Animation Survivor- Episode Eight

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Episode Script:
(Tom is on Midway Beach)
Tom: After competing against each other in a variety of challenges, the two tribes have now merged into one. Where they had previously competed as two teams, they will now be competing as individuals, with only one receiving the reward or immunity. As was the case yesterday, as Tai Kamiya won immunity, thus preventing anyone from voting against him. However, this left his friend and challenge runner-up Misty vulnerable to the vote, and the Americans removed her from the island with four votes cast against the Cerulean City gym leader. But as the tribes merged, several castaways, most notably Bart and Blossom, found it much harder to vote against the other tribe. Will this change some strategies? We’ll find out in another three days, when one of the nine remaining is eliminated.

Day Twenty-Two

(Hot Spring, early morning. Tai is resting silently when Sora shows up.)
Sora: Tai? I thought I’d find you here. Are you going to be okay? I know you cared a lot about Misty, I just wanted to make sure you’ll get through this.

Tai: How can I get through this?

Sora: (cheery) Do you want Tracey?

[That did it. Tai breaks and cracks a smile.]

Tai: No, I don’t think that’s going to do it.

Sora: Worked for me. I went through this when Serena got voted off, so I know how you feel. You just have to give it time, and find somebody to talk to.

Tai: Like who?

Sora: Anybody. I’m here, Izzy’s here. You’ve got plenty of friends. And there’s only nine people here, and before we’re done, eight of them are going to be voted off just like Misty. We’ll probably end up getting it too. You’ll just have to get used to it. Just remember to keep going, no matter what.

(Tai is feeling a bit better, and smiles)

Tai: Thanks Sora.

(Sora puts a hand on his shoulder)

Sora: No problem.

(Sora leaves. Tai remains, as he stares into the woods, in a better mood.)

Blossom: The decision to vote Misty off was difficult. We were planning to go after Tai, but he got immunity. Then we realized that while she was over on our side, Misty pinpointed our alliance perfectly. She knew too much. None of the other Japanese people suspected an alliance as much as she did, so we got rid of her before she could tell anybody. Really, it was a smart decision.

Lisa: I agreed with Blossom’s decision to go with Misty. She seemed to be really popular with the other tribe, and with what she knew about our alliance, she was a serious threat. Now she’s gone, and we can concentrate on others like Tai.

Izzy: I have yet to decide on whether I think the Americans have an alliance. It seems that they’re very close, but it’s hard to say whether they vote alike or not. If there was, I can’t see the logic of voting Misty off, but I could see her getting four votes if it were simply a matter of coincidence. Almost everybody could have had a reason for voting for Misty, and it may be simply a coincidence that four of them did.

(Blossom, Bubbles, and Lisa are off in a corner.)
Blossom: Well, that worked pretty well. With Bart, all we need is one more gone and we’ve done it.

Bubbles: Well then what do we do when it’s just us four?

Blossom: Let’s worry about that later.

Lisa: Yeah. That’s a long way away, and we have five more to vote off. Anyway, Misty was a good choice. She was a threat, but I don’t think any of them got suspicious when we voted her off.

Bubbles: Why? I liked Misty.

Blossom: I liked her too. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought. I like some of those Japanese guys. Like Sora, she’s pretty cool.

Lisa: And I must admit that Izzy’s certainly interesting.

Bubbles: So next we’ll get Tai?

Blossom: Yeah, or Tracey if he gets immunity again.

(Bart enters the picture, somewhat sad.)

Bubbles: Hey Bart!

Blossom: Welcome to the club, Bart.

Bart: (guiltily) Yeah.

Lisa: What’s wrong?

Bart: I don’t know. I kinda liked Misty. We had a great time at that summit. Anyway…

Bubbles: I liked her too.

Blossom: It’s all part of being here. We’ll have to vote off Sora and Izzy eventually too. Right?

(Lisa nods in understanding.)

Bart: (sad) Okay. Just tell me who’s next and I’ll get him.

(Bart walks away)

Lisa: Say, Blossom, what are we going to do with Stan?

Blossom: I think that we should get him if they start getting suspicious. Otherwise, I don’t see any reason to vote for him. He’s not a threat.

[Stan and Tracey are talking on some rocks on the beach when Sora arrives.]
Tracey: Hi Sor.

Sora: Hi Tracey. (somewhat scornfully) Hi Stan.

Stan: (equally scornful) Hi Sora.

(Tracey smiles and brings all three of them together in a group hug.)

Tracey: (sarcastically cheery) Oh, it’s nice to see you two getting along!

(Sora ducks out of the hug, somewhat miffed)

Sora: Yeah. Hey, Tracey, can we talk?

Tracey: Sure.

(The two look at Stan)

Stan: Oh, are you two going to…

(They both look at Stan, angry.)

Stan: Okay, I’m going.

(Stan leaves.)

Sora: Tracey, I don’t think we’re kidding anybody. I needed someone to talk to before and you were there for me. And I’m forever grateful. But I think I’m going to be okay now. The "little island fling" was fun for awhile, but I think it’s time that we moved on, before we start actually having feelings for each other.

Tracey: (in his neutral mode) Yeah, I suppose. We knew it would be coming, and we might as well get it over with before you get voted off.

Sora: (taken aback) Me? I don’t think so mister, you’ll get voted off way before I do.

Tracey: That sounds like a threat, I’ll have to keep my eye on you at Tribal Council.

(They both laugh)

Sora: Well… see ya.

(Tracey gives her a friendly hug and she goes off. As soon as she leaves, Stan returns.)

Stan: I think you’re better off without that b**ch anyway.

Tracey: Don’t call Sora a b**ch!

(Tracey looks down, somewhat sad, then recovers quickly.)

Tracey: Anyway, you forgot to tell me that you guys were in an alliance.

Stan: Dude, I’m not. The girls are, but I’m not. I don’t trust them.

Tracey: I don’t trust them either. And I think I’m going to do something about that.

(Tracey smiles and starts walking away.)

Stan: Where’re you going?

Tracey: I’ve got to talk to Izzy.

Stan: Izzy?

(Shot of Lisa, Izzy, Bart, and Tai around the campfire at sundown. Lisa and Izzy are on one side, while Bart and Tai are at opposite ends. Lisa and Izzy are talking.)

Izzy: Say, Lisa. Tracey seems to think there’s an alliance. I have my doubts about it though. I wouldn’t imagine you ganging up on us like that. And even then, choosing Misty as a first target seems highly dubious.

(Bart is now seen, listening in. Lisa prepares to answer.)

Izzy: But before you answer, just remember that if you are in fact involved with an alliance, don’t say anything. I don’t want to get you into trouble with anybody because you spilled the beans or something. Although I am highly curious, I think this is something that is best left unaddressed.

Lisa: Hmm. Okay then. It’s come up before in our group, and I’d prefer it if we avoided talking about it.

Izzy: Okay. I respect that. I’m sorry.

Lisa: No, no, it’s fine.

(Bart shakes his head and looks at Tai, who seems to be off in dreamland.)

Bart: Hey, what’s eating you?

Tai: Me? Oh, nothing.

Bart: Ya had it bad for Misty, didn’t you?

Tai: Geez, how does everybody know about this??

Izzy: You weren’t exactly being discreet, Tai.

Bart: Can’t say I blame you, she was pretty cool.

Tai: I suppose you got to know her pretty good at that summit.

Bart: Yeah. We talked. Most of the time we were making fun of Tom and them, but yeah, we had a lot of fun together.

(Tai’s looking depressed again)

Tai: She’s one of a kind.

Bart: Man, I feel sorry for Tai. He had the hots for Misty and I went and voted her off. So far none of the people that I really cared about have been voted off yet, and from what I’ve heard, I’m one of the lucky ones. It seems like everybody on the Japanese side had to deal with a loss, and Blossom and Stan on our side had to deal with it. It’s really hard voting for people when you know that that person has some real friends that will miss them a lot. If I had known that Tai felt that way… maybe I’d have voted differently.

(Shot of the campfire as Bart looks through the fire at a somewhat depressed Tai.)

Day Twenty-Three

Stan: I was really close to getting voted off before, and I don’t know how I managed to get through it. But it was because I got kinda lazy over there. But now it’s like a fresh start, so I’m going to try to make the most of it and make myself indispensable.

(Shot of Tracey, alone on the raft. He appears to be waiting for something in the water.)

Tracey: I guess that we could never actually dive down and get fish underwater without proper gear, but it looks like Stan has had some practice with it. Good thing they brought that stuff with them.

(Stan comes up, with a fish on the end of his spear. He’s catching his breath as Tracey helps him back to shore.)

Tracey: Fun day?

Stan: Oh, man. Kyle used to do that on our team, I was in your spot. But yeah, I got something.

Tracey: Wow. We weren’t able to get anything before. Best thing we caught had three eyes and tasted horrible.

Stan: Yeah. But man, a few more of these, and they won’t be voting me off anytime soon.

Tracey: That’s a good idea. But I have a better one. I’m thinking of starting a counter-alliance against Blossom and them. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to let them pick us off one at a time.

Stan: Yeah, but it’s not going to help much. They got Bart into their group, it’ll be impossible to get them without Tai and Izzy. Hell, we’d probably need Sora too.

Tracey: Well, Izzy said that he’d go along with something. But Tai and Sora would be a problem. Tell you what, you talk to Tai, and I’ll talk to Sora. But we have to do this very quietly. We don’t want them suspecting anything.

Tracey: I think I’ve made myself very clear. I am out to win this. The Americans came in very organized, and did a great job eliminating Misty without heavy suspicion. But Stan was their one major error. I think they overlooked his potential. Not only with the fishing capabilities that he brings to the team, but also with his ability to inform me about their alliance. Now, I can attempt to confront them while I still have the chance.

(Tracey and Stan are sailing back, when they spy Barb walking down the beach with a bow and a large quiver of arrows.)

Tracey: Hmm… looks like another challenge.

(They hear a motorboat approaching. They turn around to see Tom and Manny driving a motorboat. Tom is in back with a large box, as they pull up and stop next to them.)

Manny: Wanna drag?

Tom: You two should head back to shore, we have a reward challenge that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Tracey: Why?

Tom: Oh, trust us… this one’s gonna be hella fun. (to the box) Right?

(Tom opens up the box slightly…)

Marril: (from inside the box) Marril!

Tom: (closing the box) See you boys over there.

(They speed off. Tracey simply looks confused. They begin rowing back anyway.)

(On the beach, Manny and Barb are setting up an archery target in the background. Tom is up front with the kids.)

Tom: At this point in the show, we’ve come across a small problem. You see, in the animation world, it’s awfully hard to throw six different shows together without causing some sort of problems in the space-time continuum. And as it turns out, time isn’t moving in your worlds. When you get back, your friends will act like you’ve never left.

Stan: That’s probably a good thing. I don’t think anyone’s going to believe that Kyle, Cartman and me actually made it on some Survivor show.

Tom: True. But the problem with this is that it totally screws up the reward for this challenge. You see, we’re supposed to have videos from home and stuff, letting you know how all of your families are. We have experts working around the clock to fix the stoppage problem. Well, not really experts… skilled professionals. Well, not really skilled professionals… but Tim will pick up on it one of these days, I can assure you! In the meantime, we decided to give the winner of this archery competition a slightly different reward from home. Since you all have your little monsters that follow you around on your shows, we simply decided that the winner will get to spend the rest of today with him or her.

(Bart is about so say something, but Blossom raises her hand motioning for silence, smug.)

Tom: You know, you’ve been through a lot, and we thought it would be fun if you got to spend a few hours with Agumon or Biyomon or Nidomon or whatever. Any questions?

[Shot of Tai and Sora, smiling and talking to each other. Pan over the American Tribe. Blossom nods to everybody.]

American Tribe: (in unison, smiling) What about us?

Tom: Well, um… Manny, what about them?

Manny: I don’t know, this was all Tim’s idea.

Barb: He must’ve thought this was the one with just Pokémon and Digimon.

Tom: Oh, jeez. Sorry about this kids, we’ll have to go back and figure something out. There will be a challenge today, so feel free to take some target practice with the bow.

[Tom, Manny, and Barb board the boat, Tom muttering to himself.]

Tom: (mumbling) Stupid Tim, can’t even keep track of his Survivor ripoffs.

Bart: I can’t believe it. For the first time, we don’t have to win this one!

Stan: Is there any reason to bother trying?

(Shot of Blossom and Tracey at the target, fighting over the bow.)

Blossom: You’re going down this time, Tracey!!

Tracey: I don’t think so, you are so out of your league!

Izzy: This seems a little unfair to the Americans, since they don’t have as much incentive to win. But unless Tom thinks up some ingenious way to even it up, there’s not much we can do, so I’ll try to win.

(Shot of Sora and Tracey taking turns with the bow, practicing.)
Tracey: Nice shot Sora.

Sora: Thanks. I don’t want to sound greedy, but I really want to win this. It would be so great seeing Biyomon again. Ever since Serena left…

Tracey: And ever since you dumped me…

(Sora laughs)

Sora: Yeah. Okay, forget what I was going to say about companionship, I just want to see Biyo again.

(Tracey takes the bow and fires. Show that his shot hit closer than Sora’s. He smiles and pumps a fist.)

Tracey: All right! I’m in business now!

Sora: It’s strange. I never knew Tracey was that competitive. He doesn’t get to the point of being unfriendly, but he really wants to win. (more sincere) But I can’t really blame him. I want to see Biyomon more than I let on. I’ve had a lot of friends here. Tracey, Blossom, Bubbles, Serena. But none of them, not even Serena, were as close as I was to Biyomon. We had a very special connection, and seeing her again, if only for a few hours, would make this entire trip worthwhile.

[Brief shots of the others practicing. Eventually, the motorboat returns, and Tom steps out with the box.]
Tom: Okay, gather round. We figured it out. Not only do you get your monster, but you also get a video camera, and for the rest of the day, you can make a video of whatever you want. And this video is yours to keep for life. You get your own personal memoir of life on the island. Sound pretty sweet?

(The tribesmen nod apathetically.)

Tom: But Americans, since we do want to keep the spirit alive, we have plenty of extra monsters for you to choose from in case you win.

(Tom goes over to the box.)

Tom: We forgot we have all the ones from the twerps that got voted off too.

(Tom holds up Pikachu.)

Tom: Anyone want Pikachu?

All: No.

Tom: Oh.

[Tom throws a screaming Pikachu over his shoulder and into the ocean, out of sight. He pulls out a similar looking creature, the one from the "Chinpokomon" episode of South Park]

Tom: Um… I have his Chinpokomon equivalent. Stan?

Stan: Nah.

Tom: How about some of the other stuff, like that bug that landed on Bart before.

Bart: (interested) Hey…

(Bart runs up to the bow, picks it up, and aims it.)

Bart: Dinner’s on me!!

(Bart fires off-target, sending the arrow high into the atmosphere, it flies into the air, disappearing with the traditional anime flash/ding combination.)

Bart: How many shots do we get?

Tom: One.

Bart: D’oh!

[Tracey steps up next, firing an accurate shot that catches the outside of the inner circle. Tracey looks happy with himself, then passes it on to Stan, who misses the target. Bubbles misses the target as well, and Lisa’s shot hits, but well on the outside ring.]

Tom: Well, after five, Tracey is still the leader. Next?

[Tai steps up and misses completely. Sora concentrates heavily, but her shot just misses the target as well.]

Tom: C’mon guys, do we really want Tracey winning Marril? Please.

Tracey: Are you implying that my relationship with Marril isn’t as strong as Ash with his Pikachu or Sora with her Biyomon?

Tom: (unapologetic) Yes. Yes I am. Blossom?

[Blossom steps up, and hits the target, just outside of Tracey’s. She looks angry at herself as she hands the bow to Izzy. Izzy shakes his head, aims, and fires. His shot lands in the middle of the inside circle, and closer than Tracey.]

Tom: Izzy! Congratulations!

[Izzy looks pleasantly surprised, trying to remain modest while smiling heavily. The others congratulate him, most notably Lisa who high-fives him and Tracey, who smiles and shakes his hand.]

Tom: But I’m sorry, we never got a hold of Tentomon, so…

Izzy: You’re kidding.

Tom: Yeah, I am.

[Tentomon, everyone’s favorite giant red bug creature, flies out of the box and into Izzy’s arms]

Tentomon: Izzy! Didn’t think I’d see you again. So, I see you rigged the challenge in your favor.

Izzy: Of course not, this was all my undertaking, and it was entirely honest.

(Shot of Bart, simply looking confused. He turns to Tai.)

Bart: So do we get to eat that or not?

(Video Camera shot of Izzy, trying to straighten out the shot.)
Izzy: And here we go. Tentomon, are you sure you have that under control?

Tentomon: Oh, sure, it’s no hassle.

(The camera dips severely, before returning to Izzy, who smiles.)

Izzy: What is the average in-air velocity of a camera-laden Tentomon?

Tentomon: Hold on, I was never good in math. I don’t have fingers to count on, you know.

Izzy: I’m just joking. I want to make sure I get everybody involved with this memoir, especially Tracey and the American team. It’s a shame Ash and them are gone already. Anyway, first I’m going to show you Sora and Tracey, our resident lovebirds.

[The camera follows Izzy as he walks over to Sora and Tracey, having a very vocal and high-pitched argument.]

Sora: Tracey, I want absolutely no part in this!!

Tracey: But it’s essential that we do this! If not, they’re just going to pick us off one at a time!

Sora: No they won’t! I like Blossom a lot, and she wouldn’t do such a thing! Especially not against me! And what you’re suggesting is so devious and underhanded. Didn’t you learn your lesson with Ash?

Tracey: The only thing I learned with Ash is that being devious and underhanded is the only way you’re going to win.

(Tracey sees Izzy)

Tracey: Izzy, do you mind?

Izzy: Sorry, I’m just trying to…

Sora: Yes, Izzy, I’m not in the mood right now, and the last thing I need is you and Tentomon filming some stupid documentary. Just get out of here and leave me alone.

Izzy: Sora, are you okay?

Sora: (starting to tear up) No I’m not, just…

Izzy: Fine, fine, I’m going.

Izzy: I really didn’t think Sora was capable of being that angry. It isn’t the best way to capture her for my video, but we see enough of each other as it is. Maybe I’ll edit that part out when I get back.

Sora: I can’t believe the nerve of Izzy to barge in on us. Can’t he see that me and Tracey are in a very personal matter? I’m going through a lot right now, and the last thing I need is for Izzy to videotape it all.

(Video camera shot again. This time, there’s no Izzy. The camera goes through the bushes, showing Tai and Stan. Tai sees the camera.)

Tai: Hey, Tentomon, where’s Izzy?

Tentomon: Oh, he’s trying to apologize to Sora for a little mishap with the camera. We caught her at a bad time.

Stan: Damn, dude, I didn’t think Izzy had the balls to…

Tentomon: Not that kind of bad time. So what are you two talking about?

Stan: Nothing!

Tai: It’s fine, Stan, we can tell Tentomon, his lips are sealed.

Tentomon: Just because my lips are sealed doesn’t mean I can’t tell someone something.

Stan: Yeah, well, don’t tell any of the girls about the alliance.

Tai: I don’t know about this, man. Seems kinda underhanded.

Stan: Dude, you want to get back at them for voting off Misty, don’t you?

Tai: Well… yeah, I guess so.

Stan: Sweet.

(Finally, we’re away from the camera. Izzy is talking to Lisa.)
Izzy: I didn’t think she would get that mad.

Lisa: It’s not like it’s anything permanent. Life here isn’t quite as cozy anymore after the merger.

Izzy: It has gotten somewhat hostile now.

(Bart enters the scene and sits down.)

Bart: Hey, how are the nerds doing?

Izzy: Bad.

Bart: Why bad? You got your weird-ass bug.

Izzy: Yeah. I guess I can be proud of that. But having Sora mad at me has taken all the fun out of it. Having Tentomon here should be enjoyable for not only me, but Sora and Tai as well.

Bart: What’d ya do?

Lisa: I guess he was filming his video when he stepped in between Sora and Tracey at the wrong moment.

Bart: Whoa, Izzy, I didn’t think you were the kind of guy to…

Lisa/Izzy: Not that kind of wrong moment.

Bart: Sora has been a little freaked lately. And she’s been sucking up to Blossom and Bubbles too. What’s up with her anyway?

Izzy: I don’t know. We’ve been getting along swimmingly for the longest time, and one day she suddenly turns on me.

Bart: (directed at Lisa) I know, why don’t we vote her off?

Lisa: Isn’t that a little extreme?

Izzy: Yes, Bart. I don’t understand why she was so angry, but I would never do something like that to Sora.

Bart: Well, if she’s still pissed at ya, you better make sure she doesn’t vote for you.

(Izzy shakes his head as Bart leaves.)

Izzy: Bart just doesn’t get it.

Bart: I never really trusted Sora. Stan always said she was sucking up to Blossom and Bubbles, and after hearing that, you can see that it’s true. Not only that, but she also said something about "staying out of alliances." As much as she can try, that’s not how it works here. She seems nice enough, but I think Stan was right about everything regarding Sora. Fortunately- my participation in the alliance can help the problem.

[Shot of Izzy, still somewhat sad, saying goodbye to Tentomon.]
Izzy: I wish we could’ve spent more time together under more happy terms.

Tentomon: Eh, just relax, Izzy, everybody has girl problems now and then.

[Izzy manages a laugh.]
Izzy: Well, just take good care of that video. Goodbye.

[Tentomon flies over to Manny, who leads him to a boat. They sail away.]

(Shot of Izzy, somewhat sad. Tai approaches and nods at him. Izzy receives it and smiles)

Day Twenty-Four

(Shot of Blossom reading a challenge announcement. She smiles and nods.)

[Blossom is reading the note to everybody.]

Blossom: I think it’s a rope course that we have to travel through.

Bubbles: Sounds like fun.

Tracey: Once you think about it, the immunity challenges mean quite a bit now. If an alliance was targeting one person, and they got immunity, it would totally throw them off. There’s a lot riding on these, and I don’t think they’ll be many congratulatory remarks towards the winner of this one.

(This is probably the hardest challenge to describe thus far. In the middle of the woods, there is a maze of ropes everywhere. Around trees, under logs, everywhere. At the base of the woods are each of the nine, each attached to a rope via karabiners. Tom is at the edge.)

Tom: Okay, this is somewhat complicated, so listen up. Each of you are attached to a rope. You have to go through this course here around trees, logs, bushes, to the finish line. There are a lot of junctions, tons of directions to choose from, and some dead ends. This will rely on luck as much as speed. Survivors ready… this is for immunity.. and Go!

[They all go down the course at a furious pace. They all reach the same junction, which splits into four different paths. They all take different ones. Rather than describing it all, I’ll go through this briefly: Tracey, Blossom, Bubbles, and Tai seem to be following the course the best, with Tai taking an initial lead. After awhile, Tracey takes the wrong path and gets lost, bumping into a totally lost Bart on the way. Eventually, Blossom takes the wrong path too, and slips behind Tai. From there, Bubbles has a speed advantage, and wins the immunity. Barb is at the other side.]

Barb: Congratulations, Bubbles, you win this one. Nobody can vote you off this round.

[Bubbles looks very happy, and Blossom goes and hugs her. Tai smiles and congratulates her. Eventually, others show up and give some short positive remarks.]

[Shot of Sora, laying directly on the sand at the sky, sad. She sighs, then sits up and looks to either side. On the far end of the beach, just within sight, are Blossom, Bubbles, Lisa, and Bart talking. She ignores them and goes off into a different direction.]

(Shot of those four talking.)
Bubbles: Hey, Blossom? Those other guys aren’t going to form an alliance against us, are they?

Blossom: Well, I hope not. Sora says they aren’t in anything.

Bart: I don’t trust Sora, I think she’s up to something.

Blossom: You just don’t know her very well. I can tell she’s telling the truth.

Lisa: Yeah, and besides, she’s mad at Tracey, and she’s mad at Izzy. I don’t think she’s voting along with them.

Bart: So why don’t we get her anyway?

Blossom: She’s not a threat. We have more important matters to deal with.

Bart: I don’t like it.

Bubbles: It’ll be fine, Bart. We’re going to get everybody eventually.

Blossom: Yeah, we’ll get Sora eventually. It might look like she’s trying to get on our good side, but whether that’s what she’s trying or not, it isn’t working.

[Shot of Sora, heading towards the hot spring. On the way over, she hears the voices of Izzy and Stan. She ducks down and hides, peering at the scene. Tai, Izzy, Tracey, and Stan are all in the spring, talking very frankly.]

Stan: So are we agreed?

Izzy: I feel really guilty about this.

Tai: Me too, this doesn’t seem right.

Tracey: Guys, it’s the only way we’re going to have a chance at winning. We have to do this.

Stan: Exactly. We’re going to give them a screwing they’ll never forget.

Izzy: Okay. But only because it’s absolutely necessary.

[As they continue talking, Sora looks at them, somewhat angry. She’s looking at Izzy and Stan in particular.]

Tribal Council
(Tom is at the set of evil, looking somewhat overwhelmed.)

Tom: To briefly summarize the events over the last three days- all hell has broken loose. I just called Vegas, and they said that everybody except Bubbles is at 1-1 odds of getting voted off. And that’s pretty accurate, because I don’t know what will happen. So let’s just watch and see who gets spit out.

(The Tribe arrives, puts their torches into their slots, and sits down.)

Tom: Well, from what I see, I don’t know what to say. I’m not sure what you guys know, I’m not sure what you guys don’t know. So I’m going to try to lay off asking questions. But I do have an announcement to make. You nine have all proven yourselves worthy. It’s quite clear that all of you have what it takes to be on this island, and you are all ultimate survivors in your own right. Only one will win, but I think you should all give yourselves a hand for making it this far.

(Pan around, to show the nine smiling.)

Tom: But on the note of only one of you winning- it’ll have to work a little differently when there’s only two people left. For some reason, our analysts are predicting a 1-1 tie for that last vote. So the final vote will be determined by a seven member jury. Two of you will be the final two castaways up for the ultimate prize. Those of you who are voted off will comprise the jury that will vote for the winner, based on who you feel has earned the prize more. That’s important to note, because everybody in here will have an impact on the result, and those looking to win won’t be able to burn bridges very easily. So that’s something to remember. Anyway, on to today. I’ve noticed that a few are taking an emotional toll on this island. Sora- you’ve always been something of a mental case here, and now it seems it’s really coming down hard.

Sora: Yes. Well, there’s a lot I have to sort out right now. I have my friends turning on my other friends, I’m trying to sort out this thing with Tracey… it’s starting to add up.

Tom: It’s all part of life on the island. In this situation, it’s easy to lose it. And nobody’s invulnerable, you were quite hard on Izzy.

Sora: Yeah. But he knows I’m sorry about that. It’s all part of what I’m going through.

Tom: You know we feel for ya. And with that in mind… go kick one of your friends off.

(Sora heads to the voting booth, voter’s shot as he writes down "STAN")
Sora: I just didn’t trust him before. Now I have a reason not to trust him. He’s taking my friends, and turning them into tools to get back at Blossom and Bubbles. I can’t believe they’re falling for it.

(She leaves. Fade to aerial shot of Bubbles and then Blossom voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Blossom holding "TAI".)
Blossom: I don’t think he realizes how good a position he’s in right now. And we have to take him down before he does.

(She leaves. Fade to aerial of Izzy and Lisa voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Bart holding "SORA")
Bart: First off, I can’t bring myself to vote for Tai. We kicked his girl off, and now Blossom wants me to kick him off too. That just isn’t right. And also, Sora’s up to no good. She’s easing up to the girls, she’s acting all pissed at her own team… I think it’s a set up. She’s a sneaky one, and if we don’t watch her, she’ll up and win this.

(He leaves. Fade to aerial of Stan voting, then Tai voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Tracey holding "BLOSSOM")
Tracey: You played the game well, but when you make mistakes, you’ll have to pay for them someday. You overlooked Stan, and you overlooked me. And now you’ll be overlooking us from the jury box as we go and win.

(She leaves, back to Tribal Council as Tom takes the box.)
Tom: Okay. Once again, I forgot to mention that none of you can vote for Bubbles. But she’s so cute, who would vote for her?

(He reaches in.)
Tom: First vote is for Tai.
(Tai looks down on himself, but not panicked.)

Tom: Next vote is for Blossom.
(Shot of Blossom, unfazed by the vote.)

Tom: Then, another for Tai… and another for Blossom. Then we have one for Sora.
(Sora looks down, sad.)

Tom: Next… Blossom… and then… Tai. That makes it three for Tai, three for Blossom, and one for Sora. The next vote… is for Blossom.
(Shot of Blossom, sincerely worried.)

Tom: And the last vote… is for Stan. Blossom, bring your torch over here.
(Blossom sits for a second, unsure of herself. Then she shakes her head, briefly hugs Bubbles and Lisa, and takes her torch to Tom. She appears to be hiding her sadness under a guise of boldness.)

Tom: Blossom… the tribe has spoken.

(He snuffs her torch)

Tom: It’s time for you to go.

(Blossom silently nods, then walks down the forbidding path.)
Tom: You will get to see her again, but she’ll be one of the seven deciding the fate of the last two survivors. But for now, there are eight, and you can head back to camp.

(As the tribe leaves, Lisa is the only one who appears somewhat disturbed by the vote.)
(Shot of Blossom walking down the trail to the beach.)

Blossom: I really didn’t think that there was another alliance out there, but I think this clearly shows that there was. I was wrong, and I was voted off because of it. It’s tough admitting you made a mistake, but it’s even tougher getting voted off because somebody else made a mistake for you. It’s my fault I got voted off, and I can live with that. This is a game of cutthroat, where you live by the sword, and die by the sword. I guess I died by it today. But nobody here’s evil, so it’s okay to lose to them. And good luck to Bubbles, and Lisa… they’ll need it for this game.

Preview of Next Week’s Episode
Tom: Things are beginning to tighten up, and heat up on the good old island. With two rival alliances playing the game, it will really get cooking now.

*Being in an alliance causes guilt for Tai and Bubbles. Can they keep the pace up?
*Lisa and Izzy are in rival alliances, but will they be able to vote each other off if it became necessary?
*And what role will Sora play as the only neutral castaway in the tribe?

Author’s Notes:
Honestly now… if you can’t figure out who voted for who, then I feel for you.

Candidate Votes Voters      
Blossom 4 Izzy Stan Tai Tracey
Tai 3 Bubbles Blossom Lisa  
Stan 1 Sora      
Sora 1 Bart      

As it’s become clear with the whole incident with Sora and Izzy, the series has taken a somewhat darker tone than we started with. I’m not sure if you were ready for it, but I have been trying to gradually grow darker as we went along. It won’t become a gritty sexual thriller or anything, but I also won’t be putting this in the Comedy genre anytime soon. Just keep hanging on, you’re in for quite a ride.

You may also notice that this episode is somewhat shorter than the last one. Not significant, but the episodes may get shorter as we go along. The more people that get voted off, the fewer people remain, and the fewer storylines that are available. We have eight left, one half of what we started with, meaning that I have to write twice as much for each character just to end up with the same length. It’s a grueling pace, so don’t be surprised if I fall just short of that later on.

To all the people watching this from the American shows (Yes, they have respectable fanfic communities too!!), I apologize for that little reward challenge. I had to try writing a few of the Digimon. Sorry. For the Digimon people, I’m from one of the American shows’ fanfic communities, and didn’t want to go overboard, so Tentomon didn’t get used as much as he could have. Sorry.

And finally, I again have to talk about Star and her series. I feel no shame in mentioning it, and don’t really think I’m sucking up to it in any way. But remember when she said that she didn’t have the heart to make anybody Richard? Well, I figured out a way around that- Because nobody likes Tracey anyway, right?