Animation Survivor: After The Council- Stan

(Entrance to the hotel. Inside. Tom, Barb, Izzy, Blossom, and Stan enter the lobby, somewhat exhausted, most notably Blossom. Blossom and Izzy walk off immediately.)
Tom: I thought you said the tank was full!

Barb: Well, you know there’s only a little difference between the letters "E" and "F." Just one little bar… it’s easy to get them mixed up!

Tom: Well, it’s just a good thing Blossom was there, or we’d still be stuck in the middle of the ocean.

Stan: (dry) Who knows, maybe we’d end up stranded on some island.

Barb: Yeah… wouldn’t that be awful?

(Barb walks away.)

Tom: Anyway, Stan, I suppose I should give you the grand tour.

(They walk down the hall.)

Stan: This is actually pretty sweet. You mean this was on the island the whole time.

Tom: Well, it’s not like this place popped in last week out of nowhere.

(They arrive at the control room, where Henry is working, somewhat calmer.)
Tom: Hey, Henry? Everything going smoothly now?

Henry: Oh yeah, this is a lot better. It should really be clicking now.

Tom: That’s nice. Good work.

Henry: Hey, don’t thank me, thank Mr. Ishida over there.

(In the back of the room, Matt’s Dad is sitting awkwardly in a chair.)

Tom: Oh. Hi Matt’s Dad!

Mr. Ishida: Hey, man, he’s got me tied up, could you help me out here?

Tom: Keep up the good work guys. Come on Stan, this is boring.

(A very nice lounge. Kyle, Matt, Misty, and Serena are sitting and talking.)
Kyle: (to Matt) Hey, why aren’t you with Ash? I thought you were going to try to…

Matt: He’s impossible! It’s like trying to teach an old dog new ways to appreciate Rembrandt. I gave up on him.

(Misty stands up, smiling.)

Misty: Ha! I told you! Fork it over Matt Ishida!

(Matt grudgingly pulls out his wallet and hands an undisclosed dollar bill to Misty.)

Matt: I think I’m going to go back to the basics and work on Izzy. I’ve been meaning to for awhile now.

Misty: Why, so he can ask Sora out?

[Misty, Kyle, and Serena laugh. Matt just smiles. Tom arrives with Stan.]

Tom: This is the lounge. And I see it’s infested with buggers.

Serena: I don’t bug people!

Matt: Wanna bet?

Serena: Well, considering how much Misty just made… yes!

Matt: Fine, I bet that you bug somebody to the point of crying before we get off the island.

Serena: No chance!

(Everybody just looks at Serena, waiting for her next move. She yawns.)

Serena: Well… guess I’ll be getting to bed.

[She runs off. Kyle stands up.]

Kyle: So, Stan… damn alliance?

Stan: Yeah. I think I did fine though.

Kyle: Sure! You nailed Blossom, that was pretty cool.

[Kyle and Stan walk off, still talking. Matt and Misty remain.]

Matt: I just can’t figure out what Ash’s deal is. Does he have a single ounce of romance in his body?

Misty: Well, if he’s been spending all his time with a pretty girl such as myself, it would have definitely come out by now.

(Misty looks cute, blinking her eyes. Matt looks threatened.)

Matt: Is there anything I could say at this point that won’t lead to me being brutally injured somehow?

Misty: (still cute) Nope!

Matt: Well… in that case…

[Stan and Kyle are walking down the hall. Behind them, a loud bang is heard and Matt is flung out of the lounge and against the wall.]
Misty: (OS, angry) And don’t try that again!!!

(Kyle and Stan keep walking, oblivious)

Stan: So what’s been going on over here?

Kyle: Nothing really. We’ve just been slacking around all day waiting for more people to get voted off. I don’t know why we even have to stay.

Stan: Well, I’m in that stupid jury now.

Kyle: Cool! That means you can turn around and take out the dips that voted you off!

Stan: I guess.

Kyle: Yeah, Bubbles and Lisa and Bart are going to get their asses kicked!

Stan: Bart… I don’t know. We always got along pretty good.

Kyle: Yeah, but he joined the stupid alliance. Now he can pay for it.

Stan: I don’t know…

(Stan shakes it off and changes the subject.)

Stan: So what’s Cartman been up to.?

Kyle: You have no idea.

(Eric and Ash are staring at each other with cruel intentions.)
Ash: It’s mine!!

Eric: No way hippie! I got here first!

[They are both fighting over a slice of pizza at the buffet, the last in the pan.]

Ash: Okay, how are we going to settle this?

Eric: I know!! We’ll rochambo for it!!

Ash: You’re on!

[Typical Pokémon style flashy background sequence (well, actually, the same one), featuring a close up of Ash as he looks determined, pulls back his hat, and winds up.]

Ash: Okay! I choose you… scissors!

[Close up as he holds out scissors. Normal shot as Eric kicks Ash squa in the privates, sending Ash down in pain. Eric laughs, takes the pizza, and walks away.]

Ash: (in pain) They must play it differently in America.

(Shot of Eric walking off, as Kyle and Stan meet up with him.)

Stan: Hey fatty, how’s the food?

Eric: Oh, man, it sucks here. Half the stuff they serve they can’t get the goddamned spices right. Who doesn’t put oregano on their salisbury steak?! And this pizza is so awful that I think they tried to do it bad on purpose!

(Eric takes another bite of it.)

Stan: So why are you eating it?

Eric: Well, you know, growing young boys have to maintain a steady diet.

Kyle: Dude, I don’t think diet’s in your vocabulary.

Stan: Yeah, and steady usually refers to eating balanced meals, not stuffing your face full of Cheezy Poofs 24 hours a day.

Eric: Hey! I do not eat Cheezy Poofs 24 hours a day!

Kyle: He’s right dude… he only eats 14 hours a day, the other 10 hours he sleeps!

[Stan and Kyle laugh.]

Eric: Screw you guys! I’m going home!

[Eric storms off angrily. Stan and Kyle smile.]

Kyle: I was pulling for you down there, but I’m kinda glad you’re back.

Stan: Yeah. So what now?

(Shot of Stan and Kyle walking away, smiling.]

Kyle: We’ll find something to do… Blossom and Buttercup are struttin’ around like they own the place.

Stan: Ha ha. It’s party time.

(They walk out of the picture.)