Animation Survivor- Episode Ten

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Episode Script:
(Tom is outside Midway Beach)
Tom: It wasn’t exactly on the brochure, but the castaways, through this experience on the island, have found out new and different things about themselves- whether they like them or not. Lisa has found a new sense of competition, trying to prove that she can win at this level. Sora has discovered her true feelings for Izzy. Without a worldly threat forcing them to fight as a team, deep down: she doesn’t like him all that much. And Izzy learned that friends, whether new or old, can not always be counted on, as both Lisa and Sora contributed to his dismissal. With only seven remaining, each are developing their own agendas, and it becomes increasingly likely that part of those agendas include helping out friends before some good old-fashioned back-stabbing.

Day Twenty-Eight

(Very, very early sunrise outside, just bright enough to see clearly. Tracey is sleeping outside, alone. He appears very content, squirming a little. He reaches his left arm far across, as if to wrap it around something in front of him.)
Tracey: (daydreaming) Sora.

[His arm falls to the ground, and he wakes up with a concerned look. He gets up and walks away. Follow him as he hears Sora in the distance, breathing heavily. He sneaks around a tree and observes her. She is visibly sad, and immersed in thought. Tai goes up to her and hands her a bowl of water. She takes it.]
Sora: Thanks.

Tai: I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming.

Sora: At least you didn’t vote for him.

Tai: Yeah, but I should’ve stuck with Tracey and voted for Bubbles.

Sora: Tai, you don’t like Tracey. He has no more power in this tribe than you do. I say keep voting for him, maybe even try to get Bubbles and Lisa to vote for him next.

(Tracey takes interest, and looks at Tai with some hostility.)

Tai: Well, I don’t know if I’ll go that far, but you’re right. I’ve had enough of his alliance. From now on, I’m voting the way I want to.

(Sora smiles at him, but quickly looks down.)

Tai: So let me guess: you’re having second thoughts about the whole hating Izzy thing.

Sora: I don’t know what I’m going to do about Izzy. One thing’s for sure, I don’t hate him. We may not be the best of friends, but hate is such a strong word. I don’t think I could hate anybody from our old team. I just feel like I’ve let everyone down.

(Tai remains silent for a second, then puts a hand on her shoulder)

Tai: Then we both did. We’ve been through a lot. Not just in the Digital World, but afterwards too, and even on this island. We started out with four, and now its just you and me.

Sora: (teary) Yeah, but how can you say we’re a team, I voted both of the other two off!

Tai: So did I. If I would’ve stuck with the alliance, Izzy would still be here. That’s just as bad as voting for him directly. But we have to forget about that now. We have to forget about what happened to Matt, forget about what happened to Serena, forget about Ash and Misty and Izzy. We’re in this together. Just us two. I don’t know how, but we’re going to make it Sora. Okay?

Sora: I don’t know if I can keep going now. This has brought out the worst in all of us.

(Tai hesitates for a moment, unsure of what to do. Then he sighs and pulls Sora’s head to his neck and simply holds her there, comforting.)

Tai: I know.

(Shot of Tracey looking through at this touching moment. He appears very sad, but shakes it off. He looks at them closer, then smiles, apparently pleased. He walks away.)

(Meanwhile, Tai is still comforting Sora.)

Bart: (OS) Whoa, mama! Someone get the hose!

(Tai immediately releases Sora, startled.)

Tai/Sora: (angry) Bart!!

(Tai appears very embarrassed, but is trying to control his laughter.)
Tai: For a second, I was mad at Bart, but now… that was pretty funny. Me and Sora are too close of friends to be anything more, but Bart caught us at the right time. Man… can you say busted? He has a good sense of timing to come in and break up those moments like that. Very well done.

Sora: I don’t know what to think of with Bart. That was a very personal moment with me and Tai, and it wasn’t right of him to break it up like that. Bart can become quite a handful sometimes, and he isn’t as friendly and open as Bubbles. If there was only one person I could do without here, it would be him. Stan’s a close second, but he doesn’t get as bothersome as Bart gets sometimes.

(Tracey and Stan are on the raft fishing. Tracey is staring into space, somewhat sad.)
Stan: Hey, what’s up with you?

Tracey: (covering) Um… I’m just trying to figure out what we’re going to do in the alliance.

Stan: Yeah. How the hell did Izzy get four votes? And why didn’t Bubbles?

Tracey: Sora and Tai. I overheard them this morning. Sora voted Izzy, which I half expected, but I didn’t see Tai turning his back on us. Consider him officially out of the alliance.

Stan: Damn. So what now?

Tracey: That’s what I’m trying to figure out. It’s three on two, with two neutrals.

Stan: Dude, I think we’re screwed.

Tracey: We are never screwed. There are always ways to get back into the game. Most people don’t know them. But amateur Pokémon watchers don’t have much to live on when traveling all the time, so they know how to get what they need.

Stan: (turned off) Uh huh. So what are your magic tricks?

Tracey: Three simple rules- know when to wise up, know when to shut up, and know when to suck up.

Stan: That’s it?

Tracey: Yep. Wising up helped me meet Ash, sucking up helped me join Ash, and shutting up helped me stay in the group. And pretty soon… (almost dreamy, close up of him) Professor Oak, and a stepping stool to the big leagues.

(Zoom out to show that Stan is fishing, and not listening.)

Tracey: Hey! I’m going somewhere with this!

Stan: Then get there already.

Tracey: Point is, I just have to figure out which of the rules to apply to the others.

Stan: Shutting up’s sounding really good right about now.

Tracey: I already did that one. I think it’s suck up time.

Stan: Great… and how are you going to do that?

Tracey: If I know those guys the way I think they do…

(Tracey pulls his sketchpad out of hammer space. Yes I know it’s usually reserved for female anime characters, but we’ll just make an exception here. He has a girl’s name! That's gotta count for something!)

Tracey: It won’t be a problem.

Stan: I think Tracey doesn’t know when to call it quits. It’s hopeless without Tai and Sora, and I don’t think we’ll be getting them back any time soon. Tracey can try what he wants, but it seems the best thing for me would be to just lay low, catch fish, and let the Japanese guys get voted off first.

[Lisa and Bubbles are in front of the campfire, laughing.]

Lisa: So did you hear what Bart did this morning?

Bubbles: Yeah, that seems kinda mean.

Lisa: Yes it does, but it’s also pretty funny. Especially with Sora and Tai.

Bubbles: What were they doing together?

Lisa: I don’t know. I heard they were talking about Izzy or something. My question is, if they miss him so much, why did they vote for him?

Bubbles: Don’t you miss Izzy?

Lisa: (not wanting to talk about it) Well… yeah. But it’s all part of the game. He understood that; that’s why I liked him so much. He knew that our friendship was only a temporary thing, and that we would have to vote each other off eventually.

Bubbles: But he didn’t vote you off.

Lisa: No.. he voted you off. Or tried to. But we aren’t going to let them. It’s you, me, and Bart all the way.

(Bubbles and Lisa smile.)

Bubbles: Then what?

(Lisa suddenly loses her smile.)

Lisa: Um. We’ll worry about that later.

Lisa: Bubbles and I are really becoming good friends. With Bart, it’s a very friendly atmosphere, and it definitely doesn’t look like an "evil" alliance. And that’s good. But there’s only three Japanese kids left, and pretty soon, we’ll have to start worrying about voting each other off. It’s going to be sad when that happens.

Bubbles: Being in an alliance isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I don’t like voting for people, especially when I have to choose who it is. But in an alliance, I can just let Bart or Lisa pick who goes and I don’t feel as bad about myself. But now, I really really like just about everybody, and it’s still hard to vote them off, even when somebody’s telling you to. Hopefully, they’ll pick Tracey or Stan next, because I don’t like those two as much as I like Sora and Tai. They’re cool!

(At sunset, Bart and Stan are both cooking a fish, and are the only ones nearby. Bart remains friendly and non-chalant through the conversation. Stan is a bit nervous.)
Bart: Nice catch. This is as good as the one you had a couple days ago. Or last episode to all those guys watching us right now.

Stan: Oh yeah. Do you ever think about that? That people could be watching us right now?

Bart: Well, aren’t we always? We’re all TV stars!

Stan: Well yeah, but they never told us that.

Bart: So, Stan’s a bit camera shy? Is that why you spend all day fishing with Tracey?

Stan: No, it’s just that…

Bart: Because it’s a bit weird. Ever since we merged, we haven’t seen much of you. You’ve been hanging with Tracey the whole time. Don’t have enough time for me and Lis anymore?

Stan: I don’t know. I like Tracey. He knows the terrain, he knows how to adapt. He seems to be something of an outcast. He’s cool. As as for Lisa… I guess I’m still a bit mad at them all for voting Kyle off.

Bart: Hey, I didn’t vote Kyle off! Just remember that.

Stan: Yeah, I know. That was all the girls doing.

Bart: Yeah… girls are as stupid as…

(Suddenly, a large herd of South Park-brand cows stampede across the beach. They don’t interfere with anything, and continue across unfazed. Bart has a shocked look.)

Bart: …Never mind.

Stan: You know, now that I think about it, Bart’s still opening up to me. Through all of the alliances and stuff, we’re still good buds. Crazy as it sounds, I think that Bart and the girls are still overlooking me as a possible winner, which can play to my advantage. I don’t feel any loyalty to the American side, and I don’t feel any guilt helping the Japanese side out. They already voted Kyle off, why should I help them? I’m playing for me, and for my show. I’m out to prove that I can hang with the big boys, like Bart or Tai, and still have a good showing. I’m on my own in this one, and if the Americans don’t like it…dude- f**k them.

Day Twenty-Nine
(Sora and Lisa are walking through the woods.)

Lisa: That whole thing sounds pretty dangerous.

Sora: Well it was. But after surviving it, it was an enlightening experience, one that I won't forget.

Lisa: I don’t know. That whole Digital World thing doesn’t seem like my kind of thing.

Sora: You’d be fine. It wasn’t just kids my age. Shame you couldn’t meet Tai’s sister. She’s about your age. I have a feeling you and Kari would get along quite well.

(As they keep walking, they pass through a bush and almost run into Tracey, sitting very quietly, sketching. Sora and Lisa are about to say something when Tracey silences them.)

Tracey: (whispering) Shh! Be very, very quiet. I don’t want to scare it away.

(They look at what Tracey is sketching. A few meters ahead is a simple, Groening-style rabbit. Tracey goes back to sketching.)

Lisa: (quietly) It’s just a rabbit. As cute as it is, I’ve seen more exotic…

Tracey: Yeah, but I’ve never seen a rabbit like this. I haven’t seen many exotic animals, and I was really intent on doing some sketching while I was here. I guess I got distracted.

Sora: Sorry.

Tracey: It’s not your fault.

Lisa: I didn’t know you had such an interest in animals.

Tracey: Oh yes. Although I’m usually restricted to Pokémon, I’ve jumped over to standard species before.

Lisa: Well, that’s nice. I haven’t had much experience with "pokémon" so far. They’ve either tried to kill me or ended up on the others’ dinner plates.

Tracey: Not you?

Lisa: I’m a vegetarian.

Tracey: Ah. There’s a very vocal minority that swear that eating Pokémon is wrong. I spent some time traveling with some activists a few months ago. Fascinating people. Very devoted and passionate about the issue. Nice to see that they have something to cling to.

(Lisa and Sora nod and smile.)

Lisa: I think Tracey has finally realized that he’s in a losing battle now. He’s out in the woods a lot doing his drawings, and he’s trying to be more friendly around everybody. It gears a bit more towards brown-nosing, so I think he’s making an effort to get on our good sides. Can’t blame a guy for trying.

(Bart is sitting near the campfire, watching Tai and Stan patch up the parachute netting.)
Stan: Damn dude, how did this thing get all messed up?

Tai: I think it rained a bit last night and messed this up.

Bart: You think? It was pouring for like an hour last night, I’m sure of it. No thought necessary.

Tai: Well, at least the shelter held.

Stan: What do you expect, Blossom and Sora put this thing together to begin with.

Bart: (sarcastic) Oh yeah, Blossom’s just a lazy oaf. Can’t get anything done right.

Tai: (somewhat annoyed) Hey, do you want to help us here or are you just going to sit around on your butt all day?

Bart: I’ll sit on this log if it’s all the same to you. And besides, I do all the cooking, you guys can handle all the maintenance work, right?

Stan: Well I do most of the fishing, and I’m still here helping.

Bart: Oh, look at Mr. Helpy Helper. If you didn’t reel in those fish, you’d be outta here so fast…

Stan: Oh, is that it? Too lazy to do any work, so you have me do the fishing?

Tai: Hey guys, chill out! Stan, you do a good job fishing, and Bart does a good job cooking. Now let’s all stop fighting and get back to fixing this thing.

(The netting completely unties and falls, covering up Tai.)

Stan: Dude, were we fighting?

Bart: I don’t think so.

Tai: You know, Bart’s a really great guy most of the time. He helps out, he’s funny, and he’s just a cool kid. But sometimes, when he feels like it, he can really get annoying. Almost as bad as Tracey annoying. It’s only once in awhile, but it’s like he’s a totally different person then, like he turns immature for an hour or two then goes back. It’s weird.

Bart: I had my doubts about this whole alliance thing with Blossom, but it’s turning out really great. I’m in a good position to win, I don’t have to worry too much about being voted off, and I have a lot of say in what goes on in the group. It makes life a lot easier here, and there are times when I just like to lay back and relax instead of working. A lot of people, like Stan, can’t afford to relax, because they think they’ll get voted off if they do.

[Back at the netting, Tai and Stan are trying to put it back together, when Sora and Lisa come back from their little hike. Sora immediately goes up to the netting.]

Sora: What happened here?

Stan: Damn thing isn’t weatherproof.

Bart: Yeah, you and Bubbs have to make sure that can hold in the rain.

Sora: Sorry. Where’s Bubbles?

Tai: I think she went to check for a challenge announcement.

Bart: Good. We missed the last one. Last thing we probably want to do is piss Tom off.

Sora: Oh well, I’ll try to fix this myself.

Tai: You don’t have to worry about it. We can get it tonight.

Sora: No… it’s okay.

Bart: Yeah, you put it up, you keep it up.

Tai: (angry) Bart, Sora can’t control the weather!

Sora: He’s right, we should have made this work in case there was a storm.

(Sora works fervently with the netting, with Tai, Stan, and Lisa simply supporting it. Bart looks on, watching Sora suspiciously.)

Bart: I’m surprised that Lisa and Bubbles don’t realize how much of a threat Sora is. She’s already proven herself in the challenges, and the way she tries being all friendly with everybody is really suspecting. Problem is, I think it’s working. Everybody seems to like her, and it’s really hard to vote her off. Even Stan’s starting to come around. If there’s one threat to the alliance, it’s definitely her.

[Shot of everybody except Bart (and Bubbles and Tracey, who are absent) working on the shelter. They appear to have it almost completed, and they step back.]
Sora: Yep, looks good.

[Bubbles flies by the site, and the ensuing wind gust blows the canopy over, to the ensuing mumbles of Sora, Tai, Lisa, and Stan.]
Bart: Mail’s here!

Tai: Whatta ya know? They said that they fixed that whole time problem and we actually get to make a phone call home this time! Sweet!

Stan: We’ve been away from home for awhile now. It would be nice to see what’s been going on back home since I left. Think of how many times Kenny’s died!

Sora: It’s definitely something I could use, just seeing how everybody’s doing back home. I could certainly stand to hear a new and familiar voice.

[Just off of Midway Beach. There is a series of five platforms out in the water, starting with a wide one near the beach, and getting more narrow as we reach the final platform, which looks like it fits only two people. Connecting the platforms are narrow bamboo shafts. There are seven connecting the first and second, four connecting the second and third, two connecting the third and fourth, and one connecting the fourth and fifth. The castaways arrive and take their places on the first platform. Tom is on the final one.]
Tom: Interesting little setup we got here, huh? This is a reward challenge, and it’s quite a doozy. Tim, our resident helper monkey, managed to figure out what was wrong with the space-time continuum, and fixed it so that the winner of this challenge can make a phone call to anybody they want.

Tai: Let’s hear it for Tim.

Tom: Yes… he’s everybody’s favorite grad student. Anyway, the winner also gets a slice of pizza. How’s about that?

[Shot of the seven, looking very indifferent.]

Tom: Thought so. Each of you are standing in front of a narrow pole. All you have to do is walk across that narrow, slippery pole to the other side. The first four to reach the opposite end advances to the next round. Ready?

(The seven take their positions.)

Tom: And Bubbles… no flying. Go!

[The seven scuttle across the beam carefully, but it’s not good enough for Tai and Tracey, who each fall into the water. Of the other five, Lisa reaches the other side first, followed by Bart, Sora, and Bubbles.]

Tom: Sorry Stan, Bubbles beat you out. Gotta sit down. Okay, you four stand in front of the next line of poles. This time, the first two to hit the other side wins. Ready?

(The remaining four take positions on the second platform.)

Tom: And go.

(The four hustle over. Lisa moves quickly, but trips and falls. Bart reaches first, and Sora outpaces Bubbles by a nose. Tom is a bit indecisive.)

Tom: Looks like Sora beat you Bubbles. Sorry.

Bubbles: Can I challenge the ruling?

Tom: ‘kay. (whipping out a cell phone and listening to it, nodding) Uh… after further review, the ruling on the field stands and Bubbles is charged a timeout.

Bubbles: Aw…

Tom: Bart, Sora, this is the final showdown. First one to reach the fourth platform gets first shot at attempting to reach the final one, where I’m standing. If you do, you win the phone call… and the pizza.

Bart: (sarcastically) I’m in it for the pizza!

Tom: Yeah, yeah. I never did figure that one out. Bart, Sora, take your places… and go!

[Bart and Sora walk across the poles, with Bart reaching platform 4 just ahead of Sora. Bart treads carefully across the next pole, and lands safely on platform 5, with Tom.]

Tom: Bart, congratulations! Now, we’d let you make the call now, but I accidentally dropped it in the water in all the excitement.

Sora: Isn’t that bad for it?

Tom: Well… it was Manny’s anyway. C’mon, let’s get to shore, I’ll hook you up with that pizza.

[Back on shore, a helicopter can be seen approaching.]
Lisa: What’s that?

Tom: Bart’s pizza!

(The helicopter arrives and Barb steps out, with a pizza box.)

Bart: Wow, so much faster than Luigi’s.

Barb: Actually, I placed the order for it last week. It just arrived today.

[She opens the box and Bart takes the large slice of pizza. He takes a large bite, then turns to the others, looking at him, all but Lisa practically drooling. Lisa coughs, signaling his attention.]

Bart: Eh, what the hell… who wants a bite?

[The other six silently raise their hands. Bart goes to accommodate them one at a time, letting them each take a small bite of the pizza, with the others very grateful. Meanwhile, Tom turns to Barb.]

Tom: Hey… can I borrow your cell phone?

Barb: (handing it over) Sure. Oh, and have you seen Manny’s?

[Tom walks back to the kids instead of answering the question. Bart is finishing off the slice of pizza as the others watch impatiently.]

Tom: Although Bart was nice enough to share his pizza, he can’t share the phone call, so the rest of you can head back while Bart finds out how many times Homer’s been fired since he left.

[Tom hands Bart the phone while the others begin to head back. Bart stares at the phone, contemplating something. He smiles.]

Bart: Hold on.

(The others stare back)

Bart: Get back here, you’ll like this.

(The other six begin walking back, curious.)

Tai: Why? No offense, but I’m not really in the mood to meet somebody’s family.

Lisa: Please Bart. I’m actually making friends, the last thing I need is for them to hear Dad.

(Shot of Bart, dialing a series of numbers, smiling.)

Bart: Why would I call them?

Lisa: Well… who else would you… (embarrassed) Oh God.

[Bart motions for them to get even closer, as he puts the phone to his ear.]

Bart: Hi! I’d like to speak to a Ms. Rinks… first name Freda.

(Bart holds the phone out. All but Bart and Lisa listen very closely.)

Moe: (VO) Freda Rinks! Freda Rinks! Hey everybody listen up!! Freda Rinks! I’m not doing this again- Freda Rinks!

[From the phone, chaos can be heard ensuing at Moe’s Tavern as the patrons react appropriately to the call of free drinks. The seven castaways laugh madly, although Lisa is somewhat embarrassed.]

Moe: (VO) No! No! Barney put it down!!

[Tai’s practically busting a gut, Bart is now simply smiling. Before Moe starts going into a string of personal threats, Bart hangs up the phone with a flip of his wrist.]

Tom: Well… not like I expected you to call a girlfriend who just gave birth, but I did not see that one coming either.

Bart: You don’t know me very well Tom.

[Bart tosses Tom the phone as they head back to camp.]

Bart: This is absolutely great. That challenge was probably the most fun I’ve had here, and not just because I got a shot at Moe. I hate to toot my own horn, but I think I was quite courteous and friendly, sharing the pizza like that. I’m starting to think now that I have a really good chance of winning! I’m in with everybody, I belong to a powerful alliance, and I’m having fun. If I can force myself to vote Bubbles off down the line, which will be really hard, can you imagine me winning? Unbelievable.

[Under the canopy (which is only partially up, and looks like a really rushed job), Sora is eating, watching Bart and Bubbles goofing off in the background. Tai approaches]
Tai: Hey, what’re you looking at?

Sora: Bart. I’m trying to figure out what his deal is.

Tai: What do you mean? He’s a blast! Most of the time. Bit of a pest once in awhile, but he’s nice. He’s cool. What’s the problem?

Sora: I don’t know. What kind of kid away from home would choose to make a prank phone call rather than contact his family?

Tai: That was awesome! I never could’ve thought of something like that!

Sora: I know, it was pretty funny, but still. Doesn’t he miss his parents?

Tai: C’mon, give him a break, he’s just out to have a good time… so am I!

Sora: Tai. Remember that one time you were transported back to the real world after we defeated Etemon?

Tai: Yeah. So?

Sora: Where was the first place you went when you got back?

Tai: Well… I went home, where else would…

(Tai suddenly looks at Sora, realizing where she’s getting at. They both turn and look at Bart, interested. Bart continues playing with Bubbles, blissfully unaware.)

Day Thirty
(Tai and Sora are fixing the canopy… again.)

Tai: Hey, Sora, don’t get me wrong…

Sora: Mmm hmm?

Tai: But I’d feel a lot better if we voted together tonight.

Sora: Why?

Tai: Now this isn’t like an alliance or anything, but I want to be protected just in case they go after me again.

Sora: I thought you said you didn’t care if you got voted off?

Tai: Well… we’ve gotten this far, we might as well win it.

Sora: (dryly) Nice reasoning.

Tai: There’s only five people standing in our way.

Sora: (sarcastic) No problem. We’re almost in the majority!

(Shot of Tracey, approaching them, with his sketchpad.)

Tracey: Hi guys, thought you could use some help.

Tai: No, Tracey, we’ve got it…

Sora: Thanks. This is in terrible shape.

(Tracey steps up, and begins untangling some ropes.)

Tracey: Winds really picked up last night. It really caught me by surprise.

Sora: Must have been tough sleeping outside.

Tracey: Let’s just say it’s a good thing you got over your psychological problems.

(Sora smiles. Tai rolls his eyes.)

Tai: Look, I don’t think three people can work on this thing, you really don’t need to help, there isn’t much else you can do anyway.

Tracey: Okay.

(Tracey goes over and sits down on a log with his book.)

Tracey: I think I’ll just do some sketching.

Sora: You must like drawing a lot.

Tracey: Oh yes. It’s a good way to unwind, and captures observations. Much more traditional than photography.

Tai: (accusing) Now is this sketching thing real or are you just making it up to get on our good sides?

Tracey: Actually, it did start out as something of a hoax. I earned the opportunity to enroll in a field art class under the great Master… well I forgot his name. I was originally just playing along to travel the region, but I really found art appealing in the end. It’s interesting the way some of the things I get involved with does get under my skin, and I end up getting emotionally involved. It hasn’t happened in awhile though.

Sora: What are you sketching?

Tracey: The whole scene. Beach, the trees, the canopy that never stays up, you two trying to make it stay up…

Sora: Us?

Tracey: I like you guys. So much more mellow than Misty or Ash. I’m not an expert at drawing people, but I want to get you two down on paper.

(Sora smiles. Tai turns aside.)

Tai: (muttering) Probably stick figures.

Tracey: (overly friendly) So… I have to ask you Tai… who are you voting for?

Tai: (shaking his head) I don’t know… for you?

Tracey: (nodding) Makes sense. People who vote for me often are taken out.

Tai: What do you mean?

Tracey: Well, look at Serena, or Ash, or Misty. They all tried voting for me, look what happened.

Tai: You didn’t have anything to do with Misty! (extremely suspicious) Did you?

Tracey: (plainly) No. And I won’t have anything to do with tonight.

Tai: (worried) Why? What’s going to happen tonight?

Tracey: I overheard Lisa and Bubbles say they were voting you off next. I can see why, you have a good chance to win.

(He stands up. Tai is very nervous and Sora is worried.)

Tracey: Well, I have to go talk with Stan, he should be getting back pretty soon. See ya!

(He leaves. Tai and Sora stop working and look at each other.)

Tai: Think he’s serious about Lisa and Bubbles?

Sora: I don’t know… but I wouldn’t worry too much. I voted for Tracey along with Serena, and I’m still here.

Tai: (still worried) Oh… wanna do it again?

(Shot of Sora, thinking hard about it.)

[Shot of Bubbles, and her eyes moving back and forth, between Bart and Lisa.]
Bart: Sora!

Lisa: Tai!

Bart: Sora!

Lisa: Tai!

Bart: Sora!

Lisa: Tai!

Bart: (trying some trickery) Tai!

Lisa: Thanks, I’m glad you see it my way.

Bart: D’oh!

Lisa: Bart, I thought we agreed on this.

Bart: But I like Tai, he’s…

Lisa: I like Sora.

Bubbles: I like both of them!

Bart: Who asked you?

Bubbles: Why can’t we just vote for Tracey?

(Bart and Lisa are about to respond, as if Bubbles just made the stupidest suggestion in the world, but then they look at each other.)

Lisa: Why not? He does seem a bit conniving.

Bart: Yeah, and he’s got a lot of sway in the group.

Lisa: It’s a good thing we don’t fight as much anymore.

Bart: I know. Otherwise, we’d be totally screwed.

[At the "tree-mail" Stan and Tracey are talking frankly while reading the note.]
Tracey: Are you sure Tai’s their target?

Stan: I’m not that sure. Lisa’s thinking about it the most, but Bart might not agree with it.

Tracey: Lisa could convince Bubbles to vote for Tai, but she couldn’t convince Bart. And Bubbles won’t vote for Sora, but Lisa might. Their only weakness is if they disagree on who to vote for.

Stan: Dude, is there anybody that all three of them can agree on?

Tracey: No… I don’t think so.

Stan: What about you?

(Tracey shakes it off briefly, then looks up in realization.)

Tracey: Oh… s**t. What’s the challenge?

Stan: Uh… Something involving building a fire. Sounds complicated.

Tracey: Yeah. I know enough about building fires, but I don’t know what Tom and the others have planned. We may need to work together.

Stan: C’mon man, it doesn’t matter. So you get voted off instead of Tai or Sora. They’ll get to you eventually, it’s not going to make a difference.

Tracey: (down) I guess you’re right.

Stan: Besides, I wanna win one of these.

[South Beach. Interesting scenario- there are seven pits, perpendicular to the shore. Each is two posts on either side, with a thin rope three feet off the ground. In the water, also perpendicular to the shore, are seven stationary lit torches. Tom and Manny greet the seven, who arrive with their own "official" torches.]
Tom: Today’s immunity challenge tests how well you can build a fire. Your first task is to collect wood. You’ll have three minutes to run up the beach and collect as much dry wood as you can. You also have to bring it back, and arrange it the way you want. Manny, ready?

(Shot of Manny armed with his watch.)

Manny: Yeah… but have you seen my cell phone?

Tom: And Go!

[The seven make a mad rush to get wood. They all collect a load and bring it back. Sora, Tracey, Lisa, and Tai appear to be the most organized in setting something up. They all get second helpings of wood before Manny calls time-out.]

Tom: Okay. Now, the next job is lighting them son-guns. Take your torches, and swim out to the fire and light your torch. Swim back, and light your fire. Whoever gets the flame high enough to burn through their rope wins immunity. If you’re ready… go!

[They all run out into the water. Lisa and Tai are especially careful not to get their torches wet. Sora and Bubbles are the first to the fire. Bubbles lights her torch without a problem, while Sora struggles. Bart and Tracey arrive next. Tracey lights his torch just before Bart. Stan, Lisa, and Tai arrive just as Sora leaves. Those three light up and head back. Bubbles and Tracey reach their pits first, and light the wood. Tracey, who is better organized, seems to have a slight advantage. The others arrive, as Sora takes close care of her dim flame. Stan’s however, goes out. He heads back. It’s a close race between Tracey, Bubbles, and Sora, but Tracey ultimately wins when he burns through the rope. He immediately stands up. No stupid dance. He just looks very relieved, and pumps a fist.]

Tom: Tracey, congrats, you have won immunity.

Tracey: Thank you Mr. Wallace, it’s an honor.

[Later at the campsite. Shot of Bart and Lisa, staring at each other intensely, somewhat angry. After awhile, Bubbles greets them in her special way. Both Bart and Lisa look up and Bubbles, then back at each other quickly.]
Bart/Lisa: D’oh!!

Bubbles: What?

Bart: We were having a staring contest to decide whether to vote for Sora or Tai.

Lisa: Yeah, we were at it for an hour too. Bart, this isn’t the right way to go about this. Let’s us three have a vote. Who wants to vote Tai?

(Only Lisa puts a hand up and looks at Bubbles, somewhat annoyed.)

Bart: Okay… who wants to vote for Sora?

(Bart puts a hand up. Bubbles just looks at the two and does nothing. Bart slaps his forehead.)

Bart: Look, we have to figure something out. Bubbles, any ideas?

Bubbles: Well, I got one...

Bart/Lisa: Yes?

Bubbles: Let’s vote off Stan!

(Bart and Lisa look like they’re about to develop an anime sweatdrop.)

[Tai and Sora are in the spring. Tai is mopey, singing hideously off-key.]
Tai: Oh seeeeven, try to be freeeee. Oh seeeeven, try to be freeeee…

Sora: Please Tai. If they are voting you off, at least try going out with dignity.

Tai: Just can’t believe that Bart would vote me off. We were getting along so well.

Sora: Well, you never know… they could vote me off. Even though that would mean Bubbles would have to vote for me.

Tai: She likes me too, either way she loses.

Sora: I wonder how they pick which one of us goes.

Tai: Don’t know. Anyway… did you still want to go together tonight?

Sora: Only if it’s Bart. I don’t want to vote for Lisa or Bubbles. And it wouldn’t be smart to pick Stan, since he’s technically on our side. I guess.

(Tracey interrupts.)

Tracey: Hey, we’re about ready to go.

Sora: Okay.

Tracey: And Tai, I know it’s a bit late, but in case you reconsider, me and Stan are voting for Bubbles again.

Tai: Tracey, for your information, Sora and I have just as much power as you and Stan. And who we decide to vote for will get just as many votes as who you and Stan pick. So if I were you I’d stop making all the decisions around here!

Tracey: I’m just letting you know. I’m not the one getting voted off tonight.

[Tracey leaves. Tai looks at him, somewhat angry, then looks at Sora, serious.]

Tribal Council
(Tom is standing at the council.)
Tom: All I hear, every day- blah blah blah. This time there was some bickering between people, a few became friends, a few become enemies, and someone got mad at Tracey. Now if that isn’t a detailed summary of this episode, I don’t know what is.

(The seven arrive, with their torches. They all light them and take their places.)

Tom: And before we begin, let’s get our jury.

(Blossom and Izzy walk in and sit down.)

Tom: Swell. Bart? You aren’t exactly known as the most selfless person in Springfield. But you shared the pizza with the others like a regular suck-up. Honest feelings or trying to make nice with everybody?

Bart: Do I really have to make nice with everybody? All the people that were at my throat are gone. Hi Bloss.

(Blossom shakes her head, embarrassed.)

Tom: So was this a genuine move?

Bart: Well, everybody else is starving, and it was damn good pizza. I figured that anybody else would have done the same thing.

Tom: Tracey. You won the other challenge. Are we going to see Mr. Cocky Naked Guy now?

Tracey: No… I don’t think so.

Sora: What? You’ve never spent time traveling with cocky naked guys?

Tracey: (blushing) No… Ash kept his clothes on. Thank God. I don’t consider myself cocky though. I play the game aggressively, and I did have high intentions when I got here, but this is a tough game, and if I get too high-headed, it’s an instant sign of defeat. Funny I brought up Ash, because he can certainly attest to that.

Tom: Yes, now let’s all take a moment of silent prayer honoring the fact that Richard isn’t here. When that’s done, let’s have Sora go vote.

(Sora heads to the voting booth, voter’s shot as she writes down "BART")
Sora: It’s been fun, but really given the options it isn’t a tough choice. He just doesn't seem to care about anything, and Lisa and Bubbles are so much more open and serious.

(She leaves. Fade to aerial shot of Bubbles and then Bart voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Tai holding "BART".)
Tai: It’s a tough call, because you are a great guy, and if Tracey didn’t win immunity, I’d vote him in a second. I just would rather stick with Sora here. Sorry.

(He leaves. Fade to aerial of Stan and Tracey voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Lisa holding "STAN")
Lisa: This is definitely a bit odd. Probably because it’s Bubbles’s idea. Bart and I can’t make a decision at the moment, so for the time being, you’re expendable. You’ve contributed a lot, and I’d be proud you’ve made it this far.

(She leaves, back to Tribal Council as Tom takes the box.)
Tom: Once the votes are tallied the decision is final and the person must leave the island immediately. Izzy, you’ve been keeping quiet, your turn to deliver a good line.

Izzy: Uhh… sorry Mr. Wallace. Consider the proverbial well dry.

Tom: What good are you for then? I hope you get voted off tonight… oh. Wait.

(He shakes his head and reaches in.)

Tom: First vote… Stan.
(Stan looks somewhat surprised.)

Tom: Bart.
(Shot of Bart, looking a bit concerned.)

Tom: Next vote is for Bart… then… Stan. Then one for Bubbles. And another for Bubbles.
(Bubbles looks worried.)

Tom: That’s two each for Bart, Stan, and Bubbles. Bet you three are pissing your pants right about now. Final vote… Stan.
(Stan looks somewhat disappointed, but shakes it off and takes his torch to Tom.)
Tom: Stan, the tribe has spoken.

(He snuffs Stan’s torch)

Tom: Now you know how Kenny feels. Time to go.

(Stan walks down the trail.)

Tom: Well- another show bites the dust. You can head back to camp.

(The tribe goes back to camp. Tai and Sora are simply relieved.)

Stan: The tenth voted off. That’s seventh place out of sixteen. Although I think I could’ve done better, this goes a long way against all of our critics. A lot of people said that us South Park kids didn’t have the experience to go up against the anime people, and I hope I proved them wrong. I did what I could, and I finished high enough up to get noticed. I don’t feel guilt turning my back on the Americans, mostly because I was fighting for my show, and myself. Although I didn’t win, I ranked up there, and proved myself against the others.

Preview of Next Episode
Tom: Four shows left, three Americans against three Japanese- it’s crunch time!
*A winner is decided in Bart and Lisa’s battle over whether to vote Tai or Sora. But will Bubbles agree with the decision?
*Tracey’s in an alliance with no members. With that in mind, Tracey tries turning Tai and Sora into another Ash and Misty.
*And brush up on your shows- it’s trivia time! But with a night on a yacht at stake, why are the questions so easy?

Author’s Notes:
Yeah, yeah, I had to write one for the Americans. The Japs were getting too much screen time. This episode was so pro-American that they received all the votes!

Candidate Votes Voters    
Stan 3 Bubbles Bart Lisa
Bart 2 Sora Tai  
Bubbles 2 Stan Tracey  

Quick soundtrack note- interestingly enough, Pokémon and Digimon songs were both referred to very subtlely in this episode. Tom’s line at the beginning of Council is a line from "Blah, Blah, Blah," which is on the Pokémon 2000 movie soundtrack. I only mention it so I can complain about it being a ripoff of a Rockapella song of the same name. Just because Rockapella doesn’t get as much exposure as Pokémon doesn’t mean they can be ripped off. That doesn’t apply to Eric Stuart Band though. I’d love to see one of their songs show up. As for Tai’s crooning in the hot spring, it’s a Digimon song (in Japanese except for that one line in English) appropriately titled "Seven." Yes, I listen to Japanese Digimon music. What do you think gave me the idea for giving each character a theme song? Anyway, goodnight, itsu demo aeru!