Champion’s Cup

Episode Two


(Overhead shot of the eighteen gathered at the very beginning.)
Arp: (VO) Last time on Champion's Cup...
(Shot of Syaoran attempting to use his “mallet lightning” on the door.)
Arp: (VO) Three teams arrived on the island, but found the doors to their houses locked.
(Shot of Akito trying to kick down the door, before Kari and Henry grab him.)
Arp: (VO) Some teams did little more than complain about it...
Henry: However we get in, it can't involve property damage!
(Shot of Yukito and Shinji giving Ruri the boost she needs to get in through the top.)
Arp: (VO) While members of the Yellow House got creative.
Ruri: (VO) Some of my teammates engineered a way to get into the house. I’m not sure how it happened, but Yukito and Shinji came up with a very good idea.
(During the challenge, shot of Red's effort in the water, with Mitsune and Tracey pulling the raft as Jessie pushes.)
Arp: (VO) In the Immunity Challenge it was the Red House that showed their muscle.
(Shot of Yukino losing it on the beach while Yellow gains more ground on them.)
Arp: (VO) While the Blue House was the first team subject to an eviction.
(Shot of Syaoran talking to Sana as they try to move the log.)
Arp: (VO) Back at the house, Syaoran recognized the threat of an alliance between Misato and Yukino and tried to get Sana to rally against it.
Syaoran: Knowing those two, they'd either be killing each other by now or plotting together. And I don't see them killing each other.
(Shot of Arp reading off the final vote for Syaoran at the Eviction Ceremony.)
Arp: (VO) But the others recognized his plotting and Syaoran was the first person eliminated from the game.
(Arp and Syaoran walk out of the house.)
Arp: (VO) Seventeen remain. Who will be eliminated tonight?

Blue House-

Brock, Pokémon, The Mole- Mole 2: AE
Misato, Evangelion, 7th Place- Anime-zing Race
Sana, Kodocha, 4th Place- Animation Survivor 2
Tai, Digimon Adventure, Winner- Animation Survivor
Yukino, His & Her Circumstances, 3rd Place- Anime-zing Race

Yellow House-
Rika, Digimon Tamers, 4th Place- Pokéball Run
Ruri, Nadesico, Runner-up- Mole: AE
Shinji, Evangelion, Winner- Pokéball Run
Tenchi, Tenchi Muyo, Winner- Mole: AE
Yukari, Azumanga Daioh, 4th Place- Anime-zing Race 2
Yukito, Cardcaptor Sakura, Runner-up- Anime-zing Race 2

Red House-

Akito, Kodocha, 4th Place- Mole: AE
Henry, Digimon Tamers, Runner-up- Mole 2: AE
Jessie, Battle Athletes, Winner- Anime-zing Race 2
Kari, Digimon Adventure, Runner-up- Animation Survivor 2
Mitsune, Love Hina, Winner- Mole 2: AE
Tracey, Pokémon, 3rd Place- Animation Survivor

Day Four
Blue House

(Bright and early on day four. In one bedroom, Brock is already up, putting on some clothes and heading out. His roommate, Tai, is still out of it. It doesn't look like he's getting up any time soon.)

Brock: (VO) We are all thrilled to be inside, but I don't intend to get lazy. I've already won over the group by being the cook, and that's not going to change just because we have a stovetop instead of a fire.

(A couple hours later, the sun is shining right into a second room. Yukino wakes up, in her less-than-stellar home motif. She grabs her wide-rimmed glasses and notes Misato zonked out in the other bed. She smiles and tiptoes to her bag across the room.)

Yukino: (VO) After three days here, we all realized the added benefit of voting one of the guys off...

(As she takes the bag, she hears a voice from the other side of the wall...)

Sana: (OS) GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY!! Time to get up! One, two! One, two! One, two!

(Yukino panics for a moment and checks to see if that woke Misato up. Uh- no. As Sana does her morning vocal warm-up, Yukino sneaks out into the bathroom.)

Yukino: (VO) ...and that's the fact that none of us have to share a room with Sana.

(Five minutes later, Yukino exits the bathroom, looking spectacular in her full high school mode. Sana heads out of her room and into the bathroom. Yukino smiles.)

Yukino: Good morning, Sana!

Sana: Morning Yukino!!

(Sana enters the bathroom. Tai, still not quite rested, pokes his head out the door. He sees Yukino and frowns.)

Tai: Sana wake you up too?

(Tai slams the door.)

Yukino: (VO) Last night was wonderful. We had a nice bed to sleep on, a roof over our heads, and the knowledge that we'd finally be indoors for awhile. Not only that, but we got that first eviction out of the way. I had no intention of being the first to get voted out, but I'm sure everybody was a little nervous.

(Yukino arrives downstairs and her nose takes over from there. It leads her into the kitchen, where Brock is already hard at work. She pokes her head in at the soon-to-be pancakes. Brock puts a hand on her head.)

Brock: Down, Yukino! They'll be ready in a few minutes.

Yukino: Okay... I'll wait...

(Yukino stands eagerly right next to him. Brock is a little flustered. Then Sana bounds down the stairs and into the kitchen.)

Sana: Wai! Sana smells pancakes!!

Brock: Not yet!

(Sana starts bouncing around the kitchen.)

Brock: Yukino, could you restrain her?

(Yukino's still eagerly waiting nearby. Sana calms down and joins her. They're both looking cute as they wait for breakfast.)

Yukino / Sana: We love you, Brock...

Brock: And I love you, girls!

Yukino: How do you not have a girlfriend?

(Brock is wrapping up. They're almost done!)

Sana: We all voted Syaoran out last night. I think it was a good decision. Now we're all happy and it's like one big family now. Not that it wasn't that way before. But Syaoran wasn't happy enough and it's more fun now that he's not here!

(Breakfast is served. As Yukino and Sana quickly eliminate the first batch, Brock starts working on the second.)

Yukino: Not bad for instant pancakes without butter or syrup.

Sana: Can we buy syrup at the market today?

Brock: Maybe when we get some more money.

(Misato stumbles down the stairs, although whether she is actually awake is subject to debate. She trudges her way to the fridge, opens it, and peers inside. Except for a gallon of water, it's completely empty.)

Misato: This is going to be a long day.

(She slumps down at the table. Brock gives her a plate of pancakes, which she devours pretty fast.)

Yukino: Not a morning person, Misato?

Misato: Depends. Got any beer?

Sana: Nope!

Misato: Then I'm not a morning person.

(Tai's next to come down. He looks just as bad as Misato.)

Sana: Wake up, Tai! We've got a super-awesome day ahead of us!!

(Tai looks at Sana for awhile, then scratches his shoulder.)

Tai: I hate the sound of genki in the morning.

Misato: No beer in the fridge, Tai. I already checked.

Yellow House
(Everybody's awake, thankfully. Of course, it's later in the morning so nobody's really dragging. Shinji and Yukito are on the couch. Ruri is seated across from them and they are playing cards.)

Shinji: This is a very interesting group I'm with. Even though I've only met Ruri and Rika before, it feels like I already know everybody somehow.

(Rika enters the room and immediately kneels down next to Ruri.)

Rika: Cards? Ooh, deal me in.

Ruri: Don't you want to know what we're playing?

Rika: Doesn't matter; I can take you down in anything.

Ruri: (disbelieving) Really?

Rika: What? You think you and that oversized head of yours can beat me?

(Ruri doesn't respond. She keeps dealing.)

Rika: Nothing? You disappoint me. Where's that catch phrase of yours?

(Shinji shakes his head as Yukari approaches. She begins talking to Shinji.)

Shinji: (VO) They seem so... familiar...

(Yukari and Shinji have a quick game of jankenpon. Yukari's rock crushes Shinji's scissors.)

Yukari: All right! You're doing the dishes this week!

Shinji: What?

Yukari: That was the agreement!

(Yukari walks away. Yukito smiles.)

Yukito: Don't worry about it, Shinji. That's her way of showing respect for you.

Shinji: You think so?

Yukito: I'm sure she values your place in the house.

Shinji: Yeah, just because she sticks all the chores on me.

(Yukito just smiles. Yukari re-enters.)

Yukari: You know you don't have to be such a nice guy all the time, Yuki. Stop acting like you're some sort of angel.

Yukito: Well, part of me is an angel, in a way...

(Shinji is a little bothered, and puts a little more distance between him and Yukito.)

Shinji: (VO) Not that I'm disturbed by that or anything.

(Rika is looking at Ruri incredulously.)

Rika: Six?! Tenchi's living with six women?!

Ruri: I don't find that odd.

Yukari: Where are you from? Six women... he's some sort of uber-pimp!

(Back in the confessional room, Shinji's chanting to himself.)

Shinji: Mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away...

(Red House is at the market, a little more open about what they want to buy.)

Henry: (VO) Because we won the immunity challenge, we got 50 credits, which as it turns out buys quite a bit at the market. We could eat very well for quite a long time, but naturally it's never that easy, is it?

(Tracey is already hauling two full grocery bags in his arms. He seems to be managing okay, but every so often, he loses control and is barely able to keep from dropping them. Akito, Mitsune and Jessie are with him, empty-handed.)

Tracey: So how long is this going to last us?

Jessie: A week, at least.

Akito: More if we evict somebody.

Mitsune: I don't think we need to plan for that.

Jessie: We still have ten credits left.

Mitsune: Sweet. That has to be good towards some entertainment.

(Mitsune sees a deck of cards and tosses them to Tracey. He somehow catches it in the bag.)

Jessie: Wait, are you sure about that? We need to take care of the essentials first.

Mitsune: We've got the essentials! They're in the bag.

Jessie: That will only last us for a week.

Mitsune: We'll have more money by then.

Akito: You don't know that.

Jessie: Yeah, all these surprises that are supposed to be coming up? How do you know one of them doesn't mess with our money?

Mitsune: All the more reason to spend it now. They can't mess with what we don't have!

Akito: You aren't the only one making decisions. Maybe after we have a little more we can start worrying about not being bored. But the first thing we need is security. And that means plenty of food and an emergency supply in case we're locked out again. We also should have spare money in reserve if we need it. Whatever happens, it's not up to one person to spend the money however she chooses.

(Jessie is watching Akito's tirade in awe. Mitsune is surprised, and a little angry. She looks at Jessie, who notices and glares back. Mitsune has no other options.)

Mitsune: Can we at least keep the cards?

(Jessie folds her arms.)

Jessie: Fine.

(Mitsune walks away, sulking a bit. Jessie approaches Akito, impressed.)

Jessie: Wow, kid, I didn't think you had that in you. I had pictured you as the weird, quiet type. But you really laid into her.

(Akito turns his head, not wanting the praise.)

Jessie: Hey, that's a good thing! She has to know that she can't boss everybody around just because she's the oldest. I'm impressed that you were able to...

(Jessie stops. Akito has quietly placed a hand on her left breast.)

Jessie: T... t.... t...

(Akito runs away. Jessie is still so shocked, she has no action. Tracey walks up to her, his line of sight still blocked by the bags.)

Tracey: What happened? I missed it.

(Jessie shakes her head.)

Jessie: So did I.

(The two head back.)

Jessie: I can't figure out Akito. One minute he's a quiet kid who doesn't draw attention one bit, the next he's absolutely ripping into Kitsune, and then he's a pervert. I appreciate that he knocked her down a few rungs, but copping feels won't endear him to too many people.

Akito: Somebody had to tell her. She can't control the house because she's the oldest. Not until she acts like it at least.

Comfort Challenge
(Back on the same beach. This time, it's a fairly elaborate set-up, with a dock on the west end hosting three boats. Going farther east, there are nine jet skis in groups of three and three canoes. Behind the canoes are the three mats. Blue and Yellow are already there. At the moment, Ruri, Shinji and Yukito are wearing either a t-shirt or a tank top over their swimsuits. Yukino and Rika have shorts as well. Brock, Misato, Sana, Tai, Yukari and Tenchi are just in swimsuits. Arp... is in a t-shirt and khakis, but that's not important.)Arp: Red House, come on up.

(Red House enters. Kari has a tank top and shorts. Henry, Jessie and Tracey have either a t-shirt or tank top. Akito and Mitsune aren't ashamed of anything. And yes- this is important.)

Arp: Welcome to the first comfort challenge. It's not a reward challenge in that you're fighting for goodies. It's more of a battle to improve or sustain your living conditions. First thing's first- Yellow and Red, take a look at the new Blue House. Syaoran was eliminated last night.

(Henry is a bit unsettled, but Kari smiles at Tai.)

Arp: This means we're unbalanced, so someone on Yellow and Red will have to sit somebody out this round. We are playing under the rule that no house may sit out the same person for both challenges in a single round. Before you decide who it will be, let's take a look at the challenge.

(Pan across the various water vehicles.)

Arp: As you can probably guess, we're venturing into Mole territory as each team will head to Ascension Island and back using five different methods of water transportation.

(Shot of a row of small flags on the island in the middle of the lagoon. There is five for each house.)

Arp: First, all five will ride a motor boat to the island, where one person on each team will grab a flag and ride back here where you'll place the flag on your mat. That person will sit down, while a teammate puts on skis.

(Shot of a set of water skis and appropriate equipment in each boat.)

Arp: In round two, one person will water-ski across the lagoon to get the flag while the other three supervise from the boat. Once the skiier plants the flag, the remaining three will take off in jet skis.

(Shot of the jet skis and canoes)

Arp: Whoever gets the flag in this round sits out as two people travel across in a canoe.

(And back to the contestants.)

Arp: And finally, one person will swim the entire length. The team that has all five flags planted first gets 50 credits, second place gets 25, third gets 10. Sound fair?

(Nods all around.)

Arp: Too bad. Money's great and all, but you guys should be playing for something tangible.

(Arp smiles.)

Arp: Give me the keys to your house.

(Groans and sighs all around as Arp collects the key from Misato, Tenchi and Jessie.)

Arp: First two teams to finish get them back. Last place team will be stuck outside until the next comfort challenge unless they face elimination. Who's sitting out for Yellow and Red?

(After a very brief discussion, Shinji and Akito raise their hands.)

Arp: Shinji and Akito? Okay, everybody else head to your boats.

(They do so. Each boat has a colored streamer hanging from an antenna. Arp stands on the dock, where all three teams can see him.)

Arp: Start your engines!

(Misato, Tenchi and Mitsune are in the driver's seat for their teams and rev up the motor. All fifteen are wearing life jackets. Arp raises an arm.)

Arp: Ready? Go!

(And they're off! Yellow starts off with an early lead, but it's not much of one since there isn't a lot to separate three identical boats. Misato quickly gets the hang of the thing and begins making a play for the lead. Mitsune remains slightly behind the rest, but doesn't seem to mind too much. She looks at co-pilot Kari, who already knows what to do. Meanwhile, Tenchi and Misato are fighting for the lead. They continue battling as they approach the island. Tenchi and Yellow are the first to reach the dock. As soon as the boat stops, Ruri is off and running. Blue is right behind them, with Sana running after the flag.)

Tai: Let's go, Sana! You can beat her!

Brock: What the?

(Brock points over to the beach. Mitsune isn't bothering with the pier. She just slides in a few yards from shore. Kari jumps into the water and wades to the flags as Mitsune heads to the dock. While Ruri and Sana have to run a little ways, Kari grabs the flag immediately and begins the return trip. Sana, meanwhile, passes up Ruri.)

Sana: 'Scuse me, Ruri-Ruri!

(Sana grabs a blue flag and begins running back. And by the time Ruri gets to a flag, Kari is back in her boat.)

Tracey: Nice work, Kari!

Mitsune: Yeah, now let's get turned around.

(Jessie and Tracey get out and help Mitsune turn the boat in the right direction. After they leave, Sana jumps into the Blue boat, but they aren't nearly as efficient getting around Yellow. By the time they are turned around, Ruri boards and Blue and Yellow are neck-and-neck once more.)

Tenchi: Somebody switch with me. I'm water-skiing.

Yukari: I'll drive!

(Tenchi immediately moves over and lets Yukito drive. Yukito manages to keep the team on pace with Blue.)

Yukari: I'll drive!

(No she won't. Red's lead holds as they finish the first segment. They arrive on the pier and Kari and Tracey both jump out. Kari begins rushing the flag to the spot while Tracey gets ready with the skis.)

Henry: Ready?

Tracey: Yep!

(Kari plants the flag on the red mat.)

Arp: Red, you're good!

(Mitsune takes off. Tracey has no trouble riding at first, but they are quickly greeted by a boat coming in the opposite direction. They're far enough to avoid a collision, but the wake knocks Tracey over.)

Jessie: He's down.

(Meanwhile, Blue parks it on the pier and Sana rushes the flag out while Yukino gets ready to ski. However, Yellow has another idea...)

Arp: Blue is at the docks, but Yellow is taking a page from Red's playbook.

(Yukito has parked well away from the dock and closer to the beach. Ruri jumps in and wades to shore while Tenchi gets his skis on. Ruri plants the flag second, with Sana just after her.)

Arp: Yellow and Blue are good. Tracey, Tenchi and Yukino skiing for their teams.

(Yellow and Blue take off, and without any crests to worry about, they manage to catch up to and pass Red, just as Tracey gets back on again. From there, all three riders do a very good job of hanging on, and make it to the island in one piece. Yellow arrives first and again bypasses the dock. Yukito makes a quick turn before they arrive on the beach and Tenchi lets the momentum carry him to shore. He grabs a flag and waddles back to the boat as Blue arrives. Misato/Yukino and Mitsune/Tracey can't time that nearly as well and Yukino and Tracey have to work hard to get to their flags. Tracey wins, but not by much. But as Yukito and Mitsune try to turn around with the motor, Tai and Brock jump into the water and rotate the boat manually. Given Tenchi's lead, Yellow is still the first to head back to the beach, but the move gets Blue ahead of Red. Again, neither team has trouble skiing their way back, until they reach the dock. Yukito parks right on the dock, leaving Tenchi stranded a little ways out. He's forced to swim to the beach as his teammates leave the boat and get ready to jet ski.)

Arp: Yellow's back first, but Tenchi's a ways from the beach.

(Blue doesn't have this problem; Misato drives the boat until it's grounded into the shore. While she and Tai run to the skis, Brock runs back along the pier to help Yukino up, just as Tenchi hits the beach. Red uses a similar strategy, but not quite as drastic. Tracey uses the boat as a step to get onto the pier while Mitsune, Henry and Jessie leave for the skis. Red is definitely in last as Tracey waddles to the mat.)

Arp: Tenchi and Yukino plant their flags; Yellow and Blue are off on leg three!

(The team of Misato, Tai and Brock all seem to know what they're doing on the jet skis. It's nothing special, but between Rika's inexperience and Yukari's wild driving, Blue is able to take the lead. Yukito is doing fine, but slows down to help Rika out.)

Arp: Yellow is struggling on the jet skis; Red House is still in it!

(Jessie is absolutely awesome on the device, but Mitsune and Henry can't keep up. The latter two are able to hold their own, and slowly gain on Yellow.)

Rika: They're catching up!

Yukari: No way!

(Yukari tries to motor even faster and almost ends up killing the engine. She notices and slows down, then speeds up as Jessie passes her... then has to slow down again. Behind her, Henry is catching up to Rika.)

Rika: Oh no you don't!

(Rika swerves, forcing Henry to veer out of the way.)

Henry: Is that how you're playing?

(Henry speeds up a bit, but Rika refuses to surrender her lead. They both pass Yukari and arrive on the beach at the same time. Jessie, Mitsune and Yukito are waiting for them, as are Brock and Misato for Blue. Rika and Henry race furiously to their flags, only to see Tai running in the other direction carrying a blue flag. He smiles at them.)

Tai: Old school!

(Tai jumps on his jet ski and Blue races back. Rika and Henry grab theirs. By the time Yukari arrives, Rika is back. Yukari has a slight problem turning around, so Red is able to steal second place. However, they can't catch up to Blue. The three park their jet skis right next to their canoe. Tai runs up and plants the flag, high-fiving Sana and Yukino in the process.)

Arp: Blue is on the canoe!

(Brock and Misato to be exact. Each take a side and Misato starts barking commands.)

Misato: One! Two! One! Two!

(They are pretty well-synched as Red and Yellow pass them with their jet skis. Henry beats Rika to the mat, sending Jessie and Mitsune out ahead of Yukari and Yukito. However, Jessie's calling is a little fast for Mitsune's tastes.)

Mitsune: Slow down! I can't keep up!

Jessie: Why not?

(In Yellow, it's the opposite issue. Yukito is shouting the commands at a regular pace, but Yukari is ignoring them. She screams and starts paddling faster. This begins to spin the boat, but it's quickly straightened out. Yukari turns around to see that Yukito has simply matched her pace. He smiles.)

Yukari: Yeah!

(They start cruising, and begin to take up Jessie and Mitsune.)

Jessie: Let's just stay even with them. I'll take them swimming.

Mitsune: You sure?

(Jessie glares at Mitsune. Mitsune looks down.)

Mitsune: I mean- sure.

(Despite all this, Misato and Brock are absolutely clicking, and are going just as fast as Yellow. They retain the lead as they hit the beach and Misato grabs the flag. Brock gets the canoe turned around quickly and they shove off once more. Red is content with staying even with Yellow, although Mitsune almost catches up to Yukari running after the flags. She doesn't, though, and Yellow stays slightly ahead on the return trip. Blue has no trouble and is still in first as the canoe is beached. Brock immediately pulls off his life vest as Misato runs to the mat and plants the flag.)

Arp: Go! Brock has begun the final leg for Blue!

(Brock is a fairly good swimmer and gets a good fifty yards on the other two teams as their canoes pull in. While Yukari heads to the flag, Yukito strips off his life jacket and lines up at the water's edge. As Yukari's running, Red lands. Mitsune rushes to the flag, but Jessie walks a few yards towards the beach as she takes her life jacket off.)

Arp: Yukito running for Yellow!

(Yukito takes off. Jessie takes off as well, timing it so that she hits the water just as Mitsune plants her flag. The running start helps her catch up to Yukito almost immediately. Yukito's no slouch, of course, so it's very competitive between the two. Both are making up ground against Brock.)

Tai: Come on Brock! Stay with it!

Kari / Tracey: Jessie! Jessie! Jessie!

(Tai looks over, a bit annoyed.)

Tai: That's a bit disturbing.

(Brock manages to hold steady on the long trip to the island, but Jessie and Yukito both catch up while staying even with each other. Brock has about a fifteen yard lead as he gets the final flag for Blue. At the turn, Jessie makes her move, grabs the flag almost without stopping, and gets ahead of Yukito. She continues to gain ground on Brock in the home stretch, passing him about midway through.)

Arp: Jessie passes Brock to take the lead!

(Red is ecstatic, while Blue is obviously more than a little disappointed. However, that disappointment turns to worry when Yukito begins catching up to Brock about twenty yards away from shore. However, by the time that happens Jessie hits land and starts wading to shore. She reaches the beach, and without looking back sticks her flag with the other four. Arp raises his arms.)

Arp: Red House wins the challenge!

(Jessie is a bit subdued in her celebration, not surprising given how far she swam. The rest of Red, however, is not shy about congratulating her, and themselves, for a second straight win. However, neither Blue nor Yellow are watching them. Instead, they are concerned about Yukito being almost neck-and-neck with Brock.)

Tenchi: Almost there Yuki! One last push!

Sana: Let's go Brock!!

Misato: You've gotta stay ahead of him!

(Brock puts his last ounces of energy into his pace, but can't gain any additional ground on Yukito. They hit land, and it's simply a sprint to their mats. Both are really huffing, but they run at exactly the same speed along the beach. As a result, Brock beats Yukito out by two seconds... and promptly collapses on the beach.)

Arp: Blue House takes second!

(Yukito plants his flag immediately after Arp makes the announcement, and bends over, frowning. Tenchi pats him on the back, while Rika and Yukari quietly mutter to themselves. Blue, meanwhile, piles on top of Brock as they go crazy. Arp has to be careful where he steps.)

Arp: Blue! I see you guys are happy. You deserve to be.

(Arp hands the nearest person, Yukino, their house key.)

Arp: You've earned the right to your shelter and 25 credits. Congratulations.

(Arp then has to hand Yellow the bad news.)

Arp: Yellow, I've got 10 credits for you, and you'll have to be really smart with them as you'll be spending a couple nights outside for the first time. I'm also letting you know there's rain in the forecast, so you should take that into consideration at the market. You can head back home.

(While Red and Blue are quite happy as they head back, Yellow is sunk really low, especially Tenchi and Yukari- who are wearing nothing more than their swimsuits.)


Yellow House
(After a boost from Yukito and Shinji, Rika gets up on the second floor patio. This time, however, the door is locked. She shakes her head and carefully climbs over the railing. She looks down, takes a breath, and jumps down. Yukito and Shinji skillfully catch her and she lands on her feet. Ruri raises an eyebrow.)

Ruri: Ever consider joining the circus?

Rika: Hey, you were too scared to go up there again.

Ruri: That's because I knew it would be locked. They wouldn't let us take advantage of that again.

Shinji: It looks like it's going to start raining soon. I hope they get back with the supplies.

Rika: Do they know what they're supposed to get?

Ruri: Some sort of tarp at the very least. I doubt we can get sleeping bags or blankets for everybody, but at least we'll stay dry.

Rika: Are we all going to have to sleep under there together?

Yukito: Don't worry. I'm sure Shinji, Tenchi and I will be perfect gentlemen.

(Yukito smiles at Shinji.)

Yukito: Right?

(Shinji looks at Rika, then nervously eyes the ground.)

Shinji: Um... I guess. But I think Yukari's the one to worry about.

Yukito: But that's a familiar situation for you, so we'll manage.

Shinji: Unfortunately, that's true.

Yukito: I do hope they can buy enough food, though. I'm starving!

(They all get to work clearing some shelter space. Unfortunately, being up on a hill, it's very difficult to have any flat terrain to work with..)

Rika: (VO) We're all really dreading tonight. Since we got inside right away before, we didn't worry about buying any camping equipment. Now all our extra money and clothes are inside and we have just ten credits and the shirts on our back. It basically amounts to minimal cover, maybe a little dinner, and the six of us huddled up under a little tarp.

(Another disadvantage to being on high ground- the wind is starting to pick up. Since she only has a t-shirt over her swimsuit, Ruri is really starting to shiver.)

Shinji: Are you all right, Ruri?

Ruri: Just a little cold. It's no big deal.

(They both feel a couple raindrops.)

Ruri: Lovely.

(Rika smirks.)

Rika: Can't handle the weather?

Ruri: I'll be fine once Yukari and Tenchi get here.

Rika: Good, because this is nothing. It's going to get very cold tonight.

Yukito: At least it doesn't look like it will storm.

Shinji: Here they are.

(Tenchi and Yukari have returned. Tenchi is carrying a small tarp and some tent stakes. Yukari has a bag of groceries.)

Yukito: Looks like you did well.

Tenchi: We didn't have enough money for anything to start a fire.

Shinji: With this weather, I doubt we'll manage to start one anyway.

Yukari: Sucks too, because I'm freezing!

Tenchi: Well, with a swimsuit like that, I can see why.

(Yukari poses. Money shot!)

Yukari: Hey, service before substance!

Shinji: (muttering) Oh, Christ.

(They start hoisting the tarp as best they can. Ruri and Yukari are really feeling the effects of the weather. Tenchi's trying not to be bothered by it, even though he's wearing the least of anybody.)

Tenchi: (VO) The worst part about all this is that we weren't dressed for the occasion. We're all still dressed for a water challenge on a sunny afternoon. Most of us were smart enough to wear something else. Yukari and I weren't so lucky. I managed, but Yukari really had it tough. Guess next time she'll consider wearing something more modest.

(The rain has picked up, and they managed to at least fasten the tarp to the ground. They try using a stick to elevate their shelter a little, but it keeps falling over. Eventually, Shinji just holds it into place.)

Yukito: Guess that will do.

Rika: Ruri, are you sure you're all right?

(Ruri is really shivering.)

Ruri: I... I... idiots.

(Tenchi huddles up next to Ruri, offering her a little bit of warmth.)

Tenchi: Feels like I'm in the smart car again.

Yukari: I'm cold too, Tenchi.

Tenchi: Forget it. Weren't you going after my dad?

Yukari: Me? Hell no! But Nyamo had a crush on Yukito.

(Everyone turns to Yukito, who smiles.)

Yukito: Is that so? How cute.

(Without any light, they basically just try to fall asleep as soon as the sun goes down, despite the panging of the rain against the tarp. Shinji manages to keep the stick on the tarp for awhile, but after he falls asleep, he lets go and the tarp falls on top of all of them.)

Day Five
Blue House

(Sana is helping Brock down the stairs. He's in some pain.)

Brock: Ow. Ow. Ow.

(He manages to get to the couch.)

Brock: Yesterday we all worked together and earned the right to stay in our house. It was a great moment for us and we're all really proud of our effort. Our bodies on the other hand... we weren't ready for that challenge to be so grueling.

(Sana has joined Brock on the couch. Yukino and Tai are in the chairs. They all look pretty beat. Misato comes downstairs and notices that there's no place for her to sit.)

Tai: Do want to sit some place, Misato?

Misato: Nope. I'm fine. My legs are in perfect working order.

(Brock seizes the opportunity to admire Misato's legs.)

Brock: Yes they are...

(Misato suddenly slumps down.)

Misato: I just can't move my arms.

Yukino: Can we just take today off?

Misato: Well, I doubt the other teams are feeling much better. They'll probably hold the immunity challenge off until tomorrow.

Brock: Unfortunately, we're out of food. We need to make a trip to the market today.

Yukino: Please don't say that. There is no way I can walk that far.

Brock: We have to eat.

Yukino: Fine- we'll just send Tai and Sana.

Tai: Why me and Sana?

Sana: Yeah, can't we have a contest or something to pick who goes?

Yukino: You two did the least yesterday, so you two are less likely to be cramped.

Sana: Oh. Okay!!

(Sana jumps up, no sign of wear. Tai, however, is not as thrilled.)

Tai: (annoyed) Wait a minute- I went three rounds. You only went two!

Yukino: You rode the boat for two rounds and the jet ski for another. I had to water ski. That really takes a toll on your legs, you know?

Tai: But don't you think this should be a group decision?

Misato: That's fine, we trust that you and Sana can bring back some good stuff. Want my I.D. so you can buy beer?

(Tai, realizing he has no chance of winning the argument, wisely gives up. He and Sana head out.)

Tai: (VO) Yesterday was a really tense day, and we're all exhausted. Now I can see why Brock and Misato would be sore from yesterday. But Yukino can't be any worse off than Sana or me. But we put her in charge, and she's starting to boss some of us around. Problem is that I'm the only one that seems to notice.

(Once again, Red House has gone shopping. This time, everybody except Akito is there.)

Jessie: (VO) Once again, we have more money than we know what to do with. And once again, Kitsune insists on spending it foolishly. I didn't even want to go today, but I couldn't let her go alone. So everybody ends up going. Except Akito- now he says he doesn't care how we spend our money.

(Everybody except Jessie seems to be on a bit of a browsing spree, going through the market and looking at various items. Jessie catches Kari admiring some of the electronics gear.)

Jessie: I hope you're not going to say we should buy this stuff.

Kari: I'm just looking around. The selection here is pretty amazing. Cameras, video game systems, portable DVD players... and they are in our price range.

Jessie: They're traps. The objective is to bore us to death at the house and fool us into buying something we don't need as opposed to something we do.

Kari: You're probably right. But we do have a lot of money. I'm not saying we should blow it all on a DS, but a little entertainment could go a long way towards improving morale.

Jessie: I don't know why we can't save it for later.

(Mitsune has found that kiosk as well.)

Mitsune: Now this is what I'm talking about. A DVD player for 20 credits? That's a good deal.

Jessie: Forget it!

Mitsune: You are no fun, you know?

(Meanwhile, Henry and Tracey are looking at some of the outdoor stuff.)

Mitsune: (VO) Here's the problem- Jessie is the reason we have all this money. And she knows it. So she's not afraid to stick her neck out and try to tell us all what we should be doing with it. And as long as we need her to make us more money, there's not a damn thing we can do about it.

(The girls meander over there.)

Mitsune: So what are you guys looking at?

Henry: I was just thinking- if the team that finishes last in a comfort challenge is locked out for the rest of that round, wouldn't it be smart to have something prepared outside?

Mitsune: Like what?

Henry: You know, a shelter, food, spare clothes, spare money.

Kari: Well, I can imagine what Yellow is probably going through.

Tracey: Yeah, it rained almost all night. I hope they got through it.

Jessie: What? Are you guys saying that we're going to lose?

Henry: I think we should be prepared just in case.

Jessie: Trust me, we won't be losing as long as I'm here.

Mitsune: So let's spend accordingly!

(Tracey is about to say something, but Henry, Jessie and Mitsune continue vocalizing their points. Kari and Tracey are unable to get a word in. Tracey gives up and walks away.)

Tracey: (VO) This whole money issue is causing a lot of unnecessary fighting. We are dominating this game right now, but with all the bickering going on, we certainly aren't acting like it. Kitsune's not going to let Jessie run the house, and while I'm inclined to agree, standing up to Jessie at this point probably isn't such a good idea.

(Tracey continues to put some space between him and his teammates. He's mumbling to himself.)

Tracey: I just don't understand them. This is far too early in the game for unnecessary confrontations.

(And that's his cue to end up face-to-face with Tai, with Sana standing next to him. Both are caught off-guard.)

Tracey: Oh! Um... uh...

(Tai suddenly looks serious, staring down his old nemesis. As they silently face off, Sana waves her hand in front of Tai's eyes.)

Sana: Yoo hoo! Tai! Tai?

Tai: (dead serious) After everything that's gone on, I just have one question...

(Tracey gulps, expecting the worst.)

Tai: Are your legs still sore from the water-skiing yesterday?

(Earth-moving face fault for the Tracester!)

Sana: I guess they are!

Kari: (OS) Tracey? Tracey?

Tai: Kari?

(Kari joins them, and quickly smiles at Tai.)

Kari: Hi Tai! Hope your shopping's going better than ours.

Tai: We haven't really started yet. How are you holding up?

Kari: Pretty well. I think we're getting things straightened out.

Tai: That's good.

(Kari notices Tracey, still a bit upside-down.)

Kari: Are you okay? We managed to agree on something.

Tracey: That's good.

Kari: Yeah. I talked Jessie into agreeing to get small things like a couple books. And we're going to take Henry's advice and...

(Tracey points to Tai and Sana.)

Tracey: Henry did have a good idea. So good, in fact, that maybe we should keep it to ourselves.

(Kari smiles at Tai.)

Kari: Right. See you around, Tai!

(Kari dashes off. Tracey also smiles at Tai before leaving.)

Tracey: You're sister's very nice.

(As Tracey follows after her, Tai yells back at him.)

Tai: Don't get any ideas!!

Tracey: (OS) Wouldn't dream of it!

(Tai mutters to himself for a moment, to the point where Sana is tempted to snap him back to reality again. Then he suddenly calls out, scaring Sana.)

Tai: After you get voted off, say hi to Misty for me!

Yellow House
(Tenchi and Rika are laying the tarp flat on the ground. It's a bit warm, so Rika is wearing just a pair of shorts over her swimsuit.)

Rika: If it rains, you know we'll have to kill you.

Tenchi: Yeah. But it doesn't look like it tonight. We'll probably be better off sleeping on the tarp. It should be warm enough.

Rika: I'm fine right now. I don't know about a couple of the others, though.

(Rika points to the side of the wall. Ruri looks flat out exhausted, and is barely staying awake.)

Tenchi: Poor kid. Guess last night was pretty rough on her.

Rika: Some people just aren't cut out for this kind of thing.

Tenchi: She's tougher than she looks. Believe me.

Rika: I'm not buying it. She definitely can't hold up in challenges as well as the rest of us. She'd be my first pick to vote off.

Tenchi: It would be a shame to get rid of her. She's really smart, and she keeps the rest of us in line. She's not as annoying as Yukari.

Rika: I'll give you that. But she doesn't help much lying down like that.

Tenchi: Well... she's not the only one.

(Turns out he's right- Yukito is also snoozing nearby. He is not wearing his glasses.)

Yukito: (mumbling) Need.... food... hungry...

Rika: Where's his glasses?

(From out of nowhere, Yukari screams. Rika and Tenchi come running.)

Tenchi: What's wrong?

(Shinji is holding Yukito's glasses into the sun, which has started a small fire on some brush and sticks.)

Yukari: Fire today... barbecue tomorrow!

Tenchi: Great job, Shinji!

Rika: (impressed) Well what do you know?

Shinji: Now we just need something to do with it.

Yukari: Right... we don't have any food that needs cooking.

Tenchi: We can get some water from the pond and boil it.

Shinji: Yeah. We're really running low on drinking water.

Rika: Um... guys... we don't have a pot.

(Slight downer.)

Yukari: This outdoors stuff isn't what it's cracked up to be. As soon as we solve one problem, another shows up. We have a tarp over our heads... the ground's wet. We start a fire... we have nothing to cook. We can boil water... if we had anything to hold it in. Vacations are nicer when we're inside the house telling ghost stories.

(Ruri and Yukito are now up and Shinji returns the glasses. Tenchi explains the dilemma.)

Yukito: Well, we have fire. That's a good start. At least we'll be warm tonight.

Rika: Tenchi says that won't be a problem. We can get clean water now, but we need something to boil it in.

Yukito: Hmm...

(Yukito heads up to the deck. The others follow. After looking around, he grabs one of the potted flowers and heads around to the side of the house.)

Shinji: What are you doing with that?

(Yukito carefully scoops the flowers out of the pot.)

Yukito: It's a ceramic pot. If we dump the dirt out and clean it, we can use it to hold our water.

Rika: So what about the flowers?

Yukito: (smiling) I'm re-planting them so they won't die.

(As Yukito does, Tenchi turns the pot upside-down, getting rid of most of the dirt. He scoops out some more with his hands.)

Ruri: We'll need a way to hold it over the fire.

Rika: You guys work on that. I'll wash it out and fill it up.

(Tenchi hands Rika the pot and she heads for a nearby pond. The others gather sticks and attempt to craft a potholder.)

Yukito: (VO) We weren't expecting to be left outside, but while we're here we have to improvise. I noticed those pots yesterday morning and guessed they could be used to boil water. There are things around the house that will help us. We just have to find them.

(Using a thistle, Rika cleans out the pot properly and fills it with water. She struggles to carry it, but she manages to get a grip. She turns around and sees Ruri.)

Rika: What are you doing here?

Ruri: Do you need a hand?

(Rika scoffs and starts walking. She struggles with the pot, but is able to walk with it, past Ruri.)

Rika: Does it look like I need one? You look awful. You should go rest.

Ruri: So it is strategy then.

(Rika stops in her tracks, dead serious.)

Rika: What?

Ruri: You're trying to cast me as a weakling that cannot contribute to challenges, making me an easy target for the first vote.

(Rika gulps. Ruri folds her arms.)

Ruri: It's not going to work. I will see to that.

(Ruri walks by, a small smile creeping on her face.)

Ruri: Nice try though.

(She walks away, leaving Rika standing there, in shock.)

Ruri: So many idiots...

(Ruri's gone. Rika isn't quite sure what just happened, but does have a reaction.)

Rika: (muttering) Crap.

(She carries the water back. Suddenly, it seems a lot heavier.)

Ruri: I can tell that Rika sees me as a threat, and that her best chance to get rid of me is early on. She may be right. But I'm not as helpless as she's trying to make me seem, and I will prove that.

(The team manages to get a rig up, and boil the water Rika brought in. Their food rations are still small, but they do get plenty of water, and spend the night resting on the tarp under the clear, starry sky.)


Day Six
Immunity Challenge

(This challenge is away from the beach, but is near a river on the southern end of the island. Between the road and the river is a clearing, about the size of a football field. On this clearing is an elaborate set of four-foot poles, with eight-inch beams connecting them. On one side is a series of eight platforms, each with a post on which three keys hang. On the other side are three colored platforms, with a side platform for the host. The three teams aren't up there yet, as they are waiting for Arp's instruction.)

Arp: Before we get into today's immunity challenge, I'd like to introduce my assistants. They'll be helping me run the challenges and such, including this one. Most of you already know them. To borrow a phrase from Yukari... it's Tendo!

(Yukari preens. Shinji slaps his forehead. But more importantly, the lovely assistants enter and stand beside Arp.)

Arp: Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane!

Nabiki: Thus making up for not getting anyone from Ranma on the roster.

Arp: (aside) Shut up, Nabiki...

(Meanwhile, Brock steps forward and approaches Kasumi, in one of his usual dazes.)

Brock: You know, I've met Akane and Nabiki before, but my encounter with Kasumi was fleeting and short.

(Brock takes her hand.)

Brock: Kasumi, my goddess, if only we'd have the chance to sit down and enjoy each other's company instead of constantly running back and forth in these silly games of life.

Kasumi: Oh my...

(Arp frowns, then smiles at the other sixteen.)

Arp: (cheery) Who wants this one?

(Akane immediately raises a hand.)

Akane: Ooh, ooh, ooh!

Arp: You've had your chances.

Akane: (miffed) I never get to hit anybody.

Arp: Let's see...

(Panning over, we see that Mitsune, Tracey, Rika, Ruri, Sana and Yukino have their hands raised.)

Arp: Ruri, why's your hand up?

Ruri: (non-chalant) Seiyuu reference.

Arp: Uh... okay, but we'll do a different one. Yukino! How about you take it?

Yukino: Yay!

(Yukino happily skips over, grabs Brock by the ear and drags him back into place.)

Yukino: Come on; you're worse than Asaba!

Tracey: Fun, isn't it?

Yukino: (cheery) It is, yes!

Arp: Anyway, what isn't fun is that one of you will be leaving tonight. It's appropriate that the Tendo sisters are here, since this challenge is inspired by the Ranma leg of the race.

Henry: If only Meiling and Ash were here.

Arp: Yeah, the good news is that there are no cursed springs under these platforms. One person on each team will run across the beams to the other side, grab one of your keys, run back and deposit it in your bucket. Then someone else will run across. There's no limit to how many runs someone makes, but everybody must retrieve at least one key. If you fall off with a key, throw it to Akane and she'll put it back up on the right post. Once you have all eight keys in your bucket, you can jump down and start using them.

(Below each of the platforms is a series of lock boxes with eight padlocks for each team.)

Arp: The keys unlock padlocks giving each team access to an inflatable raft, a pump and four paddles. You'll get those out, inflate your raft, and set sail. About a mile downstream you'll hit the finish line at the market. First two teams to cross it will win immunity. All clear?

(Nods all around.)

Arp: Good. Once again, Yellow and Red have one extra person. Who's sitting out this time?

(Ruri and Tracey volunteer.)

Arp: Okay. You two can come with me and Kasumi. Nabiki? You're in charge.

(Arp, Kasumi, Ruri and Tracey leave on a large golf cart on the road. The three teams and Nabiki take their places on the platform. Akane waits underneath to help the fallen.)

Nabiki: Ready?

(Brock, Tenchi and Jessie are the first to go. They're lined up.)

Nabiki: Go!

(The first round is pretty uneventful. Jessie hustles across very quickly, with no problem retaining her balance. Ditto that for Tenchi. Brock doesn't exactly struggle either. Jessie has a slim lead over Tenchi as the three drop the keys into their bucket and the next heat begins.)

Nabiki: Kitsune and Shinji... and Misato running next.

(All three take a little longer to complete their round. Mitsune and Misato aren't known for great balance, while Shinji takes his time to make sure he gets across safely. They all make it across, with no change in position.)

Nabiki: Red still has a slim lead as Akito takes over. Yukari gets it for Yellow and...

(The moment Misato drops her key in the bucket, Sana starts flying, with no regard whatsoever to balancing. She gets crossed up with Yukari and sends the teacher into a spin... right off the edge.)

Nabiki: Sana flies right by Yukari, knocking her down! Rika takes over for Yellow.

(Rika doesn't have too much ground to make up, but Sana's speed and complete disregard for safety lets her catch up with Akito. Akito only manages to keep pace because he's used to being chased by Sana-chan. Sana gains a slight edge as she drops her key in.)

Nabiki: And Blue takes the lead! Yukino is next for Blue with Kari running for Red.

(Yukino has a slight athletic edge that lets her keep the lead. Meanwhile, Rika reaches base and tags in Yukito.)

Nabiki: Yellow ties it back up at four keys apiece.

(Yukito helps gain some ground, but Yukino retains her lead.)

Nabiki: Blue starting to gain. Tai's turn!

(Tai actually gets crossed up with Kari as she's heading back.)

Tai: 'Scuse me, Kari!

Misato: Knock her over, Tai!

(He doesn't, naturally. Kari finishes easily and Henry takes over. Henry moves quickly and is focused enough to keep his balance.)

Nabiki: Yukito finishes up for Yellow. Yukari's trying again!

(Henry and Tai are going for keys on the same post. Henry arrives just after Tai, but sneaks past him to get a key at the same time. Henry remembers Tai's cry in the first challenge.)

Henry: (playful) Outta the way, old man!

Tai: Oh, you're on, Henry!

(They start the trip back, trying to race each other.)

Kari: C'mon Henry, you can take him!

Rika: You better not lose to him, Henry.

(It's down to the wire. Henry and Tai arrive at virtually the same time. Nabiki makes the call.)

Nabiki: For the record, Henry won. But Blue and Red have five keys. Jessie and Sana are up again.

(Once again, Sana goes crazy, immediately running at the returning Yukari. Sana jumps over Yukari, forcing Yukari to duck, lose her balance and fall off. Sana lands on the beam behind Yukari and keeps charging, keeping pace with Jessie.)

Nabiki: Yukari's down again!

(Yukari tosses her key to Akane as Tenchi takes over. Jessie notices Sana's speed and really pushes herself to keep pace. However, Jessie has to be careful not to fall off and Sana pulls ahead as a result. Jessie follows about fifteen seconds later, pretty miffed.)

Nabiki: Sana pulls Blue ahead again.

(As Yukino and Henry make their next runs, Jessie catches her breath.)

Jessie: It's Tomoe Midoh all over again.

Mitsune: How does she do that?

Akito: She's demented.

(Blue is totally into it.)

Brock: Ready to do the last one too, Sana?

Sana: Yay! Let's go!

Misato: Okay, as soon as Yukino gets back.

(Jessie catches word of that.)

Jessie: Okay, time for a rematch!

(While Henry and Yukino are halfway, Tenchi arrives for Yellow's fifth key. Rika goes for the sixth. Henry manages to catch up to Yukino and they both reach the platform at the same time.)

Nabiki: Time for Sana vs. Jessie part two!

(Rika just stays the hell out of their way. They go even faster this time, with Sana effortlessly bounding from pole to pole while Jessie is running just as fast. Sana reaches first, grabs the last key for Blue and bounces back. Jessie immediately follows.)

Jessie: That's it!

(Jessie pushes off and charges full-speed after Sana. She's on the verge of catching up... when her momentum takes her too far past a pole and she can't change direction in time. She falls off the platform and angrily throws the key in Akane's direction. While Kari quickly steps in and Yukito jumps on after Rika's successful return, Blue cheers up a storm as Sana reaches land and drops the key in.)

Nabiki: Blue House, start unlocking!

(Jessie climbs back up, sulking.)

Henry: Don't sweat it. We can still catch up.

(We'll see about that. Everybody on Blue grabs a key and starts randomly trying locks.)

Yukino: Keep going until one of them fits!

(Tai and Misato are the first to find a matching padlock. They quickly throw them to the ground and grab another key.)

Nabiki: Kari and Yukito are in- Red House can start unlocking.

(While Yukari makes her third attempt, Red House jumps down and starts to fit their keys. By now, Blue has a good head start, with five of their keys in locks. Yukino and Brock have already pulled out three of the paddles and the pump. Tai and Misato quickly place their seconds while Sana fits the last one.)

Nabiki: Blue House has everything unlocked!

(Tai and Misato pull out the raft and quickly deliver it to Brock. Yukino connects the pump to the raft and Brock starts inflating it. Back up top, with no Sana to get in the way, Yukari finishes.)

Nabiki: Yellow, start unlocking.

(Red is a bit less organized in their unlocking. They have three padlocks unlocked. Kari lands the fourth. However...)

Jessie: Okay, start pumping.

(The four were for the raft and the pump, so Mitsune and Henry pull them out and start inflating as Akito, Kari and Jessie work on unlocking the rest. They get two as Blue finishes.)

Brock: Done!

Nabiki: Blue is shoving off!

(Tai, Misato and Yukino carry the raft to water. Sana has the paddles and hands them to everybody else.)

Yukino: Get in the middle, Sana.

(Sana does so. Misato and Tai sit in back, with Misato pushing off the shore. The water isn't flowing very fast, so they have to rely on their strength. They are all very capable and have no trouble gaining ground on Red and Yellow. Yukino calls out the strokes and they get a good ways downstream before they have any company.)

Nabiki: And now Red is set.

(Kari sits in the middle, with Jessie and Mitsune in back. They head out, but they've got some catching up to do.)

Nabiki: Hang in there Yellow!

(Tenchi is starting to inflate the raft, but he has a ways to go. Yukito and Yukari watch Red paddle out of sight.)

Yukari: Might want to hurry with that, Tenchi.

(Jessie is really pushing it, but Red is still down by a hundred or so yards. And Blue is heading into town. An overhead sign marks the finish line. Arp stands next to it, with Tracey and Ruri standing next to him. Neither look excited, but Blue is already cheering. They pass under the sign and Arp raises his hands.)

Arp: Blue House wins immunity!

(Blue stops paddling and starts hugging Sana, the real hero of the day. Kasumi is in the water, stops the raft, and leads it to shore. The team hops out and runs up to Arp. He looks at them, confused.)

Arp: What? I told you that you won. You're safe for a couple days.

(They're all smiling, all eager.)

Arp: What do you want, flint and a little tiki doll? You're good; get out of here.

(Tracey and Ruri are ignoring them. They're waiting for the second team. One raft approaches. Tracey smiles. Ruri frowns.)

Tracey: That's better!

(Red cruises in to an easy second place finish.)

Arp: Red House is the second team to arrive.

(Kari pats Henry on the shoulder. Jessie still looks pissed. Kasumi helps them to shore. Tracey joins them, pleased with the effort. Well behind them, Yellow follows. They know they're in last, and Arp says nothing as they cross the line. Kasumi gets them to shore and they face Arp, with Ruri joining them.)

Arp: Yellow House? Last place and you know what that means. I'll see you tonight.

(A few parting shots as Yellow is pretty resigned. But Blue is ecstatic about their performance, and all congratulating Sana.)


Red House
(Mitsune is knocking on her bedroom door. Nobody seems to be answering.)

Mitsune: Jessie! Jessie, open up!

(Henry walks by.)

Henry: What, did she lock you in?

Mitsune: Yeah.

Henry: I've been there...

(Henry walks downstairs. Kari also approaches.)

Kari: She probably just needs some time to cool off after the challenge. She's not the type that's happy with second place, especially when it comes against someone like Sana.

(Kari also goes downstairs. Mitsune folds her arms.)

Mitsune: Well, I need to get in there.

(Tracey comes upstairs.)

Tracey: Jessie lock you out?

Mitsune: Yeah.

Tracey: Good, you can help with dinner.

Mitsune: I wouldn't draw that conclusion. I'd give Akane a run for her money.

(Tracey enters his room.)

Mitsune: Is Akito in there?

Tracey: (OS) No.

(Mitsune quickly steps in as well, shuts the door, and locks it.)

Tracey: Um...

Mitsune: We need to talk.

(Tracey sits down on his bed.)

Tracey: About what?

Mitsune: I just want to make sure that we're on the same page. Because I don't think we can take anybody in this house lightly.

(Tracey smiles.)

Tracey: I see. Up for another secret coalition?

Mitsune: Pfft. It doesn't even have to be secret. I just need to know that you've got my back.

Tracey: Why are you so worried?

Mitsune: I had assumed that if you, me and one other person teamed up, we've got this game sealed. But who's our number three?

Tracey: Good question. I guess that depends on who we should vote out first.

Mitsune: Akito. No doubt. He's a pain.

Tracey: Hmm... then we may have a problem. Because that means we'd have to draw in Kari.

Mitsune: Ouch. What about Henry?

Tracey: He's not as likely to vote for Akito. And do we really want to risk getting into a mind game with him?

Mitsune: Heck no. I barely beat him last time.

Tracey: Now I'm sure we don't want Jessie involved. Best time to get rid of her is right before the merge... or whatever we do. We need to think about who's willing to vote Jessie out. The first vote's just practice.

Mitsune: True. So who's that?

(Tracey stands up.)

Tracey: I have no idea. Frankly, a lot could happen between now and the first time it comes up. So I wouldn't worry too much.

(Tracey walks away, patting Mitsune on the shoulder. Mitsune's not comforted.)

Mitsune: I want Jessie gone. But it's not going to happen as long as she's still carrying the team in challenges. So first I need to get rid of the people who are on her side. I know we're safe for now, but this first vote may come down to my camp against Jessie's, and it doesn' t hurt to start the recruiting now. Everybody's going to be really important in this. Hopefully Tracey doesn't realize how much I need him right now.

Yellow House
(They're just lounging around the house now. Yukito has starved to death once again, and is napping against the house. Yukari is also sprawled out on the tarp.)

Tenchi: It's really disappointing to lose again, but I don't think it's the end of the world. I know some teams would be so tight that voting one person off would be terrible. Not me- there's a couple people I could see leaving.

(Tenchi, Rika and Shinji are tending the fire, although it's still burning pretty strongly. Tenchi takes an occasional glance at Yukari.)

Tenchi: Would anybody mind if we voted off Yukari tonight?

Rika: Not at all.

Tenchi: I thought you were thinking about Ruri.

Rika: (eager) Why, were you thinking about Ruri?

Tenchi: No.

Rika: Then Yukari's our best choice. She is annoying, as you said.

Tenchi: So you don't want to vote off Ruri?

Rika: (nervous) Uh... well she still can't help us out much.

(She quickly gets her confidence back.)

Rika: But Yukari fell twice. That was the challenge right there.

Tenchi: Exactly.

(Shinji quietly gets up and walks to the back of the house. Ruri is waiting for him.)

Shinji: Nothing to worry about. Tenchi is voting for Yukari. I think Rika is too.

Ruri: That makes things much easier. Now we just have to convince Tenchi not to vote for Yukari.

Shinji: What? You *don't* want Tenchi voting for Yukari?

Ruri: As long as he doesn't vote for you or me, it doesn't matter. But since we're safe tonight, we can focus on getting rid of who we want.

Shinji: We don't want to vote for Yukari either?

Ruri: No. I don't consider Yukari to be a threat.

Shinji: Isn't it early to be worrying about who's a threat?

Ruri: Not for some people...

(Ruri walks away, leaving Shinji very confused.)

Shinji: It's hard to tell what Ruri's thinking. I hear that everybody's voting off Yukari and I'm happy it isn't me. Ruri hears it and wants to make it somebody else. I'm sure she knows what she's doing. Shame nobody else does.

(Yukito is awake and talking to Tenchi.)

Tenchi: She doesn't do much around the house, she complains about everything, and she's just not that useful at this point. I know we should look at somebody who isn't as strong, but I couldn't stand to vote off Ruri right now.

Yukito: I'm fine with the decision. Thanks for telling me.

Tenchi: You don't want to know anything else?

(Yukito lies back down.)

Yukito: Not unless you have something to eat.

Tenchi: We'll wake you when it's time to go vote.

(Tenchi walks away, and finds Ruri.)

Ruri: I would like to talk to you about tonight.

Tenchi: (smiling) Don't worry. We're voting off Yukari.

Ruri: Actually, I was leaning toward someone else.

Tenchi: Really? You want to keep Yukari?

Ruri: From what I heard, the only reason she fell was because she was running alongside Sana. I didn't have to be there to picture that scenario.

Tenchi: True, but Yukari is...

Ruri: She and Shinji started the fire. And she is much stronger than most of us give her credit for.

Tenchi: So who are you voting for?

Ruri: I would suggest somebody who isn't as strong, and yet is a significant threat to advance in the game.

Tenchi: Don't tell me you're trying to get yourself voted off!

(Tenchi takes a deep breath and rolls his eyes.)

Tenchi: ...Again.

Ruri: No. I'm not at all threatened by Yukari. But others in this house could do serious damage if left unchecked. Even if Yukari is voted out tonight I want to make sure the message is delivered.

Tenchi: And you want me to do it?

Ruri: Please. I want to be able to trust you. After all, this time I don't think you're the Mole.

(Everybody in Yellow is still waiting around the fire when Arp walks up to them.)

Arp: Is everybody ready?

Tenchi: Let's get this over with.

Yukari: Where are we going?

(They follow Arp to the house. The front door is wide open.)

Arp: Come on in.

(The six do, and Yukito smiles.)

Yukito: Feels good to be back inside.

Rika: That won't last long.

Arp: Exactly. Take a seat everybody.

(Ruri, Rika, Shinji and Tenchi immediately claim seats. Yukito gets a chair from the kitchen. Yukari forces herself between Ruri and Shinji on the couch. They're small, so it isn't quite as packed.)

Arp: It's been a rough round for you guys, but don't worry- it will all be over soon. For five of you, you'll be back inside. For one, you'll be back long enough to pack your bag and leave the game. But let's talk about the last couple days. Tenchi- how has the team held up?

Tenchi: It wasn't pretty, but I think we managed. We spent our money well and got a basic shelter and some food. We managed to start a fire. I'd like to think it could have been worse.

Yukito: This can only make us stronger.

Arp: It's hard to get any weaker. Two straight losses. Yukari- you fell off the beams twice. Do you think you're in trouble because of that?

Yukari: Hey, that was Sana's fault. That psycho practically attacked me! And remember that we've been outside and starving for a couple nights. No way we're 100 percent.

Arp: True. So let's talk about why you were outside. Any finger-pointing after the comfort challenge?

Yukito: We all did our best. But we just couldn't catch up.

Rika: Maybe we could have done better on the jet-skis. That's the only thing I can think of.

Arp: If there are no more wild accusations, let's go straight to the voting then.

(Arp opens the room to the voting terminal.)

Arp: There's a voting terminal in here. One at a time, you'll enter and select the one person you want eliminated from the game. Tenchi? Lead the way.

(Tenchi stands up and enters the room. Aerial shot of him thinking about his vote before casting it. Next up is a voter's shot of Rika. Her vote for “YUKARI” is on the screen.)

Rika: You're the last person I had expected to cost us a challenge. But you cost us two. That's two too many.

(She leaves. Aerial shots of Yukari and Shinji casting their votes. Voter's shot of Ruri, selecting “RIKA.”)

Ruri: Fool.

(She leaves. Aerial shot of Yukito's vote, after which he returns to her seat.)

Arp: Time to tally the votes.

(Arp wheels the machine in.)

Arp: Whoever receives the most votes will have to pack their belongings and leave the house immediately. They will no longer be able to win the game.

(Arp pushes a button on the screen. A placard reading “YUKARI” appears.)

Arp: First vote is for Yukari.

(Yukari frowns and shakes her head.)

Arp: Second vote... Rika.

(Rika closes her eyes and sighs.)

Arp: Third vote... Yukari. Fourth vote... Rika.

(Rika cracks a half-smile and glances over at Ruri, intently and unemotionally watching the votes.)

Arp: Fifth vote... Rika.

(Tenchi also looks over at Ruri, curious.)

Arp: First person eliminated from Yellow House...

(“RIKA” appears on the screen. Rika stands up immediately- not all that upset, but completely astonished. She quickly walks to the stairs.)

Rika: Wow...

(As she goes upstairs, Arp addresses the group. Tenchi and Yukito are a bit surprised.)

Arp: Obviously, not everybody seems to be on the same page. But hopefully with a night indoors, you can regroup and come out strong tomorrow.

(Arp stops. He's staring at Ruri. A small smile has emerged on her face. Yukari's leaning away from her, right into Shinji.)

Arp: Ruri, stop smiling. You're scaring the children.

(Ruri quickly loses the smile. Then one flashes on Arp's face. He points to the stairs.)

Arp: So which Magi was she?

Shinji: No!!

(Shinji has leaned forward and is glaring daggers back at Arp. Now Yukari's leaning away from him... and right into Ruri. Rika comes back down with her bag. She seems to have no ill-will about the vote.)

Arp: Rika? You're out of the running.

(Arp opens the door for Rika as they exit the house.)

Rika: (VO) Of everybody on the team, I was worried about Ruri the most. Tonight she proved why. She's quiet, unflinching and can't do squat in challenges. But she's smart enough to have a winning strategy. So I knew the best time to get rid of her was early on. I thought I was being subtle about it, but she managed to sniff out my plan and call me out. Oh well- there's no shame in losing to the best.

End of Episode Two

Rika (4): Tenchi, Yukari, Shinji, Ruri
Yukari (2): Rika, Yukito

Author's Notes
A couple references to Chromus' Anime & Video Game Survivor 2 in here, which is appropriate given Ruri's lasting impression on it and her first vote here. If you missed it, she developed a strategy to vote people off based on the Magi system from Evangelion, with each person corresponding to one of Dr. Akagi's facets. Hence Arp's line. To explain Tenchi's line- she was number three, considered herself the weakest remaining player (because of her underhanded tactics) and convinced her friends to vote her off. For those who have seen Survivor: Palau, she basically pulled an Ian. That kind of diminishes the quality of her underhanded tactics. Both here and in AAVGS2, it is an undeniable fact that Ruri is scary-good.

Lotsa Eva this time, but mostly just to annoy Shinji. Between Pokéball Run and AAVGS1, the convention is that Shinji is able to lighten up and have a good time because he's away from Tokyo-3. There's no way we would write him otherwise. But what if it all came creeping back? I swear I didn't intend the Yellow House to parody the Eva cast; that was mostly Ruri and Rika. Yukari's comparisons to Misato do fall short in several ways (which come out later), although her commitment to “service” is admirable. Yukito's likeness to Kaoru is a bit of a stretch. As for Tenchi? It's not Gendo. Tenchi's womens are almost never... on time.

Yep, revenge of the Evangelion: Redeath references. In the timeless fan parody, Gendo is on a quest to become the uber-pimp, and his entrance is always heralded with “It's Gendo,” followed by a 70's pimp anthem (actually it's a sweet Jamiroquai song).

Jessie certainly raises an interesting point about the luxury items at the market being a trap. That's one of the challenges each team has- with absolutely nothing interesting to do in the house, splurging for luxuries is all too tempting an option. But it comes at the risk of being prepared for the future.

Tai and Tracey, together at last. I didn't want to focus on it too much in this story, since it was resolved pretty well in Grim Reality (which, as you could probably guess, is outside this story's continuity). But they have a couple moments down the road. The real legacy of their rivalry will be in how Tracey and Kari interact. Kari has a very different outlook than Tai, and that was quietly demonstrated a couple times in this episode.

This may have the Survivor framework, but the challenges certainly don't. Many times it will feel like a Mole challenge, and that means one host won't always be enough. Without Barb, Manny or Mike, the Tendo sisters will step in to host, spot, or assist in any way. I picked them since they're diverse characters with diverse talents, they're all sisters so they don't need to be introduced separately, and they were all popular contestants in previous series. Just don't expect too many additional cameos.

And since you're dying to know... the seiyuu reference prompting Ruri to yank Brock's ear? In real life, their Japanese voice actors are married. Also worth mentioning that Brock's seiyuu also voices Akito Tenkawa.

Next Time on Champion's Cup:
* Red House is in autopilot. So why is Henry still working?
* Guaranteed shelter for the Comfort Challenge winner... if the team wants it.
* If we're going back to timeless challenges... can't go wrong with sheep herding.