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I really do wish I was more into cosplay. While I get as many good pictures as I can, I feel like I'm diminishing the art somehow by not focusing on it like many other recaps do. I've also noticed that you get more girls through cosplay. Maybe I should revisit that request to dress as Jeff Andonuts at Acen...

No! I'm sticking up for myself here! It's not my thing, and it probably won't be. But I certainly know when credit's due, and for that we have...

The Cosplay Page 
Where the Real Money From The Matsuri's Made

Best part is, it's the most picture-intensive section and I don't have to write as much.

We lead off with America's favorite deity (well, third favorite after the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Chocolate Jesus) Haruhi Suzumiya, looking anything but melancholy. Don't worry, she'll be back.

This is either one big trash receptacle or one very cool cosplay. Wonder how many car accidents this thing caused.

Forum member Crabmoon, immediately after her latest killing spree. Wait... sorry... a different Alice won the form sword-fighting tourney (picture didn't turn out, sorry).

Having just finished the Saikano manga, the attention to detail was all the more impressive. Save Me Chise!

Another forum member, Taru, with a subtle reminder that I probably should be checking out Fate-Stay Night (or however the punctuation goes in that).

Henrietta we got no flowers for you... and what's up with the new fratello?

Now to the actual cosplay contest:

One of the two (nearly identical) Pyramid Heads. Apparently, they doubled as sundials at times.

Okami cosplay... and Duct Tape Boy... and a random lens flare.

This defies all description. Seriously, I totally cannot remember what this is from (until the inevitable flood of e-mails and PMs "reminding" me).

Just for the hell of it: Jack Sparrow.

Showing off her violin skills, Henrietta cleans out the bank and bumps off her daddy. Name the reference I've been making with our Gunslinger Girl and you win a Cabbit plushie.

Several Pokémon in human form. Cosplay like this, you don't ask questions. Okay??

The one that really stole the show this year was Kellin and Taeliac in their xxx.Holic cosplay:

You can't beat that. You just can't.

After this amazing cosplay, the natural way to continue would be an amazing intermission while the judges made their decisions.

Instead we got that dance-off that had been promised.

Before you go, I have this warning:

I've saved one more cosplay picture for the last page. It is the single hottest cosplay picture in the history of the world. It will send even the most reserved men (and probably women) into euphoric bliss. As such, it may be too awesome for mere mortals to comprehend. What could possibly be this incredible? Ke ke ke ke ke...