Animation Survivor- Episode Eleven

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Episode Script:
(Tom is riding a yacht, in the ocean.)
Tom: After successfully voting off Blossom, it looked like the Americans on the Anima Tribe were in trouble, and would have to work very hard at achieving victory against the Japanese. But despite losing a leader, Bart, Lisa, and Bubbles recovered very well, and have successfully voted off two consecutive castaways. The first was Izzy, although the Americans received a little help from Tai and Sora. The second? Stan Marsh, chosen for his contributions to the Japanese alliance and his link to Tracey. But although the Americans have the momentum, Tracey, Tai, and Sora can’t be counted out yet. Bart and Lisa are battling for leadership of the alliance in Blossom’s absence. Bubbles has developed a friendship with both Sora and Tai, and may have trouble voting for them. And finally, with Stan gone, it is now an even three on three between the two tribes, and if the Japanese could somehow unite, the results could be disastrous for the Americans.

Day Thirty-One

Tracey: I knew going into this game that an alliance would be necessary in order to win. And so I started an alliance, and I managed to get a few out of here. And right now, I’m still in the alliance. The problem is that I’m the only one in it! And that’s a problem I’m going to have to fix, or else my days are numbered.

(Shot of Tracey, watching Tai and Sora walking along the beach in the background. Tai and Sora appear to be talking very normally, like two friends. Tracey’s interview can be overheard.)

Tracey: Sora and Tai are close. They’re good friends, and have been before we started. That’s one disadvantage that I have to overcome, that I’m the only one from my show. But I’m used to that situation. Anyone else could look at them and see those two as immovable, and unwilling to do my bidding. I look at them- and I see another Ash and Misty.

(Tai and Sora are walking along the beach, just talkin’)
Tai: I like Mr. Tenkawa, he actually tries getting to know the class instead of just gabbing all the time.

Sora: I don’t know, he doesn’t always get the message across, you go to class, you’re supposed to learn something. That’s why I like Hoshino. She takes some getting used to, but you learn a lot.

Tai: I’ve never had her. Miss Misamaru?

Sora: Oh, total airhead.

(Tai laughs)

Tai: Yeah. Fun though!

(Tracey shows up, smiling, and puts an arm around each’s shoulder.)

Tracey: Hey, guys. What’s up?

(Tai and Sora, in synch, shrug Tracey’s arms off their shoulders.)

Sora: Not much.

Tai: Just talking about teachers back home.

Sora: It’s an Odaiba thing. You wouldn’t understand.

Tracey: Oh. I’ve had a few nightmare teachers in my time…

Tai: It’s no fun if we don’t know them.

Tracey: No?

Sora: Not really.

Tracey: Is there anything we can talk about?

Sora: Hmm… (sarcastic) who would win in a fight, Agumon or Pikachu?

(Tai laughs. Tracey just looks confused.)

Tracey: I’d have to get some sort of statistics on Agumon because…

Tai: Tracey, it’s a joke.

(Tracey stands there while Tai and Sora keep going.)

Tracey: (calling out) C’mon guys, Stan just got voted off, I don’t have anybody to talk to!

(Sora stops and turns back.)

Sora: Oh, that’s right. I suppose Stan was all you had left.

Tracey: Yeah. Now what am I supposed to do?

(Sora walks back to Tracey.)

Sora: Well, there’s only a few days left, you’ll just have to shake it off and deal with it.

(Tai slowly walks back.)

Tracey: Yeah. You’re right. And we’re still friends, right?

Sora: Of course.

Tracey: Tai?

(Tai rolls his eyes.)

Tracey: Remember who was there for you when Misty was voted off.

Tai: Yeah. Sora.

Tracey: Oh. Right. But who organized the alliance to get Blossom voted off?

Tai: Hmm. Maybe. (demanding) But no matter what, no alliances this time. I’m done with those.

Tracey: Really? You and Sora must’ve had some major hive mind when you both voted Bart.

Tai: (caught off guard) Well… that’s just a little thing between me and Sora.

Sora: It’s not an alliance, we’re just… retaining our positions in the tribe.

Tracey: Oh, mind if I join in?

Tai: Huh?

Tracey: You know… not an alliance. Just let me know who you’re going to vote for next time, and I’ll play along. No big deal.

Tai: What if we decide to vote for you?

Tracey: You guys wouldn’t do that. Right Sora?

(Sora hesitates for a second, looking back and forth between Tai and Tracey)

Sora: No, of course not.

(Tracey smiles at Sora.)

Sora: A lot of people don’t quite understand Tracey as much as I do. Yes, it was only a little island fling we had, but we still were very close. I feel kinda sorry for him. Not so much about Stan, but that he had his heart set on winning this game, and it looks really doubtful now. The Americans are so powerful, and well on the road to winning, Tracey’s probably taking it a bit hard. I never had the kind of high expectations Tracey did, so I’m okay with it. So I think it’s best if me and Tai started talking with him more, if only out of pity.

Tracey: I always liked Sora. Even after all we’ve been through, she’s still able to welcome me into her group. I’m an honorary digi-destined! Although I’m surprised it hasn’t dawned on her that if I go along with her and Tai’s votes, we’re dead even with the Americans. I don’t think I’ll tell her quite yet. Meanwhile, I have the more difficult challenge of dividing the American alliance. I can only hope the Simpson children aren’t immune to a good old-fashioned sibling rivalry.

(Around the campfire, Bart and Lisa are talking.)
Lisa: Blossom wanted Tai gone first, Bubbles wanted Tai gone first, I wanted Tai gone first. I’m surprised he’s still here! But we have to get him out of here now, or he’s going to find some way to pull through.

Bart: Yeah, but look at the way Sora hangs with Bubbles, she’s obviously trying to make Bubbles like her so much that Bubbles wouldn’t vote for her.

Lisa: Don’t you see it, Tai’s been doing the same thing to you!

Bart: If he did, where is he? He’s not with me now, is he?

Lisa: Why isn’t Sora with Bubbles?

Bart: Lis… she is.

[He points across the beach, where Sora and Tracey are with Bubbles.]

Lisa: Well, so’s Tracey, he’s not trying anything. Maybe we should just try voting him off again.

Bart: That kind of defeats the purpose of voting off the strongest members of the other team.

Lisa: Maybe he is the strongest. He did win immunity last time. He can sneak up there too.

Bart: But he won’t. He’s the least of our concerns right now.

Lisa: Why?

Bart: Simple. He’s the only one from his show. He’s got no friends here. Sora and Tai make a good team. One that we have to break up next time. And considering the way Sora cozies up to everybody, we have to take her out.

Lisa: Bart, we aren’t going to resolve this today. We have two days to make a decision. We’re down to Tai and Sora; we’ll just have to figure something out by then.

Bart: Right. And no matter what, whoever we decide on is who we vote for.

Lisa: Exactly.

Lisa: Bart and I are both very determined to get our points across, and we have to make sure we don’t get too passionate in our arguments that one of us is driven out of the alliance. We have to stick together. Even if we have to rock-paper-scissors to figure out whether to vote Tai or Sora, we’ll come up with something. It’s the only way we’re going to make it.

(Bubbles and Bart are in the hot spring. Both are relaxed.)
Bart: Ah. After a long day, it’s nice to just chill in the hot tub. Right?

Bubbles: Yep. But why aren’t we in here more often?

Bart: I don’t know. This is the reason we moved here, isn’t it?

(Tai shows up. He sees the two, and is a little hesitant.)

Tai: Um. Hey guys.

Bart: Hey Tai, hop in.

(Tai enters.)

Bart: Man, I’m surprised you got any work done with this thing before.

Tai: I don’t think we did. Was I interrupting you two?

Bubbles: Nope.

Bart: Not really. What’s there to interrupt?

Tai: I don’t know. Maybe you were talking alliances or something.

Bart: The day after council? Come on, Tai, give us something.

Bubbles: Buttercup and Blossom are gone, I’m Bubbles!

Bart: Yeah, she’s the cute one!

Tai: So what, you don’t turn vicious for another two days?

Bart/Bubbles: Nope!

Bart: Tribal Council is hell to go through, and the last thing I want to do is think about it. I’m just trying to relax, enjoy myself… you know.

Tai: Yes I do. So why the alliance?

Bubbles: What do you mean?

Tai: Well, if you’re just trying to enjoy yourself, why are you in that stupid alliance?

Bart: (concerned) This isn’t some half-assed attempt to break the alliance up, is it?

Tai: Uh… no.

Bart: (relieved) Good. The alliance is ‘cuz we want to win.

Tai: I thought you were just trying to have fun?

Bubbles: We can’t do both?

Tai: Well… I guess so.

Bart: It’s easy. Just relax and have fun for two days…

Tai: Then you turn into evil monsters and vote me off…

Bart: Hey, I’m stickin’ up for you, Tai. Lisa so wants you gone.

Tai: She does?

Bart: Since the merger. I think she’s a bit obsessed myself.

Tai: Well… who do you want gone?

Bart: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Bubbles: (guessing) Is it Sora?

Bart: (to the side, at Bubbles) Bubbles, exnay around her oytoybay.

Bubbles: Or is it Tracey?

Bart: It’s one of those two.

Tai: Heck, if it’s Tracey, I’ll join you.

Bubbles: Yay!!

Bart: Hmm… I’ll have to take that under consideration. But right now…

[Bart falls asleep in the hot spring. Tai looks angry at him for a second, then smiles and shakes his head.]

Tai: What are we going to do with you?

Bubbles: (quickly) Don’t vote him off!

(Tai smiles at Bubbles.)

Tai: You know, for an evil alliance, you guys sure are a lot of fun!

Tai: I don’t care if they are picking us off one by one. I like Bart and Bubbles. They’re having a lot of fun, and I can’t blame them for trying to win. They’re nice about everything, they’re friendly, they’re fun to be around. Heck, Lisa’s the same way. I never really liked the idea of having an alliance, but if those three are going to be in one, I guess I’m okay with that. Even if they do vote me off next time, I won’t think any less of them. They’re good people.

[Shot of all six of them huddled over dinner, having a good time, and interacting with no problems.]

Day Thirty-Two

[A similar scene that we just saw. This time, Sora and Bart are on either side of Bubbles. All three are talking and laughing together, Sora particularly close to Bubbles. Off to the side, Tai is watching, smiling, and occasionally participating in the conversation. Farther off to the side is Tracey, watching Sora, plain-faced, but a tad infatuated. He sighs.]

Tracey: I don’t usually get emotional, unless it directly involves my calling as a Pokémon watcher, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any romantic feelings for Sora. She… she just touches you in that way. Strange that the first thing I said after this little island fling started was that we had to make sure we didn’t get too attached. I can’t even follow my own rules. I’ve only got a week left on this island, and Sora will probably have slightly less, so I’m wondering why we can’t stay in contact with each other. And not just Sora too, but everybody- Stan, Izzy, the whole group. What’s keeping us from writing letters, sending e-mails, phone calls? I’ve used up most of Ash’s phone cards talking to Professor Oak, why not talk to Sora?

[Whole group around the canopy, talking.]
Bart: It’s not like this is even the first time we’ve been stranded on an island.

Sora: First time for us.

Tai: Not counting being transported to another world.

Sora: Right… File Island. But we weren’t shipwrecked.

Tai: Well… no. I guess not. We were stranded though.

Tracey: Hey guys, I’ve been thinking…

Tai: Uh oh… he’s going to ask us to take over the world.

Tracey: Oh, no. Nothing conspiratorial today. I was wondering why we can’t stay in contact with each other after we’re done with this. I’ll be online in a few months, we can e-mail or something.

Lisa: Yeah. Be a shame if we didn’t see each other again after all we’ve been through.

Bubbles: We have to stay in touch, we’re all such good friends.

Bart: Yeah, except for every three days, when we turn into vicious beasts and stab each other in the back.

Tai: Exactly!

Bart: Tracey brought up a good point. Despite all the voting and stuff, we’re all good friends. It would suck if I couldn’t talk to Bubbles or Tai, or even Stan or Misty. Just hope they figure something out.

[Bart is arriving with a reward challenge announcement- a large Trivial Pursuit card.]

Bart: Guys! Tom’s messing with our heads again!

[Others approach and take a closer look at the card. For the little colored bubbles which have the category initials, the initials are "DI," "PG," "PO," "SI," and "SP," although the "SP" has a very hastily drawn red "X" on it.]

Lisa: Is this another one of those challenges which focuses on the individual shows?

Tai: Quick, make sure Sora has her hat!

(South Beach. This one’s hard to explain, so listen up. There are six different rows, each with six flat squares in a line. The six rows converge to a center platform, and on the other sides are six large cubes. The six arrive, and are greeted by Tom.)
Tom: Hello, this is the reward challenge, and a doozy of a reward we have today. You see out there in the water…

(Offshore is a very good-looking yacht.)

Tom: That’s right…

Tai: We win a yacht?!

Tom: Yeah… wait. No. You win a night on that yacht. Just one night. That’s it.

Tai: Way to get our hopes up.

Tom: Anyway, we have an interesting one for you. I’ve been overhearing you guys talk about how you’ve been growing closer as friends. Well, we’re going to put that to the test. You’ve all had some amazing adventures in the past. Whether you’re battling Seadramon or Sideshow Bob, you’ve all done quite a bit. Now we’re going to test how much of your past is remembered… by your friends. I’m going to be asking a series of multiple choice or true-false questions alternating between your four shows. The catch is that only the ones outside of that show can answer. If you’ve been listening to your friends, you advance a square with every right answer. Likewise, if you’ve been dishing out the info, you also advance a square if at least two others correctly answer a question about your show.

Tai: What? How are they supposed to know about our show?

Tom: Let’s try it out… Bubbles… Who shot Mr. Burns?

Bubbles: Um… wait, Bart and Lisa said their little sister did it!

Tom: Heh, Wallace 1, Kamiya 0. First question relates to the Powerpuff Girls. Bubbles stay out of this- True or False… Ice breath is a power unique only to Blossom.
[Everyone except Bubbles uses the cube and holds either a "T" side or an "F" side. Well… only Tai answers False.]

Tom: The answer is True, Bart, Lisa, Sora and Tracey can advance. Bubbles, four people got it right, so you advance too. Next question is Digimon- which vampire-like Digimon held a chokehold on Tokyo for a brief period of time? a) Piedmon, b) Myotismon, c) Devimon, or d) Vampiramon.
[Strangely enough, Bart, Bubbles, and Tracey provide the correct answer of b.]

[Advance through the game a little bit. Bubbles, Sora, and Tracey have a slight lead.]

Tom: Who discovered fire when Bart and Lisa were stranded on an island? a) Lisa b) Milhouse c) Lewis d) Nelson.
[Bubbles is the only one who answers correctly- "D".]

Tom: Okay, only Bubbles advances. Next is Pokémon- Who is Ash’s mentor and Pallet Town’s resident Pokémon expert? a) Professor Oak, b) Professor Elm, c) Professor Ivy, or d) Professor Plum?
[Crazily enough, only Sora provides the correct answer of "A." In fact, Bart answers "D". Shot of Sora happily advancing, while Tracey just stares at Tai.]

Tracey: (plainly) You do realize Tai, that I now have to kill you.

Tai: I thought you were making that guy up!!

Tracey: How can I possibly make up the pure genius that is Professor Samuel Oak?

[Advance farther, to show that Bubbles, Sora, and Tracey are each one step away from victory.]

Tom: Trace… bad news… we’re at another Pokémon question. It’s out of your hands. Here we go- (quickly) What is the average in-air velocity of an unladen Spearow?

[The whole group is caught off guard.]

Tom: For real- which of the following is one of Brock’s Pokémon? a) Arbok, b) Butterfree, c) Onix, or d) Lambtron?
[Bubbles and Tai provide the correct answer of C.]

Tom: Bubbles you advance… and so does Tracey for having two right.

Tracey: (in shock) Thanks… although to be honest I didn’t know that one!

Tom: Really?

Tracey: No… but I knew the Spearow question! The answers five.

Tom: Three.

Tracey: Three? I’ll have to check your math.

Tom: Anyway, Bubbles did get it.

Bubbles: Actually, it was a lucky guess!

Tom: (somewhat annoyed, but composes himself) And we have tie-breaker questions for you two. Two questions from Simpsons and Digimon to see who stays on the yacht. First question… What’s the name of Bart’s teacher? a) Ms. Hoover, b) Mrs. Krabapple, c) Mrs. Glick or d) Mrs. Robinson?

Tracey: What’s with the obsession with teachers lately?
[Despite the ad lib, they both provide the correct answer of "B".]

Tom: Okay. I now realize why they were held back as tie-breakers. They’re friggin’ easy. Anyway, Digimon. What does Tai’s crest represent? Jeez, I can see our audience falling asleep now. a) Friendship, b) Courage, c) Leadership, or d) Light.
[Bubbles answers B, Tracey answers D.]

Tom: And the correct answer is… E) Tracey’s an idiot. It’s courage. Bubbles wins.

Tracey: Come on, I’ve seen it! It’s a bloody sun! How stupid is it for me to guess Light?

Tom: Pretty stupid if you knew who actually does have Light.

Tracey: So what does the crest of light look like?

Tom: It looks like a… anyway, Bubbles, you’ll get to spend tonight aboard a yacht!

[Bubbles cheers, then stops.]

Bubbles: Just me?

Tom: Just you. Although if I’m in a good mood, I’ll let you pick somebody to join you for breakfast. Okay?

[Bubbles nods and the others head back for camp.]

(Bubbles is walking down the beach, with Bart and Lisa on either side.)
Bart: Bubbs… babe… how’s it hangin’?

Lisa: Bart, stop sucking up to Bubbles. She’s not going to pick you for that breakfast thing… she’s picking me. Aren’t you?

Bart: What… Bubbles, why pick Lisa, I’ve been your friend since we got here!

Lisa: So have I!

Bubbles: You both have.

Bart: So who are you picking?

Lisa: Yeah… the person who appreciates and values your contributions to our team and to our group… or Bart?

Bart: Hey? I appreciates and values her contributions… plus I’m the oldest!

Lisa: What does that have to do with anything? Bubbles is the youngest and look how far she’s gone.

Bart: (correcting) Lisa… Bubbles isn’t the youngest… they were all created at the same time. If you were as good a friend as me, you’d know that!

Bubbles: Quiet! I’m not good at making decisions!

Lisa: C’mon Bubbles, it’s not that hard to make a decision.

Bubbles: Who are we voting for tomorrow?

[Lisa says "Tai" while Bart says "Sora." Bubbles smiles and turns away.]

[All six are on the beach, when Tom arrives in a motorboat.]
Tom: Bubbles… because you know so much about your fellow castaways… you get to get away from these creeps for a night. You can, however, have one join you for breakfast. Who’d you decide on?

[Bubbles flies up to the boat, and lands next to Tom. She thinks heavily. Bart and Lisa look at her, with waiting eyes.]

Bubbles: Um… um… Sora?

Bart/Lisa: Sora?

Bubbles: Yeah! She did it for me back at the barbecue.

Tom: Great. Sora, we’ll see you at breakfast.

[Tom and Bubbles take off. Bart and Lisa just shake their heads in confusion. Bart then comes to a sudden realization and looks at the boat, then at Lisa.]

Bart: (heavy concern) Sora?!

[Shot of Bart and Lisa, alone in the woods. Lisa is pacing around, Bart is looking stubborn.]
Lisa: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! You were right about Sora! I can’t believe I didn’t see it!

Bart: And now, while they have their bacon and eggs, Sora warps Bubbles’ fragile little mind and convinces her to ditch the alliance.

Lisa: I’m sorry!!

Bart: Well… now we know who to vote for tomorrow. That was settled pretty handily.

(Shot of Tai and Sora)

Sora: Well, it goes to show you, reaching over and being nice to the other side can pay off.

Tai: Think they’re going to have hash browns there?

Sora: Probably.

Tai: Words can not describe how jealous I am.

(Tracey approaches)

Tracey: So Sora…

Tai: What?

Tracey: I was asking Sora who you two plan to vote for tomorrow.

Sora: Hmm? Tai, would you mind voting Bart again? I couldn’t possibly go after Bubbles. And I don’t see what Lisa’s done to deserve getting voted off.

Tai: Well… Bart told me that Lisa’s been trying to vote me off since we got here… but yeah, let’s go Bart.

Tracey: And Sora, about that breakfast…

Tai: (angry) Tracey, she is not going to try to draw Bubbles out of the alliance to serve your purposes!

Tracey: I was going to say… (as if Sora accomplished something major) congrats.

[Aboard the yacht, montage of scenes where Bubbles is absolutely having a blast on the yacht, including good food, a warm bed, and yes, television. Tom passes by as Bubbles is intently watching "Puppet Pals."]
Tom: Puppet Pals. How could you live without it?

Bubbles: I know. I missed a lot of episodes.

Tom: Yeah, you know what they say, you miss one and you’re screwed for the rest of the series.

(Tom walks by, leaving Bubbles alone.)

Bubbles: Yeah… hey, when did they become rivals, they were friends when I left!

[Pan over to Professor Utonium, creator and caretaker of the Powerpuff Girls (and typical nerdy scientist on the side), who is standing in the room with Barb, smiling.]

Utonium: It was in the beginning of episode 28, but don’t worry, I taped it for you.

Bubbles: Professor!!

[Bubbles zips over and gives him a hug.]

Barb: Just a special guest star we dragged over so your night won’t be quite as lonely.

Utonium: And they were serious with the dragging… (to Barb) was the chloroform absolutely necessary?

Barb: Hey. Not in front of the kid.

Utonium: Well, it’s nice to see you again. Where are the other two?

Bubbles: They got voted off! I’m the only one left.

Utonium: Oh. Well good for you.

Barb: Oh yeah, she turned on Buttercup good. It was quite a sight. Way better than Tai turning on Matt.

Utonium: (to Barb) Do you mind?

Barb: Fine, fine, I know when I’m not wanted!

[Barb leaves. Professor Utonium and Bubbles talk for a little while, mostly father/daughter stuff that’s too clichéd to bother mentioning.]

(Silent shot of the tribe without Bubbles, getting along fine in the shelter.)

(Shot of Tracey, sleeping outside.)

(And one more of Bubbles, in her luxurious bed.)

Day Thirty-Three

[Bubbles, Sora, Prof. Utonium, Tom and Barb are eating breakfast.]

Utonium: So Bubbles. What have you been doing that got you so much farther than Blossom or Buttercup?

(Bubbles stares at Utonium oddly)

Utonium: N… not that you couldn’t get farther anyway… I’m just curious.

Barb: Oh yeah, tell him about your alliance Bubbles. He’ll love it.

(Everyone except Utonium stares at Barb.)

Barb: What??

Sora: Please, Ms. Bresnick, the last thing we want to talk about are those alliances.

Bubbles: Yeah, I’m getting sick of how Bart and Lisa are always arguing about whether to vote off Tai or Sora.

[Sora, in the middle of eating a sausage, almost chokes on it.]

Sora: Th, they are?

Bubbles: Yeah. All I hear is "let’s vote Tai" or "let’s vote Sora." I don’t like that.

Sora: I know. I never liked alliances to begin with. That’s why I stayed out of them.

Bubbles: Really?

Sora: Yep. It’s tough to say no to Tracey, but after what happened to Ash, I don’t want to get involved with that kind of stuff.

Bubbles: So who do you vote for?

Sora: Well, it’s whoever I want the most to leave. Simple as that. Like this time, I’m voting for Bart.

Bubbles: You are? Just you?

Sora: Yeah. Well… not really. Tai says he’ll go along with me, just so we actually have a chance against you three. And now Tracey wants to go with it. He’s weird.

Barb: Doesn’t that make it an alliance?

Sora: Oh, no, we’re just making sure that we get heard at Council.

Barb: Sounds like an alliance to me, right Professor?

Utonium: (seated next to Barb, stern) I don’t like you.

Tom: She does bring up a good point. That’s three people, it certainly sounds like an alliance.

Sora: Well… Tracey’s only joining in because he’s the only one left in his alliance. I feel kinda sorry for him.

Tom: Sounds like Tracey just got himself a new alliance.

(Sora looks at Tom, then at Bubbles.)

Sora: You might be right. I don’t want to play that way.

Bubbles: I don’t think I do either. What if Bart wins and we have to vote for you?

Sora: Yeah. That Tracey, what am I going to do with him?

Bubbles: (smiling) I can think of something.

(Sora looks on, intently.)

[On the beach, a motorboat arrives. Tom, Bubbles, Sora, and the Professor disembark.]
Bart: Uh oh, new grown up.

Lisa: Bubbles, you’re back.

Bubbles: Yep!

Lisa: Who’s he?

Tom: Guys, this is Professor Utonium. He created…

Tracey: (suck-up mode ON) Professor. It’s nice to meet you, my name’s Tracey and…

Tom: …and I just remembered we have to get our next challenge underway or we’ll never finish in time. I’ll take the Professor back to the ship while you all head to Midway Beach. Manny will fill you in on the details.

[Tom pushes Utonium back to the boat.]

Utonium: But you said I could see the campsite, and the shelter.. and the hot tub!

Tom: Quiet you.

[Midway Beach. This one’s easy. Out in the water, there’s a long beam. There are several wooden boards parallel to each other, so it’s pretty thick. Each of the six are standing on the beam. Manny’s in the water.]
Manny: The rules are simple. Last one to stay on wins immunity. Just to make sure you aren’t here for eight hours… I’ll be removing a board every so often. Ready, set… Stay!

[The six just stand there for a couple minutes. Nothing much happens.]

Tracey: So… who’s up for some show-tunes??

[Manny reacts to that by quickly removing one of the boards. Tracey is caught off guard and quickly plunges into the water.]

Manny: Not on my shift!!

[Montage as the minutes grow. Bart briefly tries crooning "Proud to be an American," which drives Bubbles off the ledge.]

Bart: Whoops. Sorry!

[Montage again, as Manny continues to take boards away. Sora falls in. Later…]

Bart: Hey Tai… bet ya can’t stand on one foot and hop around in a circle.

Tai: What?

Bart: Like this…

(Bart demonstrates, and does so.)

Tai: No problem… just watch me.

[Tai takes a deep breath, and lifts one foot off the ground…]

[Quick cut, to where Tai and Tracey are on the beach, watching Bart and Lisa finish.]
Tai: Okay… so I’m an idiot.

Tracey: You know, Tai. What do we do if Bart wins?

Tai: I don’t know. Lisa?

Tracey: How about Bubbles? I can’t see Lisa as a threat. She doesn’t have the right attitude to win this.

Tai: She seems to be competing hard enough.

Tracey: That’s not what I meant. She’s smart, but she’s not clever. I haven’t once seen her outwit somebody. Now Bubbles… not only does she have the physical presence, but she’s also very cute.

Tai: So?

Tracey: It makes you feel guilty to vote for her. Fortunately, I see past that.

Tai: So if Bart wins, you think we should all vote for Bubbles?

Tracey: It would certainly be the safest route. Lisa’s not a threat, Bubbles is.

(On the beam, Lisa slowly turns to Bart.)

Lisa: Hey Bart?

Bart: Yeah?

Lisa: You got two votes last time… you think they’re going after you?

Bart: Yeah.

Lisa: And I haven’t gotten any since the merger… so they aren’t going after me.

Bart: Yeah.

Lisa: Bart… you need this more than I do.

(Lisa steps off the beam. Bart nods in appreciation.)

Bart: Yeah.

(On the beach, Tracey shakes his head.)

Tracey: Look at that… no physical prowess. Tai, you can tell Sora we’re going Bubbles.

Tai: Okay.

(Back at camp, Sora is drying her hair with her towel when Tai arrives.)
Sora: Tai, who won?

Tai: Bart did.

Sora: (disappointed) Oh. Then I guess I’m going to vote for…

Tai: We’re going to go after Bubbles if it’s all the same to you. I know you like her, but it’s for the good of the team.

Sora: But I thought we weren’t going to…

Tai: Sorry, but Tracey’s right about this. I know I said a lot about only trying to have fun, but I’d like to stay here as long as I can, and don’t want to see you or I get voted off. We have to stick together, or we’re not going to make it. Okay?

(Tai briefly puts a hand on her cheek, sighs, then releases and walks away.)

Bart: Well, although Bubbles wasn’t all too joyous about our decision, it’s the right thing to do. Sora needs to take a hike. I got Lisa on my side, Bubbles didn’t seem to object as much as she could have, so it’s ta-ta Takenouchi.

Tribal Council
(Tom is doing his monologue.)
Tom: Welcome to Tribal Council- it’s a little old place where we can get together… and kick some stiff off this rock! Let’s bring out our contestants.

(The six sit down by their torches.)

Tom: And of course, the peanut gallery.

(Blossom, Izzy, and Stan sit down on a different bench.)

Tom: Okay… first thing I have to say is that it seems that you are all very open in your disclosure of alliances. Everybody knows that Bart, Lisa, and Bubbles are ganging up and picking everybody off, and that Tai seems to be okay with that. Right?

Tai: Yeah. They’re organized, they’re out to win, and they’re not rubbing it in or anything, so I’m fine with what they do.

Tom: Tracey… I gotta ask. Any attempt to counter the Americans?

Tracey: Well, I’ve been contemplating different options. I’d like to win this game. Simple as that. But of course, it’s up to Sora and Tai, if they aren’t going to play, then I may as well forget it.

Tom: Right… Sora. How serious are you at this point? I know that you and Bubbles have gotten very close. Would you vote against her in order to keep yourself in the game?

(Sora looks at Bubbles and smiles. Tracey looks at Sora, curious.)

Sora: Well, I don’t know. Obviously Bubbles is in the alliance, so she may have to face the same problem. But since we don’t really have anything like an alliance, I don’t know if I could bring myself to do it. We’ve talked it over, but I don’t know if I could go through with voting for Bubbles. It would be a tough decision.

Tom: Okay. Tai. Step up to the plate.

(Tai heads to the voting booth, voter’s shot as she writes down "BUBBLES")
Tai: At this point, it doesn’t really matter, so we might as well stick together and go out with some dignity. We agreed to this, so it shows that we leave unified.

(He leaves. Fade to aerial shot of Bart and then Lisa voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Lisa holding "SORA".)
Lisa: At this stage in the game, we can’t take chances. I don’t know if she’s really trying to warp Bubbles’s mind, but in the off chance that she is trying to get her out of the alliance, we have to stop her.

(She leaves. Fade to aerial of Sora voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Sora holding "TRACEY")
Sora: I love him to death, but I think he just doesn’t know when to surrender. He’s not going to win this game, so why distance himself from the rest of us, and why not try to enjoy the time he has left?

(She leaves. Fade to aerial of Tracey and Bubbles voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Bubbles holding "TRACEY")
Bubbles: I can’t vote against Sora. I’m sorry. I know Lisa and Bart will understand.

(She leaves, back to Tribal Council as Tom takes the box.)
Tom: Stan?

Stan: Don’t even ask, dude. Kyle always had the intelligent quips.

Tom: Anybody here good at making jokes up on the spot?

(Bart raises his hand)

Tom: First four votes are for Bart.

Bart: Wha?

[Tom smiles, and reaches into the box.]

Tom: First vote… Sora.
(Sora bites her lip, worried.)

Tom: Then… Bubbles.
(Shot of Bubbles, worried.)

Tom: Next vote is for Sora… then… Tracey.
(Tracey looks confused, but shakes it off and regains confidence.)

Tom: And another for Tracey.
(Sora smiles. Tracey retains his look.)

Tom: We have two for Tracey and Sora, and one for Bubbles. Final vote… Sora.
(Tracey nods and sighs, patting Sora’s hand. Sora looks up in sad shock. Bubbles looks confused, Tai simply shakes his head, Bart and Lisa don’t react at all. Sora takes her torch up to Tom.)

Tom: Sora. The tribe has spoken.
(Sora’s torch is extinguished.)

Tom: It’s time for you to go.

(Sora walks down the trail.)
Tom: Like sands through the hour glass… so go your days on the island. Only six left, although three of you won’t be as lucky. You can head back to camp.
(Shot of the five remaining going back to camp.)

Sora: Really, I was prepared to go now. I had abandoned most hopes of winning, and knew that it was only a matter of time before I was voted off. But still, there’s that sense of disappointment, as if I know that I could’ve done better. Also, I had a wonderful time on the island, and met so many nice people. It’s sad to see it all end. But one thing that leaves me wondering is who that third vote came from. I felt so inspired after Tracey got that second vote. It meant that Bubbles was casting aside that alliance and shedding that sense of deviousness. But now I’m wondering if it was Tai that voted against Tracey instead. But either way, it means that Bubbles or Tracey voted against me. I love them both, and I know I won’t get to sleep tonight until I find out who it was. But anyway, I’m not too surprised to get voted off, even if it was a bit of a mystery as to who did the honors.

Preview of Next Episode
Tom: Well, only one more until the big Final Four Finale! Who won’t make the cut?
*So was it Bubbles or Tracey that voted against Sora? When the answer comes out, there will be hell to pay on both sides.
*Without Sora keeping the peace between Tai and Tracey, can the remaining Japanese representatives keep away from each other’s throats?
*And forget the Tiga Witch Project, some old friends help out for this next immunity challenge.

Author’s Notes:
While the whodunit lingers on at the beach, we can skip to the end of the book to find out who voted for Sora. Of course, you should deduced the answer by now.

Candidate Votes Voters    
Sora- 3 Bart Lisa Tracey
Tracey 2 Sora Bubbles  
Bubbles 1 Tai    

So why did Tracey take out his old flame? Well, I’ll tell you… next episode. Make your list of guesses, because anything could be used.

If you’ve seen the real show, you’ll know that the immunity challenge in Episode Twelve is really strange, involving a lot of the legends behind the island. Since the island is used for industrial purposes by the Animation Alliance, there ain’t much to offer for mythology. So if you don’t mind, I’m just going to create one from scratch next time. There’s an interesting catch with it, which will make up for any creative flaws with the challenge itself. I said I’d be diverging from the show starting at Episode Five, didn’t I?

For those who are curious, the names of Tai and Sora’s teachers are surnames of characters from the anime "Martian Successor Nadesico," which I’ve just gotten into and is quite good. You’ll notice I refer to other animes quite a bit, including Izzy’s mentioning of Graviton City (From "Project A-Ko") in episode 9 and Tracey’s references to "Tenchi Muyo" characters Washu in episode 5 and Sasami in episode 9.

And I apologize to die-hard fans of any of the shows for the ease of the questions during the reward challenge. I couldn’t make them too hard, or it would be unfeasible for the castaways to get them.

And I also apologize for reusing that "unladen swallow" gag from Monty Python. I used it in Episode 8, but it just felt so good here… I had to use it again.

And yes, you can all breathe a sigh of relief that Sora didn’t win this one as well. She had a good showing, so let’s all give her a hand… or not. See if I care.