Animation Survivor- Episode Four

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Episode Script:
(Tom is walking, again on South Beach.)

Tom: The last three days on the island proved that the hunted can overtake the hunters. The Americans overwhelmingly took out Buttercup’s efforts to hunt down Bart, with Stan and Bubbles casting the decisive votes to drive Buttercup off the island. The question now is whether Blossom can avoid the same fate as her sister. Also, the Americans, despite their overall lack of size and strength compared to the Japanese team, also won a key reward challenge, which may help Kyle and Stan win their hunt for fish. For the Japanese, Ash’s efforts to hunt down the team’s motivation had almost fallen on empty ears. But he persisted, and they won an extremely close immunity challenge. With a lucky 13 survivors remaining on this island, we are starting to get to a point where the weak will be completely weaned out soon, and the tribes will have to vote on factors other than weakest links. Will that be the case this time? We’ll find out in three days.

Day Ten- American Tribe
(Blossom and Bubbles are in the woods. Bubbles has pretty much taken Buttercup’s spot. Blossom seems disappointed and Bubbles feels guilty.)

Blossom: It’s just hard to believe she’s gone. It almost feels like she’s died or something. We’re going to have to go through the rest of this without her and it won’t be the same.

[Bubbles sighs, but remains silent.]

Blossom: What’s wrong?

Bubbles: You’re mad at me because I voted for Buttercup, aren’t you?

Blossom: Well… maybe a little. But…

Bubbles: But I had to do it, she wanted to get Bart voted off, but I like Bart and I didn’t want him to get voted off and she was being mean. But now I can’t believe I actually helped Buttercup get voted off and now you’re going to be mad at me and try to vote me off.

[Bubbles looks like she’s about ready to cry.]

Blossom: No… it was our fault anyway. If it makes you feel better, she practically made you do it.

Bubbles: Why?

Blossom: Well, we should’ve stuck together here right away. It should’ve been us Powerpuff Girls against the world. But you were already making friends with Bart and them, so I guess we kinda abandoned you. We’re sorry.

Bubbles: So it’s okay that I voted for Buttercup, because I’m really sorry too.

Blossom: Okay. That’s settled then.

(Bubbles is much happier now, and smiles.)

Blossom: You know, you and I could sure do some damage around here if we teamed up. You’re friends with everybody and we both contribute so much to the team.

Bubbles: Please don’t start talking about who you want to vote off, because I want to forget about voting people off for as long as I can.

Blossom: Yeah. Even if we wanted to do some damage, the first thing I have to do is spend more time making friends with everybody else. We don’t want them voting me off, do we?

Bubbles: Nope!

Blossom: Alright, let’s go!

(Blossom starts flying off)

Bubbles: Weren’t we supposed to get food?

Bart: Well, I had an odd surprise today. Blossom took Bubbles into the woods today. I thought she was going to melt her mind or something, but they came back about ten minutes after they left, it was weird.

(Blossom and Bubbles are returning, to see Bart and Lisa cleaning up the campfire area somewhat.)

Bart: Back so soon?

Blossom: Not much to talk about.

Lisa: So who are you going after next time, or are you still gonna shoot for Bart?

Blossom: Nobody. Buttercup’s gone, and it’ll be really hard for me to be a sole conspirator, so I think I’ll just let loose and not try to form alliances against you.

Bart: Sounds like you’re admitting defeat.

Blossom: Well, Buttercup started the whole thing to get rid of you. Now that she’s gone, I might as well surrender.

Bart: Oh, sure, blame it on the person who’s gone already.

Lisa: Actually, it was Buttercup. She’s right about all of this.

Bart: Wait a minute, I got two votes the first time too, who else besides you and Buttercup would vote against me?

Lisa/Blossom/Bubbles: Eric?

Bart: (shocked) He had a vote??

Lisa: That’s a load off my mind. I didn’t like the way Blossom and Buttercup teamed up, and since Buttercup got voted off, it’s good to see Blossom admit defeat and try making up for it.

Bart: I don’t know, the whole thing seems kinda fishy to me. It seems like she’s giving up too early. And I’m curious as to what Bubbles was doing up there as well. I’m starting to think that she might be in on this as well. I’m still keeping my eye open.

(Stan is alone on the raft, talking as if in an interview.)

Stan: Well, Kyle was persistent, and in the end, he got me to switch my vote to Buttercup. I guess it didn’t matter anyway, but I think Kyle respects me a little more. (sighs) But it doesn’t help us if we don’t start catching some…

Kyle: (OS) Fish!

[Pan over to where Kyle has come up from underwater, geared with the fishing supplies won in the Reward Challenge. He has a cage, with a small fish (okay, fine, fish pokémon or whatever) inside. He’s all smiles.]

Kyle: We have something to go with the rice!

Stan: Sweet!

[Shot of Stan and Kyle arriving back to shore, the fish still in the cage. The others are very excited, and the mood is very positive.]

Kyle: Well, this should settle our stomachs, and my spot on the team. Me and Stan were having a little contest to see who would nab the first fish. Guess I won.

Stan: Yeah, we had a little bit of a competition going. I was a tad disappointed that he came through for us. But that was only a friendly rivalry, and we do have food, validation, and we’re definitely up with the rest of the team.

(Shot of Bart and Lisa. Bart is apparently cutting up the fish, or trying to at least.)

Bart: This is what I get for volunteering to do the cooking. Stupid knife.

[The cutting isn’t going good for Bart. Lisa is overlooking very closely, but somewhat disgusted at the sight.]

Lisa: No, no. You have to…

[Lisa has suddenly taken the knife and is about to demonstrate how to cut up the fish. She pauses. She sighs, gulps, and eventually starts slowly going at it. Bart remains silent.]

Japanese Tribe

(Tai and Misty are at the entrance of the woods. Ash approaches them.)
Ash: Hey, guys, what are you up to?

Misty: We’re talking about moving the shelter.

Tai: Izzy suggested a few changes to what we got now, and Misty thinks if we do that, then we might as well move the whole thing here.

Ash: Like you originally suggested?

Misty: Yeah. With Matt gone, there’s no arguments.

(Ash scratches his shoulder.)

Ash: (negative agreement) Yeah.

Tai: You think this would be too close to the trees?

Misty: No, it’s better shelter if we’re under the branches here. We’re bound to get a storm one of these days.

(Ash walking up to the edge of the woods. Tai and Misty surround him.)

Ash: I think we’re still too close to these ferns here.

Misty: Well, not if that’s where we put the back of the shelter and clear away this…

[As Misty finishes the sentence, she demonstrates by brushing back a fern. Behind it is a Bolivian Tree Lizard from the "Bart the Mother" episode of The Simpsons, staring right back at her, hissing. Misty screams, drops the fern, and quickly jumps towards Tai for protection. Yes that’s right… Tai. Tai receives it, but quickly glances worriedly at Ash. Ash looks at Tai, equally uncertain… then smiles.]

Ash: You’ll get used to it.

Tai: (a little giddy) That whole thing with Misty and the lizard was really interesting. I don’t know what she and Ash have going on, but if she’s jumping at me rather than him, it can’t be much. It’s like she instinctively jumped at me… I don’t know what that means. I know that Serena thinks me and Mist have something for each other, and this made me think. There’s nothing right now, especially with Ash around, but I’m definitely not opposed to the idea, so I can’t predict what might happen down the line.

Ash: I’m sure some people will make a big deal about her going after Tai, but I don’t see it as anything. She’s done that to me a few times, and we’re not involved. She’s made another friend, what’s wrong with that? Before I said that Misty’s relationship with Tai is a lot like her relationship with me, and this affirms that. I haven’t given any thought of her being more than a friend, and I’m sure Tai hasn’t either.

[Shot of Ash, sitting on a raft, looking over at the sea. He seems to be daydreaming.]
Sora: Ash?

(Shot of Sora, on the other side of the raft.)

Ash: Yeah?

Sora: You’re thinking about Tai and Misty, aren’t you?

Ash: No, why would I?! I was thinking about… who to vote off next.

Sora: Yeah right. Ash, this isn’t the American team, we don’t think about Tribal Council 24/7.

Ash: Well, I wasn’t…

Sora: It’s alright. I sometimes think about it too.

Ash: Why?

Sora: Well, it’s not like I have any serious feelings for Tai, but we are really good friends, and he spends more time with Misty than he does with me. For some reason, I guess I feel a bit jealous. It’s concerning.

(Pan over to show that Tracey and Serena are actually on the raft with them)

Tracey: Well, I think you have to consider whether or not you really do serious feelings for Tai. You too, Ash.

Ash: Trust me, Tracey, I don’t have any serious feelings for Tai.

Tracey: I meant Misty.

Ash: Oh.

Sora: (dark teasing, almost insulting) Tracey, have you ever had any serious feelings for anybody?

Ash: (chuckling) Besides Marril, now.

Serena: (to Tracey, excited) Ooh, Meryl, who’s she??

Tracey: Serena, what are you doing here, anyway?

Serena: Well I have to do something!

Ash: Since when?

Sora: I told Serena that it was really important to show how valuable she is to this team after she got over that sickness. A couple of the others still have their doubts about her, but I know that she can be a full contributor. We’ve been really close friends on this island, and I don’t know what I’d do if they voted her off.

Tracey: Is it just me, or is Serena actually doing something now? She seems to be involved with the group a little more than before. Either way, it doesn’t help us get fish, which is our primary main objective right now. The mice are fine, but we want a little more variety. Too bad we didn’t win that fishing gear, it would really help us out.

(Back on the raft, Sora is looking back to shore.)

Sora: Hey, is that Izzy?

(Shot of the shore, as Izzy is seen running back to camp, with a message in his hands.)

Tracey: Yeah, it looks like he has a challenge announcement.

Ash: But it’s too early for that.

(Middle of the woods. It’s actually the same spot they had the bug-eating thing. Tom is standing with Lisa. Izzy arrives.)
Tom: I see you’ve arrived. Your tribes were both told to send one representative here to learn about tomorrow’s reward challenge. You guys do follow instructions. Here’s the deal. Tomorrow at sunrise, a plane will fly overhead with this crate, which includes bedding, pillows, and most importantly, corporate sponsorship.

(He opens the crate, which includes the bedding, the pillows, and a huge Budweiser logo.)

Tom: The teams will be required to send a signal to the plane letting them know they are there, and want to be "rescued." Whoever has the most distinct signal, by our judgment, wins the stuff. Here’s the catch… you can both add an item to the crate.

Izzy: Great, I want a portable laptop with a Pentium III processor, a high speed wireless Internet connection, Windows 2000, and rights to the domain name

Lisa: (sarcastically) Don’t forget to give him a Solitaire game.

Izzy: Oh, that’s standard with the Windows package.

Tom: For the last time Izzy, we wouldn’t let you take it as a luxury item, and I’ll be damned if we’re letting you get one now.

Izzy: Oh. Well, a few of us have been clamoring for some decent fishing equipment. Not just spears and stuff, we want honest poles and nets.

Tom: Hmm… that’s not quite what they did in the original, but okay. Lisa?

Lisa: Filet knife.

Tom: Much better. Okay, you have your instructions, be ready at sunrise tomorrow.

[Extensive montage of both teams planning and preparing their signal. Izzy and Tai do a lot of preparing, with Bart and Blossom working together on the other side. Shot of both teams setting stuff up. Everybody works towards this, and the teams are working together well. Serena is also getting involved quite a bit, helping carry wood out to see and stuff. Eventually, both teams settle down for the night, a bit anxious.]

Day Eleven
[A plane is flying overhead. On board are Tom and Barb. Manny is flying the plane.]

Tom: Okay, we have our crate here, we just need to dump her to the worthy team. We’re about to reach the island, and the two teams should be ready by now. Manny, ya handling this thing okay?

Manny: Yeah, yeah, sure, I got my piloting license at Readington Community College; we’ll be fine.

(Shot of the American team. Stan approaches Bart.)

Stan: There’s the plane, Bart!

Bart: Alright, here we go.

(They see the plane take a sudden dip before regaining course.)

Bart: Hey… they got alcohol aboard!!

[Back on the plane. Tom looks a bit nervous.]

Manny: It’s okay, I just forgot which button does the keep flying thing for a sec. I got it back.

Tom: Let’s hope so. First we approach the American team, let’s see what they have.

(Overhead shot of the American team. Using a sizable amount of timber, they have, in readable letters "WHASSUP TOM?" in two rows. The catch is that surrounding the letters are pink and blue trails of light encircling them. Also, Kyle and Lisa are in front of the letters, both waving the Survivor flag. Pan down to ground floor. Where the trails of light are Blossom and Bubbles swiftly flying around the letters. Bart is watching as Bubbles flies by.)

Bubbles: Bart!

(She flys past and arrives again.)

Bubbles: I’m!

(Flies past and arrives.)

Bubbles: Getting!

(And again)

Bubbles: A bit!

(Last time)

Bubbles: Tired!

(Back on the plane, Tom and Barb are discussing with each other.)

Tom: Okay, now onto the Japanese.

(They fly over to Japan’s side. They have, floating in the water, a sad face, they also have arrows pointing up towards a small crate on the shoreline, pointing up towards a smiling face (including those half-circle eyes) on land. There’s also some kanji lettering surrounding the smiling face, all of which are blazing, with a team member controlling each of them, sending signals out, etc. Shot of Tom.)

Tom: Well, this is another good contest. But after careful consideration…

(Zoom out to show Barb flipping a coin.)

Tom: We have both decided on a winner. Barb, would you like to explain how we came to this conclusion?

[Shot of the plane flying and dropping off the crate by parachute. The American team sees it and cheers. Bart aggressively goes into the water to retrieve it. Blossom and Bubbles cheer… then keel over. This is all occurring during Barb’s voiceover.]

Barb: Well, we decided that although the Japanese did a good job accenting its message with fire, the Americans literally spelled out that there is a presence on this island, utilizing their tools wisely. The flag supported the message with solid human movement, and we feel that since neither side actually asked for help, the Americans at least looked better. What do you think Manny?

Manny: (singing) Hey, there, Blimpy Boy! Flying through the sky so fancy free!

Barb: Cut the mikes.

American Tribe

Lisa: Considering our competition at this point, I’d say we’re starting to kick some butt.

[Shot of the team going through the crate. They all seem pleased, although Kyle appears happiest with the fishing gear.]

Kyle: Why’s this in here, didn’t we already have a challenge for this?

Lisa: Um. That was the Japanese team’s request. I guess I forgot about that stuff.

Kyle: Nice of them to suggest it for us; this is even better than what we got. I’m gonna go see what we can get now. Stan?

Stan: You go ahead, I’ll be here with the rest of the new stuff.

[Kyle runs out while the others investigate the stuff.]

Blossom: I must admit that it was a good idea, Bart.

Bart: Well, I was starting to get annoyed by that glowing trail thing, so I figured why not put it to good use?

[Blossom laughs politely]

Bubbles: It’s great! Blossom and Bart are getting along now! That’s good, because I didn’t like it when they were fighting.

Stan: It looks like that whole thing against Bart left in a hurry. I guess both sides met halfway on the issue. Blossom’s being more open, and Bart’s helping out more. Of course, we could just all be in a good mood right now. We won the challenge, Kyle caught a lot of fish with the new stuff, and things are going good.

(Shot of Kyle, bringing in some fish. Blossom and Bart greet him, happily.)

Stan: But I’m getting a bit worried though. It was a whole lot easier when Bart and Buttercup were going at it. You knew it was going to be one of those two leaving. Now, anybody’s on the list. And with Kyle catching more fish than me, I’m starting to feel threatened. I only hope somebody gets pissed off at somebody else soon, or I may be the next one outta here.

[Shot of the group, eating happily. Stan is the only one silent, quietly listening to everybody.]

Japanese Tribe

[Nearing sunset, Sora, Tracey, Izzy, Ash, and Serena are eating rat by the fire, depressed.]

Izzy: Well, what did we do wrong?

Sora: Nothing. It’s just a matter of of them having a better design, it isn’t our fault.

Tracey: Yeah, I thought we had an excellent idea, and excellent execution.

Sora: Right, we have to look on the bright side. We’re all a little closer because of it, we’re figuring out what our places are on the team...

Serena: And I actually helped out!

Izzy: Well…

Sora: She’s right. Serena helped us out a lot, she was right in there with the rest of us. Good job, Serena.

[Serena smiles stupidly at Izzy.]

[Different shot of Ash, as he gets bored, sighs, and walks away.]

Tracey: Where’s he going?

[Tai and Misty are in the hot spring, talking.]
Tai: Me, I try not to think about it, she’s my friend, it’s weird thinking about it.

Misty: That does create an odd situation though. Removing the little kids, it creates a four-on-two. Almost as if you, Izzy, Matt, and Joe are competing for Sora and Mimi.

Tai: Heh… we’ve fought over a lot of things, but that ain’t one of them.

Misty: Well, it isn’t over yet; assuming you’re still friends.

Tai: Hmm. Not much to say with you. I suppose the Ash thing is pretty traditional.

Misty: (somewhat offended) We… (calmer) I suppose I shouldn’t deny anything after what you said.

Tai: No, but denying it is usually based on instinct.

Misty: (down) Yeah. It’s not like I haven’t thought about it, but Ash is just… well, I don’t know what to make of Ash. (backpedaling) Or rather… I do know what I think of Ash, but it’s really hard to describe, it involves…

(Ash appears suddenly, about to enter the spring.)

Ash: Hey, thought I’d join you, what’re you talking about?

Misty: We were um…

Tai: We were talking about the Five Man Rule and how it relates to teams of greater or fewer numbers. I guess we got kinda sidetracked.

Misty: I’ll say.

Tai: But anyway, we’ve covered the leader and the female slots, but what about the other three?

Ash: (confused) Other three?

Misty: Yeah. Besides the leader and female positions, there’s also the troubled friend, the smart kid, and the annoying pest

(Ash sits back and watches this conversation, somewhat dumbfounded.)

Tai: So with you, where is the smart kid role filled?

Misty: I think that while none of us are Izzys, it comes down to Brock and I having knowledge about the terrain and the environment, in order to support the leader, Ash, through whatever he drags us into. You could say we divide intelligence.

Tai: And annoying pest?

Misty: Brock and Tracey handle that in their own ways. Although Tracey is different from Brock, he still takes over as troubled friend, annoying pest, and I guess part of the intelligence.

Tai: Amazing.

Misty: Now your group is even more interesting. You have eight, and there’s extra spots for Mimi, T.K., and Kari.

Tai: No, no. T.K. would be considered annoying pest rather than… Joe. Mimi, Joe and Kari add other elements to the group, while supporting the initial five traits.

Misty: Ah. That does add another interesting dynamic to the team.

Ash: (bored, deciding to jump in) Okay, Tai. You eight are doing this whole island thing… who do you vote off first?

Tai: (somewhat turned off by question) Oh man, don’t even try it. I don’t think I could ever pick somebody to vote off.

Ash: (interrogating) But you voted off Matt.

Tai: (angry) Look, that’s different! He was getting on everybody’s nerves, and it was in the best interest of the group. Don’t you think I feel bad enough!?

Misty: (calming) It’s okay, Tai. He just asked a simple question.

Tai: (still slightly steaming) Well, who would you vote off from your group?

Misty/Ash: (simultaneously without hesitation) Tracey.

(Tai just looks at himself)

Ash: I don’t know what it is, but I just like being with Misty and Tai better than with the others. I seem to relate better with them than I do with Tracey and the others. It must be part of being in the leader position!

Tai: I’ve noticed Ash tags around with me and Misty. He’s something of a third wheel, but what are you gonna do about it? He means well, and happens to like us better than the other guys. Can’t blame him for that, even though he is annoying sometimes.

[Shot of Misty, Tai, and Ash talking in the hot spring once more; all appear to be happy.]

Day Twelve- American Tribe

Blossom: The immunity challenge for today is really interesting- it’s a relay race in five stages.

Kyle: Let’s see, the note said we need one person to swim, one to balance, one to row, one to run, and two to dig.

(Shot of the entire team gathered determining positions.)
Blossom: Okay, everybody’s got to step up here, they all do something. I think I should swim.

Bart: Yeah, and Kyle’s good with the raft, so he can row.

Stan: If Blossom swims, Bubbles should run.

Bart: Hold on, I can run better than I can dig, why doesn’t she dig instead, it sounds more important.

Kyle: Bubbles?

Bubbles: Sure.

Blossom: Lisa, you dig with her. Stan, you okay to balance?

Stan: Sure.

Bart: Great. Let’s rock the house.

Japanese Tribe

[Shot of Serena, running furiously. She appears to have decent speed. She eventually slows down and stops where the others are huddled.]

Sora: Tai, why don’t you run?

Serena: I can run!

Izzy: We’d better play it safe and let Tai do it. I’m the shortest, and therefore have the lowest center of gravity, so I’ll balance.

Serena: I can balance!

Izzy: Not at that height.

Tai: Okay, Misty, Sora? Which one swims, which one rows?

Misty: I’ll row, she can swim. I think she’s faster anyway.

Serena: I can row, and swim!

Tai: That leaves Ash and Tracey for digging, you guys up to it?

Ash: We dig it.

Sora: We’re all set then.

Serena: WHAT ABOUT ME??!!

Sora: Oh, you don’t have to worry, you can sit this one out.

Tai: Yeah, we’re a person up. And after tonight, we’re gonna be two people up!

Izzy: Let’s not go nuts, we still have to concentrate on this. We have to make up for yesterday.

Tracey: Let’s do it then.

(South Beach. Everybody but Stan, Kyle, Izzy, and Misty are present with Tom.)
Tom: Welcome to the fourth immunity challenge. This involves a five-stage relay race. If you’ll all get into positions, I’ll show the folks at home what we’re doing.

(Bubbles, Lisa, Ash, Tracey, Bart, and Tai head towards a mat. Blossom and Sora head for water. Serena is left with Tom.)

Tom: Oh, yes, Japan’s one contestant up. Hi Serena. The first leg is swimming.

(Shot of Blossom and Sora at the water’s edge.)
Tom: At the start, Blossom and Sora will swim out to where two buoys are located. Under those buoys are bottles. They will retrieve them, and pass them off to the balancers.

(Shot of Stan and Izzy, each on a floating, swerving, unstable log bridge.)
Tom: They will have to cross their bridge, and join the rowers…

(Shot of Kyle and Misty, each on a rowboat at the end of the bridge.)
Tom: …to head back to shore, passing the bottle off to the runners.

(Shot of Tom, in front of the mat, still with Serena.)
Tom: Serena, here you finish this description.

(He hands Serena a card. She looks surprised.)
Serena: Oh. Well, um, the bottle contains a map, saying where a key and a treasure chest are located. Ooh, treasure chest.

Tom: Keep reading.

Serena: Um. While the diggers head for the spot where the buried chest is located and dig it up, the runner, which should’ve been me, has to go into the woods to find the key. He or she (and it should’ve been she) has to bring it back while the diggers bring the chest to the mat. Whoever has the key in the chest on the mat wins… and it better be us because I don’t wanna leave yet!!

Tom: Thank you for that unbiased journalism, Serena, now if we’re ready… GO!

[Blossom and Sora head out. Blossom maintains a steady lead, but Sora is holding her own. They eventually reach the buoy and pass to Stan and Izzy.]
[Stan and Izzy handle the bridge easily, but Izzy runs slightly faster. The Americans are only slightly ahead when they both join Kyle and Misty on the boats.]
[Misty and Izzy really step up. Izzy shows some skill rowing the boat, even surpassing Misty at times. They have the lead when they reach shore.]
[Both teams struggle to get the bottle open, until Bart simply breaks it (over Stan’s head). Misty does the same to Ash. Tai and Bart find the location, and start running, while Ash, Tracey, Lisa and Bubbles head to the digging sites and go at it.]
[In the woods, both Tai and Bart run well, and pretty evenly, but occasional terrain obstacles give Bart’s smaller stature an advantage. He reaches the key first, but not by much.]
[At the digging site, Bubbles is out-digging the competition. With Lisa merely used as support, they reach the chest before Ash and Tracey (Ash still slightly woozy from that bottle shot). Bart reaches the mat just before Tai, and Bubbles’s strength allows her to easily carry the chest single-handedly to the mat. The rest is mathematical- USA wins.]
[The celebration isn’t much. All involved are physically exhausted. Lisa and Kyle manage a friendly hug, while Bart raises his arms.]

Bart: I’m too tired to celebrate!!

(He falls over, revealing a shot of Tai, tired, and shaking his head in anger.)

Japanese Tribe
Tai: Man, here we go again. One more vote that will plague my mind until I’m voted off. And those votes will plague the minds of the guys that vote me off also. This is a really tough game.

Tracey: Do I feel at all threatened by Tribal Council? No, I don’t. I like staying out of the big arguments until the moment I cast my vote. It keeps me out of the crossfire, and people don’t try to vote me off.

(Dual interview with Sora and Serena.)
Serena: We’re going to vote off Tracey next! (to Sora) Right?
Sora: (in agreement) Mmm hmm. We don’t have anything against him, but somebody’s gotta go, so it might as well be him!

Tai: I’m not sure who I’m voting for. But it won’t be Serena. I know Ash says she’s the weakest, but she tries hard enough, and her illness at the beginning didn’t bring out her good side. I don’t think we give her enough respect. I say give her time, she’ll get into it.

Tribal Council
(Again, Tom is standing in the same spot. It’s raining outside the set.)

Tom: After three days… well, it’s raining pretty bad, so I’m gonna cut this part. If you weren’t paying attention, it’s your own damn fault. Bring ‘em in!

[The team arrives quietly and takes their places.]

Tom: Well, here we are again. Hope a little rain doesn’t bother ya. It actually seems to fit the mood of the tribe quite well. After the initial momentum, you’ve lost four of the last five challenges. Is that beginning to take a toll on the morale of this tribe?

Ash: I think so. I don’t like losing, but I knew we’d have to face it sometime. I just didn’t think it would be this much.

Tom: Serena. You were sick for the first few days here, and that may have had an impact on your reputation. However, your contributions have increased greatly since then. Do you still feel threatened by tonight’s vote?

Serena: Well, yeah, a little. I feel a bit left out. I’m the only one here, and if it weren’t for Sora, I wouldn’t have any friends. And if it weren’t for that hot tub, I wouldn’t be having any fun either. But before you make any decisions, I’d like to point out that I’m the only one here who doesn’t need any help from cute little monsters to do my job! I have human friends to do my bidding!!

(Sora laughs. Tom smiles.)

Tom: That’s the only way to do it- up high, babe!

(Tom and Serena high-five)
Tom: Okay, back to business. Ash, you’re up.

(Ash heads to the voting booth, voter’s shot as he writes down "SERENA")
Ash: As before, you are still the weakest one here. Plus, I’ve grown attached to everybody else.

(He leaves. Fade to aerial shot of Tracey and Izzy voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Sora holding "TRACEY")
Sora: Why Tracey? Well first off, Serena chose him, and I’m just going along with it. Second off, I don’t know. He seems to be in his own world sometimes. He’s nice enough, but I get the feeling there’s much more to him then he lets on. I guess I’m a little scared to find out what he’s really like.

(She leaves. Aerial of Serena and Tai voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Misty, holding "SERENA".)
Misty: I don’t care what Tai says about Serena. She’s a lot of fun, but it’s definitely time for her to go.

(She leaves. Back to Tribal Council as Tom takes the box.)
Tom: I’ll repeat it again, since it’s becoming a catchphrase- once the votes are tallied the decision is final, and the one chosen must leave the island immediately.

(He opens the box— dum da da dum!)

Tom: First vote is for Serena.

(Shot of Serena, looking somewhat determined.)

Tom: Next vote is for… Tracey.

(Shot of Tracey, simply confused.)

Tom: Third vote for Serena. And the next for Tracey. That makes it two for Serena, two for Tracey. Then we have one for… Ash.

(Ash is even more confused than Tracey was.)

Tom: Then, for Serena. And the final vote is for… Serena. Serena, your torch.

(Serena, serious and silent hands her torch to Tom.)

Tom: Serena. The tribe has spoken. It’s time for you to go.

[Her torch is extinguished and she walks away. The rest of the team remains silent. Sora, in particular, looks sad.]

Tom: This storm may get pretty nasty soon, so you’d better scurry back to camp before it turns really bad.

(Shot of the group collectively taking their torches away and leaving)

Serena: I know what this is- this is just another example of blatant ageism! You’re all alike, you gang up and vote the oldest person off, just because you think they don’t contribute as much to the team. Well, if that’s how it’s going to work, I guess I’ll have to live with it. Anyway, I guess this is goodbye to Sora, she was the one that made this so much fun, we were really good friends. It’s gonna be sad to go, especially because I won’t get to see Misty and Tai get together. I swear they were made for each other. Well, at least I can go home and get something good to eat… those rats were awful and I’m starving!

Preview of Next Week
Tom: Next week should be interesting, especially if you’ve seen the real show. You know what I’m talking about.
*With Kyle catching the fish, Stan’s prediction comes true as he becomes the next target for removal. Can he get his head out of the noose?
*Sora makes an uncharacteristically bold move that changes the formation of the Japanese team.
*And will the Japanese team find out who voted for Ash, and what repercussions will it have?

Author’s Notes:
Sure, the Japanese team may never find out who voted for Ash. Us on the other hand…

Candidate Votes Voters      
Serena 4 Ash Tracey Izzy Misty
Tracey 2 Sora Serena    
Ash 1 Tai      

There, chew on that until next week.

Okay, okay, so anyone who has seen the real show knows that about the romance that breaks out in the next episode between Colleen and Greg. And yes, there will be a romance here to boot. And to make matters worse, it’s a crossover. Will Tai and Misty finally hook up, or will a new couple come out of the blue? Will the Japanese get the bug, or will I give the Americans a decent plotline for once? Stop asking me these questions!

And I did it last week with Tracey, so I’ll finally explain the reasons I chose Serena. There are three major reasons why she was chosen over somebody more… competent.

  1. Network diversity. Each of the American shows are on different networks, Comedy Central, Fox, and Cartoon Network. I wanted to keep that diversity with the anime team. Only problem is that until the Sci-Fi Channel gets their butt in gear, there’s only three major networks with anime on it. Pokémon is on WB and Digimon represents Fox, leaving the selection on Cartoon Network to choose from (this also creates the interesting concept that despite the differences in the shows, the teams share two networks). I don’t follow Dragonball Z, Ronin Warriors, or Gundam Wing, so Sailor Moon wins by default.
  2. Popularity. As Tom said in the beginning, I don’t want to alienate people and stick in anime that nobody’s heard of. I want shows that have a decent fan base. Since I don’t follow the shows mentioned earlier, that leaves only Cardcaptors and Tenchi Muyo (of course, Cardcaptors is on WB). And in America, I’m assuming that Sailor Moon is more popular than Tenchi Muyo, since Tenchi just started airing this summer. I could be wrong. I like Tenchi better, but I wanted another female character, and I didn’t feel like trying to write Ryoko (that would also make the ageism even worse!).
  3. Comic effect. Let’s face it, nobody honestly picked Cartman to win. And sure enough, he was voted off real fast. Serena was chosen with the same thought in mind. Both sides start with one character who is somewhat incompetent, but brings some laughs to entertain you until the good stuff kicks in (which should be right around next episode).

Now, I hope I’ve answered your questions on why I use the sixteen characters. Of course, that lengthy discussion about Serena is totally moot, since she’s not involved with the rest of the series! Well… at least I got Tracey covered. And what Sora said about him at Tribal Council is only a preview of what you can expect.