joey: So what do you think then?

Mai: Huh?

Joey: About the group…you think you can survive with these guys around?

Mai: I guess…I’m pretty focused on winning you know.

Joey: You know me, I am as well. I’m looking around for who to trust…

Mai: What, you don’t trust me?

(Joey looks at her with a weird look.)

Mai: Never mind. Anyway, same here. Already got my selection in mind.

Joey: Huh? That fast?

Mai: Well, at this early stage, I think I’m going to go with the same strategy I went with the Duelist Kingdom. Of course, it didn’t work there…

Joey: You mean…

Mai: Take out the weakest first. We need to be a strong tribe.

Joey: You’re not picking me off first are you?

Mai: No hun. I think the youngest girl has to go.

Joey: (surprised) Shinobu? Well…I agree she is physically the weakest…and probably isn’t enjoying this much…but aren’t you rushing it?

Mai: Listen, today we have an immunity challenge. Every time we have one we need to pick someone off the island, we need to think strategy as soon as possible. Whether you decide that or not is not up to me, but that’s my way anyway.

(Joey thinks for a second…behind them, Ukyo and Ashitaka are also having a chat)

Ukyo: I’m not sure. It depends.

Ashitaka: I can sense who can do well and who can’t I think. What they have on the outside may not reflect their true being.

Ukyo: Example sugar, I’m not sure if I follow.

Ashitaka: Mai, confident, yet cold. She is a dangerous one who I think already has got Joey on her leash. I’m sure she can control a few of the weaker willed back there. Mackey has one definitely. Not sure about Keichi though….Ami…strong in mind, not in body, definitely in soul.

Ukyo: What about Shinobu?

Ashitaka: (smiles) I think she may be stronger than you think. Give her a night, I’m sure she will surprise you.

(Ukyo thinks about Ashitaka’s words as they head off to collect some material. The other half of Tsunami are also in conversation…)

* * * *

Mackey: Well, I’m not sure. I work on Priss’ motorcycle all the time….

Keichi: I guess we’ve got plenty of experience. Mind you, working with a goddess as your partner and well…er…(blushes)

Mackey: I get it. (blushes) Trust me, I get it.

(The two girls on the other hand…)

Ami: You should have told them! Ukyo isn’t a bad person I can tell, she would have let you…

Shinobu: But Ami-san, I can’t do anything here, it’s too difficult…no one knows what you can do, and I think it’s already too late before…

Ami: Shhh….don’t cry…you’re strong I can tell. We can’t let anyone see you like this…

(Ami helps Shinobu up as they decide to take a trip to the ocean)

Ami: Hey, you two want to come as well?

(Mackey and Keichi are still in an engrossed conversation)

Ami: O.K….

* * * *


Time: 11.20am.

VO: The tribe prepares for the Immunity challenge by relaxing, and controlling their full energy for the battle ahead.

(Shot of Tamahome in a form of ancient Chinese kata. We see Hikari and Sakura watching with interest, in particularly Sakura, in awe of the Chinese martial artist)

Sakura: Wow…he’s cool…almost as cool as Ryu-sempai…

Hikari: Ryu? A boyfriend?

Sakura: (blushes) Not really…more like someone I admire…trust me, you don’t want to know.

(On a corner, Kyosuke is concentrating his own energies)

Kyosuke: It’s weird being of the Kasuga blood, these powers have got me out of a lot of scrapes, but also got me in plenty.

(Shot as Ruri is watching)

Ruri: It’s weird…yet all these people, all from different lives and different words, yet it seems like a natural acceptance. (shivers) Yet I never thought I’d get a common 21st century cold…

Cody: (off screen) Ruri, you O.K?

Ruri: Fine.

Ruri: I don’t want to show that I’m weak. A disastrous attempt to start your Survivor campaign girl, by getting sick…

(Ruri goes over to Cody, who sitting cross legged out into the ocean)

Ruri: Is this your form of zen meditation?

Cody: I do this quite a lot. It gives me strong thought when something is about to happen. It raises good luck…this happened a lot when I went into battle before a Digimon. I feared hurting it, yet I couldn’t die either. This ritual helped me at peace.

(Ruri looks at Cody a second more, shrugs and sits beside him in the same position)

Ruri: The captain of the Nadesico did this to clear her mind…I guess it won’t hurt for me either…

Cody: That’s good on you Ruri…

Ruri: …and if it doesn’t work, we’re all idiots.

Cody: *sweatdrops with his eyes closed*

(And whilst everyone else relaxes, Felicia and Krillian…er…don’t.)

(Felicia goes into her Rolling Buckler technique, rolling into Krillian, who whilst blocking it without too much damage, is certainly impressed with Felicia’s moves…)

Krillan: Wow, you’re pretty good for someone without super abilities Miss Felicia!

Felicia: (very happy) Thank you Mr. Krillan! I’ve never realised that there are beings this strong around here…

Krillan: Well, what was your life back home?

Felicia: Trust me, you don’t want to know…with the way I look, it’s a given a lot of people think I’m evil…yeah, I’m a darkstalker…but that doesn’t mean I’m a danger. People see my shows…they know who I’m about.

Krillan: I don’t know why people think you’re a monster anyway. Despite the obvious look, you’re actually quite cute!

Felicia: (blushing) Thank you…

Krillan: Just make sure my wife didn’t hear that…

Felicia: Got it.

(The group seem to have been getting their own form of preparation for immunity, whilst on Tsunami…)

* * * *


(Shot of the four people getting stuff have come back. With materials in their hand, the walk back has been very difficult for them. Ukyo and Ashitaka have as much as they can handle, and look slightly struggling. Joey has a similar amount of stuff and is visibly straining. Mai on the other hand has practically nothing.)

Shinobu: (spots them first) Hey guys…


(Shinobu, Ami, Mackey and Keichi all rush to help the group with a bit of their stuff. Joey collapses immediately, exhausted. Ukyo and Ashitaka wipe a bit of sweat off, whilst after Keichi collects Mai’s stuff, Mai looks in pity.)

Mai: Sorry guys, but that wasn’t the smartest idea carrying all that stuff. You needs to save that energy…

Ukyo: Well, you didn’t have to say it that way…besides, I wanted to get as much in one go. After immunity, we have to get this done anyway…

Ami: Next time, we’ll all go, O.K?

Ashitaka: I think so, but for now, I don’t think we should argue about anything. We need to be in unity for this challenge coming up.

Mackey: Come on guys, hands in.

(Mackey puts his hand in the centre, soon all the group, including a reluctant Mai put their hands in a circle)

Mackey: Tsunami tribe!


* * * *


Beach side: Takes roughly an hour and a half to get there for both tribes

Obstacle relay course


(Shot as both tribes are there, as some of Tsunami are already physically exhausted. However, saying that, a few of Locus aren’t exactly too happy about the walk either)

(Shot as the author looks on at the 16 survivors)

Chromus: Well, today is the first immunity. The acception here is that there was no reward challenge, as after the first Tribal Council, the true three day cycle begins. Of course, one of you won’t be here to enjoy it…

Ruri: Oh, come on Glenn…get on with it! (idiot)

(Glenn is referred to Glenn Hugill who hosted the UK Mole. He always spoke in a mysterious way as well…)

Chromus: O.K…I heard the girl. Very well, we’ve decided to exercise those muscles for you as this will be the only time all of you will be here. Let’s sort out the physically able from the physically disabled.

(Shot of the course on the beach)

Chromus: A combination of both tribes main characteristics, plus a bit of regular obstacles. The first person will start in the ocean, and swim roughly 400m to the first tag.

(Next is a stepping stone maze)

Chromus: Now a variation of the old balance game. You can get across here either the easy way or the hard way. The bigger stones make sure you don’t fall, but it’s slower. Goes on the smaller ones and it’s a quick exit, but you could easily fall, and if you do, you have to start again.

(Third is a ring swing)

Chromus: What is this, Gladiators? Anyway, you have to swing across the ring over this pit of snakes…joking! More like snake reeds…again, fall, and you’re back at the beginning.

(Fourth is two nets, one cargo, one spaghetti)

Chromus: Simple here, go over the cargo, go through the spagetti. And don’t screw up, remember, disqualification’s if you screw up the rules…

(Fifth is climbing a chi pole, and then walking across a balancing beam)

Chromus: Into Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon territory, climb up and then walk across, better have your trapeze skills ready…

(Sixth is a rope swing)

Chromus: Like the ring swing, be like Tarzan or Jane and swing across ASAP.

(Seven is a mud slide and a mud pit with a cargo net over it)

Chromus: For you vain folks out there, I suggest you don’t take this leg. It’s good for the complexion, just get there as fast as you can.

(Finally, a straight run to the finish)

Chromus: And finally, just get your butt outta there as quickly as you can. As there are 8 legs, you will all have to participate in this one. So, with that in mind, get in your tribes and work out who is going where in 5 minutes…starting now.


Kyosuke: All in favour of Sakura doing the mud one? (The group snickers as Sakura punches him mockingly in the shoulder)

Sakura: Pervert!

Kyosuke: Nah, it’s O.K, I’ll do that one.

Sakura: I’ll do the rings if you want, I’m pretty good at that back in school.

Hikari: I’ll do the rope one if you don’t mind…I wasn’t bad at that, and I think we need our stronger competitors for the more difficult and exhausting ones…

Kyosuke: Fair enough…

Felicia/Krillan: Jan, ken, pon! (Felicia gets paper, Krillan gets stone)

Krillan: Aw nuts…

Felicia: I’ll run then!

Krillan: Ah, what the heck…I’ll do the balancing.

Tamahome: What about me?

Ruri: I think you’d be best for swimming I think.

Hikari: That’s true. That leaves Ruri and Cody.

Cody: That leaves the nets and the stones.

Ruri: (sighs) I’ll do the stones, it’s probably the least phsyical of them. I know I’m not as strong as any of you guys…

Tamahome: Ruri…

Cody: O.K. I’ll do the nets then.


Mai: I thought it would be best if Shinobu did the stones Ami, she’s not as strong as you are and it is the easiest.

Ami: Well…I’m good at…

Mai: Look kid…

Ami: Hey, I am the same age as you…

Shinobu: If you don’t mind, I’ll do the nets….

Mai: Hey listen…

Ukyo: Sure sugar.

Mai: Huh?

Ukyo: We’re getting into an argument here over nothing. Ami, you can do the stones. Shinobu, you do the nets. Ami, you was saying something?

Ami: I said I’m good at swimming. I know I don’t look it but…

Ukyo: Sure, it was either you or Joey…and Joey still a bit tired, so we’ll put him on the stones then, is that all right?

Joey: (mock thinks) Let’s see…exhaust myself on the water or jump a few stones…difficult choice…O.K, I’ll do the stones!

Ashitaka: Give me the balancing…I think they’ll use that Krillan, to stand a chance against him, I’ll give it my best shot.

Mai: (sighs) Fine, but don’t blame me. Keichi, Mackey, what about you guys?

Keichi: I don’t mind…I’ll do the mud one if you want, I’m used to it believe it or not…

Joey: Awww…and I was hoping Mai would do that one…

Mai: Why you…

Ukyo: Hey, that’s a point. Mai, you haven’t actually volunteered for anything yet.

Mai: (sweatdrops) Er…

Ukyo: If no-one minds, I’ll take the final leg. We need everything we can get.

Mackey: Which leaves Mai and me with either the rings or the rope…

Mai: Well, I’m an expert with rings, leave that to me…

Joey: (under his breath) They didn’t mean diamond rings…

Mackey: I guess I’ll do the rope.

Keichi: Let’s just keep it together guys, they look a lot stronger…

* * * *

Group order;

Leg 1 – Swimming: Ami vs. Tamahome

Leg 2 – Stones: Ruri vs. Joey

Leg 3 – Rings: Sakura vs. Mai

Leg 4 – Nets: Cody vs. Shinobu

Leg 5 – Balance: Krillan vs. Ashitaka

Leg 6 – Rope: Hikari vs. Mackey

Leg 7 – Mud: Kyosuke vs. Keichi

Leg 8 – Running: Felicia vs. Ukyo


(Individual shots of each pairing. Some small interaction is being made by the pairs as well, Tamahome again panics about ANOTHER cute girl on the island as Ami giggles, Ruri is silent whilst Joey tries to catch his breath, Sakura notices Mai isn’t being talkative and sighs. Cody bows to Shinobu and vice versa, Krillan and Ashitaka are staring with determination, Hikari wishes Mackey good luck as he blushes, Kyosuke and Keichi look at their fates and groan and finally Felicia and Ukyo are actually having a conversation thanks to both of their friendly natures...^_^)

(Chromus at the ocean where Tamahome and Ami are ready to start)

Chromus: Let’s see who eats whose dust…ready…

(Tamahome and Ami hold a hand up..)

Chromus: GO!

(The two start swimming. To both Tsunami AND Locus tribe, Ami is indeed the swimmer that she claimed to be as she is neck and neck with the Suzaku warrior. As they tag to their respective others, Joey has his mouth open wide…)

Joey: I guess I need to learn more about this one…

Ami: (tagging him) Joey!

Joey: Oh right!

Ruri: (to herself) Please get a good lead…

(As the two tag, Tamahome has about a 1mm lead over Ami, which is basically nothing. Ruri decides to take the safe route and navigates her way through the larger stones. Joey however takes the more direct route…)

Joey: Whoa…whoops…coming through…

(Joey slips and slides through the smaller stones, and yep, he falls…)

Ruri: Idiot.

(Ruri just continues her path as Joey goes for broke and this time gets the hang of it as he doesn’t trip or fall, and gain the distance is non-existence between Joey and Ruri. Joey’s tag to his fellow deulist as Ruri tags the street fighter. Mai looks a bit worried…)

Mai: When they said rings…oh boy…

(Mai probably is probably less fit than Ami, and the rings require plenty of upper body and arm strength and Mai is struggling. On the other side, Sakura on the other hand’s whilst not overally strong, is extremely fit and calmly swings across.)

(Sakura begins to take a decent lead as Mai is getting frustrated…and falls…)

Mai: Damn!

Joey: Don’t panic, just get back up and continue!

Mai: Easy for you to say…

(Mai does so, but Sakura has nearly finished her leg. Mai takes it steady this time and calmly goes through, although about half the speed that Sakura was going at. Sakura calmly gets across and tags Cody, who steadily climbs the cargo net, being careful)

(By the time Mai gets across and angrily tags Shinobu’s hand, Cody has finished the cargo net and is on spaghetti junction. However, he finds it difficult, although his small size makes him manage to slowly get through)

(Shinobu on the cargo net is struggling, but she manages to get over the top. Then she looks down…)

Shinobu: O.K…here goes…

(Shinobu jumps from the cargo net, clawing her way down and rolls into the dirt. Shinobu screams, but stands up and enters the spaghetti net. Despite her lack of athleticsm, her small size manages to get through the net as well as Cody. She has closed the gap slightly on Cody as he exits. He makes the tag to Krillan)

(Krillian takes the chi pole with ease, hopping with a Z-fighters unnatural abilities. He gets to the beam and hangs on the top wire as he slides across. As he gets half way, Shinobu emerges and tags Ashitaka, who goes to the pole like a Tasmanian devil on fire.)

(Ashitaka is Krillian’s equal in speed on both the pole and the beam, but that just means as Krillian finishes, Ashitaka is half-way on the beam. Krillian hops down and tags in Hikari, who begins her rendition for George Of The Jungle. Not too far behind, Ashitaka jumps and makes a mid air tag with Mackey who joins the rope)

(Hikari however has a slight athletic advantage, and takes it over Mackey, and the lead increases again. Neither of them fall which means after the final swing, the tag to Kyosuke means that the job is almost done.)

(Kyosuke goes down the mud slide carefully as he goes to the net. He crawls through just as Mackey makes the tag. Without any regard, Keichi dives down the slide head first, and begins to crawl his way through the net. This time, Keichi has the advantages, as the length is cut in half.)

(Kyosuke however makes it out and goes over to Felicia…)

Felicia: And to think my world was mad…

Ukyo: Trust me sugar, you’d be seen as normal around my area..

Kyosuke: Felicia!

Felicia: Huh…oh sorry, gotta win this! See ya! (Kyosuke makes the tag)

Ukyo: Oh no…(Keichi comes out a moment later and tags her), Felicia…get your fanny back here!

(Shot of Kyosuke and Keichi in mud)

Kyosuke/Keichi: Anyone know a good dry cleaners?

(Final leg, Felicia has a slight lead over Ukyo as they make the final run. However, Felicia’s cat-like speed even on two legs rather than her traditional hands and feet running is just too much for Ukyo. In the end, Felicia increases the lead as the goal is in sight…)

Felicia: YA-HOO!

(Locus tribe wins as Felicia runs into the arms of Tamahome and Krillan who are there waiting. Behind them, Ukyo comes out, upset and disappointed. Joey and Ami offer a hug in commiseration.)

* * * *

(5 minutes later, all the group, including a mud-based Kyosuke and Keichi, are there, as Chromus looks on)

Chromus: Well, all I can say is that well done to both groups for performing to their best, but immunity goes to Locus tribe…

(Most of Locus tribe cheers)

Chromus: …and that means Tsunami, we’ll be seeing you at the first Tribal Council tomorrow night.

(Shot of Tsunami disappointed on the long trek back to the desert, knowing it isn’t the worst of it….)


Tamahome: Will he be O.K?

Sakura: Ahh…he’ll clean himself up, and be back here before you know it!

Ruri: Of course he will…he can teleport. (They all laugh at Ruri’s comment)

(Kyosuke and Keichi have been granted special permission to clean off their clothes. They’ll have to dry them themselves though…)

Hikari: I think our physical advantage was too much for them…

Krillan: Yeah, I think we all showed what we could do today…

Felicia: I think we’re going to continue to be like this as well…

Cody: But not all of them are going to be physically related, it won’t be that easy, what happens when there is a quiz or something?

Felicia: That’s what we got Ruri for!

(Ruri blushes as the others laugh…secure in the knowledge that they are safe for another 3 days)

* * * *


(…whilst the other group decide what went wrong…)

Mackey: We blew it…

Keichi: Guys wait up…I’ll finish back there…(running up)

Mackey: Are you sure?

Keichi: Knowing my luck, the author has got a bill waiting back for me…

Mackey: Point taken…I suppose having to probably strip with another guy being there was a problem as well…

Keichi: Well, there was that…

Ashitaka: I don’t think it was a total disaster. Shinobu showed a lot of guts…and Ami…wow, I guess we should believe you more often if you kept up with that guy…

Ami: Um, well I…

Shinobu: (blushing)

Ukyo: Shinobu pulled out a daredevil stunt out of nowhere to try and catch up and Ami’s leg really gave us a chance…maybe we could have kept it if not…

Mai: (peeved off) Are you implying something?

Joey: Easy Mai…I screwed up as well…and I was up against a 12 year old!

Mai: Yeah, but you recovered…

Ashitaka: So Ukyo, you think my predictions are getting closer…

Ukyo: You’re not from Ruri’s world are you?

Ashitaka: Nope, the past…

Ukyo: That’s what makes this a bit more scary…

Shinobu: Everyone, please calm down…we lost, but tomorrow we lose one of us. And no matter what happens, let’s not make our last night as a tribe go down in vain, O.K?

(All stare at her)

Shinobu: Um…did I say something wrong?

Mackey: Actually that was quite a profound speech Miss Maehara.

Keichi: You heard the girl…let’s stop this petty bickering and get back. We may be tired but we’ve got equipment to get, and a shelter to build…

* * * *


Ami: We’ll all go and help you with the shelter now.

Ukyo: Thanks, we’ll go catch and cook something later.

Shinobu: Umm…guys…

Mai: Alright, come on troops, hup two, hup two…

Joey: Drill instructor Mai, you are the weirdest link…

Mai: Say the g word and die Joeseph…

Ashitaka: For one of us it may be goodbye, maybe it’s a premonition of something…

(Tsunami go on a hike despite being tired, and in Keichi’s case, half-baked, to get some material and to make a makeshift shelter…

(…whilst on Locus, celebrations are starting to occur…)


Hikari: Hey guys!

(Hikari has got her clothes in her arms and blushing, as she’s just got a bikini on. The group just stare)

Cody: Um…(visibly the most embarrassed)

Hikari: Oh grow up guys! Can’t a girl enjoy herself?

Kyosuke: I think the guys are enjoying this a bit more…

Hikari: (another mock punch) Pervert!

(The group laugh as the sun bakes overhead. In fact, a lot of the group have decide to enjoy going to their source of water, a hot spring water hole. Of the group, Krillian, Tamahome, Cody, Sakura, Kyosuke and Hikari are in their outfits, ready to go.. Felicia isn’t too fond of water and Ruri…is no-where to be seen…)

Krillan: Ahh…3 more days as a tribe!

Tamahome: This is like a vacation for you by the sound of things Krillan.

Krillan: Compared to some of the stuff that happens to me, trust me, this is.

Cody: I hope my father is watching down at me and seeing what I’ve got myself into. I hope he realises I can handle this as well as anyone can.

Sakura: Cody…

Cody: No, it’s O.K. I’ve learned to handle it.

Kyosuke: Stupid mud stains…

Hikari: (shakes her head) Hey, Felicia, where’s Ruri?

(Felicia yawns and stretches out cat-like)

Felicia: Ruri-ruri? You in there?

(Ruri appears, very embarrassed, in her blue swimsuit costume where she sung in the beauty contest.)

Ruri: I’m such an idiot.

Sakura/Hikari/Felicia: KAWAII!

(Ruri blushes as Cody smiles)

Cody: That looks good on you Ruri.

Tamahome: Come on kiddo, no need to be embarrassed!

(Ruri emerges from the camp, still embarrassed, but seeing everyone else just as ready to make fools of themselves…)

Ruri: I guess being one more idiot amongst the group won’t matter.

(As Ruri manages to loosen up a little, Tsunami sweat up their last bit of work)

* * * *



(Shot as the group are bringing out the last bit of stuff, the bamboo poles, cut down thanks to help by Ukyo’s rather creative use of her handmade spatulas…Ukyo has 6, Ashitaka has 5, Joey, Keichi, Mackey, Ami and Mai have 3, whilst Shinobu is struggling with just one…)

Ukyo: Phew, that about does it...

Mai: And how are we going to get this up now? We’re exhausted…

Keichi: Er…that’s a good point.

Mackey: I could work it out, I’ve done this before…

Ukyo: Why don’t I get started on dinner then before the sunset comes in then? Ashy-boy, you coming?

Ashitaka: ASHY-BOY?

Ukyo: (giggles) Sorry, couldn’t resist…

(Ukyo and Ashitaka take a trip for some fish, whilst Mackey and Keichi begin to study their material…)

Mackey: I think the weather isn’t going to hurt us one more night…besides, after tomorrow, there will be one less person to build for…

Keichi: I think most of us could collapse by the looks of things anyway…

Mackey: ..and tomorrow, we gotta cast one off…

Keichi: Let’s not think about this, let’s just wait for Ucchan and her Ashy-boy to come back…

Mackey: Heh, I though back on my place was where the Pokemon crew were…

Ami: (joining in the conversation) Well considering who is hosting that, I consider to pity everyone there…

Mackey: And how would you know?

Ami: Well, I know his boss….

Mai: You just know everything don’t you hun…

Shinobu: I wish I was like you Ami-san…

Ami: Huh? (blushes) Why is that?

Shinobu: Well, you’re so pretty and smart…I mean…

Mai: (muttering) What do kids know about beauty anyway?

(away from the 5, Joey is watching with interest)

Joey: Let’s see, we have two guys who like to get their hands dirty, one genius, one tomboy, one ancient warrior, one innocent, myself…and Mai.

(he sighs)

Joey: Tomorrow is just going to kill my brain…

* * * *

LOCUS TRIBE: Sunset at 7.00pm

(Whilst Tsunami spend another night in the open, Locus have the comfort of a shelter and three days remaining on the island as a pack of 8.)

(The group are scattered about. Some are actually trying to sleep, Ruri seems exhausted, and Cody also is quite tired. Kyosuke is quietly watching them off to the side)

Kyosuke: Even in our more exhausted states, the game doesn’t end. We still need to be on the look-out, because one day or another, we’ll have to go to the Council as well.

(Felicia is curled up, yawning by the camp)

Felicia: A cat nap for me I think…

(Hikari and Tamahome are cleaning up what was left of a recent meal, as Krillian looks up to the sunset)

Krillan: Now I know why people appreciate this part of the survivor journey…

Krillan: Gohan almost won it last time, and for my family, I need to do my best as well. Besides, he mentioned this ritual, and to be honest, I agree with him in every way.

(Lastly, Sakura joins him)

Sakura: I’ve watched sunsets before, in the distance after a street fighter. I’ve watched Ryu-sempai walk into the sunset a number of times, but myself, never really appreciated the trueness of a sunset. I guess this is one of the things you pick up.

Hikari: So, we seem to have done a decent job eh Snake?

Tamahome: For the last time, my mark is the crab, not the snake.

Hikari: Sorry, one of my older computer games which came from pre-Second Impact…you have no idea how much of a collectors items they are…you just sound similar…

Tamahome: Feh…

*For those who are wondering what the heck I’m on about, David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid), is also the English dub actor for Tamahome… J *

Krillan: Kinda early to be turning in isn’t it?

Sakura: I don’t think sleep will be coming right away…the weather is too warm for instant sleep…unless you have some sort of built in system like Felicia does or something…

Tamahome: I’ll think I’ll stay out here for a bit. I never appreciated the view back home as the sun set in…maybe I’ll get a choice to enjoy it as well…

Hikari: Back in my home, the sky is always red. (sighs) It’s nice to enjoy watching it turn red from the natural light rather than…

Krillan: Hey, it’s O.K.

(As the group turn in for the night, the discussion for eviction comes closer in the camp, and the main candidate is about to unveil something surprising…)

* * * *

(Shot as the group again scatter…on the desert is Mai, Joey, Keichi, Mackey and Ami…Ashitaka, Ukyo and Shinobu are no-where to be seen…)

Mai: Well guys, I guess this will be our last camp out before tomorrow. Who you voting for?

Keichi: Well…I’m not sure. It’s a tough call, but…I feel that the young girl…she’s really not enjoying it here.

Ami: (listening in) Shinobu?

Keichi: Yeah, she’s a lovely girl, so innocent, reminds me of Belldandy back home, but she is physically struggling and I can’t see her surviving much longer.

Mai: My thoughts exactly, my authority is cut the weakest players from the field first, that way, the strongest have the best chance to survive.

Joey: Ignoring the fact that the strongest are also the biggest targets later in the game, but carry on Mai.

Mai: (ignoring Joey) Mackey dear, what about you?

Mackey: (sighs) Personally, I don’t really want to pick on anyone, but if the majority goes, then I’ll go as well.

Mai: Well, that’s that. (notices Ami has her back turned) And you water girl?

(Ami is silent. Suddenly, she stands up and walks away)

Mai: What’s with her?

Keichi: I think she’s got quite attached with Shinobu. They are like each others piece of mind.

Joey: (sarcastic) So, because you simply just talked about voting her off…she suddenly gets all huffy and upset. Terrible isn’t it?

Mai: (sighs) Sorry, but it’s part of the game. I’m not sure what Ukyo and Ashitaka think, but we’ll talk to them tomorrow.

Joey: Don’t you think we should tell Shinobu?

Mai: It’s still a game, I’m not sure she’d like it if we told her ‘Sorry sweetie, but you’re the first to go. No hard feelings eh?’ Sorry Joey, part and parcel of the game.

(Joey sulks but nods his head)

Joey: Very well…I’ll go along with it, it’s just that…

Ashitaka: (distant) Guys, we’re coming in!

Ukyo: (even more distant) Be back in a sec…

(The time for drastic sabotage has ended for a moment, as people are obviously not going to discuss anything with their victim coming…

(…only there is no idea where said victim is…)

(Close up of the ocean, where it’s a good walk back to campsite, great for someone ready for a bit of quiet time. Ukyo has just finished off washing up and stretches out)

Ukyo: Ahhh…back to base…

(As she turns, she is surprised to see Shinobu with a small smile on her face, sitting down on the sand, the wind blowing)

Ukyo: Shinobu?

(The Love Hina girl turns to the Nerima resident)

Shinobu: Can I talk to you please Ukyo…?

Ukyo: Of course hun…

* * * *

Shinobu: I’ve heard them talking….they want me to go off at council tomorrow…

Ukyo: (sighs) Shinobu, it’s a game and they have to do this, it’s nothing personal or nothing I think. Just because they are voting doesn’t mean they don’t like you, I think it’s more that they feel you don’t want to stay here…

Shinobu: …BUT I DO!

(The revelation stuns Ukyo and Shinobu calms down, near tears)

Shinobu: I want to stay here…I want to do well…I want Naru sempai, Kaolla-san, Mitsune-san….I want them all to be proud of me. I want…I want…Urashima-sempai…to see me do well…

(Ukyo, concerned…and understanding, lets her adult instincts take over, despite the fact there is only 2 years difference between them…

(…and hugs the younger girl.)

Shinobu: Ukyo?

Ukyo: You got a crush on someone haven’t you? This Urashima…

Shinobu: (blushing like mad) No…no…no…it’s not like that, it’s just…I’d like him to notice me…to be proud of me….he has someone…I think…but still…(looks at Ukyo) Miss Kounji, you’re a great cook…but I…I can cook as well…I want to prove that I can handle myself on the island.

Ukyo: You’re a cook as well? (smiles) Just shows you how much I don’t know about everyone yet, I never gave you a chance did I sugar?

Shinobu: If I am going to go…at least let me cook everyone breakfast, just as a g…

Ukyo: Don’t say goodbye yet sugar….

Shinobu: Huh?

Ukyo: Back at my home, there is a guy I’ve got a crush on. I’m his fiancé, yet he’s also engaged to someone else as well. (Catches Shinobu’s look) I’ll explain later kid, and you will be here to listen to it…I promise.

Shinobu: Huh?

Ukyo: Basically, no matter what I do, and how hard I try, it seems I’ll forever only be with friends with him and nothing else. Whilst I feel I’ve got a better chance than two certain other people, I think with his other fiancé, there is an unspoken relationship between them that is unbreakable, even if neither of them admit to it.

(Ukyo stands up and holds a hand to Shinobu)

Ukyo: The point is…that both of us are unlucky in love, and feel that the guy we want is just too far away…however, this is our chance to prove ourselves. And to start with, I’m going to prove something to you…

(Ukyo holds out her pinky finger)

Ukyo: Behold the beginning of a true alliance Shinobu, and my honour as a woman won’t break that bond. And my first mission is to make sure you survive at tomorrow’s tribal council.

(Shinobu, for the first time, smiles with happiness, and pinky swears with Ukyo)

Ukyo/Shinobu: Now that we’ve pinky swore, if either of us lie we’ll have hair growing out of our butts…(let go)there, it’s sealed.

Shinobu: (bows and crying slightly) Arigato!

(The two hug again, as the first true alliance of the game has been emerged…)

* * * *



VO: Locus tribe had a fairly comfortable night after Tribal Council is not what they are going to suffer today. Most of the group is still asleep, even Hikari is in the camp snug, and Tamahome is sleeping outside (maybe scared of sleeping with lots of lovely young women in the camp…). The only one up on the beach is Sakura.

Sakura: (to herself) If I was back home, I would be getting up for school and my parents would think I was late, and try and hurry me up, and lecture me about my street fighting…hey, it stopped the bullying…and also stopped me and Kei-chan from getting attacked…(sighs)…parents don’t understand anything at times.

(Steps up and decides to take a walk to the ocean, hoping that Tsunami won’t be up…the walk turns into a jog as Sakura begins an Akane like daily routine, as a potential first meeting between Locus and Tsunami could be ready…)


VO: As the group are unaware from the incoming ‘enemy’, Ashitaka decides to have a word with one of the members of the group…

Ashitaka: Ami?

(Ami is up and on the beach, washing her face and preparing the water, almost like her duty…as the warrior prince walks to her)

Ami: Oh hi…I’m just preparing the water for breakfast…is Ukyo up yet?

Ashitaka: (smiles) Actually, Shinobu is cooking today.

Ami: Huh?

Ashitaka: (smiles again) It seems Ukyo found out she was a cook last night, and Shinobu insisted on making the breakfast this morning. (sighs) Do you think she’s given up?

Ami: I hope not. I like her a lot, she reminds me so much of me, shy, yet caring and understanding, and capable of so much.

Ashitaka: I hope she hasn’t either.

Ami: Huh?

Ashitaka: My ears are good Miss Mizuno, and considering how loud Mai was barking last night, it was hard for me not to hear. From what I know, Mai has got Joey under her wing, and Keichi and Mackey are also under her gaze. However, I feel Shinobu would actually be better for us in the future…

Ami: Why is that?

Ashitaka: (takes a bail of water easily) Her free nature and innocence is perfect for a game like this. It keeps the cut-throat action far from dominating, someone like Shinobu is someone that it’s hard to do anything bad to. It could be useful if we make it to the merge no matter what the situation.

Ami: And…

Ashitaka: I’m thinking of the tribe, but I think if the four of us counter their alliance, maybe we can crack them. And we need to take out the brains of the operation.

Ami: (slowly) You mean…

Ashitaka (nods) Cut of the head, a wolf still has a power to bite. Cutting off a link though, and the rest crumble. If there is any chance of keeping Shinobu on, we’ll take it…

Ami: So…an alliance?

Ashitaka: For the moment, a counter-alliance. We’ll just see how it breaks out. I’m sure Ukyo and Shinobu have no problems with…trust me.

Ami: (smiles) O.K Mr Ashitaka…(suddenly spots someone jogging)…hey, is that…

Ashitaka: (gentle smile) The enemy…(Ashitaka waves as Ami follows suit as Sakura jogs on, surprised but happy at the reception her rivals are going…)

Sakura: (a bit out of breath) Hi!

Ami: Hi Miss Kasunago, you ready to try a bit of fishing?

Sakura: Yeah, trying to surprise the group a bit…I think they’re a bit too relaxed after…oh, sorry, you guys gotta go through with that…

Ami: Yeah, we were just discussing it.

Ashitaka: Don’t worry, we won’t stop you, in fact, we’re going to try and make a catch ourselves.

Sakura: Heh, bet I beat you…

Ashitaka: Bring it on enemy!

(Ami giggles as Sakura armed with her own mini net go up against Ashitaka’s quick hand and a modified spear. Soon, Ukyo comes along, and whilst surprised, enjoys the little competition. About 15 minutes more though, Mai and Joey come along…)

Joey: Hey, fish not biting…

Mai: Hey, what she doing here?

(Shot as Sakura is mock pouting at Ashitaka’s 5 fish compared to her own 2. Ukyo and Ami are in hysterics as Ashitaka is really lightening up. Joey has to smile, but Mai isn’t so pleased…)

Ashitaka: The rules said that Locus could come to the ocean, it was just a lot further than us Mai. Besides, I won this round.

Sakura: Heh, no matter…2 fish will do fine…

Mai: Well Shinobu has prepared the rice but we have no meat, and you’re talking with the enemy, you should be taking them down…

(The group are a bit stunned…)

Joey: Mai, easy…would you turn down a talk with this cute girl?

(Sakura blushes, but Mai isn’t so easily turned off…)

Mai: Now listen here…

Ukyo: (interrupting) You know the last time someone attacked a Sakura, do you remember what happened to them Mai?

(Mai is about to speak, but stops.)

Mai: Grrr…fine then…

(Mai storms off as the group breath a sigh of relief…)

Ashitaka: I’m sorry about that Sakura. Because we’re on opposite numbers, I guess some people think you guys are the onis or something…

Sakura: No problem guys. I best be off…but thanks for letting me here, and for defending me…

(Sakura smiles at Joey, who bows his head with a goofy grin underneath, Sakura bows to the group and heads off with her two fish. Ashitaka shakes her head)

Ashitaka: She’s got a good spirit…unlike someone else here…

(Ashitaka and the rest storm off, but Joey takes one last look at Sakura’s retreating form…and then to the group. He flips open his wallet…)

Joey: Serenity….there’s a girl on that tribe with your innocence…

(Looks back)

Joey: …and one here too. (sighs) What’s a guy supposed to do?

* * * *


VO: It’s 8.30, and the tribe have started getting up…and noticed Sakura is missing…however…)

Hikari: Smart girl.

(On the ground with a few jungle leaves on the ground, the word ‘FISHING’ is spelt out for the group)

Tamahome: Sakura gone to get some meat…(visibly drools)…and I thought I never knew how Miaka felt when she got hungry…but I feel it now!!!

Hikari: How’s the rice going Cody?

(Shot of Cody watching over)

Cody: O.K…are you going to wait for Sakura or going to try and find some fruit and stuff…

Felicia: I’ll think I’ll wait…a nice bit of fish will be enough reason to wait…

Kyosuke: Do you want me to teleport there and check on her?

Felicia: Nah, it’s O.K. We can wait.

Kyosuke: But what if she hasn’t caught anything?


Ruri: Idiots.

Hikari: Never considered that…

(However they soon know as they see Sakura’s jogging figure as Felicia spots the two fairly big fish she’s carrying…)

Felicia: She got a bite!

Sakura: Sorry I’m late guys!

Tamahome: Late…with this meal…I’d kiss you if it wasn’t for the fact that I’d probably get beaten up by a few people back home…

Hikari: If you saw the aftermaths of what Ryoko and Ayeka did to Tenchi after his fling, I’d definitely agree with you there…

Felicia: Sushi anyone?

(With lightening like speed, Felicia uses her claws to absolute perfection, creating a fine line of sushi…as the group, there are very impressed. Tamahome is drooling again as with the rice and a bit leftover potato bark, this is going to be a decent feast…)

Ruri: I’ve never tasted true sushi before….

Felicia: Then dig in girl…(hands Ruri the first piece)

Ruri: (embarrassed) Are you sure?

Felicia: Go on…

(Ruri samples a bit…and smiles.)

Ruri: It’s good. Very good…in fact it’s excellent. Thank you.

Tamahome: Come on, let’s follow Ruri’s example, let’s dig in!

(The group follow suit and enjoy their meal, relaxed and confident)

Ruri: The group has been so nice to me and I won’t forget them. I know that at some time, they may vote for me, but for now, I’m enjoying myself here. It’s almost like the Nadesico the environment…except not as many idiots.

* * * *

(And a similar story is going over at Tsunami…)


Ukyo: Just don’t make it too good…otherwise I won’t have a reason to be on here! (Mocks cries as Shinobu blushes as the group are surprisingly calm despite one of their impending doom…)

Mackey: After breakfast, we better get started on the shelter. Ukyo, Ashitaka, Joey, you guys said you want to get some more stuff? If that’s the case, we’ll start on building.

Joey: Will you guys be O.K?

Keichi: (smiles) No prob, both me and Mackey are experts at this…we’ll have the frame up before you can say ‘What were Nelvana smoking when they dubbed Cardcaptors?’.

(The group chuckles as they finish off the meal, many giving compliments to Shinobu, even Mai. As they finish, they leave Shinobu to wash up as Ukyo, Ashitaka and Joey go off to collect some more materials, whilst Keichi, Ami and Mackey begin plans for their shelter)

Ami: Well sadly, we’ll have to make this for 7 people tonight…

Keichi: So, we get the frame right and we’ll just make it A-frame by oblong…that’s good for 6 people…7 may be a stretch…

Mackey: Well, I think it’s alright, and as long as it doesn’t rain, we can sleep outside if we want, it hasn’t been that bad.

Mai: Speak for yourself kid, sand in the hair all night…(uses her mirror)…do you know how difficult it is to get it out every morning? And I hope to be here for quite a while yet…

Mackey: Considering how Nene had to survive after the battle with Galactia, I think you got off easy. I wonder how the Poke-people are doing on that island anyway?

Keichi: Never mind them, let’s see if we can fix some of it up with what we got. The bamboo poles are invaluable…

Shinobu: Done…um…can I help?

Mai: Sorry hun, but I think you’d be in the way…

Shinobu: Please…let me help…

Ami: Come on Mai, have a heart, she’s trying as hard as anyone on this island here…(a bit quieter)…and a bit more than others…

Ami(VO): I’m not normally like this, but Mai has quickly got on my worst side. Shes hardly done much more than Shinobu either, and her attitude is 100 times worse…

(Mai didn’t seem to catch Ami’s little comment, and eventually, Shinobu is allowed to try and help. As a little more muscle goes a long way, the holding off the vines round the early pole frames is difficult and Mackey, Ami and Shinobu pull hard on one side, and Mai and Keichi on the other. As this is going on…)

(Shot of Ukyo, Ashitaka and Joey collecting more material)

Ashitaka: Funny, it was a curse…and yet, it made me stronger. Yet, my true strength is within now.

Ukyo: Sugar, I’ll tell ya all about curses…

(As they talk, Joey watches on)

Joey: Guys…I’m sorry about tonight…

Ukyo: (sighing) We know…Joey…

Joey: Yeah?

Ukyo: Just don’t regret your decision. Choose who you want to go…rather than who someone else decides to go…

(The three carry as much as they can, as they head back to camp…)

* * * *


(Just a relaxing time at Locus as the group is just enjoying some leisure time.)

Tamahome: Are you sure you didn’t write that book?

Ruri: I’m from the future…I couldn’t have done it. (reading her own book on how to make money at survivors…after AS3, guess she felt she needs to brush up on her skills) Must have been another Ruri…

Tamahome: I don’t know how many other Ruri Hoshino’s there are past, present or future, but…hey, are you O.K?

Ruri: (shivering slightly) Y…yes, just a bit of a…

Tamahome: Hang on a sec…(puts his hand to Ruri’s head)…oh dear, are you getting a fever?

Ruri: I’m fine…just a little hot…

Tamahome: …and dizzy. Miaka went through this and I was worried about her, trust me, you’re not going to suffer either. (Tamahome picks up Ruri carefully and sets her in camp.)

Tamahome: Hikari and Sakura are at the spring…they better get some water soon…Kyosuke may be able to help as well, dunno what he’s got up his sleeve, a bit like Chichiri…

(Felicia pops her head in)

Felicia: Tama, is she O.K? I saw you carry her…

Tamahome: I hope so, she has a slight fever I think…

(Cody now comes in)

Cody: I knew something was wrong. Why didn’t you tell us?

Ruri: Because…

(All wait as Ruri does seem upset)

Ruri: …I didn’t want to be seen as weak. I’m a navigator of the Nadesico, the most powerful battleship in history. There, I control it. Here though, I feel…so…

Cody: Helpless?

(Ruri nods)

Ruri: And feeling like this just doesn’t help much….(coughs a little)…sometimes I’m such an idiot…

Felicia: I’ll go on ahead and get Sakura and Hikari. (Felicia leaves, as Cody and Tamahome stay behind)

(Kyosuke quickly enters)

Kyosuke: Hey, is everything all right?

Tamahome: Ruri’s got a fever.

Kyosuke: Aw damn…

Cody: Can you help?

Tamahome: Have you got any healing powers on you?

Kyosuke: Sorry, I’m a telepath, not a healer, but I can be an act of comfort though. (Kyosuke goes by Ruri as he closes his eyes, holding Ruri’s hand. The navigator seems to be a bit calmer but the fever is still there…)

Tamahome: It’s a tough break for Ruri…I just hope she gets better before Tribal Council otherwise…

Cody: …I’m sure a lot of people could use that as a way to vote her off, being ill does mean you don’t have much much use around the camp, and sad to say that is the survivors way of thinking.

Kyosuke: Poor kid. If you want bad luck in a survivor, this was it.

Ruri: I’ve got 3 days to try and get better…at the moment, I feel like Mr Uribatakes used models…I can’t fall at the first hurdle…Mr Tenkawa and the others want me to do well…

(Eventually Krillan also go on ahead and soon, Felicia and Krillan bring back Hikari and Sakura, with two pails of water rather one. Sakura goes to fill up their water containers whilst Hikari uses a leaf in a similar way as a damp cloth and goes to check on Miss Hoshino, Kyosuke still being her mental support.)

Hikari: Don’t push yourself, ya hear me? (Ruri starts to sit up…)

Ruri: I won’t.

Tamahome: We’ve still got a few days before another immunity, just take it as easy as you can Ruri.

Ruri: I know…it’s just I don’t want to seem like a fifth wheel around here…I’m not that strong anyway…but I can still help…

Krillan: A lot of determination there kid…

Kyosuke: …it’s your decision…

Felicia: …we won’t force you though.

(Hikari does a wet wipe for Ruri who takes it with gratitude. Sakura comes in with a box of containers with water in them. She hands one immediately to Hikari who gives it to Ruri. She drinks it greedily, obviously needing it, and takes a deep breath after drinking.)

Ruri: You’ve been so nice to me all of you despite my uselessness here so far…thank you.

(Although she doesn’t smile saying that, the group are still touched by Ruri’s honesty. When they go to Tribal Council one day, it’s going to be interesting.)

* * * *


(This tribe however have already got that experience to look forward too, and with a 2 hour walk through to the graveyard site in the centre of the island, Mai decided to take a safety check that she has 4 on her side…)

Mai: So guys, whether you like it or not…and despite her making a decent meal…are you with me?

Mackey: Sure.

Keichi: No problem…

(Joey is quiet)

Mai: Joey…

Joey: (sighs) Sure…

Mai: That should be O.K, maybe we should get one more just in case, I think Ami and Shinobu will vote for me probably…Ukyo and Ashitaka…I’m not so sure about…

Joey: I think Ukyo may already vote for Shinobu, they had a talk last night all about it. Besides, she’s a rival for the grill now…

Mai: That should be O.K then, we’d better pack up then, just to be on the safe side.

VO: Little does Valentine know that the remaining four have a sight of their own…and she doesn’t like it.

Ami: Please say it…

Ukyo: Yep, we’re going for Mai.

Ashitaka: But that could still end up in a tie. If that happens, we’ve got to somehow convince someone to change their vote.

Shinobu: Guys…if it comes to that, I don’t mi..

Ukyo: Don’t speak like that, I made a promise, and I hope to keep through. You said that your friend respects promises and keeps them through…and…whilst my friends may have a few problems with promises…I don’t.

Ashitaka: I believe in you Shinobu…and tonight…I think we will all do so.

(Shinobu, Ukyo and Ami get into a group hug as Ashitaka puts a hand on each of their shoulders, Tribal Council a mere few hours…the group will fully have one more meal together before packing their bags, to see who the first victim of Anime and Video Game Survivor is…)

* * * *


(The sun is still out, and the group have just finished washing up, and a number of them are enjoying a game of Twister…)

(Shot of Ruri outside. Not used to the beach weather, and not remembering her suntan lotion, she keeps to the shade, watching the others make idiots of themselves. The Twister item is Krillan’s Luxury Item…also a useful bed sheet at night. For now though, it’s being used as it’s original purpose.)

Krillian: O.K, right hand green.

(Hikari already struggling, manages to stretch out. Felicia, the already undisputed queen of Twister after beating Sakura in the final, is watching this third/fourth place match up with keen cat-eyes)

Krillan: Kyosuke, left hand red.

(Kyosuke moves into position)

Krillan: Hikari, right foot blue.

(But as she does, Hikari falls….right on top of Kyosuke…)

Sakura: Huh, erm….who won that?

(Ignoring that, Kyosuke has quickly done a few different shades of red as Hikari seems a little agitated…)

(A few seconds as the sound man gets the bleeps down)

Felicia: Er, are you supposed to know all those words?

(Next shot is of Hikari trying to kill the accidental situation that Kyosuke was in, as a few are laughing, as Ruri looks on…

Ruri: Are you sure his name isn’t Keitaro Urashima?

* * * *



VO: The walk is a long one, especially with them carrying their backpacks with everything on them, as they need to take everything just in case it is them. Tonight, everyone is about to learn his or her fate, at the first Tribal Council in the graveard.

Joey: This place still gives me the creeps…

Shinobu: This is scary…

Chromus: Tough, if you want to survive, you better get used to this place…and hope you keep seeing them.

(The author/host is sitting down in front of where the graveyard simulation used to be. In it’s place are 16 tombstones glowing, no flames this time. The group are also sitting on chairs, tombstone shaped, and with pictures on them…)


Ami – Mercury Pen

Ashitaka – Yakul (his red elk)

Joey – Serenity

Keichi – Belldandy

Mackey – Nene

Mai – Harpy Lady

Shinobu – Keitaro

Ukyo – Ranma

Chromus: Well, ladies and gentlemen, a tiring start, but it seems you’re starting to get the hang of things. How’s the work going Mackey?

Mackey: Well the shelter is up now, ready for us to go back tonight. Sadly, not as a full tribe.

Chromus: Sadly that is the case, as despite your best efforts, it is Tsunami on Tribal Council. Ashitaka, as a man of high morals, does cutting off one of your own mean anything to you.

Ashitaka: Losing one of your own isn’t going to be easy, no matter what the circumstance. However, it must be done, there is no other way about it.

Chromus: Harsh but true. My final question is for Keichi. Everyone here has some form of skill and ability which makes them shine, would you agree, and out of everyone here, who would you miss most for that?

Keichi: I think in terms of leadership skills, Mai would be missed, in terms of ability, Ashitaka would be missed…but there isn’t anyone here I certainly would like to vote off…the person I’m picking today is a prime example…

Chromus: O.K, let’s not make this any harder, Ami, can you start the voting please?

(Ami goes up to the pedesal, rising from the ground in Chromus place. She writes her vote down and shows it to the camera, ‘MAI’)

Ami: Mai, leadership and bossiness are too different things. Consider this as a way to try and rectify that.

(Ashitaka votes, then Joey. Keichi goes up next, and we see his vote ‘SHINOBU’)

Keichi: A sweet innocent young girl doesn’t really have much chance out here. I’m doing you a favour here Shinobu, it’s nothing personal.

(Mai votes next, we see her vote ‘SHINOBU’)

Mai: You are the weakest link, goodbye.

(Shinobu votes next, and then finally Ukyo. ‘MAI’)

Ukyo: I haven’t got much against you sugar, but treating Shinobu like she knew she was going is wrong. I hope you learn a lesson today, never count your chickens before they hatch.

(Ukyo puts the final vote in the dragon capture jar look-a-like, as Chromus closes it and goes to announce the votes)

Chromus: One of you will be announced tonight as the first one off the island. Let’s not beat around the bush.

(Chromus quickly gets the first paper.)

Chromus: MAI

(Mai, not that shocked, just looks on)

Chromus: SHINOBU

(Shinobu bows her head down)

Chromus: SHINOBU

(Shinobu just keeps it down.)

Chromus: SHINOBU…that’s three votes for Shinobu, and 1 for Mai.

(Mai, who is next to Shinobu smirks. Ukyo on her other side, unnoticed by Mai, clutches Shinobu’s hand)

Chromus: Next vote…MAI

(Mai looks up a little)

Chromus: Sixth vote…SHINOBU…4 to Shinobu, 2 for Mai. (Chromus looks a little disappointed)

(Shinobu is close to tears…)

Chromus: The 7th vote…MAI.

(Mai looks on, now at full attention)

Chromus: The final vote…(smiles)…and we don’t have a decision yet, because MAI is the final vote. Tied at 4 apiece are Mai Valentine and Shinobu Maehara.

(Mai is a bit stunned, whilst Shinobu looks up, relieved that everyone came through for her.)

Chromus: As we have no past votes, this decision goes for Shinobu and Mai to plead their case to the group. After it, we will have a re-vote, and if it remains the same, the final decision will be made by a question on the island and what you know about it.

(Mai smiles, being on the island already means a distinct advantage. Joey also notices her look and sighs as Shinobu looks worried.)

Chromus: Before that, let’s see if you can change any of their minds. Mai, you first. 30 second case to your tribemates, go!

(Mai stands up)

Mai: I along with Joey have the most experience on the island. I suggest that you look towards that leadership and strength if we are going to survive as a tribe on the island.

(Mai sits down)

Chromus: Shinobu-chan, your turn.

(Shinobu stands up)

Shinobu: Um…I know I’m not as strong as anyone else here, or even as smart…but I want to stay here. I want to prove myself to everyone…I want to prove to my friends I’m strong. So…I just ask not to let me leave…please…

(Shinobu sits down as Mai pouts a bit)

Chromus: Has that changed anyone’s minds? We’ll see in a bit. Mai and Shinobu obviously cannot vote this time, so everyone else, re-vote, Ami-chan, can you start again please?

(Ami goes on, and once again, votes ‘MAI’)

Ami: If Shinobu has any chance of surviving, Mai has to go now…otherwise…

(Ashitaka votes, then Joey. Joey looks back for a second, closes his eyes and votes. Keichi goes up, then Mackey, voting for ‘SHINOBU’)

Mackey: You’re a good talker, but talking won’t win survivors, I’m sorry.

(Ukyo goes up with the final vote, as Chromus once again takes the jar and looks in)

Chromus: If this one goes to a tie, we go to a question about the island. O.K, here’s goes.

(Reveals first vote)

Chromus: ‘MAI.’

(Mai huffs)

Chromus: Second vote, ‘SHINOBU’.

(Shinobu just sits there, nervous)

Chromus: Third vote, ‘SHINOBU’.

(Shinobu looks around, Ami turns and pats her on the knee)

Chromus: Fourth vote, ‘MAI’

(Mai sighs.)

Chromus: Fifth vote…(looks carefully)..’MAI’

(Mai looks around…not that worried…just an edge of nerves. She then looks around and notices everyone looks at Chromus and the jar…except for Joey.)

Chromus: Final vote, if it’s for Shinobu, we have a tie and go to the question. If it’s for Mai, we have the first eviction…and the final vote is for…

(Chromus turns it, and can’t hide the grin from his face)

Chromus: ‘MAI.’

(Mai is stunned. She looks up, not believing that, but Ukyo and Shinobu smile deeply. Joey remains unmoving as Keichi and Mackey are also shocked. Ashitaka remains neutral.)

Chromus: Miss Valentine, come up here please…

(Mai is flabbergasted, she looks around, as Keichi and Mackey are shaking their hands. She casts a look at Joey…)

Mai: I can’t believe…


(Mai doesn’t bother shaking anyone’s hand, she just storms off, pissed beyond belief. Chromus still has the grin on his face)

Chromus: Mai Valentine, as you know, your card has played this game long enough. Now is time that you were sent to the graveyard.

(A puff of flame…and the words ‘MAI VALENTINE’ appear on the first tombstone behind Chromus.)

Chromus: The tribe has spoken. You must leave.

(Mai leaves without incident, as Joey breathes a sigh of relief.)

Chromus: Well, this is my first Tribal Council as well as yours, and if it gets as tense and exciting as that, then I don’t think I’m going to last this long. However, at least the 7 remaining don’t have the honour of being voted off first, so get ready for a long walk back to your camp, and I’ll see you tomorrow for the first reward challenge.

(The group stand up, some more slowly and shakily than others, as I’m sure a few words are going to be exchanged down the long walk back to home…but the first victim has been claimed)

* * * *

*Mai’s confessional*

I’m stunned. I was confident going into here on home turf, heck, that Julia won it on home turf last time and I’m the first gone…Joey is going to pay for that mark my words, and I can’t say I’ll be happy if he wins it…or if any of them do. However, it will be interesting to see how they do without me. I guess I’ll have to find another way to win a lot of money now…I wonder if they’ll do a Big Brother or a Mole later…maybe I can worm my way into one of those…

*The deciding moment*

(Joey’s second vote)

Joey: I’ve decided…to change my vote from Shinobu to Mai. Mai, you’ve been born lucky at times, but this time, your luck runs out. Shinobu is just too much like my sister that I can’t vote her off. And she’s such a good cook, and to be honest…you haven’t really done that much here. Whilst the same can be said for me, I at least don’t have your attitude to back me up. Think about this not as betrayal, but a lesson learnt.

Mai’s profile on the island and why she went off

Mai was confident, to the point of bossiness. Her attitude grated on a few peoples nerves, and her confidence that Shinobu was going made her an enemy of Ami Mizuno, and then when Ukyo and Shinobu alligned, Ami and Ashitaka had no problem going against Mai. A tied vote meant a second time, and kind-hearted Joey couldn’t stand seeing Shinobu suffer after her speech, and went against his fellow duelist to make Mai Valentine, the first to go.

Coming up on Anime and Video Game Survivor 2…

Is the cooking alliance the dominant force in the game now? And if Ami and Ashitaka also are in it, what does that leave for Joey, Keichi and Mackey? Is Joey’s decision one he’ll regret?

Ruri tries her best to recover but is considered to be voted off if she can’t make it in time. Can she do it?

Reward challenge: Brains of Britain…look out for the best battle of the brainies!

Immunity: Human pyramid…and who goes to Tribal Council…and more importantly…who is the second person to be put on a gravestone?

* * * *

Vote results;

1st vote;

Mai (4) – Ukyo, Ashitaka, Ami, Shinobu

Shinobu (4) – Mai, Keichi, Mackey, Joey

2nd vote

Mai (4) – Ukyo, Ashitaka, Ami, Joey

Shinobu (2) – Keichi, Mackey