Champion’s Cup

Episode Four


(Aerial shot of Misato, Sana and Tai cruising around the island in their boat.)
Arp: (VO) Last time on Champion's Cup...
(Shot of Kari walking away after the cooking debacle.)
Arp: (VO) A debate over cooking responsibilities at Red House led to hurt feelings and some strategy.
Mitsune: (VO) I still don't know where Kari fits into everything, but I'm sure she'll be a lot easier to vote out if she's not making us food every day.
(Shot of Blue House winning the Comfort Challenge.)
Arp: (VO) The Blue House dominated the Comfort Challenge, but decided to turn down a large tent in favor of more money.
(Shot of Mitsune and Tracey talking strategy, followed by the rest of the group waiting for them back home.)
Arp: (VO) Kitsune and Tracey began hammering out a voting strategy, which Akito and Henry recognized immediately.
Henry: (VO) It's pretty obvious to everybody that Kitsune and Tracey are thinking about who to form alliances with and who to vote out. Thing is, right now, our best strategy is to keep winning and stay together.
(Shot of Tai and Brock talking that night.)
Arp: (VO) While Tai tried to turn Brock against Yukino.
Tai: So how does that sound? If I can get Sana on my side, can I count on you?
Brock: Sure.
(Shot of Yellow clinching the immunity challenge.)
Arp: (VO) At a difficult herding challenge, Yellow and Red won immunity, leaving Blue to evict a member.
(Shot of Tai talking to, and then hugging, Sana.)
Arp: (VO) Tai seemed to draw Sana over, giving him two allies that night.
(Shot of Arp reading off the third vote for Tai.)
Arp: (VO) But in the end, Tai was unanimously voted out.
(Arp and Tai walk out of the house.)
Arp: (VO) Fifteen remain. Who will be eliminated tonight?

Blue House-

Brock, Pokémon, The Mole- Mole 2: AE
Misato, Evangelion, 7th Place- Anime-zing Race
Sana, Kodocha, 4th Place- Animation Survivor 2
Yukino, His & Her Circumstances, 3rd Place- Anime-zing Race

Yellow House-
Ruri, Nadesico, Runner-up- Mole: AE
Shinji, Evangelion, Winner- Pokéball Run
Tenchi, Tenchi Muyo, Winner- Mole: AE
Yukari, Azumanga Daioh, 4th Place- Anime-zing Race 2
Yukito, Cardcaptor Sakura, Runner-up- Anime-zing Race 2

Red House-

Akito, Kodocha, 4th Place- Mole: AE
Henry, Digimon Tamers, Runner-up- Mole 2: AE
Jessie, Battle Athletes, Winner- Anime-zing Race 2
Kari, Digimon Adventure, Runner-up- Animation Survivor 2
Mitsune, Love Hina, Winner- Mole 2: AE
Tracey, Pokémon, 3rd Place- Animation Survivor

Day Nine
Blue House

(Morning in the house once again, and Yukino is the first one to trot downstairs. She sees nobody in the kitchen, and smells nothing. This is deeply distressing.)

Yukino: Brock?

(She looks around, quite puzzled.)

Yukino: Ever since we got inside, we always woke up in the same order. Brock, me, Sana, Tai, Misato. It's like clockwork. But today I woke up before Brock. I almost lost my mind.

(Yukino is now sitting nervously in the living room, shaking a little. Then Brock comes down. She sighs in relief and walks up to him.)

Yukino: Good morning! Sleep in a little?

(Brock doesn't appear to be in a good mood.)

Brock: I guess I was pretty tired. Yesterday was rough.

Yukino: Yeah. But next time you plan on sleeping in, let me know. I hate getting up before you. I like that smell of breakfast as I'm coming down the stairs.

Brock: Sorry to deprive you of that.

(Brock heads into the kitchen.)

Yukino: Forgiven!

(Brock starts on breakfast.)

Brock: Last night we all voted for Tai, even though I told him I'd vote for Yukino. I think Sana did the same thing. I don't regret doing it- I mean the reason I'm here is because I'm a Mole. But I do feel a little guilty leading him on like that. I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night and I spent much of it thinking about what Tai was saying about Yukino taking control of this team.

(Now, Brock has breakfast ready. He, Yukino and Sana are all digging in. Misato is apparently still asleep. Occasionally, Brock glances over at Sana, trying to pinpoint her thoughts. Like anyone who tries to figure out Sana, he doesn't have much luck.)

Brock: (VO) My strategy was to stick with Yukino and Misato. But if we have to vote one more person off, I'm afraid the girls might band together and go after me. And even if they don't and we evict Sana next, if we have to vote twice I know I'm in trouble. If it really is Yukino pulling all the strings, she did a very good job because Sana and I don't know each other enough to team up against her. Suddenly the merger seems really far away right now.

Red House
(Early in the morning, Jessie is jogging around the island.)

Jessie: (VO) I think the biggest problem with our team right now is laziness. Everybody is capable of something, otherwise they wouldn't be here. But after dominating the first two challenges, we haven't come close to winning any of the last three. There's no excuse for that.

(She returns to her camp. As mentioned, the poles used for the stretcher challenge have been chopped up and are serving as very efficient supports for the tarp. The problem is that everybody else is sleeping under it. Jessie rolls her eyes.)

Jessie: (sotto) Do any of you plan on waking up today?

(Suddenly, her stomach growls. Thanks to the wonders of anime, we see this, and her stunned face.)

Jessie: Looks like I'm making breakfast.

(She goes over to the fire, which has burned out. )

Jessie: Um...

(She looks around the camp, but can't find the firestarters. She's getting frustrated.)

Jessie: To hell with it.

(She picks up a rock and whips it at one of the sleeping bags. Despite being ten yards away, and the target is surrounded by everybody else, it's a direct hit- Tracey sits up, clutching his head.)

Tracey: Ow!

(He sees Jessie.)

Tracey: Was that you?

Jessie: You're doing the cooking, right?

Tracey: Yeah, yeah...

(He stands up, retrieves the firestarters from someplace far from where Jessie was looking, and joins her at the fire pit.)

Tracey: I think that rock you threw is permanently imbedded in my skull.

Jessie: Want me to get it out?

Tracey: (nervous) No thank you!

(He has no trouble starting the fire and grills up some toast.)

Tracey: So what's wrong?

Jessie: What do you mean?

Tracey: You look angry.

Jessie: Well, I've been up for an hour and already took a jog to the beach. I get back and nobody else has even moved. I know it's boring as hell around here, but I think we're getting too lazy for our own good.

Tracey: We get done what we need to get done. We're saving our energy for the challenges.

Jessie: So why haven't we won a challenge in four days?

Tracey: We haven't lost the immunity challenges. That's what's important.

Jessie: That's just a bare minimum. Winning is what's important.

(Tracey smiles and shakes his head.)

Tracey: Hard to disagree with you there. Ready for some toast?

Jessie: Bring it on.

Yellow House
(A lazy day once more. Yukito and Ruri are making breakfast, Yukari is stretched out on the couch, while Tenchi and Shinji are playing go.)

Yukito: (VO) It's very peaceful here today. We won our last challenge, we have a little more money to spend, and now that we have our tent we don't have to fear sleeping outside. There hasn't been much talk about the game or strategy. We all know it will spring up eventually, but we all want to delay that as long as possible.

(Yukari seems to concur. She's watching the boys play, but the excitement of watching the game certainly isn't what Hikaru no Go makes it out to be. She yawns.)

Yukari: This is actually pretty sweet. Nice house, no work, just me chilling with you kids. It's like spending a month at Chiyo's summer house.

(Tenchi and Shinji are more focused on their game... until Ruri arrives with some plates.)

Ruri: Breakfast.

(Tenchi and Shinji each take a plate.)

Shinji: Thanks.

Tenchi: (smiling) Thank you, Sasami.

Ruri: Yukito did the cooking.

(Ruri hands the last plate to Yukari, who is too horizontal to actually eat.)

Ruri: Yukari?

(Yukari sits up and takes the plate. She raises an eyebrow at Ruri.)

Yukari: You're not as cute as Chiyo, though.

Ruri: I am smarter, however.

(Ruri walks away. Yukari is almost in shock.)

Yukari: Ooh... you did not just say that! You? Smarter than my Chiyo-chan?

(Yukari turns to the guys.)

Yukari: Who do you think is smarter? Ruri or Chiyo-chan?

Shinji: Who's Chiyo-chan?

Tenchi: Probably Ruri.

Yukari: Please explain how you came to that conclusion.

Tenchi: Don't know. I've never met Chiyo. But Ruri probably came to her conclusion because she assumes teachers are smarter than their students.

Yukari: (boastful) She's right about that!

Tenchi: And Ruri's definitely smarter than you. Therefore, Ruri is smarter than Chiyo.

(Yukari grumbles and starts eating.)

Yukari: You suck, Tenchi.

(Later that morning, Yukari is sleeping on the couch, Shinji is doing the dishes, and Yukito is taking his place in that same game of go.)

Yukito: Wow, this is a close game.

Tenchi: Really? Shinji's just been playing random pieces for an hour.

Yukito: Nothing I can't fix.

(Yukito plays a single piece. Tenchi sweatdrops.)

Tenchi: Shoot. You know what you're doing, don't you?

(Yukito smiles. Then they're interrupted by a knock on the door. Yukari sits up.)

Yukari: Dammit, I told you guys to wake me up when we're leaving for the challenge!

(Tenchi and Yukito stand up.)

Tenchi: Ruri said nothing was in the mail.

(Shinji answers the door. It's Akane. She has a large yellow envelope under her arm.)

Shinji: Um...

Akane: Morning, Shinji. Is everybody here?

(Ruri comes downstairs and joins everybody in the living room. Yukito takes the board into the kitchen and pulls in two more chairs. This lets Yukari keep the couch to herself.)

Akane: First off, we are having a challenge this afternoon. It's at the field east of the market. But before we do that, I need to take care of some business. I'm going to ask each of you, one at a time, to join me in the confessional room.

(Nabiki is explaining the same thing to Red House.)

Nabiki: Since you guys are stuck outside, we'll just go behind the house where nobody can hear us. Once there, I will give you a card with one question on it. You are to answer Yes or No. Simple as that.

(Ditto with Kasumi in Blue. Obviously, Misato is up by now.)

Kasumi: And I would very much appreciate it if you didn't discuss the question you received or what your answer to the question was. This will all be very important this afternoon when we meet at the challenge.

(Kasumi opens the door to the confessional room.)

Kasumi: Who would like to join me first?

(Brock raises his hand. A-duh.)

Kasumi: Very well, Brock.

(Brock and Kasumi enter the room. Kasumi shuts the door behind them and opens the envelope. She hands Brock a small blue card and a marker.)

Kasumi: Here you are.

(Brock looks at the card. It reads “Are you happy with the team you are currently on?”)

Brock: Hmm...

(Brock writes “Yes” on the card and hands it to Kasumi. She writes his name on the card below his answer.)

Kasumi: Thank you.

Brock: Is that it?

Kasumi: Yes. You may send in the next person.

(Brock leaves. Yukino comes in next.)

Kasumi: Hello, Yukino. Here's your question.

(Yukino looks at the card. It also reads “Are you happy with the team you are currently on?” She smiles.)

Yukino: I was expecting something more challenging.

(Rapid-fire shots of various tenants in all three houses. Everybody has the same question.)

Shinji: (VO) My question asked if I was happy with my team. I answered yes. We get along very well and I think everybody in the house would agree with me. The problem is that a question like that makes me wonder if there's going to be some sort of shake-up involved. I hope not.

Comfort Challenge
(The same field where the balance beam challenge in episode two was held. This time, the prop is simple, but overwhelming- a giant maze. Yellow and Red are already there, as are Arp, Akane and Nabiki. Blue House approaches, along with Kasumi.)

Arp: Hello Kasumi... and Blue. As everybody can see, they're down to four people: Tai was kicked out last night.

(Kari frowns. Tracey tries very hard to hide his smile from her, with little luck.)

Arp: Meanwhile, Red House still has six. Now, as you know these teams were pre-determined and we did our best to make them as even as possible. But nobody's perfect. And the last thing we want is one team dominating another, so we're going to make some adjustments to add a little parity to the contest.

(Henry and Tracey shake their heads in dismay. Mitsune looks worried.)

Arp: Earlier today, everybody was asked if they are happy with their current team. If you said yes- you're not going anywhere.

(Yukito smiles. Tenchi and Shinji sigh in relief.)

Arp: If you said no, then you definitely want to win this challenge, because the winning team will control who goes where. Whatever happens, the net result will be Red losing a member and Blue gaining one. Today's challenge still pays the usual 50-25-10 credits and of course... house keys!

(Yukino rolls her eyes and hands her house's key over. Tenchi does the same.)

Arp: You can probably guess the challenge by the giant maze behind me. And unlike Pokéball Run, there are no EZ Passes to get you out of this one.

Jessie: Hey, we did the maze.

Arp: Yes, but Brock, Kari and Shinji didn't. But they have no choice now. One person from each house will run into the maze one at a time, find one of your team's flags, and run out to tag the next person. Everybody participating must get one flag. First team with all four flags out of the maze wins. Simple as that.

Misato: Certainly easier than baccarat.

Arp: Yes it is. Who's sitting out for Red and Yellow?

(Shinji, Kari and Tracey raise their hands.)

Arp: Looks like Kari and Shinji aren't doing the maze this year either. Tracey's sitting out too. Okay, everybody strategize and line up.

(Everybody forms a quick game plan and lines up. Brock, Tenchi and Henry line up first.)

Arp: Ready... go!

(The three charge in.)

Arp: Brock for Blue, Tenchi for Yellow, Henry for Red.

(Very early in the maze, they come to a junction. Brock and Henry go left, Tenchi goes right. Obviously, they all run into dead-ends and are forced to backtrack, but Brock and Henry stick together until they reach a second important divide. This time Henry goes left, towards the front of the maze, while Brock goes right to the back. But while they get lost on that side, Tenchi stumbles upon three flags- one for each house. He takes a yellow flag and starts backtracking. Before he gets back, Henry finds a set of flags. He takes a red flag and also returns. He was apparently closer to the entrance, as Henry gets back first. He tags in Mitsune as he exits.)

Arp: Henry's the first one out; tags in Kitsune.

(At the first turn, Mitsune goes right, and almost collides with Tenchi. They sneak past each other and Tenchi returns.)

Arp: Tenchi's right behind him. Ruri's going next for Yellow.

(Finally, in the back corner of the maze, Brock finds a flag. He rushes back. Along the way, he sees Ruri, heading the same way Henry did. Brock exits with Blue's first flag.)

Arp: And Brock ties it up for Blue. Misato heads in next.

(Misato turns right at the first turn. Mitsune is working the back corner, but is having trouble getting oriented. Meanwhile, Ruri finds blue and yellow flags and takes the yellow. Misato is looking around the far right side without much luck. Mitsune's luck finally changes as she finds a stack in the far edge. But there's no way she's getting back before Ruri. Her teammates cheer her on as she tags in Yukari.)

Arp: Yellow takes the lead! Yukari runs lap three.

(Just as frustration is starting to set in for Misato, she sees Mitsune running back with a flag. It's a sign! Misato runs that way and finds her flag. Outside the maze, her teammates are not helplessly watching.)

Arp: While Blue waits for Misato, Brock's trying to give directions.

(Brock is indeed using his finger and his palm to help Sana and Yukino.)

Arp: Kitsune's back for Red. Akito's in the maze next.

(Yukari's exploring the right side of the maze. After tons of running around and backtracking, she finds the spot Tenchi had already grabbed a flag from.)

Yukari: Damn.

(She keeps looking, going further into the depths of the maze. As she does, she runs by Akito, exploring the same area. Back at the entrance, Misato emerges with a flag.)

Arp: Blue has some catching up to do. Sana's up to bat.

(Thanks to Brock's directions, Sana knows where to go. Before she gets there, however, Akito and Yukari find flags from different spots. Akito's in the center of the maze, while Yukari is at the very back. Sana is closer to the front and makes the turn Brock suggested, and it doesn't take her long to find a flag. While Akito and Yukari run back, their teammates offer suggestions to anchors Yukito and Jessie.)

Arp: Jessie and Yukito getting some final hints...

(Akito emerges first and tags in Jessie.)

Arp: Red regains the lead as Jessie charges in.

(At the first turn, she goes left. She passes Sana a few yards later. Follow Sana as she turns the corner. She sees Yukari in the process. Yukari screams and gives chase, almost catching up to and running over Sana as they exit.)

Arp: Blue and Yellow are neck-and-neck! It's up to Yukino and Yukito now.

(Yukino goes right; Yukito goes left. Jessie runs down the left side of the maze towards the back. At the next critical turn, both Yukito and Yukino turn right. While they search, Jessie finds the final red flag and charges back. Neither Yukino nor Yukito are finding it, but Yukito sees Jessie running back with a flag and heads farther back. He finds a yellow flag in the same place Jessie did. Yukino is forced to backtrack. As fast as Yukito runs back, there's no way he's beating Jessie. She exits first, raising her flag in victory.)

Arp: Red House wins the challenge!

(As her teammates cheer, Jessie smiles and points to Henry.)

Jessie: Thank you!

(She runs up to them as they celebrate, with Tracey and Kari joining in. While they are all in the happy, the other two teams are waiting for their reps to finish. Inside, Yukito finds the flag first and races back. Yukino does find her flag eventually, but isn't able to navigate her way back in time. Yukito runs out and...)

Arp: Yellow House takes second!

(Tenchi and Yukari smile and raise their arms as the team runs up to Yukito. Arp presents Red and Yellow with house keys as Yukino runs out last. As soon as she sees the other teams celebrating, she frowns, shakes her head, and joins her equally confounded teammates. Arp dishes out the money.)

Arp: Okay, credits for everybody and shelter for two. But we still have one other matter to take care of: redistribution. Nabiki?

(Nabiki joins Arp, with six red envelopes in hand.)

Arp: Red, of the people in your house that said they were not happy with their team, you must select one to go to Blue.

Shinji: Wait... so was there any reason for us to answer those?

Arp: Actually, yes. Had you won the challenge, I would have let you guys do some trading around. Take one from Red and give one to Blue and such.

Misato: So why'd we have to do them?

Arp: You didn't. Kasumi just didn't want you to feel left out.

(Most of Blue face faults. Kasumi smiles.)

Kasumi: And besides, everybody on Blue said they were happy.

Arp: Well, there you go. That was supposed to remain a secret, but who's going to yell at Kasumi?

Tenchi: Do we get our results?

Arp: No. Nabiki, let's hear it.

(Nabiki opens each card and reads them before dropping them to her side.)

Nabiki: “Are you happy with the team you are currently on?” Henry said... yes. Kari said... yes. Jessie said... no.

(Almost everybody on Red looks up at Jessie. Jessie avoids eye contact with all of them, instead glaring at Nabiki, not too happy about this.)

Nabiki: Tracey said... yes. Kitsune said... yes. Akito said... no.

(Henry and Kari look over at Akito, who maintains his poker face as he looks over at Arp.)

Arp: Okay, there you have it- two no votes. Red House, who do you want to send to Blue- Jessie or Akito?

Kari / Tracey / Mitsune / Henry: (very direct) Akito.

Arp: We were hoping for some drama, but I take it you're all in agreement. Um... is that your final answer?

Kari / Tracey / Mitsune / Henry: (just as serious) Yes.

Arp: Fair enough. Akito, you're now a member of Blue House. Toss me your wristband.

(Akito removes his red wristband and tosses it to Arp. Arp catches it and tosses back a blue one. Akito silently puts in on and joins Blue, who greet him with smiles and pats on the back. Sana hugs him.)

Arp: Akito, since you're no longer allowed to enter Red House, you'll have to work with them in order to get your stuff moved.

Akito: Doesn't matter.

Arp: Okay, then you can all head back home.

(Yellow leaves, pretty neutral about the whole thing. Blue is in high spirits, despite losing the challenge. Red is just a little perplexed by what just happened.)


(Now with five members, Blue is returning to their boat, which is docked at the market. Obviously they learned their lesson from their death march the day before. Everybody gets in, but Brock speaks up before Misato starts the motor.)

Brock: You know, we're outside again, so we'd better pick up some supplies. We don't really have much left from the first couple days.

Misato: Well, we have to swing by Red House and pick up Akito's bag and stuff.

Akito: It's no big deal. It's just clothes.

Yukino: Most of the essentials should already be outside. I know we threw a few blankets and some food out there. Why don't I join you and we'll figure this out?

Brock: Good idea.

(Brock and Yukino exit the boat. Misato starts it up.)

Sana: See you back home!

(They speed away. Yukino and Brock begin their shopping.)

Brock: (VO) I am thrilled that Akito's on the team now. It's hard to predict how Sana will react to him, but he's certainly an easy target for the rest of us.

(It isn't long before they're talking about the situation. Brock has a bag of food while Yukino has a small bag of supplies.)

Yukino: Well, I'm actually glad Akito is on our team now.

Brock: Why, because he's an easy vote?

Yukino: Am I becoming too obvious? Because I swear you just read my mind.

Brock: No, I was thinking the same thing. I was wondering who the next target was going to be if it came down to it. Akito solves a lot of our problems.

Yukino: It just opens up another one- Sana.

Brock: That's true. Usually when two people from the same series are together, it's either an instant alliance or an instant rivalry. With those two, it could be both.

Yukino: Well, we'll just see how committed Sana is to our alliance. I'd certainly forgive her for not wanting to vote off her friend, but if she makes a big episode out of it, we may not be able to keep her.

(Brock nods. They finish up their shopping and head back.)

(Blue is whooshing along the water to Red House to pick up Akito's stuff.)

Akito: (VO) I don't mind being in a different house. I was probably going to get voted out of Red anyway. Blue House has some possibilities, depending on Sana. She's going to do something stupid, but I can make sure that doesn't hurt me.

(On the boat, Sana attempts to have a conversation with Akito.)

Sana: Hey, Hayama! Let's be friends this time, okay? I don't like being enemies with people.

(No response.)

Sana: Hayama! Speak up! You need to open your mouth wide and talk to people!

(No response. Sana's getting irritated.)

Sana: Damn Hayama! You won't get anywhere with an attitude like that! The silent treatment doesn't cure anything!

(Akito turns to Sana.)

Akito: Are you saying something? I can't hear you over the motor.

Sana: (screaming) What? I can't hear you!!

(Up in front, Misato shakes her head.)

Misato: (sotto) And I thought babysitting Shinji and Asuka was bad.

Akito / Sana: (to Misato) What did you say?

(They continue on.)

Misato: Strategy-wise, Akito can only help us. We could use one more person to vote off, because I really don't want to get rid of Sana or Brock before the merge. But living with him, even if it's only a few days, will be interesting. Not so much because of Akito alone- he keeps to himself for the most part. But Sana is a completely different person when he's around, and he knows exactly how to bring out the worst in her.

Red House
(Misato, Akito and Sana actually arrive before the Red team does. They can't go in the house, but they immediately notice the outdoor set-up under the tarp. They walk up to it- Misato and Sana are impressed.)

Misato: Nice place.

Sana: Wow! It's like a wall-less tent!

(Sana jumps into one of the sleeping bags and rests on the pillow. She looks like she's ready to fall asleep, until she notices Akito digging through some things right next to her.)

Sana: Ah! Don't get any sorted thoughts Hayama!

Akito: Just getting my stuff. That's my bag, you know.

(Sana jumps out quickly, disgusted.)

Sana: You mean I almost fell asleep in your sleeping bag?!

(She suddenly goes into full-blown shoujo mode.)

Sana: My girlish innocence has been forever tainted.

(Akito walks by, carrying a few dirty clothes.)

Akito: Wouldn't be the first time.

(That earns him a mallet pounding as Red shows up.)

Mitsune: Oh, you guys are here already?

Tracey: Akito, I'll get your things while you recover.

(Mitsune hands him the house key and he runs inside. Misato walks up to Mitsune.)

Misato: You had to put those two together?

Mitsune: What, did you think we were going to give you Jessie?

Misato: We can hope, can't we?

Mitsune: Jeez, he's only with you until you lose immunity again. He's a free vote; you should be thanking us.

(Misato shakes her head to disagree, but then pauses.)

Misato: I really wish I could tell you otherwise... but that's probably what will happen.

(Akito joins them. Misato shuts up.)

Akito: I'm ready.

Misato: But Tracey's not back with your stuff.

Mitsune: I'll go see what's keeping him.

(Mitsune heads in.)

Akito: Tell him not to fondle my things.

Sana: It's Tracey! What's he going to do?

Akito: Didn't he see you naked once?

(Another mallet shot. Misato sweatdrops.)

Misato: This is what I have to look forward to.

(Tracey returns with Akito's bag. Misato takes it as Sana drags Akito away.)

Tracey: When Akito comes to, tell him we all wished him the best.

Misato: (sarcastic) I'm sure you all did. See ya.

(They leave quickly. Tracey shakes his head and goes back inside.)

Henry: What bothered me about today wasn't losing Akito. If that was supposed to be a big twist, we could have been hit harder. Like losing Jessie. She's the backbone of the team and was almost sent packing. I don't like how she put herself in that position.

(Jessie's leaning back in a living room chair. Henry paces around.)

Henry: So why do you suddenly have a problem with this team?

Jessie: I don't want to talk about it. We won the challenge, and I'm happy now.

Henry: I'm not. I thought we were all doing pretty well except for Kitsune scheming with Tracey all the time.

Jessie: Look, how was I supposed to know they were going to shuffle us based on what we'd say? I figured we all had different questions and it would be a trivia game.

Henry: Yeah, and I'd never guess that you had a problem with us.

Jessie: I don't have a problem with you. I just think you guys could do more around the house. Everything affects how we perform in challenges, including beforehand.

Henry: I think I've been pulling my weight. So has Kari.

Jessie: Of course you have. I don't have a problem with you. You're pretty solid. Maybe a little pessimistic, but I wouldn't vote you out because of that.

(Henry opens his mouth to respond, but decides against it.)

Jessie: Same thing with Kari. She's fine. But Tracey and Kitsune are a different story.

Henry: Tracey's cooking.

Jessie: And if he is, he should be one of the first ones up. Especially when we're outside and he's the only one who knows a damn thing about starting a fire.

(Mitsune enters the room and joins in.)

Mitsune: Well, if you were so eager to ditch this team, you could have picked a better time to tell us.

Jessie: I don't want to leave this team. I just had a few issues with it.

Mitsune: You say that now, but if one of the other teams had won that challenge, you'd be playing for them.

Jessie: And that's why I'm happy we won. We did very well in that challenge, if you didn't notice.

Henry: It's still scary to think about losing you, Jessie. You are vital to this team, and I don't think we could manage without you.

Jessie: And that's part of the problem.

Mitsune: Well, if you aren't happy here, there's no reason to be here. If you don't think we can fend for ourselves, you should just leave and watch us handle things.

(Mitsune walks away. Jessie leans back and fumes.)

Mitsune: Item number twelve on my list of reasons I want Jessie gone. She thinks she's better than the rest of us just because she can run fast. She's the only one who said she wasn't happy with the team... except for Akito but he's never happy with anything. Unfortunately, it's still too early to think about getting rid of her.

Yellow House
(Tenchi and Yukito are finally finishing up that go game. Tenchi frowns.)

Tenchi: You beat the pants off of me.

Yukito: No, Shinji and I beat the pants off of you.

(Shinji and Yukari enter the room. Yukari sits down.)

Shinji: Did we win?

Yukito: Yep. Good job.

Yukari: Now that you're done with that, we're bored again. Let's eliminate somebody.

Tenchi: We can't eliminate somebody. We don't know who's going.

Yukari: Well, we did Blue last time, let's do Red this time. Should be more fun without Akito.

(Ruri comes downstairs as well.)

Yukito: Ruri, want to evict someone from Red?

Ruri: First let me see if the computer's in there. I want to try something.

Tenchi: What?

(Ruri silently enters the confessional room as the others watch on.)

Ruri: (VO) Last night Yukari thought up a game where we act out another house's elimination ceremony and guess who's leaving. Surprisingly, we were right about Tai. It doesn't explain why we did it again tonight though.

(As Ruri brings out the voting terminal, Yukari stands up.)

Yukari: Naturally, I will be the dashing speedstress Jessie, ready to run circles around the rest of you. Shinji, you're Henry. Tenchi's Tracey, Ruri's Kari and Yukito's Kitsune.

Yukito: Do I have to be Arp again too?

Tenchi: If anyone's up for a dual role, it's you, Yuki.

Yukito: Very well.

(Yukito stands up and acts out the part.)

Yukito: Red House, since you lost tomorrow's immunity challenge, you'll have to vote somebody out. You will use that computer terminal that we all told you to ignore when you did your confessionals.

(Tenchi snickers.)

Yukito: Rather than complain and point fingers, let's just go straight to the vote. Jessie- you're up first.

(Yukari stands up and faces the voting terminal.)

Yukari: It obviously wasn't my fault we lost tomorrow, so I'm voting for Kari, because she's a scrawny little pipsqueak.

(Yukari presses a button on the voting terminal. On the other side, her vote for “KARI” appears. Everybody looks at Ruri.)

Tenchi: (frightened) Tell me you didn't hack into that thing.

Ruri: It was surprisingly easy. I should keep that in mind next time we do this for real.

Yukito: Alright, one vote for Kari. Henry?

(Shinji stands up and votes. He's not quite the role-playing type.)

Shinji: I've never met Henry... um, I'll vote for Tracey because... he's Tracey.

Tenchi: Fair enough.

Yukito: Kari?

(Ruri stands up and faces the terminal. She votes “JESSIE.”)

Ruri: (deadpan) I'm voting for Jessie because I'm not a scrawny little pipsqueak. I'm the angel of light, so go to hell.

(Tenchi and Yukari burst out laughing. Even Shinji has trouble containing himself.)

Yukari: Boy, you put Jess in her place.

Tenchi: Wow... that was better than your Sana.

(Ruri quietly returns to her seat.)

Yukito: Tracey.

(Tenchi shakes his head and heads up.)

Tenchi: How do I top that? Uh... I'll vote for Jessie too, because I want to vote off the physical threat. Besides, she used to team up with Team Rocket and who can stand for that?

(Tenchi sits down. Yukito stands before the terminal.)

Yukito: I think Ruri's still winning. As for Kitsune, she'll vote for Jessie because she's tired and needs a drink. That's three votes for Jessie.

(Yukari stands up, acting pissed.)

Yukari: You guys are dead meat without me. Bias against the winners!

Shinji: Hey, I used that one last night.

Yukari: Still bias against the winners! And Americans! It's my breasts, isn't it? Kari's jealous!

(Tenchi covers his face with his hand trying not to laugh.)

Tenchi: Oh God...

Yukito: Jessie? You're out of the running.

Yukari: I know where you live!!

(Yukari marches outside and slams the door shut. Shinji and Tenchi applaud. Then Yukari starts pounding on the door.)

Yukari: (OS) Hey, let me in! I'm locked out!

Ruri: Seriously, we are going to hell for this.

(Tenchi and Shinji laugh.)

Shinji: It's just another way of entertaining ourselves. Because the more we think about who everybody else would vote off, the less we worry about our own situation. We'd like to put that off as long as possible.

Blue House
(As the sun sinks down, the fire is going and dinner is served. Everybody has their plate of mystery grub and is sitting around the fire.)

Yukino: I'd like to formally welcome Akito into the group. Although we can't go into Blue House, neither could we when we first got here. So I guess this is becoming a sort of tradition whenever the house has new occupants.

Misato: It has a very unique way of saying welcome, Akito.

Brock: Yep. Although let's hope we can stay out here one more night.

Yukino: Here, here.

(Akito's too busy eating to respond.)

Brock: How's the food?

Akito: I don't hate it.

Brock: Awesome.

(They continue eating.)

Sana: (VO) He can be a sneaky Hayama-devil sometimes, but it feels really good to have him on the team. When it's important, he never lets me down, and that's good to have here. After what happened last night with Tai, it's nice to have Hayama around to make sure I'm doing the right thing.

(It's getting darker, and they're still huddled around the fire.)

Sana: This isn't so bad.

Misato: It's kind of nice to spend a couple days outside once in awhile.

(A few drops of rain... which starts to kill the fire. Misato grumbles.)

Misato: I hate nature.

Yukino: I knew we should have bought that tarp.

Brock: I knew we should have listened to the salesman who said it was going to pour tonight.

Sana: Why didn't you?

Yukino / Brock: We thought he was just trying to sell that tarp.

(The rain gets a bit stronger. With nothing to protect the fire, it goes out pretty quickly.)

Sana: Are we going to have to spend all night here?

Akito: This is nothing. It's only going to get worse.

Misato: Dammit. We've got an immunity challenge tomorrow and we'll all have pneumonia.

(Brock grabs some blankets and tosses them over Sana and Yukino's heads.)

Yukino: Is this supposed to be some sort of gentlemanly gesture?

Brock: Take what you get, Yukino. Misato's right; we've got a challenge tomorrow and can't afford to get sick out here. We need to figure something out.

Misato: This is what we get for passing up that tent.

Yukino: (angry) Don't bring up the tent, okay?

Misato: It's not your fault, Yukino, but we really could have planned this better.

Yukino: And to think Yellow isn't even using it right now.

Akito: So let's go in there.

Yukino: Wish we could.

Akito: Why can't we?

(Akito points to a couple lights on a nearby hill.)

Akito: That's them up there, isn't it?

Misato: Are you serious? We can't sleep inside their tent!

Akito: Rules only say we can't go in their house. Doesn't say anything about their tent.

Misato: Actually... it's better than sitting out in the rain all night. I'm in.

Yukino: What?!

Brock: Yeah. Let's do it.

Sana: Alright! Illegal covet operation invade Yellow!

Misato: Launch!

(In spite of Yukino, they gather their blankets and trek up the hill to Yellow House.)

Misato: (VO) The rain was coming down pretty hard, and we really didn't want to spend the entire night under it, especially with a challenge tomorrow. So we decided to stretch the rules a little and borrow Yellow's tent for the night.

(The five of them are hiding behind the tent, hoping not to catch anyone's attention inside. The lights are on, but they see no silhouettes. Misato waves them forward.)

Misato: (quiet) Let's go. Quick!

(One at a time, they quickly enter the tent. Once they are in, Brock lights a lantern.)

Brock: Very nice! Maybe we should have taken this after all.

Sana: They've got food in here too!

Yukino: Hey! No stealing their food! In fact, no using the sleeping bags either.

Misato: Yeah, if we get caught, we need to keep the damage to a minimum. I'd turn that lantern off too, Brock.

Brock: Let's get squared away first. Everybody have a blanket?

Sana: Yep.

Yukino: Then lie down, go to sleep, and pray to God we wake up before they do.

(Brock turns the lantern off and they quietly turn in as the rain pounds the tent harder.)

Yukino: I wouldn't say it was a great idea, but we were pretty desperate, and it was better than fending for ourselves. I just hope Yellow doesn't kill us if they find out.


Red House
(Jessie is unhappily watching the rain fall from her bedroom window. Kari enters.)

Kari: Jessie, can I talk to you?

(Jessie doesn't turn away.)

Jessie: Sure.

(Kari shuts the door and sits on a bed.)

Kari: I just wanted to say I don't think the others should be giving you a hard time over what you wrote on that card.

Jessie: That's okay. I get the feeling they're just using it as an excuse to vote me out.

Kari: You? They wouldn't vote you out. You're too strong. If anything, they'll vote me out.

(Jessie turns around, suddenly interested.)

Jessie: You? Why?

Kari: I can't help much at challenges, and I don't feel like I've been doing my share around here ever since Tracey started doing the cooking.

Jessie: That's bull. You do more around here than Kitsune and Tracey combined.

Kari: Try telling that to them. I just know they're going to vote for me first.

(She sighs.)

Kari: One of my goals was to get farther than my brother. I guess I should have raised the bar a little higher, huh?

(Jessie sits down next to Kari.)

Jessie: Kari, seeing them vote me out is one thing. But them voting for you is just crazy. You and I ought to do something about that.

Kari: What? You mean like an alliance?

Jessie: If they're not going for me first, they'll go for me second. So I'll need some help to make sure that doesn't happen. Sounds like you could use mine too. I think this could work.

Kari: Can I trust you?

Jessie: I can't think of any reason to lie to you. We deserve to be here longer than Kitsune or Tracey and I think we can make that happen.

(Kari smiles and hugs Jessie.)

Kari: Thanks. Let's just hope we don't have to worry about it for a few more days.

Jessie: Yeah. You'd better go. Don't want them to get suspicious.

Kari: Right.

(Kari leaves and heads back to her own room. On the other side of the hallway, Tracey sees her leave Jessie's room. He raises an eyebrow before heading downstairs.)

Day Ten
Yellow House

(It's morning, but it's still raining. Tenchi walks out of the house; he doesn't seem to mind. He's dressed to go jogging, but he doesn't get far. He hears a rustling nearby, stops, and looks around. Nothing at first. He shakes it off and takes two more steps.)

Sana: (OS) What time is it?

(Tenchi freezes again and looks around. He hears some low conversations inside the tent and tiptoes up to them. A little nervous, he reaches for the zipper, but pulls back when it lowers by itself. It goes about a foot down and stops. Tenchi's ready to freak... especially after Akito pokes a head through.)

Akito: Oh. Good morning.

(Tenchi screams as Akito finishes unzipping and Blue is officially busted.)

Tenchi: (VO) Just when I thought things couldn't get any stranger, I wake up to find another team squatting in our tent.

(Tenchi looks horrified as Brock and Sana scramble to pack up the blankets.)

Yukino: Sorry, Tenchi. This wasn't my idea. We didn't want to get caught in the rain so a couple of us thought it would be smart to camp in here tonight. We were planning on leaving before any of you found out... but we kinda overslept.

Tenchi: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

(Shinji and Yukito pop out the front door, both looking concerned.)

Shinji: We heard you screaming, Tenchi. Is something wrong?

(Misato leans out of the tent and waves.)

Misato: Morning, Shinji! Any beer in the house? I'm parched!

(Shinji and Yukito sweatdrop. Shinji turns around.)

Shinji: I'll be inside.

(Yukito decides to join Tenchi. All five Blue House members stand outside the tent, Brock with a big pile of blankets in front of him. Yukino leans over to Misato.)

Yukino: (quiet) Well, you're the leader of this illegal covert operation, what's the next plan, Captain Katsuragi?

Misato: First off, it's Major Katsuragi. Second off...

(Misato turns around and starts running.)

Misato: Run for it!!

Tenchi: Freeze!

(Misato does. Nobody else is moving. Misato rejoins the group.)

Yukino: Listen, as you can see by the blankets, we didn't use the sleeping bags. And we didn't touch the food.

(To verify, Yukito goes in for inspection.)

Tenchi: What about the money we had in there?

Yukino: Didn't even know you had it. In fact...

(Yukino hands Tenchi two credits.)

Yukino: Call it a hostel service.

(Tenchi frowns. Yukito exits the tent.)

Yukito: Everything's still in there.

(Tenchi takes the money from Yukino.)

Tenchi: You still can't expect us to just forget this happened.

Yukino: Of course not! You should consider yourselves humanitarians for providing us shelter from the rain last night. We'd do the same for you!

(Tenchi isn't sure what to do. Ruri comes out of the house.)

Ruri: Shinji is saying something about Blue House spending last night in our tent. What is he talking about?

(Ruri sees said team lined up outside. Tenchi looks at her and points to them.)

Tenchi: He's talking about how Blue House spent last night in our tent.

(Ruri does not appear amused. But rather than react, she turns around.)

Ruri: You handle it. I'm getting the mail.

(Sana bounces up and joins her.)

Sana: I'll join you. We'll go together, Ruri-Ruri!

Ruri: So many idiots...

(They leave. With nothing much to hold them on, Tenchi and Yukito let Blue go back to their camp.)

Yukito: (VO) Given the way it stormed last night, I don't mind Blue staying at our tent. We weren't using it and the weather was fairly bad last night. I just hope they don't make a routine of it.

(Back to Sana and Ruri as they reach the mailboxes and find stacks of various weaponry leaning against each box. This includes a spear and a bow with a quiver of arrows. Sana frowns.)

Ruri: Looks like a weaponry challenge. Guess they want us to get some practice in.

Sana: I hate weapons. Don't you, Ruri?

Ruri: I'm more concerned with how we're supposed to carry this home.

(Sana tilts her head and stares at the pile, which is pretty unmanageable.)

Immunity Challenge
(Thankfully the rain has stopped, but the skies are still overcast. They are on the shore today, but this is a second beach in the center of the island. The surface is more rocks than sand, and the beach stands below a cliff that forms part of the highlands where Yellow House stands. Akane stands near a set of weapons and Kasumi is several yards away with various targets, including one on the ground. Nabiki is holding a manual scoreboard. All three teams are on colored mats.)

Arp: Each of you received five different weapons to practice- a blowgun, a spear, a bow and arrow, a mock grenade, and some shuriken. Hopefully everybody had time to practice. For this challenge, everybody will choose one weapon. For each weapon, you will get two attempts to hit as close to the center of the target as possible- or at least closer than your opponents. Closest receives 2 points for their team, next closest receives 1 point, and the farthest one out receives nothing. After all five rounds, the team with the fewest points will have to vote somebody out tonight. All clear?

(Everybody nods.)

Arp: We randomly determined the order of weapons. Blowgun is up first. Who's taking that one?

(Sana, Yukari, and Mitsune step forward.)

Arp: Sana for Blue, Yukari for Yellow, Kitsune for Red.

(Arp holds one hand behind his back.)

Arp: Sana, pick a number- 1, 2, or 3?

Sana: Uh... one.

Arp: Yukari?

Yukari: Two.

Mitsune: (shrugging) Three, I guess.

(Arp reveals his hand. It's a two.)

Arp: It's a two.

(Yukari punches the air.)

Yukari: (exuberant) YES!!

Arp: Yukari goes first.

Yukari: NO!!

(With the support of her team, Yukari takes a loaded blowgun from Akane. Kasumi positions a small target, but it's only about ten yards away from the line. Yukari takes aim and fires. It's a decent shot, catching the inner part of the third circle from the inside. The rest of Yellow applauds.)

Arp: Kitsune?

(As Kasumi marks Yukari's spot, Mitsune gets ready. Once given the clear, she hits the outer part of the second circle, just beating Yukari's spot. Cheers from the Red mat.)

Arp: You're up, Sana.

(Sana focuses, but her shot is high and ends up on the outer circle.)

Yukino: (reassuring) One more shot, Sana.

Arp: Second shot for Yukari. She's in second right now.

(Yukari readies herself and fires again. This time it's much closer to home and right in the middle of the second circle.)

Yukari: Yeah!

(Yellow cheers as Mitsune sighs.)

Arp: Yukari raises the bar. Let's see if Kitsune can top that.

(Mitsune aims and fires, but it hits the third circle.)

Arp: Red can't improve its mark. Can Sana?

(Sana's a little nervous, but adjusts her shot a little lower this time. Unfortunately, it was a little too low and her nerves got the best of her: her shot goes down and to the left, again on the outer circle.)

Arp: Still outside. Two points for Yellow, one point for Red!

Yukari: Whoo!!

(Yukari returns to the mat and high-fives her teammates as Nabiki adjusts the score.)

Arp: Grenadiers, come forward!

(Brock, Ruri, and Tracey emerge from the group.)

Arp: Brock for Blue, Ruri for Yellow, Tracey for Red. Two Pokémon guys- obviously taking lessons from the Gunsmith Cats leg. Brock, you're up first.

(Kasumi removes the blowgun target to reveal a set of circles on the ground a little farther away. The grenades are not real, but have a similar feel and weigh about the same. Using the classic underhand toss, Brock lobs one up at the target. It lands a bit off-target and to the right- third circle. Polite applause from Blue, but Brock shakes his head.)

Arp: Ruri?

(Ruri uses an overhand throw and goes directly for the target. It falls well short of the bullseye, though, and ends up in the third circle as well. Kasumi compares it to Brock's mark.)

Kasumi: Brock's is slighty closer.

Arp: Alright. Tracey.

(Tracey uses a sidearm and pushes it off to the left, but the distance was spot on and it ends up within the second circle.)

Arp: That puts Tracey in first going into throw number two.

(Tracey smiles and pumps a fist. Brock comes up and again lobs one up. This time, however, he is much more accurate and it catches the inner circle.)

Misato: That's more like it!

(Brock smiles. Ruri comes up next. She again manages to throw on the mark, and a little harder this time. It is in the middle of the second circle. Kasumi checks it.)

Kasumi: That puts Ruri ahead of Tracey.

(Cheers from Yellow this time. Tracey takes a deep breath before he fires... but it's off to the right and a little too hard. It falls in the third circle. Tracey frowns and shakes his head.)

Arp: That's not going to do it. Blue's on the board with two points and Yellow gains one to stay in the lead. Now... who wants to have fun with ninja weapons?

(Yukino, Shinji, and Henry step forward.)
[Blue: 2 | Yellow: 3 | Red: 1]
Arp: Yukino for Blue, Shinji for Yellow, and Henry for Red. Keep in mind that these are real shuriken, so be very careful. Henry's up first.

(The target is the same distance as the blowgun event, but is larger, this time with six circles. Henry aims his shuriken carefully and fires. Off-right- third circle. Quick montage as Yukino's shot is high and on the fourth circle. Shinji uses an overhand approach, but is far too low and hits the fifth circle at the bottom.)

Arp: Okay, Henry's still in first after the first round. See if you can improve your spot.

(Henry concentrates, but is still off to the right. This time he was also too low and hits the fourth circle.)

Arp: Yukino? Second place at the moment.

(Yukino aims a little farther down this time and fires an excellent shot in the second circle. The rest of Blue cheers immediately.)

Yukino: Yeah!

Misato: Nice shot Yukino!

Arp: That puts you in the lead. Shinji? You need to at least beat Henry to keep your team tied for the lead.

(Shinji takes a deep breath and concentrates. Again throwing overhand, he shoots- bullseye. He smiles as Yellow goes crazy.)

Yukari: Now that's what I'm talking about!

Tenchi: All right Shinji!!

(Shinji raises his arms and quickly jumps back to his mat, exchanging high-fives with everyone.)
[Blue: 3 | Yellow: 5 | Red: 1]
Arp: That gives Yellow a commanding lead, but they need to avoid last to clinch immunity. Who's throwing the spear?

(Misato, Tenchi, and Jessie volunteer.)

Arp: Misato for Blue, Tenchi for Yellow, Jessie for Red. Tenchi starts this round.

(The target is again larger, but has only four circles. Kasumi moves back five yards. Tenchi's first throw is a good one, catching the inside of circle three. Jessie is in full javelin-mode, and arcs her spear into the top of the second circle. Misato fails to get a good feel for her spear and misses the target completely.)

Arp: It's okay, Misato. Still have another chance. Of course, Tenchi and Jessie get theirs first.

(Tenchi's shot hits, but only in circle four. Not an improvement. Jessie again throws it javelin-style. Of course, javelin is a distance-based event, and that becomes evident when the spear sails over the target. Jessie cringes.)

Jessie: Too hard, I guess.

Arp: Still in first. Misato- if you don't beat Tenchi's mark, Yellow clinches.

Shinji: No pressure, Misato.

(Misato sighs, focuses, aims, and fires. It's a much better shot, but only because it hits the target. It's on the outer circle and not ahead of Tenchi's first throw.)

Arp: Jessie wins the round, but Yellow has sealed up immunity!

(Tenchi quickly joins his teammates to celebrate with a round of high-fives and hugs. Misato dejectedly rejoins the group.)

Arp: Okay, with one event left, Yellow is untouchable with 6 points. But Blue and Red each have 3- this one will decide it. Who's up for bow and arrow?

(Akito, Yukito, and Kari are.)

Arp: Akito, now representing Blue, and Kari for Red. Yukito's here for the heck of it.

Yukito: I don't suppose we can get a bonus for winning this one?

Arp: With your archery skills? Hell no. Akito, you're up first.

(Same target, same distance. Akito calmly takes the bow and an arrow and walks up to the line. He fires a shot well off to the right. It hits the inside of the outer circle.)

Arp: Dare I say it... Yukito.

(Yukito smiles and takes the bow. He lines up, very calmly.)

Tenchi: They're just kids, Yuki, go easy on them.

(Yukito fires. Bullseye. Yellow claps politely.)

Arp: A battle for second place in every way. Kari?

(Kari takes a deep breath as she aims the bow. She calms her nerves enough to take a shot. It's a little high and a little to the right, but good enough for the third circle. She smiles as Red cheers.)

Arp: Round one goes to Kari. You're up, Akito. Yukito's mark is meaningless, but if you don't beat Kari, it's over.

(Akito takes the bow, aims and focuses for a long time as everybody watches nervously. He finally shoots... and catches the outside of the second circle. Blue jumps up and cheers. Even Akito pumps a fist. Red bends down, including Kari.)

Arp: That'll put Akito ahead of Kari for the moment. Kari will have a chance to beat it, but first...

(Arp gestures to Yukito. Yukito smiles once more and takes the bow again.)

Yukino: Do it kyudo style!

Yukito: But kyudo is less about hitting the target and more about form.

Yukino: Yeah, yeah, even better.

(Yukito turns to Arp. He shrugs.)

Arp: You already have a bullseye and your team's already won the challenge- might as well.

(Everybody waits patiently as Yukito stands upright and holds the bow very level and dignified. The only one not watching is Kari, who turns away, taking deep breaths.)

Kari: I can't watch him do it that way.

Jessie: Good call.

Mitsune: Find your happy place, Kari.

(Yukito pulls the string back very gracefully and releases. It may not be about accuracy... but he gets another bullseye anyway. Yukito smiles.)

Yukito: And that's kyudo.

(Blue and Yellow Houses applaud, as do Henry and Tracey.)

Arp: Okay, I guess that was halftime entertainment. Kari?

(Kari faces forward again, walks up and takes the bow. She concentrates and takes a few deep breaths. Everybody else watches anxiously. Finally, she takes her shot. It hits the target, and a team immediately jumps up in celebration. Arp raises his arms.)

Arp: Blue House takes second!

(Kari drops her arms to her side and stares at the arrow, squarely in the third circle. She hands the bow to Akane and trudges back to Red's mat. They look just as disappointed. Once Kari joins them, Arp walks up to them.)

Arp: Red? You stayed close the whole way, but I'll see you tonight.

(Henry and Tracey nod. Jessie just shakes her head. Meanwhile, back at Blue, the celebration centers around Akito.)


Red House
(Everybody is back. While Kari and Jessie go upstairs immediately, Henry, Mitsune and Tracey unwind for a moment in the living room.)

Tracey: (VO) As exciting as it is to finally get to put our strategies into action and vote somebody out, it's still not something we look forward to. It's never a bad idea to have immunity, especially now after the teams were evened out. Akito was an easy first target and not having him around makes this especially difficult.

(Tracey is cooking dinner. Mitsune is sitting on the kitchen counter, frequently watching Henry occupying himself in the living room as she discusses the state of affairs in a low voice.)

Mitsune: Since it's too early to vote off Jessie, it's either Henry or Kari. I could go either way. What do you think?

Tracey: Well, I don't really trust Henry, but I noticed that Kari and Jessie were talking a lot last night.

Mitsune: Should we be worried?

Tracey: Unless somebody approached her, I think Jessie would vote for one of us over Kari or Henry.

Mitsune: That makes it pretty easy then. If we still want to get rid of Jessie second, let's just take her ally out first.

Tracey: Kari then?

Mitsune: Yep. See why I made you head chef?

Tracey: Not really. I have no idea how much sauce to add to this pasta.

Mitsune: You figure it out. I'll go spread the word.

(Mitsune approaches Henry and sits down next to him.)

Mitsune: It's Kari.

Henry: Not Jessie?

Mitsune: We still need Jessie. But I want this to be you, me, and Tracey. We take out Kari tonight, then hopefully we can get another winning streak. But next time's Jessie, no matter what.

Henry: I guess that's a plan. Does Jessie know we're voting for Kari?

Mitsune: She will.

Henry: Okay. So I suppose we're the Mole 2 alliance?

Mitsune: (half-joking) Yeah. Soon as we merge, we'll take out Brock.

(Henry smiles. Mitsune heads upstairs as Kari heads down. They don't make eye contact as they pass each other. But Kari immediately approaches Henry.)

Kari: (quiet) Can I talk to you?

Henry: (unsure) Um... sure.

Kari: Can we go outside?

(Henry sighs and nods. While Tracey messes with dinner, they take a walk outside.)

Kari: Have they approached you about the vote yet?

Henry: Yeah. Kitsune was just talking to me.

Kari: It's me, right?

(Henry isn't sure how to answer. His hesitation makes it pretty obvious. Kari nods.)

Kari: If she's pulling you in, it's not you. And I'm sure they don't want to vote for Jessie.

Henry: Look, I didn't make the decision. If it was up to me... well, I don't want it to be up to me. I'm just going along with this. It's not you Kari, this is just my strategy.

Kari: So there's no way I can convince you to vote for Kitsune instead?

Henry: Sorry, but I can't risk being in the minority. If it's you and me against the others, I'd be just as doomed as you.

Kari: But it's not just you and me. Jessie's voting for Kitsune too.

(Henry frowns. His eyes are wider.)

Henry: Are you sure?

Kari: Think about it. You know how Jessie feels about Kitsune. Why would she vote me over her?

Henry: That's true.

Kari: What's wrong?

Henry: Well, you're putting me in a bad position. Jessie and Tracey are obviously on opposite sides, so I'm left to break the tie.

Kari: Henry, please... we're both from Digimon. I don't want to leave this soon after Tai. I need your help. Don't you think I deserve to go on more than Kitsune?

(Henry looks down. He doesn't look happy about any of this, much less trying to explain his feelings to Kari.)

Henry: It's not about who deserves it. I'm trying to succeed in this game just as much as you, and the last thing I wanted is for my vote tonight to decide how far I go. So I'm going to have to think about this. Yeah, we have that Digimon connection, and I suppose we should stick together after Rika and Tai got knocked out so early. But being in Mole with Kitsune and Tracey is just as important to me.

(Kari looks about ready to cry. He grimaces and puts a hand on her shoulder.)

Henry: I'm not trying to brush you off, Kari. I'm going to think about this. I really am. I'm stuck making this decision whether I like it or not, and I have to make sure I do what's right. You're going to have to wait until my vote's read off, because it will probably take me that long to figure all this out. Okay?

(Kari looks up at him and nods.)

Kari: Okay. That's all I can ask for.

(They hug as Tracey opens the front door.)

Tracey: Henry? Kari? Dinner's ready!

(Henry and Kari release quickly, Henry hiding a blush. They walk up to the front door. Tracey smiles.)

Tracey: Tonight after dinner we will take a quiz- ten questions about the identity of the Mole. Whoever gets the fewest questions right will be eliminated from the game.

(Henry laughs. Joke or not, everybody does gather around the table for a last meal. While everybody's a little on edge, Henry is deep in thought.)

Henry: My strategy for the first vote was just to go with the flow. Kari? Kitsune? If everybody else is doing it, I'll vote for them. But now, I'm suddenly the swing vote, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I've spent enough time around Kitsune and Tracey to know that I can't trust them one bit. But at the same time, I have spent time around them, I know what I'm getting with them, and I can handle it. With Kari and Jessie, I don't know what I'm getting.

(Everybody but Henry is in the living room minding their own business, reading or whatever. Henry's doing the dishes. The fateful knock comes. Mitsune answers the door.)

Arp: Hi.

(Mitsune lets him in as everybody drops what they're doing. Henry brings a chair in from the kitchen and sits in the back of the room. Kari and Jessie are on the couch while Mitsune returns to her chair alongside Tracey.)

Arp: I want to know your thoughts about yesterday's little adjustment. None of you hesitated to get rid of Akito, but now he's safe over at Blue tonight while you're about to vote someone off. Do you miss him more than you expected?

Jessie: He wasn't the loudest, or the most active, and he probably contributed the least in challenges out of any of us, but he was still part of the team, and we knew it wouldn't be the same without him. It may not make as much of a difference as someone like me moving, but it does change things.

Arp: Jessie, you were the other one who said they weren't happy with the team. Do you think that puts you in danger of being voted out?

Jessie: Of course. I wish I could take that back. I said that yesterday morning, when some things were going on that I wasn't happy with. But after winning the challenge yesterday, I have a lot more faith in my teammates.

Arp: Doesn't change the fact that you lost today. Worse yet, Akito had the winning shot. Tracey, does that make the defeat worse?

Tracey: You know, it didn't bother me too much. Many of us probably thought that Akito was an easy first vote here, and Blue House has to feel the same way. Akito's smart enough to realize that, and he was playing to survive. He did, and he's safe tonight.

Arp: Kari, you had the same opportunity Akito did. Do you feel vulnerable tonight?

Kari: Yes. I had the whole team on my shoulders and I did my best, but it wasn't enough. All I ask for is a second chance.

Jessie: It's unfair to put the blame on Kari too. Each of those five rounds were worth the same number of points, and Yellow did so well in the first four that the last one meant absolutely nothing to them. No reason we couldn't have done the same thing.

Mitsune: That is true. Jessie and I were the only ones who scored points in that challenge.

(Henry, who has been looking down the whole time, nods.)

Arp: Henry, you've been quiet this whole time. Do you agree with Jessie and Kitsune? That you and Tracey should be just as responsible as Kari?

Henry: I don't think one challenge should decide everything. I'm just trying to take everything in here and make a decision based on that.

Arp: So you don't know who you're voting for yet?

Henry: I really wish I did. We're all voting based on what will get us farther in the game. And I'm weighing my options and figuring out the best one. I was hoping the first vote would be a lot easier than this.

Arp: Is that true? Who here is voting based on strategy? What will get them the farthest down the road?

(Everybody raises a hand.)

Arp: Everybody. First vote for you, but everybody's looking at the big picture. With this group, somehow that doesn't surprise me. This house has some of the greatest strategic minds I've ever seen.

Mitsune: That's kinda selling the other houses short. I mean, yeah, I was impressed with Tracey and Henry during Mole. And I know Kari and Jessie are no slouches either. But you look at Yukino, and Ruri, and there's some plotters in Blue and Yellow too. And heck, it's been ten days, I'm sure everybody has some sort of plan by now. Who am I to say Shinji doesn't have some great strategy that's going to get him into the finals?

Arp: Well, you can worry about toppling Shinji later. Right now, it's time to vote.

(Arp opens the confessional room.)

Arp: There's a voting terminal in here. One at a time, you'll go in and select the person you want eliminated. Jessie, you're up first.

(Jessie goes in. Voter's shot as she votes for “MITSUNE.”)

Jessie: Kitsune, you've done little to contribute to the team. Any lack of respect I have for this team starts with you. Goodbye.

(She leaves. Aerial shot of Kari casting her vote. After that is Mitsune, who votes for “KARI.”)

Mitsune: Kari, you're an angel and all that, but like you and Tracey said, you and Akito were fighting for survival in that challenge. And you lost.

(She leaves. Aerial shot of Tracey voting. Aerial shot of Henry. He takes a little while to think about it, but finally does. Voter's shot of him... he votes “KARI.”)

Henry: I really hate having to do this. You're a good person and I've admired you for a long time. But I can't see myself aligning with you and Jessie. Not that I trust Kitsune and Tracey, but I already know that I can hold my own against them. Sorry.

(He returns to his seat. Arp wheels in the terminal.)

Arp: Whoever receives the most votes must retrieve their bag and leave with me. The eliminated player will no longer be able to win the game.

(He pushes a button on the screen. The residents see the screen flash “KARI.”)

Arp: First vote is for Kari.

(Kari frowns and nods.)

Arp: Second vote is for Mitsune.

(Mitsune nods, expecting it.)

Arp: Third vote... Kari.

(Jessie shakes her head.)

Arp: Fourth vote- Mitsune.

(Kari manages a faint smile. Jessie pats her on the shoulder.)

Arp: That's two votes Kari, two votes Mitsune. Final vote... fourth person eliminated from the game.

(He looks around and pushes the button. The screen shows “MITSUNE.” Mitsune grimaces and shakes her head. Kari takes a deep sigh of relief, closes her eyes, and falls into Jessie's shoulder. Jessie smiles and pats her on the head, looking at the others. Henry's mouth is wide open. Tracey is straight-faced, eyes on the floor.)

Arp: Kitsune?

(Mitsune glances at Henry and Tracey before standing up. She gets her bag and joins Arp.)

Arp: Yeah, strategy is definitely playing into the minds of everybody in this house. Of course, not everybody is using the same playbook.

(He turns to Mitsune.)

Arp: Kitsune? You're out of the running.

(Arp opens the door and they walk out.)

Mitsune: Dang, I knew it was going to be close, but I thought I had it. I could have sworn I had Henry on my side. He's too smart to save Kari because of their show thing or vote me because I beat him in Mole. In fact, now that I think about it, judging by the look on his face when the vote was read, I bet I did have Henry. I get the funny feeling I took this one in the back. Still, I don't think there was anything I could have done about that, so you won't find any regrets here.

End of Episode Four

Mitsune (3): Jessie, Kari, Tracey
Kari (2): Mitsune, Henry

Author's Notes
Ladies and gentlemen, Tracey has entered the game! As much fun as Blue and Yellow can be, there seems to be something about Red House that makes you want to see them have it out and start playing the game. Here you go. Tracey is wasting no time whipping out the knife, but note the contrast with Henry's strategy and how each plan clashes with each other.

So who is smarter? Chiyo or Ruri? Log on and vote now! I would think it's Ruri by a landslide, but this may replace Rei vs. Asuka as most meaningless fanboy debate.

If you have never seen nor played go, trust me- it takes forever to play and even longer to determine who's winning. The fact that Tenchi and Yukito can recognize and plot strategies immediately says something about them.

The house equalizer becomes the first major wrinkle in the game. As promised, every episode will have some sort of catch to add some flavor to the situation. The game will always be shifting, and the players will soon realize that handling each new landscape will be the key to winning.

The maze is technically a Race challenge since it was featured in Pokéball Run. There was a maze in AS2, but worked under different rules. An interesting note about that maze- it's the only time a Pokéball Run location was used in the actual Amazing Race. Season 5 used the exact same maze in Dallas as the one used in the Cannonball Run series Pokéball Run was based on.

The teams were intentionally divided to avoid two people from the same show from being in the same house (I consider Henry and Kari as being from two separate shows- and judging by the vote it sure seems that way). But man is it fun having Sana and Akito together again! They are two very different people around each other, and the way they interact is the main reason Kodocha is so good.

Lame as may have seemed, the “eviction role-play” is not something I made up. It rarely makes it into the show, but many tribes on Survivor do it to break the boredom. The game is believed to have been originated by Rob Cesternino from the Amazon series.

Next Time on Champion's Cup:
* Tracey admits his vote for Mitsune. But will Kari take his word over Henry's?
* The entire island becomes a battlefield for a huge game of Capture the Flag.
* The game takes a Mole turn when two players are offered exemptions.