No Brand Con 2008

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Once again, it's time for a round of moderately-obscure, plenty-talented, or just plain awesome costumes!

License to Cosplay

We lead things off with Jasmine. Contrary to pretty much everybody who saw her, this is not Hello Kitty. It's Nyanko- because kittens are so much cuter when dressed as food products.

Now here's Hello Kitty, played by Theresa, to illustrate the difference and bring cute to the cosplay.

Ryoga, still looking for Ohayocon. I think Ryoga Hibiki joins Nadesico and the Haibane girls as cosplay I will always take pictures of.

I have no pithy comment for this cosplay. At the same time, I have no objection to it.

Is Rainbow Brite still around? If not, does Torri even know what she's cosplaying? Never mind, it's too adorable to ponder. And put that button down, Star!

Megumi from the appropriately-titled Burst Angel. And it looks like Amy snuck into the background. The other two tenshi were present and the four were a *nice* change of pace from all the Death Note. Everybody loosey...

Rae is a medicine seller from the obscure Mononoke. I know this because she had to explain it to everybody who passed by. And everybody who passed by nodded, assumed she was talking about Princess Mononoke (which she wasn't), and moved on.

You would think Captain N: The Game Master would be the epitome of tribute for classic video game nerds. But no!

Zombies Ate My Neighbors: This is my squirt-stick!

Sana-chan with her pimp! This is the first Rei Sagami sighting at these things for me. Kodocha's number three on my Top 20, so I'm stoked. How about we go down the list... Read or Die anybody?

Joker-san!! Let's keep going... how about some Lain?!

Close enough! But while we've got season one Tai and time jump Matt, let's get our annual Digimon fan photo out of the way.

The look on my face says "wait, we're still doing this? The Eagle Anime girl isn't even around!"

With that out of the way, we can fast forward to the end of the cosplay contest.