Animation Survivor: After The Council- Izzy

(Izzy and Manny are on the motorboat. Manny is bored, Izzy’s just silent.)
Manny: C’mon, Wallace, what’s keeping you?

Izzy: Where are we to stay while we wait for each jury appearance?

Manny: Hotel on the other side of the island.

Izzy: Oh. Right…

Manny: Tai didn’t say anything?

Izzy: He didn’t explicitly say anything about it, but he and Misty were giggling a lot about something on the other side.

Manny: They snuck over to the hotel every so often. We didn’t air any of it.

Izzy: Why? Has the editing already taken place, because I’ve been wondering about…

Tom: (arriving with Blossom) Hey Manny, Izz… you all set?

Manny: Yeah.

[Tom vocally sighs as the boat takes off.]

Manny: ‘nother fun day on the job.

Tom: Next time, you can host.

Manny: No chance, Wallace, I don’t want to deal with having your job. You know what happened with those "Histeria" kids.

Tom: Right… that was ugly.

Izzy: Excuse me… are you suggesting that there’s going to be another one of these?

Tom: You have got to be kidding me.

Manny: No chance in hell Kou.

(Izzy and Blossom are seen in the back seat. Blossom looks at Izzy, who appears apprehensive. She smiles a bit, which catches Izzy’s eye.)

Izzy: What is it?

Blossom: Nothing. You look nervous about something.

Izzy: Well, a little bit. I want to see who voted for me.

Blossom: Yeah, me too. I’m wondering if Sora really was the fourth vote. It’s obvious that Bubbles, Bart, and Lisa were the three but…

(Izzy’s looking away, even worse than before.)

Izzy: Sora.

Blossom: And Lisa too. Don’t forget Lisa.

(Izzy looks at Blossom.)

Izzy: Trust me, that won’t be a problem. I’m not mad at her for voting for me. We were trying to keep a professional relationship, and we did. Besides, it’s only good sportsmanship to not hold anything against those that voted you off, right?

(Blossom smiles.)

Blossom: Well if it wasn’t, I’d have thrown you into the water already.

(They both smile.)

[In the cafeteria, both Blossom and Izzy are eating. Behind them, Eric is making a huge fuss to a cook, but all we hear is the occasional "Hey!"]
Izzy: So they have the whole thing ready for viewing already?

Blossom: Well, for us. They’ll do the editing for TV later. For now, we can watch whatever’s going on down there, unless the cameramen go on strike again.

Izzy: Well, that was back at day 4. I thought that was settled quite nicely.

(Blossom nods.)

Blossom: Yeah. We get to know everything. The jury appearances are strictly for show.

Izzy: Ah. So how have some of the others been doing?

Blossom: They’re fine. Kyle and Eric are being as lazy as possible, Matt’s been trying to get Ash a date.

Izzy: With who?

Blossom: Anybody.

Izzy: Any success?

[A loud violent sound is heard, and Ash is launched through the cafeteria, into the buffet line. Matt is soon to follow.]

Izzy: Oh.

(Buttercup floats in behind them. Izzy looks at Buttercup, then Blossom.)

Izzy: Is he that desperate?

Blossom: Yes. Matt says Ash will be a regular lady’s man before we leave. Matt hasn’t found a subject to test Ash out on yet.

Buttercup: And he won’t while I’m around.

Izzy: Hi, Buttercup.

Blossom: Buttercup, I’ve been wondering why you haven’t been talking to me much. It’s like you’ve been trying to ignore me.

Buttercup: You wanna know why?

Blossom: Well… yes.

Buttercup: I don’t know.

Blossom: That doesn’t help.

Buttercup: Well, I get voted off, and the first thing you do is jump ship and become friends with Bart.

Blossom: Is that all? Buttercup, it was the only way I could…

Buttercup: Nothing wrong with that, but the least you could’ve done is won.

Blossom: Oh. Well, that was my bad. I kinda blew it in regards to Tracey.

Buttercup: Now all we got left is Bubbles. And I know…

Blossom: Really? Bubbles is tough, she can hang in there. A couple more immunity victories and she’s right in there to win.

Izzy: You definitely can’t count out Bubbles. Tracey’s right in thinking she’s got the best chance to win for you guys. It’s certainly why I voted for her tonight.

(Matt enters the picture.)

Matt: Look, Buttercup, I’m sorry. I just needed Ash to get some sort of experience with…

Izzy: Where’s Misty?

Matt: Misty and Ash? Are you crazy?

(Izzy just shakes his head.)

Izzy: Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I really should be heading to my room. Mr. Edwards said that we have full records of everything that went on so far. There’s something I need to check out.

[Izzy gets up and begins to walk out. Matt stops him.]

Matt: Izzy, hold on!

Izzy: (turning around) Yes?

Matt: If it’s about what I think it is… you may not like what you find.

[Izzy turns around.]

Buttercup: What’s he going to find?

Matt: Something that I know in my heart isn’t true.

[Shot of Izzy, walking to his room. On the way, he passes several people. First is Kyle, who nods politely and smiles. Izzy returns it. Next is Misty. Again, she smiles and greets him, but nothing much. Serena is next, who looks at him and just keeps going. Izzy is befuddled for a second, but shrugs it off and continues to his room. Inside, he immediately turns on the television, and finds a nearby computer terminal, where it asks him to enter what he’d like to see. Izzy sighs, and types in information furiously. He finishes, with a last second hesitation before pushing the last key, then sits down on his bed, sighs, and watches very seriously. On screen is the scene where Sora and Tai are talking after the immunity challenge. We see Izzy as he’s watching the scene.]
Tai: (VO/OS) You’re kidding, right?

Sora: (VO/OS) No? And it’s not like it stops us from having a professional relationship…

(Izzy nods, but still very serious.)

Sora: …but deep down, I really don’t like Izzy!

(Izzy is caught off guard. He’s a bit wide-eyed in shock, but keeps watching.)

Tai: So why are you so happy?

Sora: Because! I thought I was just mad at him now! But really, I never liked Izzy…

(Izzy is absolutely mortified, barely listening to the conversation.)

Sora: …So all those times in the Digital World where we had to work together, we actually could, so it means that even though I don’t like him, I can still get along with him!

Tai: Did you have too many sodas at the barbecue?

Sora: Yes, but who cares? I hate Izzy! It’s great!

(Izzy suddenly looks back. Using a remote, he rewinds the conversation.)

Sora: I hate Izzy! It’s great!

(Almost, neurotic, he does it again.)

Sora: I hate Izzy! It’s great!

(Izzy lays down on the bed, leaning over to one side, breathing heavily.)

Izzy: (trying to form the words) H… hate?

(He drops the remote, still breathing very heavily.)

Izzy: Sora… ha… hates me? I thought that… but she’s never… nobody’s ever said that… hates me?

(Up on the television monitor, the conversation continues between Tai and Sora.)

Tai: Okay… Let’s make a deal. You vote for Izzy, get it out of your system. It probably won’t mean anything anyway. And I’ll vote for Tracey. And if I get voted off because of it… whatever. Right?

Sora: Okay. It’s a deal.

(Pan down over to Izzy, still laying on his side, very quiet and crying lightly.)