Animation Survivor- Episode Seven

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Episode Script:
(Tom Wallace appears on the sandspit. Behind him, there is a tent and a table.)
Tom: For eighteen days, the two tribes, representing Japanese and American animation, have competed against each other in a series of challenges. For the record, the Americans won 6 to the Japanese winning 4… but who’s counting? Anyway, in the end, everything’s equal, for both sides have eliminated three of their original eight members, including Kyle Broflovski, voted off last time by the American Tribe. Now, the ten remaining must face a new challenge. Tomorrow, the two tribes will merge into one, and will go about the remainder of their life on the island as a single entity, but culminating with one castaway taking home the ultimate prize. Today, both sides are to send one member to the opposite beach as an ambassador. Those two will scout the opposite beach, then meet at the sandspit to determine the details of the new tribe. Representing the Americans is Bart, who is being taken to the Japanese beach by Sora.

(Shot of Sora leading Bart through the woods)
Tom: While Misty will represent the Japanese, taken to the Americans by Stan.

(Shot of Stan leading Misty through the woods.)
Tom: The presentations given today may have a lasting impact on the look of the team. Which is why I’m gonna shut up and let you watch.

Day Nineteen

(Shot of Misty and Stan walking through the woods.)
Misty: See, we haven’t been catching anything on our side. I guess all the fish are over there.

Stan: Well it’s not just fish, I reeled in a really freaky talking seal a couple days ago. What’s your name for that one?

Misty: I don’t know of any that can talk.

Stan: Oh. Not that it matters, Kyle was our fishing expert anyway.

Misty: So why’d you vote him off?

Blossom: I think what Bart said to me was the lasting thing- that if we did vote Stan off, Kyle wouldn’t be with us on the team. He wouldn’t relent, and we need to go in unified. I figure it’s just a lot easier to get Stan on our side than Kyle.

Lisa: It did come as a bit of a surprise to me, and I didn’t really agree with it, but I’ve sworn allegiance to this alliance, and it’s simply unwise to stray away from it.

(Shot of Blossom, Bubbles, and Lisa at the campfire. Bubbles is cooking some meat while Lisa prepares some rice.)
Blossom: Now, we need to make a good impression here. If we can get them to come over here, we have the home field advantage.

Lisa: Actually, since all of the stuff here is Japanese, wouldn’t we be more comfortable dealing with the things we’re used to over there?

Blossom: Hmm… I hadn’t thought of that. But this place is like our home, and we’ve gotten used to it here. I wouldn’t want to move.

Lisa: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Bubbles: So who do we vote off first when we get over there?

Blossom: First Lisa needs to talk to Bart. Once we get him, we’ll figure something out.

Lisa: Probably Tai, I think.

Blossom: Yeah.

(Shot of Sora leading Bart down)
Sora: It’s going to be a lot of fun with you guys into the group. I’ve heard some fun stories about you guys and if half of them are true, it should be a blast. Is it true you ran into Gomamon?

Bart: Uh… I don’t know.

[Stan has guided Misty down to the beach, where she greets the other three. All are in a good mood. Blossom hands her a plate of fish and rice. Misty sits down and starts scarfing.]

Misty: (pleased) Mmm… what is this?

Lisa: Stan?

Stan: That’s um… crazy-ass big starfish.

(Misty looks up in shock. She almost looks disgusted.)

Misty: Oh well, I’m hungry.

(She continues eating.)

[Sora and Bart arrive at the Japanese beach, where Izzy, Tai, and Tracey greet him.]

Bart: Well, this isn’t too bad. Not a total dump at least.

(Izzy hands Bart a turkey leg. Bart is impressed.)

Izzy: Just give us a chance, I’m sure you’ll find that we are quite hospitable.

Tai: Yeah, you haven’t even seen the hot spring yet.

[Bart’s eyes light up.]
Bart: We’re staying here.

Izzy: The group was divided somewhat on choosing whether we should move over there or remain in this location. Tai and Tracey think that we should go over there, since we’ve heard that it’s more in our atmosphere. Sora, Misty, and I meanwhile think that we’ve made quite a home here, and have grown attached to this place. Of course, we don’t know what side the other tribe is taking, whether they want to move or not. Ultimately, the decision lies with Misty and Bart, so it’s up to us to influence them.

(Misty, Blossom, and Lisa are looking over the lean-to.)
Misty: See, this looks nice. We have a small shelter that works pretty well. After Izzy and I fixed it up a bit, it’s very sturdy.

Blossom: Well, this has worked really well for awhile.

Lisa: Even in that storm last week, we didn’t have much leakage.

Blossom: Yeah.

Lisa: The question is whether it will fit ten people, but we can always build more and add on.

Misty: Yeah, we don’t take up much space anyway. Tracey and Sora like sleeping outside.

Blossom: That’s good, and also, we’ll vote someone off after one night anyway, so it’s not a huge deal.

(Misty looks at Blossom and raises an eyebrow in curiosity, but nobody sees it.)

(Bart is in the hot spring with Tracey and Tai)
Bart: This is great. Man, I wish we had this thing back there.

Tracey: It’s not a big deal. So what do you guys do for fun?

Bart: Well, we swim a lot. Mostly little games we have. Just goofing off with each other, basically. I guess we work most of the time.

Tai: Yeah. We’re really lazy. But we have a blast.

Bart: I can tell, this seems like a fun group. I’m starting to wish I was Japanese. I can’t do that weird half-circle eye thing though.

Tai: That’s something of an anime trick, it’s hard to learn.

Bart: Well… Bubbles and Blossom can do it. Even Stan and Kyle can do it. Well Kyle can’t, he’s gone. So you don’t really have anybody that’s keeping everybody working?

Tai: Nope, not really.

Tracey: Matt did a good job, but he became a pain fast. That’s why most of us voted him off. He didn’t work well with others.

(Tai is looking somewhat down, and staying out of the conversation.)

Bart: Yeah. Buttercup was like that. She really got on our nerves. She’s gone, but now Blossom runs a pretty tight shift. Tough as she is sometimes, I will admit that she does keep us going, and I bet we wouldn’t have won half of the stuff we did if she didn’t get us motivated.

Tracey: Ash was the one that kept us motivated. It’s a long story why we voted him off.

Bart: Shame too, because we were looking forward to it.

Tai: What? Voting off Ash?

Bart: Yeah. (mock threatening) Master this!

[Bart and Tracey both laugh. Tai remains reserved.]

Bart: I think it would’ve been a lot cooler on the other side. They’re just in this to have a good time, and don’t care about voting alliances and crap like that. I would’ve liked it there, but since they’re joining us, it should be really fun.

[Misty is eating again around the campfire with Blossom, Lisa, and Bubbles.]
Bubbles: So, what kinda stuff are you hearing about us?

Lisa: Yeah, those cameramen don’t keep secrets very well, what are they saying about us to you guys?

Misty: Well, we don’t hear that much. We hear that you guys are all into voting alliances and stuff, and all you did was talk about them.

Bubbles: Sounds like Buttercup.

Lisa: Yeah, I was going to say. Buttercup was trying to get the whole team against Bart, and the first week or so was pretty much dealing with her.

Blossom: Once she left, we really became good friends.

Lisa: Right, Bubbles and Blossom were on different sides of the fence for awhile, now we’re all really close.

Misty: (not satisfied) Oh. Well I also heard that you three were all teaming up and were going to vote us off one by one. I don’t know about Bart and Stan though.

Blossom: Hmm…

Lisa: (joking) That’s not a bad suggestion.

Misty: Don’t get any ideas!

(Blossom and Bubbles laughs while Lisa smiles.)

[Shot of Bart, getting into a canoe. Tai, Tracey, Sora, and Izzy wave him goodbye.]

[Shot of Misty in the same situation as Blossom, Lisa, Bubbles, and Stan wish her a farewell. Montage of them rowing to the sandspit.]

[The sandspit. Tom is seated at the table, covered with food up the rear. He’s helping himself to a chicken wing as Bart and Misty arrive. He quickly stands up, wipes his mouth with his sleeve, and approaches. Bart and Misty are impressed.]
Tom: Ambassadors, welcome to the tribal summit. You’ll see we spare no expense in making sure you are treated properly. Plenty of food, a good sleeping quarters, and privacy. I’m going to leave you two here for the night, and you can pig out, and do whatever you like. In the morning, I want you to let me know all the details of the new tribe. What it’s called, where it will be located, and the three items the other side will bring with them, besides your clothes and luxury items. Sound good?

Bart: You bet.

Misty: Um…

Tom: Now the American Tribe was represented with the color blue, and the Japanese tribe was represented with the color red. But now, you will all be represented by the color white.

Misty: That’s not really a color.

Tom: (sarcastic) I’m sorry, would you rather be represented by viridian, saffron, or pewter?

Bart: White it is!

Misty: Ooh, saffron’s kinda pretty.

Bart: Yeah… and now that you mention it, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been kicking butt since they started wearing pewter.

Tom: Shut up! It’s white! White, white, white, white, white!

Misty: Do I detect a hint of racism, Tom?

Tom: Enough of this! If you are finished demeaning me, I’ll leave you two at it.

(Bart looks at the setup, and at Misty, and turns back)

Bart: Hey, wait a minute!

Tom: Yes?

Bart: You wouldn’t be trying to set us up, would you?

Tom: Well…

Misty: (angry) What!? Do you actually think I would get involved with somebody his age?

Tom: Relax Misty. Actually, Bart’s older than Ash is.

Misty/Bart: (surprised) He/I is/am?!

Tom: The animation style in America takes a lot off of the height. Besides, that whole set-up thing was actually Manny’s idea. And he thought of that before you hooked up with Tai.

Misty: (still angry) What?! Me and Tai aren’t…

Tom: Jeez, don’t have a cow, Misty.

Bart: Didn’t I invent that line?

Tom: Yeah, once upon a time.

Misty: (sweet) Tom… do you remember what my luxury item is?

Tom: Well, yeah, it’s your… (realizing) I think I should be going now. Good luck!

[Tom takes off in a rush, leaving Misty and Bart to themselves.]

Misty: Hmm… so we’re ambassadors? Well, I suppose we should discuss where we should all stay.

Bart: Misty, in times like this I have only two words for you.

(They look at each other and smile)

Bart, Misty: (excited) Hot spring!!

Misty: Now that that’s out of the way, let’s eat.

Bart: Yeah, man.

[Extensive montage of Bart and Misty pigging out on the food. They are having a lot of fun, and getting along great.]

[Shot of the American Tribe at nightfall, eating rice and waiting impatiently for Bart.]
Bubbles: Why is it taking so long?

Blossom: I don’t know, we told Bart that we wanted to stay here.

Lisa: Yeah, Misty seemed impressed enough with this place.

Blossom: I don’t know, we’re getting a little impatient. With this merger tomorrow, we wanted to talk to Bart and get him on the same page as us. Stan has pretty much said that he doesn’t want a part in this, and I’m fine with that if Bart agrees to join.

Stan: I sure hope Bart maintains some dignity and doesn’t join their alliance. Blossom’s tried to get me in, but I refused. I think she’s given up on me. Good, because I’m not joining into anything that kicked my best friend off.

[Shot of Misty and Bart, drinking some bottled sodas on some lawn chairs by a fire, they are overlooking the island and see a small flame in the background.]
Bart: Huh. Who do you think that is?

Misty: That’s us. Maybe we should signal them.

Bart: Sorry, left my flare gun in my other pair of pants.

Misty: I’m talking about using the fire!

Bart: Oh. That too.

[On the Japanese side, Izzy, Sora, and Tracey are huddled around the fire. Tracey and Sora are particularly close. Izzy is slightly uncomfortable at it, but hides it well.]
Sora: Well, where is she?

Tracey: I don’t think it would take this long to get everything worked out. It’s not like they’re ending a war or anything.

(They see a fire from the sand spit flickering a lot.)

Izzy: Hmm, looks like they’re attempting to contact us. (sarcastically) She’s saying "Help, help, I just killed Bart in a murderous…"

(All three laugh, then calm down.)

Sora: I just hope they get back soon.

Tracey: Yeah, we have so much packing to do if we’re going to move.

Izzy: Even if they were to come here, we could be setting the place up for their arrival.

[Tai is on the beach, away from the camp. Although the sand spit is in view, Tai is looking at the fire, most notably Sora and Tracey. After awhile, he turns to look at the sand spit.]

Tai: Sora seems a lot happier now that she’s with Tracey. She was really out of it for awhile, but whatever she has going with him has helped her out a lot. And they both keep saying they aren’t taking this relationship seriously. But while she’s getting better, I think I’m getting worse. I still feel bad because of Matt and Ash, and now with Misty away for the night it feels like I don’t have anyone to talk to. With Sora feeling so much better with her "little island fling," I’m thinking that I want to start one with Misty. I am starting to like her in that way, and with Ash gone, there’s no competition. The question is whether or not she’s game.

[Shot of Misty and Bart, getting in their nice, cozy, comfy beds. They basically say "good night" to each other and drift off.]

[Night vision shot of Tai and Izzy in the Japanese shelter. In comparison to Misty and Bart, this seems rather uncomfortable, but Izzy is managing fine. Tai is tossing around a bit.]

Day Twenty

[Sand spit- day. Misty and Bart are stretched out in lawn chairs, each with a glass of tea (with accompanying lemon slice). Also, through some strange animation loophole (what were you expecting, a reality series?), they are both wearing sunglasses.]

Bart: (relaxed, lazily) Man, island life is rough, ain’t it?

Misty: (equally relaxed) You said it.

(They toast glasses as Tom arrives)

Tom: Well, I’m here to check up on you. You did do everything I told you, right?

Bart: Oh yeah sure.

Misty: We’re moving the tribe here, if that’s okay.

Tom: Okay… so you didn’t get anything done.

Bart: Oh, no. We did everything you said. We’re moving to Japan.

Tom: Japanese beach.

Misty: Yep.

Tom: Great. American tribe, your three items?

Bart: Our scuba gear, that filet knife, and we’re gonna save that parachute that the filet knife came in.

Tom: And finally, what will your tribe be called?

Misty: Anima. (It sounds exactly like "anime")

Tom: Anime? Isn’t that slightly one-sided?

Bart: Nah. It’s A-N-I-M-A. It’s short for Animation.

Misty: It’s like the only thing we have in common.

Tom: Eh, what the hell, it’s better than Rattana. Okay. Pack up, and let’s head out.

Misty: Do we have to?

Tom: Yes.

Bart: I’ll just stay here. Mist, have the others vote me off, ‘kay?

Misty: Then who’ll vote me off when I stay here?

Tom: Barb! Manny!

[Out of nowhere, Barb and Manny come up from behind, pick up the lawn chairs (with Bart and Misty still on them, and throw them onto a raft.]

Tom: Thanks guys.

[American Tribe, as the raft approaches the beach, the four Americans go up to the shore awaiting it. Bart, Misty, Barb, and Manny arrive.]
Stan: Welcome back, Misty.

Bubbles: Bart!

Bart: Hey guys, we’re moving.

Blossom: But, we wanted to stay here.

Bart: They got a hot tub!

Stan: Kiss this dump goodbye!

Manny: You guys need to grab your things, including your luxury items, along with the parachute netting, the filet knife, and the scuba gear. You have five minutes starting as soon as Bugs Bunny’s left hand reaches the 12 on my watch… now.

[Shot as the Americans get their things, and say one last goodbye. They board the raft and start rowing away.]

Lisa: It’s a bit tough. That beach was our home for two and a half weeks. I met a lot of new friends, and it was a very enlightening experience. It’s a shame that we have to go somewhere else; it’s like starting the process over again.

Blossom: I’m a little anxious about going over there. They know the place better. They now have the home field advantage. I believe that I have a plan for winning, but there’s always that moment when you aren’t sure about your future. This is it for me.

(On the raft, Stan is talking to Bart.)
Stan: I will miss that beach. It was a lot of fun.

Bart: What will you miss the most, the big-ass snake or the freaky-ass seal?

Stan: Hmm… good point.

[On the Japanese Beach, Tracey, Tai, Izzy, and Sora see the raft, and are preparing to greet it. Slowly, it arrives, and everyone goes nuts. Sora and Tracey are the first to greet the Americans; Sora going to Blossom and Bubbles while Tracey greets Stan. Izzy goes up to a smiling Lisa. Bart goes over by Stan and Tracey, where Tracey greets him. Sora pops over and greets Bart and Stan before going off with Blossom and Bubbles. Tai shakes hands with Bart quickly, but then goes over and hugs Misty. Misty happily receives the hug, but goes over to hug Tracey and Sora. Izzy sees that, and as Misty approaches, they both shrug and hug each other. Misty then goes over to talk with Blossom and Bubbles.]

Misty: I know this is going to be a lot of fun. More people to get to know and become friends with. Those other Japanese guys were great, but it’s a nice change.

Stan: It’s definitely nice. Kyle’s gone, I’m pissed at the girls, so it’s great that I now have five new people to become friends with. I just hope Sora doesn’t tackle me again.

[Lisa and Izzy are talking somewhat frankly.]
Lisa: Yeah, I finally got online last year. My dad’s not exactly a genius when it comes to the internet. For a while, my dad refused to get an internet browser, saying that I shouldn’t have to browse the internet, that I should just buy it outright.

Izzy: You know, I’ve heard better jokes mistaking the purposes of internet tools. If I had my computer, I’d download a bunch of ‘em.

Lisa: That wasn’t a joke. He really said that.

Izzy: Oh.

(Stan walks up to them.)

Stan: Hey, Izzy, you got Lisa away from Blossom! We’ve been trying to do that for days!

Izzy: Well, it isn’t that hard. Just need a ten-year old with a curious mind and a somewhat geekish persona.

Lisa: (smiling) Yeah, it’s not that hard.

Stan: We’ll have to make sure Milhouse hears that.

[Izzy laughs. Lisa smiles oddly as Stan leaves.]

Izzy: Who’s Milhouse?

(Blossom and Bubbles are hooking up the parachute netting near the fire. They are turning it into an efficient canopy.)
Blossom: You know, that wasn’t a bad idea to use this for shade. I can’t believe Bart thought of that.

(Sora and Tracey enter the scene.)

Sora: Hey, need any help?

Bubbles: Sure!

Blossom: Does this look straight to you?

Sora: It looks fine, it’s not like we need it to be perfect.

(Blossom and Bubbles step away from the canopy for a second. As soon as they do, it begins to tip over. Blossom quickly flies and catches it before it topples completely.)

Tracey: (somewhat sarcastically) Oh, yeah, it was fine.

Sora: Whoops. Sorry.

Blossom: That’s okay. We’ve had worse problems. We’d need Bart and a giant bug to cause serious trouble.

[Sora laughs as Stan shows up.]

Stan: Hey, Trace, what’s going on over here?

Tracey: The girls are using that netting for a canopy. Quite an ingenious idea.

Sora: Yeah, that was smart. It’s important to use everything you get.

Stan: Yeah, great, hey Tracey, you were going to show me how to play king’s corner.

Sora: King’s corner?

Tracey: It’s a card game.

Blossom: You brought cards with you?

Tracey: Sure. Just a standard deck though; I didn’t feel like teaching anyone Magic: The Gathering. You in, Sora?

Sora: Nah, I’d rather help out these two.

Stan: I know that we’re all trying to be friends with each other, but I think that Sora’s trying to cozy up to Blossom and Bubbles. Not a bad idea, but the last thing I need is for them to get more friends and become stronger. And if they are the powers here, Sora must be a little weasel to try to get on their good side.

Sora: I have a funny feeling about Stan. He seems rather distant around his American teammates, but he’s real quick to try to make friends with all of the Japanese guys, especially Tracey. I’m thinking that if there is an alliance, he must be the double agent.

[As the sun goes down, montage of people talking. Tai and Misty are sitting together, talking with Stan, Izzy and Tracey. Also, Sora, Bubbles and Blossom are having a very friendly conversation. Away from the action, along the beach, Lisa and Bart are talking. The sky is growing more cloudier, and it looks as if a rainstorm is about to hit.]
Lisa: Bart, I’m going to be frank.

Bart: If this is about that alliance, you already know my answer, so you wouldn’t be fooling anybody trying to get me in.

Lisa: I won’t even ask then. Let me just say one thing.

Bart: What?

Lisa: (very serious) I want to win this game.

Bart: You? Lis, this is a ruthless game of cutthroat island survival. Somehow I can’t imagine you winning against these other kids.

Lisa: That’s just it! I bet nobody is thinking I can win this. Everyone thinks that I’m just the little weakling here and that I’m just going to fall into the crowd and get voted off like a good girl so that somebody stronger or more popular can win.

Bart: Well, Lisa, given the situation…

Lisa: You see? You don’t give me a chance either. But with this alliance, I can prove them wrong. I actually have a chance at winning this.

Bart: Uh huh. So basically you are giving up on everything you stand for to win?

Lisa: I’m not giving up on anything, I’m just playing the game. I didn’t feel any guilt voting Eric off, I didn’t feel any guilt voting Buttercup off, I didn’t feel any guilt voting Kyle off, and I won’t feel any guilt voting… well, I won’t tell you who’s next, but I don’t feel wrong about that one either. I only have one question for you.

Bart: Yeah?

Lisa: Do you want to win?

(Lisa walks back to camp, leaving Bart thinking.)

Day Twenty-One

(Shot of a subsiding rainstorm.)

Tai: Man, it was getting to be real comfortable in there with only three people. But throw five more in there and everything gets really tight. It also rained, so Sora and Tracey came inside, so it was really bad. I can see why they came in, but did Tracey really have to step on my head?

Lisa: It was really uncomfortable in that shelter. It must have worked for them before, but not with ten people inside.

(Misty, Izzy, Blossom, and Lisa are standing outside the shelter.)
Izzy: Well, we redesigned the shelter some time after we built the original model. I made these designs the day Matt was voted off, so I made it for seven people.

Blossom: Sure doesn’t look like it holds seven people.

Misty: Well, it doesn’t. I got him to move the shelter later, and we didn’t actually make the changes until after Serena got voted off. So we designed this to hold six.

Blossom: Didn’t Bart ask about any of this?

Izzy: Nope.

Misty: Well… I guess we’d better work at making this work for ten.

Blossom: Actually nine. We vote somebody off tonight.

Misty: Okay, fine, nine.

Izzy: Actually, seven. Given our resources, it would be easier to assume that Sora and Tracey will continue to sleep outside. We have only a certain amount of supplies, and expanding this to nine would eliminate most of the benefits my modifications gave to it. If those two end up having to sleep indoors, it would be much less of a burden just to deal with that for the one night.

Misty: How about eight?

Izzy: It would still be a strain.

Misty: So we’re adding room for just one more person; why bother?

Izzy: No… we’d better add one more person.

[Blossom and Lisa nod in agreement.]

[Sora and Bubbles are talking around the fire when Tai shows up.]
Tai: Sora?

Sora: Hey Tai.

Tai: Where’s Tracey?

Bubbles: He’s out fishing with Stan.

Tai: Without you?

Sora: Yeah. Something wrong with that?

Tai: No… I guess not. Tracey and Stan are becoming good friends.

Sora: I guess so. I don’t know about that Stan though.

Tai: Why? You think Tracey’s cheating on you?

[Tai and Sora laugh. Bubbles just looks confused.]

Bubbles: I don’t get it.

Tai/Sora: Anyway…

Sora: (much more serious) So are you still thinking about Misty…

Tai: Well… I don’t know.

Sora: If you like her that much, you might as well let her know. I don’t think you can get any more than a little island fling anyway. She lives in some place called Cerulean City and I’ll bet that’s a long way from Odaiba. You aren’t going to see her again, so in the end, it doesn’t matter what happens here.

Tai: I don’t know if it works like that…

Sora: (teasing) Come on, Mr. Crest of Courage.

(Tai is somewhat embarrassed, and can’t help but smile at Sora. She returns the smile.)

(Off of a small island near the main one, there is a U-shaped dock. Tom is sitting in the center of it, holding the immunity idol.)
Tom: Previous challenges were fought between two individual tribes, with one tribe collectively taking the reward as a whole. And they were good. But now that the tribes have merged into one, we have to do things a little differently. Now, instead of competing as a team, each castaway must compete on their own, for themselves. This is the locale for the first immunity challenge.

(The Anima Tribe arrives on a large raft. They get out and sit on the dock.)

Tom: Welcome. Now that you are one tribe, you won’t be competing for team immunity anymore. We’ll just put this little idol thing in a good home.

(Tom throws the idol towards the island.)

Tom: Now, you’ll be competing for individual immunity, signified by this pendant.

(He pulls out a large pendant, with a pen emblazoned on it.)

Tom: Whoever wears this can’t be voted off at Tribal Council. It’s a big thing to have, so these challenges are still very important. Today’s challenge involves holding your breath for as long as possible. You will go down and hold onto a bar below. When your face turns a comical purple, that means you have to go up before you die. The last three to stay down move on to the next level. Here’s some goggles…

(He passes around ten sets of goggles. Each of the characters puts them on, although Tai feels somewhat stupid.)

Bart: (referring to Tai’s other goggles) Hey, six eyes.

Tom: Survivors ready? And Go down on your bad selves.

(The ten submerge. Underwater shot as they all go down and hold onto a bar. I won’t be specific on how much time passes, but after awhile, Izzy becomes the first to go up, followed by Tracey and Bubbles. Lisa goes next, then Bart and Blossom. Sora and Stan are practically in a staring contest, which Stan apparently wins as Sora goes up first. Stan, Tai, and Misty collectively realize that they are the last three, and rise together, to the cheers of the other seven.)

Tom: Alright, here are our finalists. Stan, Tai, Misty… Here’s the next round. There is an underwater course over there. You must go down your line, releasing bags to the surface as you go along. It’ll be much easier staying down below the whole time. Whoever releases all ten of their bags first wins immunity. So with that, get in position.

(Misty, Tai, and Stan line up on the surface.)

Tom: And… Go!

(They go down. Underwater shots of the race. Stan stays down long enough, but is simply out-swam by Tai and Misty, taking him out of the race. Tai and Misty fly down the lines in a blur. Nearing the end, Tai pulls just barely ahead, and wins by a nose. They go up together. Misty is too tired to be a sore loser, so they congratulate each other, Tai particularly close. He holds his arms in victory, while the others clap politely.)

Tom: Congrats Tai! You’re here for another three days no matter what happens.

(Tai puts his arm around Misty)

Tai: Swell!

Tom: You okay, Mist? I know you aren’t keen on losing.

Misty: (cheery) I’ll live!

Tai: Sure she will, she did fine.

(Just as the suspense seems to subside, Tai kisses Misty on the cheek. Misty retains an unsure smile, and glances at Tai a lot. Back to Tom, to the other eight.)

Tom: Well, it may seem like fun now, but that was a serious challenge, and you all will have to go to Tribal Council tonight. The only rule here is that nobody can vote for Tai. That being said… I’ll see you tonight.

(Shot of the other eight, including Stan, who swam back to the dock.)

Misty: I guess it’s a little easier to cope with now. Instead of voting because we lost a challenge, we just always have to vote. Still, it will be hard choosing somebody. I like the other guys a lot more than I thought I would.

[Shot of Blossom, Bubbles, Lisa, and Bart around the campfire. They appear to be talking very frankly.]
Bubbles: It’s up to you Bart.

Blossom: We trust you. We told you who’s going today. You don’t have to say anything. If there are four votes, it’s a yes, if there are only three votes, it’s a no. That’s it.

(Blossom, Bubbles, and Lisa leave.)

[Tai, Misty, Sora, and Tracey are in the hot spring.]
Tai: Well, here we go again. At least we have more people to choose from.

Tracey: At least you don’t have any best friends left to vote off. It should be a little easier for you.

Tai: Well… you voted for Matt and Ash too!

Tracey: I never liked Matt or Ash to begin with.

Misty: Yeah, I never liked Matt either, I didn’t feel… wait… Ash?

Tracey: (covering it up) Well… compared to the rest of us.

Sora: He was pretty odd.

Tai: Yeah, well… Sora, you voted for Matt too, you know.

Sora: I was sticking up for Serena, it was the only way to keep her on here.

Misty: Yeah. I’m still surprised Izzy voted for me though.

Tracey: I know. Where did that come from?

Tai: Hey guys…

Misty: Yes?

Tai: We’re talking about voting.

Tracey: So?

Tai: So?! We’re starting to act like the other tribe. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m just trying to enjoy myself here. I don’t care about alliances, I don’t care about Tribal Council, I don’t care about winning! I just want to have fun here. And right now, I’m not.

(Tai gets up and leaves.)

Tracey: What’s his problem?

(Shot of Misty, with a sad look.)

Tribal Council
(Tom is standing onstage.)

Tom: The newly formed Anima Tribe has only been together for two days. And in that time, they have become friends quicker than anyone had expected. Although some are having problems, like Stan and Sora, all have found some solace with the other tribe. Misty and Tai’s friendship with Bart, and Lisa’s friendship with Izzy are just a sampling. But regardless, before we leave tonight, one of the ten will leave.

(The aforementioned ten arrive and take a seat.)

Tom: Well, it’s been two days as a new tribe. And I think it’s become clear that casting votes for members of the other tribe is not going to be as easy as you once thought. But before we do, I have a couple questions. Tracey. How are things between you and Sora?

Tracey: For a little island fling, it’s about as good as you can expect. Some of the others have noticed that we aren’t spending as much time together, but it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Sora: It’s not like us being together in the first place is anything to be concerned about either.

Tracey: Exactly.

Tom: Misty. I don’t know whether this is a hot topic or not, but um… Tai kissed you after the immunity challenge.

Misty: (smiling) Did he now? It’s not an extremely hot topic, but I don’t really want to talk about it here. We’re good friends. That’s all I know right now.

Bart: Hey, Tom… why are you asking about all this romance stuff?

Tom: Just lightening the mood. Trying to get you relaxed. Stan… go vote.

Stan: (mumbling while going to the box) Pervert.

(Stan heads to the voting booth, voter’s shot as he writes down "SORA")
Stan: The last thing I need is another girl in the alliance. I don’t think they’re shooting for new members, but I can’t take any precautions.

(He leaves. Fade to aerial shot of Lisa and then Misty voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Misty holding "IZZY".)
Misty: I know it’s not the best reason, but he did vote for me last time, and he is starting to get a bit annoying.

(She leaves. Fade to aerial of Blossom voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Tai holding "TRACEY")
Tai: Compared to the last three, this one’s easy. This guy’s just full of himself!

(He leaves. Fade to aerial of Sora voting, then Tracey holding "BLOSSOM")
Tracey: If there is an alliance, it’s become quite clear that she’s the ringleader. Also, she seems to be a threat to win.

(He leaves. Aerial shot of Bubbles and Izzy voting. Voter’s shot of Bart. He has already put his vote in the box.)
Bart: That’s my decision, and I’m sticking to it.

(He leaves, back to Tribal Council as Tom takes the box.)
Tom: As always… well, you know. Let’s pop the top and give someone the drop.

(He reaches in.)

Tom: First vote is for Bubbles.

(Blossom quickly nods at Bubbles, calming her.)
Tom: Next vote is for Izzy. Then… Sora.

(Shot of Sora, sad. Tai and Tracey are on either side of her.)
Tom: Then… Misty… and Tracey. Next vote is for Stan.

(Stan shakes his head.)
Tom: Then we have one for Blossom. And another for Misty.

(Misty seems really nervous now. Tai clutches her hand in reassurance.)
Tom: The next vote… is for Misty.

(Shot of Misty. Izzy, next to her, also looks sad.)
Misty: (sadly) Oh please no…

Tom: And the final vote, although it doesn’t actually matter… is for Misty. Your torch?

(Misty sadly lets go of Tai and takes her torch and goes up. Stay on Tai, who is visibly distraught. Sora puts a comforting hand on his shoulder. Shot of Tom, with snuffer.)

Tom: Misty… the Anima Tribe has spoken.

(He snuffs her torch)

Tom: It’s time for you to go.

(Misty slowly leaves.)

Tom: The rest of you- you can see that the game has changed. You can head back.

(The tribe leaves, with Sora and Izzy comforting Tai.)
(Shot of Misty walking down the trail to the beach.)

Misty: The only thing I can think was that the American alliance played a big factor in this. And if so, I’m sure they had very good reasons for choosing me first. I actually take that as a compliment. Out of me, Tracey, Izzy, and Sora, I was the one chosen to be eliminated. Maybe it was because I had the best chance to win and they wanted to get rid of me now. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really want to leave, but I had a lot of fun while I was here. Tai was a great friend, and although I don’t know if I wanted a serious relationship with him, he’s still a great guy. I’ll miss all of them, but I think I’ll be okay.

Preview of Next Week’s Episode
Tom: Well, the American Alliance is up and running. Will they pick the Japanese off one by one like the real deal, or will we be creative?
*Will Bart’s voting with the alliance make him a full time member, or will he have second thoughts?
*Can the Japanese counter the powerful alliance, or are they all totally screwed?
*And why the hell did they pick Misty?

Author’s Notes
You didn’t actually think I was going to put Tai and Misty together after already including Tracey and Sora, did you? Well, here’s the long list of voting results.

Candidate Votes Voters      
Misty 4 Lisa Blossom Bubbles Bart
Sora 1 Stan      
Izzy 1 Misty      
Tracey 1 Tai      
Stan 1 Sora      
Blossom 1 Tracey      
Bubbles 1 Izzy      

Now that business is picking up, there’s not really much I can say to guide you through everything. However, I will point out that just because I got Ash and Misty out of here doesn’t mean that I’m anti-Pokémon in any way. I’m trying to keep this as logical as possible, and I see those two going down at this point. I think it serves the story well, and with Tracey as the only Pokémon representative, it’s definitely an interesting situation, which will become even more interesting later on. That’s all I’m going to say today, since this episode ended up running a bit long.