They say that the gods shine upon the lucky.

Chromus didn’t have any idea who was shining upon him but he was grateful for it. Decked in 1989 sunglasses, the head of Chromus productions descended from a helicopter towards his latest conquest, where he would host himself for the first time one of his reality knock-offs.

The head to Pegasus’ castle was a magnificent display of architecture as the British author stood there. The lone wolf amongst the splendour.

And then reality bit him.

"YOWWW…" Chromus complained as a pair of mechanical false teeth attached itself to his finger.

"Hey, are you gonna stand there or go in?" said a kawaii female voice. The girl next to him was small, and looked 12 at best, wearing unusual clothes and sounding very much like Tenchi Muyo’s Sasami, the girl pouted and a large mallet came out of nowhere as Chromus panicked.

"Accck, that’s all right Skuld, I didn’t mean to dawdle, I’m just going in!" Chromus said.

"Better, the sooner we get there, the sooner I whoop your butt at Duel Monsters!" Skuld chirped, as the young goddess hurried up.


"How the heck am I going to pay for this?"

Chromus hadn’t had the best of luck. After managing to sell his Love Hina won collection to a crazed Texan for a ridiculous amount of money (fortunately, he managed to copy the discs as well), it still wasn’t enough to cover over 1.1 million pounds. He could give the £100,000 to A.J just, but that mean that Julia still needed payment. It was going to be tough, and he maybe nearly had to use an arm and a leg to pay for it. He tried the Chef way, pimping himself to everyone in town (for some reason, didn’t quite work…) and then tried to read one of Mitsune’s books in swindling, but he wasn’t going anywhere fast.

Chromus smashed his fist into the mirror, one of his trademark batons nearly snapping. He nearly tapped into his angerspace (most of the money he got was experimentations to untap how he got this power), but basically he was broke, in mind, body and wallet.

Although his fist and weapon didn’t seem to connect with anything…

"Excuse me, Mr. Homer?"

To his surprise, and his heart did a 180, a stunning girl had just popped her head out of the window.

Chromus had a habit of being a bit Brockish to both old and young girls alike. However, this was too freaky even for him.


"Oh my, I’m sorry. Did I startle you?"

‘No, of course not. It’s not every day that a beautiful girl just materialises out of a glass mirror does it?’ Chromus did not say. He had enough dealings with anime and video games to know that nothing could actually freak him out. Just drive him insane.

"Er…sorry…but what’s going on here?" the eternally perplexed British author said.

"Oh, I’m sorry. Let me introduce myself. I’m the Goddess Belldandy, 1st class. I am here to grant unfortunate people like yourselves your wildest hopes and dreams to come true. However, you only get one wish…"

Of course! Belldandy! Chromus envied Keichi Morisato almost every day, but was a bit shocked that she was here.

Belldandy fully materialised in her exotic blue outfit, the frillings and ribbons were quite heavenly to say the least, but that was to be expected. Inside the old production in Sherwood, things were starting to brighten up.

"Well, I know the drill…even if this would freak a few people out…but…"

One wish. Chromus fiddled with the idea of wishing for a million wishes, but had a feeling the goddesses had a way round that. He could probably wish for all the money in the world, but he felt that was the easy way out. He slightly thought of the idea of making Belle his girlfriend, and whilst the idea had it’s good points, he felt that again, Keichi’s contract would somehow stop that. Decisions…decisions…

"Belle, no offence but my life is a hole at the moment. After all my dealings with the world of anime and games, it feels weird, although they drive me mad, I just wish I could be part of their world…"

Suddenly, a glow came from the goddess, and Chromus immediately realised what I said.

"Aw, d…" he started, but stopped, having a religious sense of things from watching a hel…heck of a lot of Evangelion. Cursing in front of a goddess wasn’t a smart thing to do.

And what did he wish for anyway?

Suddenly a glow came from Chromus, as his card belt glowed and Belle stopped. The goddess smiled.

"Your wish has been approved. Thank you very much Mr. Homer."

"Uh…thank you. Er, one thing Belldandy-san…what did I just wish for?"

If Belldandy wasn’t Kasumi Tendo in a heavenly form, she might, just might, have sweatdropped. Her smile however didn’t drop as she told him what had happened.

"You have wished to become one with the world of games and anime. To do that, you yourself must possess that sort of power. Your belt can now transfer the power of any game or anime you so wish desire…and their powers. Just believe…and you’ll become one."

Belldandy left with that smile still on her face, as the mirror didn’t reflect her image…but rather absorbed it.

Chromus mulled over her last words as he looked at his belt, charged with power.

"Believe…and you become one…"

* * * *

He never actually told anyone how he got the rest of the money for Julia. To play it up, he flew on low class planes to his various destinations. From Parakereus, to Arizona where Julia lived, to Austrailia, back to the United Kingdom, and now, to the Duelist Kingdom.

No-one, not Globie, not Star, not Arpulver, D Marco…even his closest friends Digifan and KoalaKiller had been left in the world of the unknown. Chromus had the power to unlock…

…he almost gave it away when he disguised himself as Chichiri to try and hide himself from Yurika on Parakereus Hotel, fortunately stopped himself in time (and had to suffer a night ‘consolling’ Yurika Misamaru). However, using his knowledge of anime and video games, he had got the solution.

Using a combination of Chrono Trigger and Card Captor Sakura, he had managed to go back in time, and used his meagre money in his bank account and transferred it into old British pounds. He stored it into this account in 1945. Over 50 years later, it had skyrocketed, like something out of Futurama. He continued to do this until the amount went up to over a million.

More than enough to host another AAVGS…

…but why stop there? He continued and made sure he had over 2.5 million, enough for a future mole…and a second survivor.

And whilst his paid consort was over in Neo-Tokyo (although this guy probably wouldn’t have been needed convincing), Chromus was welcoming a lot of his favourite anime characters into the duelist kingdom.

However, the contract wasn’t iron-clad. Although Belle understand Chromus was a nice guy, he was a little…mad at times. For that, every time he took a project, or used his power, Skuld would keep an eye on him. That suited Chromus, after being with Ruri, Shinobu and Duplica, he always liked being with the younger kawaii crowd.

Except this one was a goddess, and one Misty like mallet shot quickly showed who was the real boss around here….

However, for the time being, Chromus was happy…if a bit in pain…

* * * *

"That’s the gist of it Donald….so how’s Tom doing?" Chromus was talking to a colleague over the phone, about the other survivor happening in sync with this one.

"Good, he should be getting there around the year 2040…" Chromus smirked. "It was a joke Donald, that’s when Neo-Tokyo is….yes, it’s different to Tokyo-3 or Mega Tokyo…oh forget it, what are the odds for first eviction then?"

Chromus listened in. "Tracey a long shot? Weird…I wonder if hanging around Arp has made this Tracey a bit devious…ah well, it doesn’t matter. Because of manipulating time, I can grab all the characters that I want know…although I couldn’t get Ken for some reason…I guess Serenity and Tsunami somehow stopped me there…oh well, Cody is a decent replacement. Hayama just wasn’t interested…it’s O.K, I already told you who his replacement is….yes, I know no-one will know who he is but bear with me. I made a few Nene fans last season so who knows, if he lasts long enough maybe I can make KOR a name as well…"

O.K, getting off point. "Oh, so Richie is the long shot…Butch the favourite, not too surprised there…what about J & J? Wow….James with better odds than Jenny…actually that isn’t a surprise. And no, I’m not going to rig it so that Casey and Duplica are in the final…Tom on the other hand may do it for Ash and Misty….just tell him no…what about my lot?"

As Donald began talking, Skuld was powering up the simulations in the background.

"Chris-kun, are we gonna start?" Skuld said.

Chromus nodded to the young goddess. "O.K, I just got to let Skuld beat the crap out of me…yeah, I know I’d prefer it if Motoko did it…but I got to go to the Hinatasou anyway to pick up Shinobu….not like that…geez…See ya Donald."

Chromus sighed. Cheering up, he went up against the goddess genius. Chromus unrolled his deck of cards which were also used for his magic. But for now…

"LET’S DUEL!" Skuld and Chromus smirked.

* * * *

Late on in the game, Chromus had 500 life points compared to Skuld’s 800. Skuld was just one card away from her Goddess combo as well, as Skuld (2000/800) and Urd (2200/1000) were on the field protected by the ‘Holy Barrier Card’. Chromus knew if she drew Belldandy, the match was as good as over.

Chromus looked at his hand. Nakoruru (1800/1300), Polymerisation, B-Ko Mecha (1500/2500) and Morrigan (1900/1200). On the field was one card in attack mode, Sakura Avalon (2500/1200) but she couldn’t penetrate the barrier.

Chromus drew…

"Eureka!" Chris thought, but he needed a plan to use this combo. He played Living Arrow in combo with Sakura to attack the Barrier and neutralise it. However, Chromus didn’t like the way Skuld-chan smiled.

"Awww….you destroyed my barrier, not fair! Oh wait…" And Skuld turned over the trap card she had played, ‘Time Machine’, which brought back the barrier into play. Chromus would have cursed, but in front of the chibi-goddess, thought it wasn't the best idea.

Chromus drew the mystic bird Mamamaha. He looked at the cards in his hand and thought of a decent combo. So, he played B-ko Mecha in defence mode and prayed.

"Prayers don’t work against goddesses you know!" Skuld said.


"I play Goddess Portal, allowing myself and Urd to flow with the field and appear and disappear without notice."

Skuld made her move as Chromus hoping that she would have attacked his defence card. He knew she was biding her time, waiting to draw Belldandy. Chromus drew a card and smiled.

"Swords Of Revealing Light!"

Skuld pouted for a bit as Chromus explained that even against goddesses, the swords work. Chromus laid down Mamamaha in defence mode and one other card face down to end his turn.

Skuld drew and passed for the moment…allowing Chromus to play Nakoruru, and then the card face down he revealed, Polymerisation.

He revealed Mamamaha, and combined the two into the Ainu warrior (2400/1800). Has the ability to break through barriers and smashed through it to attack Skuld.

"NOOOO!" (400 points left)

"And yes, finally, the Chrome, has taken the lead!" Chromus cheered…

…for 5 seconds.

"Belldandy one-chan, go!" (2400/1200)

"One turn too late…" Chromus started.



One goddess combo heaven’s gate attack and all his cards were wiped out…along with his life points.

Chromus knew how to take his defeat with the upmost dignity.


* * * *

"And so to business…" Chromus said, only slightly sulking as Skuld smiled all the way back to heaven.


It was time to round up the contestants.

(Ancient Times, forests of the west, suburb of Iron Town)

The lush beauty of the forest was amazing to the inner city boy. He knew how dangerous the place was, but to be honest, he would have lied if he came here just to see Ashitaka.

Bit by bit, the recovery was beginning to show. Whilst the obvious injury to Lady Eboshi would never be healed, her mind was obviously as sharp as ever.

But Chromus was hoping he would find him…

Ah perfect.

Chromus admired the noble red elk Yakul, obviously fully healed, and on him was the right, the noble Prince Ashitaka. Whilst Stuido Ghibli films may not be the first choice for anyone looking for victims for a Survivor, Princess Mononoke was the second biggest film in Japan when it was released (under Titantic) and one of the few anime movies other than Pokemon and Digimon to get a full cinematic release.

The hype matched it, and Chromus had put Ashitaka on his short list almost immediately. The only other option was San, and felt that the forest needed her a lot more.

The boy halted Yakul as the unusual looking boy in front of him was waving a smile. Ashitaka was a bit puddled as the stranger spoke.

"Ashitaka I presume? Defender of Iron Town and of the forest?" Chromus said.

The noble prince bowed. "That I am sir. What I ask what are you doing here wanting to speak of me?"

"Don’t worry, I’m not here to harm Iron Town, the forest or San if that is what you are worried about." Chromus started. "I am here simply to ask something of you."

"I’m listening."

* * * *

"It’s sound farfetched I know, but considering what you’ve been up to, I guess it might not be. I’m not sure what the transfer rate of 1 million pounds from 2002 transfers to in pure gold of ancient Japan, but I reckon it will be slightly more than 3 bowls of rice." Chromus said.

Ashitaka considered. Not a man who really cared about money, but if the amount was what the strange foreigner was trying to work out, it would help out a lot.

For Aboshi, a chance to rebuild Iron Town. And for himself and San, a protection around the forest…and for themselves as well.

They were technically a princess and prince in their ways as well, maybe it was a sign…

"Very well, I accept your proposal."

Chromus held his hand out. "Welcome to the team Ashitaka-san." Chromus said as the two shook hands. "Don’t worry, being from the past won’t be a disadvantage, trust me, considering who is going to be with you, you’re probably one of the sane ones."

"Er….who is going to be with me?" Ashitaka asked.

"That…is a secret." Chromus smiled like the otaku twit he really was. As the portal glowed, he turned to the first member of the 16. "Are you coming?"

Ashitaka was…confused. "This will take me to your time? Where? Can’t I say goodbye to San first?"

Chromus sighed, but he had to admit, Ashitaka and San were one of his favourite anime couples, and he couldn’t say no.

"O.K, just hurry it up." Chromus sighed. Skuld would probably be giving him another mallet shot sooner than later…

* * * *

(Another time, another place, this time…outside an arcade…)

Chromus sighed. He was afraid, very afraid…

He was in the world where Serena was.

That’s how afraid he was.

"Now I wish I had one of those sub/dub devices that the AA owned…" Chromus grumbled as he heard Mina inside, talking with Andrew, and Serena patiently (well, not so patiently, fuming)

"Let’s see, Mina this time? Nah…been done. Next!" Chromus knew who he had in mind. Amy or Rei. And he expected to find them in…

"Ah, the Hino shrine."

He knew that the more responsible ones, Lita, Ami and Rei would probably be here in a study group. However…

"Acckkk! Let go!"

…being attacked by a flocks of crows and the occassional raven wasn’t the best thing to start.

"Why…why are they attacking me?" Chromus thought out loud.

"Because they are attracted to evil!" said a female voice.

Acck…Rei, Lita and Ami were there….Chromus wasn’t the biggest Sailor Moon fan, was this his punishment for all his bad jokes?


If getting a fist full of wards and ofudas in his mouth was a punishment, then yes.

"Damn, not working. Lita!" Rei said.

"Wait a second you guys…" Ami asked.

Too late. Lita had a rep as a vicious tomboy, and Chromus knew first hand why.

Ever felt your stomach cave in? Well, it’s not a pleasant feeling.

Coughing up the wards, Chromus gasped. "Look guys, I was only asking…"

"He’s still getting up? What do you think?" Lita asked Rei.

"I dunno, shall we?" Rei said.

"Sure." Lita finished. "JUPITER STAR…"


Lita and Rei pegged back as Ami had practically screamed it at them. The blue haired scout of Mercury panted a bit before continuing.


"Are you Washu in disguise?" Chromus mumbled as Ami scowered the facts, although Ami’s IQ was probably comparible to Washu’s.

"Ami, I’m just a humble survivor rip-off person. I took Serena there last season remember?"

"Oh it’s you!" Rei suddenly remembered. "We never saw you at the reunion, that Globie person was there instead. So you were the one that Serena was upset about with all those jokes…"

"Er…yes…" Chromus said nervously.

Suddenly, the last thing he expected, Rei had clasped his hands.

"That was so brilliant! Can you do it again?" Rei said.

Star had fortunately taught him that author powers in the world of anime are allowed to sweatdrop, so Chromus rightfully, allowed himself that pleasure for the moment.

"Unless you want me to upset Ami there." Chromus said.

"Huh?" Lita said.

"Ami, I’d like you to be on the next edition of Anime and Video Game Survivor. Unlike Serena, I fancy your chances to win it. And in your life, I think a million pounds could certainly help you.

Ami was always thinking. And yes, she was thinking about the money. Again, not a selfish girl, but juggling studying with being a superheroine wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. At the least, it would guarantee she would afford any college in the world…and of course, she would share.

"You can study there I guess on the island, but think of it more of a vacation." Chromus said.

"O.K…I guess I handle hold out my schedule. How long is it for?" Ami said.

"Up to a month, depending how well you do. If you get off early, you could be back in 3 days." Chromus said, and then smiled. "I was thinking of Rei first, but considering what just happened, I think I changed my mind…"

"HEY!" Rei said.

"So Ami-chan, you with us?" Chromus said.

Ami sighed, but nodded. "Sure…"

"Just get some time to get prepared and we’ll be on our way…" Chromus said, making sure not to catch Rei’s eye…as Ami began to get a bit excited about the deal. Chromus waited as he began thinking about the next visit…and shuddered…


* * * *

They should have a sign…Nerima, home to all things not normal…and that’s an understatement.

O.K, he could go down Tomoeda and witness a bit of magic and wonder (and then head off to the other version Reedington, and witness how much was missing…), he could go off to a couple of the Shinjuku areas and wonder how much was different between Kodomo and Tamers, but perhaps the originator of madness…was here.

And the worst thing was that Chromus hadn’t even picked a person yet. He had just invited as many of the Nerima regulars as possible.

Akane was out, she was in it last time, and around water, Mousse, Ryouga and Shampoo were also gone. Ranma could get away with it…but that left only a few other options…

…besides, he hadn’t exactly been the best of buds with the Kunos so to speak…

"So, this is where we get to win a lot of money?" said a shrewd female voice.

Nabiki Tendo. Chromus just hoped Kasumi was there as well…if Tofu got his act together, he was one lucky bastard.

Sadly, Kausmi wasn’t there, although Ranma and Akane were.

"Hey Akane." Chromus said to one of his favourites, especially as she kept his skin alive during Poke-mole.

"Hey Chris, so one of these going to be with you this time?" Akane said.

"Hey, if you can tough it out, then I can an…either as a guy or a girl." Ranma said in his usual confident way.

"Oh no Saotome. Where there is money involved, I’m going. Akane did O.K, but her heart wasn’t set on the main prize. Besides, I’m surely not going to be as much as a threat as either you or Ranma could be. So, I’m the natural choice."

"Not so fast there cretin!" said another voice.

Chromus groaned. Already the word ‘fiasco’ was emerging (and if he didn’t get out of here quick, ‘suicide’ was another one fast approaching).

"It is obvious that I, the noble Blue Thunder of Furikan High, Tatewaki Kuno, will be the one to bring Nerima to glory in this contest of skill and wealth. I will emerge victorious!" Kuno then did a laugh almost as annoying as his sisters, as Nabiki handed around the earplugs (after we each coughed up 1000 yen)

"Yeah right, whatever Kuno-baby." Nabiki said, but was interrupted by another couple of familiar voices.

"Aiya! Shampoo not invited to second survivor game, where pervert girl managed to do so well…this boy got nerve…" Shampoo said.

Chromus groaned. "Shampoo, I would fight you, but if I beat you, trust me, I don’t wanna marry you…"

"Shampoo only Ramnas!" as on cue, Shampoo jumped to glomp Ranma…

…and also on cue, Akane got a bucket of water and splashed the two as she was coming down.

"WAAAHHHH! CATTTTTTT!" as Ranma-chan and Neko-Shampoo began an interesting game of cat and mouse…and then another voice spoke up.

"WHAT A HAUL! WHAT A HAUL!" as Happosai leapt into the fray.

"Now what’s this about a competition on being a survivor? Well, as the master of the Anything goes school martial arts, I should be able to survive on an island no problem." Happy did his best to look innocent...which doesn't work on him too well…

"Of course, we’ll ignore the fact that there are a number of cute girls entering this competition as well…I would invite you Happy, just for the look on your face when they vote you off in 3 days but…"

Chromus was sent into orbit from the perverted master as Mousse then entered the scene.

"SHAMPOO!" he grabbed Akane and began sobbing…and was soon sent into orbit along with a survivor author.

"OHOHOHOHHOOOO!" Kodachi Kuno had entered the house. "Well, dear brother, you seem to be awfully calm when you know as well as I do that I, the beautiful Black Rose will be the one to enter this in the name of the Kuno family…"

"I don’t think the fellow contestants would approve of you poisoning their food…" Kuno commented.

"Well, isn’t the game about eliminating the competition?" Kodachi half-innocently remarked.

Chromus took that moment to crash land on his hand, somehow unhurt (something about Nerima mechanics…).

"Well, you’re supposed to eliminate them by voting them off…" Chromus remarked.

"Oh, my way is so much better…" Kodachi pouted.

As Ranma-chan and Neko-shampoo finally were put under control by Akane, and Nabiki began counting the cost of how much she could invest of her winnings, Happosai trying to see if there was anything worthy to steal, the Kuno’s just being annoying and Mousse landing on the ground, no-one noticed…

"Hey anyone want something to eat?"

Chromus looked around as yet another Nerimian, this time Ukyo Kounji, with her okonomiyaki cart, obviously seeing the crowd and figured it would be good for business.

Chromus smiled. "I think I got my person. Hey Ukyo?"

Ukyo looked over to the author, and smiled. "Chris-chan, didn’t know you was here? You want one?"

Whilst Chromus was a big fan of okonomiyaki, he shook his head. "Ukyo, how would you feel on a chance to increase your stock tenfold, by winning a million pounds on a contest which shouldn’t be too difficult for you whatsoever?" Chris little white lied.

"You mean that contest that Akane was on last time?" Ukyo said.


"Sure. Let me get my stuff ready."

Everyone else collapsed.

"Hey, no offence, but why her?" Ranma asked.

"Simple. She was the only person who wasn’t really interested in the game, just saw the opportunity to use the crowd for her business. That was cool." Chromus said.

"I was interested like that as well…" Nabiki complained.

"Sure, but Ukyo’s much cuter." Chromus smiled as Nabiki began to fume.

"Why you little…"

Akane was relieved for once that it was another Tendo that was called uncute for a change…

* * * *

3 down…loads more to go. The two people from Yu-Gi-Oh would get there themselves, and he was going to make the stop for Mackey last, because that way he could get in touch with Tom personally. Skuld was also making arrangements to get Keichi there, so no problem there.

So now, he decided after the past, it was time for the future.

The 2100s were not what he expected…

…and considering his past relationship with the character he was collecting here, he was a tad nervous.

"Er, this is about the time when the alarms go off and someone says…"


"Aw crap."

Time: 22nd century. Place: Inside the battleship known as Nadesico. Current position: Praying for his life as Izumi Maki was chasing after him.

"You got your feet wet…so stop running…" Izumi snickered as Chromus ran for his life.

"There has to be a card for this…" Chromus panicked like he was a Digimon Tamer. He snapped one. "Perfect!"


(Er, sorry, wrong show…)

The card glowed as the magic of Sakura’s Shield Card surrounded him. However, then he remembered something.

"OH yeah…I can’t move in this."

"Izumi, can’t you remember? Er…well, I threw you off the stage once when you were playing your beautiful music…" O.K, wasn’t exactly the most flattering image he had of the Nadesico crew at Parakerus, but…

Izumi didn’t stop, so Chromus removed the magic and just hoped that Akito, Yurika or Ruri would recognise him. If all else fails…at least he can say he lives over 120 years..^_^

"Control room…control room…"

"Errr…what’s the time…" said Minato Haruka, half-dressed…and Chromus just happened to bump into her most…developed area.

"Er, Izumi, who is this?" Minato asked.

"I spy a spy begin with dead." Izumi said as Chromus finally removed himself from the embarrassed position…and resumes running for his life.

"What is this, Love Hina Nadesico?" Chromus said, and knowing if he lived through this, he still had to go to the Hinatasou.

Ah, the control room.

"HALT!" said a number of soliders turning the corner.

"Aw nuts…." Chromus said…and then Yurika entered.

"What’s going on here?" The captain said as the control room was mostly empty aside from her, Megumi and Ruri. Chromus said a silent prayer to Skuld as his chances of living seemed greater…

"And you are?"

…if it wasn’t for the fact that Yurika was the definite meaning of the word ‘baka’ in the Japanese dictionary.

"Yurika, don’t you remember me?" Chromus shuddered a bit of the memory of Parakerus. He had comforted her in the Safari Zone, but after her early eviction in AS4, it was not a memory he wanted to remember too much.

"Oh yeah, you were that boy who tried to take advantage of me!"

"WHAT?" said all the crew (except Ruri) as Chromus felt like death row was coming.

"I DID NOT! THAT WAS KEITARO!" Chromus complained.

"Oh yes, I remember after I left, you were the one who they sent down, but don’t worry, it’s all anicent history now!" Yurika said with a smile.


Of course, it went out of one ear and the other for Yurika. By now, a number of the crew was watching this as Akito and Ryoko sighed.

"Shall we bail him out?" Akito said.

"I dunno how he got her, but…" Ryoko said.

However, surprisngly, the one that busted his into safe-land, was the person he’d come to pick up.

"Oh you’re here. I figured you’d get here today, I’m surprised it was so quick."

"HUH?" they all turned to the figure speaking. Ruri Hoshino.

"O.K, I’m done. I’ve sent in my 2 month notice on the Nadesico to participate in the second Anime and Video Game Survivor. Thank you very much Mr. Homer." Ruri said as she stood up and bowed.

Now everyone was confused. However, the prisoner was released.

"Er, thank you Ruri. Is this O.K?"

Ruri stopped. "Of course, they can survive without me. And before you ask, I didn’t look at the results so I don’t know who wins this time." Ruri said as she and Chromus began walking like old chums talking.

The rest of the crew…


"How about, how is Ruri going to survive?" Akito quipped. But he waved out the Ruri flags anyway….

* * * *

"Should have done all the past ones first…" Chromus grumbled.

He had to travel into the past for three shows at least, and this one he had to have very good timing.

"Girls are so noisy! Oh wait…one of you is gay…"


Aw crap!

Chromus ran as fast as he could. He picked the worst possible time to try and get Tamahome…just as he was about to find out what had happened…


The British author (regretting that he bunked off P.E back in his high school days…) out of breath in front of Chinese Martial Artist, tried to speak.

"Tama…home…." Miaka stuttered. Tamahome quickly went on his guard as Nuriko looked like a cat preying on a mouse.

"Why is it everyone wants to attack me!" Chromus complained, heck, he hadn’t even been to Hinatasou yet, where he expected to get beaten up…and already Rei and Mako-chan…damn…Lita, plus half the Nadesico crew had wanted to blast him into smithereens…

"Tamahome, listen, I’ve got a proposal for you…" Chromus started.

"Can it wait…I need to see my family and tell them the good news…" Tama said.

‘Aw nuts…this is not good. Oh well…need to get into Tama’s other nature’…

"There’s lots of money in for you and your family…" Chromus stuttered on saying ‘family’ knowing what really happened in there…

Immediately, one of Tama’s ears enlarged. "Money?"

Tamahome rushed to the author. "How much?"

"A lot…" Chromus said (and after consulting the pound/gino rate…well, ancient Chinese gino anyway)…as he whispered the amount.

"WHOO HOO! I’M IN!" Tamahome said, as Chromus breathed a sigh of relief.

"But what about going to find the…" Miaka started, but Tama was in economy mode.

Chromus smiled. Whilst the characters were in the Survivor, time froze in the anime situation, which meant when they returned, they would be in the same situation as when Chromus picked them up. That just meant Tamahome had to be told the truth about his family when he got back…he feared what would happen if he won and then came back…

"Tama, let’s go before I have to explain to Hotohori why you’re missing…" Chromus, and tugged a delirious Tamahome by the ear a la Misty/Brock, as Miaka and Nuriko stood there dumbfounded.

* * * *


Chromus was a wee nipper of 11 here, but for Kyosuke Kasuga, he was 19 and ready for the biggest week of his life.

After getting his photography award, Madoka had promised him something ‘special’ at the end of the week. Chromus knew what it was, but considering this was technically not an adult fic, he decided not to mention it.

"He should be coming here round about now…"

Sure enough, Kyosuke had a smile on his face. Kimagure Orange Road was an anime classic which Chromus had just got into. As the college man came out, the Brit came up.

"Ah, Mister Kasuga. Honour to me you…" Chromus bowed as this was true traditional Japanese culture he was stepping in now.

"Ah likewise…I guess…" Kyosuke was a tad embarrassed.

"Oh, let me introduce myself. I am Mr Christopher Homer, but all my friends call me Chromus."

"So what shall I call you?" Kyosuke asked.

"Chromus if you win this proposistion…"

After a brief discussion, (and Kyosuke being slightly disappointed that he’d have to ‘wait’ for his other prize) Chromus had bagged another one.

"Oh well…I made a few Nene fans last time…maybe Kyosuke will be my obscure anime character which can win the hearts of the nation…"

* * * *

"Ah, more familiar territory."

If you call the Digital World familiar territory, then so be it.

Chromus had decided to go with Season 02 time rather than Tamers. Although he liked Tamers, all the usual lot had been taken. Takato had already been used, and Henry and Rika had been part of a rivals experiment. Jeri was his natural choice, but even she had been chosen for a reality show…

"Must remember to send a threatening letter to Freedom Fighter for stealing her…" Chromus groaned.

He could have got Kazu, Kenta or Ryo, but he felt it wasn’t worth the effort. Besides, he felt the newbies of 02 hadn’t been used as much. Sure, Yolei did well on that racing show a few years ago, but since then, Ken, her and Cody hadn’t really hit the mark on reality shows that Tai, Sora, T.K and Kari had.

Besides, having an 8 year old on the show would be interesting.

"And that’s the deal Mr Hida." Chromus explained.

"Hmmm…" the young man thought as Armadillion was eating his 6th helping of sushi.

"It would be perfect to save for your future…"

"I think I will. It will be a true challenge…and something for my father to really look down on me and see that I’m doing something for my life." Cody said.

Chromus didn’t mention that he’d helped save the world…but then again, most of the anime characters in these things seemed to save the world a time or two anyway.

"Thank you Mr Hida…and don’t worry about Armadillomon…"

"I think I’m more worried about our house’s food supply…" Cody said.

"Point taken."

* * * *

"That’s great Skuld! Keichi been dragged in…and Joey and Mai are there as well…that means we’ve got Ruri, Ukyo, Cody, Ami, Kyosuke, Tamahome, Ashitaka, Keichi, Joey and Mai. 10 out of 16…oh, you did receive my will didn’t you?"


Chromus was standing outside the Hinatasou.

"I’ll explain…if I get out of this alive…"

Chromus was about to knock on the door…but was interrupted by someone flying out of the inn.


A pissed Naru Narusegawa had used her patented iron fist on Keitaro and now the kanririn was a little wet…at least not airborne.

"What did he do this time?" Chromus asked her.

"Huh? Who are you?" Naru asked.

"Don’t worry…I’m not a pervert…just an anime author…"


"I’M NOT THAT KIND OF AUTHOR!" Chromus said, popping his tooth back into his mouth.

"Anime author, is that tasty?" said a genki Indian…er Australian…er…well, a foreign girl not native to Japan hoped over to see the now rising Keitaro.

"Narusegawa…it was an accident! Why don’t you believe me?"

"Akane would have got along with her well I think…" Chromus grumbled.

"Urashima…you’ve been misbehaving again?" said a deep voice, as a sword appeared across the manager’s throat.

"AIIIIEEEE! Motoko-san, DON’T!"

Chromus sighed. A (slight) bit of sanity had appeared in Shinobu Maehara as alongside her, the always sneaky Mitsune ‘Kitsune’ Konno had stepped outside to see how Keitaro had got himself into trouble this time.

"Hey…who’s this?" Mitsune said.

"Oh…just someone who is offering a lot of money…" Chromus slyly said.

"Oohhh…do tell more!" Mitsune asked, probing her deadly charm on him.

"….if they have to do a lot of work." Chromus added.

Mitsune quickly went back, not interested. Naru and Keitaro noticed though.

"I think you two are familiar with the word ‘survivor’ and this is a new one to say the least…" Chromus again started.

"….but you’ve already had a chance at one…so sorry…"

Chromus once again went into orbit.

"Let’s see….Naru, Keitaro and Motoko have all been in one, and Mitsune isn’t that interested. So that leaves Kaolla and Shinobu…"

His head landed on a stone gargoyle, but being anime psychics…he was unhurt.


Chromus nipped back to his feet as Su seemed ready to invest in this new specimen for science.

Aw crap…

"Shinobu-chan, please enter! Anyone else will make me suffer…PLEASE?"

Shinobu was a bit surprised to say the least. "Umm….I’m not sure…"

"Go! Go! If it makes money, go for it! I’m sure you could win anyway…well, you’re cooking skills will be better than those…" Mitsune smiled.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN KITSUNE?" Naru said as Keitaro backed off.

Keitaro however smiled at Shinobu. "Go for it Shinobu-chan. I can safely say you could do well in this…you’ll certain add a sparkle to it."

Shinobu blushed, and seemed wanting to run away.

But she didn’t.


The kawaii bluenette had been added to the list…(although Motoko had threatened that if anything happened to her, Chromus would take responsibility…not something Chromus wanted to remember…)

* * * *

It was weird being in the word of Tokyo-3, again, the future was a strange place.

Strange was that he was simply in a house…and being offered a glass of green tea.

"Ahhh…thank you Miss Horaki." Chromus said.

The cute freckled girl may not have been an Eva pilot, but as far as Chromus was concerned, she had all the skills to win a survivor. Kind, polite, a sense of determination and great leadership skills.

Plus she was a damn good cook.

Besides, it was either her, Asuka or Rei. Subject closed.

"Are you sure I’m cut out for this…I’m not sure…" Hikari asked.

Fortunately, Chromus had prepared for this.

"You do realise that the money can be paid for Touji’s limbs…." Chromus said.

Hikari looked up and blushed. Suzahara-kun…that accident…in an Eva…Mr Aida had said that Shinji had run away again after that…she didn’t want to believe it…but visiting his bedside comforted it.

Her crush on him still remained.

"All right…I’ll go."

Chromus bowed, happy to escape pain for once…as he headed out of there…with Hikari, as the next victim was about to come.

* * * *

"Er…excuse me…"

He had to pick the time before they entered the tournament pre-Buu saga. Android 18 and Krillian were busy training outside as their daughter Maron just watched, as if this was the normal thing.


The two stopped….as Krillian took a shot to the temple sending him flying.


After a bit of miscommunication, Chromus explained that he wanted to put Krillan in the game. Krillian had to ask why would he as he was entering a tournament soon.

"Simple. In that tournament, you’re up against Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Picollo and your darling wife. Here, you’re up against…slightly less powerful opposition…in other words, ones who can’t kick your butt two ways from Sunday…plus if you win, you get the million bucks easy."

"Let’s see…chance on this survivor…or possibly clubbing to death by Vegeta…."

A quick packing of the bags and a goodbye to his wife, with her threatening to win the damn thing, Krillan was easily sold. All the power in the world, yet you get into his cowards instincts, things work wonders….

* * * *


Familiar story. The cute girl running outside of the house, getting a quick lunch, as her sailor fuku looks a bit ruffled, and running to her best friend was a young lady named Sakura.

But no this wasn’t Cardcaptor Sakura….


…as Chromus found out as he fell on his butt after his head connected with his next pick, Sakura Kasunago of Street Fighter Alpha fame.

"Owww….." Chromus moaned. He really didn’t deserve this…honest…

"Ohhh…now I’m going to be really late…gomen!" Sakura said as she went to rush out…but Chromus stopped her.

"Hey, I said sorry, move out of the way or…" Sakura began to move into her fighting stance.

"Whoa whoa Sakura-chan number 2! I came to ask you something…" Chromus said.

"Make it quick." Sakura said as she did a decent impression of Sonic The Hedgehog tapping her feet impatiently.

But as the propositon came to her, she quickly had a good smile on her face.

It did help when Chromus mentioned that ‘if she won, Ryu-sempai would be impressed with her to say the least’

Not too surprisingly, she was sold…and she sped off back to her house, as her parents were wondering what she forgot this time…so when she emerged with a backpack full of her stuff, they were scratching their heads a bit…

* * * *

"Awww….no-one wants to come see the shows now!" moaned a cute voice.

Chromus was happy. Last stop, and he hadn’t been dropped off in the middle of a fight between Demetri and Pyron. Instead he had been dropped off outside the circus tent where one Felicia was complaining about the lack of attractions.

Plus, as a cat girl…that made her cute. (Case in point: Anyone seen Nuku-Nuku?)

"I think this deal may be just the ticket you wanted then Miss…er…do you have a last name?"

"Well…if I did…I’ve forgot!"

Typical. A cat brain as well. However, as a physical competitor, she may be the only person to give Krillan a run for his money. Besides, she’d bring in the 18-21 market a bit more.

"Welcome aboard Felicia!"

Now to get out of there before Bulleta could come about and recognise him…

* * * *

Skuld laughed as both Joey and Mai forked over 20 bucks each. Keichi laughed at the amused spectacle as Skuld had obviously dragged him via goddess space. Joey and Mai on the other hand weren’t laughing….

"How is she that good?" Joey complained. "I’ve never seen any of those cards before!"

"Something tells me we got jipped…" Mai said.

"I think that the fact you two may win a million pounds may be ample compensation for losing to Skuld…" said the new voice behind them.

"Ahh…you’re finally back!" Skuld said as the last but one recruit Felicia bounded up. The strict rule was that none of the survivors could speak to each other was in affect…but Skuld seemed to have bent the rules a bit to earn a bit of ice-cream money in the duelists case.

"Skuld…." Chromus groaned. "Never mind. Mai, Joey, Keichi, not another word or I’m replacing you with Gourry Gabriev and Lina Inverse…"

That was a good enough threat.

"O.K, got once more place to go…to the rival zone. Need to see if Tom hasn’t become hyperactive yet hosting an all out Pokemon survivor. It’s also where I get the final contestant so that’s a bonus…and I got to see if Nene fixed in the new voting system…"

"Voting system?" Skuld said.

"You’ll see." Chromus smiled. Activating the portal once more, he left the 15 current contestants to observe each other…

…before taking the ferry to heaven or hell…