Animation Survivor- Episode Two

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Episode Script:

(Tom Wallace is walking along the South Beach.)
Tom: After only three days, the survivors have met, mingled, and above all, had conflict with one another. On the American team, Eric Cartman turned into the guy everybody hated to love, but his mishaps during the immunity challenge led to his dismissal. Also, Buttercup’s war against Bart Simpson took an odd turn, when Bart retaliated by voting against her at tribal council. Will that vote lead to others rising against Buttercup, or will the tribe side with her, making Bart the next to go? Over on the Japanese side, Serena’s illness, and the fact that she is the lone representative of her show, makes her a prime target for removal. But others, such as Sora, have been quick to her defense. Matt’s hard work is paying off in building the Japanese shelter, and is leading to a friendship with Ash, but Misty has had problems with Matt recently, and with her popularity in the tribe, could lead to others siding with her. Rest assured, in three days, one of the fifteen remaining contestants will be removed from the island.

Day Four- Japanese Tribe
[Matt and Ash are putting finishing touches on the shelter. It looks pretty good.]

Ash: (making small talk) I get asked that a lot. The answer, for the millionth time, is no.

Matt: Hmm, well, it looks like we’re just about done here, although one more support would come in handy right about here.

Ash: Where’s that idol thing?

Matt: That wouldn’t work.

Ash: I don’t see us losing it anytime soon.

(Both walk over and look at it from a short distance, near each other)

Matt: Well, we can beef it up later, this’ll definitely work for now.

Ash: Yeah. (looks at Matt) Domo arigato, Mr. Yamato.

(Matt and Ash high-five)

Ash: I know Misty doesn’t like Matt that much, but he’s just too good at what he does to let him go. He works hard, he’s friendly when you get to know him, and the shelter we built is really great!

Matt: I think that of all the people who joined us, I like Ash the best. He catches on quickly, and he works hard when he’s trying to accomplish something. He has his off moments, but I think he did enough with the shelter to prove his worth to the team.

(Back to Matt and Ash outside the shelter)

Matt: So what now?

Ash: Well… I gotta go check out that hot spring!

American Tribe-
[Shot of Kyle and Stan, on a raft in the ocean, trying to catch fish.]

Stan: (mocking a fishing show) Now, my guest here is Kyle Broflovski, known throughout the world for his fishing ability, including the one time he caught that 50 pound muskie off of Lake Michigan. Now, Kyle, what kind of bait is right for this situation?

Kyle: Well, Stan, I think that when you are stuck on an island like this, you pretty much take what you get, I’m just using an old twig right now.

Stan: Ah, the genius in action, folks.

Stan: Blossom and Buttercup volunteered to get food from the woods every day. After Cartman left, me and Kyle needed something to keep us on the team, so we signed on for fishing duty.

Kyle: So far, we’ve been out for awhile, but haven’t been able to find much. They said there’s a lot of fish out there, but I’m not seeing anything. Our supplies aren’t that great though.

(Same situation, but Kyle and Stan are rowing back.)
Stan: Well, that just about does it for today’s show. Sometimes you can catch something, sometimes you can’t. I’d like to thank my guest Kyle for being with us today, and I hope he can come back tomorrow. Until then, I’m Stan Marsh, signing off.

[Blossom and Buttercup are in the woods, looking for food.]
Buttercup: You know, I still say Eric wasn’t nearly as bad as Bart was.

Blossom: No, but we couldn’t afford to lose challenges like that.

Blossom: After we got the lean-to finished, Buttercup and I volunteered to make trips to the woods for food. They probably thought we were just being nice, but actually it’s to talk about people behind their back.

(Again, Blossom and Buttercup in the woods)
Buttercup: Well, next time, we’ll make sure to get him.

Blossom: Perhaps, but we have to look at a couple of the others too. Like Kyle, what’s he been doing?

Kyle: You know those two are plotting something, I can only hope they don’t go after me next.

(Buttercup and Blossom again)
Buttercup: Lisa?

Blossom: No, I think Lisa’s doing fine.

Buttercup: Okay.

Lisa: I have a weird feeling about Blossom and Buttercup out there in the woods, but having Bubbles with us is a real relief though.

[Shot of Bubbles, on the beach with Bart, Lisa, and Stan. They are just goofing off, having a good time.]

Bart: Eric was great, man. He was the butt of every joke, and kept us all in a good mood. I don’t think he should’ve been kicked off, but Bubbles is bringing a new mood to the place. She’s just so cute!

Kyle: Cartman’s shtick worked for a lot of them, but take my word for it, they would have been sick of it if they hadn’t voted him off now.

[Shot of them all around the fire at sunset, joking and laughing.]
Lisa: I think it’s a little odd. I voted Eric off for reasons other than calling me a tree huggin’ hippie!
[Others laugh]

Day Five- Japanese Tribe
[Fade in to the sounds of Matt playing his harmonica at sunrise.]

Tracey: I don’t know. He looks a bit unhappy. I don’t know if it’s the slackers we’ve had here, like Serena or Izzy, or whether he just doesn’t like being here.

Matt: I’m just a little depressed right now. It seems as if I’m the only one working at achieving anything here, and that the others are just out for a tropical vacation. Even Tai and Sora are slacking off a little bit. I don’t think they give the other team much credit, but I can tell that if we let our guard down, the American tribe will get the jump on us.

Tai: I definitely think he doesn’t want to be here. You can tell how he feels by the way he plays his harmonica, and it didn’t sound good. Last night he said something about the Americans getting the drop on us or something. Pretty crazy talk, we have the edge in every aspect over the other team. We’re older, we’re stronger, and we have more experience under these situations. There really is no contest; I think Matt’s just being paranoid.

(Shot of Tom, on the South Beach again.)
Tom: Is it that time again? Nope. But it’s starting to get kinda boring, so just to liven things up, we’re going to give each tribe one of our own concoctions- a threat. Unlike the challenges, these are not fought for between the tribes for bonuses. These are serious threats to the camp, handled all the time on the other side, but unknown to them. Barb Bresnick and Manny Edwards are standing outside the camps.

(Shot of Barb walking through the woods. We can’t see who’s behind her.)

Barb: Now, the anime team has handled tons of stuff. But with their tribesmen starting to go nuts, we’re going to introduce a small plague into their tribe- an infestation of roaches. Behind me is the infamous Roach Coach from The Powerpuff Girls, who is an expert at the subject.

(Roach Coach is intended to sound much more intellectual and dignified than his appearance on PPG.)

R.C.: Thanks. Now, roaches are one of the more intelligent creatures on the island, so it’s perfect for them to attempt to disrupt the balance of the anime team. By releasing a small infestation in various key locations of the Japanese camp, they will have a multiple front war to deal with. Without the aid of heavy duty bug spray, they’ll have trouble containing and eliminating these creatures.

[He starts laughing evilly, but Barb ignores him.]

Barb: Before we release these little dainties, let’s check in on Manny, and what he has cooking for the Americans.

(Manny is on the beach, just outside of the American camp, with Jessie, from Pokémon.)

Manny: No, I’m not auditioning for Team Rocket. Jessie is here because we’re going to give the American tribe a little taste of the true power of Pokémon. Although Ash and his friends handle her and James’s creatures without breaking a sweat.

Jessie: (offended) Hey!

Manny: These aren’t Ash and his friends, and they don’t have anything but themselves to help out. So we’re just going to let Jessie’s Arbok rampage through until they can find some way of taming the sucker. Isn’t torturing these guys fun?

Jessie: Yes. Quite.

Manny: (talking to Jesse for the first time) Just send him out.

[Serena is trying to sleep in the shelter, when she looks just outside. She sees a pair of hands put a small crate a few yards away, near a bush. Serena crawls up to the crate, and screams. Sora comes running up to her.]

Sora: What is it?

Serena: Bugs! Big nasty black scary bugs! Somebody just dropped a box full of ‘em over there!

[Sora reaches over the bush. The roaches are still together, and haven’t scattered yet.]

Sora: Grab a stick and start digging a trench to hold them.

(Serena does so while Sora calls over to the nearest person- Izzy)

Sora: Izzy! Look around for some crates, and if you see any, they’re full of roaches so you have to contain them somehow. I think this is like a challenge or something!

Izzy: Sure thing, Sora.


[On the American side, Stan and Kyle have just arrived on their raft, with empty fishing nets. Bart greets them.]

Bart: Catch anything?

Kyle: No, we need a better way to…

(Arbok slithers right behind Bart and makes a beeline for the lean-to)

Kyle: Holy big-ass snake!

(Bart and Stan look over)

[Lisa and Bubbles are talking near the shelter when Arbok attacks. Bubbles sees it, and knocks Lisa away in time so that no damage is done. Bubbles also flies in between the snake and the shelter. Arbok makes lunges for mid-air Bubbles, but with no luck. However, Arbok wraps its tail around a fallen Lisa. When Bubbles is distracted by that, Arbok hits Bubbles with a sting attack and sends her down, in front of Bart, Stan, and Kyle.]

Bubbles: (weak) Where’s… Blossom and Buttercup?

Stan: They’re in the woods.

Bubbles: (angry, screaming at Stan) Well go get them! This is a three P-P-G job!

[Stan runs off while Bubbles goes back after Arbok. Bart and Kyle go after it too.]


[Tai is running in from the other side of the beach, followed by roaches. They pass Matt, next to a large stockpile of their supplies, with a piece of wood on fire. Ash puts a kettle on the pile, while Misty throws some bags of rice on there. Matt has wood around the stockpile. Matt goes around, lighting the wood on fire.]

Tai: They’re coming up quick!

Matt: Okay, take out what you can. Ash! Go with him!

[Ash jumps over the fire and does so. Misty jumps over and goes over to Matt.]

Misty: I don’t think I should…

Matt: No, grab that kettle and help Tracey control the fire.

(Tracey arrives with a pail full of water.)

Matt: Good, make sure it doesn’t reach our stuff.

(Sora approaches.)

Sora: Me and Serena got the group by the shelter contained and we finished them off.

Matt: Okay, help Izzy.

[Sora runs off. Follow her as she joins Izzy, standing in one spot, taking out any roaches that come by. He’s armed with blazing wood. Sora helps out.]

[Tai and Ash are driving back a bug attack with pieces of wood on fire and with occasional stomping. It’s working very effectively, with Tai putting a serious effort into it… and having fun at the same time. Ash is smiling at him.]

Tai: (among heavy stomping) Everybody Riverdance!

(Full view of the beach. At one end are Tai and Ash, and the other are Sora and Izzy. Misty and Tracey are watching the fire, while Matt and Serena are walking the perimeter, making sure nothing else comes by.)

Barb: (VO) With the Japanese team getting the situation under control, we see no reason to continue the attack and have the roaches retreat. But how are the Americans handling Arbok?

[Woods. Blossom and Buttercup are perfectly calm, looking for food.]

Blossom: Hmm… let’s see… STAN!!

Buttercup: He’s on the list, but a little farther down.

(Blossom points beyond Buttercup)

Blossom: No, behind you, Stan!

(Behind Blossom, Stan is running furiously up to them. The girls turn to him.)

Buttercup: What is it?

Stan: (out of breath) The camp… under attack by a… big-ass snake! It’s got Lisa!

Blossom: They’re in trouble, c’mon!

(Blossom and Buttercup start running towards the camp. Stan follows, trips over a root, and is caught by Blossom and Buttercup who each grab one of his arms, and start briskly flying back to the beach.)

[On the beach, Arbok still has a grip on Lisa. Kyle and Bart are making efforts to free her, while Bubbles draws attacks from the creature. Out of nowhere, Blossom and Buttercup strike, scoring a clean hit. Arbok loosens its grip on Lisa for just long enough for Kyle to grab her and help her to safety, where he’s met and helped by Bart. Meanwhile, the Powerpuff Girls collectively have no trouble handling Arbok. Blossom reels it around like a lasso, and hurls it into the sky, where it disappears in the horizon. Most of the team breathes a sigh of relief. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, on the other hand, celebrate like they’ve scored a goal in the World Cup.]

(Shot of Manny and Jessie. Jessie is shocked, Manny is smiling.)

Manny: (pleased surprise) Well, that was pretty neat. Didn’t think they were going to handle the "big-ass snake" that way, but they got the job done! Aren’t I right, Jess?

Jessie: (angry, demanding) Go get him!!

Manny: (fearful) Yes, ma’am.

American Tribe
Stan: So once again, the day is saved thanks to the Powerpuff Girls. I don’t know what the other guys think but I’m sold. If we’re going to get big-ass snakes attacking like that, it’s good to have some superheroes on our team.

Lisa: Before the attack, I was a little doubtful about Buttercup. I don’t understand the particular problems she has with my brother. At one time, I was even thinking of confronting her about that. But now, they’ve had the chance to prove themselves, and it’ll be really difficult to vote them off now.

Bart: I’ll admit that they kinda stole the show against the big-ass snake. They did pretty good. But I wish that they would give at least some credit to the rest of us. Me and Kyle rescued Lisa, and Stan really busted his butt to get the girls over here. I’ll definitely have to think hard about whether I want Buttercup out of here or not, but unless they start acknowledging the rest of us, the girls are still on my hit list.

Blossom: After that attack, I’m starting to see Buttercup’s point about Bart. Besides Lisa, who was a little tied up at the moment, Bart was the only one who didn’t contribute to the group. Bubbles distracted the snake, Stan got us from the woods, Kyle rescued Lisa, and Buttercup and I finished the job. Bart didn’t help at all. I just hope the rest of the group sees that.

[Shot of Lisa and Buttercup, cooking over the fire. Both are talking to each other frankly about the situation.]

Lisa: Well, he did a little more than you think. He tried to help me, that snake had a tight grip.

Buttercup: Still, you can’t see it? Of all the people here, Bart contributes the least. He tried to help save you from the snake… and that’s about it. And remember that Kyle actually pulled it off.

Buttercup: I’ve been working on convincing Lisa about Bart. I thought it was going to be a lot easier, she’s pretty confident about her brother. But the one I’m surprised at is Bubbles.

[Prolonged shot of Bubbles and Bart playing on the beach, they are both having a very good time.]

Bart: As much as I like hangin’ with the guys, I’m just drawn to Bubbles. I don’t know what’s riding her sisters, but Bubbles knows where it’s at! She knows she’s got that ability, but her top priority is having a good time… which should be anybody’s top priority in this situation. Yeah, Bubbles and I are really close… (backpedaling) Not in a romantic way, of course. Eww, I just lost you. Good thing you don’t vote people off by phone.

[Another shot of Bubbles and Bart playing.]

Japanese Tribe

Izzy: Serena started bragging about how she discovered the bugs first. I think that finally drove Matt over the edge.

(Serena and Matt are standing by the campfire, with Tai, Ash, and Tracey surrounding them.)
Serena: I didn’t see you killing any bugs back there. No, while you were shouting out orders, I was out on the front lines killing roaches. They were really, really, really gross, but I accidentally stepped on like three or four of them, because it was my duty as a member of this team!

Matt: Well, while you were stepping on three or four of them, some of us were stepping on thirty or forty of them.

Tai: Yeah, but not you!

Ash: Wait a minute, Matt was trying to prevent them from getting to our things! That’s an important job too.

Serena: Well, so’s scouting! I did an advanced scouting report and saw that crate being dropped and got everybody’s attention before they could get anywhere.

Matt: No, you were laying around doing nothing and happened to see the crate. You got lucky.

Serena: I don’t like to spoil the secrets of success as a master scout, but yes, that’s part of it.

Matt: So why were you lying down? That’s all you’ve been doing since we got here.

Tai: C’mon, Matt, she’s been sick. Can’t you give anyone a break?

[Matt, Ash, Serena, and Tai argue a little more, while Tracey simply sits and watches, smiling. He has a bowl of rice and is perfectly content.]

Tracey: This is way better than television!

Matt, Ash, Serena, Tai: (in unison, at Tracey) Hey, buddy, you’re next!

Matt: I don’t know what Tai sees in Serena. I don’t care if she is sick, she is by far the weakest link on the team, and if she thinks she can take credit for measly achievements, then she’s wrong. Tai and the others are way too smart for that.

Tai: I think Matt wanted to be the leader of this group, and stepped on a lot of people to make sure he was. I was expecting it to be like before, especially with us. I mean, I was kinda thrown into the leader spot before, but we ended up being a great team, so I guess there was a reason for it. But now, Matt wants to tinker with a format that’s worked so well for us. I don’t get it.

(Shot of the whole group by the campfire. Serena is seen from behind, in the foreground, eyeing Matt. The others are oblivious, getting along fine.)

Day Six- American Tribe
(The "tree-mail" has a message attached, which Stan reaches, pulls off, and starts reading. He chuckles a bit, then runs back.)

Stan: It says the challenge involves eating something. You can only assume it’s something really gross. I’m not too worried about it, a group like this isn’t going to be fazed by disgusting food.

[Shot of Stan, Bart, and Blossom reading the note. Stan is kind of smiling, Blossom is very neutral, but Bart appears rather worried.]

Bart: Something gross, yet edible. Me and Stan are thinking some sort of bugs. I know I can handle it, but I’m still worried about this one. We’re already one member down on the anime guys, and based on the reasoning behind Eric being voted off, I can’t help but be concerned towards Lisa and Bubbles involving their future on this island. Bubbles just doesn’t like bugs. That’s bad enough. But man, Lisa’s a vegetarian!

Kyle: I heard that Lisa doesn’t eat meat, which is a serious problem if Bart and Stan are right about the bugs. I’m not going to let some PETA pusher lose this thing for us, and believe me, if she refuses to eat those things and we lose, I’ll be the first one to put her name on the card at Tribal Council.

(Bart and Lisa are talking quietly.)
Bart: It’s certainly a dilemma, but you’ve got to do it!

Lisa: I know, but it just doesn’t feel right.

Bart: I don’t think eating bugs ever feels right, but I’m gonna do it. The team’s counting on you, you can’t let them down… especially if that means going to Tribal Council.

Lisa: You’re right. But it doesn’t matter if I say I’ll do it now, it all comes down to whether I can stomach it at the challenge.

Japanese Tribe

[Matt, Tai, and Misty are reading the challenge. Misty starts looking sick.]

Izzy: I’d hate to sound like Joe, but some of us have side bets on whether it’s going to be Serena or Misty who loses the challenge for us. My money’s on Serena.

Tai: I’d normally be a little tense in this situation, praying that some of the less tolerant, or "more normal" teammates pull through on this, but that’s where Sora comes in. She’s been working hard to make sure that everybody’s ready to eat whatever it is we have to eat.

[Sora is walking and talking with Misty and Serena. She seems very comforting, and reassuring.]

Sora: The team needs you here, so you’ll just have to let it go, and step up to the challenge.

Misty: Sora made me feel a whole lot better. I heard that we’d have to eat bugs or something, which really grosses me out, but Sora’s little pep talk helped a lot.

Tracey: Another thing I made a point to add to the table to reassure them is that the other team is younger, and probably more likely to react negatively to the icky gross things they make us eat.

[The whole team grabs some stuff, and confidently heads out, in a pretty good mood.]

(Middle of the woods. Tom, with Barb and Manny at either side, are in front of a table with eight places at either side.)

Tom: Bart’s guess was right. We’re eating bugs today. Not just any bugs, live bugs. And not just any live bugs either. These guys were designed and animated a couple years ago to cash in on that whole "Bug’s Life" thing Disney had going. Unfortunately, plans for the series fell through, and now our tribes will finish off the last remnants of the idea.

[American team arrives, slightly nervous, and each of the seven takes a seat on the right side of the table.]

Tom: Hello. The other tribe should be here shortly. How’s it going?

Stan: They better get here fast; I’m getting hungry.

Bart: Yeah, there isn’t much to eat down there.

[The Japanese tribe enters, very confidently. They each sit down on the left side of the table.]

Tom: Welcome. I see you handled your little threats in one piece, and I’m quite impressed. The Japanese handling an infestation of cockroaches, while the Americans had to deal with a rampaging Arbok.

Ash, Misty, Blossom, and Buttercup: (simultaneously, angry, at Tom, and pointing to the other side) What!? That’s all they had!

(Barb chuckles)

Bart: Wait… Arbok?

Manny: Big-ass snake to you.

Bart: Ah.

Izzy: Excuse me, one question.

Tom: Only one, Izz? Must be an off day.

Izzy: Why are we all going by our American version names?

Tom: Uh… well, although there isn’t really anything stopping anyone from calling you Koushiro, this is an American show….

Blossom: (interrupting) I thought this started in Sweden.

Tom: (on the side) Shut up Blossom. (to Izzy) and we felt it would be easier to use the American versions of your shows.

Serena: (OS, angry) Dammit! Er, I mean… darn it.

Tom: Trust us though, you are representing the Japanese side of things. Which brings me to the challenge. You each have a covered dish in front of you. Remove the dish and have a quick look at what you are being served.

[Each does, revealing decently sized bugs (not nearly as big as the one that attacked Misty though!) squirming around. They look fairly cartoonish, but not cute enough to be barbaric. Most of the contestants react somewhat squeamish around them.]

Tom: We’re just going to go down the table, and each person must eat their bug. First one who refuses sends their team to Tribal Council tonight. We’ll start with you Stan…

(Stan is already munching on it. He swallows, and raises his hands.)

Tom: Okay… Ash?

(Ash silently obeys, downing the bug very effectively.)

(Kyle eats the bug, no hassle.)

[Misty on the other hand, doesn’t even like touching it. She appears really distant, and nervous.]

Tom: (impatient, checking his watch) Misty? We do have Tribal Council later today, and I have to be there no matter what.

Misty: Yeah, but I don’t.

[She closes her eyes, and in one swift motion, grabs the bug, puts it in her mouth, eats it, and runs off screaming.]

[Lisa is looking at her bug, and has it in her hands, looking unsure about eating it.]

Tom: Lis, if that thing’s talking to you, it shouldn’t be, I told the bugs to shut up and take it like men beforehand.

Lisa: I guess I don’t have much of a choice.

(She downs it slowly.)

(Matt eats the bug, no hassle.)
(Bart eats the bug, no hassle.)
(Tai eats the bug, no hassle.)

(Izzy is looking at the bug closely. It kinda resembles a miniature version of Tentomon. Sora leans over.)

Sora: (cautious) Izzy, I wouldn’t recommend over-analyzing this.

Izzy: Meh.

(Izzy throws the bug in his mouth.)

[Bubbles looks really sickened, but she closes her eyes and eats the bug anyway.]

(Sora eats the bug, no hassle.)

[Blossom is looking at the squirming bug with Bubbles in view.]

Bubbles: If it’s too hot, blow on it!

[Blossom smiles, and does so. Her ice breath freezes the bug. It remains so as she downs it, with a little more crunch than the others.]

Tom: Um, you know… eh, whatever.

(Tracey eats the bug, no hassle.)
(Buttercup eats the bug, no hassle.)
(Serena looks at the bug, sighs, and eats it.)

Tom: Okay. I was prepared for this. We have a tie-breaker. American side should pick the Japanese’s most squeamish member, and Japanese, choose America’s most squeamish member.

American Tribe: (in unison) Misty.

(Tai, Matt, and Izzy huddle up)

Tai: Let’s go with Lisa on this one.

Izzy: No, Lisa was just reacting because I heard she was a vegetarian. Now that she’s gotten the initial shock over with, it won’t be an issue. We should go with Bubbles.

Tai: I don’t know… Matt?

Matt: Yeah, Bubbles.

Tai: Okay.

(They leave the huddle)

Matt: Bubbles.

Tom: Okay, Misty and Bubbles, head to the front of the table.

(Misty, who was standing already anyway, gets Ash to slide over and takes his spot. Bubbles switches places with Stan. Barb and Manny put another two dishes on the table and raise them. Each has two more bugs.)

Tom: Okay, when I say go, whoever downs these two completely first gets immunity. Misty, Bubbles, get ready. And GO!

[Bubbles goes right at it, and launches the bugs in her mouth. Misty hesitates for just a split second, but dives in. Still, Bubbles gets the job done first, to the cheers of her teammates. Misty stand up and spits the bugs out as soon as she sees Bubbles win. She looks sad.]

Tom: Bubbles wins!

[Tai and Ash go to comfort Misty, while Bart and Buttercup go to hug Bubbles.]

Tom: Americans, here’s the idol. Japanese, we’ll see you tonight.

(Tom hands the idol to Kyle while the Japanese team looks down.)

Japanese Tribe

Tracey: Tribal Council. I was so confident we were going to pull through, but now we have to vote somebody off. I hadn’t even considered who my vote would go against.

Ash: It’s not that we have to vote somebody off; I know who I want off. It’s just the idea of us losing to that other tribe. That also means that we may lose to them again, and would have to vote more people off, and I really like this group.

[Shot of the campfire. Matt, Tai, and Misty are seated by it. Misty’s still a bit depressed.]

Tai: Wow. We have to vote someone off, that’s unbelievable.

Misty: It’s all my fault.

Tai: No it isn’t.

Matt: Tai’s right, it isn’t your fault. We were bound to lose one of these sometime, it just wasn’t right of them to put you in the spotlight like that.

Tai: Wow, caring words Matt.

Matt: I’m right, aren’t I?

Tai: Yeah.

Matt: You know, no matter what happens, we’ll still be friends right?

Tai: Of course! Why wouldn’t we be?

Matt: I don’t know. It seems like we’ve been doing nothing but arguing since we got here.

Tai: Hey, this stupid little game isn’t going to change anything. I’m gonna go there, I’m writing my vote down, and I’m not thinking about it for another minute.

Matt: That’s the same with me. We’re probably not voting for the same person, but no matter what happens, we’re friends afterwards.

Tai: Yeah.

[Tai and Matt clasp hands.]

Tribal Council
(Same set. Same torch scenario, with everyone’s torch slightly personalized. One thing to note is that each of the Digimon representatives has their crest somewhere on the torch.)

(Tom, again, is walking the hallowed tree-house thingy.)

Tom: The Japanese Tribe has gone through a lot together, and through that, have made friends and enemies that erase the lines of their respective shows. Sora and Serena, Matt and Ash, even Tai and Misty have all become friends. But Tribal Council focuses on the enemies, and where someone has the chance to vanquish somebody that they dislike.

(Japanese Tribe arrives, and sits under their torch.)

Tom: Welcome to Tribal Council. Not a fun place to be I can assure you. Behind you are your torches, designed rather poorly by our creative guys.

Misty: Creative’s not what comes to mind around here.

Tom: Those represent life here, and whoever’s voted off will have their torch extinguished. As you can see, Eric Cartman’s torch has been put out. We won’t have to respect his authoritah anymore. You guys will also have to make that decision- which one is leaving. You’ll go over there, write your vote down, say your piece, and put it in the bin. Once the votes are tallied, the decision is final, and the lucky winner must leave the island immediately. Ash, start us off.

(Ash heads to the voting booth, voter’s shot as he writes down "SERENA")
Ash: We need people that belong here.

(He leaves. Fade to aerial shot of Tracey voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Misty holding "MATT")
Misty: He needs to learn to cooperate.

(She leaves. Aerial shot of Sora voting, then Izzy voting. Voter’s shot of Izzy, holding "SERENA")
Izzy: It’s been great getting to know you, but we need to eliminate the weakest link on the team, and you handled that job nicely.

(He leaves. Aerial of Matt and Serena voting. Fade to voter’s shot of Tai, holding "MATT".)
Tai: (guiltily) Sorry, but it’s a combination of things. It doesn’t look like you want to be here, and even if you do, you aren’t getting along with some of the others. You’ve been a bit stubborn lately, and when it gets on my nerves, I can’t imagine what the others must think. Also, can’t you at least try to accept Serena into the group? But like you said, I’m putting it into the box, I’m not thinking about it for another minute, and we are still friends regardless.

(He leaves, back to Tribal Council as Tom takes the box.)

Tom: Now comes the moment of truth. I think that’s all to say at this point before I open this guy up.

(He reaches into the box. Again, when he says a name, he holds up the paper for everyone to see.)

Tom: First vote is for… Matt.

(Shot of Matt, looking disappointed.)

Tom: Next vote for Serena.

(Serena shakes her head.)

Tom: Then, Matt. And again, Matt.

(Matt is looking genuinely worried now.)

Tom: Next vote is for Serena. Then, Serena. Okay, the next vote is for Matt. That’s four for Matt, three for Serena. And the final vote is for… Matt. Matt, hand me your torch.

(Matt very quietly reaches for his torch and walks over to Tom, with snuffer.)

Tom: Matt, the tribe has spoken.

(Tom extinguishes the flame. We get a nice closeup of that crest of friendship too.)

Tom: Just follow that path and you’ll find a confessional where you can say whatever’s on your mind. Just remember that this is PG rated, so try to keep it clean. Nonetheless, it’s time for you to go.

(Matt very quietly walks away.)

Tai: (friendly) Bye Matt.

Tom: The rest of you, you can head back to camp.

(Shot of the group collectively taking their torches away and leaving)

(Shot of Matt, alone, wandering down the road towards the beach.)


Matt: Well, I know I’ve messed things up before, it’s just that I usually get a chance to cover myself before it becomes permanent. It’ll take a while for this to sink in. I’m not too surprised I got votes, but I’m really shocked to get voted off this early. Especially with Serena, who didn’t help us at all. I know I made some people mad, especially Tai and Misty, but I know that it was for the better of our group. Still, to all the people I’ve pissed off, I’m sorry, and I wish them the best of luck for as long as they stay on the island. And although I’m almost positive that Tai voted against me, I meant it when I said we’d still be friends, and I’m standing by that.

Preview of Next Week’s Show
Tom: Stop calling and asking for clips of next week. For now… just pretend this is live! Oh wait, this is a weekly show, with each episode covering only three days, never mind. Anyway, here’s what we’re planning on for next week.

*The others begin to suspect the subject of Buttercup and Blossom’s discussions in the woods. Will their separation from the group lead to their undoing?
*With Matt gone, the Japanese team loosens up and relaxes, but that becomes a problem when food runs low.
*With Stan and Kyle still failing to catch fish, will a reward challenge be their savior?

Author’s Notes:
Once again, since it’s so convenient, here’s the exact voting results:

Candidate Votes Voters        
Matt 5 Tracey Misty Sora Serena Tai
Serena 3 Ash Izzy Matt    

Once the shock of Matt being voted off over Serena passes, you’re probably beginning to spy connections between characters here, and contestants in the real deal. I’m sure the realization that Eric was Sonja and Matt was BB has crossed your mind, and that you are even starting to notice less obvious ones like Bart being Rudy. This begs the obvious question- does this mean I can predict who’s going to be voted off now? The answer is yes… for only a little while longer. I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it, but the first few episodes are pretty rigid with the real thing (although I can’t remember a big-ass snake in the real show). But this only goes so far, as after the first few episodes, it will be more difficult to see who’s portraying who, and after the merge, forget it. So basically, you can guess who’s going for a short while, but it breaks loose very quickly.

Also, I’ve decided to break you into swearing slowly. Since some of these are kid’s shows, I don’t feel right about having little Blossom or little Tracey swearing up a storm. But swearing is evident. I’ve started with the more adult cartoons, and will slowly include more swearing from the kids stuff. Nothing too extreme though. Most vulgarity will be short, and justified, like Serena’s little outburst during the challenge.

And FYI, I’ll try to get a couple notes after every episode, including explanations on why I use Tracey rather than Brock or why I use Serena rather than any other anime character you can think of.