Animation Survivor- The Stupid Lawsuit

Day One Hundred Eighty-Four
(Skyline of the city of Townsville.)
Narrator: (VO) The city of Townsville! A town that owes so much to the deeds of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup- the Powerpuff Girls.

(Fade in to an exterior shot of the Utonium residence.)
Narrator: (VO) And after a hard day of fighting crime, the girls like to settle down to some wholesome family television… on another network not affiliated with this one.

(Shot of Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles watching television. We can’t see what they are watching.)
CBS Announcer: (VO) And now back to Survivor II- The Australian Outback. The following scene contains a graphic depiction of death and is not recommended for younger audiences.

(The PPG continue watching, unfazed. Buttercup in fact, leans closer to the set.)
CBS Announcer: (VO) I said! This scene is not recommended for younger audiences!

(No reaction.)
Narrator: (VO) Girls, you might want to listen to that announcer.

(Still no reaction.)
Narrator: (VO) Fine, fine, screw that announcer. See if I care about some lucky stiff that got a cushy network job while I’m stuck here narrating a bunch of little…

Blossom: (to narrator) Shut up, it’s getting good!

(Shot of the screen. An animated imitation of the real Survivor II is on the screen. Since I don’t know exactly who did what in that scene, I’ll just call them "Castaway 1" and such, except for Michael. He’s the freak with the spear.)

Castaway 1: Look, a pig!

Michael: A pig! I’ll kill it!!

(Michael grabs his spear and begins to head out. He’s stopped by Castaway 1.)

Castaway 1: Why do we need to kill it? We got those chickens…

Michael: Look, we’re in the middle of nowhere, my primal instincts are coming out. Are you going to stop me from my cravings for blood?

Castaway 1: Usually I would… but you’re holding a spear in my face. So be my guest!

(Interview session with Male Castaway 1)
Castaway 1: I don’t know what’s gotten into Michael. It’s like he has a sudden bloodlust or something. I’m just going to stay out of his way when he gets like that, because I don’t understand how that could happen to anyone in a situation like this.

(Turn around to show the girls. Buttercup cracks a half-smile.)

Buttercup: I could… it’s jerks like you that cause it.

Blossom: I like it better when they’re stabbing each other in the back rather than stabbing helpless animals.

Bubbles: Was that disclaimer warning about what I think’s going to happen to that piggy?

Buttercup: God, I hope so!

(Back to the action, Michael and Castaway 2 are ganging up on a wild boar. They slowly pin it down, and Michael raises the spear. Shot of the girls as they react appropriately… appropriately being Blossom turning her head in disgust, Bubbles looking sick and flying up the stairs, and Buttercup smiling and raising her arms.)

Buttercup: Yes!! Blossom, why didn’t we do that on the island?!

Blossom: I don’t know… if they kept you on we probably would have.

(Dissolve. Blossom and Buttercup are watching the conclusion to the episode.)
Jeff Probst: (VO) Okay, both Keith and Mitchell have said their piece, now it’s time for the other four to vote for one of the two.

(Ominous Tribal Council music starts up.)

Blossom: I’m getting really sick of that music.

Buttercup: So what happens if they are still tied?

Blossom: Well… I think they just have to keep voting. That’s what they had to do when there was that tie between Bubbles and that dips**t Tracey.

Narrator: (VO) Hey Blossom, watch your mouth or I’ll have to put a disclaimer in front of this scene.

Blossom: (apologetic) Sorry. There’s really no other word to describe him.

(Shot of the show, and Tribal Council and Jeff announces the votes.)

Jeff: First vote is for… Keith. Second vote… Mitchell. Third vote… Mitchell. And the final vote… Keith. Crap.

Blossom: (VO) Here we go again.

Jeff: Okay, according to the Survivor bi-laws…

Buttercup: (VO) Bi-laws are for wusses! Fight to the death!

Jeff: We look at votes at previous councils. Keith, how many votes have you had prior to this?

(Keith counts on his fingers.)

Keith: Uh… zero.

Jeff: Mitchell?

(Mitchell has a calculator out.)

Mitchell: One.

Jeff: One vote too many. Bring over your torch.

(Shot of the girls. Buttercup’s disappointed, Blossom’s confused.)

Blossom: That’s odd, that’s not how they did it with us. They had Bart and Tai vote again, and Tai switched to Bubbles and she got voted off.

Buttercup: So what?

Blossom: Hold on…

(Blossom flies to a computer terminal and types up the Animation Alliance home page.)

Blossom: Let’s see here… Animation Survivor’s voting records. First episode… 5 for Eric, 2 for Bart, 1 for Buttercup. Episode 2: 5 for Matt, 3 for Serena. Episode 3…

Buttercup: Uh… never mind, skip that one.

Blossom: Okay… episode four- here we go!

(After going through the records, they near the end.)

Blossom: Episode 11- 3 for Sora, 1 for Bubbles, and 2 for Tracey! That means that he had 8 votes in previous councils, and Bubbles only had 7.

Buttercup: So?

Blossom: So, that means Tracey was supposed to be voted off! (calling) Bubbles, come down here a minute.

(Bubbles flies down.)

Bubbles: Are they done with the gratuitous violence?

Blossom: Yeah, but look at this… according to Survivor’s "dead lock" rules, you weren’t supposed to be voted off.

Bubbles: I wasn’t?

Blossom: No, they were supposed to go on votes from previous councils, and Tracey had more than you did!

Bubbles: But… it’s too late to complain now, isn’t it?

Blossom: It may be too late to complain, but it’s never too late… for a lawsuit!!

Buttercup: A lawsuit?

Blossom: Sure! Remember that time Mojo Jojo sued us for using excessive violence?

Buttercup: Yeah, he got mad on the stand and turned the jury into dogs.

Bubbles: That didn’t go over so well with them.

Blossom: Right, but he could’ve won if he hadn’t done that. I bet we have a good case here.

Bubbles: I don’t want to worry about lawyers and stuff, that’s just…

Blossom: I’ll be your lawyer.

Buttercup: I dunno. Wouldn’t this make us look like that Stacey Stillman who sued Survivor? Everybody hates her now.

Blossom: No… everybody hated her because she tried to vote off that outspoken lazy guy who ended up doing really well.

Buttercup: Oh yeah, Rudy… he was cool.

Blossom: And besides, who would hate Bubbles?

(Animation Alliance. The head of the Primetime division, Tom Wallace, is talking on the phone.)
Tom: Look, I’ll be honest with you, I hate Gary & Mike too, but it’s UPN- where quality takes a back seat to pleasing the male teen demo… my kinda place!

(He hangs up. Jane Black, a secretary, walks by and hands him a large manila envelope.)

Jane: Better take a look at this Tom, it looks important.

Tom: Thanks.

(Tom reads the return address.)

Tom: Townsville? That’s Barb’s district.

Jane: No… they told me to send this to you.

(Tom shrugs and opens the envelope, where several pages of legalese are inside. He skims through it. All we can make out is the header "Utonium v. Animation Alliance Civil Lawsuit.")

Tom: Jane, get me Mark Burnett, Adam Pulver, the head of CBS, and a cup of coffee.

Jane: Yes sir. What’s wrong?

Tom: Bubbles is suing us, saying we violated the Survivor bi-laws. That’s the most absurd thing I’d ever heard.

Jane: Oh.

Tom: Not a word to the press about this, got that?

Jane: Right.

(Spinning newspaper headline: "BUBBLES SCREWED?: Powerpuff Girls Claim Violation of Survivor Rules in Last Summer’s Animation Knockoff.)

(Split-screen telephone conversation between Tom Wallace and Mark Burnett, executive producer of Survivor.)

Mark: Didn’t you look through all the rules before you ran it?

Tom: I didn’t think it was going to come up!

Mark: Who was your producer? Put him on.

(Adam Pulver, the author, appears, making it a three-way conversation.)

Adam: What’s going on now?

Tom: You haven’t heard?

Adam: Nah, we’ve been having dimensional troubles. I’m not supposed to be contacting you guys unless it’s an emergency.

Tom: Well- it’s an emergency. We’re being sued by Bubbles for…

Adam: Oh yeah, I was wondering about that whole deadlock thing. Kinda weird isn’t it?

Tom: It’s your fault! You didn’t read through the rules!

Adam: Nobody sent me a copy. I was just going off of what they did on the show.

Mark: I sent Tom a copy.

Tom: I sent Adam a copy.

Adam: I never received a copy! Just like Tai never received…

Tom: (bitter) Never mind about Tai. Point is…

Adam: The point is that I’m completely shut off from your dimension and I have absolutely no liability because of it. Bye!

(Adam’s screen goes black.)

Tom: Well… what should I do now?

Mark: Get a good lawyer.

(Lionel Hutz appears in the space that Adam was in.)

Hutz: Lawyer? Did somebody say lawyer?

Mark: I thought you weren’t supposed to use him since Phil Hartman died.

Tom: That’s only on the show. In real life, he’s still working for us.

Hutz: Don’t worry, Mr. Wallace. Bubbles’s claim of a rules violation is absolutely absurd. I went and counted the votes myself… and Bubbles did not in fact win the "Survivor’s Cutest Castaway" fan poll. She lost to Izzy fair and square.

Tom: Actually we found out that Izzy hacked into our computers and changed it later. But that’s not the point!

Mark: Actually it is- it's included as part of the case on page 48 of the suit.

Tom: Oh. I hadn’t read the whole thing.

Mark: Well, Tom, the most important thing for you to do is make sure you take this case seriously. The press is going to make a lot of jokes about this, but as long as you treat this with the utmost priority, you will be fine.

(Courtroom. Inside, the Tom is at the defendant’s table with Lionel Hutz, talking with Mark, behind the stands. Also in the stands are pretty much everybody involved with Animation Survivor, except for Barb and Manny.)

Tom: Okay, we have to treat this with the utmost priority, and take it very seriously… why is Jeff Probst the judge?

(Shot of Jeff Probst, host of Survivor, sitting behind the bench, still in his safari gear.)

Mark: I ‘unno. He’s adventurous, yet talks straight.

Tom: Watch, the first thing that comes out of his mouth is "Welcome to Tribal Council."

(Shot of Jeff.)

Jeff: You may be seated.

Mark: (OS) See, you gotta give him more credit.

Jeff: (stupidly sarcastic) Welcome to Tribal Council.

Mark: (OS) D’oh!

(general laughter from most of the "audience")

Jeff: This is the case of Utonium vs. the Animation Alliance. The plaintiff is suing for $9,174.06 in lost earnings and $500,000 for mental anguish.

Tom: (OS, sotto) And what else, a set of waterproof matches?

Jeff: The defendant is countersuing for $500,000 because of… "for the hell of it?"

Hutz: It was the only thing I could think of!

Mark: (to Hutz) That’s nothing, the reason listed for our suit against Stacey Stillman is "because it’s fun!"

Jeff: Now, let’s bring out our jury.

Tom: Who is it? The digi-destined?

(Hutz turns to Tom)

Hutz: Come on, Tom, since Tai Kamiya is an important witness in this case, he’s obviously not on the jury.

Jeff: Your lawyer is correct Tom- it’s the crew of the Nadesico!!

(Enter the jury- the crew from Martian Successor Nadesico. Present- foreperson Yurika Misamaru, as well as Akito, Nagare, Erina, Hikaru, Howmei, Dr. Inez, Izumi, Jun, Megumi, Ryoko, and Seiya. Shot of Jeff, as they fight over who sits where.)

Yurika: (OS) Akito! You can sit here, next to me!

Megumi: (OS) No… he’s sitting here, aren’t you Akito?

Hikaru: (OS) I think Ryoko wants him to sit next to her!

Ryoko: (OS) Why you little!!

(Jeff bangs the gavel.)

Jeff: Okay, the first order of business is that Ruri Hoshino is not present. She’s elsewhere doing other projects. Therefore, the foreperson has the duty of appointing one member to dispense the "baka" commentary… since I’m sure we’ll be needing it today. Yurika?

(Shot of Yurika.)

Yurika: Me? Oh… um… how about… Megumi why don’t you take it? You know, to show there’s no hard feelings?

(Shot of Megumi)

Megumi: Me? Um... okay.

(Back to Jeff)

Jeff: Okay. Now that that’s underway, the case may begin. Would the plaintiff please present your opening remarks?

(Blossom stands up dramatically, and walks to the floor. On the way, she gets cheers from the crowd, including a few shouts of "Go Blossom!". Blossom stops, takes a drink of water, then continues walking.)

Blossom: Survivor is not just a struggle for survival against nature. It’s a game of tribal politics, which through certain rules, is intended to determine a "winner" in the struggle. Through the course of the game, many proved themselves to not be up for the task. I for one, did not play the game well enough to claim victory. That’s my own fault, so there is no problem. But my client, sister, and friend did play the game well. Well enough to be the victor. But it was through the actions of the defendant, and through a clear violation of the rules, that she was eliminated from the game, costing her over $9,000 in possible earnings. We intend to prove that the Animation Alliance purpose violated the rules established and provided by Mark Burnett in order to prevent the plaintiff from winning and assist another to victory.

(Blossom sits down, to a standing ovation from the crowd. Even in the jury, Jun has stood up. He’s clapping, almost in tears.)

Jun: Yes! Give her the one million dollars!

(Nagare pulls him down quickly. Shot of Lionel Hutz.)

Hutz: No problem… watch this…

(Hutz stands up, to a chorus of boos.)

Tom: Oh, come on Jeff!

(Shot of Jeff, booing with everybody else.)

Jeff: Sorry… but those girls are so cute!

(Back to Hutz.)

Hutz: Your honor, the claims made by the offense…

Tom: (interrupting) Plaintiff!

Hutz: Right… the plaintiffs are both frivolous, false, and full of nonsense. Sure the official rules were sent and received directly on Tom’s desk immediately after they left for the island.

(Tom slaps his forehead.)

Hutz: But his duties as host prevented him from reading them. Oh, I just thought of another good one! Since they weren’t there when the game began, they weren’t the official rules of Animation Survivor!

(Shot of Mark and Tom.)

Mark: When did they get there?

Tom: Day 2.

Mark: Oh jeez.

(Dissolve to show the actual circus/trial. Shot of Blossom showing a chart displaying where Bubbles and Tracey received their votes.)

Blossom: The two contestants involved here are my client, and Tracey, the acting court artist.

(Pan over to Tracey, who is sketching the scenario.)

Tracey: Hm? I’m not the court artist!

(Tracey goes back to sketching. Back to Blossom.)

Blossom: Anyway, Bubbles received the votes on the following days- Day 21- one vote from Izzy. Day 27- 3 votes from Izzy, Tracey, and Stan.

Mr. Broflovski: (VO) Objection!

(Pan over to where South Park resident Gerald Broflovski, is in the stands with Stan.)

Mr. Broflovski: My client will not tolerate any accusations of attempting to remove the plaintiff from the island!

(Shot of Megumi, getting bored with the proceedings. Ryoko nudges her angrily.)

Megumi: Oh! Um… baka?

(Shot of Hutz interviewing a TV ratings specialist.)

Hutz: So therefore, by deliberately keeping Tracey in the 9:00 Wednesday time slot and eliminating Bubbles, it would be a relatively stupid maneuver, since the target audience for Pokémon would be in bed at the time!

Ratings Analyst: Yes…

(Hutz leans across the stand and gets in her face.)

Hutz: Speak when you’re spoken too!!

(Shot of Hutz interviewing Bubbles.)

(Shot of Blossom interviewing Bart Simpson, bandaged up in a wheelchair.)

Bart: (faked pain) I had to vote for Bubbles, Tom said if I didn’t, he would have taken my other leg!

(Shot of Tom, angry.)

Tom: That’s a dirty trick, Blossom.

Hutz: Man… she learns from the best!!

(Now, Blossom is delivering her closing arguments.)

Blossom: So therefore, not just the rules of the game were violated, but the quality of fairness in animation throughout the world. By allowing Bubbles to be eliminated in such an unfair fashion can not go unpunished. And while we respect Mr. Kamiya and believe that he too should keep the money for winning…

(Tom slaps his forehead.)

Blossom: It is also fair for Bubbles to earn the money as well. Thank you.

(Blossom sits down to another standing ovation. Hutz gets up.)

Hutz: Fantastic. But aren’t we missing the real point? The point is that in eliminating Bubbles in this fashion, which was completely fair, we allowed the game to break wide open. Because let’s face it… Tracey is an evil bastard.

Tracey: (OS) Hey!

Hutz: And by letting him live to be eliminated by his arch-rival was simply the best way to do it! We were fortunate enough to have an ending like that, and the fact that it was completely fair added to the effect. Esteemed members of the jury… ignore all the evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that we are guilty and instead look at the most important matter- what gave us better television?

(Hutz sits down.)

Tom: I’m screwed.

(Shot of Jeff Probst.)

Jeff: Jury. You will be in charge of rendering a verdict in favor of either Bubbles or Tom. You’ll go down the hall, write down who you want to win, say your piece, and go back to your seat. Yurika- lead the way.

(Cue that same ominous Tribal Council music as Yurika heads down the hall.)

Blossom: (OS) There’s that stupid music again!

(Voter’s shot of Yurika, as she writes down "BUBBLES" on a piece of paper and holds it to the camera.)
Yurika: She’s just so cute! How could I not vote for her?

(Yurika walks away. Aerial shot of Howmei, and Jun voting. Voter’s shot of Erina voting for "TOM.")
Erina: Those little twerps shouldn’t get in the way of big business!

(She walks away. Aerials of Nagare and Izumi voting. Voter’s shot of Izumi, holding "BUBBLES")
Izumi: (dark) I vote for Bubbles… therefore I am.

(Izumi snickers at her own joke (if you can call it that) and walks away. Aerial of Megumi voting. Voter’s shot of Inez, holding "TOM.")
Inez: It’s quite simple really, if you let me explain. The evidence may suggest that there might have been some sort of a mix-up in accordance to the rules, but when you look at how it would effect everybody, and how…

(Ryoko walks up to her and grabs her shoulder.)

Ryoko: Come on! Other people need to vote too you know!

(Aerial as Inez walks away and Ryoko votes. Aerial of Seiya. He holds "BUBBLES" and is smiling slightly.)
Seiya: Two cute young girls need my help in order to get what is rightfully theirs? How could I not help them- it’s my duty! I just hope they remember this deed down the road!

(He leaves. Aerial of Hikaru voting, and voter’s shot of Akito holding "TOM".)
Akito: I think it’s only fair for Tom to win. It’s not like Bubbles would have automatically won, and the rules they did use seemed fair enough. So… that’s what I think.

(Akito walks back, handing the vote box to Jeff.)

Jeff: As you know, once the votes are tallied the decision is final, and you will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

(Tom looks back at Mark, whose head is buried in his hands.)

Mark: I didn’t pick him for his smarts.

(Jeff opens up the box.)

Blossom: Hey, I thought it was supposed to be unanimous!

Jeff: What’s the fun in that? First vote… is for Bubbles.

Bubbles: Is that good or bad?

Jeff: That’s good.

Bubbles: Yay!

Jeff: Second vote… Tom.

(Shot of Tom)

Jeff: Bubbles. Tom. Tom.

Tom: Ha! I’m winning, eat that…

Jeff: Bubbles.

Tom: Aw.

Jeff: Another for Bubbles… and another for Tom.

(Shot of Blossom, trying to count the scores on her legal pad.)

Jeff: Next vote… Tracey?

Nagare: Hey, somebody had to vote for the sleaze bag!

Jeff: Right… then we have one each for Bubbles and Tom again. That leaves us with one vote left, and a 5-5 tie… with one for Tracey. And the final vote is for…

(Dramatic shots of Bubbles and Tom, waiting in suspense. Shot of Jeff, looking confused.)

Jeff: Me?

(He turns the card around. It reads "JEFF PROBST." Shot of Megumi.)

Megumi: Instead of just saying "baka" all the time, I thought this was easier.

Jeff: You know you’re supposed to be voting for who wins.

Megumi: Oh. I suppose that doesn’t make any sense then.

Jeff: Anyway, we have a deadlock. I’m going to ask the jury to…

(He looks at the jury, then back at Bubbles and Tom.)

Jeff: Never mind, we’ll just do it the easy way. Bring it in guys.

(Shot of the jury, looking blank.)

Jeff: That’s your cue.

Yurika: Oh, right! Pilots?

(Akito and Nagare walk away to the judge’s chamber. Ryoko and Izumi walk out of the room.)

Jeff: Bubbles? Please come to the front.

(Akito and Nagare come out with a set-up resembling the "hand on pedestal" challenge from Day 38, down to the immunity idol in the center. Ryoko and Izumi, meanwhile, have brought in Tai Kamiya and Bart Simpson, who has apparently made a speedy recovery. Hikaru drags a large background screen in front of the judge’s bench. From the stands, it looks like they are back on the sand spit… except for the hardwood floor.)

Jeff: Here are the rules- in order to determine if Bubbles could have in fact won, we will simulate the last immunity challenge. It is my decision that if Tai and Bart would have won, they each would have been strategically better off voting off Bubbles.

Tracey: (OS) Yeah, but this is Tai we’re talking about.

Jeff: Ah… now I see why Nagare voted for him. Anyway, if Bubbles wins immunity, she more than likely would have won in the jury count. Therefore, if she can outlast Tai and Bart, she will receive all damages sought. If however, Tai or Bart wins, the verdict goes to the defendant. Survivors ready?

(Shot of Bubbles, Bart, and Tai, on the pedestals, each with a hand on the idol.)

Jeff: This is for immunity!

(Tom leans over to Mark.)

Tom: You’ve created a monster.

Mark: Survivor was never meant to be used in this way…

(Mark runs towards and jumps out of a nearby window.)

Jeff: And… stay in your places!!

(Bubbles, Bart, and Tai… stay in their places.)

Jeff: The rest of you… can have a recess.

(A school bell rings and everybody rushes out of the room, except the three unlucky kids at the pedestal.)

Tai: Well Bart, here we are again.

(Bart hops off and begins running outside.)

Bart: Well, we’ve already proven that I can’t beat you, so I’ll just be ducking out. See ya!

(Bart leaves, with Tai’s mouth wide open.)

(Outside, everybody is mingling. Tom is talking to Hutz.)
Hutz: Hey, everybody keeps saying that I’m an underhanded incompetent?

Tom: Yeah?

Hutz: Well, I just did something that was underhanded, but for once it wasn’t incompetent!

Tom: Is that so?

Hutz: Ryoko’s on our side, so I had her put a bunch of superglue on Tai’s hand! He won’t be leaving that pedestal anytime soon!

(Shot of the pedestal.)

Tai: Aw, forget this, I don’t care if you win.

(Tai tries to take his hand off the pedestal, but can’t.)

Tai: Um… I’m stuck.

(Outside, everybody’s still mingling. Slowly, people begin filing out, apparently bored. Jeff walks up to Tom.)

Jeff: Hey, I’d love to stay and hand out the spoils, but I have to get back to Australia to host the show. If I don’t get there soon, Michael will have resorted to cannibalism.

(Jeff walks out of the building.)

Tom: You already got done filming that, moron!!

(More hours pass, more people keep leaving. By now, Howmei and Akito are showing the caterers how to really cook up a storm, Hikaru and Tracey are talking art stuff, and Mr. Broflovski is busy making sure nobody talks to Stan. Shot of Bubbles and Tai, still at the pedestal. Eventually, Blossom goes up to Tom.)

Blossom: You know what Tom? Wanna just call it quits? This is getting pretty stupid, and knowing those two, they’ll probably starve to death before leaving the pole.

Tom: Yeah… this whole thing has been nothing but a circus. Might as well call it a draw.

Blossom: Sounds good.

Hutz: Tell you what, we’ll forget about the $9,000 in lost prize money, and we’ll simply pay the mental anguish charges, whatever those were. I forgot.

(Tom is in absolute shock as Blossom shakes Hutz’s hand.)

Blossom: That works! You know, I’ve learned something today. Lawsuits are fine if they’re well-warranted, but most of the time, it’s just a pointless attempt at avoiding making money the old-fashioned way, and just eats up a lot of peoples’ time.

(Mr. Broflovski shows up.)

Mr. Broflovski: Blossom! That "lesson of the day" was directly plagiarized from one of my client’s episodes! We’ll see you in court!

(Shot of Jun, who looks around.)

Jun: Um… Megumi? That’s your cue.

(Megumi walks in, mouth full of food.)

Megumi: Hm? Tell ‘em I’m eating.

(Overhead shot of the room as the PPG guy narrates.)

Narrator: (VO) In the end, Blossom and Tom agreed to call the lawsuit off, and everybody learned a valuable lesson. However, due to the stupid actions of Lionel Hutz, Tom owed Blossom $500,000. Fortunately, Tom successfully sued Lionel Hutz to get that money… which immediately went to pay Stan Marsh for illegal usage of material from his show. Gerald Broflovski kept $499,000 and the other thousand was wasted on counterfeit Terrance and Philip dolls.

(Cue the pulsating heart, as the narrator suddenly turns cheery.)

Narrator: (VO) And so once again the day is saved…

(Blossom and Buttercup appear in their dramatic fighting poses.)

Narrator: (VO) Thanks to the Powerpuff Girls! Wait… where’s Bubbles?

(Back in the courtroom, Bubbles and Tai are still on the pedestal, alone. Tai is still trying to pull his hand off, and is also contemplating ways to chop it off.)

Bubbles: Hello? Hello? Blossom? Anybody? Hello?! Did I win yet?