Animation Survivor- Episode Twelve

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Episode Script:
(Tom is on the old American’s beach.)
Tom: It’s been over a month since the sixteen castaways were put on this island, and in that time, the actual island has been defeated. Finding food and adequate shelter isn’t an issue anymore. The big issue now is the tribal politics. With the Americans and Japanese clashing head to head, it has been an intense struggle. But last night’s vote shattered all records, with three backstabbers out of the six characters. Two were Sora and Bubbles, who left their respective alliances in order to vote against Tracey. The other was Tracey himself, who cast the decisive vote, sending former girlfriend Sora off the island. But three votes are still three votes, and it would be easy for Bubbles to convince Bart and Lisa that it was Tai who cast the vote against Tracey. Either way, we are now approaching the final four. Who will make it, and which one won’t? Only one way to find out.

Day Thirty-Four

[Tai is sitting on the beach, overlooking the ocean, mired in thought.]
Tai: How did Bubbles only get one vote?… how did Tracey get two votes?… and the big question is how did Sora still get three votes? Man, where’s Izzy when you need him?

(Tai bends down and picks up a stick and begins drawing a small diagram in the sand, with who everybody voted for.)

Tai: Let’s see, I voted for Bubbles. So if the Americans all voted Sora… then Sora voted Tracey, and Tracey voted for himself? Maybe that’s part of his devious plan.

(Tai looks at the diagram, then scratches through it.)

Tai: Nah. But that would mean that one of the Americans voted for Tracey, leaving Tracey to vote for… Sora. But why would he…

(Tai looks at the diagram.)

Tai: There’s no other way.

(Tai looks up and screams.)

Tai: Bastard!!

Tracey: I really feel bad about voting for Sora last night, but it was something I had to do. Maybe it was my mistake shooting for Bubbles when she was so close to Sora. But I could tell she wasn’t going to play along. And even if we did get Bubbles off, Sora and Tai are so close that they’d surely vote me off if we were the only ones left. It was simply my best option, even though wasn’t something I feel good about.

(Bart, Lisa, and Bubbles are on a different end of the beach. Bart and Lisa are visibly happy. Bubbles is sad and somewhat nervous.)
Bart: Bubbles... (excited) you're the man!!

Lisa: I had my doubts about you pulling through for us, but you definitely stepped up last night.

Bubbles: Um... right.

Bart: Not like it mattered... Sora and Tai voted for Tracey.

(Bubbles looks up, surprised.)

Bubbles: Tai?

Lisa: Yeah, I knew the other team had problems, but the least you'd expect from them is to vote for one of us.

Bart: Well, Tracey voted for Bubbles. I suppose that counts.

Lisa: I guess so. But this time for sure... Tai, right?

Bart: Hey... you voted off Izzy, Bubbles voted off Sora... how could I not vote for Tai next time?

(Lisa and Bart high-five, very happy. Bubbles looks dejected.)

Lisa: I think that both Bart and I now realize exactly what we put on Bubbles last night. I don't think we really did a good job motivating Bubbles enough to vote for Sora. We just told her to do it. But it really is a credit to her that she managed to bite the bullet and do the job. Now it’s almost certain that Tai and Tracey are next. It’ll definitely be a shame to vote her off after that, but it’s something we will have to do. Bart and I agreed that after everyone’s gone, we vote Bubbles off and let the jury decide between one of us. It’s tough, but there isn’t really a way around it.

[Tracey is alone in the hot tub, when Tai arrives. Tracey is relaxing and doesn’t see him… until Tai briefly ducks Tracey’s head into the water. He releases, as Tracey catches his breath, completely surprised.]
Tracey: What the??!! Who the heck…

[Tracey turns around and sees Tai, fuming. Tracey calms down.]

Tracey: (monotone) Oh. Hi Tai. I see you did your homework.

Tai: (pissed) You’re damn right I did my homework, what on Earth made you vote for Sora last night?!

Tracey: Well, it’s simply a matter of playing the percentages. I mean…

(Tai circles around, to face Tracey.)

Tai: To hell with the percentages, why Sora? Can’t you for one minute think about…

Tracey: Believe me, Tai, it was a very difficult decision. But I could tell that Sora…

Tai: You two used to be… you know.

(Tracey smiles, losing his composure for a second.)

Tracey: Oh yes I do. (regaining it) But nonetheless…she wasn’t voting for Bubbles. Maybe that was my fault, and I certainly didn’t see Bubbles voting away from Bart and Lisa, but it was necessary. I’ll be honest, I miss Sora. (losing it again) We had something that I’ve never felt before… something that I don’t know if I’ll ever feel again. (regaining it, smiling harshly) But you wouldn’t know about that kind of thing, would you?

(Tai’s back is to Tracey, his hands in fists. He’s sad and angry. Tracey continues.)

Tracey: Which brings up another point- when Misty got voted off, all you did was pout for awhile and go on with life. You didn’t get mad at anyone. But Sora gets yanked and suddenly you want a piece of me.

(Tai’s back is still to Tracey, his hands still in fists.)

Tai: (dark) Misty got voted off the right way. The other team saw her as a threat and removed her. Sora was stabbed in the back by a little weasel that she trusted for some reason. And you wonder why I’m pissed at you?

Tracey: (smug) I don’t know. I was beginning to think that you were pissed at me because I got closer to Sora than you ever will.

[Snap. Tai turns around and dives in after Tracey. Tracey remains passive, and relatively calm as Tai tries releasing his anger. After a short scuffle, with relatively little physical harm being done to Tracey, Tai lifts Tracey up, in a Homer Simpson-esque chokehold. Freeze on that, as Tai looks off to his right. Tracey rolls his eyes over as well. Pan over, to where Bart and Lisa are in swimsuits, looking at Tai and Tracey, very calmly.]

Bart: Oh. You two are already in here.

Lisa: We’ll come back later.

[Bart and Lisa turn around and leave. Pan back to Tai, who sighs and releases his grip on Tracey, who falls back into the water.]

Tracey: I was never a fan of violence, and this is why. Not because Tai actually had the nerve to attack me, but that it didn’t accomplish anything. I’m not threatened by Tai in any way, and he still feels bad because of Sora. So do I, but I’m not taking it out on anybody. Frankly, the concept of Tai thinking that he can solve anything that way is just insane. But still, I only need him for the next vote, and after that, I’m just going to stop helping him.

[Shot of the five at the campsite, around the fire. Tai is alone on a log, looking sorry for himself. Tracey is content, but glancing every so often at Tai. Bart and Lisa are on the same log, looking at Tai, rather bored. Bubbles is next to Lisa on a different log, looking at Bart and Lisa, somewhat lost.]

Day Thirty-Five

Bart: We’re definitely reaching the end here. It’s slowed down a lot. I guess we’re all really tired, and since there’s only five days left, we’re just kinda slowly passing it by.

Lisa: Sora probably did the best job of keeping both sides together, but now that she’s gone, there isn’t really any reason for us to associate heavily with each other. Bart and Tai get along okay, but it was nothing compared to what Bubbles and Sora had.

Bubbles: I used to play a lot with Bart, but lately, neither of us have really been in the mood to do anything fun. Bart’s always talking with Lisa or something.

[Shot of Bart and Lisa, talking very friendly, but with straight faces. Every so often, one of the two will crack a smile and nod, but nothing beyond that.]

Bubbles: I still haven’t told them that I voted for Tracey instead of Tai. I’m not sure if I want to or not. I don’t know what they’d do if they found out. I don’t want them to vote me off, because Blossom and Buttercup are gone. I’m the only one left and I have to win it for them. They wanted to win so bad, and now they can’t. But I still can, so I have to try my hardest. But one thing that bugs me is why Tracey voted for Sora. I think I’ll go ask him… excuse me.

(Interestingly enough, stay on that interview shot of Bubbles as we follow her across the beach, over to where Tracey is sitting and sketching the scenery.)
Bubbles: Tracey?

Tracey: (passive) Yes Bubbles?

Bubbles: Why did you vote for Sora?

(Tracey is caught off guard and his pencil goes astray and marks over the drawing.)

Tracey: (referring to the drawing) I’ve had better anyway.

(Tracey tears off the page from his book and throws it away. Bubbles swoops and catches the crumbled up piece of paper.)

Bubbles: Please don’t litter.

(Tracey smiles.)

Tracey: You are too cute. Let’s talk a walk.

Bubbles: Okay.

(They begin walking down the beach.)

Tracey: You know I loved Sora. She was friendly, open, a total gem. But I realized something. She and Tai were close.

Bubbles: Uh huh?

Tracey: A little too close for my taste.

Bubbles: You mean they were…?

Tracey: No. Worse than that.

Bubbles: They were married?!

Tracey: Um. No. They were beyond romantic tension. They are so close, and have been friends for so long, that they don’t worry about anyone mistaking them for a couple. That’s what I call being close. They know exactly where they stand with each other. It’s something that Ash and Misty don’t have.

Bubbles: But… why did you vote Sora off?

Tracey: Simple. They were out to get me. There was no way that I could drive Sora and Tai apart without getting rid of one of them. If we somehow got rid of you three, I wouldn’t have a chance.

Bubbles: That’s not a very good reason.

Tracey: Isn’t it? What happens if me and Tai get voted off and it’s just you, Bart, and Lisa?

Bubbles: Well then… I don’t know.

Tracey: It’s two against one, Bubbles.

Bubbles: But Bart wouldn’t vote against me!

Tracey: No? Either he’d vote against you… or his own sister. Same thing with Lisa.

Bubbles: But Bart likes me… and Lisa likes me.

Tracey: Maybe so… but you know what they say- blood is thicker.

(They reach the tree-mail, with message attached.)

Tracey: (changing the subject) Oh look, a reward challenge. Wonder what we get this time?

(Bubbles is still staring into space, Tracey shakes his head in disagreement.)

Tracey: You have got to be kidding me.

(In the woods, Tom and Manny are standing in front of a "produce aisle"-type scale. The five survivors are lined up nearby. There’s a path leading away from the action.)
Tom: Guys. I gotta tell you something. We’ve been watching you on TV and frankly, it’s getting pretty boring.

Bart: Well, I’m sorry, Tom. We’re playing a serious game here, we’re not really out here for entertainment purposes.

Tom: You don’t think so?

Bart: Actually, I didn’t mean any of that, but since the announcement said something about us being on TV, I’m setting you up for whatever you’re going to say.

Tom: Oh. Thanks. And you’re right, I’m sure the concept of you guys having been on television has entered your heads and I’m also sure you’re wondering what you look like on TV. That’s the reward for this challenge. Tonight, the winner will sail over with me to an undisclosed location, and not only do they get a good dinner, they will also get to watch one episode from their series. You pick the episode, and see what your adoring fans see. Except for Tracey. We couldn’t get broadcasting rights from Pioneer Animation, so if you win, we’ll have to show you the subtitled version.

Tracey: So what’s the problem?

Manny: (insulted) Hey, we strive for accuracy when we dub anime. We only change what we feel is necessary to more closely attract the target audience… it isn’t our fault that your show has the wrong target audience in Japan.

Tom: (curious) So why is he named Tracey instead of Kenji?

Manny: I don’t know. I was drunk.

Tom: Anyway… the challenge is something of a therapy method. We noticed that you’re all a bit high-strung, and this is a way for you to loosen up a bit. Down that path is a large mud volcano… and yes… mud. You will have five minutes to run down, collect as much mud as you can on your bodies, then run back and deposit it in your bucket. Whoever’s bucket weighs the most gets to watch themselves on TV.

(Tracey slyly leans over to Tai and whispers)

Tracey: Maybe I shouldn’t have voted off Sora. Would’ve been fun to see her…

Tai: (stern) Don’t even start.

Tom: Ready, set, go!

[The five rush down the path, into the mud. They all begin somewhat serious, trying to roll around, getting as much as they can on themselves before heading back. Bubbles’s speed down the path is an aid to her, but her small stature doesn’t let her collect much. Same applies to Lisa, but without the speed. Slowly, they all begin to loosen up, and are smiling and laughing as they cover themselves. Bart trips and falls into the mud, and Tracey and Bubbles, in the mud, laugh. Tai eventually gets the best strategy, covering tons of mud in his massive hair and dumping it in the bucket. After they call time, Tom weighs each bucket one at a time, but it isn’t really a contest. Tai wins.]

Tom: Congratulations Tai. If I wasn’t such a neat-freak I’d shake your hand.

[Bart goes up and hugs Tom.]

Bart: Tom, have we ever told you how great a host we think you are?

[The others all go up and hug Tom, while Manny just watches and laughs.]

Tai: Yeah, so much better than that VH1 guy.

[Tom just looks irate, but passive.]

Bart: I gotta admit, that was a lot of fun. It definitely worked in brightening the place up, we’re all back in our friendly modes again. And why shouldn’t we be? It’s pretty much set that the Americans are going to win, so what’s wrong with enjoying the time we have left with Tai and Tracey?

[Bart, Tai, and Tracey are washing off in the ocean, all happy.]
Tracey: I must say that was quite refreshing. Oh, and congrats Tai.

Bart: Yeah. You get to see how your hair looks on TV.

Tracey: Break out the wide angle lens!

[Bart and Tracey laugh.]

Tai: Hey, it’s my hair that got me the win remember.

Tracey: I guess so. Big, looming, RPG hair.

Tai: C’mon, Matt’s is just as bad!

Tracey: True. And Izzy’s wasn’t exactly the most conservative I’ve seen.

[They continue talking, very friendly, for a short while, until Tai turns semi-serious.]

Tai: Hey, man, Tracey, I’m sorry about yesterday.

Tracey: That’s fine. I was half-expecting you to react that way.

Tai: It’s just that it seemed so low for you to v…

[Tracey suddenly looks shocked at dive-tackles into the water, much to the confusion of Bart. When they surface, Tai looks shocked.]

Tai: What was that for??

Tracey: (very quiet, to Tai) This isn’t the best time to bring it up, but we still have the chance to win. Talk to me later. But the most important thing is to not tell Bart that I voted for Sora.

(Tracey releases.)

Bart: What was that?

Tai: Um… nothing!

Tracey: Yeah, we’re just planning out how we’re… (fake excitement) gonna get you next!

[Tracey and Tai suddenly try to tackle Bart in the water, very goofily. All three of them are just having a good time.]

[Nearing dark. Under the canopy, Bart and Lisa are talking.]
Lisa: Bart, I’m not saying I don’t trust you, but I need your word that you will vote for Tai tomorrow.

Bart: Of course I will. Didn’t I already say that?

Lisa: Sorry, but goofing off with them just makes me really nervous. This is that part of the game where all the backstabbers come out.

Bart: Geez… it sounds like it’s really difficult. We vote Tai, then Tracey, then Bubbles, then let the jury pick between us two. Right?

Lisa: Right, but…

(Bubbles shows up)

Bubbles: Hey guys! Bart, wanna go…

Bart: Not right now Bubbles. Lisa and I are talking. She doesn’t think I can vote for Tai tomorrow.

Lisa: I didn’t say that. What I meant was that…

Bubbles: Do we have to vote for Tai tomorrow?

Lisa: Yes, Bubbles, we have to vote for Tai tomorrow. There isn’t anybody left.

Bubbles: What about…?

Bart: Lisa and I think that Tai should go first. We think he has a better chance of winning immunity again, and want to take him out now.

Lisa: If Tai wins immunity, we’ll vote for Tracey. Okay?

Bubbles: (sadly) Okay.

(Bubbles walks away, dejected)

Lisa: What’s her problem?

Bart: I don’t know, she voted for Sora without blinking, but now she doesn’t want to vote for Tai?

Lisa: Weird.

(A light suddenly shines on Bart and Lisa. They hide their eyes. Pan around to where Tom is on the motorboat.)

Tom: I’ve come for the one you call Tai.

Tai: Coming!

(Tai comes running in and boards the boat.)

Tom: Okay. You haven’t decided on which episode you want by any chance, have you?

Tai: Actually, yeah. I’m just gonna play it safe. You got the one where we beat Etemon?

Tom: Yes. Good choice. We have that one.

(Tom and Tai sail away)

Tai: Good episode?

Tom: Well… it’s fine. I’m just relieved you didn’t pick any of the ones where Sora or Mimi had nude scenes. They’d be pissed off.

Tai: Nude scenes?

Tom: Only in three episodes.

(Tai still is looking at Tom funny)

Tom: I’m not on trial here!

[A seedy looking bar, with normal looking patrons are sitting, drinking, and minding their own business. Tai is blindfolded, being led inside by Tom. They sit down, and Tom removes the blindfold.]

Tom: Sorry about that, but we need to keep this location a secret.

(One of the patrons goes through a door at the back of the room. On the other side is a posh hotel. He leaves the door open.)

Tai: This kinda looks like a dump, but anything civilized looks good right about now.

Tom: Yeah. It isn’t much, but the big thing is having a good meal and getting off the island for a little while.

[Former castaway Serena walks down the hallway on the hotel side of the door. She catches Tai’s eye.]

Tai: Hey! Serena?

(Serena returns to the door.)

Serena: Hmm? Hey Tai! What are you doing here? You weren’t voted off… were you?

Tai: No, I won a reward challenge and I get to…

[Out of nowhere, Serena is shocked with electricity and goes down. Barb is behind her, holding a cattle prod.]

Barb: Situation’s under control, Tom.

Tom: Was that necessary? She’s not on the jury, it doesn’t matter if…

Barb: Come on Tom! Let me have a little fun!

Tom: Okay, fine.

(Barb drags Serena off and closes the door.)

Tai: Where were we?

[A waiter comes up, and puts drinks next to Tai and Tom.]

Waiter: Okay… (to Tom) a Coke for you… (to Tai) and a Bud Light for you.

[Tom slaps his forehead as the waiter leaves. Tai’s about to take a drink of the beer when Tom quickly switches glasses.]

Tom: This is what I get for cutting corners.

Tai: You know, I’m more of a Pepsi fan.

(Tom looks at Tai, angrily)

Tai: (quickly, rescinding) But I’ll be fine! Thanks.

Tom: Anyway… how’s life on the old isle?

Tai: Well… I’ve had better days. Tracey’s really been getting on my nerves.

Tom: I think what happened yesterday goes a little beyond getting on your nerves.

Tai: Am I going to get into trouble because of that?

Tom: Well, if it was somebody the fans actually care about, you would. Hell, if it was Ash, Nintendo would be on our phones all day.

Tai: But with Tracey?

Tom: Meh. Brock maybe… not Tracey.

Tai: I get the feeling Tracey’s not the most popular guy on the island.

Tom: Not really. You know fans… always loyal to the original stuff, not wanting to try new and different things in the shows. I don’t know what we’re thinking with Digimon 02.

Tai: 02?

Tom: Um… I’ll tell you when you get older.

Tai: Older? This doesn’t have anything to do with those nude scenes, does it?

Tom: (about ready to break down) Where’s that TV?

Tai: It was kinda cool seeing those adventures we had on TV. I’m glad I picked that episode, we all really worked together on that one. It was a proud moment.

[Shot of everyone watching the TV, during the last part of the episode where Tai’s being sucked into the weird dimensional-thingy to Sora’s screaming. Tai’s watching, just smiling, somewhat uplifted.]

Day Thirty-Six

[Tai and Bart are walking the path to the spring.]
Tai: It was cool. Very surreal, getting to see yourself in action.

Bart: I guess so… you’ve been talking about it all day.

Tai: It wasn’t quite how I remembered it though, I don’t remember the digivolving being so long and drawn out. And I definitely don’t remember all the funky lettering flying around when it happened. And I also didn’t hear Sora’s screaming. She looked pretty worried. You know, now that I think about it… she and I…

Bart: Shh! Did you hear something?

[They hear some murmuring coming from the hot tub.]

Tai: Yeah. It’s from the hot tub.

[They cautiously approach the hot tub, then rush to the scene quickly, startling Ash and Misty, who are inside, talking. They are briefly surprised.]

Ash: Oh. Hi Tai!

Tai: Misty? Ash? What are you two doing here?

Bart: Yeah, didn’t we vote you off once?

Ash: We got bored, so we decided to stop by and see how you were doing.

Misty: Yeah… the hot tub at the hotel just isn’t the same! They put too many chemicals in there… it’s really artificial.

Ash: Who are you, Naga?

Bart: Ahh! I can’t take any more of these anime references!!

Ash: How did you know it was an anime reference?

Bart: (cornered) Uh… bye!!

(Bart leaves, as Manny arrives and sees Ash and Misty.)

Manny: Aw, man, you spoiled the surprise. Now they’ll all know about the immunity challenge you guys are helping them with?

Tai: They didn’t say anything about an immunity challenge.

Manny: Oh. Whoops. South Beach at sunset.

(South Beach. Sunset. Bart, Lisa, Tai, Bubbles, and Tracey are lined up at the edge of the forest. Tom is walking back and forth.)
Tom: Okay. The immunity challenge the original version had here was some stupid thing about the mythology on this island. It turned into some stupid "Blair Witch" ripoff. Now since we’ve ripped off way too many things here, we don’t want any more baggage or pending lawsuits. Therefore, we have a new challenge, which involves working together with a guide that we have personally selected for you. First off is Bart. Your partner will be Misty.

(Misty comes out from the woods and silently stands next to Bart.)

Tom: Remember her? Next up is Tai. His partn… (hesitating) teammate is Matt.

(Matt stands next to Tai.)

Tom: Lisa? You’ll be working with Kyle.

(Kyle stands next to Lisa.)

Tom: Bubbles? You get your sister Buttercup.

(Buttercup stands next to Bubbles.)

Tom: And Tracey?

Tracey: Bring on the old girlfriends!

Tom: I wish. You get your bestest buddy Ash.

(Ash comes out and stands next to a very nervous Tracey.)

Tom: Although with some of you it was before this island adventure begun, but you’ve all had some good moments with your guide. Whether it’s the Tribal summit, where Bart and Misty humiliated me to no end.

Misty: And I’d do it again in a second.

Tom: Or whether it’s something long ago, like Kyle’s dramatic rescue when Lisa was being held captive by Arbok.

Lisa: (very dryly) Just a knight in shining earflaps.

Tom: You’ve all bonded with your guide at one time. But at the same time, you also helped cut short their lives on this island. All of you cast a deciding vote against your guide, sending him or her off the island. Some, like Lisa or Bart, did it under orders, but the fact that you two felt bad about it makes you honorary backstabbers.

Tai: I’m not a backstabber, I was just…

(Tai looks at Matt and runs out of steam.)

Tom: Right. Note that none of these five are on the jury, so they can’t do anything to hurt you beyond this challenge.

Kyle: Actually, Stan wanted me to ask you guys if…

Tom: Ahem. There is a course out in the woods for you to navigate through. Each of the guides have been given a map of the woods outlining exactly where to go. The catch is that you have to lead the way. There are four checkpoints in the woods, each with a mask that you have to get in numerical order. There are also several obstacles to cross, where teamwork will be necessary. There is a different course for everybody, but they all track the same distance in the end. Whichever team gets all the masks and both people across the finish line wins the all-important immunity. Survivors ready?

(The ten get into a set position, with the five guides taking maps out.)

Tom: Non-survivors ready?

(The five guides briefly look angry)

Tom: And Go!

[Mad dash between everybody. Again, I won’t get to the details. Matt and Ash seem to be barking commands constantly to Tai and Tracey, with some success as they take the early lead. Tai gets his first mask. Then Tracey, Bart, Bubbles, and Lisa. As it progresses, Tai incorrectly follows the instructions Matt gives and they briefly get lost. Bubbles and Lisa find masks. Tracey quickly grabs a mask, and Ash signals for them to go in one direction. They run for a second, when they collide head on with Bart and Misty. All four go down in one heap.]

Bart: Jeez… does this happen to you three a lot?

Tracey: It’s far too often the case.

[Ash stands up quickly, helps Tracey to his feet, and they take off as Bart helps Misty up. Bubbles gets lost, with Buttercup getting somewhat frustrated. There’s a creek with two logs over it, and Kyle helping Lisa cross. Tai and Matt quickly pass them, with Tai practically jumping over the log. Nearing the finish line, Tracey and Ash have a lead, but Tai and Matt are catching up fast. Tracey hauls butt, and Ash puts some extreme effort into it, as they manage to keep the lead and cross the finish line… and quickly get out of the way to dodge Tai and Matt ferociously running past them.]

Manny: Close one, but Tracey- you are the winner.

[Ash looks a little too happy, giving one of his traditional short laughs. He approaches Tracey, motioning for a high-five. Tracey, happy but somewhat confused by Ash’s emotion, receives it.]

Ash: Hey Manny, how long before we go back?

Manny: Tom said that you can all stay for a couple hours to catch up on lost time.

Ash: Great. Me and Tracey are gonna have a little chat.

[Shot of Tai, Matt, Kyle, Lisa, and Bart having a very friendly conversation.]
Matt: My question is why you voted Serena off right after me.

Tai: Hey, I didn’t vote for Serena!

Matt: No, I mean, one week after I get away from her, she’s back to bugging me at the hotel.

[All five laugh.]

Matt: The least you could’ve done is let her stay on for a little while longer.

(Zoom out, to where Buttercup and Bubbles are watching them. Buttercup is sadly annoyed.)

Buttercup: How come Bart is still here?

Bubbles: Don’t start this again, he’s done a good job bringing us all together and stuff.

Buttercup: I know, but it seems kinda unfair, doesn’t it? Me and Blossom do all the work to get us started. I’ve gotten over how I got voted off, but why Blossom? She’s been playing this game better than anyone else on this island. Why’d she lose?

Bubbles: I don’t know. But it’s okay, because me and Bart and Lisa got back on track and got rid of Izzy and Stan.

Buttercup: That’s another thing that bugs me. We’ve been here for like a month… how come nobody from Bart’s show got voted off yet? Lisa’s still here too.

Bubbles: They’ve been doing good, although I don’t like how they voted off Sora. And they said that we have to vote Tai off now.

Buttercup: Well if you don’t like it, don’t just stand there. Otherwise they’ll just vote off Tai, then Tracey… then you.

(Shot of Bubbles, looking at Buttercup sadly)

(Along the beach, Ash, Misty, and Tracey are talking.)
Tracey: Ash, let me ask you something- you seemed to really want me to win this today. Why?

Ash: Why wouldn’t I? You’re part of the team.

Tracey: What do you mean?

Misty: Tracey, I heard all that stuff you said about me and Ash. How we’re hyper, gullible nutcases?

Tracey: Well… when you put it that way… yeah! If you heard all that stuff, I’m surprised you’re even still talking to me!

Ash: Like it or not, you’re all we got left. I’ll admit that I probably liked Brock better,

Misty: And Todd…

Ash: And Duplica…

Misty: Gary at times…

Ash: Team Rocket has their moments now and then.

(Tracey rolls his eyes)

Ash: But still… you’re the only one left from our show. Me and Misty didn’t make it.

Tracey: Well yeah but… I voted you off for Pete’s sake!!

Ash: Still. You may not like it, but you’re representing us now. You’re a part of the team now. You might be only using us to get in touch with Professor Oak, but we don’t mind.

Misty: You wanna meet him, we’ll drive you to his doorstep.

Ash: I was a little suspicious at first, but as far as I’m concerned, you’re one of us now.

(Tracey is now showing signs of emotion. Still shot of the three walking away)

Ash: Besides, if you weren’t with us, I’d only have Misty to talk to.

Misty: (angry) WHAT DID YOU MEAN BY THAT??!!

Tribal Council

(Tom is at Tribal Council)
Tom: Just three days left. And in each of those three days, one of the final four will be removed, leaving just our champion to laugh his or her head off at the expense of the others. But before we get started with the final four, we have to take care of the Regionals. Tracey won the East Regional hands down over Kansas, but there are four others fighting for three slots. Let’s bring in the teams, er, players.

(Bart, Bubbles, Lisa, Tai, and Tracey enter.)

Tom: And of course, the 16th seeded jury.

(Blossom, Izzy, Stan, and Sora enter.)

Sora: Please Mr. Wallace… 6th through 9th seeded.

Tom: Right… I suppose Cartman got 16th, which means that whoever voted him off is 1st seeded.

Bubbles: Yay! I’m gonna win!!

Lisa: Bubbles, it’s a metaphor that he’s squeezing every last drop out of. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to win or lose. And besides… I voted Eric off too, so I’m also first seeded.

Tom: Okay. First off, Tai. Considering the way your votes have gone in the last few councils…

[Tom makes a whipping sound, with appropriate hand motions.]

Tom: Sora has you whipped. She’s had some influence on your votes the last three times. But she’s over there watching now… who do you vote for?

Tai: Does it really matter at this point? I’m just picking the person that I would least like to be here. Not to mention any names.

Tom: Didn’t he win immunity?

Tai: Okay, fine, the next one up. Way up.

Tom: Tracey?

(Tracey’s been staring into space for the last minute or so.)

Tracey: Huh? Yeah?

Tom: You with us?

Tracey: Yeah. I’m here.

Tom: So, from the evil genius…

Tracey: Genius? Let’s not go nuts.

Tom: Anything up your sleeve for tonight? Or are you letting your Japanese counterpart take the bullet first?

Tracey: Uhh… I’ll give you the answer after the vote.

Tom: Fine, fine… Bart, rock the box.

(Bart heads to the voting booth, voter’s shot as she writes down "TAI")
Bart: How to put it in words. Hmm, let’s see… how about… "duh."

(He leaves. Fade to aerial shot of Bubbles and Lisa voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Lisa holding "TAI".)
Lisa: Well, so much for taking him out early. Heh, better late than never.

(She leaves. Fade to aerial of Tracey voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Tai holding "LISA")
Tai: Given the option, there really isn’t an option. I went with Bart because Sora told me to. I went with Bubbles because Tracey told me to. This is what I want. Sort of.

(He leaves, back to Tribal Council as Tom takes the box.)
Tom: Sora?

Sora: I defer to Stan.

Tom: Didn’t you used to hate him?

Sora: Did I? Oh yeah… I remember that. But with all these basketball analogies, I think it’s best that we give the ad lib to "Marsh Madness" this round.

Stan: Sorry, all out.

Tom: Next time, we’re getting the cast of "Whose Line is it Anyway" to do Tribal Council.

[Tom reaches into the box and quickly looks up.]
Tom: There is no next time! Okay?! Just making that clear, first vote is for… Tai.

Tai: (dry, expecting it) Oh. Golly.

Tom: Then… Lisa.

Lisa: (smiling, following Tai’s lead) Oh. Shucks.

Tom: Next vote is for Tai…

Tai: (looking at Lisa, smiling, melodramatic) Oh spite.

Tom: (getting slightly annoyed) Next is Lisa.

Lisa: (catching Tai’s drift) Oh hell.

Tom: Oh shut up. That’s two votes each for Lisa and Tai. The final vote is for…
(Tom smiles)

Tom: Lisa.

(Bart, Lisa, Tai and Bubbles are shocked out of their minds. Tracey is merely pleasantly surprised. Total silence.)

Tai: Oh s**t!!

Lisa: (surprised) Me? Um… can I have a recou…

Tom/Bubbles/Bart/Tai/Tracey: (loud, fearful) NO!!!!

(Lisa glances at a worried Bart, then grabs her torch.)

Lisa: (muttering somewhat) Alright already.
(Lisa takes her torch to Tom.)

Tom: Lisa. The tribe has spoken.

(Lisa’s torch is extinguished.)

Tom: It’s time for you to go.

(Lisa walks down the trail.)

Tom: And all the fans were probably thinking we had a "Simpsons" bias! Shows them!
(Shot of the four remaining going back to camp.)

Lisa: I honestly don’t know what to say. I don’t know if it was because I got over-confident, whether my strategies didn’t work, or whether I was just stabbed in the back by people I trusted. I have a strange hunch that it was a combination of the three, that I was too confident in my flawed strategies, which included trusting people I probably shouldn't have. That sounded really bad. I’m just a little bit angry right now, but I know that later on I’ll look back at this and realize exactly how much I accomplished here. Fifth place is quite impressive, even though I had my sights set on better. Of course, I’ve always been a fan of the democratic process, so I’ll be able to find out all the information before casting my vote.

Preview of Next Episode
Tom: Let’s see… eh, nothing happens in the next one. I think we’ll skip it.
*How will Bart react to Bubbles voting against his sister right before the council?
*Tracey remains touched by Ash’s words- does he have enough tricks up his sleeve to give "Pokémon" the win?
*And the jury members prepare hard for their interrogation of the final two, what old skeletons will come out of the closet due to Blossom, Izzy, Stan, Sora, and Lisa?

Author’s Notes:
Due to lack of interest, I decided not to write the last episode.

Just kidding!

Candidate Votes Voters    
Lisa 3 Bubbles Tracey Tai
Tai 2 Bart Lisa  

Okay, as Tom brought out at Tribal Council, the concept of "Simpsons- bias" has come up before in my mind. Of course, I’d probably deny it flat out, but as a Simpsons fanfic writer, it’s probably in my bones to think that Lisa and Bart would no doubt make it this far. Obviously anybody’s interpretation of this scenario could be different. Some could have Lisa going preachy on everybody and not even making the merger. But that’s just like having somebody like Matt or Ash going out earlier than normal, as I did. It all comes down to interpretation. All the shows get their moments in the spotlight, and I try to maintain some level of realism. If I appear anti-"Pokémon" or pro-"Simpsons," then I apologize. Of course, if I appear anti-"Sailor Moon," that’s because I really am. At least the dubbed version of it.

And since I brought up anime references, I’ll point out that the reference in the hot tub was to "Slayers." Of course, I’ve only seen one of the movies, so I’m just assuming that part of Naga’s character includes being a hot spring connoisseur. She sure looked like it.

Finally, people may have noticed that I occasionally "talk through" the characters to give my take on a certain aspect of the show, one popular example is the application of the Five Man Rule discussed in Episode Four. In fact, Tracey's talk about the Tai/Sora relationship compared to the Ash/Misty relationship in this episode is another case. But I'd like to point out that Tom's talk about fans not being open to new things is not me talking. Remember that Tom made his debut in a Simpsons fanfic called "The Keys of Tanur," where he displayed a lot of disdain over the fans' negative reviews of his shows. It's simply a part of his character that he doesn't like fans complaining, and it was that part of his character that made him developed enough for me to win the SFC Award for Best Original Character in 1999, part of an annual awards program praising the best in Simpsons fanfiction.