Animation Survivor: After The Council- Blossom

(Shot of Blossom, finishing up her confessional)
Blossom: This is a game of cutthroat, where you live by the sword, and die by the sword. I guess I died by it today. But nobody here’s evil, so it’s okay to lose to them. And good luck to Bubbles, and Lisa… they’ll need it for this game.

(She finishes, and sits back and sighs.)

Cameraman: (OS, behind the camera… duh) Are you finished?

Blossom: Yeah… now what?

Cameraman: Keep going down to the beach. Ms. Bresnick’s waitin’ for ya.

Blossom: Oh. Thanks.

(Follow Blossom as she floats out of the booth and over to the beach, where Barb is waiting for her in a motorboat.)
Barb: Hi, Blossom. Ready?

Blossom: I guess so.

(She boards and Barb takes off. Blossom takes a last look back at the island… and is surprised to see that Barb isn’t actually going away from the island, but rather around it.)

Blossom: Where are we going?

Barb: Back to the resort, where’d you think?

Blossom: Well… somewhere off this island.

Barb: You certainly are na´ve.

(They continue around the beach, where a large waterfront hotel is on the island, well lit, and with the obvious amenities.)
Blossom: (surprised) This was on the island this whole time?!

Barb: Sure… where do you think me and Tom are staying?

Blossom: Does anybody else know about this place?

Barb: Well, Tai, Misty and Serena snuck out here once when nobody was watching, but we caught them before they stole too much food.

[They land, and Blossom and Barb start walking to the entrance. But Barb hears a rumbling nearby and pulls out a flashlight to show Misty, Serena, and Ash looking at her.]

Barb: What the?? What are you doing? You weren’t planning on going skinny-dipping again, were you?

Misty/Serena/Ash: (offended) No!!

Ash: (to Misty, surprised… and kinda turned on) Again?

Serena: We’re looking for that stash of food we found before.

Barb: What do you mean, we give you plenty of food here. The buffet’s open 18 hours a day!

Blossom: Buffet? I think I’m going to like it here!

Ash: (ignoring Blossom) Exactly. That stretch from 12 to 6 can be a real drag sometimes.

Misty: And the buffet only has eight flavors of ice cream.

Serena: (accusing) That stash we found before had Rocky Road. Don’t deny it! You’re holding out on us!

Barb: Guys, I don’t have time for this. I have to get Blossom squared away before it gets too late.

(Misty, Serena, and Ash walk up to Barb and Blossom)

Misty: Oh, right. Blossom. Pegged down by Tracey I heard.

Blossom: That’s what I figured. Didn’t think you guys would organize something so quickly.

Misty: Me neither.

Blossom: And Tracey… he outwitted me. That’s hard to do.

Ash: Yeah, join the club. He got me too.

Misty: Ash, the difference here is that it’s hard to outwit Blossom.

Serena: I don’t know what Sora was thinking with Tracey.

Blossom: (plainly) Oh, they broke up.

Serena: That’s what I’m talking about! Man… if she stuck with him, she’s practically guaranteed to win!

Ash: Sora winning… like that’ll ever happen.

Barb: C’mon, Blossom. Let’s get you set up and into a room.

Blossom: Say… how do they know everything that’s going on already.?

Barb: I’ll show you. We’ll have to introduce you to Henry.

(Inside the hotel, it’s pretty luxurious, even though the ground floor where Barb and Blossom are walking is mostly business rooms.)
Barb: Well, Henry’s our guy to get the initial tapes of everything. He feeds it to all of the different rooms, so you can watch what’s going on as it’s happening. Well… it’s actually a six-second tape delay.

Blossom: Why’s that?

Barb: We have to edit it for swearing. Never can be too careful with the South Park kids down there.

(They swing into a somewhat darkened room, where Henry, a husky late thirties guy with black hair, is busting his gut out with all the television monitors, controls, and miscellaneous doo-hickys.)

Henry: So… what now?

(Pan over to Matt, sitting behind him, obviously not wanting to be there.)

Matt: (bored) You set the VT1 control to "tape" and set the VT2 to "stun."

Henry: Okay… okay… good.

Matt: Man, can I go now, I want to grab a burger before the buffet closes.

Henry: Hey, you help me through this and I’ll show you where our secret stash is.

Barb: (angry) Henry!!

Henry: (defensive) What! Quid pro quo, Barb! Say… has Tim fixed the time problem yet?

Barb: No, why?

Henry: Because… Matt’s dad works at a TV station, he may actually know what he’s doing. Matt’s been a big help so far, and I bet his dad could really set things right.

Barb: Matt knows how to produce television shows?

Matt: (still bored) He’s dragged me to work often enough… I’ve picked up on some of the basics. Well, might as well see what Kyle and Eric are up to.

(Matt gets up and leaves.)

Barb: Well, Blossom, that’s that. You can also watch archives of earlier episodes from your room too. Ready?

Blossom: Yep.

[Barb and Blossom leave. Just as they do, half of the monitors go blank, and are replaced by a clock, constantly flashing "12:00."]

Henry: Aw, jeez!!

(Upstairs, Blossom is being shown her room by Barb. Blossom is impressed.)
Barb: And basically, you can get whatever you need here, whether its room service during the kitchen’s open hours, extra sheets, or a replacement bed in case you accidentally destroy this one with your laser vision. Well, ta!

(Barb leaves. Blossom stands with the door open, admiring her room. Buttercup happens to walk by, and catches Blossom’s eye.)

Blossom: Hey, Buttercup!

[No reaction. Blossom flies to the doorway. Shot of Buttercup in the foreground, slowly flying to her door, oblivious to Blossom. Blossom signals her attention a couple more times, but to no avail. Buttercup reaches her room down the hall, opens the door, enters, and shuts it. Pan back to Blossom, who is simply confused. She shrugs it off, and enters her own room, shutting the door.]