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Normally the format for these deems Sunday the period after I wake up through departure... with the obligatory cosplay photos for filler.

But when I left the karaoke hall Saturday night, and midnight struck, there was still fun to be had.

Time for the night shift!

In Which the Bio-Merge Is Activated

While most congoers are quite active in the late hours, everything can be categorized into four activities- dancing, chilling, hooking up, and posing for pictures. The first three can all be accomplished with or without the assistance of alcohol. As the dance featured people not really dancing to what was not really music, only the latter three were viable options.

I found Cassie and Tony chilling in the lobby with Mike's big-ass Cloud sword. As both wanted to leave and neither wanted to leave the sword abandoned, I was charged with the task of finding Mike so he could gather his things. I found him in the hallway with one of the Cloud fangirls he had picked up. The three of us headed back to the lobby. Tony had already left, but Cassie was still there with the sword... and her Tonberry head. Mike asked why she never wore it walking. The answer, of course, was limited visibility. Mike, of course, wanted to find out first-hand.

We added the Cloud wig to complete the effect. To drive the point home, we paraded him down the entire hall wearing the head. Besides the many picture requests, he was convinced that it was a hard head to walk him.

So we added the tail and paraded him down again. More pictures, more disorientation.

Back at the lobby, we added the robe. Now we're getting a ton of pictures, Mike was legally impaired and needed assistance to pick up his tail to prevent it from dragging on the ground.

On the other end? You guessed it- knife and lantern. And this time, we made a detour outside to give him an idea of just how hot that robe gets in the humidity.

We finally let him go after the lobby, but I think this concept of Fusion Cosplay has some legs. FMA cosplayers? I want you guys to get on this.

By now it was around three o'clock, so it was high time for bed. After all, there was a busy day of packing and parting on Sunday.

We woke up at around 10-ish, checked out with no major incidents and returned to the convention for one last half-day of fun-like activities. Actually, the only thing they had going was the piņata party, and Jasmine had that pretty well covered at No Brand. Besides, Anime Iowa's piņata was Kero-chan. You'd think they'd have something contemporary- Onsokumaru from Ninja Nonsense or something. Perhaps there's some meat to that South Park episode claiming that Iowa is culturally three years behind everybody else... this con even saw a return of those losers with the "hug me" and "glomp me" signs (oh, if only Scott were there).

Anyway, we hit the dealer's room, where I used the gift certificate towards the next volume of School Rumble and a new Angela CD (basically the house band for Stellvia). I said goodbye to Green Bay, Drazz and everybody else who I was friends with but didn't room with.

As for those I roomed with- we went to the mall.

We weren't alone. As Iowa City doesn't have an equivalent of Mitsuwa, several other groups (including the table behind us) also spent whatever money they had left on food, stuffs, or the carousel at the entrance. I had thought I had escaped with enough money to get home, but then I saw the box set of Cromartie High School for $22. Dammit... one more series on the "to watch" list.

After traveling the mall for an hour or so, we returned to our cars and went our separate ways. But rather than leave you on that downer... it's cosplay picture time!

And this round I actually remembered to take cosplay pictures!

The giant Moogle and Chocobo were essentially the only entertainment for anybody waiting in line on Friday.

Not sure what Bender's doing with a fanny pack, but Groening + duct tape cosplay = a spot in my recap.

Has anyone noticed that cosplay for Disney characters has skyrocketed thanks to the whole Kingdom Hearts loophole? I mean, technically they are video game characters, but...

Wait, what am I talking about? As long as it's not Naruto or InuYasha, it's fine by me. Besides, that's one awesome Malificent.

Right about now I'm dying to know what the Mary Poppins stage of Kingdom Hearts entails.

Iowa had some pretty good Pokémon characters this year. Besides the usual Ashs and Mistys, we had a Team Rocket, the pictured kimono-clad Erika, and even a Hikari. Yeah, I know her dub name's Dawn, but that doesn't have a Digimon connotation, now does it?

Not my first Noh Face, but it is the first Sen that I've seen. Tony and I tormented Noh Face Saturday night by putting Burger King crowns on his head. When it comes to eating hotel staff- have it your way.

A better picture of the Slayers group. A welcome respite from the Naruto/InuYasha/Final Fantasy crowds.

But I got one better-

Everybody now- GEKIGAN FLARE!!

Maybe this "three years behind" thing has its advantages...

I approve of any cosplay that comes with a built-in storage unit. Or barrel as the case may be. And it's DK! DK!!

One more left... and the perfect way to end any convention report:


And in this crazy world, what else matters?

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