Anime Iowa 2009

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Since I actually took cosplay pictures this time, just this once we're going back to the format of lumping them all onto one page. It's not even the last one this time.

French Fashion

Here we are, in chronological order... some even with comments!

Sarah and I have been on a big Persona 3 kick lately, so this was lovely to see. There was also a Junpei on staff.

At what point does someone go, "You know who I haven't seen yet at a convention? Quailman." It's easy and fun!

The work that went into the wolf must be staggering. In fact, after a weekend on all fours, so is the guy inside it.

This is now the second straight convention featuring a Sorcerer Hunters cosplay. Just saying.

Just doing my part to keep the flame of Excel Saga alive and burning.

Ah, Rabien Rose. With all the Hetalia going around, we mustn't forget Di Gi Charat, the other show featuring five-minute episodes of random adorable mayhem.

Let it be said right now- there was a ton of Pokémon cosplay here. Mostly cute gajinka outfits (which I am totally in favor of), but you gotta love the three guys walking around as Dugtrio.

The nice thing about Haruhi is that the moment one of her outfits gets a bit trite, she just invents a whole new look for herself. And look, Dejiko!

Finally, a couple gems from the cosplay contest, which brings us full circle!

To Be Concluded!