Animation Survivor- Episode Nine

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Episode Script:

(Tom is on Midway Beach.)
Tom: The opening rounds were designed to wean out the weak links. Those that were hurting the team rather than helping were promptly removed. But now, Tribal Council has turned into a place to wean out the strong. Those who are threats to win must be dealt with. And sure enough, Blossom was voted off last night by the newly formed Japanese alliance. Blossom, with her physical powers, her leadership abilities, and her position at the top of the Americans’ alliance made her a serious threat to take it all. But Tracey recognized this, and helped form a counter-alliance to vote Blossom off the island. Will the Americans be able to recover, despite not knowing the exact roster of the alliance between Tracey, Izzy, Tai, and Stan? Or will the Japanese prevail once more? In three days, we will learn the answer.

Day Twenty-Five

Bart: (hiding sadness with anger) What, am I supposed to feel sorry for Blossom? She spent all day yesterday telling us all that "there’s no counter-alliance, there’s no counter-alliance, we’ll be fine." And look what happens. That little sneak Sora turns around and votes Blossom off! It’s exactly what I warned her about. Now the only way we can keep up with them is by getting Stan on our side, which is gonna be next to impossible, since he’s friends with Tracey.

(Bubbles and Lisa are sitting on one log at the far end of the beach.)
Lisa: Okay. So there’s a counter-alliance. Swell.

Bubbles: Does this mean we’re all going to get voted off now?

Lisa: I don’t know. It might. It looks like they have four people, and we have only three.

(Bubbles lets out a sudden, uncalled for, shriek of terror.)

Lisa: It’s not that bad. I guess there are ways around it. For starters, four plus three is seven.

Bubbles: Hold on… hey, you’re right!

Lisa: There’s eight people here. That means somebody’s not in any alliance. So we have to find out who, and get him or her on our side.

Bubbles: But who is it? Sora?

Lisa: No. I bet it’s Izzy. He and Sora are at odds with each other. I bet that’s because Izzy’s refusing to join them. Sora’s friends with Tracey and Tai, so it makes sense.

Bubbles: (sniffs) Not Sora.

(Bart enters the scene. He paces around next to the log.)

Bart: Yep. Sora. I told Blossom to watch out for Sora, and what happens…

Lisa: Yeah. I didn’t believe it either. But one question I have is who didn’t vote with the group? Tai only got three votes.

Bart: Hey, don’t blame me for Blossom’s mistake.

Lisa: You did, Bart? Why? Why wouldn’t you vote for Tai?

Bart: I felt sorry for him, man. We already voted off his girlfriend, I didn’t want to vote him off in that state. So I voted for…

Lisa: Bart, you can’t do that. We have to stick together.

Bart: (very vocal at Lisa and Bubbles, also defensive and in their faces.) Why?! Blossom said it didn’t matter!! There wasn’t any counter-alliance, so why wouldn’t three votes be enough to get rid of Tai? Huh?

Lisa: Bart…

Bart: No! It’s Blossom’s fault! She brought this on herself. She trusted that prick Sora and look what happened.

Bubbles: But I like Sora!

Bart: Yeah, and she liked you right back and voted off your sister. Some friend, huh Bubbs?

(Bubbles is about ready to cry.)

Bubbles: No, no, we don’t know for sure if Sora did it, Lisa says that somebody’s not in their alliance, maybe it’s her.

Lisa: I already said that it probably isn’t. I think it’s Izzy. Bart?

Bart: Does it matter?

Lisa: Bart, of course it does! Whoever it is, we have to get them on their side if we want to keep going.

Bart: How can we keep going? Blossom was our leader, she was the heart of this team, and now she’s gone. And I don’t see how any of us are going to be able to take her spot.

(Both Bart and Bubbles are sadly angry. Lisa is too, but is composing herself the best.)

Lisa: As much as I hate to say it, Bart’s right. Blossom was the leader of this alliance, and it’s a spot that we simply can’t fill. I am in no position to take charge of this team, and Bart and Bubbles aren’t either.

Bubbles: I don’t know what to think about all of this. I’m just sad that Blossom’s gone, and now we have to figure out who voted for her and who didn’t vote her and all I know is that I didn’t voted for her. I hope that helps.

(On the other end of the beach, Tracey and Stan can be seen against the backdrop of the ocean. Both are smiling.)
Tracey: (very happy, almost shouting) What’s the primary main objective?

Tracey/Stan: (excited) To destroy the evil power!!!

(They high-five. Pan around to show that Izzy and Tai are with them, seated on the sand. Izzy is smiling somewhat, but Tai is disgusted.)

Tai: Did you celebrate this much when Ash got voted off?

Tracey: (smiling) Not this much.

Stan: Sora wouldn’t have gotten the Chinpokomon reference.

Tracey: Exactly. This is much better company. Sora’s a bit of a downer. Eh, Izz?

[Izzy stops smiling and simply mumbles incoherently.]

Tracey: Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Izzy: Anyway, on to business. I suppose we should decide who our next target should be.

(Tai stands up and walks up to Tracey.)

Tai: Oh, that’s easy…

(all three of these are simultaneous, as if the answer’s obvious.)
Stan: Lisa.
Tracey: Bubbles.
Tai: Bart.

(the three look at each other)

Izzy: Graviton City, we have a problem.

Tracey: Why wouldn’t Bubbles be next?

Stan: Well, Lisa and Bart are threats too.

Tracey: It’s true that they are all threats to us, but I haven’t seen Lisa or Bart flying around at Mach two or shooting eye beams or something.

Izzy: Or winning immunity.

Tracey: Exactly. She’s got the physical power to do a lot of damage, so we have to take her out.

Tai: Look, we got three days, can’t we worry about this later?

Tracey: (in his "suck-up to the leader" mode he seems to be stuck in on the show) You’re right, Tai. We have a long time before the next vote.

Stan: I don’t know, we might want to get this straightened away now.

Tracey: I don’t feel like it. (more sincere) We’ve been working our butts off to get this alliance organized, and now that we are, I want to just relax for the next two days. I’ve never had friends like you guys, and I want to enjoy that.

(Stan and Izzy smile. Tai rolls his eyes.)

Tai: Look, he’s a necessary part of the team, but man! Tracey can really get annoying sometimes. I’m starting to see why Misty and Ash tried to vote him off before. One minute, he’s neutral and sucking up to everybody, then he’s a sniveling weasel, and then he gets all friendly and open with everybody. He’s shaky at best.

Tracey: (much more open than usual) I’m a person who gets what I want, and usually I have to go to certain lengths to do so. This often involves some devious techniques, but I feel no shame if it gets me closer to my goals. But this is the first time I’ve had true friends that I can share my plotting with. Izzy, Stan, and Sora- I really like them, unlike Ash and Misty. I even like Tai at times. And now instead of keeping my feelings to myself, I can actually open up to these guys. It’s nice. Sure, I’ll have to drop them like a calculus class farther down the road, but this has proven to be an enjoyable trip thus far.

[Sora is in the spring, trying to relax. She seems to be succeeding, when Bubbles jumps in.]
Bubbles: Hi Sora!

(Sora looks angry for a split second, then smiles.)

Sora: Hi Bubbles. What brings you here?

Bubbles: Oh, nothing.

Sora: You going to be okay? I know it’s hard when someone you like gets voted off.

Bubbles: I think I’m going to be okay. I didn’t like that Blossom got voted off, but I have to be brave, and I’ve still got other friends, like Bart, and Lisa, and you.

(Sora smiles.)

Sora: That’s good to hear.

(Tai enters the scene, but doesn’t enter the spring. He kneels down next to Sora.)

Tai: (unsure of himself) Hey, Sora, can we talk?

Sora: About what?

Tai: (looking at Bubbles) Um. Personal matters.

(Bubbles tilts her head.)

Sora: That’s not very descriptive. What is it- embarrassing hygiene problem, accidentally killed Izzy, asking me out… give me a clue.

[Tai tries to contain laughter, and manages to. He whispers in Sora’s ear something unintelligibly. Sora takes a serious face. She nods.]

Sora: Good for you.

Tai: That’s not a good thing!!

Sora: Sure it is.

[Tai whispers again. This time, view of Bubbles, looking extremely suspicious.]

Sora: Well, yeah, just tell him that…

[Tai whispers again.]

Sora: Oh. Good point. Well, you just have to do what you think is right. Forget Tracey.

Tai: But…

Sora: If you want, we can talk tomorrow. Right now, I’m trying to relax with Bubbles.

(Bubbles has a quite serious face.)

Tai: Fine, fine… see you.

(Tai begins to leave.)

Sora: You know, Tai, you could stand to unwind a little bit.

Tai: And how am I supposed to do that?

[Sora smiles and nods at Bubbles. Before Tai can react, Bubbles flies around and pushes Tai into the water. Bubbles and Sora start laughing. Tai joins in.]

Tai: I thought this was a no diving area!

Sora: Tai, we’ve both been killing ourselves the last few days. I think we both need to just sit back and relax.

Tai: I know what you mean. That’s what I thought this thing was about to begin with.

Bubbles: It’s tough unwinding when you have to vote people off and stuff.

Tai: Yeah. Or when your friends get voted off… that’s really…

(Tai realizes Bubbles’s situation.)

Tai: Oh. Sorry. I forgot about Blossom.

Bubbles: It’s okay. At least I didn’t vote for her.

(Tai begins feeling nervous and somewhat guilty. Awkward silence for a few seconds.)

Bubbles: I still can’t believe I voted for Buttercup.

(Tai breathes a sigh of relief.)

Tai: Yeah. I voted for my friends a few times. It’s tough to do, and tougher to live with.

Bubbles: Yeah. But I didn’t vote for Blossom, nope. I voted for… um…

Tai: Me.

Bubbles: (cheery) Yeah! (somewhat apologetic) Sorry.

Tai: That’s okay… I voted for Blossom.

(Everyone remains in sad silence.)

Sora: It’s tough being on opposite sides like this.

Tai: I know. In the end, it’s just more friends that you have to vote off. Bart, Lisa…

Bubbles: Izzy, Tracey…

(Another sad silence. Tai smiles.)

Tai: Oh, you can vote Tracey off, we don’t care.

Sora: (same tone) Yeah, and Izzy’s just… Izzy.

Tai: (to Sora) What?

Sora: Mm, nothing.

Tai: You know, probably the worst feeling in the world is knowing that you’re going to vote somebody off while you’re talking to them. I like Bubbles a lot. With Blossom gone, it’s almost like she’s in the same situation I’m in. But Tracey has the most swing in the alliance, and he says that she should be the next target. And she probably will be.

Bubbles: I guess it’s pretty obvious that Sora and Tai are in the alliance, and that’s pretty sad, because I like them a lot.

(Nearing sunset, Lisa and Izzy are sitting on the beach, looking at the ocean.)
Lisa: So how are things with Sora?

Izzy: I’m working on it. For some reason, I get the feeling she hasn’t completely forgiven me.

Lisa: Ah. Well, good luck. But I was wondering…

Izzy: Yes?

Lisa: Call me curious, but somebody with your intellect has to have some interesting grounds for voting people off.

Izzy: Well… not really. Now it’s just the…

(Izzy catches himself and looks at Lisa. She looks away sadly.)

Lisa: The alliance?

(Izzy quietly nods)

Lisa: It’s okay, I’m in one too.

Izzy: Look, if it’s disturbing you because you think I might vote for you, I won’t if…

Lisa: No. Izzy, it’s bad luck that we got drawn on opposite sides of this. This adventure isn’t about making friends, it’s about a competition between individuals, and between two teams. We’re two individuals on two different teams, and, (losing momentum) and…

Izzy: And that if the situation arises for us to attempt to eliminate each other, we can’t hold back.

Lisa: If they tell you to vote for me, then you sure as hell better vote for me.

Izzy: (solemn) Consider it done. Thanks.

(Izzy leaves, leaving Lisa by herself)

Lisa: (sotto, sad) Just a good thing they haven’t told me to vote for you.

Day Twenty-Six

(Tai and Sora are cooking rice by the campfire early in the morning.)

Tai: It’s getting to the point where I can’t even stand him!

Sora: He does get that way sometimes, but Tracey just does things his way.

Tai: Don’t tell me you’re gonna defend him now!

Sora: Well… I guess not. I can see why you don’t like him. But I don’t see why you can’t just vote for him and get it over with. If you dislike him, it’s easier than Matt and Ash.

Tai: It doesn’t work that way. I’m in that alliance.

Sora: So what? I think alliances are really underhanded. It’s almost like cheating. It would be a bold statement if you left it.

Tai: Yeah, but there’s that other alliance too. I got three votes last time. The Americans are trying to vote me off! And if I don’t support my group, I get voted off.

Sora: Oh. That is a problem.

Tai: I know. If I drop the ball, I’m the one that gets punished for it. Life is so unfair!

Sora: Well, if it means that much, maybe you should ignore your instincts.

(Izzy enters, and goes towards Sora.)

Izzy: Hello.

Tai: Hi, Izz.

Izzy: Need any help with that?

(Izzy heads towards the pot to help Sora.)

Sora: No, I’m fine.

Izzy: Oh, because I can do this if you don’t want to.

Sora: You don’t need to do that, we all have to…

Izzy: It’s no problem, Sora, I’m just trying to…

Sora: (increasingly annoyed) Izzy! If this is about that thing with the camera, I already forgot about it! You don’t need to be…

Izzy: C’mon, Sora, can’t I be polite once in awhile?

Tai: (smiling) Izzy, I can’t tell if you’re apologizing or coming on to her.

Izzy: This is just a way to make up for it. I made a mistake, and I just want to show that I’m sorry for it.

Sora: (still annoyed) Izzy, you know I forgive you for it, we’re friends, what makes you think I would still be mad for that?

Izzy: I don’t know, I was always told to try to make up for mistakes somehow, it’s simple courtesy.

Sora: Just, just… (annoyed) Which way to the spring?

Tai: (pointing) It’s over that way.

(Sora storms off, leaving a shocked Izzy and a concerned Tai.)

Izzy: I’m just trying to be nice. Is there something wrong with that?

Tai: Don’t sweat it Izzy. It’s Sora, what’s she going to hold against you?

Sora: I’ve been a bit tense lately. And just about anything can get on my nerves right now. And unfortunately, Izzy just happens to be anything today. I just have to stay level right now and try to calm down if I ever get mad at him for anything. The last thing we need is for me to start disliking people from my own show. (smiling) I have to go back to a more healthy distaste- like Stan.

(Stan and Tracey are on the raft, with poles. Stan is reeling something in.)
Stan: (struggling) C’mon baby, c’mon you little…

(Stan manages to reel in a whopper. Well, not a whopper, a fish. Good size one too.)

Tracey: That’s a good size. Good work, Stan.

Stan: Thanks. They won’t be targeting me anytime soon.

Tracey: Very true. I hope that applies to me as well.

Stan: Well, who are they gonna target?

Tracey: First off it doesn’t matter- we’re up 4 to 3. Second off… Tai.

(they begin to sail back)

Stan: What, you don’t like Tai very much?

Tracey: Oh, I like him fine. Just like I liked Ash fine. He’s one of those bold, courageous types. That’s not my style. I was always trained in the "look before you leap" school.

Stan: Well, it’s been working so far.

Tracey: Sure has. (laughs) I’m in the zone!

[Stan and Tracey arrive, with the rest of the tribe admiring the catch.]
Bart: Whoa, now that’s a fish! Which one reeled her in?

Tracey: Stan "the man" Marsh.

Tai: Wow, way to go.

Tracey: That’s right. We are living large today!

[Bart is frying the fish, while all others are either waiting, or eating something else.]

Tai: You know what you’re doing there, Bart?

Bart: Sure. I had to pick up on this fast in order to stay alive here.

Izzy: (smiling) Evil, thy name is Buttercup.

[All but Sora laugh. She looks around, concerned.]

Tai: Well I only say, because you aren’t doing a bad job.

Tracey: Yes, you’re turning into quite a Sasami.

[The anime kids laugh. None of the Americans get it, but Stan laughs anyway.]

Lisa: You know, this is just what we needed. With all the tension building up around here, what with Tribal Council and all the alliances, it’s nice to just unwind once in awhile over a good meal.

Bart: What are you talking about, you aren’t eating any of this?

Tracey: The point remains, Bart. It is nice to relax and have some good food before we all turn hostile on each other tomorrow.

Bubbles: I know, isn’t that weird? We’re all friends now, but when we have to vote we all start hating each other and stuff.

Izzy: It is quite odd, but it’s a difficult situation we’ve been placed in. People we bond with will eventually have to be dealt with in order to win. Tai can certainly attest to that.

(Tai looks down on himself. Sora looks at Izzy again, somewhat angry. She catches herself, then looks stunned. She gets up and turns around, to find Tom there.)

Sora: Tom? What are you doing here?

Tom: I came by to see if you were planning on going to the reward challenge we summoned you for three hours ago.

Bart: Who’s job was it to check the mail?

[They argue about it for a second, before Tom interrupts]

Tom: I’ll see you after you finish your dinner.

[Forest near Midway Beach. There is a large series of ropes and vines hanging in the branches of the woods, around trees and such. The eight and Tom are on them, in the center.]

Tom: Once again, we play with ropes. This time, it’s a bit different. Your job is to run around this rope course, finding several tags around the perimeters. Whoever collects all of their tags and reaches the center, where I am, wins the reward. Now with the last reward focused on the Japanese, this time, we’re treating the winner to a good old-fashioned American barbecue, complete with hot dogs, burgers, and beer.

[The eight all look up, pleasantly surprised.]

Tom: Wait… scratch that last one.

Tai: Sorry to rain in on the parade, but we just ate. We’re stuffed.

Tom: Oh. Well in that case, the winner eats tomorrow afternoon, before the challenge. Survivors, get in your positions,

(shot of the eight, standing shakily on the ropes)

Tom: And Go!

[The nine go ballistic on the course, going after tags like crazy. It’s difficult to tell exactly who is winning or losing. Eventually though, Izzy and Tracey slip through the ropes. Eventually, show that Sora and Bart have all of their tags, and rush to the front. They make a mad scramble for the center. Bart slips through, and dives for the goal, but Sora reaches just in time. Tom congratulates her. She looks pleasantly surprised.]

Tom: Sora! Good work, you’ve just earned yourself a wonderful luncheon tomorrow.

Sora: Wow, sounds like a lot of food.

Tom: Only the best for you, my dear.

Sora: But… just me? We could all go for a barbecue.

Tom: Um. We’ll talk tomorrow when I come to get you.

Tai: I think we’re all happy for Sora. She really needed a win like this to get her spirits back up.

Sora: I know I was borderline psychotic earlier, and I’d hate to sound selfish, but winning has uplifted me a lot. Now, I think I might actually make it.

Bart: You know, Lisa wants Tai outta here because of his leadership abilities, and his physical skills. Now I don’t know about you, but Sora sure has a lot of friends on that side, and navigating a course like that definitely requires some physical skills. I sure hope the girls see that this time.

(Shot of Bart, Lisa, and Bubbles, on the beach)
Lisa: You know, I was thinking- On average, we’re no match for them in the challenges. As a team we succeeded, but we’ve got four people here, and we’ve only won a fourth of the challenges.

Bart: Well, it’s hard to do anything about that, it’s everybody for themselves here.

Bubbles: Not necessarily, we could try playing as a team next time to make sure one of us wins the next challenge.

Lisa: That’s what I was thinking. Kind of like bike races. Even though it’s an individual sport, they compete as teams and work to help one member win.

Bart: You mean you think we should all work together to make sure that, say, Bubbles wins the next challenge?

Lisa: Well. Whoever they pick as the next target.

Bubbles: And who’s that?

Lisa: Don’t know. Doesn’t matter, we should find out what the next challenge is anyway.

Bart: Anyway, who do we vote off next time?

Lisa: I see no reason not to continue pursuing Tai.

Bubbles: No… I like Tai. He’s really nice and stuff.

Bart: Okay then… Sora.

Bubbles: No… I like Sora. She’s really nice and stuff. How about Izzy?

Lisa: Izzy? Why?

Bart: Um… he’s really nice and stuff?

Bubbles: That’s what I’m thinking!

Lisa: We seem to be at a bit of a crossroads in determining who the next target is. Right now, any of the Digimon kids could be picked. I don’t know why Bubbles doesn’t just bite the bullet and vote Tai again; I guess she got to know him better. He’s the obvious choice for the target. I have a feeling that Bubbles is somewhat lacking on the logistics side, but nobody’s perfect.

Stan: We’ve been having problems figuring out who we’re voting off next. I’m thinking Lisa, but I’ll probably surrender to Tracey and go with Bubbles. I think Izzy’s leaning that way too. We have to make sure everybody’s in this, so we just have to convince Tai and that’s that.

(Silent shot of both alliances talking very seriously.)

(By comparison, shot of Sora, alone, in the hot spring. She’s very relaxed.)

Day Twenty-Seven

[The entire team is around the campfire, talking like friends. When Manny arrives.]

Bart: (immature, pestering) Hello, Mr… (normal) Um, uh…

Manny: Edwards.

Tracey: Mr. Edwards, what brings you here?

Manny: I came to steal Sora from you for a barbecue. (suggestive) You don’t mind, do you Tracey?

Tracey: We broke up, you know.

Manny: Aw, you seemed like such a happy couple.

[Tai sarcastically gags.]

Tracey: (sotto) Like you would know.

Sora: Look, I know I won, but can’t I invite the rest of them to eat?

Manny: Well, Tom said that you may choose one person to join you for lunch.

Sora: One? Oh. Well I guess I choose…

(her POV as she fingers past Tracey, past Tai, and landing on Bubbles)

Sora: Bubbles!

(Tai looks somewhat surprised.)

Manny: Bubbles, okay. You two can head with me to Midway.

(Sora and Bubbles follow Manny away.)

Bart: (quietly and motioning) Hey Lis.

(They both turn around and talk quietly)
Bart: Ya see what I mean. She’s getting Bubbles away from us, and now we can’t discuss anything about who we vote off. I know you think she’s the last person in the world that can win this, but she has to be considered a threat. She’s sneaky, and I can only hope Bubbles holds her ground… for our sake.

Lisa: I’m starting to see your point, Bart. She’s trickier than I thought.

[Midway Beach. Sora and Bubbles are having an absolute blast at the barbecue- drinking soda, eating burgers and such, and just having a great time.]
Sora: This is great! For once we can forget about all the alliances and stuff and just have a good time.

Bubbles: Yeah, but why’d you choose me?

Sora: Who else would I pick? They voted Blossom off, so I can’t pick her. So I decided to enjoy this with you. Just us girls having a good time!

(Back at the Anima Tribe. Tracey is laying down near the campfire, relaxed, while Tai is standing, somewhat nervous.)
Tai: Why’d she pick Bubbles?

Tracey: I don’t know, I guess they’re pretty close.

Tai: I didn’t think they were that close.

Tracey: That, or she and Bubbs are planning something against us.

Tai: What?? Are you crazy, Sora would never do a thing like that! I know her a lot more than you do, and the last thing she would do is turn on us.

[Midway Beach. Sora and Bubbles are talking.]
Sora: I don’t know. For some reason, it seems that everything Izzy does nowadays annoys me further.

Bubbles: Well, maybe you should…

Sora: I know what you’re going to say. It’s not going to happen. I don’t care if he strips naked and dances around trying to make it rain- I’m not voting for him!

(Back to Tracey and Tai)
Tracey: Well have you noticed that little miss loyal has been constantly pissed at Izzy?

Tai: Yeah, but even that means that…

Tracey: Does it? That whole thing started while she was arguing with me.

Tai: Exactly!

Tracey: So why is she okay with me, and still mad at him?

(That catches Tai. He just starts fuming.)

[Back to Midway. Sora is rambling.]
Sora: The camera thing was just an honest mistake, but he keeps trying to make up for it. And lately, for some reason, everything he says seems so trite and obsessive!

Bubbles: You know, whenever I get mad at somebody I like, I always am quick to find things wrong with her.

Sora: Well yeah, but… really?

Bubbles: Mm Hm.

Sora: So you think that I’m only now just pointing out things I dislike about Izzy that are and have been a normal part of his behavior since we met.

Bubbles: Yep.

Sora: And since the circumstances under which we met forced us together, and made us be friends… maybe I’ve hated Izzy all along!!

Bubbles: Um… did I say…

Sora: Wow, you’re good! Thanks Bubbles!

Bubbles: She told me a lot over there. And she also convinced me that she wasn’t in the alliance! Yay!

(Bart and Lisa are reading the immunity challenge note.)
Bart: Um. This says it’s going to challenge the mind rather than the body. Uh…

Lisa: So do we help out me or help out Bubbles?

Bart: Bubbles. She’s more of a target.

Lisa: Right.

(Bart walks off, muttering somewhat. Izzy takes his spot and reads the note.)

Izzy: Interesting. They’ve decided to offer a challenge requiring intelligent strategy rather than athletic ability or dexterity.

(Izzy and Lisa look at each other and smile.)

Izzy/Lisa: Prodigious!

(South Beach. There is a large square comprised of 64 smaller squares, all yellow, except for eight in symmetrical positions on the outer perimeter (jeez, this is harder to set up than the relay thing!). The eight castaways arrive and are greeted by Tom.)

Tom: Hello, and welcome to the immunity challenge for this episode. This challenge will test the mind rather than the body, pitting you eight in a living chess game. Each of you, stand on one of the highlighted spots. There’s no advantage to any of them.

(The eight head for a spot. Lisa approaches one, and Bart heads towards one right next to her.)

Lisa: (quietly) No! Pick a different one!

(Bart does so. Stan takes the spot she originally had.)

Tom: The rules are simple. Well, not really. Each of you will move one square at a time. Across, down, or diagonally. After moving, you will turn the square you were just on over. Nobody can step on that square again. When you are cornered and can’t move, you are out. Last one standing wins immunity. Now… before the show we drew numbers to see who goes first, and Bubbles won.

(Bubbles zooms towards Tom and grabs the immunity necklace.)

Bubbles: Yay! I won!

Tom: No, no, that just means you go first.

[Bubbles briskly nods in understanding and flies back to the spot ahead of her starting square.]

[Dissolve to show the contestants moving one at a time. Eventually, Lisa makes a strategic move, preventing Stan from going further.]

Tom: Stan, looks like you’re the first to go.

[Dissolve again, to show Tai eliminating Tracey and Lisa eliminating Tai in turn.]

[Show Bubbles, somewhat cornered, but Bart moves to a square to allow Bubbles room to get out of the trap. However, Izzy eliminates Bart in the turn afterwards.]

[Dissolve again, as all four are nearing each other. Lisa makes a move to eliminate Izzy, but he strategically dodges it.]

Izzy: Ah. Nice try, Lisa, but I saw that one coming.

Lisa: You are good.

[Sora makes a move, eliminating Izzy.]

Sora: Not that good.

[Dissolve- Bubbles accidentally eliminates Lisa. Both Sora and Bubbles are now isolated on two islands of squares, but Sora has more room to walk and eventually wins.]

Tai: Whoa, Sora! Why don’t you let the rest of us win one?

Tracey: (to Tai) Then she’ll get voted off, (louder) Good job Sor!

Tom: Sora Takenouchi, the clean sweep for today! Those hot dogs must have been brain food for ya.

Sora: No… I don’t think so.

Tom: Actually, yeah. I know that some animal’s brain’s got stuck in those hot dogs.

(Bubbles walks by, sick.)

Bubbles: Is that what we ate?

Tom: Uh… See you tonight.

(Shot of Bart, Bubbles, and Lisa back at camp.)
Bart: Okay… so I guess we can’t vote Sora off. Shoot.

Lisa: Don’t sweat it. So we go after Tai this time, what’s the problem?

Bart: I don’t know. Tai’s kinda cool.

Bubbles: You know… Sora said that…

Bart: Don’t even start. Don’t believe anything she says to you, she’s just trying to.

Bubbles: No! I trust her! She wouldn’t lie to me.

Lisa: You can never be too sure Bubbles.

Bubbles: But can’t you just hear me out??

Bart: Bubbles…

Lisa: Hold on, Bart. We might as well. If we’re down four to three, the most important thing is that we do vote somebody off. Maybe Sora’s been working on our side.

(Bart mutters under his breath.)

(Tai is looking at Sora in total disbelief.)
Tai: You’re kidding, right?

Sora: No? And it’s not like it stops us from having a professional relationship, but deep down, I really don’t like Izzy!

Tai: So why are you so happy?

Sora: Because! I thought I was just mad at him now! But really, I never liked Izzy, so all those times in the Digital World where we had to work together, we actually could, so it means that even though I don’t like him, I can still get along with him!

Tai: Did you have too many sodas at the barbecue?

Sora: Yes, but who cares? I hate Izzy! It’s great!

(Tai sighs and gives up)

Tai: All right. Fine. So I suppose you’re going to vote for him, huh?

Sora: Well… I wouldn’t go that far. Although it would be a nice way to let off some loose steam.

Tai: So why not?

Sora: Call it loyalty. I don’t know.

(Tai simply smiles and starts walking away.)

Sora: So are you voting for Tracey?

Tai: What? Of course not! That would mean…

Sora: C’mon. You hate Tracey, and I hate alliances. You vote for Tracey, get it over with.

Tai: But I couldn’t! They might go after me next! Of course, at this point, I don’t really care anymore.

Sora: Why not?

Tai: Let’s see, Tracey’s trying to control my life, Misty got voted off, one of my best friends just said she hates one of my other best friends… this has been a blast!

Sora: Now that I think about it, I’m ready to go too.

(Tai approaches Sora, smiling.)

Tai: Okay… Let’s make a deal.

Tribal Council

(Tom is at Tribal Council)

Tom: Although the actual numbers in the Japanese alliance is larger, at four to three, the Americans can’t be counted out yet. Several problems have emerged within the infrastructure of the former Japanese tribe, including Sora’s recent "revelation" regarding Izzy, and Tracey failing to effectively lead his troops. But can the Americans get their act together and succeed with this vote? C’mon, you won’t have to wait that much longer.

(The eight arrive and take their places.)

Tom: I’m sure you are all somewhat anxious about voting and getting out of here. But before we start the fun, I’d like to bring out our special guest tonight. Blossom?

(Blossom silently floats over and takes a seat near Tom. By comparison to the eight, who have deteriorated in appearance quite a bit, Blossom looks much better than the others.)

Tom: She’ll be watching each council, as will every successive person to be voted off, in order to make an educated decision as to who gets the big win.

Bubbles: Vote for me!

Blossom: Okay!

Tom: Now we’ll have none of that, okay? Anyway- ‘Sup guys? Anybody jump in.

Izzy: I’d like to say that I apologize for anything I’ve said, done, or…

Sora: For the last time Izzy, I know! It’s fine.

Tom: Hey… don’t make me separate you two. This is neither the time nor place for this kind of personal attack. Lisa, it’s time for you to gruesomely vote somebody off.

(Lisa looks at Blossom, then heads down.)

(Lisa heads to the voting booth, voter’s shot as she writes down "IZZ KOUSHIRO")
Lisa: (referring to the card) Sorry. I must remain professional. (sad, but firm) Izzy, I don’t know what to say. Bubbles says that she has a hunch about you, and so we’re going with it. And we did agree to vote for each other if the situation demanded it. Izzy, it’s been a privilege getting to know you, and if I could only take one thing back from this island, it would be the time we had together.

(She leaves. Fade to aerial shot of Izzy and then Bart voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Tai holding "TRACEY".)
Tai: I’m trying to keep my cool around you, but I think I’ve just about had it. Don’t ask me how Misty and Ash can tolerate you, because you are just a pain in the ass!

(Hhe leaves. Fade to aerial of Tracey and Stan voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Stan holding "BUBBLES")
Stan: You weren’t my first choice, but Tracey picked you. I guess I can see why, you’re as popular as Bart and as strong as Blossom. When both of those are combined- it results in a serious threat to win.

(He leaves. Fade to aerial of Bubbles voting, then Sora voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Sora holding "IZZY")
Sora: (smiling to herself) What can I say? I think it’s a credit that we were able to work so well together in the Digital World, and I wish you all the best with wherever life may take you. But you and me, under normal circumstances, would definitely not be friends. I shouldn’t really vote for you, but I made a deal with Tai that we each get it out of our systems. I just hope the Americans go after somebody different.

(She leaves, back to Tribal Council as Tom takes the box.)

Tom: Once the votes are tallied the decision is final and the person must leave the island immediately. Um… I can’t think of anything good to adlib.

Blossom: I got one, how about, "And he or she will have to be subjected to the tortures of civilization, like tons of food, a proper sleeping quarters, and a nice hot bath."

Tom: Thanks. I gotta keep you around. Wanna be a staff writer? Anyway…

(He reaches in.)

Tom: First vote… Bubbles.
(Bubbles looks worried.)

Tom: Next… Tracey.
(Shot of Tracey, somewhat angry. Tom pulls Lisa’s oddly labeled card.)

Tom: Next vote is for… Koushiro. (to Izzy) I suppose we should be going by your true first name.

Izzy: It would be more consistent.

Tom: Yeah. Is Izumi even your real birth surname? You are adopted.

Izzy: (embarrassed) I apologize, Mr. Wallace, but this is probably the last place that I’d want to bring that up.

Tom: Next vote is for Bubbles… then… aw the hell with it… Izzy.

(Shot of Sora, gulping.)

Tom: Izzy again. That’s three for Izzy, two for Bubbles, and one for the Tracester. Next vote is for Bubbles. And the final vote… Izzy.

(Izzy stands up nobly. He goes and shakes hands with Lisa, then everybody else. He reaches Sora last, and offers his hand. Sora feels very guilty about it, but accepts it. Izzy pulls, turning the handshake into a full-fledged hug. Sora just stares into the air as he does so. Izzy then releases, and takes his torch to Tom.)

Tom: You know you’ll be back in three days in the jury. Anyway… the tribe has spoken.

(He snuffs Izzy’s torch)

Tom: It’s time for you to go.

(Izzy nods at Blossom, then boldly walks down the trail.)
Tom: Unless Blossom wants to go around hugging everybody, you can head back.

(The tribe heads back to camp. On the way, Blossom smiles proudly at Bart.)

Izzy: This was quite an amazing experience; and it was interesting playing the part of a lab rat in this experiment of human interaction. I am quite happy to have made it this far, and have made several friends in the process, most notably Tracey, Ash, and Lisa. I’m not surprised, nor am I disappointed in going out now. This is a difficult game we are in, and by the looks of it, involves a lot of treachery, which I simply would prefer not to be a part of. It will only get worse, so I am well obliged to leave now. Um… what else to say… ah yes. Sora. I’m not going to judge her now, as I am unsure as to which four voted against me. But I am positive that if in fact she did vote against me, she had good reason for it. I’m forever curious as to what that reason is, and will hope to find an answer someday. But that is a different matter entirely, and I digress. I guess that’s all, so… bye.

Preview of Next Week’s Episode
Tom: It’s always the one you least expect, isn’t it? Either way, Digimon finally lost another member. That evens things out a bit. Well not really, the Americans are up 4-3. And we still have both of those damn Simpson kids.
*Sora begins second-guessing her "never liked Izzy to begin with" theory.
*Now down a member, Tracey and Stan fervently try getting Tai back into the alliance.
*And will that Tim guy fix the time problem so we can get a decent reward challenge?

Author’s Notes
You almost feel sorry for everyone’s favorite computer geek. No, I’m not talking about me… I’m talking about Izzy! Although I did fail my English test last week. Heh, I’m just kidding, I’m not in any English classes! Writing is for losers.

Candidate Votes Voters      
Izzy 4 Lisa Bart Bubbles Sora
Bubbles 3 Izzy Tracey Stan  
Tracey 1 Tai      

I know last time I said something about expecting the episodes to be shorter. Well, as it turns out, this is by far the longest one to date. Go figure! Still, don’t be surprised if I come short once. Maybe next time, I’ll lay off the whole "Sora gets emotional" plotline since everybody probably got sick of it back when Ash got axed.

Although I’m really running long here (first time I’ve hit sixteen pages in this series, written on MS Word in 12-point font.), I suppose I’ll briefly talk about why I did this whole Sora/Izzy development. No, there aren’t three reasons- only one: I just wanted to see someone cover Sora and Izzy’s relationship. It’s been totally underdeveloped, both on the show, and in fanfic. There are more fics where Sora hooks up with T.K. then there are where Sora hooks up with Izzy (although very few digi-dating scenarios are realistic, they are an accurate way to gauge how much two characters interact). This is mostly the show’s fault. Obviously, I don’t think that Sora actually hates Izzy, and that will reveal itself next episode. But just like with the way I present Tracey… consider the possibilities.