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Of the first five conventions I was at this year, I've been pretty damn busy at four of them. At No Brand and Iowa, helping run room parties and doing general Geek.Kon promotion involved quite a bit of work. At Detour, the six block walk to the hotel room made for some long trips and the con itself wasn't much more relaxing. We even sort of had a room party there too. If you hadn't noticed, Geek.Kon itself left me a tad busy as well.

That just leaves Anime Milwaukee all the way back in February, and that was only a one-day dealie. But it was a nice one-day dealie where I got to sit back, chill with friends and expose gaping security flaws with Trae.

Sounds like a plan. Let's do that again. No room parties. No drama. Just relaxing and catching up with all my pals.

Best of all, so many people were eager to expose Daisho's gaping security flaws that I don't have to do it this year!

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Although I wasn't running a room party this year, Richard was throwing the Devil Bats concept back together. Not necessarily for nostalgia: he and Harley were going to do a James Bond theme with that silly old Casino Royale movie as the centerpiece, but work obligations prevented Harley from making the trip. So the Devil Bats were back, and I offered to provide music and cream puffs. Now that I knew where to get cheap cream puffs.

So Sarah and I arrived early, checked in and found his room by the pool. Apparently this year, the con not only explained to the hotel what room parties were, but gave them all rooms around the pool Convergence-style.

At the tailgater, we had some soda and hot dogs. Note that although there is a Geek.Kon poster on the door, it was merely a teaser I whipped up for next year's convention and not a room party. This is a good thing.

 Richard even made custom Eyeshield teams for his Arena Football game on XBox. Since we never had our rubber match on Eyeshield Madden after splitting games at No Brand '07, I needed in on this. Granted, I have never touched an XBox controller in my life.

Thanks to a long TD pass to Tetsuma, my Seibu Wild Gunmen overcame a late nine-point deficit to beat his NASA Aliens 48-47.

We ran down to get our badges and paper some walls (or door frames, per hotel regulations), but since nothing had really started yet it was back up for some more Arena Eyeshield. We only played one half before heading back down. But not before changing into our Hetalia cosplays. Yes, America returns for more action.

Behold! Video Games! Actually, my total video game room consumption was a couple games of Pop'n Music... which I still suck at. But it's a nice room.

While making the initial walkthrough, who should make an appearance but Diesel! Geek.Kon/Daisho LAN Room Coordinator Red takes a moment to pet the kitty...

...while Daisho mascot Stevie Musashi stares down the Steam Century cat. For some reason they didn't get along.

Random cosplay break! It's Jubilee!

Worth mentioning that while all this was going on, America was getting several compliments, hugs and requests to see the burger. Many were thrilled that I actually had one in my bag. Unlike Geek.Kon, I was the only America there, which seemed to make it just a little more fun.

One of the centerpieces of the game room was the bigass chessboard. I haven't played an honest game of chess since high school and this made me want to jump in there.

And in the Vendor Room it's fellow American action hero Dr. Tran. Not only was Scott with the Steam Century cast, and not only was he going back to his classic paper cosplay, he was doing two characters simultaneously like his Team Fortress/Blood+ combo at ACen '08. In his hand is the freaky moon thingy from Soul Eater.

After swinging through the Vendor Room, picking up naught but the next Genshiken DVD... aw hell, let's play some bigass chess.

Now again, I haven't played chess since high school. Even then, I was decidedly average. So naturally, I face someone who was captain of the chess team in college. He was a little rusty as well, and I managed to capitalize on a couple of his bad moves, but I fell in due time. No matter, it was time to check out Travis Willingham's panel.

Travis Willingham. Voice of Roy Mustang, entertaining guy, good stories. Standard, fun Q&A panel. I don't remember much of it.

The important part was when Joe showed up. I've briefly mentioned in my Geek.Kon and Anime Milwaukee recaps that he owes me lunch after bailing on me last second as co-pilot to Iowa '08. This time we were determined to make it happen, albeit over dinner. After the Q&A, we changed out of our cosplay. The plan was to meet them at the Daisho Weddings panel.

The Daisho Weddings panel, you ask?

Yes, Daisho Weddings, were everybody can pretend to get married to pretty much whomever they want to, with services conducted by an ordained minister/Daisho staffer.

This service had some amusing applications.

After the Pyramid Head/fangirl nuptials, Joe and his girlfriend took Sarah and I to a pizza place downtown. This was quite cool, as until then I hadn't realized that Stevens Point even had a downtown.

Debt paid in full. Although he might owe me another lunch if I volunteer at Anime Milwaukee like I'm considering.

Next? Events I can't report on and the reason for the Persona references!