Animation Survivor- Episode Five

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Episode Script:
(This time, Tom is on of a different beach. It’s called Midway Beach, and is narrower than South Beach, with the trees coming closer to the water.)
Tom: One of the inevitables here on Survivor is that the teams will bond. As the outcasts are weaned out through Tribal Council, the tribes have become smaller, and are more closely-knit than they started out. With six members in each tribe, all have become friends with one another, which will make the voting process much more difficult in the weeks to come. The two tribes, by sheer coincidence, also have a balance in their shows. There are two members from each of the three shows on the American side, while on the Japanese side, it is a three on three situation. Although Digimon started at an advantage, and Sailor Moon at a disadvantage, things have changed. Matt was voted off to eliminate Digimon’s advantage, and Sailor Moon was eliminated outright as Serena was voted off at yesterday’s Tribal Council. Will this balance play a part in the voting process? One thing’s for sure- the balance will not last, as one person will be voted off the island in three days.

Day Thirteen- American Tribe
[Shot of the thunderstorm hitting the island over the night, and the Americans try to sleep during it under the lean-to.]

Kyle: Man, that storm was hell. There’s nothing to describe trying to get to sleep outside during a monsoon.

Blossom: It wasn’t easy getting to sleep, and whoever could sure didn’t get much of it. We’re kinda tired, so we hope we don’t have a challenge today.

Stan: It was one of those nights which you spend awake, envying the sap that got voted off from the other side because at least he gets to sleep in a warm bed.

[Fishing boat. Stan is laying on his back, relaxing, with a pole in the water. Kyle emerges, with fishing spear, snorkel, and a cage with more fish-creatures inside.]
Kyle: Great catch today, Stan! You get anything?

Stan: Nah. Looks like you got enough to last.

Kyle: Yeah. We can head back, we did our good deed of the day.

Stan: Uh huh.

Kyle: You know, I’m a little concerned for Stan. I catch way more than he does, and since Blossom’s been all buddy-buddy with Bart, I think Stan might be the next to go, which would really suck. I wouldn’t vote him off for the world, and Bart spends more time with the girls, so I’d have no one to hang around with.

[Speaking of which, Bubbles, Lisa, and Blossom are talking by the campfire. Bart is cooking rice within earshot, but not participating in the conversation… yet.]

Blossom: I mean, we’re probably going to have to vote one other person off, so I figure with so many of us helping, we should all make sure that it’s not somebody important.

Lisa: You’re probably right. Eric wasn’t a hard decision, and I’m sure you see now that Buttercup was getting on everybody’s nerves, but now we’re all pretty close. It’ll be hard to choose which one to vote off.

Bart: (eavesdropping) Oh, goody, here we go with the secret alliances and stuff. For a second there, I thought I was going to make it another week.

Blossom: If it makes you feel better, Bart, I don’t have you in mind. I’m actually thinking Stan for this round.

Lisa: Yeah, Kyle’s catching more of the fish, and Stan seems to have gotten a bit lazy lately. He wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Bart: Blossom has to be doing something behind my back. One day she’s trying to kill me, the next she’s all friendly with me. She’s talking voting strategy with Lisa and Bubbles now. My only hope is that my friends don’t abandon me.

Blossom: The reconciliation with Bubbles was pretty easy. We’re sisters, so we made up in no time. But I’m really impressed with Lisa. After I try to vote off her brother, she still welcomes me into the group. She’s very nice, but she speaks her mind when she needs to. I like her; she’s becoming a really good friend.

(Another shot of Blossom, Bubbles, and Lisa talking, with Bart overlooking.)

Japanese Tribe

Izzy: The tribe isn’t quite the same now. Although Serena was by far the weakest on the team, it’s almost as if somebody died around here. We’re all a little depressed. Partially because of the embarrassing loss of immunity, and partially since Serena really livened the place up.

Tracey: We did have to get rid of Serena, but it’s almost as if the spunk has left the tribe entirely. The beach is getting sloppy, stuff is lying around, and we just don’t feel like doing anything.

(Shot of Ash, Misty, and Tai walking back from the hot spring. Ash has a towel around his neck.)

Ash: It’s too bad we lost the challenge, but at least we didn’t lose anybody important this time.

Tai: Well, she may not have been important, but she was fun to have around here. Still, I can’t complain too much; it’s not like there’s anybody better to vote off.

Ash: One thing’s for sure, I’d sure like to find out who voted for me last night.

Tai: (covering up) Um, well…

Misty: You know Ash, you were always after Serena since Matt left, maybe she voted for you.

Ash: Oh yeah. She’s the only one stupid enough to try it!

(Misty and Ash laugh. Tai does too, but only to hide the truth. Ash reaches for the back of his neck and finds the towel.)

Ash: Hey… who’s towel is this anyway? I didn’t bring it.

Misty: Me neither. Tai?

Tai: Oh, um, I think it’s Sora’s. We talked luxury items before coming here. We agreed that she’d bring a towel if I brought a soccer ball.

Ash: You have a soccer ball as a luxury item?

Tai: Gotta do something around here!

(They get back to camp, and see it in disarray.)

Ash: Gee… what happened to our camp?

Tai: I guess we got kinda lazy again. We are a bit down now that Serena’s gone.

Misty: Well… time for me to work that magic charm.

Tai: (sarcastic) Don’t we want to try to improve morale?

[Misty pulls her giant mallet out of nowhere and slams Tai in the head with it. She then walks off towards Izzy and Tracey, more cheery.]

Tai: (to Ash) Where’d she get that mallet?

Ash: That’s her luxury item.

(Ash walks over, and sees Sora, sitting sadly. He hands her the towel.)

Ash: Hey, Sora, I didn’t know this was yours. Sorry.

Sora: (sad) Oh, it’s okay.

(Ash begins walking away, then turns back, seeing Sora.)

Ash: Hey. Is something wrong?

Sora: Mm? Oh, it’s nothing.

Ash: Oh. Okay.

(Ash walks away. Sora glances at Ash, sadly)

Misty: All of us are somewhat down, especially after losing the challenge, losing Serena, and that nasty storm, but Sora seems to be the worst. I guess she and Serena were bigger friends than I thought. Still, I’m sure she’ll come around. Ash has doing fine since Matt left, and they were pretty close.

[Inside the shelter at night (using night-vision cameras). While most are asleep, Sora is having trouble sleeping. Misty is near by, and gets up as well.]

Misty: (quietly) Can’t sleep?

Sora: No. I don’t know what it is.

Misty: I didn’t realize that you and Serena were that close.

Sora: Well, yeah. She was a good friend. And it seems that with her gone, there’s no one for me to talk to like that. Tai’s with you and Ash, and Izzy’s with Tracey, who do I confide in? Just us…

[They look around the shelter. We can see three others sleeping.]

Sora: Five?

Misty: Six. (yawning) Tracey’s been sleeping outside… well, not last night anyway. G’night.

[Misty falls asleep, while Sora watches her.]

[Outside, near the woods. Tracey is sleeping alone. No night-vision, the moonlight shines just bright enough to see that it’s Tracey sleeping on the beach.]

Tracey: (mumbling) Oh, not now Washu, I have a headache.

Sora: (OS) Psst. Tracey.

Tracey: (groggy) Hmm? Who is it?

Sora: It’s me. Sora. This may sound a little strange, but do you mind if I sleep here?

Tracey: (surprised) Wa?

Sora: Sorry. I just…

Tracey: (still confused) No, it’s fine. I guess.

[Sora lays down next to him. Tracey is a bit uncomfortable, but Sora is content, with her back to Tracey.]

Sora: So why are you out here?

Tracey: I’m not real comfortable with sleeping in close quarters with others. I guess I got used to sleeping outside in the last few months, so it works for me.

Sora: Oh. Because if you aren’t comfortable with me here…

Tracey: It’s okay. Go ahead. But there must be some reason you’re out here instead of inside with the others.

Sora: Well, kind of. Whenever I’m in something like this, I just need a close friend to talk to in order to stay level. And Mimi and Biyomon aren’t here right now.

Tracey: (muttering, barely audible) Thank God for that.

Sora: Hmm?

Tracey: (covering it up) Nothing! (normal) So I suppose Serena was…

Sora: Yeah. With Serena gone, there’s really nobody left to have as a close friend. Everybody’s all paired up with someone. Tai and Misty, you and Izzy…

Tracey: Oh. Well… if you need somebody like that…

(Tracey drapes his arm around Sora.)

Tracey: I guess I can handle the job.

(Sora feels somewhat surprised, but uplifted. She smiles.)

Sora: Thanks. It means a lot.

Tracey: No problem… I just wonder how Izzy’ll take it.

[Sora laughs quietly.]

Day Fourteen- Japanese Tribe

[Tai and Misty are eating rice by the campfire when Ash comes into the scene, smiling.]

Ash: (trying to control laughter) Hey, did you guys hear?

Misty: About what?

Ash: I never would have put those two together.

Tai: (mouth full) Hmm?

Ash: Tracey and Sora.

(Tai spits out his rice. Ash suddenly looks serious.)

Ash: Hey, we’re trying to conserve that.

Misty: Is that the new rumor out? Tracey and Sora? (laughs) Well, at least I’m not involved in it. Let’s see, if all the rumors have been true since we’ve been here, I’ve been dating you, Tai, Stan from the other team, and that weird Manny guy that keeps showing up.

(Ash laughs again)

Ash: Yeah, but it’s no rumor this time.

Sora: I don’t know what I see in him. He’s really nice, and he looks like somebody I can trust. I just need somebody like Tracey to get through this experience, and somebody to talk to while I’m here. I wasn’t aiming to turn it into anything romantic, but it does makes me feel better, so I won’t fight it.

Tracey: She’s not the first girlfriend I’ve had; she won’t be the last girlfriend I have. Consider it a "little island fling." I think we both understand exactly what this is, so don’t expect anything serious.

[Izzy is sitting opposite Tracey and Sora, who are closer together, but not touching. Izzy is talking about theories and stuff, which I won’t type because they go beyond my mind.]

Tracey: Hmm… that does raise some interesting points. But seeing as how I have no defense for it… what in the hell are you talking about, Izzy?

[Sora laughs, Tracey smiles. Izzy smiles after a second, realizing that Tracey was joking.]

(Shot of Manny, approaching them on the beach with a bag. Tracey quickly stands up.)

Tracey: (defensive) Hey, Manny, we were just kidding with that thing with you and Misty, We didn’t think anyone would take it seriously.

Manny: What in the hell are you talking about, Tracey? I’m here to announce the reward challenge to you guys.

(He sets the bag down, and opens it. Inside is a spear, a slingshot, and a blowgun. However, the scene has actually merged seamlessly to show that Barb is giving the same announcement to the Americans.)

Barb: Your tribe will select three people to use the blowgun, the slingshot, and the spear in a reward challenge for food.

Bart: Dibs on slingshot.

Blossom: Okay, who wants blowgun?

Barb: Hold on. The challenge isn’t until later today. I’m leaving these here with you so you can practice before settling on who gets what.

[Montage of Americans, trying to use the weapons. All end up seen practicing something. Most notably are Stan struggling with the blowgun, Kyle succeeding with the blowgun, and Blossom hitting targets with the spear.]

Bart: We have it laid out pretty well. Kyle’s doing a good job with the blowgun, so he’s going with that. I’m still good with the slingshot, and Blossom’s really hitting the mark with that spear.

(Shot of Blossom, throwing the spear and hitting a bullseye. Lisa is nearby.)

Blossom: We’re going to keep this winning streak going. Just watch.

(Over in Japan land, it’s the same situation. Misty can be seen having success with the blowgun. Ash and Izzy are unsuccessful with the slingshot. Tai is seen, succeeding with the slingshot and spear. Tracey throws the spear accurately, but not as close to Tai.)

Tai: Ha! Beat ya, that’s five bucks.

(Tracey silently hands Tai a fiver.)

Tracey: That’s fine, I’ve won thirty off of Izzy anyway. Still, you should take slingshot. You’re the only one that has any clue with that.

Tai: Well….

Sora: He’s right. You were the only one to have any luck with that. Tracey may not be as good with the spear, but he can hold his own if you go slingshot.

Tai: (somewhat mad) Fine.

(Midway Beach, all characters, including Tom, Manny, and Barb, are present.)

Tom: This is the reward challenge, and I hope you’ve gotten to know your weapons pretty well.

Bart: We sure have. I don’t care if there were bullet holes on the guy, Miss Scarlet did it with the rope!

(Tom is about to comment, then stops and looks at Bart.)

Tom: I expected better from you Bart. But anyway, there are three stages with this challenge. Blowguns are up first. You will shoot at this wall of fruit. Anything you get a dart through in three minutes goes into your basket and carries over to the next round. Okay?

(Kyle and Misty ready themselves, and their blowgun.)

Tom: Then go!

[Briefly cover the event, as Kyle and Misty each land the same amount of fruit. Afterwards, Barb and Manny collect the food they had hit into a basket.]

Tom: Okay, now over here, we have the slingshots. The fruit on these pedestals are the target. You either have to knock them over, or plant a stone in them. Ready?

(Bart and Tai get ready.)

Tom: Go.

[Again, briefly cover the slingshots, as Bart out-slings Tai through the wall.]

Tom: Good. Now comes the biggie. Spears. Barb, bring out the basket.

(Barb shows the basket, filled with fresh fruit.)

Tom: Your teammates have done a great job of collecting it, but the spear event is the decider. You each get three throws. Whoever gets closest to the bullseye wins it all, along with a special mystery reward.

(Tracey gulps. Blossom nods in agreement and takes the spear.)

[Blossom’s readies the spear and throws at the standard bullseye target. It hits the outside of the ring closest to the bullseye. Her teammates cheer.]

Tom: Tracey?

[Tracey readies himself, then throws. Third circle from center. Blossom steps up again. Inside of the first circle, to more cheers. Tracey comes up again (this is all done very slowly, for dramatic effect), this time hitting the first circle, closer than Blossom’s first shot, but not her second.]

Tom: Ooh, so close. But Blossom is still in the lead. You each have one more throw.

Kyle: C’mon Blossom!

[Blossom sets up. She appears very focused. She throws, not getting that much closer than her second shot.]

Tom: Good shot, but your last one still beat it. So that’s the spot, Trace, have at it.

[Tracey is nervous. He readies himself, and throws…. Bullseye!]

[All at once, Japan goes nuts. Tracey raises his arms, excited, as the team greets him. Sora jumps into his arms, wrapping her legs around him. Tracey continues to hold her as the others get closer to congratulate him. All six are extremely happy. Barb and Manny bring out the mystery crate of food.]

Tom: Oh, oh, but that’s not all. Along with all that food, you also get this crate. Crack her open and see what’s inside.

[Izzy and Ash approach the crate. Rather than cracking it open, they swing the top open (which is on hinges anyway). Inside are three mutant turkeys from South Park. They are all happy. Ash picks one up. The turkey unsuccessfully attempts to peck Ash’s eye out.]

Ash: Feisty little guy, isn’t he?!

Izzy: Finally, a decent serving of protein.

Tai: It’s Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown!

Tom: Yeah, yeah, I would recommend that you kill those guys before getting too attached to them. They tend to get vicious when excited.

[Group shot of everybody on Japanese Tribe, very happy.]

Japanese Tribe

Izzy: That victory gave the tribe a real shot in the arm. Not only do we have fresh meat, we have a renewed spirit here. We’ve all bonded, and we’re ready to take on anything.

Misty: We’re back to talking about what we can do to make the place better, and that’s great. I’ve already talked to Izzy, and we’re planning on relocating the shelter tomorrow. But today, we’re just going to relax and have some fun.

(A clearing on the beach. It’s very hard sand, and the Japanese have formed up a small, but decent, soccer field, although the goals are represented on one side by two small trees, and on the other side by Tai and Sora’s torches. All six are in the center. The two teams appear to be Ash, Misty, and Tracey against Tai, Sora, and Izzy.)

Misty: So if the ball goes into the water, whoever fishes it out gets a free kick.

Izzy: Yep. But that won’t happen with me in the goal.

Sora: (chuckling somewhat at Izzy’s comment.) Yeah, but I think Tai and Ash should switch teams.

Tai: Why?

Tracey: I agree. I haven’t played this in a long time, and we would be at a disadvantage.

Izzy: Okay then.

Izzy: It’s wise of Sora to switch the teams like that. Right now, we’re pretty solid with the Pokémon people, but we don’t want any chance of a division between our shows. Besides, if it was Tai, Sora, and I against those three, we’d plainly beat their brains out.

[Sora has the ball, and is holding it. Tai is defending.]

Tai: C’mon, Sora, I know all of your moves. You can’t get anything past me.

Sora: Hmm… I suppose you’re right.

(She suddenly passes off to the left, where Ash is waiting to take a shot. He shoots cleanly, past Misty, through the "goal." Back to Sora, smiling at Tai, who is somewhat embarrassed, but also smiling.)

Sora: (sarcastic) Nope, can’t get anything past you.

(She and Ash high-five.)

Tai: We’re bonding. As much as losing to Sora and Izzy in that game hurts, it’s nothing considering how far we’ve come. Us six are having a great time. We’re all close, we’ve all been well fed from the turkey we had tonight, and I just hope we can keep it that way for a long time.

[Shot of the whole Japanese tribe, together, eating a mutant turkey, and having fun.]

American Tribe

(All six are in front of the campfire, where Bart is serving some fish. Lisa has rice.)

Bubbles: (in pouty mode) I hope those Japanese choke on those turkeys.

Kyle: Actually, Bubbles, it’s more likely that the turkeys are going to be choking on the Japanese.

Stan: Yeah, Tom wasn’t kidding about them being vicious.

Lisa: I don’t know what the big deal is, they won fair and square. We tried, right Blossom?

(Blossom remains silent. She appears somewhat sad, somewhat angry.)

Kyle: Anyway, not that those turkeys matter. I caught a good load today, we are sittin’ pretty.

Bart: That’s right. They can rely on handouts all they want; we catch our own food.

[Others, except for Blossom, nod in agreement.]

Kyle: Yeah, and just remember who’s catching all these fish next time we have Tribal Council.

(Lisa smiles. Stan turns to Blossom.)

Stan: Hey, Blossom, you okay? We’ve been sitting here for twenty minutes and you haven’t once talked about how you’re going to vote me off next time.

Blossom: (quietly) Oh, no, I’m still going to vote you off next time.

(Bart laughs)

Blossom: (sadly) I just can’t believe I lost to that kid.

Bart: Me too actually. Who was that kid? The way Tom and them were talking, it’s like we knew that the big powers on that team were Ash and Tai, like they were automatically the finalists.

Lisa: Yeah. Where’d Tracey come from?

(Blossom gets up and walks away.)

Blossom: It’s a little tough losing like that. It doesn’t happen to me much, especially not on this level. I had the feeling that I would lose some team events, but losing one-on-one to a kid like Tracey really hurts. One thing’s for sure, I’m definitely going to make sure it doesn’t happen again tomorrow.

(Shot of Blossom, looking out at the ocean at sunset.)

Day Fifteen- Japanese Tribe

[Lots of hustle and bustle, as they are dismantling the old shelter.]

Tracey: That storm a couple days ago took a lot out of the old shelter. But our big win yesterday has finally prompted us to put Izzy’s plans to good use and fix her up.

Tai: Misty wanted that shelter closer to the woods since day one, and since Matt’s gone, we can do it and no one will mind.

[The whole team is involved, whether fixing parts of the shelter, or moving the foundation to the new location. Misty, Izzy, and Ash are busy moving.]

Misty: Oh! I just realized, we probably have an immunity challenge today! I should go check the mail.

(Misty takes off. Tai, Sora, and Tracey are seen nearby.)

Ash: If we missed it and had to forfeit, we’re all blaming it on Izzy, okay?

Tai/Sora/Tracey: Okay.

(Izzy and Ash start laughing, and continue working.)

(Dissolve to show the completed shelter, looking better than before, in a new location. However, everyone is with Misty, reading the note.)

Tai: Five in the water, and one in a boat. Okay, so five swim and one row. Who gets to stay dry this time?

Ash: Well, Misty rowed last time, do you want to do it again?

Tracey: Actually, I think we should have Izzy row.

Tai: Izzy? Why?

Misty: No, it makes sense. Izzy’s our worst swimmer, but he did really good helping me row that last time.

Sora: Well, Izzy, are you up to it?

Izzy: Hmm… seems like a logical choice. Sure. I’ll do whatever it takes to help the team.

(Over on the American side, those six are pondering the challenge.)

Blossom: Good. Gives me a chance to make up for yesterday. This is the one that really counts.

Bart: Actually, Blossom, I think Bubbles should row.

Blossom: Why Bubbles?

Bubbles: Well… you got to do the last one, so now it’s my turn!

Lisa: Yeah, Blossom, give Bubbles a chance with this one.

Blossom: Oh, this is about me losing last time isn’t it?

Kyle: Well for you it probably is. We don’t care, I just think Bubbles should get a turn.

Blossom: Oh, alright.

(South Beach. Shot of the ocean, and ten figures bobbing in the water. On the beach, Tom is sitting with Izzy and Bubbles. Tom also has the big pen figure.)
Tom: Well, here we are again, another immunity challenge. This time, the pressure lies on you two, the other ten are just out in the water, waiting to be rescued by you. The object is simple. You two will row out, pick up each of your teammates, and row back to shore. Whoever makes it back to shore first gets the immunity, and your teammates can help row after you pick them up. First, though- Why you two? I’m just curious.

Izzy: Me too actually. Well, I didn’t do bad rowing last time, and we assumed there would be swimming involved, which I am sub-par at. Basically, it was a matter of utilizing strengths and weaknesses on our team.

Tom: Oh. Bubbles?

Bubbles: Blossom had a chance yesterday, now it’s my turn.

Tom: Much better. Survivors, to your canoes.

(Bubbles and Izzy board canoes. Tom stands between them.)

Tom: And… GO!

(They take off, both determined. Izzy seems to be more so, as he takes an initial lead, reaching his first teammate, Sora. He helps her on board. Bubbles sees the lead he has, and instead of continuing towards Bart, heads towards Blossom. While Izzy and Sora pick up Tai, Bubbles gets Blossom. Together, they begin to catch up. Kyle and Tracey are picked up at around the same time. Bubbles, Blossom, and Kyle make a comeback, getting Stan right before the Japanese pick up Misty. The Americans get Lisa, and go back for Bart, before the Japanese reach Ash. Bart and Ash are retrieved at around the same time, but since Bart was closer to shore, the Americans have much less distance to cover, and they win by a healthy margin. They begin to celebrate, with Bubbles in the mix.)

Tom: Congratulations, America. But there’s a problem.

Bubbles: What’s that?

Tom: We were supposed to alternate between Americans winning immunity and Japanese winning immunity. You guys got two in a row, that isn’t supposed to happen. Let me check the book.

(Tom pulls out a small booklet from his pocket and skims through it.)

Tom: Hmm… apparently we’re still good. Japanese Tribe, see you at the council.

Japanese Tribe

(Tai is by the shelter, where Sora and Tracey are leaning on it. All are somewhat depressed.)

Tracey: How do they expect us to vote somebody off? We’ve all grown so close, it’s like we’re all a big family now.

(Sora puts a hand on his shoulder.)

Sora: Well, I’m sure we’ll get by. We all just have to make a decision, stick to it, and not regret it later.

Tracey: So does that mean you’re going to vote against me again?

[Sora laughs.]

Sora: I think I’ve changed my mind.

Tai: (smiling) Seriously, Sora, I don’t know what you see in him.

Tracey: Neither do I, actually.

(all three laugh)

Sora: (kind, but somewhat serious) You aren’t jealous, are you?

Tai: Me, no. Why would I be, we’re just friends.

Sora: And besides, you’ve been going after Misty for awhile, haven’t you?

Tai: No! Well… I don’t know. I was planning on just waiting and see what happens, but now…

(He looks over at the campfire, where Misty is seated, with Ash nearby. Close up of that scene. Misty is actually bent down, crying, when Ash arrives.)

Ash: What’s wrong Misty?

Misty: (in tears) We have to vote someone off again. It’s impossible. I just can’t believe we have to go through this again.

Ash: Well, before, I didn’t have trouble with it, but now… we’ve all bonded so well. I love this team.

Misty: (sad) Me too. Those other three are just so much fun, I just can’t go through with seeing one of them leave.

(Ash has a revelation, and whispers into Misty’s ear. Misty looks up at him. He raises an eyebrow. Back to Tai.)

Tai: I like Misty a lot, but Ash is with us now, and I don’t feel right trying anything.

Tracey: Yeah. They can deny it all they want, but I can tell they have strong feelings for each other, and it’s only a matter of time before they let it out.

(He looks at Sora.)

Tracey: I’m fine as is though.

(He kisses Sora on the forehead, but Sora doesn’t respond. She looks down, thinking.)

Tribal Council
(Tom is standing alone on the Tribal Council set.)

Tom: And here we are again. For the first time in Survivor history, whether it’s the real thing, or some cheezy fanfic knock-off, a tribe has lost the immunity challenge twice in a row. It’s certainly unprecedented, but we handled it quite well, and only three people were fired because of it. Prior to today’s set back, things were looking good for the Japanese Tribe…

Ash: (interrupting) Um. Mr. Wallace?

Tom: What the? What’re you guys doing here, I’m in my pre-festivities monologue.

Tai: We wanted to get this over with, so we left early.

Tom: Well then… have a seat, and we’ll get it underway.

(The six Japanese kids put their torches in place and have a seat.)

Tom: Twice in a row. I’m a little surprised too, I was expecting you guys to alternate with the Americans.

Ash: I was hoping that we weren’t going to lose at all.

Tom: Let’s not go nuts. It seems that you’ve all gotten really close as a team. Besides modifying your shelter, you also got a pick-up game of soccer in there. So, does this mean you are having fun?

Sora: I’m having a great time here. I’m with my old friends, I’m meeting new friends, it’s a lot of fun. Only trouble is when we have to vote them off.

Tom: That’s good then. Now while you have gotten close as a team, I’ve noticed that two of you have gotten even closer. Sora and Tracey, I see that you are playing along, having this "little island fling" as you call it.

Tracey: Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. Just a harmless little thing to pass the time while we’re here. Since we probably won’t see each other again after this is over, we don’t expect too much from this. It’s nice.

Tom: You say it’s harmless though. But what about those close to Sora. Tai, Izzy, anyone want to confess to a spot of jealousy?

Tai: Personally, I think you’ve been watching the wrong show. I’m actually happy for Sora, she’s been in a good mood since they got together, and as a friend, it’s a good thing to see.

Tom: Well, with that in mind, time to kick one of your friends off. Izzy, lead the way.

(Izzy heads to the voting booth, voter’s shot as he writes down "MISTY")
Izzy: It’s a tough call, but out of all of us, she probably contributes the least. Considering what we all bring to the team, that’s not saying much. She’s a good person, and I’ll miss her if she is voted off.

(He leaves. Fade to aerial shot of Tracey voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Ash holding "TRACEY")
Ash: No offense Tracey, but it all comes down to this- I like the Digimon kids better than I like you. That’s about all I can go on at this point. I’m sorry.

(He leaves. Aerial of Sora and Tai voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Tai, holding "ASH".)
Tai: I did it last time, and I’m doing it again. I like Misty enough to want to see if something breaks. You had your chance at her, it’s my turn now.

(He leaves. Aerial of Misty voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Misty, holding "TRACEY".)
Misty: (somewhat giggly) Oh my God… we killed Kenji!

(She leaves. Back to Tribal Council as Tom takes the box.)

Tom: Unlike the last few times, no one here’s really being labeled as a target. This should make the vote very interesting. But the rules are the same, once the votes are tallied, the decision is final, and the person must leave the island immediately.

(He opens the box and reads off the cards he pulls out.)
Tom: The first vote is for Tracey.

(Shot of Tracey, shaking his head. Sora clutches his hand.)
Tom: The next vote… is for Misty.

(Misty looks serious, somewhat down.)
Tom: Then one for Ash.

(Shot of Ash, closing his eyes.)
Tom: One for Tracey. That makes it two for Tracey, and one for Misty and Ash. The fifth vote… is for Ash. And the final one… is for… (somewhat surprised) Ash?

(Tom looks surprised, then smiles.)
Tom: Well, whadda ya know? Ash, your torch.

(Ash is silent for a moment, in shock. He’s starting to tear up. Slowly, he stands up and gets his torch. On the way over, he stops and hugs Misty, both obviously sad. He walks over to Tom.)

Ash: I have no idea what happened.

Tom: Me neither, but nonetheless, the tribe has spoken, I guess.
(He snuffs Ash’s torch.)
Tom: It’s time for you to go.

(Ash silently and sadly leaves. Misty is almost crying.)

Tom: I don’t know exactly what to say, except that you can head back to camp.

(Shot of the group collectively taking their torches away and leaving)

(Shot of Ash, walking the lonely trail back to civilization.)

Ash: It’s still a bit hard to accept, that I was voted off this early. When preparing for this, I thought I was a sure bet for the long haul. But I guess it just wasn’t to be. I’ve had my share of disappointments in life, and I’ve gotten over them. This is just another bump on the road to my true goal. It’s going to be sad leaving the group; we were all getting along so well, it’s a shame I have to leave now. I mean, I love everyone on the group. I love Izzy, Tracey. I love Tai, love Sora, I love Misty, it’s such a good group. I guess I wish them the best for the rest of the adventure. I just would rather be there with them.

Preview of Next Week
Tom: With the upcoming merger on everybody’s mind, both teams will be working to get all the chinks out of their armor before meeting up with the other side. Wait a sec, shouldn’t this be one of those things next to the asterisks?

*When Misty gets mad, Misty gets vengeful. What havoc will Ash’s demise bring to the Japanese team, especially if Misty finds out who voted him off?
*Stan managed immunity this time around, but how long will he be able to prolong his death?
*Blossom talks alliances with Bubbles and Lisa, but does Bart trust her enough to join along?

Author’s Notes:
Please don’t hate me! Hate the people that voted Ash off. Just to keep it straight…

Candidate Votes Voters    
Ash 3 Tracey Sora Tai
Tracey 2 Ash Misty  
Misty 1 Izzy    

Hmm… all of the votes were for Pokémon characters. Very interesting.

By far, this is the most shocking episode thus far in the series. Considering what I have planned for the rest of it… er, um, rather… what I expect the characters to do in the rest of it, this could end up as the most shocking episode ever. With Ash bowing out this early, and this freaky "Tra-ora" romance popping up (still better than "Taito" in my book), it’ll definitely have a few people questioning my loyalty to the two –mon shows. Instead of trying to reaffirm it, let me make three points perfectly clear.

  1. I’m not required to have loyalty to Pokémon or Digimon since I have a background in Simpsons fanfic. I put the accent on Pokémon, that’s good enough for me.
  2. I do read fanfic for both of the shows, and considering my reputation in Simpsons fanfic (and personal judgement), the last thing I need to write is yet another AAMRN or "Taiora" fanfic. I’m getting a tad sick of the run-in-the-mill romances, although I must profess to having enjoyed a few particularly well-written Taioras.
  3. Although on the surface, I appear to be writing this "Tra-ora" along with the Tai/Misty thing (Since Michi’s already taken, I guess it’s called Taisty.), in actuality, both the Ash-Misty and Tai-Sora relationships are dealt in a positive manner. The Ash-Misty connection was pretty obvious in this episode, while the Tai-Sora connection comes out a bit later in the series (although there were a couple hints in this ep). Although neither actually occur, I don’t come out against either of them, and Tai and Sora come really frickin’ close before all’s said and done.

Well, I suppose I don’t have to explain why I chose a certain character this time around, having already done so with Tracey and Serena. But another question on everyone’s mind may also be why I chose Powerpuff Girls, South Park, and The Simpsons for the American shows. Granted, the anime side was a fairly obvious choice, but there’s a lot to come by with US animation to wonder what my drive is with those three shows in particular. Well, basically, the decision is simple when you look at it in the right way. Each of the six shows, although three each are united on their nationality, are totally different, and it’s easy to picture "grudges" against the other. Pokémon thinking Digimon is a ripoff, Sailor Moon trying to get respect from the newer anime, etc. The American side is like that too, but on a much grander scale. For the longest time, everyone said that South Park was a Simpsons ripoff. Would those two shows have any hard feelings for each other? And with two shows geared towards adults, but watched by children, how would The Powerpuff Girls, a show geared towards children, but popular among adults, enter into the mix? Add the fact that all three shows were nominated for the "Best Outstanding Animated Series" Emmy this year (South Park for its hilarious Pokémon spoof, of all things), and you can see the logic in choosing those three shows. Of course, it could just be because I have experience with writing The Simpsons, and was interested in trying my hand at the other two. Who can say?